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*The Crown*

14 окт 2018 : 
THE CROWN Upload Rare "Death Of God" Live Video From 1998

18 сен 2018 : 
THE CROWN - "Iron Crown" And "Deathexplosion" Live In Tokyo; Fan-Filmed Video

31 июл 2018 : 
THE CROWN Releases Music Video For 'In The Name Of Death'

1 апр 2018 : 
THE CROWN's Cobra Speed Venom Album Enters International Charts

18 мар 2018 : 
THE CROWN Release Cobra Speed Venom Album; Full Stream Available

7 мар 2018 : 
Listen To new THE CROWN Song 'We Avenge!'

13 фев 2018 : 
THE CROWN Releases Video For 'Cobra Speed Venom' Title Track

12 янв 2018 : 
THE CROWN To Release 'Cobra Speed Venom' Album In March; 'Iron Crown' Video Available

29 ноя 2017 : 
THE CROWN Returns To METAL BLADE RECORDS For New Album; 'Iron Crown' Single Due In January

13 мар 2017 : 
THE CROWN – Highlights From New Demo Track Recordings Posted

1 фев 2017 : 
THE CROWN – Metal Blade Record To Reissue First Two Albums On Vinyl

30 июл 2016 : 
THE CROWN Covers NAPALM DEATH; Audio Available

22 апр 2016 : 
THE CROWN Premier “Iblis Bane” Music Video; New Live Dates Announced

2 июн 2015 : 
THE CROWN Confirm Drummer Henrik Axelsson As Permanent Member

4 дек 2014 : 
THE CROWN Release "Speed Kills" Lyric Video; New Album Pre-Order Launched

27 окт 2014 : 
Новое видео THE CROWN

18 сен 2014 : 
THE CROWN To Release 'Death Is Not Dead' Album In January

28 фев 2013 : 
THE CROWN Recording 'True Masterpiece' Of An Album; New Guitarist Announced

18 мар 2012 : 
THE CROWN: New Album Update

11 сен 2011 : 

5 фев 2011 : 
THE CROWN: \'Falling \'Neath The Heaven\'s Sea\' Video Released

27 янв 2011 : 
THE CROWN: \'Doomsday King\' Video Released

28 сен 2010 : 
THE CROWN’s Marko Tervonen Comments On New Album Release

12 авг 2010 : 
THE CROWN: Another New Song Posted Online

2 авг 2010 : 
THE CROWN: Video Footage Of Comeback Concert Available

26 июл 2010 : 
Reunited THE CROWN: New Song Available For Streaming

1 июл 2010 : 

18 мар 2010 : 
THE CROWN\'s \'Hell Is Here\' Released On Limited-Edition Dark Flames Splatter Vinyl

1 дек 2009 : 

7 фев 2002 : 

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|||| 18 мар 2018

THE CROWN Release Cobra Speed Venom Album; Full Stream Available

* *
Swedish death metal legends The Crown have released their new album, Cobra Speed Venom, via Metal Blade Records. A full album stream can be found below. Order the album here. BraveWords' review of the album can be found here.

With their motivation at an all-time high, The Crown spent most of 2017 intensely rehearsing 13 new songs. They eventually entered the classic Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordstrom to record what would become their new album, Cobra Speed Venom. The sound is massive, brutal and a real punch in the face. Extreme speed and aggression mixed with classic heavy metal and rock n' roll, which really shows that The Crown has no boundaries. The apocalyptic theme of the lyrics and music also fits perfectly with the outstanding artwork of Christian Sloan Hall.

Cobra Speed Venom tracklisting:

"Destroyed By Madness"
"Iron Crown"
"In The Name Of Death"
"We Avenge!"
"Cobra Speed Venom"
"World War Machine"
"Rise In Blood"
"Where My Grave Shall Stand"
"The Sign Of The Scythe"
"Nemesis Diamond" (bonus track)
"The Great Dying" (bonus track)

Album stream:

"Cobra Speed Venom" video:

"Iron Crown" video:

The Crown lineup:

Johan Lindstrand - Vocals
Magnus Olsfelt - Bass
Marko Tervonen - Guitar
Robin Sorqvist - Lead guitar and backing vocals
Henrik Axelsson - Drums

THE CROWN Release Cobra Speed Venom Album; Full Stream Available



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