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Morbid Angel


8 май 2018 : 
MORBID ANGEL: 'Garden Of Disdain' Video Released

6 мар 2018 : 
MORBID ANGEL - Full Dynamic Range Vinyl Reissue Of Heretic Album Available; Unboxing Video Posted

30 ноя 2017 : 
Listen To New MORBID ANGEL Song 'For No Master'

19 окт 2017 : 
MORBID ANGEL Cancels European Tour

6 окт 2017 : 
Listen To New MORBID ANGEL Song 'Piles Of Little Arms'

6 окт 2017 : 
MORBID ANGEL To Release 'Kingdoms Disdained' Album In December; Cover Artwork Unveiled

18 июл 2017 : 
MORBID ANGEL Cancels European Summer Festival Appearances

16 июл 2017 : 
MORBID ANGEL - Video Trailer Posted For Upcoming Covenant Full Dynamic Range Vinyl

8 июл 2017 : 
Watch MORBID ANGEL's New Lineup Perform In Austin

7 июл 2017 : 
MORBID ANGEL - Video Trailer Posted For Upcoming Blessed Are The Sick Full Dynamic Range Vinyl

22 июн 2017 : 
Watch MORBID ANGEL's New Lineup Perform In Los Angeles

7 июн 2017 : 
Watch MORBID ANGEL's New Lineup Perform In New York City

31 май 2017 : 

24 май 2017 : 
MORBID ANGEL Performs New Song 'Warped' Live For First Time (Video)

18 май 2017 : 
MORBID ANGEL's Setlist For U.S. Tour Will Not Include Any DAVID VINCENT-Era Material, Says STEVE TUCKER

18 фев 2017 : 
MORBID ANGEL - Full Dynamic Range Vinyl Repress Of Altars Of Madness Album Available; Video Trailer Streaming

10 янв 2017 : 

12 сен 2016 : 
Earache Records To Release New Best Of Compilations From MORBID ANGEL

4 авг 2016 : 

29 июн 2016 : 
MORBID ANGEL Scheduling Studio Return

31 май 2016 : 
Former Members Of MORBID ANGEL, GOD FORBID Pay Tribute To NICK MENZA With 'Symphony Of Destruction' Performance

10 май 2016 : 
Ex-MORBID ANGEL Frontman DAVID VINCENT On Country Project: 'This Is Where My Heart Is At Right Now'

1 май 2016 : 
Video: Ex-MORBID ANGEL Frontman DAVID VINCENT Performs Original Country Song 'Drinking With The Devil'

30 мар 2016 : 
Ex-MORBID ANGEL Frontman DAVID VINCENT's Guest Appearance With GREEN DEATH Available For Streaming

7 фев 2016 : 
Video: Former MORBID ANGEL Frontman DAVID VINCENT Sings 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On'

25 янв 2016 : 
Video: Former MORBID ANGEL Frontman DAVID VINCENT Performs JOHNNY CASH's 'Big River' With DANNY B. HARVEY

15 янв 2016 : 
Former MORBID ANGEL Frontman DAVID VINCENT Is Back With Original Country Song 'Buyer Beware' (Video)

24 сен 2015 : 
MORBID ANGEL's 'Entangled In Chaos' To Be Released On Vinyl For First Time

20 июн 2015 : 

19 июн 2015 : 

18 июн 2015 : 
STEVE TUCKER Laughs Off Suggestion He And DAVID VINCENT Will Share Frontman Duties In MORBID ANGEL

16 июн 2015 : 
It's Official: Drummer TIM YEUNG Exits MORBID ANGEL

16 июн 2015 : 
DAVID VINCENT: 'I Have Not Left MORBID ANGEL Nor Have I Been Asked To Do So'

28 мар 2015 : 
Former MORBID ANGEL Drummer PETE SANDOVAL: How 'I Fell In Love With God'

12 мар 2015 : 
MORBID ANGEL – 1989 Live Show Juvenilia To Be Released As Special 12” On Record Store Day

29 янв 2015 : 
MORBID ANGEL's TIM YEUNG: 'We're Working On Some Material To Do A New Album'

24 дек 2014 : 
MORBID ANGEL's DAVID VINCENT: Islam Is 'Probably Worse Than Christianity Ever Was'

18 дек 2014 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Fan-Filmed Footage Of Copenhagen Concert

11 дек 2014 : 

3 дек 2014 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Fan-Filmed Footage Of Paris Concert

26 авг 2014 : 
MORBID ANGEL's TIM YEUNG Says There Is Talk Of Band Recording New EP

17 дек 2013 : 
Producer FLEMMING RASMUSSEN Thinks It Would Be 'Fun' To Work With MORBID ANGEL Again

9 дек 2013 : 

31 окт 2013 : 
MORBID ANGEL's 'Covenant': Full Dynamic Range Vinyl Preview (Video)

15 окт 2013 : 
MORBID ANGEL's 'Covenant' To Be Reissued On Full Dynamic Range Vinyl

15 июл 2013 : 
MORBID ANGEL To Perform Entire 'Covenant' Album On Upcoming Tour

4 июн 2013 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Porto Alegre Footage Available

20 мар 2013 : 
MORBID ANGEL Frontman To Appear In VANESSA DEL RIO Film Project

8 ноя 2012 : 
MORBID ANGEL Frontman Says PETE SANDOVAL Still Has 'Challenges' To Overcome Following Surgery

6 ноя 2012 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Quality Eindhoven Footage Available

30 окт 2012 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Quality Denver Footage Available

30 сен 2012 : 
MORBID ANGEL Denied Entry To Canada; Montreal, Toronto Shows Canceled

29 сен 2012 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Quality Fan-Filmed Video Footage Of Philadelphia Concert

4 июл 2012 : 
MORBID ANGEL To Play 'All-Time Classic Songs' On European Tour With KREATOR

2 фев 2012 : 
MORBID ANGEL 'Illud' Remix Album: Second Trailer Released

26 янв 2012 : 
MORBID ANGEL: 'Too Extreme' Remix Available For Streaming

11 янв 2012 : 
MORBID ANGEL: 'Existo Vulgoré' Video Released

22 дек 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Sheffield Footage Available

19 дек 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Quality Paris Footage Available

23 ноя 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL \'Illud\' Remix Album: Trailer Released

9 ноя 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL \'Illud\' Remix Album: More Details Revealed

31 окт 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL Remix Album Due Next Year

22 авг 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL - Domination Limited Edition Reissue Now Available

25 июл 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Quality TUSKA Performance Footage Available

14 июн 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Quality Video Footage Of Entire Tilburg Concert Available

10 июн 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL Performs New Song \'I Am Morbid\' Live For First Time; Video Available

9 июн 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL In Singapore: Performance, Autograph-Signing Footage Available

19 май 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL\'s \'Nevemore\' Is Amazon\'s Most Downloaded Hard Rock/Metal Track

13 май 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: New Song Available For Streaming

12 май 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Audio Samples Of Entire New Album Available

4 май 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL Frontman On New Album: \'We Made A Masterpiece\'

20 апр 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: \'Nevermore\' Single Sample Available

6 апр 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: New Album Track Listing, Formats Revealed

30 мар 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: New Album, Single Artwork Unveiled

14 мар 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Entire SCION ROCK FEST Performance Posted Online

9 мар 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL: New Album Title Revealed

7 мар 2011 : 
MORBID ANGEL Performs Live With Drummer TIM YEUNG For First Time

19 окт 2010 : 
MORBID ANGEL: Video Footage Of Drum-Tracking Sessions For New Album

24 июн 2010 : 
MORBID ANGEL Begins Recording New Album

21 мар 2010 : 
MORBID ANGEL\'s \'Formulas Fatal To The Flesh\' Available On Vinyl For First Time

19 ноя 2009 : 

1 июл 2008 : 
Former MORBID ANGEL Guitarist Released From Prison

21 май 2008 : 
MORBID ANGEL Announces New Guitarist

15 фев 2006 : 
Former MORBID ANGEL Steve Tucker and Jared Anderson in new project

20 июн 2005 : 
MORBID ANGEL Guitarist Goes Missing

24 сен 2002 : 

16 сен 2002 : 

| - |
|||| 19 окт 2017

MORBID ANGEL Cancels European Tour

* *
Death metal veterans MORBID ANGEL have been forced to cancel their previously announced November/December European tour due to "continued problems with the U.S. State Department and passport issues."

Says the band: "We apologize to our promoters and fans and hope to be able to solve this in 2018."

MORBID ANGEL previously scrapped its European summer festival appearances in July and August due to what it called "unfortunate and last-minute unforeseen problems with a passport for one of the members of the band."

The group will unleash its ninth studio album on December 1 via Silver Lining Music and JVC in Japan. Titled "Kingdoms Disdained", the record reunites founding guitarist Trey Azagthoth with bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker. "The album title says it all," says Tucker. "Everybody's fed up and nobody can figure out how to fix it. We've got all these miniature wars in neighborhoods, cities, countries, and we've got people with varying opinions causing chaos, yet everyone is doing what they feel is right. Which all makes it feel like the world has reached a point of utter madness and confusion." Recorded at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida and produced by MORBID ANGEL with Erik Rutan (CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE ETERNAL, SIX FEET UNDER, BELPHEGOR), Azagthoth, Tucker and drummer Scotty Fuller (ANNIHILATED; formerly of ABYSMAL DAWN) created eleven pieces of devastatingly dynamic death metal. Compositions such as "Garden Of Disdain", "Architect And Iconoclast" and "The Pillars Crumbling" supremely illustrate Azagthoth's incredible creative alchemy with Tucker as well as his own incomparable guitar work. "We're always trying to paint pictures; to create images," notes Tucker, "and I think this album is a fair image of the world today, but taken from a different perspective; the perspective of those Gods who built this, who may be resting now but are starting to wake up." "Kingdoms Disdained" features artwork courtesy of Irish mixed-media artist Ken Coleman, who created a series of pieces that further augment the stories being told. The effort will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. MORBID ANGEL in January announced the addition of Dan Vadim Von (guitarist/frontman of the American death metal band VADIMVON) to the band's lineup on second guitar. He joined the group as the replacement for Norwegian guitarist Destructhor (a.k.a. Thor Anders Myhren), who left the band two years ago.

MORBID ANGEL Cancels European Tour



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