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*Jimi Hendrix*

26 мар 2018 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - Music Video Posted For Unreleased Song "Lover Man"

17 мар 2018 : 
BUDDY GUY Covers JIMI HENDRIX On Jimmy Kimmel Live; Video

16 фев 2018 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - Previously Unreleased Song "Hear My Train A Comin’" Available For Streaming

10 фев 2018 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - Video Trailer Launched For Upcoming Both Sides Of The Sky Release

17 янв 2018 : 
Listen To JIMI HENDRIX's Previously Unreleased Reworking Of MUDDY WATERS's 'Mannish Boy'

7 дек 2017 : 
New JIMI HENDRIX Album, 'Both Sides Of The Sky', Due In March

18 апр 2017 : 
JOEY RAMONE, JIMI HENDRIX Funko Pop! Rocks Figures Coming Soon

29 сен 2016 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - “Ezy Ryder” Track Streaming From Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69

1 сен 2016 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - “Izabella” Track Streaming From Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69

11 авг 2016 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - “Power Of Soul” Track Streaming From Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69

9 авг 2016 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69 Out September 30th In Various Formats

23 апр 2016 : 
JIMI HENDRIX Online Slot Available Now; Video Preview Available

16 дек 2015 : 
JIMI HENDRIX Branded Marijuana Cigarettes Due Out Soon

10 сен 2015 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - Handwritten Lyrics To “Crosstown Traffic” Could Fetch £35,000 At Auction

28 авг 2015 : 
JIMI HENDRIX – “Voodoo Child” Live At The Atlanta Pop Festival Audio Streaming

20 авг 2015 : 
JIMI HENDRIX – "Purple Haze" Live At The Atlanta Pop Festival Audio Streaming

17 авг 2015 : 
JIMI HENDRIX – “Stone Free” Live At The Atlanta Pop Festival Audio Streaming

17 мар 2015 : 
CURTIS KNIGHT & THE SQUIRES Featuring JIMI HENDRIX – “Gloomy Monday” Track Streaming

13 мар 2015 : 
CURTIS KNIGHT & THE SQUIRES Featuring JIMI HENDRIX – “Station Break” Streaming

30 дек 2014 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - Jimi: All Is By My Side Biopic Coming On Blu-Ray In January; Pre-Order Launched

21 окт 2013 : 
JIMI HENDRIX – ‘Purple Haze’ From The Miami Pop Festival Now Streaming

25 сен 2013 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - Final Interview Available For Streaming

12 сен 2013 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - New Documentary Due Out In November

14 мар 2013 : 
JIMI HENDRIX's 'People, Hell And Angels' Debuts At No. 2 On The Billboard 200

20 фев 2013 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - Previously Unreleased 'Earth Blues' Track Premiers Online

13 янв 2013 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - New 'Somewhere' Track Premiers Online

23 ноя 2012 : 
JIMI HENDRIX - Twelve Unreleased Recordings To See The Light

7 ноя 2012 : 
JIMI HENDRIX's Legendary 1969 Woodstock Performance To Receive Global Theatrical Release

3 май 2012 : 
More Than 7,000 Guitarists Break World Record With JIMI HENDRIX Tribute

15 апр 2012 : 

18 ноя 2010 : 
'Classic Rock Presents - Jimi Hendrix: The Guitar Hero\' Coming In December

1 ноя 2010 : 
JIMI HENDRIX: \'Merry Christmas & Happy New Year\' 10\" Green Vinyl Due On \'Black Friday\'

16 сен 2010 : 
JIMI HENDRIX: Previously Unreleased Version Of \'Love Or Confusion\' Available

9 июл 2010 : 
JIMI HENDRIX To Be Inducted Into FENDER Hall Of Fame

18 май 2010 : 
JIMI HENDRIX\'s London Home Opens For Exhibition

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|||| 7 дек 2017

New JIMI HENDRIX Album, 'Both Sides Of The Sky', Due In March

* *
On March 9, Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, proudly release "Both Sides Of The Sky", a dynamic new Jimi Hendrix album featuring 13 studio recordings made between 1968 and 1970 — 10 of which have never before been released. The album will be released on multiple formats including CD, digital, and as a numbered 180-gram audiophile vinyl 2LP.
"Both Sides Of The Sky" is the third volume in a trilogy of albums intended to present the best and most significant unissued studio recordings remaining in the music legend's archive. Beginning with "Valleys Of Neptune" (2010), which earned top ten sales rankings in fifteen countries (including a top position of #4 on Billboard's Top 200 album chart), followed by "People, Hell And Angels" (2013) which peaked on Billboard's Top 100 album chart at #2. Billboard's coveted #1 singles ranking went to "Somewhere", the album's lead track and the legendary guitarist's highest-ever U.S. singles chart achievement. This third release is anticipated to complete the spectacular recording event in epic fashion.
"Since Experience Hendrix began its restoration of the Jimi Hendrix music catalog in 1997, our goal has been to present these important recordings to Jimi's fans in the best possible quality. We are excited about achieving that. We've also been intent on generating album releases which present this amazing music in its proper context," explains John McDermott, one of the album's co-producers, together with Janie Hendrix and Eddie Kramer. Recorded between January 1968 and February 1970, Jimi's desire to push the boundaries of blues music can be heard throughout. "Both Sides Of The Sky" additionally highlights Jimi's mastery of studio production and his increasing use of these facilities as a proving ground for new sounds, material, and techniques. Many of the album's tracks were recorded by the trio that would come to be known as BAND OF GYPSYS: Jimi on guitar and vocals, Billy Cox on bass, and Buddy Miles on drums. For their first-ever recording session on April 22, 1969, Hendrix turned to their shared musical root, delta blues. Their previously unreleased, uptempo reworking of Muddy Waters's "Mannish Boy" opens the album and sets the tempo for what follows. "Lover Man" was a favored Hendrix original and the guitarist was determined to realize a finished master. Previous attempts by the original EXPERIENCE had yet to yield this for Hendrix but this December 1969 effort by the BAND OF GYPSYS — complete with its homage to the popular "Batman" theme song — was his strongest effort to date.
"Hear My Train A Comin'" features drummer Mitch Mitchell and bassist Noel Redding from the original JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE. This original blues composition had become a staple of Hendrix's concerts. This previously unreleased April 1969 recording captured the furious power and dynamic tension that made the song so memorable. Previously unheard recordings of "Stepping Stone", "Jungle", "Cherokee Mist" (which features Hendrix on both electric guitar and sitar) as well as the January 1968 recording of "Sweet Angel" provide further highlights.
"Both Sides Of The Sky" also features an assortment of notable guest musicians. Stephen Stills befriended Hendrix at the June 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. In September of 1969, Stills was invited to a Hendrix session at the Record Plant in New York. Stills burst into the session with a song Joni Mitchell had recently composed, titled "Woodstock". Joined by Hendrix and Buddy Miles, the trio recorded this version first — months before CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG released their popular rendition of Mitchell's song. Stills would also contribute "$20 Fine", an original song that featured Hendrix on multiple guitars, Mitchell on drums, Stills on organ and lead vocals and Duane Hitchings (BUDDY MILES EXPRESS) on piano.
Another of the album's unique band creations sees Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter on guitar, backed by Billy Cox and drummer Dallas Taylor of CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG. An excerpt of their rendition of Guitar Slim's "Things I Used To Do" was initially heard as part of a 1990 nationally syndicated radio program and accompanying box set, but here it is presented in full, newly mixed by Eddie Kramer for "Both Sides Of The Sky". On "Georgia Blues", Jimi is reunited with his old bandmate Lonnie Youngblood (vocals/sax) from his pre-fame days in CURTIS KNIGHT & THE SQUIRES. Briefly issued as part of the 2008 "Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues" series but out of print for nearly a decade, this special recording is once more available to Hendrix fans throughout the world on all audio formats.
"Both Sides Of The Sky" was produced by Janie Hendrix, John McDermott and Eddie Kramer. Kramer served as recording engineer on every Jimi Hendrix album made during the artist's life. In order to preserve the integrity and continuity of the Hendrix legacy, this same team has produced every Jimi Hendrix audio and visual release since 1996.
Janie Hendrix, president and CEO of Experience Hendrix, L.L.C., commented: "We have a growing commitment to preserve the legacy of Jimi and also to continue to give the worldwide family of Jimi fans quality releases. That's what 'Both Sides Of The Sky' reflects… our ongoing commitment. In a deeper sense, it's the keeping of a promise. Jimi and I once made a promise to each other. He said he would take care of me and I told him I would take care him. Through his music and our preservation of his work, my brother and I honor one another. We are now in our third decade of watching over Jimi's creative works and our resolve to maintain the integrity of what he left us has only grown stronger with time."
That is also the purpose for Eddie Kramer's involvement and his devotion to the project. He remarked: "Jimi's true home was the studio, that's where the music and the magic happened. He loved everything about recording and it's been my distinct pleasure and an honor to play a part in that process both then and now." "Both Sides Of The Sky" track listing: 01. Mannish Boy*02. Lover Man*03. Hear My Train A Comin'*04. Stepping Stone*05. $20 Fine*+06. Power Of Soul^07. Jungle*08. Things I Used to Do#09. Georgia Blues++10. Sweet Angel*11. Woodstock*+12. Send My Love To Linda*13. Cherokee Mist* * Previously unreleased^ Previously unavailable extended version+ Featuring Stephen Stills# Featuring Johnny Winter++ Featuring Lonnie Youngblood Cover photo © Mike Berkofsky



КомментарииСкрыть/показать 13 )

7 дек 2017, 13:43
Быть таким сумасшедшим перфекционистом при жизни и так вертеться в гробу от кучи выпущенных песен которые считал не готовыми. Мда... Когда же его доить перестанут.

7 дек 2017, 14:23
Да. Слушать надо то, что вышло при жизни. Всё остальное это чистый бизнес.

7 дек 2017, 14:52
Когда уже Фрэдди Меркури новый сольник запилит. А то жду не дождусь уж 25 лет не слуху не духу.

7 дек 2017, 16:48
Corpsegrinder04---Вот голограмму оформят, и будет пилить.

7 дек 2017, 18:09
Ощущение, что пишут люди вообще не в теме.
Будто посмертно изданное сыграно непонятно кем по случайно найденным нотам, которые Хендрикс пытался сжечь))))

Взять Nine To The Universe 80-го года, или иные постхьюмосы - там роскошные импровизации, инструменталки или даже полноценные песни.
Впрочем, если дальше трех-четырех альбомов выйти тупо лень, али страшно - то Хендрикс в этом ни разу не виноват.

Voin of Valhalla
7 дек 2017, 19:49
ну раз пошла такая пьянка ждем новый альбом от Джона Лорда

7 дек 2017, 20:48
"Когда уже Фрэдди Меркури новый сольник запилит."
На той стороне, говорят, студия одна. Очередь, мать её. До "восьмидесятников" ещё не дошла. Кто-то, правда, и там проскакивает.

"которые Хендрикс пытался сжечь"
Хендрикс не Гоголь, с горящей трубкой во рту не засыпал.

По теме: я б не побрезговал послушать.

7 дек 2017, 22:10
Ждём новинок от Курта Кобейна.

8 дек 2017, 09:07
Flaming , не ну 1-2 альбома можно издать. А сколько их уже вышло посмертных у Хендрикса? Сбился со счету. Queen после смерти Фредди много издали материала? А у Леннона его много вышло?

8 дек 2017, 18:09
Когда выйдет посмертный альбом Кипелыча?

8 дек 2017, 18:23
Уже вышел. Последний. Невзирая на одну единственную сильную вещь на альбоме, это надгробие на творчестве Лерсаныча.

9 дек 2017, 05:35
Леннон пять лет не выпускал ничего, однако и второй альбом из дилогии с Йоко вышел, и демок оказалось изрядно, пара из которых и Битлам пригодилась.

У Кобейна разного всякого на пару коробок набралось.

Queen практически все издавали сразу, не копили.

Хендрикс же реально пару лет гитару из рук не выпускал 68-70.
Если не гастролировал - сидел в Электрик Лэди и все время что-то сочинял и репетировал.
Посему осталось всего очень много.
И кстати плохого/неслушабельного/творчески диарейного там попросту нет.
Материал крайне достойный.

1971 - Rainbow Bridge - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1972 - War Heroes
1973 - JIMI - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1974 - Loose Ends
1975 - Crash Landing
1975 - Midnight Lightning
1980 - Nine To The Universe
1994 - Blues
1995 - Voodoo Soup
1997 - First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
2010 - Valleys Of Neptune
2010 - West Coast Seattle Boy. The Jimi Hendrix Anthology [Alternate & Unreleased Material]
2013 - People, Hell & Angels

11 дек 2017, 10:47
Flaming++ таки да, все альбомы хороши. Недаром все Нормальные гитаристы считают Хендрикса одним из самых лучших гитаристов в мире.

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