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20 янв 2018 : 
ALTERBEAST Premiere New Song "The Maggots Ascension"

7 дек 2017 : 
ALTERBEAST Streaming “Apex Night Eclipse” Lyric Video

10 фев 2014 : 

18 янв 2014 : 
ALTERBEAST To Release 'Immortal' In March

17 сен 2013 : 

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|||| 7 дек 2017

ALTERBEAST Streaming “Apex Night Eclipse” Lyric Video

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Sacramento, Ca death metal shredders Alterbeast will release their sophomore album Feast via Unique Leader Records on February 23rd. The nine track effort, featuring founding guitarist Andrew Lamb, new vocalist Michael Alvarez, and drummer Alex Bent (of Trivium) showcases the band's most technical and exciting material to date. A lyric video for “Apex Night Eclipse” is streaming below.

Guitarist Andrew Lamb says of the track, ""We are excited to give you our first single off our new album FEAST! We wanted to recreate that magic of growing up and having to hide certain records under your bed. And with songs like Apex Night Eclipse, we think we achieved that goal. Hard hitting, relentless riffing, and vocals that will leave every church in flames. Alterbeast denies Christ with every note of Apex Night Eclipse. Toss your Ouija Boards in the garbage, because this blasphemous hymn is guaranteed to summon the Devil! Get your first glimpse of Michael Alvarez’s brute vocals as well as Alex Bent’s crushing drums! End piano piece written and performed by our good friend Ryan McNatt of the very talented Enigma! We hope you dig it!"

Feast was recorded by Zach Ohren (Immolation, Carnifex) at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, Ca and mastered by John Scrip at Massive Mastering. Cover art by Megan Mushi. 

Drummer Alex Bent says of Feast, "This album is a force to be reckoned with! It gets directly to the point and crushes from front to back! This was an extremely fun and challenging record to make and I know that when people hear it, they will feel the passion we put into it!"


"Welcome To Your Doom"
"The Maggots Ascension"
"Black Flame Illumination"
"Vile Skin Posession"
"Apex Night Eclipse"
"Coffin Crescendo"
"Where Dead Angels Lie" (Dissection cover)
"Upon The Face Of The Deep"

"Apex Night Eclipse" lyric video:

ALTERBEAST Streaming “Apex Night Eclipse” Lyric Video



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