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Hardcore Superstar

We just do our business and focused on what we are good at

Hardcore Superstar is a Swedish glam rock band with a special kind of charisma and energy. On Tuesday we had a phone interview with Vic Zino, the lead guitarist. Vic told us about the positive band's atmosphere, the best gig ever, favorite guitarist and the new album
Hi, Vic! I'm glad we are finally got in touch!


I would like to start with the question about the photos of vinyl on your official Facebook page: is it your new album?

Well, yes. There's our new album's cover! It's the way LP will look like when it's finished.

It's an amazing artwork in a comics style, who is an author?

It was the artist called Giselle Ippoliti, she is from Argentina.

As far I know, you released the hilarious video on your n
ew single 'Baboon'. How are you, guys, got an idea for the script of this video?

We just wanted to do something special, something funny. Usually, we don't like to make videos, but why not enjoy this as well? So, was made a funny script - we tried to do it a bit different when we always do. That was the most fun shooting we've ever had!

I've heard your Russian fans what to see a sequel of 'Baboon'! When you will shoot another one video, please make it similar.

O'key! (laughs) Well, tell them - those who requested can go to our media pages and
say: "We need 'Baboon' number two please!" And if we'll get a lot of votes, we will do it.

O'key, I will find an opportunity to tell! A lot of glam-rock bands changed so much, but Hardrock Superstar still keeps its energy, how you can do that?

It's a good question! This band is always been like that: as soon as one album is done, we start planning the next one. And we get excited like the small children when we come up with a cool idea for the album. The moment you get that little spark and everything is fading very fast, so you need to catch it at once. It's
very creative prosses to make an album, that is why we are always full of energy, we love to do it so much.

The music industry is a really dirty thing, what helps you to keep yourself calm and to do that you do?

It is what it is. We just do our business and focused on what we are good at. Behind the scenes, we are of course very involved in everything, but the music industry it is what it is, we have nothing to do with it.

What about you personally, how do you keep staying optimistic?

Oh, it's a reaction of ours
elves: one is optimistic, and the others get optimistic too. It's a positive energy that cruises through all the band. And it works not for the band or for someone personally, it's about everyone around us.

Actually, the question about your colleagues: do you keep in touch with your ex-guitarist T. Silver?

Yes, I talk to him a couple of times a week on messenger, we talk guitars... actually I meat him when I did a guitar clinic two weeks ago and he was where working as well, so we get in touch, yeah.

Have you ever had or have the
guitarist who was an example for you, the person who inspired you to play?

Of course, we all have idols! Speaking about the guitarist for me it is Dimebag Darrell from Pantera and Randy Rhoads from Ozzy's band, Slash, John Norum from Europe, Yngwie Malmsteen – all those "classical" guys.

Tomorrow you start your summer tour, how do you feel about that?

Oh, it's gonna be great! We are headlines of the first day at the Sweden Rock festival, that's our first show: a lot of sunshine, positive energy, and cool vibes.

Do you have something special in your rider you can't tour without?

No, we're quite easy going. We have something on our ride we can call "surprise", it doesn't matter what kind of surprise, but something creative and something fun.

And what about Russia, when should we wait for you?

We've been there once, a couple of years back. That was fun and it would be great to come back again.

We will be waiting!

Yeah, please wait, we will be there! If you request us, we will come. (laughs)

You're touring a lot but maybe you will tall about the most memorable show?

We've done a lot of great gigs but for me personally, the best is the first live show in Sweden with the band about ten years ago. It was sold-out in Stockholm, something like fifteen hundred people and I wasn't really expecting that, because I came from a really small band, and when I get on stage and so the crows it was like: "Wow!" I haven't seen that much audience, so that's a big-big memory.

Having a lot of experience what can you advise the people who just began
their journey in music?

Good question! I guess the most important thing is to believe in that you do and be focused on what you do for your career: if you just want to sit at home and play – that's fine, but if you want to do something more like start a band, be focused on the idea that are you want to do and listen to everybody's advise but try to sort out the bullshit from really good ones.

Thank you for your time, Vic! Looking forward to seeing you in Russia.

Thank you for the interview as well. We will be in Russia hopefully

9 июн 2018
the End

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