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Последние поступления
Orden Ogan :
5 апр 2021
Evergrey :
10 мар 2021
Vomitory : This temporary reunion does not seem to be so temporary anymore
6 мар 2021
Supposedly, Vomitory is a band well-known to any fan of old school Swedish death metal. Unfortunately, having recorded probably their best album “Opus Mortis VIII” (2011), the guys decided to split up. After announcing the breakup in 2013 the band retired for real and seemed to be dead. However, in 2018 Vomitory returned to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Feeling the old flame again these Swedes decided to extend the temporary reunion and went on a tour that would have continued the world tour...
Iron Savior :
20 фев 2021
Accept :
5 фев 2021
Voodoo Circle :
26 янв 2021
Grift : I live very safely and free here in the forest
14 янв 2021
Grift is a really interesting Swedish project that sounds as something in between atmospheric black metal and acoustic dark folk. But it’s just a rough definition. Based on old Swedish poets' masterpieces, Grift’s essence is much bigger than any label. This music is very personal, introspective and sometimes it’s something like an attempt to catch the last ray of sun on gloomy autumn horizon. Rough and at the same time fragile, Grift's music inspires a certain category of listeners with a simila...
Pyramaze :
4 янв 2021
Lake of Tears :
20 дек 2020
Amaranthe :
5 дек 2020
Leaves' Eyes :
12 ноя 2020
U.D.O. :
27 окт 2020
Onslaught :
29 сен 2020
Thundermother :
26 авг 2020
Firewind :
25 июл 2020
Dynazty :
4 июл 2020
Ross the Boss :
24 май 2020
NorthTale :
3 май 2020
Blutengel : Feed your emotions with the right kind of music
4 апр 2020
The German “dark” scene is one the strongest musical communities of our days. Legendary Blutengel has always been the most outstanding representative of European darkwave skillfully united with gothic rock, industrial and EBM. This year band is coming to Russia, and so that we could have a chance to sweeten our awaiting, we talked to the mastermind of Blutengel Chris Pohl about believing in yourself and your art, relationships with society, conceptual albums and many other things....
Brothers of Metal :
18 мар 2020


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