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Nightfall : Depression is a clinical state
16 окт 2023
In the 90’s, Nightfall was at the roots of extreme Hellenic metal and released several brilliant albums that became classics of the Greek metal scene. But unlike much more stable bands as Rotting Christ and Septicflesh, Nightfall's biography is full of bumps and winding turns. The band had disappeared for a long time over and over again only to return with another gloomy album, and then... disappear into the darkness again. It’s great that over the past few years things are going better for Nigh...
Danko Jones :
5 окт 2023
Bloodbound :
13 сен 2023
Graveworm :
30 апр 2023
Einherjer : Dear whale, sorry about the plastic bag
19 мар 2023
EINHERJER is a renowned band. In the mid-90s, along with Enslaved, these Norwegians stood at the origins of Viking metal, recording a number of dazzling classics for the genre. It should be emphasized that, unlike a number of other Viking bands, those guys have never been banal role players, giving a serious and consistent vision of their art. Despite the fact that EINHERJER is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the band does not stand still and regularly releases excellent albums, inte...
Marki :
2 мар 2023
Srub :
28 фев 2023
Månegarm : We meet and drink in Valhalla as the heroes we are!
21 дек 2022
Without any doubt, Månegarm is one of the most stable, consistent and impeccable bands in the Viking metal genre. For almost 30 years (!) of activity, the band has not only recorded an impressive discography, but even got its own festival “Månegarm Open Air”! This year this Swedish Drakkar brought a new album that will not disappoint any fan of the band. And if you like Viking metal, but for some reason have never listened to these Swedes, you can start right with the new album “Ynglin...
Defiled :
18 окт 2022
Dero :
25 авг 2022
Vitaly Dubinin :
10 июл 2022
Black Kirin (黑麒麟) :
13 июн 2022
Lord of the Lost :
26 май 2022
Paradox :
11 мар 2022
Flotsam and Jetsam :
5 фев 2022
Brainstorm :
16 янв 2022
Letzte Instanz :
12 янв 2022
U.D.O. :
30 окт 2021
Second to Sun :
8 сен 2021
Bloodbound :
13 авг 2021


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