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Evergrey :
3 янв 2019
Lordi :
29 ноя 2018
Dynazty :
26 ноя 2018
Mortiis :
7 ноя 2018
U.D.O. :
28 окт 2018
Liv Kristine :
21 окт 2018
Wardruna :
8 окт 2018
Soulfly :
29 сен 2018
Faun :
16 сен 2018
Oomph! :
4 сен 2018
Runemagick : I do not think that hard drinking gets connection with the “spirit world”
29 авг 2018
True extreme metal fans (who started their gloomy path in the underground in the mid-late 90's) probably remember Runemagick – an authentic and very original band. These Swedes always stood apart refusing to follow the trends and for the most part staying in their own dimension. They stood out against the background of many other bands. Runemagick redefined this genre in their own way taking the classical Swedish death metal as a basis. The resulting strange hybrid of Doom and Death was permeate...
Ross the Boss :
7 авг 2018
Bonfire :
21 июл 2018
H.E.A.T. :
9 июл 2018
Kobra and the Lotus : Music is a very powerful tool for connecting people
13 июн 2018
Canadian heavy metal band Kobra and the Lotus has traveled a long way to take its place on international metal stage. Heavy modern sound, melodies, socially oriented and emotional lyrics piercing right to the bone earned the band fans and critics recognition. The only thing that is more amazing about Kobra and the Lotus than their professionalism and talent, is their powerful message of love, compassion, kindness and struggling for each living thing they are spreading through the whole world. Th...
Hardcore Superstar : We just do our business and focused on what we are good at
9 июн 2018
Hardcore Superstar is a Swedish glam rock band with a special kind of charisma and energy. On Tuesday we had a phone interview with Vic Zino, the lead guitarist. Vic told us about the positive band's atmosphere, the best gig ever, favorite guitarist and the new album...
Mike Portnoy :
27 май 2018
Doom Metal Lexicanum :
13 май 2018
Inglorious :
7 май 2018
Gus G. :
22 апр 2018

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