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Philosophy of feelings

Brazil formation Angra exists for quite a long time and is one of the most famous bands which represent its country in the world metal-scene. In 2001 the new period for the band began.The line up changed considerably the founding member Andre Matos left the band, and ex-Symbols singer Edu Falaschi occupied his place. Besides the line-up accepted in its ranks Aquiles Priester and bass-player Felipe Andreoli. For our interview we managed to catch the band frontman Edu Falaschi, who turned out to be a very gay and talkative guy. We were not restricted in time, so the talk happened to be quite long and interesting. Edu told us not only about Angra, but also about his side-project Almah
How Was the flight? I think you came to Russia straight from Ingolstadt in Germany? Was the venue big and how was the reaction of fans there?

Actually this concert in Ingolstadt was like a party. We didnt expect to play in Germany this tour but we had one Sunday free before come to Russia and we decided to make it like a party with some german friends and fans as well. It was a small closed concert, not so promoted it was like a private concert. Actually, the whole tour is going really well! We started the tour in October I think, last year and we did many concerts. We played especially in Japan and made some concerts in Europe and now we are in Russia for the first time! And we are very happy!

You just released your first solo-project in Europe, what is your expectations?

Actually I released Almah in Japan and Brazil before and of course Angra is very big in Japan and very big in Brazil as well so since the very beginning I expected something good to Almah there and I was right Almah is very important now in Japan and in Brazi
l. But in Europe I couldnt know what could help to promote the album but I found AFM Records and we became friends they helped me a lot with this album and now it have huge success in Europe, to a solo album I mean. I receive many good reviews especially from Germany, even for Angra it isnt so easy. And I am very surprised with that. For Example in Rock Hard magazine in Germany it is very hard to get good points or something like that and Almah is in 23 position in a hundred bands in a best album of the year. 23. And Angra nether had in this list before even between the hundred bands so for me its a great honor to have this successful album in Europe and I am very Happy!

Why did you chouse AFM Records for Almah?

It Was the best choice - AFM is a new company. Not so new but quite new compared to the old ones and they are working very well, they know how to work with the metal bands and they are pushing the material very well like Almah and they promoting a lot and I am very happy with a result of the sales because of journalists reviews. So we have a great pa
rtnership now. For me its great and I am very happy.

What is the main idea of Almah?

Actually I Have many different elements in this album its very rich and very deep album. Everything started with the name I was searching for a name easy name to remember and to pronounce in all languages and I find out that Almah with h in Hebrew means virginity and purity but at the same time I find out in the bible many religious people say what it means the opposite it means malice and perversion then I fought ok two opposite meanings its very interesting and this two sides I can use this idea to make lyrics I decided to talk about human feelings in a whole album - and human feelings can be good and bad like liberty like love ore we can feel like freedom we can feel envy and greed bad feelings. Thats how I decided to wrote about human feelings. But about the name again Almah, the sound Alma in Portuguese is soul and the soul in Spanish is soul as well and I am always finding different meanings of this word always good meanings. But about feelings I d
ivided each song to each different feeling. In the lyrics I didnt want to talk about my feelings it could be more selfish to talk about myself, listening about my feelings is not so good! I wanted to talk about feelings in general, feelings what people have. Not thinking about ego I dont like that. I chouse some facts of the history to represent each feeling and to illustrate it properly, for example like liberty in Golden Empire I am talking about Liberty about Martin Luter King the guy who was fighting for liberty of black people in USA I am talking in a very poetical way.
And to talk about treason I used a story of Tutankhamen the Egyptian king, he was murdered when he was 18 years old. The priests were carrying about him since he was very young. His father died when he was 2 years old so he became the king when he was 2 years old of course it was impossible to control the Egyptian being 2 years old so the priests were controlling Egypt. When he got 18 years old priests thought Now he is an adult and he is going to be a real king of Egypt so we needed to kill him, but they were like fathe
rs to him and then they killed him because of the power - this is a big treason. To talk about love I used a history of Eros the God of Love it is big and very beautiful story behind this concept and so on, the album is like this. And on the last song, called Almah you can find all feelings together, this song is about lifetime. When you are born and you become a teenager and you get stronger and more energetic and you become more adult and start thinking about your life and you start to go down slowly and you get older and you die. But I am telling about that in a good way, like liberty when your soul just leaves the body - the material part, and join the part of the universe, and after that idea I decided to make whole album to sound like life of people. You are born and you are strong you have pure energy you dont have extra feelings because you complete pure you didnt have contact with other people. You start growing up and you become teenager and adult as I said before. So I wanted the album to be like this very strong in the beginning very pure in the end. So the album slows down getting to the e
nd because then in the lifetime you rest forever so the album is like this!

But dont you think that bonus tracks on limited edition can ruin this conception?

Yes a little bit. The idea to put bonus-tracks came later. After I released album in Japan and Brazil, so AFM said that they want to put bonus-tracks because they were releasing later. I said ok, no problem the concept is there and of course the lyrics is connected so the album is one pease.

I didnt want to make a typical metal album. Because many bands sound the same way In my point of view, In Europe especially, we have millions of bands and if youll hear one it will sound like the other one, everybody sounds the same way. Thats why I invited very famous producer in Brazil - he worked with Lenny Kravitz and many important bands. But he did not work with metal bands so it was his first time. Thats why the album sounds different compearing to european releases. It is more dry, more direct and I did the album more heavier than Angra for example, a little bit more modern but not
to much progressive.
You dont need to think to much while listening this album ok I need to understand this music No You just listen to the songs and they go very easy to your heart.

Ok, Lets talk about Angra now! Why the idea of Aurora Consurgens album is so evil?

Actually I think it is the heaviest album that we ever did. We wrote some instrumental parts before and realized that the album is going to be really dark and heavier than the others and we needed concept to be dark as well to combine. Thats why we are talking about the Aurora Consurgens Its a book and its a hidden book, kind of the forbidden, because its an alchemist book. There are many strange elements and things which made people think that the book is very (bzzar??) many strange drawings. This book is about mental disorders. When people have different thoughts and starting to live in another world, they lose sensibility of the reality. We are talking about schizophrenia, we talked about fear You know, In Metropolis big metropolis we have many problems like fear It
s like a pathology. People dont want to go work anymore, they dont want to go to the street because they starting to have a very big fear but nobody knows why. There are different Mental disorders in this book it is about this and so the album is about this book and mental disorders.

Have you got any plans for a new dvd?

Actually I am not shure if we gona release a dvd now. We gonna stop this tour and then we going get rest a little bit becouse I am very tired, maybe for one month and then I think well start composing another album but in differen way - all albums of Angra are different from the others.

So the fans must wait for a new surprise?

Yea, we will make something totally different. We dont like making albums sounding the same, we think its boring we like learning and putting new elements, new instruments and new melodies, percussions Angra is the band which never repeats the same music, we always develop, take risks some time but for us its good and we are happy making all this, it is our way
making deferens - all the time always learning.

Angra is a very intellectual band, and every album tells about different problems and things that surround us in everyday life, is it easy to all fans in different countries to understand ideas of musicians and the lyrics, music?

I think for Angra fans it is easier but for a new fans it is more difficult to understand Angra for example then Edguy because we are more complex a little bit more satisfacted because we put more different instruments and parts and

Angra is more ethnic?!

Yea, ethnic, I think its the reason why its not easy for German fans to understand Angra. Maybe it is the reason why in Germany Almah is much more successful, because its simpler more straight to the point and Almah is sutisficated but in different approach. Angra is we have some latin ideas all the time It is not easy for people in Poland, Germany to understand music they need more time to understand it. But I think its kind a key to the success of Angra because we are different from
everybody. You cant find another band like Angra. Ok! The have Sepultura doing percussion its trash metal complete different but I never heard something like Angra.

Is It Hard to be number one prog-power metal band in Brazil?

Yes It is hard because people expecting more. Angra in Japan is very big we grow all the time we are even scared people expect even more. I am between the ten singers of the world in Burn magazine and every time people expect me sinning better and better and better you know, and then the last year I was (before last year- two years ago) I was in the second position. Only Bruce Dickinson was the first one! But, people shouldnt allow him to be part of this because he isnt normal singer he is metal god. So for me it was like being the first. For us it is like victory. It isnt easy for a Brazilian band to play in another country, because Brazil is pour It is not like American marketing - they have a lot of money many people who help bands. For us, in the beginning, it was very hard but now Brazilian people are very honored to Angra.
Sepultura is going a little bit down so they have only Angra playing abroad and making success in other countries. We are more demanding now. Its a challenge for us Its good because we are thinking lets try different things and see whats going to happen it is very nice.

Why did you made an internet-digital-single, but not a typical cd-single like other bands do?

Nowadays everybody download everything. We want to join the technology thats why we decided to make digital single because it was like one song and for us to release the album with two songs only to promote its not good so we put a digital one to promote the music and it works a lot! Many people heard this song.

Edu, what is your opinion about internet downloading, piracy?

I dont like to lose money!! Ha-ha-ha Ok It is good when you download just to hear a new band what is this band is about? I would download just to hear but I never download to put in my ipod I always buy cds and then I put the song to hear. But I hate when peop
le download and when they are satisfied with that. I like having the CD the cover the booklet just to read the lyrics. Now people are forget the sensation, for example When I was teenager and I was in the store and saw for a first time Iron Maiden album it was like Ahhhhhh Its Amazing! This sensation! Now young people loose this feeling! They just make one click and have all songs, I think thats why we have many bands now, everyday a new band they listen it for three times and then going to another one ok one more I dont like that and another one Its too fast. And I think it is very dangerous for the music industry because labels dont get money anymore to promote the artist. With no promotion we have less tours and with less tours we have less people on the concerts, so the future could be very dangerous.

You are the member of Angra for 6 years already ore 7?

Almost 7.

Was it hard to join guys and working hard at the beginning?

Actually no When I joined Angra, in Brazil I was quite famous, because
of my previous band and actually the fans asked Kiko and Rafael to call me and to put me in the band. In Japan with the first album that we released with Angra I was number 3 in Burn magazine as a singer it was a big surprise. For me it was easy and the most difficult place to work with - was France, because French people they really liked the other line up and I needed to conquer them and to prove that the band was the same I Mean the quality. But now everything is okay, I never had any problems like for example Blasé Bayley singer of Iron Maiden after Bruce Dickinson, people dont like him but many people said bull shit to him on the concerts throwing things to the stage. I had never problems with that. Never. For me it was really cool and we are 7 years together - 7 great years great chance to continue carrier with Angra so we are very happy!

What bands can you recommend brazilian bands ?

We have many good bands in Brazil Scelerata is a great band, Silence is a great band, Krisium very good band, Burning Hell another power metal band very nice
some bands like that, we have many good bands.

I've recently heard some news about Soul Spell Brazilian metal opera, what are yours and your brother's roles in it? What can you say about this project and have you ever caught yourself on the idea to organize your own metal opera? Temple Of Shadows sounds a little bit like a metal opera...

Tito Falaschi, my brother is the producer of this project, and I am gonna sing one track. Actually I dont think to make something like that now, Its really nice but I have other plans.

Would you please tell our readers about your previous bands and projects? It's hard to find them even in the internet but they rocks a lot! Are there any plans for releasing them in Europe (I mean the old records with your participation)?

My two previous bands were Mitrium (1992-1995), and Symbols (1997-2001). I dont like to think about the past, I respect it a lot, but I want to release new stuffs, thinking in the present and the future.

Do You follow what is hap
pening in Symbols after you left? They Have released only one CD - 4 years after your depart, and there was bonus track with your vocals. Did you record it specially for this release or maybe they just used the old song recorded during the period you were in the band?

No, When I Left the band I was totally concentrated in Angra. But We are very close friends. And they invited me to sing one song. It was really cool. It was a new song. Made for that record.

I've heard that you will start the first world tour of Almah this summer, is there any chance to see you with Almah in near future in Russia?

For Sure. Im already preparing the tour. I hope to go to Europe and Russia, soon, maybe in 2008. People can check the future dates in my official web site or in my official myspace

You've been for the first time in Russia, what were your expectations before this visit and what do you think now about us and Moscow, our country?

People told me that the audience is amazing, and they were right. I loved Russia, I met many especial people. From the audience to the production people everybody so gentle and fantastic.

How is it - working with you brother? Is it more difficult to work with him, or on the contrary it's much easier to work with close relative person?

I love my brother! Working with him is always perfect!!! But first he is my brother!!!! We are very close, a real family!

Maybe One more question What are your expectations about tonight and what must fans expect from Angra?

I am gonna be very honest with you This our first time in Russia and the most important concert for us in this tour and we are very exited to play here, many people say that Russian audience is very hot and love metal and they were expecting Angra for a long time and we are very happy to be here and I think it will be great! And I met many fans here in Russia already and they are so kind and we hope to come back soon so we will put all our energy to this concert the hole tour was cool but this concert is special!
So I would like to thank you all fans of Angra and Almah now and to say thank you for all the seport during this years Thank You very much ! Spasibo!

Interview by The Scarecrow and Ksenia Wolfin Khorina
Questions also composed by Blindman
8 2007
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