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Felipe Andreoli - The heavier stuff speaks much more to me

Motion, the third album of Brazilian metallers ALMAH became one of the most significant releases of the genre in 2011. The band was established in 2006 by ANGRAs singer and composer Edu Falaschi. We have waited three years for the 3rd CD after the brilliant effort Fragile Equality (2008). Edu Falaschi and his band mate, the bass player Felipe Andreoli, who also participates in ANGRA were very busy with the release and world tour of Aqua (2010), the 7th full length of that legendary Brazilian prog power metal act. But in the beginning of 2011 ANGRAs activities quietened down and the guys entered the studio in May to record Motion. It was made very fast and the worldwide release happened in September (Brazil) October 2011 (Japan, Europe). In January 2012 the CD saw the light of day in North America. This time ALMAH stays quite far from the canons of power melodic metal style and ANGRAs legacy. It sounds very HEAVY! Even the well-known Edu Falachis power metal voice became more matured and really aggressive, besides the parts of guest growling vocals of Victor Cutrale. Now its rather modern power trash metal with progressive elements. As the band itself believes, this is the result of searching of its own face. Its up to you, dear friends, to decide whether you like it or not! But ALMAHs musicians definitely love it! We talked about this quest and many other things with Felipe Andreoli who besides playing the bass parts, created music and lyrics for some songs and together with Edu Falaschi became a producer of the new CD.
lipe, this is the first Almah CD without a title track. Why? How did this name, Motion appear? What does mean Motion for you?

The name Motion kind of sums up a common theme that shows up in all the songs, which is the need to move forward. It came about after we had all the lyrics, so maybe thats a reason why its not a song title.

Many things have already happened since MOTION release in September/October this year: many shows in Brazil, a promo trip to Europe and Japan, worldwide reviews and interviews, can you tell us about it? Are you satisfied with the reaction of fans and media?

We couldnt be happier about the acceptance of the album by both fans and media. It gives me a feeling that we did the right thing. The shows have been great,
too, with lots of energy. The new songs seem to work especially well, being heavier and more aggressive. Unfortunately Paulo was not able to join us for the tour, because he has a severe heart condition, and at the moment he needs to rest as much as he can.

As we heard about the story of Motion cover, you created it with Edu around his shoot made with iPhone etc. But what does it mean in reality, this picture? Wasnt you scared when he suggested to use this pic for the album cover? Or you just told ok, opened the Photoshop and started to develop the image?

I didnt have any kind of prejudice, if thats what you mean. To me art is about result, not about the means. It doesnt matter if you have the most basic elements to work with, when the idea is good and yo
u know how to convey it, it works anyway. That was the case. The photo itself was very strong, and once we applied the effects, its meaning became evident.

You not only played the bass and wrote some music and lyrics for Motion, also you created the album layout, made the band pictures etc. Why did you decided to do it? Is it a way to keep money (for the studio, mix, mastering etc) or did you really want to do it? I saw that you even do professional photo shooting in other fields of life?

Ive been studying digital art and photography for quite a while now. I love to work with those things, but I lacked a real project to work on. That was the perfect opportunity. When I decided to do it, the guys were very supportive, but at the same time, as Im very committed
to quality, I knew that there was a chance that I could fail, and wed have to bring in a real designer. Fortunately, that wasnt the case, and I was able to do the whole thing by myself, with a little advice from friends like Gustavo Sazes. It was not about saving money at all, but of course that is an added benefit when youre able to do things yourself.

As far as we know, Motion is not a conceptual album and every song tells its own story. Can you tell about Daydream Lucidity, for example?

Daydream Lucidity speaks about our ability to make sense from abstract thoughts. Many of the great ideas that changed the world came from a sort of abstraction. If we are always bound to the limits of reality, it becomes very hard to have fresh ideas. Einstein once sai
d that imagination is more important than knowledge. Thats what Im talking about. Living and Drifting is about how we change, inside and outside, and also change our surroundings. Also speaks of how we change our minds as we get more experienced, which I think is a very healthy thing. Im always afraid of limited and preconceived mindsets, where people are not able to rethink and analyze situations by themselves. The quote from Heraclitus thats on the booklet is a source of inspiration for this song.

And another question about the lyrics! Youre the main writer together with Edu. As I remember, also you created many texts for Fragile Equality And in some cases you create lyrics for Edus music. And anyway, he should sing it all then :) Do you have any arguments sometimes,
is he always happy with your lines or does sometimes he asks you to change something?

Ive been working with Edu for over 10 years, so we know each others preferences quite well. When I write, I try to avoid some words or metrics that I know are not his strength. Im always trying to adapt what I want to say to the way he likes to sing. Of course sometimes he will suggest changes, and thats totally fine.

Two questions about the videos! First, is the guy from Trace Of Trait alive? Second, did you use the opportunity to drink wine during Late Night shooting or was it all empty? (One can see both videos here:

No humans or animals were harmed in the making of those videos! Regarding the wine, I actually dont dr
ink any alcohol, but I did drink a lot of grape juice, which in that region tastes a lot like wine.

How many instruments can you play and how do you compose music, using which instruments? And is it possible to compose the initial idea using the bass guitar?

I can play bass, drums, guitar and a little keyboard. Usually I compose on the guitar, especially when its a rock thing. I might also start with a drum line, and fill up from there. When Im composing bass stuff, its a different scenario, usually without guitars, so I use the bass.

Why do you prefer 5-6strings instruments?

The 6-string bass gives me a bigger range. I can go from very low, which is useful for heavier lines, to very high, which is great for chords and solos.
The 5-string is my preference for slap stuff, or things where I dont need the C string.

Can you call your style of playing aggressive? How do your musical preferences influence on you?

I think its quite aggressive. I play very hard, which allows me to achieve a particular sound where you can hear all the attacks very clearly. Im also mostly playing low notes, as opposed to guys like Steve Harris, who play more melodically. I think this is inherited from the bass players that Ive been listening for the past 18 years, of course. Guys like Stanley Clarke can play very hard.

There is an opinion that if an artist doesn't feel nervous before a show it means that music became just a job. Do you feel nervous before to enter the stage?

I dont feel nervous at all, and I think this opinion is bullshit. Not being nervous means you are prepared and confident, thats all. Whenever I play new music for the first time, and maybe I wasnt able to rehearse so much, then I can get a little anxious.

This time you created heavy, aggressive, sometimes dark album. Does it mean that you want to keep the same way for the future? As you told in the press releases, this album defines the identity of Almah but whats the identity? Is it more this type of sound? Is it rather some approach to create the music, to organize the bands work?

I wouldnt go so far as to determine a style forever. We have so much to explore, that would just be stupid. Besides, the music industry is always changing, and anyone whos the least smart will keep an eye on things, so its hard to say. But definitely the heavier stuff speaks much more to me than the melodic stuff from FE.

Do almahs have some kind of a ritual before a show, before to enter the stage? Maybe to tell some ritual words all together or to hug?

We all greet each other, nothing so different. But were always telling jokes and making fun of one another, and I think this helps everybody to relax.

When I was young I sang in a vocal&choreographic band and such situation happened at one of our shows. Our young dance group was so scared of the success of their dance and "encore"-shouts, that wasn't able to repeat the dance for a long time. Can you remember such kind of situation in your life, when you felt so much onfused because of the success of your performance that you didn't know what to do?

Not really. Maybe I never had such a big success as to be able to cause that, or maybe Im just a relaxed guy most of the time.

Which bands have you recently seen live?

Tears for Fears was the last great show I saw, and it was one of the best Ive ever seen!

What kind of tunes do you use on your cel phone?

My ringtone is Future Breed Machine from Meshuggah.

What do you think about the female sex appeal, what is it?

I think that the sexy woman is intelligent, secure, educated, charming, speaks in a moderate tone and has delicate moves and expressions. Fortunately I have one of those at home, and shes quite hot, too. :)

Five reasons to listen to "Motion"?

Its honest, modern, heavy, melodic and balanced.

Interview by Obsidian, Nati, Evry, The Sinner
16 2012
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