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Children of Bodom

Were still teenagers on stage

Right before the performance of Children of Bodom at Tuska Open Air festival we succeeded to talk with the bass-player of the band Henkka Seppälä. He told us about a new member of CoB, changes of the bands public over the years, about his youthful optimism and taking part in horror movie that never happened.
Children of Bodom
Well, our first question is about something which interests everyone. A lot of fans wonder if Daniel is going to be a permanent member of the band.

Thats the plan, yes. I hope so. I mean the plan is that he is a permanent band member. Of course he is still a new member, but, yeah, thats the plan.

Its been a while since the new album was released. Has your perception of it changed in any way since then? Does it sound different now?

Of course when its done its very exciting and we love it for a while and then you get used to it. We play only couple of songs live and we kind of forget the others so we should always get back to it and remember it because you easily forget the other songs and its kind of shame because there is more good songs than we play live.

The band is going to celebrate its twenty years anniversary next year. Has your fan base changed since the time you started?

Yes, it has to. It has to ha
Children of Bodom
ve changed because I see very young fans in the first row. It looks like there is some new young people on our shows we didnt have before which is nice. We are not the only old peoples music.

And what hasnt changed?

Im sure there is a lot of guys who listen to us since our first album, there is still some of those on the shows which is pleasing in a way that somebody can like a band from its entire career because the music is always changing

Are you planning to release a new DVD any time soon, perhaps to honor the anniversary date? Are you going to celebrate it?

Were planning on something, but we dont know yet. But, hopefully, next year theres gonna something special for the celebration.

Ok, good! You were just kids when you started. Do you think you still have some of that youthful attitude to life?

Yes, Im sure. Because everything is more professional and stuff and we have more responsib
Children of Bodom
ility and blah-blah-blahbut still the same feeling on the stage. We still practice the same way like when we were teenagers. But on the stage its more like that way, everything else is forgotten and were still a bunch of teenagers from high school.

If you met your younger self, what would you say?

Keep on doing what you like and keep on doing it with passion and dont give up very easily.

is one of the most successful Finnish bands. Is there anything left for you to conquer?

No, I have changed life view about it so I dont really need to conquer anything, I just want to be happy playing this kind of music and do the shows and to see that theres a bunch of people who really enjoy when we come on stage and we enjoy too. If I can do that for living then I totally fine, I dont need to conquer anything else.

Have you ever wanted to do anything besides music?

Well, I did my university degree s
Children of Bodom
o of course Ive thought that maybe someday I can do something with the degree but.. But I really just want to play music. *laughs*

We know that a horror movie entitled Bodom is going to be released in Finland this summer. Did anyone approach you with an offer to do a soundtrack or even to play a small part in it?

Yes, I know the guys who made the movie so first we talked about soundtrack which was impossible because of the schedules because if any of us would do a soundtrack that had to be done at the same time we did our music. Then we talked about the music video within the filming but then it didnt work either. We talked about if we could do a small cameo role but schedules just didnt happen. The movie was made so fast that our schedules were already booked and unfortunately with no part in it but were looking forward to it. They are good guys who do the film.

They say one should try everything in life. What would you never try?

I think I try not to say never. I guess thats it.

And what do you think everybody should try?

It is a good one, I dont know I think you should try follow your heart.

Thats very vise. Thank you for the interview, have a good show!

Thanks, see you!

Text: Olga Abramova
14 2016
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