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Sometimes we see Aurora Borealis...

Young Canadian melodic metallers BOREALIS are returning with their fourth studio album called The Offering. Although Canada might not be the first country one would think of when it comes to high class melodic metal BOREALIS once again prove their potential with strong melodies, tasteful instrumentations and their very own blend of modern metal riffs, classic power metal and progressive elements.
llo, congratulations with the new album! Could you say some of words about the lyrical concept of The Offering?

Hello, and thank you very much. The album follows the creation, rise and ultimate demise of a cult who practice human, more specifically child sacrifice. They believe this method of belief and sacrifice and devotion will bring an end to the suffering of humanity, as well as bring back the Innocence of mankind that was lost to greed and industrialism. However, due to their lack of respect to powers greater than themselves, they unwittingly create a deity out of the sacrificed kid, whom ultimately delivers Punishment due to their injustice. The men in the cult are too self-consumed with their righteous Quest, they've completely overlooked the fact that children are the true key to restoring and Preserving lost innocence.

After two very good albums what can we expect from "The Offering" musically?

Musically you can expect Melodic, heavy, atmospheric and a few progressive elements. If you liked our old stuff you should love the new album :)

Russian fans in the Internet have already written a lot of good words about the new cover artwork. Could tell us about its conception and the artwork designer?

Were very happy the Russian fans enjoy the cover, the cover represents the main theme of the story which is a Cult sacrificing a child. The Artists name is Stan W Decker who also did our last album Purgatory. Stan is an outstanding artist. He really understands the vision were going for. I gave him a brief idea of what we wanted and he made it his own. I highly reco
mmend him for anyone looking for custom art.

Why did you decided to call your band Borealis? Is it referred to the stars and astronomy?

The story behind the name is pretty simple. Every once in a while well have a chance to see an Aurora Borealis. One night Jamie was driving home and saw them and thought itd be a cool name. We all agreed and Borealis was created.

When you started the band who were your music heroes?

When we first started our biggest heroes were Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Edguy, and Hammerfall. Power metal was very new to us at that time. It was about a year later we were introduced to Evergrey , Nocturnal Rites and Symphony X which changed everything for us, We knew that was the sound we wanted shortly after. To this day theyre still very influential to us.

What kind of music do you like to listen to at home or in a car?

Right now Im really enjoying Amorphis , Katatonia, Seventh Wonder and Evergrey. I also love the 80s Metal like Dokken, Winger and Queensryche.

What are your favourite metal releases of 2017?

My Favorites of 2017 would be
Threshold- Legend Of The Shires
The Dark Element The Dark Element
Sons Of Apollo Psychotic Symphony
Those are the first three that come to mind.

What bands did you tour with and what bands do you dream of playing with?

Weve toured with Saxon, Evergrey, Voyager, Oceans of Slumber, and Canadas Heavens Cry.
Weve played with so many great bands Kamelot, Epica, Symphony X, Edguy ,Scar Symmetry ,Leave
s eyes, Stratovarius , Pagans Mind etc
Id love to tour with Nocturnal Rites or Symphony X. Nightwish would be up there also.

Do you prefer studio work or performing live?

I really enjoy the writing process, but not the recording portion as much. If anything feels like work its recording. Live is what I enjoy the most. The energy you get on stage is reason alone. I love meeting the fans and just making new friends its a great experience.

When you write songs does music always come first or sometimes it's lyrics you create in the beginning?

We always do the music portion first. Its easier for us to think up words when we have the melodies to work with.

Can professional musician today earn enough money? What kind of so-called regular jobs Borealis musicians have?

The Industry is extremely difficult to make a living. I know a lot of people disagree, but with digital being the main source of sales, it makes it hard for new bands to make any money off of the music. If the band cant make money off the music they cant afford to tour or make merch. Its a passion driven profession, which is why so many professional musicians have full time jobs. We have a wide range from Sales to audio technicians.

What are your sources of inspiration for writing lyrics and music?

My main source would be Movies and books, but we also take personal situations and add them to the story. We use a bit of everything.

What Canadian metal bands do you like and who are your personal friends in this industry?

We like Crimson Shadows, Ascendia, Heavens Cry,Solarus . Besides the bands I mentioned who were all good friends with , Id say weve become pretty good friends with the guys from Evergrey,Voyager , Oceans Of Slumber, Heavens Cry. This is the great thing about the Industry; you meet so many great people and build a big list of friends. Were all in this for the same reason and thats the love of music.

Will Internet eventually replace any kind of physical formats? Your opinion?

I think therell always be physical music, especially in metal. The Metal community is still big collectors and enjoys the physical experience. Just recently cassettes came back into the market. I buy Cds, I want to still feel like I own it. Downloading music is very convenient but itll never replace the feeling you get when holding a cd or vinyl of your favorite band.

Which films would you recommend for Borealis fans to watch?

This list will be for the 80s horror fans :) Black Roses (1988) The Gate (1987) Demons (1985)
Phantasm (1979) I could go on forever, but those are some classics.

What is your most memorable or special live perfomance?

Weve had so many, but Id say when we played PPM Fest in Belgium. Playing with our favorite bands, meeting fans from different parts of the world, it was truly a dream come true for us. Hopefully well be able to play future festivals in Europe.

What countries are you planning to visit supporting "The Offering"?
Right now well be playing Canada and the US. We really want to go overseas, but havent had the right opportunity to do it. Hopefully thatll change 

Thank you very much for your answers and could you say a couple of words to your
Russian fans?

Thank you for all of the questions. To our Russians Fans: Thank you for all of the love and support youve given us over the years .One day well make it over there and give you the show of a lifetime :)
18 2018
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