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Im not in the "trendy age" anymore...

As we all know, Russian listeners always give a warm welcome to German bands, but the legendary Oomph! have an exceptionally dedicated and sincerely loving audience. Last autumn the band visited us with the largest Russian tour so far, including Far East and Siberia. Weve got a chance to discuss the tour in support of their newest album Ritual, the perception of criticism, perfectionism and much more with the bands vocalist Dero Goi.
Dero, how are you doing now when the massive Russian tour is over?

Awesome, thanks a lot! I think it was a great success and the reactions were overwhelming. Besides, it was really stunning to see all those new regions in the Far East and in Siberia.

Have you recovered after all the travelling and intensive performing?

Sure! It was a long and awesome ride and we´ve had much fun to travel across beautiful Russia, so it didn´t feel too much as hard work. This tour was a great adventure for all of us that we´d like to repeat very much.

You released Ritual about a year ago, that, as youd promised, turned out to be provocative, heavy and dark

I think it´s become very versatile even though it´s definitely pretty dark which I appreciate very much. And it´s pretty serious even though there are some sarcastic aspects in it,
too. For me, Ritual is still great to listen to.

How do you feel about the album now, has it played the role as you expected from it (I mean, your own and Oomph!s creative and personal expectations)?

It performed absolutely great, so Im extremely satisfied with the results. the new songs are also working pretty well live. You know, an album is always just a reflection of our emotions and thoughts of a short period of time. It´s good to see that we´ve changed and developed over the years which means that we´ve also grown as personalities.

Oomphs music and your side-project What about Bill?s music is quite cinematic. As I remember, you yourself enjoy listening to soundtracks. Have you ever thought of writing a soundtrack for the whole movie/game, etc.? What genre of movie or game it could be?

Definitely! This would be a great challenge, indeed. The movie cou
ld be a psycho thriller and the game could be a horror.

By the way, weve already appeared in some pretty big movies like ALIEN vs PREDATOR 2 (with "WACH AUF!") or A CURE FOR WELLNESS (with AUGEN AUF!"), for example. But to write a whole score for a picture is another level, of course...

One of the albums topic is war (both literally and figuratively, as I understand). Is it a tribute to the times were living in?

There never used to be times which were completely safe or almost perfect. No doubt, that times have become more and more complicated as knowledge and its access is still exploding but times are not automatically more violent. Statistics say that war and violence decrease, but the news are pretending that it´s getting more and more dangerous because by creating fear you can get attention.

By the way, how do you think, what are human beings tending more to self-dest
ruction or creation?

Both in almost the same amount.

Moving closer to you personally, have you got the second skin to musical / personal critics?

Over the years, Ive got used to it more and more, but I must admit that it took me a while to realize that critics are not about me as a person.

What kind of a critic are you yourself?

I guess I was categorical and harsh when I was younger which certainly had to do with my rage and anger that Ive captured in my childhood. I hope Ive become more tolerant and relaxed over the last decades, and I hope I will become even more leaned back.

Can you describe yourself as a perfectionist (in art or / and in life)? How do you deal with your inner criticism to yourself and to your work?

Musically: yes! In private life: it depends. Concerning some things yes, other things - not!

Continuing the topic of outside influence, wheres the line between the natural development, and being carried away by the common trends in music?

I fear Im not in the "trendy age" anymore...Which is a good thing, by the way! (smiling)

Interview by Zhanna Sadovskaya, thanks to Kultprodukt for organization.
7 2020
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