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TESLA To Release 'Shock' Album In March; Cover Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

TESLA To Release 'Shock' Album In March; Cover Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

Sacramento, California rockers TESLA will release their eighth studio album, "Shock", on March 8 via UMC. Produced and co-written by DEF LEPPARD guitarist Phil Collen, the follow-up to June 2014's "Simplicity" is available on CD, digital, black vinyl, and limited-edition translucent blue vinyl formats. Fans who pre-order the album will receive the album title track is an instant-grat free download.

"Shock" track listing:

01. You Won't Take Me Alive

02. Taste Like

03. We Can Rule The World

04. Shock

05. Love Is A Fire

06. California Summer Song

07. Forever Loving You

08. The Mission

09. Tied To The Tracks

10. Afterlife

11. I Want Everything

12. Comfort Zone

Collen previously co-wrote and produced the TESLA song "Save That Goodness", which was released in August 2016 and included on the "Mechanical Resonance Live!" album.

TESLA guitarist Frank Hannon told The Metal Voice about "Shock": "It definitely has an '80s kind of polished production... but there is no real direction. I always quote '[This Is] Spinal Tap', when Nigel [Tufnel] says, 'Changing our style is our style.' We don't really pigeonhole ourselves into one sound. We've got elements of metal, country, Americana, a lot of these different directions... This new album, it has the big production, but every song sounds different. Each guy in the band has a different influence. I'm influenced by southern rock a lot, so you're going to hear some slide guitar riffs on there, but there's also, like, [bassist] Brian Wheat, who's influenced by QUEEN and THE BEATLES, so you're going to hear these big Beatle vocals. Phil Collen obviously, you're going to hear some DEF LEPPARD-style influence... It's a combo pizza, man. It's got everything on it."

Regarding Collen's involvement in "Shock", Frank said: "Phil came to us and wanted to produce an album for us... Phil really, really helped us. I'll be honest we were at a low point after we did [2014's] 'Simplicity'. We were really frustrated, and we were probably not going to make another album. Phil had a bunch of song ideas, and a lot of the writing on the new album is co-written with Phil. He interjected a lot of positive energy for us and helped us get back on our feet. He's bringing production quality and details that we would have not done and haven't done in the past. Some fans may not like it; some fans are probably going love it. This is something that we wanted to try, we've never worked like this before. Mutt Lange is a producer that really has techniques that are very detailed in the studio, and Phil obviously has experienced all that, and he brought that type of approach into making a TESLA record, which we'd never done before. There's a lot of killer sonics. The sound of this new record is really... I don't know how to describe it. It's just awesome; it's produced; and, like, really powerful."

TESLA's current lineup includes four of the five original members: Jeff Keith (vocals), Frank Hannon (guitars), Brian Wheat (bass) and Troy Luccketta (drums). Guitarist Dave Rude joined in 2006 as the replacement for Tommy Skeoch.


SWALLOW THE SUN Release Music Video For New Single "Firelights"

SWALLOW THE SUN Release Music Video For New Single "Firelights"

Firelights is the second single Swallow The Sun are releasing off of their new opus, When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light,, which will be available on January 25th.

"From the ultimate depths of Lumina Aurea we rose upon the water. Now it is time to light the first torches in the night. Death might be stronger than life, but Love is always stronger than death. This is Firelight!" - Swallow The Sun

The video was again directed and produced by Aapo Lahtela and Vesa Ranta. Watch below:

Fueled by personal loss (the album title has its origins in Trees Of Eternity's Broken Mirror) and powered by the will to continue, When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light showcases the groups ability to maintain its signature sound while expanding upon horizons and diving deeper into the crevasse of doom-death metal. While the previous released single Lumina Aurea marks the bands darkest and most sinister piece of music the band has ever released, When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light follows a more positive approach and continues in the vein of previous albums first-rate death-doom in the typical style of Swallow The Sun.

Pre-order the new album here.

When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light tracklisting:

"When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light"
"The Crimson Crown"
"Upon The Water"
"Stone Wings"
"Clouds On Your Side"
"Here On The Black Earth"
"Never Left"

"Upon The Water":

Swallow The Sun recently announced their direct support slot on Children Of Bodom's upcoming North American tour. Additional support will come from Wolfheart. Summer's Circle, Hollow Cry, and Fragmentum as openers for select dates. The tour starts March 13th in Quebec City and wraps on April 19th in New York City.

13 - Imperial - Quebec City, QC*
14 - Corona Theater - Montreal, QC*
15 - Bronson Centre - Ottawa, ON *
16 - The Phoenix Concert Theater - Toronto, ON*
18 - St. Andrews - Detroit, MI**
19 - House of Blues - Chicago, IL**
20 - Skyway Theater - Minneapolis, MN**
22 - The Summit - Denver, CO **
23 - Metro Music Hall - Salt Lake City, UT**
25 - The Palace Theatre - Calgary, AB**
26 - Union - Edmonton, AB**
27 - The Vogue Theater - Vancouver, BC**
29 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA**
30 - Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR ***

1 - The Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA***
2 - The Observatory - Santa Ana, CA ***
3 - Club Red - Phoenix, AZ***
5 - Alamo Music Hall - San Antonio, TX ***
6 - Warehouse Live - Houston, TX ***
7 - Canton Hall - Dallas, TX ***
9 - The Ritz - Tampa, FL *
11 - Masquerade - Atlanta, GA *
12 - The Underground - Charlotte, NC *
13 - Baltimore Soundstage - Baltimore, MD*
14 - Mr Smalls Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA*
16 - Westcott Theater - Syracuse, NY*
17 - The Royale - Boston, MA*
18 - Reverb - Reading, PA *
19 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY *

* Summoner's Circle opening (March 13-16 & April 9-19)
** Hollow Cry opening (March 18-29)
*** Fragmentum opening (March 30 April 7)


PINK FLOYD Performs "Interstellar Overdrive" On Italy's Pop 68; Rare Video Streaming

PINK FLOYD Performs "Interstellar Overdrive" On Italy's Pop 68; Rare Video Streaming

Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive" was written in 1966, and appears on their first album, The Piper At Te Gates Of Dawn. This performance is from Pop 68 in Rome, Italy on May 6th, 1968.

"It Would Be So Nice" is a 1968 song by Pink Floyd. This performance took place in Rome, Italy in April 1968.

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STEVE HACKETT Debuts "Beasts In Our Time" Music Video

STEVE HACKETT Debuts "Beasts In Our Time" Music Video

Following the tremendous success of 2017s The Night Siren, legendary guitarist Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis) will release his new studio album, At The Edge Of Light, on January 25th. The new album, which features ten songs, sees Steve unite a vast amount of styles ranging from guitar driven rock to epic orchestration, from world music to the reflective and atmospheric all brought together in Steve Hacketts unique style.

Today sees the release of the third single from the album, titled "Beasts In Our Time", accompanied by a brand new video which you can watch below.

Steve comments: The track Beasts In Our Time is the main thrust of this album, exposing fear, greed and intolerance. The eagle in the video symbolises the hatred and violence which nationalism breeds... and the clown, deceptive destructive forces which masquerade as fun and innocuous. We live in dangerous times where we stand on the edge of an abyss... But there is still the hope that the light of compassion can still win through.

Watch Steve discuss the new album in this interview:

At The Edge Of Light is released in a number of formats including a Mediabook CD plus extra DVD with 5.1 surround sound mix & behind the scenes documentary, double vinyl LP + CD, Jewelcase CD and digital album. Pre-order here.

Steve Hackett has established himself as one of rock musics finest and recognizable guitarists through his time with the legendary Genesis who he joined in 1971 and a solo career following his departure from Genesis in 1977 and is a hugely influential guitarist particularly in the progressive rock genre. At The Edge Of Light will be Hacketts 26th studio album in a solo career that began in 1975 with the release of his debut solo album, Voyage Of The Acolyte.

At The Edge Of Light was mainly recorded in Steve's own studio but also around the world. The album features international artists, including Durga and Loreley of Pink Floyd vocal fame with drummers Nick D'Virgilio and Simon Phillips from USA, Sheema on sitar from India, Icelandic drummer/percussionist Gulli Briem, tar player Malik Mansurov and Swedish bass player Jonas Reingold. This album also features Paul Stillwell on didgeridoo, Rob Townsend on sax, bass clarinet and duduk, Amanda Lehmann on vocals, John Hackett on flute, drummer Gary OToole, Roger King and Ben Fenner on keyboards, Dick Driver on double bass, violinist and viola player Christine Townsend. All magically honed and engineered by Roger King.


"Fallen Walls And Pedestals"
"Beasts In Our Time"
"Under The Eye Of The Sun"
"Underground Railroad"
"Those Golden Wings"
"Shadow And Flame"
"Hungry Years"

"Underground Railroad":

"Under The Eye Of The Sun" video:

The album is released shortly before Steve performs as special guest on the Cruise To The Edge in February 2019 and the On The Blue cruise featuring Justin Hayward, also in February.

You can find a full list of upcoming tour dates here.

(Photo - Tina Korhonen)


Exclusive: FUSION BOMB Premiere “Slam Tornado” Video

Exclusive: FUSION BOMB Premiere “Slam Tornado” Video

These four youngsters have everything that will make 80s thrash metal great again: Time to grab your old denim vest from your wardrobe and get back into the mosh pit, as Fusion Bomb are here to revive your Metal spirit! But let's start right from the beginning, in Luxembourg, anno 2010. Just when puberty truly struck and thrash metal has been the bees knees, Fusion Bomb went through a nuclear fission and the band saw the light of day. Today, puberty has mostly faded, but passion and dedication have stayed. As it's tradition, the first few years were spent with jamming and drinking beer together, while the work on Fusion Bomb''s first EP 'Pravda' started. Being a young and motivated thrash metal band, there is certainly nothing more enticing as being on stage, which is why Fusion Bomb never stand still to wait for their fortune, but instead played the crap out of stages of all sizes: As support for Megadeth, Tankard or Dust Bolt, Fusion Bomb have already impressively left their first stamp in nowadays metal scene. Inspired by bands such as Exodus, D.R.I. and Violator, Fusion Bomb are here to fight false metal and cheap pizza-thrash, and are finally set to release their first full-length on January 25th 2019 with Berlin-based label Iron Shield Records.

Today the up and coming band from Luxembourg is sharing another tasty appetizer with us and premiering a brand new music video for the track Slam Tornado on BraveWords! Slam Tornado is our Toxic Waltz. A true thrash metal anthem about everything that makes this genre so great and to what it drives you live circle pits, compound fractures and a lot of fun! the band comments. As you can see in the video, we had a lot of fun on and off-stage too, partying hard together with Tankard, the Swedes from Warfect and the Danes from Impalers on our second Eastern Europe tour. This was the ride of our lives and we are hungry for more. Let the slammin' begin!

Recorded at the Holtz Sound Studios in Tuntange (Luxembourg) by the band itself, Concrete Jungle was mixed and mastered by US based producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris, who is known for his excellent work for bands alike Municipal Waste, Revocation or Hatebreed. The result is a timeless piece of aural assault that sounds so fierce and brutally fresh, as it can only be the natural follow-up to the band's 2016-debut EP 'Pravda'. Concrete Jungle will be available in CD and Digital Download formats January 25th on Iron Shield Records.


Zest Of Scorn
Concrete Jungle
Youre A Cancer To This World
Blazing Heat
Bird Of Prey
Slam Tornado
I Never Denied (Excel cover)

(Photo by: Michael Ghasemian)


INGLORIOUS Premiers "I Don't Know You" Music Video

INGLORIOUS Premiers "I Don't Know You" Music Video

Frontiers Music Srl will release Ride To Nowhere, the third studio album by Inglorious, on January 25th. A music video for the album track "I Don't Know You" is available for streaming below.

In amongst their touring commitments, Inglorious spent 2018 writing and recording their third studio album, Ride To Nowhere. A much darker, more reflective album than their previous releases, the new songs further hone the Inglorious sound - the pulsating rhythms, driving guitars and infectious vocal melodies.

This album is different in many ways. The songs came about very quickly. As with all our songs we start with a riff, and this time having new guitarist Drew added a new and heavier feel to a couple of songs. We wrote the basics mostly together all in one room on acoustic guitars and then I went away and crafted the stories I wanted to tell. For me this album is very personal. I am for the first time writing about a lot of my feelings, relationships and losses... - Nathan James

On this album I feel that the songs are a true reflection of what weve been through over the past few years - both as a band and as individuals. Youve got the highs, the lows and lessons learned along the way. The making of this album was at a time when we all had our own personal situations and changes to deal with. I feel that this definitely comes through on the recordings and particularly songs like Tomorrow, Where Are You Now? and Glory Days. - Colin Parkinson

The recording of Ride To Nowhere involves for the first time new guitarist Drew Lowe, who says, The album is the next step for the band in maturity. Being that it's my first, I wasn't sure what to expect, but as soon as we started we knew what type of record was coming. Hopefully the fans will love it as they follow us on the musical journey.

From the body blow riffs of the first single Where Are You Now?, to the beautiful melodies and bluesy overtones of I Dont Know You, from the assault of Freak Show to the acoustic ballad Glory Days, Ride To Nowhere is an absolute gem of an album, showing not only all the influences from iconic rock albums of the 70s, but also offering the bands own sound and interpretation. As with Inglorious II, the album was mixed by the legendary Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith).

Theres a lot of variety on this album, more so than the previous ones and that I really like. Sonically I think it sounds more fresh, contemporary in a sense and that goes for a bunch of songs on the album as well. Just the singles alone are different than how weve sounded in the past, but still have the Inglorious feel and vibe! Lastly I also think that musically its better than the previous albums, everyone plays very tasteful, soulful and collectively I feel that its perfect! - Andreas Eriksson

Were all really happy with the way the new record sounds and look forward to seeing how the fans receive it. I personally cant wait to play the new material live on the road!- Phil Beaver

The album will be released on CD, Limited Edition Box Set (CD + T-shirt L" size), Vinyl, Limited Edition Crystal Vinyl - exclusive to Frontiers online shop, Limited Edition White Vinyl - exclusive to the Inglorious online shop.

All vinyls are gatefold sleeve.


"Where Are You Now?"
"Freak Show"
"Never Alone"
"Time To Go"
"I Dont Know You"
"While She Sleeps"
"Ride To Nowhere"
"Glory Days"

"I Dont Know You" video:

"Ride To Nowhere":

"Where Are You Now?" video:

Following their show stealing main stage performance at Download festival 2018, Inglorious have also announced a full UK tour. The band will be bringing their stunning live performance to venues across the UK to support the release of Ride To Nowhere. Full dates are as follows:

January (with City Of Thieves)
28 - Southampton, UK - Engine Rooms
29 - Bristol, UK - Academy
31 - Norwich, UK - Waterfront

February (with City Of Thieves)
1 - London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
2 - Birmingham, UK - Institute (Frontiers Rock UK Festival)
3 - Nottingham, UK - Rock City
5 - Glasgow, UK - Garage
6 - Newcastle, UK - Boilershop
7 - Manchester, UK - Academy 2
8 - Bingley, UK - Arts Centre

Tickets on-sale now from all usual outlets.

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MAYHEM - Official Video Trailer For Lords Of Chaos Biopic Released

MAYHEM - Official Video Trailer For Lords Of Chaos Biopic Released

An official video trailer has been released for Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund's upcoming horror-movie biopic on Norway's notorious Mayhem, Lords Of Chaos. Watch below.

The film, being released by Gunpowder and Sky, is co-produced by VICE Studios, 20th Century Fox, Scott Free Productions and Insurgent Media, opens in theaters February 8th and On Demand February 22nd.

Drawing from personal experience - Åkerlund was for a drummer for the Swedish extreme metal band Bathory for a short time in the early 80s - his adaptation of Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind's book Lords Of Chaos details of the group's rise and fall via Mayhem's co-founder/guitarist Øystein Aarseth, aka Euronymous (Rory Culkin) and his relationship with two volatile collaborators: Per Yngve Ohlin aka Pelle aka Dead (Jack Kilmer), the band's ultra-melancholic first singer who killed cats and then himself; and Varg Vikernes, aka the Count (Emory Cohen), a fellow outcast and Aarseth's eventual murderer.

Visit the official Lords Of Chaos website here.


CORRODED Release "Breathing" Music Video

CORRODED Release "Breathing" Music Video

Swedens Corroded have released an official music video for "Breathing", the third single from the band's fifth album, Bitter. This is the third and last episode in a trilogy of videos produced by Bullsize Productions. Watch all three clips below:

Episode 1 - "Cross":

Episode 2 - "Burn":

Episode 3 - "Breathing":

Order the Bitter album here.


ROYAL TUSK Premier "Reflection" Music Video

ROYAL TUSK Premier "Reflection" Music Video

Royal Tusk have released a new music video for their track Reflection. Directed by Keenan Kirk, this is the second music video weve seen from the band from their latest LP, Tusk II.

The video for Reflection was a blast to make, says the band. We wanted to show the pure rawness that is a Royal Tusk live show, no bells or whistles. We avoided the usual quick edits and stylized after-effects you often see in performance videos by constructing a practical effect which was really challenging to pull off."

"Without giving too much away, We only had one chance to shoot it, so what you get is an inspired, genuine, and raw performance, flaws and all. Just like a live rock show should be. What better time to drop it as we set out for our first American tour. Give it a spin, then come see it for yourself.

Royal Tusk has also announced a new batch of European tour dates in support of Monster Truck. Since the release of Tusk II, weve been shown nothing but love and support from our European fans, says bassist Sandy MacKinnon. Yall have raised the bar high, so now its time for us to bring it. We couldnt be more excited to be alongside our rock n roll brethren, Monster Truck. One thing is for sure, this tour is going to rock, rock real hard!

Dates kick off on April 18th in Bristol, UK and continue on to the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Denmark, Norway and finally culminate on May 23rd in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the first time the band will embark on a full-fledged European tour.

Royal Tusk is about to embark on a batch of US tour dates on the first ever SiriusXM Accelerator Tour. The band will be supporting New Zealand rock band Like A Storm alongside Afterlife. Dates kick off on January 23rd in Anaheim, CA and stretch coast to coast before wrapping up in Beaver Dam on February 23rd.

Finally, Royal Tusk has confirmed their participation in the 2019 Rock USA Festival taking place on July 18th - 20th in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

(Photo - Brandynn Pope)

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BATTLE BEAST: Music Video For 'No More Hollywood Endings' Title Track

BATTLE BEAST: Music Video For 'No More Hollywood Endings' Title Track

The official music video for "No More Hollywood Endings", the title track of the forthcoming fifth album from Finnish metallers BATTLE BEAST, can be seen below. Due on March 22 via Nuclear Blast, the 11-song disc was recorded by keyboardist Janne Björkroth, Viktor Gullichsen and guitarist Joona Björkroth at JKB Studio. The production and mixing duties were handled by Janne. The cover artwork was created by Jan Yrlund (KORPIKLAANI, MANOWAR), who previously worked with BATTLE BEAST on 2017's "Bringer Of Pain".

The "No More Hollywood Endings" video was directed by Markus Nieminen and produced by Oy Routafilmi AB / Tuotantoyhtiö Legenda.

Keyboardist Janne Björkroth comments on the track: "The song tells a story about living up to other people's expectations and becoming a kind of a sidekick in one's own life. Hollywood conventions and media set unrealistic expectations and narrow ideals about such things as beauty and happiness, and it's easy to get lost while trying to fit the mould. The song claims that there isn't a universal pattern for happiness, but everyone has a right to be respected as they are and live a life that suits for themselves. It's a hymn to individuality."

"No More Hollywood Endings" track listing:

01. Unbroken

02. No More Hollywood Endings

03. Eden

04. Unfairy Tales

05. Endless Summer

06. The Hero

07. Piece Of Me

08. I Wish

09. Raise Your Fists

10. The Golden Horde

11. World On Fire

Bonus tracks (digipak and 2LP only!)

12. Bent And Broken

13. My Last Dream

BATTLE BEAST singer Noora Louhimo told Metal Casino about the musical direction of "No More Hollywood Endings": "We're gonna keep the same spirit as on the previous album. With the previous album, we learned a lot what we wanna do with our music, so it's gonna be maybe even more epic [laughs] than the last time."

Noora also talked about how the songwriting process has evolved since the band's split with longtime guitarist and main songwriter Anton Kabanen and addition of Joona Björkroth. "It has changed a lot, or totally," she said. "Of course, different songwriters. The previous album, the whole band wanted to contribute, and now after we had Joona in the songwriting process and kind of changed the whole dynamics in the band, we contributed, the whole band, in the songwriting process. I think it was… Not just because of the songwriting, but also the atmosphere nowadays, I think, it's very healthy and we like each other and I love to work in this band. And I think it's great to have more than just one person doing the songwriting and giving the opinions. Of course, someone has to say, 'Okay, this is the decision,' and not everyone can just decide about everything. But we also have to do compromises, because we are six people, six different opinions. But I think we are already on the way to see everybody's… who can do what in the band. I feel like my priority is to do the good vocals and performance and visual things, and I can happily leave songwriting to our most productive guys, like Janne and Joona — they have been so productive. And also our bass player, Eero [Sipilä], has written a few songs. So we are in a good place."

"Bringer Of Pain" was BATTLE BEAST's first album to feature Björkroth, who joined the band in 2015.

BATTLE BEAST in February 2015 parted ways with Kabanen due to "insurmountable disagreements" with the other members of the band.

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SKID ROW: 30th-Anniversary Reissue Of Debut Album Includes Bonus Studio Track, Live Performance

SKID ROW: 30th-Anniversary Reissue Of Debut Album Includes Bonus Studio Track, Live Performance

SKID ROW was unleashed on the world when its self-titled debut album was released in January 1989. That year, the album steadily climbed the Billboard chart to peak at No. 6 on the strength of the band's hits "Youth Gone Wild", "I Remember You" and Billboard Top 5 single "18 And Life".

Rhino celebrates the 30th anniversary of the group's multi-platinum debut with a digital deluxe edition that includes the original album remastered for the first time, expanded with the bonus track "Forever". The deluxe edition also features a previously unreleased live performance from 1989, marking the first ever release of a full live show from the band. "Skid Row: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" is available now on all digital download and streaming services.

SKID ROW was formed in 1986 in Toms River, New Jersey. Two years later, guitarists Dave "Snake" Sabo and Scotti Hill, bassist Rachel Bolan, drummer Rob Affuso and singer Sebastian Bach signed with Atlantic Records. To record their debut, the quintet traveled to Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to work with producer Michael Wagener (DOKKEN, GREAT WHITE, WHITE LION).

Shortly after the album was released on January 24, 1989, "Skid Row" was certified platinum, and the band began touring the world, first with BON JOVI on its "New Jersey Syndicate" tour, and later with AEROSMITH during the band's tour for the album "Pump". The extensive touring, coupled with heavy rotation of SKID ROW's music videos on MTV, helped fuel the debut album's enormous popularity.

"Skid Row" would remain in the Billboard album chart's Top 10 for three months, and the record would eventually be certified platinum five times. The first single from the album — "Youth Gone Wild" — was followed by the Top 10 hits "18 And Life" and "I Remember You". "Skid Row: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" includes the song "Forever" as a bonus track. Originally recorded in 1988 during the sessions for "Skid Row", the song remained unreleased until 1998 when it appeared on "40 Seasons: The Best Of Skid Row".

"Skid Row: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" also features an unreleased recording of the band's April 28, 1989 performance at the Marquee club in California. The show includes powerful live versions of the classic hits from the album as well as fan-favorites such as "Rattlesnake Shake", "Piece Of Me" and "Big Guns", as well as the set-closing cover of the KISS classic "Cold Gin".

"Skid Row: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" track listing:

01. Big Guns

02. Sweet Little Sister

03. Can't Stand The Heartache

04. Piece Of Me

05. 18 And Life

06. Rattlesnake Shake

07. Youth Gone Wild

08. Here I Am

09. Makin' A Mess

10. I Remember You

11. Midnight/Tornado

12. Forever (bonus track)

Live at the Marquee, Westminster, California (April 28, 1989):

01. Makin' A Mess

02. Piece Of Me

03. Big Guns

04. 18 And Life

05. Sweet Little Sister

06. Rattlesnake Shake

07. I Remember You

08. Here I Am

09. Youth Gone Wild

10. Cold Gin

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CANNIBAL CORPSE Recruits Guitarist ERIK RUTAN For Upcoming Tours

CANNIBAL CORPSE Recruits Guitarist ERIK RUTAN For Upcoming Tours

Florida-based death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE have recruited Erik Rutan to fill in for guitarist Pat O'Brien on the band's upcoming tours. Rutan will appear live with the band for the "Decibel Magazine Tour" and the upcoming U.S. leg of SLAYER's final tour happening this May alongside LAMB OF GOD and AMON AMARTH.

This won't be the first time these death metal powerhouses have worked together; Rutan has produced four albums with CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Kill", "Evisceration Plague", "Torture", "Red Before Black") and is uniquely equipped to fill the role he is one of the death metal's most acclaimed guitarists and is known for his time as part of MORBID ANGEL (who are co headlining the "Decibel" tour alongside CANNIBAL) throughout the '90s and early 2000s, as well as handling vocals/guitars and production duties for his current band HATE ETERNAL.

O'Brien was arrested on December 10 on charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and burglary of an occupied dwelling with assault. Deputies say he burglarized a house and charged at a deputy with a knife.

O'Brien allegedly broke into a Northdale, Florida home and shouted that "the rapture is coming" before pushing a woman to the ground. He ran toward a responding deputy with a knife and was subdued with a stun gun.

Less than half a mile from where O'Brien was arrested, a fire broke out at the house he was renting, sending flames billowing into the night sky from the roof. Fire marshals found a large cache of weapon, locked safes and potential explosive devices inside O'Brien's home.

The owner of the home where O'Brien was arrested wouldn't go on camera but told ABC Action News he thought the guitarist was hallucinating when he spoke to him and claimed "someone was after him." The homeowner added O'Brien seemed scared and at one point even hid in his closet.

At a first appearance hearing on December 11, a Hillsborough County judge told the 53-year-old musician, clad in an anti-suicide vest with his hands and ankles chained together, that he would first have to pass a drug test before he would be allowed to post bail and leave jail.

O'Brien was released from Hillsborough County jail on December 14, after posting a $50,000 surety bond.

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Listen To New EVERGREY Song 'Currents'

Listen To New EVERGREY Song 'Currents'

"Currents", a new song from acclaimed Swedish dark melodic metal masters EVERGREY, can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band's new studio album, titled "The Atlantic", which will be released on January 25. The band has worked extensively on the follow-up to 2016's "The Storm Within" (which entered the charts on high positions in numerous countries).

EVERGREY again teamed up with Jacob Hansen, who — just like with the band's previous releases "The Storm Within" and 2014's "Hymns For The Broken" — took care of mixing and mastering.

EVERGREY's Tom S. Englund stated about the album's lyrical concept: "I think during the writing for the 'Hymns For The Broken' album, I started writing the lyrics, and I figured that I was writing about somebody else — somebody who was transitioning from being one person, leaving something that he was feeling secure within his life and entering another world. During that album, I realized that I was pretty much writing about myself, so I would say that 'Hymns For The Broken' was about realizing that you needed to make a move, while 'The Storm Within' was about the realization and the honesty that, fuck, this isn't going to work anymore — I have to leave, and the frustration and the fears and the darkness and all of that that came with that, but also some sort of hope for the future. At the same time, it wasn't set in play, and that's where 'The Atlantic' comes in. That's when you put both feet in the water and start shoving out the ship and leaving. I'm not saying that I'm on the other side of the ocean yet, but at least I embarked on the journey. The Atlantic — or any ocean — represents so much of what life is, really — the crashing waves, the darkness and the depths and the loneliness and the big vastness and feeling small in a huge world, and not knowing what is on the other side of the ocean and how that's going to treat you, [and] who you're going to become."

"The Atlantic" track listing:

01. A Silent Arc

02. Weightless

03. All I Have

04. A Secret Atlantis

05. The Tidal

06. End Of Silence

07. Currents

08. Departure

09. The Beacon

10. This Ocean

The cover art was created by Giannis Nakos and can be seen below.

|||| 18 2019

RIVAL SONS Streaming New Song "Look Away"

RIVAL SONS Streaming New Song "Look Away"

Rival Sons' new album, Feral Roots, arrives everywhere on January 25th via Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb's major label imprint Low Country Sound/Atlantic Records. The album track, "Look Away", is available for streaming below.

Produced by longtime collaborator Cobb at Nashville’s famed RCA Studio A and the equally legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Muscle Shoals, AL, Feral Roots marks Rival Sons’ Low Country Sound/Atlantic Records debut. Featuring covering artwork painted by renowned contemporary artist Martin Wittfooth,

Feral Roots is available for pre-order today with exclusive pre-order bundles - including limited edition vinyl and autographed lithographs of the Wittfooth designed cover art - available at

Feral Roots tracklisting:

"Do Your Worst"
"Sugar On The Bone"
"Back In The Woods"
"Look Away"
"Feral Roots"
"Too Bad"
"Stood By Me"
"Imperial Joy"
"All Directions"
"End Of Forever"
"Shooting Stars"

"Look Away":

"Feral Roots" visualizer:

"Back In The Woods":

"Do Your Worst":

Rival Sons have announced plans for their first full North American headline tour. The dates include stops at New York’s Brooklyn Steel, Philadelphia’s Union Transfer and Los Angeles’ Henry Fonda Theatre. The Sheepdogs will support on most dates.

Tickets are on sale now. For complete details, please visit

4 - Dallas, TX - Trees
5 - Fort Smith, AR - TempleLive
6 - Nashville, TN - Cannery Ballroom
8 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle
9 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade (Heaven Stage)
10 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
12 - Charleston, SC - Ladson Exchange Fairgrounds **
13 - Orlando, FL - Central Florida Fairgrounds **
14 - Tampa, FL - Amalie Arena**
17 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
18 - Boston, MA - Royale Night Club
19 - Toronto, ON - Danforth Music Hall ***
21 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Steel
22 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
23 - Detroit, MI - The Fillmore Detroit
25 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
26 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
27 - Lincoln, NE - Bourbon Theatre
29 - Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre
30 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Commonwealth Room

2 - Seattle, WA - Neptune Theatre
3 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
4 - Vancouver, BC - Vogue Theatre ***
6 - Sacramento, CA - Ace of Spades
7 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
9 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre

* Holiday show - No Sheepdogs
** Festival Lineup
*** No Sheepdogs

Rival Sons are: Jay Buchanan (vocals), Scott Holiday (guitar), Dave Beste (bass guitar), and Mike Miley (drums).

(Photo - Jimmy Fontaine)

|||| 18 2019

FM To Release The Italian Job CD / DVD In February; "Closer To Heaven" Live Music Video Streaming

FM To Release The Italian Job CD / DVD In February; "Closer To Heaven" Live Music Video Streaming

FM will release their new live album & video, The Italian Job, on February 22nd via Frontiers Music Srl. Today, the band has released a video for "Closer To Heaven" to give fans a taste of the performance. Watch below.

Captured at Frontiers Rock Festival 2018, the band's absolutely electric performance is a must watch/listen for fans of the band and AOR/melodic rock lovers in general. Pre-order CD/DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital here.

Hot on the heels of the release of their 10th studio album Atomic Generation, the UKs finest melodic rock band, FM, kicked off their tour in support of the album with a typically stunning performance at Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, Italy in April 2018.

FM offered up a set which included fan favorites and classic cuts taken from the bands first two records, brand new additions to the setlist taken from their last two albums Heroes And Villains and Atomic Generation and some surprises, such as Let Love Be The Leader", a single originally released in 1987.

The bands performance was simply faultless and breathtaking. The rhythm section of Pete Jupp and Merv Goldsworthy didnt miss a beat while Jem Davis provided rich sonic tapestries with his keyboards. Jim Kirkpatrick was absolutely amazing on guitar while Mr. Steve Overland offered more than earned the Voice Of Rock tag with his performance.


"Black Magic"
"I Belong To The Night"
"Life Is A Highway"
"Let Love Be The Leader"
"Someday (Youll Come Running)"
"Killed By Love"
"Over You"
"Closer To Heaven"
"Does It Feel Like Love"
"Story Of My Life"
"Love Lies Dying"
"Bad Luck"
"Tough It Out"
"That Girl"
"Other Side Of Midnight"

"Closer To Heaven" (Live):

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Denmark's VANIR To Release Allfather Album In February; Music Video For "Fejd" Single Streaming

Denmark's VANIR To Release Allfather Album In February; Music Video For "Fejd" Single Streaming

Danish masters of viking metal, Vanir, have delivered a first taste of their new album, Allfather, due to be released on February 15th via Mighty Music. "Fejd", the first single, comes with a fitting new music video in a day when the Danish Vikings are confirmed in Udgårdsfest, the new pagan/folk/viking festival taking place in Pumpehuset, Denmark, May 31st - June 1st.

"Fejd" deals with one of Denmark's most significant family reigns. The story about the son Svend Tveskæg and his father Harald Bluetooth. A showdown that not only dealt with different views of the culture, where Harald stood for change and the new "Christian path", and his son wanted a more conservative direction rooted in the Nordic gods. It is also a showdown that leads to a united Scandinavia through a strong commander who ruled from Denmark to England before his death in 1014. The album Allfather is a tribute to Tveskæg's accomplishments and the importance it had not only for the northern countries but also the English and European cultural heritage. "

Clean vocals on "Fejd" are sung by Martin Steene of Danish power metallers Iron Fire. All vocals are sung in Danish.

Since the formation of the band in 2009, Vanir have released four full-length albums and is now ready to launch their fifth album, Allfather.

There is no doubt that Vanir is the greatest Viking-metal act coming out of Denmark, with a discography that ranges from folk to death / black-metal influenced Viking metal.

With Allfather, Vanir have once again created a melodic death / black metal experience with a sharp focus on melody and brutal riffs, which should appeal to all fans of Amon Amarth, Immortal, Ensiferum, etc.

Vanir has in recent years focused on the Nordic countries as well as Germany and has played over 150 shows in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. In addition, the band has performed at a number of festivals including Hörnerfest, Boarstream Open Air, Barther Metal Open Air, Copenhell, Aalborg Metal Festival to name some of them. The band has received great praise for its energetic live performance.

|||| 18 2019

|||| 18 2019

KING DIAMOND Premiers "Sleepless Nights" (Live At Graspop) Video From Upcoming Songs For The Dead Live DVD / Blu-Ray

KING DIAMOND Premiers "Sleepless Nights" (Live At Graspop) Video From Upcoming Songs For The Dead Live DVD / Blu-Ray

On January 25th, King Diamond will release a new DVD/Blu-ray, Songs For The Dead Live, via Metal Blade Records.

There is only one King Diamond, and for more than thirty years the great Dane has been dropping classic albums and putting on shows fans remember for the rest of their lives. Perhaps the only downside to having such a formidable catalogue is that there are just too many great songs to fit into a single set. However, you would be hard-pressed to find a fan who wouldn't want to hear 1987's seminal Abigail in its entirety, and Songs For The Dead Live captures this, twice, and in very different locales.

Boasting eighteen songs per set, each of the two shows - Belgium's Graspop Metal Meeting in June 2016 and Philadelphia's Fillmore in November 2015 - feature a brace of classic King Diamond and Mercyful Fate tracks including "Welcome Home," "Halloween," and "Eye Of The Witch" before launching into Abigail. The performances of the all-star lineup of musicians, comprising of guitarists Andy LaRocque and Mike Wead, bassist Pontus Egberg and drummer Matt Thompson, are absolutely ferocious, hammering home every single moment.

For a new preview of Songs For The Dead Live, a video for "Sleepless Nights" (Live At Graspop) can be found below.

Pre-order the release in the following formats here:

- 2DVD/CD 6-Panel Digipak
- Blu-ray (includes audio digital download of Philadelphia Show)
- special edition box set with 5 discs (2DVD, 2CD, 1 Blu-ray) plus poster, flier, laminate, setlist, ticket, sticker, and guitar pick (limited to 3000 copies)
- opaque blue with white splatter vinyl (US retail exclusive - limited to 600 copies)
- opaque red with black splatter vinyl (US webstore exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- opaque white with black splatter vinyl (US webstore exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
- transparent amber marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 700 copies)
- clear ghost white vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 500 copies)
- orange-brown/black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
- black/purple melt vinyl (Nuclear Blast exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- orange/red marbled vinyl (Napalm exclusive - limited to 300 copies)
- clear lavender marbled vinyl (EMP exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- clear ash grey marbled vinyl (Bengan exclusive - limited to 200 copies)
- pink blue marbled vinyl (Ebay exclusive - limited to 200 copies)

Captured on film by director Denise Korycki for Wild Wind Studios, she worked closely with King on every aspect of filming, and throughout the viewer finds themselves front and center as the shows unfold. This includes some inventive camera placement, such as riding in on the back of the wheelchair as it is wheeled out to "Out From The Asylum" at the start of the show, or looking up from the coffin at the commencement of Abigail opener "Funeral", which adds an extra dimension to proceedings. Naturally, the theatricality that has become synonymous with King Diamond is there in full force, making for an even more immersive experience. The gothic stage set and the participation of actors playing out certain scenes tying into the songs definitely increases the drama and the sense of complete disconnect from the trappings of reality, ensuring that the shows remain riveting from start to finish.

While the setlists are virtually identical, the drastic difference in the two venues make for distinctly different atmospheres. The sweeping, epic scale of Graspop and the virtual sea of baying metalheads makes for a particularly thrilling spectacle, King holding them all in the palm of his hand. The Fillmore show is immediately more intimate, and rather than a mixed bag of metal lovers drunk on a weekend of the heavy stuff, the audience is comprised entirely of the King Diamond devout, screaming back every word, their love for their hero bleeding from every frame. Songs For The Dead Live gives those who missed out on seeing these shows in the flesh a chance to vividly experience them, offering so much deeper an experience than your run of the mill live DVD.

Graspop Metal Meeting tracklisting:

"Out From The Asylum"
"Welcome Home"
"Sleepless Nights"
"Eye Of The Witch"
"Come To The Sabbath"
"A Mansion In Darkness"
"The Family Ghost"
"The 7th Day Of July 1777"
"The Possession"
"Black Horsemen"

"Sleepless Nights" (Live At Graspop):

"Arrival" (Live At Graspop):

"Welcome Home" (Live At Graspop):

"Come To The Sabbath" (Live At Graspop):

The Fillmore tracklisting:

"Out From The Asylum"
"Welcome Home"
"Sleepless Nights"
"Eye Of The Witch"
"Come To The Sabbath"
"A Mansion In Darkness"
"The Family Ghost"
"The 7th Day Of July 1777"
"The Possession"
"Black Horsemen"

"Black Horsemen" (Live At The Fillmore) video:

"A Mansion In Darkness" (Live At The Fillmore) video:

"Sleepless Nights" (Live At The Fillmore) video:

A release party will take place at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY on February 6th at 7PM.

Featuring an appearance by Abigail, this event will include a showing of both shows from Songs For The Dead Live: Belgium's Graspop Metal Meeting in June 2016 and Philadelphia's Fillmore in November 2015, both of which contain a brace of classic King Diamond and Mercyful Fate tracks before launching into "Abigail". To RSVP, please email:

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CELLAR DARLING - Official Video For Title Track Of New Album Released; Complete Tracklist Revealed

CELLAR DARLING - Official Video For Title Track Of New Album Released; Complete Tracklist Revealed

After surprising their fans with "Insomnia", the proggy and mad first single from their upcoming album, the Swiss progressive folk rockers Cellar Darling have dropped a brand new song and have finally announced long-awaited details about their new release. 

Their second studio album will be a concept album entitled The Spell and it is set to release on March 22nd. Pre-orders are available now and you can get the album as 2 CD-digibook (featuring 13 songs + an audiobook of Anna Murphy telling the story behind the concept), black vinyl or digitally via this link
Along with this news, Cellar Darling have unveiled the title track of the album.

"As some of you have discovered already, over the past 13 days we have revealed the tracklist of our new album, along with amazing artwork created by Costin Chioreanu, who is also behind all of the beautiful animated videos for the new songs. The 13 tracks of  The Spell invite you to witness the journey of a girl who falls in love with Death. In the song released today, a spell has been cast on our protagonist — for now, her love shall go unfulfilled…"


"The Spell"
"Love Pt. II"
"Death Pt. II"

After the release of the proggy and cool "Insomnia", the band, true to their characters, have kept the secrecy regarding any other details of the new album including the album title or the release date. Looks like we might finally be solving some mysteries in the coming days. Watch this space.

Watch "Insomnia" below:

Grab the first chance to see the song performed live on the March/April 2019 European tour, with more dates being confirmed as we speak. Tickets are available here.

Tour dates:

21 - Sheffield, UK - Studio
22 - Pwllheli, UK - Hammerfest
23 - Cardiff, UK - The Globe
24 - Birmingham, UK - Hare & Hounds
26 - Norwich, UK - The Waterfront Studio
27 - Hull, UK - The Welly 2
28 - Glasgow, UK - Audio
29 - Dublin, Ireland - On The Rox
30 - Manchester, UK - Academy 3
31 - London, UK - The Jazz Café Camden

2 - Utrecht, Netherlands - De Helling
7 - Retorbido (PV), Italy - Dagda Live Club
9 - Rome, Italy - Traffic Live

13-15 - Interlaken, Switzerland - Greenfield Festival


Anna Murphy - vocals, hurdy-gurdy, multi-instrumentalist
Merlin Sutter - drums
Ivo Henzi - guitars, bass

|||| 18 2019

Former ACCEPT Guitarist HERMAN FRANK: 'Fear' Music Video

Former ACCEPT Guitarist HERMAN FRANK: 'Fear' Music Video

The official video for "Fear", a brand new song from former ACCEPT guitarist Herman Frank, can be seen below. The track is taken from Frank's upcoming fourth solo album, "Fight The Fear", which will be released on February 8 via AFM.

Frank has been an integral part of the German metal scene since the early '80s, from ACCEPT to VICTORY to his solo project and his work as a producer.

Featuring MASTERPLAN frontman Rick AltziRAGE drummer André Hilgers and JADED HEART bassist Michael Müller, Frank's new album contains razor-sharp riffs, sublime, hell for leather solos, consistently delivered high-class vocals between melody and heaviness, and a rhythm section, that drives every single song forward like a clockwork.

"We've never had this kind of band structure before," Herman enthuses. "Each of us plays an active part in our collaboration, and the result is a fantastic and highly constructive approach to our work."

In particular, when it comes to the group's lyrics, Frank has always believed in his proven dictum. "I feel that the vocalist should contribute the lyrics, because at the end of the day he's the one who has to get them across to the audience and fill them with life," Herman says. "That's the way I've been working with Rick since 'Right In The Guts' and the result speaks for itself."

Altzi sums up his lyrical approach: "It wasn't my intention to make any political statement on this album but my frustration concerning where we are in the world today somehow led me to write lyrics about that. How do we adapt to the threat and the fear of violence? Mankind seems to have a short memory keeps on doing the same mistakes over and over again. How we in modern time still let's religion dictate and form the decisions made by people and governments?"

With a slight grin, Rick adds, "but I only wrote eight out of fourteen lyrics, so there's enough room for love songs and pure rock 'n' roll.”

Track listing:

01. Until The End

02. Fear

03. Terror

04. Sinners

05. Hatred

06. Hail & Row

07. Hitman

08. Stay Down

09. Rock You

10. Don't Cross The Line

11. Are You Ready

12. Wings Of Destiny

13. Waiting For The Night

14. Lost In Heaven

Vocals - Rick Altzi (MASTERPLAN)

Drums - Andre Hilgers (ex-RAGE)

Bass - Michael Müller (JADED HEART)

Guitars - Herman Frank

Herman joined ACCEPT in 1982 shortly before the release of the band's "Restless And Wild" album and exited the group for the first time after the arrival of 1983's "Balls To The Wall" LP.

When ACCEPT reunited for festival appearances in 2005, Herman handled second-guitar duties alongside founding axeman Wolf Hoffmann, with Stefan Schwarzmann sitting behind the kit.

Frank and Schwarzmann were involved in ACCEPT's comeback with new singer Mark Tornillo and appeared on the reunited group's first three studio albums: 2010's "Blood of the Nations", 2012's "Stalingrad" and 2014's "Blind Rage".

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OVERKILL: Lyric Video For New Song 'Head Of A Pin'

OVERKILL: Lyric Video For New Song 'Head Of A Pin'

The official lyric video for the song "Head Of A Pin" from New Jersey thrash metal veterans OVERKILL can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's 19th studio album, "The Wings Of War", which will be released on February 22 via Nuclear Blast. The disc was recorded at Gear Recording Studio in New Jersey, SKH Studio in Florida and Jrod Productions with engineering handled by bassist D.D. Verni and guitarist Dave Linsk. The album was produced by the band while Chris "Zeuss" Harris took care of the mixing and mastering. Travis Smith (NEVERMORE, OPETH, SOILWORK, DEATH) was again enlisted to create the artwork for the album.

Comments vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth: "'Head Of A Pin' took a long time to come together; it is probably the tune that went through the most changes and the last one I finished. Looking back on its development, the time invested was all well worth it. The tonality of the guitar shines on it and the song goes 'other places,' traditional with a touch of the down-low-dirty riff, and a sing-along chorus... personally, one of my favorites off 'The Wings Of War'."

"The Wings Of War" marks OVERKILL's recording debut with drummer Jason Bittner (SHADOWS FALL, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM), who joined the band in 2017.

"The Wings Of War" track listing:

01. Last Man Standing

02. Believe In The Fight

03. Head Of A Pin

04. Bat Shit Crazy

05. Distortion

06. A Mother's Prayer

07. Welcome To The Garden State

08. Where Few Dare To Walk

09. Out On The Road-Kill

10. Hole In My Soul

Ellsworth said: "It was a blast making 'The Wings Of War'! It is something old feeling new again, as our chemistry was altered by the addition of Jason Bittner. I was curious from the get-go, how would it pan out? I think what we accomplished here is a new, upgraded OVERKILL that embraced the new chemistry, while taking our roots into the present. The new formula produced not only more raw power, but more places to go with melody, a win, win. The key is being not only interested in the change, but part of it. I'll tell you what, it's still fun as hell making OVERKILL records."

Last year, Ellsworth told Brian Aberback of about the musical direction of OVERKILL's new material: "What I notice about it is that there are parts of it that delve into really classic heavy metal that are spawned off the riff. There's kind of a brutal metal riff and then there's a heavy metal riff. The brutal riff being more in the modern sense of OVERKILL but the classic riff goes back into the feel of 'Feel The Fire', 'Taking Over', 'The Years Of Decay' kind of influence.

"I think what we're doing is staying with that classic riff but adding the brutality after," he continued. "So it has the vibe of classic heavy metal with that spawned aggression off of it. Obviously, we're not going to be progressive or off the tracks with where we're going. It's OVERKILL. But the internal end of that is really exciting because we notice every little different nuance in it."

Asked what Jason has brought to the band, Ellsworth said: "He's put a lot of work into the album and his excitement has spread to all of us. He's the first person in this band who's deeply, technically trained. That's one of the most exciting things about this project. This guy is pretty close to a virtuoso when hitting the skins."


Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - Vocals

D.D. Verni - Bass

Dave Linsk - Lead Guitar

Derek Tailer - Rhythm Guitar

Jason Bittner - Drums

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[= ||| 18 2019

Listen To New DEMON HUNTER Songs 'The Negative' And 'Recuse Myself'

Listen To New DEMON HUNTER Songs 'The Negative' And 'Recuse Myself'

Christian metal band DEMON HUNTER will release two new albums, "War" and "Peace", on March 1. The song "The Negative", taken from "War", and "Recuse Myself", taken from "Peace", can both be streamed below.

"War" track listing:

01. Cut To Live

02. On My Side

03. Close Enough

04. Unbound

05. Grey Matter

06. The Negative

07. Ash

08. No Place For You Here

09. Leave Me Alone

10. Lesser Gods

"Peace" track listing:

01. More Than Bones

02. I Don't Believe You

03. Loneliness

04. Peace

05. When The Devil Come

06. Time Only Takes

07. Two Ways

08. Rescue Myself

09. Bet My Life

10. Fear Is Not My Guide

DEMON HUNTER formed in Seattle in 2001. The lineup features singer Ryan Clark alongside co-founder Jonathan Dunn (bass), drummer Tim "Yogi" Watts (drums, since 2004), lead guitarist Patrick Judge (since 2008) and guitarist Jeremiah Scott (since 2011). Clark remains the primary songwriter, with increasing contributions from Judge.

DEMON HUNTER's dedicated supporters wear the group's symbol and lyrics on their shirts, vests, backpacks, and in many cases, on their skin. Based in both Seattle and Nashville, the group embraces brazenly transcendent melodies, without apology, while maintaining a defiant heaviness reminiscent of the most timeless of metal.

A regular attraction at festivals, in theaters, and clubs, DEMON HUNTER has visited Europe, Australia, and South America, while touring North America several times. They were a headlining act on "Scream The Prayer", co-headlined with the band RED, played as direct support to IN FLAMES and introduced their fans to bands like AUGUST BURNS RED and HASTE THE DAY, whom they took on tour with them early in their career.

|||| 18 2019

THE WILDHEARTS To Release First Full-Length Studio Album In 10 Years, 'Renaissance Men'

THE WILDHEARTS To Release First Full-Length Studio Album In 10 Years, 'Renaissance Men'

British rockers THE WILDHEARTS will release "Renaissance Men" on May 3 May, their first full-length studio album in 10 years.

To coincide with the release of "Renaissance Men", THE WILDHEARTS' classic lineup of Ginger, CJ, Ritchie and Danny will play an eight-date U.K. tour. This intimate trek will start in Manchester at the Academy 2 on Friday, May 3 and conclude at the Riverside in Newcastle on Sunday, May 12.

"Well, fuck me, it's only been 10 years since our last release and we have a monster album on its way," CJ said. "Danny is back in the band and we hit the road in May, playing new tunes and all the old hits. Can't wait and I know the boys are super bloody excited for this. ROCK!"

Creatively brilliant, THE WILDHEARTS play a distinctive fusion of hard rock, perfectly complemented by contemporary melodies.

With a career spanning nearly 30 years THE WILDHEARTS helped change the landscape of British rock through the '90s, and to this day they haven't shown any sign of slowing down.

"The Renaissance Men" U.K. tour dates:

May 03 - Manchester Academy 2

May 04 - Edinburgh Liquid Room

May 06 - Cardiff Tramshed

May 07 - Bristol SWX

May 09 - London Brixton Electric

May 10 - Norwich Waterfront

May 11 - Leeds Stylus

May 12 - Newcastle Riverside

For limited tickets and new album preorders (discounted bundles available), go to THE WILDHEARTS' webstore.

|||| 18 2019

IMPELLITTERI Releases Music Video For 'Phantom Of The Opera'

IMPELLITTERI Releases Music Video For 'Phantom Of The Opera'

IMPELLITTERI's music video for the song "Phantom Of The Opera" can be seen below. The track is taken from IMPELLITTERI's latest album, "The Nature Of The Beast", which was released in October via Frontiers Music Srl.

Chris Impellitteri told Guitar World: "'The Phantom of the Opera' is a song I have wanted to remake since I was a kid. Yes, I realize that other bands like NIGHTWISH have also covered it, as well as IRON MAIDEN having a song with the same title, and I respect both artists immensely, but our version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece is very much IMPELLITTERI."

"When we created our musical arrangement for this song, our collective band vision was to basically take the phantom on a wild musical ride through Hell! We wanted to turn the song into a speed/power metal type song. I will say our version can seem fairly challenging to play as a guitarist due to the various complex scale sequences, modes and speed at which we are playing. At the same time, the lead vocals are quite brutal on our singer, Rob Rock, as he had to sing both the male tenor part as well as the female vocal part, which resides in the alto and soprano ranges.

"I am very pleased with the outcome of this song, especially my solos and tone. I used my Charvel custom shop Stratocaster and various vintage modified Marshall amps, pedals, and speaker cabs, while bassist James Pulli got a great growly bass tone with his Spector bass and vintage Ampeg SVT rigs."

30 years into their musical career, IMPELLITTERI have created a mind-blowing, highly energetic and thrilling new musical adventure with "The Nature Of The Beast". The band is on fire with their musical acrobatics, addictive riffs, shredding guitar solos, speed metal drumming, and screaming power metal vocals that are all ingredients in these killer songs!

Like many of their talented peers, IMPELLITTERI continue to carry the torch for guitar driven heavy metal. On "The Nature Of The Beast", the band shines throughout, especially on songs like the power metal driven "Run For Your Life", the highly energetic remake of BLACK SABBATH's "Symptom Of The Universe", the lunacy of "Gates Of Hell", the addictive riff of "Hypocrisy", and the speed metal cover of "Phantom Of The Opera".

"The new music was written with passion and a sincere love for heavy metal," states Chris Impellitteri. "I think as a band we grow stronger with each new album. Our artistic abilities seem to get better with age, but at the same time we seem to sound even more energetic, crazy, and youthful with this release. You could say the music on this newest musical child is an extension of our previous record, 'Venom'. I love the 'Venom' record, but I am currently obsessed by 'The Nature Of The Beast'. We are thrilled to share this new music with our FANS and friends around the world and I really hope they like it!"

IMPELLITTERI recorded "The Nature Of The Beast" in Los Angeles, California with legendary engineer/producer Mike Plotnikoff (VAN HALEN, AEROSMITH, IN FLAMES), mix engineer Greg Reely (OVERKILL, FEAR FACTORY), and engineers Jun Murakawa and Sean Shannon.

Like their childhood musical heroes, including Vivaldi, IRON MAIDEN, QUEEN, BLACK SABBATH, Al DiMeola, Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin and Pavarotti, IMPELLITTERI strive for greatness — creating, performing and recording this new music with all four band members, Chris Impellitteri (guitars), Rob Rock (vocals), James Pulli (bass), and Jon Dette (drums) contributing stellar performances. The album was recorded in a grand fashion using large tracking rooms and vintage analog equipment to capture the bands live musical energy and performance.

"As a guitarist, I challenge myself to conquer my human limitations," continues Chris. "I practice for hours each day to improve my technique. I also spend a lot of time customizing my guitars, amps, and pedals to achieve this crazy guitar sound. On this new record my guitar sound is really me trying to create a tone that sounds a bit like a chainsaw blended with a beautiful Stradivarius violin. It is Beauty and the Beast with lots of pick attack! The guitar solos have lots of technical shredding elements, but at the same time they are very melodic and I think fun for everyone to listen too. The riffs are also exciting for me to play as there is a lot of obvious influences that I brought to this new record."

"The Nature Of The Beast" track listing:

01. Hypocrisy

02. Masquerade

03. Run For Your Life

04. Phantom Of The Opera

05. Gates Of Hell

06. Wonder World

07. Man Of War

08. Symptom Of The Universe (BLACK SABBATH cover)

09. Do You Think I'm Mad

10. Fire It Up

11. Kill The Beast

12. Shine On


Chris Impellitteri - Guitar

Rob Rock - Vocals

James Pulli - Bass

Patrick Johansson - Drums

Jon Dette - Drums*

* Appears on studio album

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SOEN Feat. Ex-OPETH Drummer MARTIN LOPEZ: 'Lotus' Video

SOEN Feat. Ex-OPETH Drummer MARTIN LOPEZ: 'Lotus' Video

"Lotus", the new Costin Chioreanu-created video from SOEN, the progressive heavy rock group featuring world-renowned drummer Martin Lopez (formerly of AMON AMARTH and OPETH), can be seen below. The track is the title cut of SOEN's fourth album, which will be released on February 1 via Silver Lining Music.

"'Lotus' is a summoning of like-minded people that have reached that turning point in their lives where they have had enough. Enough of meaningless and shallow societies and their expected standards," notes Lopez of the track, "Only once you have liberated yourself from these fake ideals and leave all of that behind, one can be truly free."

Having spent the last six months digging deep into the muddy depths of their emotions, the nine songs comprising "Lotus" are intoxicating, addictive aural therapies, questioning much of today's darkness while juxtaposing them with moments of great escape and hope.

"We are all very fortunate to have this place where we can go and explore thoughts, perspectives and emotions which everyday life maybe does not have the room for," says Lopez, one of SOEN's founding members. "There are definitely things that we say, and places we go, in SOEN which would be very hard to express without us coming together and creating music."

Produced by David Castillo and Iñaki Marconi at Ghostward Studios and Studio 6 between July and October 2018, the album marks the first recorded SOEN work of new Canadian-born guitarist Cody Ford, whilst the center-point of the album remains those trademark, snap-heavy, progressive SOEN riffs. Songs such as "Rival", "Covenant" and "Martyrs" are dissertations on modern societies, fraught with poetic, finitely designed confusion and chaos, yet as the name "Lotus" suggests, there is still strength, beauty, and purity to be extracted from what at times seems like an endless cycle of human regression.

"The world right now is undeniably a very strange, tense place," says Lopez. "I think the songs clearly reflect that, but they also reflect that we must now be stronger than ever in challenging, confronting, and dealing with the pandemonium life throws at us all."

The lavish "Lotus" artwork features nothing other than an enigmatic and engaging copper-reflective pyramid, offering elements of the sixth sense and greater consciousness before gate-folding open to reveal a girl touched by the copper aura.

"We each have our own personal ideas as to what it means," says Lopez, "but we'd much rather discuss what others think, what our audience thinks, what the media thinks... I think it's extremely important that we all communicate with each other and take the time to fully conceive our own meanings and interactions with life and creativity."

"Ultimately," concludes vocalist Joel Ekelöf, "'Lotus' is about rising from whatever darkness, or dark places, you might find yourself. And its inspiration comes from a deep motivation to not just settle for the situation you might find yourself in. 'Lotus' is about changing life — both your own and your surroundings for which we must all take responsibility — and make them better rather than letting darkness pacify you and take you down."

"Lotus" track listing:

01. Opponent

02. Lascivious

03. Martyrs

04. Lotus

05. Covenant

06. Penance

07. River

08. Rival

09. Lunacy

SOEN will bring "Lotus" on the road as it tours Europe starting in March.

SOEN is:

Joel Ekelöf - vocals

Martin Lopez - drums

Lars Åhlund - keys, guitar

Stefan Stenberg - bass

Cody Ford - lead guitar

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Watch JOE SATRIANI And NEAL SCHON Jam The Blues At 'G4 Experience V5.0: Rocks The Desert'

Watch JOE SATRIANI And NEAL SCHON Jam The Blues At 'G4 Experience V5.0: Rocks The Desert'

Iron Mike Savoia has uploaded video footage of Neal Schon (JOURNEY) and Joe Satriani (CHICKENFOOT) jamming the blues during Schon's January 6 concert at "Joe Satriani's G4 Experience V5.0: Rocks The Desert" at Hotel Zoso in Palm Springs, California. Check it out below.

Satriani's fifth annual event also boasted Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer Rick Nielsen (CHEAP TRICK), Carlos Alomar (David Bowie), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (GUNS N' ROSES), Kiko Loreiro (MEGADETH) and Lari Basilio.

Prior to this year's event, Satriani said: "The students that have come to the first four 'G4 Experiences' have been as unique and eclectic as you could imagine so for 'G4 Experience V5.0', I've put together a team of instructors that really reflects that diverse nature

"The lineup this year is probably our best yet. It's so exciting, getting to be so totally immersed and getting to be so close to these great players. You never know what's going to happen, and at the end of the week, you'll think, I went somewhere beautiful, I had fun, I made some new friends, and I grew as a musician. And there's nothing better than that."

Satriani was joined at "G4 Experience V5.0: Rocks The Desert" by his own touring band, Mike Keneally (guitar and keyboards), Bryan Beller (bass), and Joe Travers (drums), all of whom will also served as instructors and accompaniment for each night's all-star concert.

Presented annually by Dreamcatcher Events, "Joe Satriani's G4 Experience V5.0: Rocks The Desert" is an all-inclusive event with a jam-packed schedule sure to keep guests involved from morning until the wee hours of the night. "Joe Satriani's G4 Experience V5.0: Rocks The Desert" featured four days and night of activities, including multiple workshops led by each instructor, access to fully loaded jam rooms, meet-and-greets, and exclusive nightly concert performances.

Satriani's 16th solo album, "What Happens Next", arrived in January 2018 and is available now via Sony/Legacy Recordings.

Neal Schon will embark on his "Journey Through Time" tour next month. Schon will take the stage alongside founding JOURNEY and SANTANA singer/keyboardist Gregg Rolie, ex-JOURNEY drummer Deen Castronovo, bassist Marco Mendoza of THE DEAD DAISIES and THIN LIZZY, a musician named Chris Collins (on guitar and keyboards) and super-producer Marti Frederiksen (multi-instrumentalist, vocals).

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Watch BEARTOOTH's 'You Never Know' Video

Watch BEARTOOTH's 'You Never Know' Video

"You Never Know", the new video from BEARTOOTH, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's third album, "Disease", which was released in September via Red Bull Records. The disc was recorded at BlackBird studio in Franklin, Tennessee with producer Nick Raskulinecz (DEFTONES, KORN, FOO FIGHTERS).

Vocalist Caleb Shomo told Kerrang! that "You Never Know" was written with with Drew Fulk. "It was the first song we wrote together," he said. "We wrote it about 40 minutes. We just went and got coffee and talked about things going on in our lives and our mental states at the time and just sort of came to a common ground and the song just rolled out from there."

"It's a jammer — play it loud!" Shomo advised.

Caleb previously called "Disease" "by far the hardest" album to make so far. "This was hands down the most difficult record I've ever made — it's the most depression and anxiety-fuelled album I've ever made" he said. "It was a really, really hard thing to get through. Emotionally, I mean, good Lord! By the end, I was in a really fucking bad place. It was tough to fight through.

"Once I've committed to making a record a certain way, there's no fucking backing out," he added. "Say I'm doing a drum track, and a few of the snare hits are off, you just throw a drum sample on and nobody knows any difference. But I couldn't do that, because I chose for it to be real instruments. So I would sit there and do fucking drum take after drum take, and it was this psychotic fucking thing of, 'It probably can't be played any better, but it's not fucking good enough!' And then freaking out and playing it over and over again. There was a whole lot of stress that I felt making this album. It was basically between the fight of: 'Do I really make a fucking true and honest record?' or: 'Do I just cop out and make the singles that I know people are going to want to hear? What do I do?' But I chose to make an honest record, and I'm really glad I made that choice."

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Video: BLAZE BAYLEY Performs Acoustic Version Of IRON MAIDEN's 'Futureal' Live On Brazilian TV

Video: BLAZE BAYLEY Performs Acoustic Version Of IRON MAIDEN's 'Futureal' Live On Brazilian TV

British heavy metal vocalist Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) recently performed acoustic versions of IRON MAIDEN's "Futureal" and his solo song "A Thousand Years" live on the Brazilian TV show "A Hora da Venenosa". Check out video footage below.

Bayley will release the "Live In France" live album and DVD on March 1. The set will contain a recording of Blaze's May 25, 2018 and May 26, 2018 concerts at Chez Paulette, near Nancy, France.

The 55-year-old Bayley, who was born in Birmingham, was the original frontman in WOLFSBANE, but left in 1994 to join IRON MAIDEN. He recorded two studio albums with the Steve Harris-led group — 1995's "The X Factor" and 1998's "Virtual XI" — before Bruce Dickinson returned to the band.

In a 2017 interview with Spain's EMP Live, Blaze talked about the obstacles he faced while trying to become accepted by MAIDEN fans as Bruce's replacement.

"I think for all of us, if we fall in love with a band and we fall in love with a voice, it is very difficult to make an adjustment to a new voice," he explained. "And for me, I had incredible support from thousands of fans all over the world. But there are some fans that hated me, hated my voice and they still do. And that's okay, because it's not for everyone.

"My style is very different to Bruce, and when [IRON MAIDEN] chose me to replace Bruce, I was very surprised because my voice is so different," he continued. "But it is the most incredible job. As a heavy metal singer, it's perhaps the number one job that you can have — to be the singer of IRON MAIDEN. So my passion and my heart was there, and the music that we made on 'The X Factor' and 'Virtual XI', which have been re-released now on vinyl, was incredible. And people that perhaps didn't like the change at the time, now they go back and listen differently, with fresh ears, to the records and the music that we made then, and perhaps that's why now I've become more popular than I ever was after IRON MAIDEN. Now, more than twenty years, people really start to take notice of what Blaze Bayley is doing."

According to Blaze, his dismissal from MAIDEN in January 1999 came as a total shock, but he doesn't believe the band was completely to blame for the decision. "The main reason that I was leaving IRON MAIDEN is because of EMI [MAIDEN's record label] and the business," he said. "That is what I believe. At the time, BLACK SABBATH had the reunion with Ozzy [Osbourne], DEEP PURPLE had the original lineup with Ian Gillan reunion, and CD sales worldwire were going down. And I think the record company put a lot of pressure on the band to have a reunion. So, for me, it was a horrible time, but it is still a time I think of very fondly. And Steve Harris [IRON MAIDEN bassist] was really like a mentor to me and taught me so much about songwriting. So those values and the things that he taught me are things that I put into my own work now."

Blaze also shot down speculation that there was bad blood between him and Dickinson, insisting that the two singers have always had an amiable relationship. "Bruce Dickinson and I have been friends before [I was in] IRON MAIDEN, and Bruce Dickinson was very supportive of me when I was in IRON MAIDEN and after IRON MAIDEN," Blaze said. "When he had his own radio show, he helped me and played my music on his show. And my newest video, for 'Escape Velocity', was actually filmed at his aircraft simulator. So he had helped me a great deal."

The third album in Blaze's "Infinite Entanglement" trilogy was released in March 2018. Titled "The Redemption Of William Black", it was the tenth album of Blaze's solo career.

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ROB ZOMBIE Clarifies Confusion Regarding '3 From Hell' Film: 'The Movie Is Not Finished Yet'

ROB ZOMBIE Clarifies Confusion Regarding '3 From Hell' Film: 'The Movie Is Not Finished Yet'

Rob Zombie took to Instagram earlier today (Thursday, January 17) to correct reports on various web sites that claimed he had completed work on "3 From Hell", the sequel to his earlier films "House Of 1,000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects".

The confusion seems to stem from the fact that Zombie's January 14 post on Instagram included photos of him directing all three pictures, under which he wrote: "It took awhile to complete the trilogy but we did it. Top pic is shooting House Of 1000 Corpses in 2001 shooting The Devil's Rejects in 2004 and finally shooting 3 From Hell in 2018. Quite a fucking journey to say the least."

After a number of media outlets took Rob's words to mean that he had finished "3 From Hell", the rocker-turned-filmmaker clarified his remarks, writing: "So folks seem confused by my post saying I completed my Rejects trilogy. I said the trilogy is complete but the movie 3 From Hell is not finished yet. Still got a couple months of work left. It's getting there and it is fucking awesome."

Zombie returned to the edit bay after a summer tour with Marilyn Manson to finish work on the film, which will reunite Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie and Bill Moseley as the members of the psychopathic, sadistic Firefly family. Moseley told Rue-Morgue last fall that the new film was a "crowd-pleaser," adding, "From what I've heard from Rob, he's very happy and excited about what he's got, and it's chockablock with gratuitous violence."

During an appearance on "Trunk Nation", Zombie said that he didn't envision the original story being fleshed out over three movies when he first started writing it more than 15 years ago. "Every time I would finish a movie After the second one, I thought, 'We're done with it,' but I always think that with every movie," he admitted. "And then you kind of live with it for a long time, and the movies sort of take on a life of their own, or they start getting popular and the fans really start embracing them and the characters, and you start thinking, 'Well Hmmm What if I did this? What if I did that?' This one, it's 14 years in between the two films, so it's been a long time; it wasn't really a rush to make it, by any means."

It's not clear whether Zombie plans to resurrect the Firefly trio from the dead in some kind of supernatural fashion in the new film or has found a way to explain that they survived the original movie's climactic shootout.

"The Devil's Rejects" is widely considered Zombie's best film. It's a semi-sequel to his directorial debut, 2003's "House Of 1,000 Corpses", which introduced the Firefly family.

"3 From Hell" was shot in California and has yet to nail down a release date.

Zombie has also completed work on a new LP, which will be out later this year and will follow up 2016's "The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser".

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IMONOLITH — the new metal band featuring vocalist Jon Howard (THREAT SIGNAL, ARKAEA), drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen (DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT), guitarist Brian Waddell (DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT), bassist Byron Stroud (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, FEAR FACTORY), and second guitarist Kai Huppunen (METHODS OF MAYHEM, NOISE THERAPY) — has released a new single, "Hollow", available to stream/download for the first time today.

"Hollow" serves as the perfect introduction to IMONOLITH, a band whose mission is simple: to write the heaviest riffs, the biggest hooks and most monstrous grooves.

Recorded and produced by Brian Howes and Jay Van Poederooyen (NICKELBACK, CHRIS CORNELL, AIRBOURNE, HINDER, DAUGHTRY) at Van Howes Studios in Los Angeles, California, "Hollow" is immediately setting the bar high.

Van Poederooyen comments: "'Hollow' is a song about the personal battles we all can face internally. Social pressures and self expectation can drive you to a point of feeling hollow inside if you don't meet specific standards in your mind. The song itself actually has a positive message built into it. It's not about feeling hollow, it's more about preventing that hollow feeling that any one of us can develop through negative thinking and limited beliefs."

Fans can expect many surprises as they unveil more music. The drummer continues: "As for 'Hollow', musically it represents the catchier side of IMONOLITH's music. We have varying influences spread throughout the band and we don't like to play just one style of music. We have a more metal crushing side, a catchier radio side and then music that fits in-between our heavy and catchier vibes. We always aim to make IMONOLITH's overall sound diverse and interesting. Most of all, we're always focused on trying to write a great song, no matter if it's heavy or catchy."

IMONOLITH was officially formed in February 2018 by Van Poederooyen and Waddell, although the pair started writing their own brand of heavy music in 2015 whilst playing together in the DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT. Van Poederooyen and Waddell then went on to recruit Howard, Stroud and second guitarist Jed Simon (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) completing a fearsome lineup. Simon has since been replaced by Huppunen.

Since teasing demos and video clips online, IMONOLITH has amassed a dedicated legion of supporters worldwide, and with the release of the new single, their following is set to expand by the thousands. With their first run of shows throughout Canada announced and big international plans in the pipeline, 2019 is set to be a huge year for IMONOLITH.

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