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|||| 8 июл 2018

MOTOROWL Launch “To Take” Single, Video

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Psychedelic doom rockers, Motorowl, have launched a video for their new single “To Take” off their upcoming album Atlas, which will be released on July 27th through Century Media Records.

The band comments, "‘To Take’ is an ode to our own freedom. This is a story of letting people be the way they feel right, even if you have to take something from you. Again we put riffs and feelings together to a song that sounds like us. Be nice to each other. Don’t kill each other.”

The single “To Take” will be offered as an Instant Grat Track with all digital album preorders.

The band comments on the songwriting and recording process:

“We started writing Atlas right after the release of Om Generator to stay in the flow. Also we played a lot of concerts during the process of writing, so we were constantly playing the old songs live while we were writing the new material at the same time. We realized that the live feeling is an essential part of our music, so we decided to record the whole album live altogether as a full band in the studio.

“And when you do such live recordings, you need the perfect partner, engineer and a place where you feel comfy. We found all that at Off The Road Studios in Leipzig. It’s a marvelous place with a big library in the main studio, a fireplace and a lot of room. We met there with our friend Charlie Paschen (who works with bands like Coogans Bluff or Rotor) to record the album within ten days. The decision to let Mr. Dan Swanö do the mix and mastering again was easy. He simply knows how we have to sound like.

“Atlas combines the pain in our chests with the indestructible force that we have as a band to make this music together. We wanted to mash the power of synth driven ‘80s rock hymns with the deep crushing slowness of a doom riff.  Atlas was written by the whole band and that’s the deep essence of our music: Five very different guys who work together like a clockwork.”

The artwork was created by Pol Abram (Branca Studio).


“Infinite Logbook”
“The Man Who Rules The World”
“To Give”
“To Take”
“Norma Jean”

"To Take" video:

"Atlas" video:

Motorowl is: 
Max Hemmann - Guitar/Vocals
Vinzenz Steiniger - Guitar
Martin Scheibe - Drums
Tim Camin - Bass
Daniel Dettlev - Keys

MOTOROWL Launch “To Take” Single, Video



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