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9 мар 2019 : 
SOILWORK Issue European Tour Recap, Release Official Live Video For "Stålfågel"

28 янв 2019 : 
SOILWORK Frontman BJÖRN "SPEED" STRID Posts Video Of "Stålfågel" Live In Budapest

11 янв 2019 : 
SOILWORK: 'Witan' Video Released

10 янв 2019 : 
SOILWORK Vocalist BJORN "SPEED" STRID Joins Solo Guitar Virtuoso STEVE DADAIAN On New Track "Soul Connection"; Lyric Video

21 дек 2018 : 
SOILWORK Release Animated Official Video For New "Stålfågel" Single

15 ноя 2018 : 
SOILWORK Explains 'Verkligheten' Album Title In Latest Trailer

8 ноя 2018 : 
SOILWORK Drummer Discusses 'Full Moon Shoals' Single In First 'Verkligheten' Trailer

26 окт 2018 : 
Video Premiere: SOILWORK's 'Full Moon Shoals'

12 окт 2018 : 
SOILWORK To Release 'Verkligheten' Album In January; 'Arrival' Song Available Now

12 сен 2018 : 
SOILWORK: Second Studio Webisode For New Album

7 сен 2018 : 
SOILWORK Completes Work On New Album; First Studio Webisode Available

30 июл 2018 : 
SOILWORK Frontman On Upcoming Record: It's 'Possibly The Most Epic And Darkest Album We've Done'

31 май 2018 : 
SOILWORK Completes Work On New Album: 'I'm Very Thrilled About It,' Says BJÖRN 'SPEED' STRID

22 апр 2018 : 
SOILWORK: First Video From The Studio

3 апр 2018 : 
SOILWORK Begins Recording New Album

24 авг 2017 : 
SOILWORK To Enter Studio Next Spring

20 апр 2017 : 
SOILWORK Recruits BASTIAN THUSGAARD As Permanent Drummer

16 фев 2017 : 
SOILWORK To Get Into 'Writing Mode' During The Summer

12 янв 2017 : 
SOILWORK Tab Bassist Taylor Nordberg For European Tour

11 авг 2016 : 
SOILWORK - Inside Death Resonance Video Trailer #4 Posted

5 авг 2016 : 
SOILWORK - Inside Death Resonance Video Trailer #3 Posted

22 июл 2016 : 
SOILWORK: First Trailer For 'Death Resonance' Collection

22 июл 2016 : 
SOILWORK Vows To Charge Forward At '100%' After Losing Drummer To MEGADETH

14 июл 2016 : 
SOILWORK Release Official Visualizer Clip For "These Absent Eyes"

24 июн 2016 : 
SOILWORK: Lyric Video For New Song 'Helsinki'

16 июн 2016 : 
SOILWORK Singer Wasn't Shocked When Drummer DIRK VERBEUREN Was Recruited By MEGADETH
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|||| 27 сен 2007

SOILWORK: 'Sworn To A Great Divide' Japanese Edition to Include Bonus Track

* *
The official SOILWORK fan site has been updated with the following mesage:

"On September 21st, Nuclear Blast officially released [the new SOILWORK song] 'Exile' as a single. The B-side is 'The Pittsburgh Syndrome' which is one of the [new SOILWORK] album's ['Sworn to a Great Divide'] faster tracks. It is the song that Dirk [Verbeuren] is playing the drums to on You can preview both songs and purchase them on mp3 format by going to Nuclear Blast's Music Shop. The song was also released by Sweden Rock magazine several days ago. It can be heard in full at SOILWORK's MySpace profile.

"'Sworn to a Great Divide' will be released [in Japan on] October 24 by Avalon/Marquee Inc. The bonus track will be called 'Sovereign' and will follow the track 'Martyr' which is also on the limited edition pressing. The bonus DVD is a show from April 19, 2006 and features 'Follow the Hollow', 'Rejection Role', 'One with the Flies', 'Bastard Chain', 'Nerve', 'Stalemate', 'Millionflame' and 'As We Speak'."

"Sworn to a Great Divide" will be released in North America on October 23 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The vocals for the new CD were recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with the help of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD mastermind Devin Townsend.

The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. Sworn To A Great Divide
02. Exile
03. Breeding Thorns
04. Your Beloved Scapegoat
05. The Pittsburgh Syndrome
06. I, Vermin
07. Light Discovering Darkness
08. As The Sleeper Awakes
09. Silent Bullet
10. Sick Heart River
11. 20 More Miles



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