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Uriah Heep


24 2021 : 
URIAH HEEP: 'Every Day Rocks' Box Set Due In September

25 2021 : 
URIAH HEEP Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of "Lady In Black" Single With New Lyric Video

25 2021 : 
URIAH HEEP: 'In The 1970s' Book Examines Band's Most Influential Decade

1 2021 : 
Late OZZY OSBOURNE And URIAH HEEP Drummer LEE KERSLAKE's Debut Solo Album 'Eleventeen' Receives Posthumous Release

14 2021 : 

17 2021 : 
Author / PIGFACE Drummer JOEL GAUSTEN Pays Tribute To LEE KERSLAKE - "All Of Us Who Hold Sticks In Our Hands Are In His Debt"

14 2021 : 
URIAH HEEP's MICK BOX: 'As Long As I've Got My Health, I'll Continue To Play And Record'

13 2021 : 
URIAH HEEP's New Album Recording Plans 'In Disarray' Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

13 2021 : 
Metal Hall Of Fame CEO Pays Tribute To Drum Legend LEE KERSLAKE - "We Can Never Forget The Great Songs And Talent He Gave The World"

2 2021 : 
URIAH HEEP - Previously Unreleased Pro-Shot Footage Of MICK BOX And BERNIE SHAW Performing "July Morning" With ROCK MEETS CLASSIC Posted

23 2020 : 
Long Forgotten Pre-URIAH HEEP Album 'Orgasm' From HEAD MACHINE Re-Released For First Time Since 1970s

21 2020 : 
URIAH HEEP Bass Player TREVOR BOLDER's Legacy Enhanced By Posthumous Solo Album 'Sail The Rivers'

3 2020 : 
URIAH HEEP: 'A Visual Biography' Due In April 2021

16 2020 : 
URIAH HEEP's MICK BOX On Hypothetical ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Induction: 'If It Happens, It Happens'

20 2020 : 

1 2020 : 
URIAH HEEP: 'Fifty Years In Rock' Box Set Due In October

9 2020 : 
URIAH HEEP To Record New Album In February

6 2020 : 
URIAH HEEP Guitarist MICK BOX Recaps Rock Legends 2020 Cruise (Video)

6 2020 : 
URIAH HEEP Singer BERNIE SHAW Teams Up With Canadian Musician DALE COLLINS For New Album 'Too Much Information'

25 2019 : 
URIAH HEEP Talk Celebrating Upcoming 50th Anniversary - "The One Thing We Won't Be Doing Is Looking Back Too Much"

19 2019 : 
URIAH HEEP Keyboardist PHIL LANZON To Release '48 Seconds' Solo Album

16 2019 : 
URIAH HEEP: 'Knocking At My Door' Lyric Video

27 2018 : 
URIAH HEEP's MICK BOX On Possible Retirement: 'We Never Think About Those Things'

26 2018 : 
URIAH HEEP's MICK BOX On Hypothetical ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Induction: 'If It Comes To Fruition, It'll Be Great'

8 2018 : 
Video Premiere: URIAH HEEP's 'Take Away My Soul'

5 2018 : 
URIAH HEEP: 'Living The Dream" Album Details Revealed; 'Grazed By Heaven' Video Released
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|||| 25 2019

URIAH HEEP Talk Celebrating Upcoming 50th Anniversary - "The One Thing We Won't Be Doing Is Looking Back Too Much"

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Just shy of an incredible 50 years into their career, Uriah Heep are one of rock's true originators. Currently touring their Living The Dream album from 2018, they are in the planning stages for next years mammoth five-decade milestone celebration. eonmusic caught up with band leader / guitarist Mick Box and singer Bernie Shaw at the Steelhouse Festival for a chat about all of the above. Following is an excerpt from the interview.

eonmusic: The band have had released twenty-five studio albums now; what would you say are the stand outs for you?

Mick Box: "Its a very hard thing to say because, you know, theres been markers, of course, like Demons And Wizards (1972) was the album that took us onto the worlds stage, but then you go back to our first album (...Very 'Eavy ...Very 'Umble -1970) which created all the start of everything, and then you get all the progressive rock things we went into with Salisbury (1971), and then Look at Yourself (1971) which had July Morning on it, which is a mainstay in our set for many years. But you know, Demons and Wizards with Easy Livin really took us onto the worlds stage, and it just great and grew and grew. And then, of course, when we did Abominog (1982), which went Top 40 in America, and that went huge too, so weve had so many highs and troughs. But I think its the strength in character of the band that we get through all those highs and lows and come out fighting strong again."

eonmusic: What about for you Bernie; youve recorded quite a few albums with the band?

Bernie Shaw: "The thing is, each one has its own strength. You cant say; 'Oh, that was a poor album'; they all had something special at that time. Like, right now, when people say; 'Whats your favourite album?', I have to say 'Living the Dream.' With songs like Grazed by Heaven to sing every night, its got so much energy, its got a new sound. But Wake the Sleeper for me, was one of those pinnacle points. Really, the songwriting on there, I just really got my teeth into. Lyrically, and melodically, its a really strong album for me."

eonmusic: Have you plans to celebrate the bands fiftieth anniversary in place?

Bernie Shaw: "Absolutely."

Mick Box: "I dont think theres enough alcohol in the world yet to warrant that celebration! But yeah, well be able to celebrate in many, many ways. But if Im absolutely truthful, our managements desk is full of ideas, and hes working through them now to see which ones will come to fruition. The one thing we wont be doing is looking back too much, because although were very proud of our history, were a forward-looking band, and I think thats the most important thing to make on our fiftieth anniversary; that the band is still alive and kicking, is creative, and writing great music."

Read the complete interview here.

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URIAH HEEP Talk Celebrating Upcoming 50th Anniversary -



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