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Amberian Dawn


17 янв 2020 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Releases Music Video For 'Looking For You' Title Track

2 дек 2019 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Covers ABBA's 'Lay All Your Love On Me'

18 окт 2019 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Explores 'ABBA Metal' Sound On 'United' Single

30 окт 2018 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Releases Music Video For Re-Recorded Version Of 'Cherish My Memory'

7 фев 2018 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Release “Sky Is Falling” Lyric Video

11 ноя 2017 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Releases 'Dragonflies' Lyric Video

18 окт 2017 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Releases Video For 'I'm The One'

10 окт 2017 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN: Audio Samples Of Entire 'Darkness Of Eternity' Album

22 сен 2017 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Releases Lyric Video For New Song 'Maybe'

9 авг 2017 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN To Release 'Darkness Of Eternity' Album In November

2 авг 2016 : 
Video: AMBERIAN DAWN Performs At Finland's LANKAFEST

16 окт 2015 : 
Video Premiere: AMBERIAN DAWN's 'Fame & Gloria'

12 сен 2015 : 

5 авг 2015 : 

9 июл 2015 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Unveil Album Title, Release Date; European Tour Announced

3 апр 2015 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Start Work On New Studio Album; New Bassist Announced

7 янв 2015 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN: Ex-Bass Player TOMMI KURI Passes Away

29 май 2014 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN: 'Magic Forest' Video Released

23 май 2014 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN: 'Magic Forest' Audio Samples

18 апр 2014 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN: 'Magic Forest' Title Track Available For Streaming

11 апр 2014 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN: 'Magic Forest' Release Date Announced

17 мар 2014 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Signs With NAPALM RECORDS; 'Magic Forest' Album Due In June

25 дек 2013 : 

30 сен 2013 : 
New AMBERIAN DAWN Studio Album Is Ready To Be Recorded

8 июн 2013 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN: 'Re-Evolution' Audio Samples

13 май 2013 : 
AMBERIAN DAWN Releases First Video With New Singer, Parts Ways With Bassist
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|||| 17 янв 2020

AMBERIAN DAWN Releases Music Video For 'Looking For You' Title Track

* *
Finnish melodic metallers AMBERIAN DAWN have released the official music video for their latest single, the title track of their upcoming album, "Looking For You". In a nutshell, this high voltage fusion perfectly represents the upcoming album and its poetic sound.

The "Looking For You" clip aesthetically mirrors the conflict between memories, desires and leaving your ancient life behind. Monumental melodic vocal lines that remind of the Swedish pop giants ABBA pair with strong keyboard-driven '80s pop-influenced sounds and merge with heavy drums and guitar riffs into an impressive genre-fluid creation. This addictive mix can only be described as follows: Finnish ABBA metal at its finest. AMBERIAN DAWN developed its style and spiced it up by entering and creating a new musical universe.

Keyboardist Tuomas Seppälä states: "This is the crown jewel of the album. This song is exactly what so-called 'ABBA metal' is all about. Haunting and dramatic keyboards, strong melodies and tons of vocal tracks. I worked closely with Finnish synthesizer artist Kebu to achieve this wonderful vintage keyboard sound. I let myself go into world of '80s synthesizer music and then my bandmates helped me to arrange the song into an AMBERIAN DAWN song."

"Looking For You" will be released on January 31. AMBERIAN DAWN is navigating into a new style, which is even more melodic, keyboard-driven and not only a sophisticated symbiosis but yet their own style: The new album is packed with well-polished and immaculate songwriting, full of catchy melodies and epic keyboard parts that immediately send shivers down your spine.

The multi-faceted and emotional lyrics provide a suitable background for soaring guitars and elegant classical interludes: a highly addictive cocktail that is topped off by a cover version of ABBA's "Lay All Your Love On Me".


Vocals: "Capri" Päivi Selo

Guitar: Emil Pohjalainen

Bass: Jukka Hoffren

Drums: Joonas Pykälä-aho

Keyboards: Tuomas Seppälä

Photo credit: Karri Harju

AMBERIAN DAWN Releases Music Video For


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23 янв 2020, 01:34
О ужас )


5 фев 2020, 12:17
Софие Ротару большой привет!

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