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10 июл 2020 : 
Watch ENSLAVED's Music Video For New Single 'Jettegryta'

22 май 2020 : 
ENSLAVED Releases Music Video For New Single 'Homebound'

10 апр 2020 : 
ENSLAVED Explains 'Utgard' Album Title

25 мар 2020 : 
ENSLAVED To Release 'Utgard' Album In The Fall; Cover Artwork Unveiled

5 дек 2019 : 
ENSLAVED Enter The Studio To Record New Album; Pro-Shot Video Of Summer Breeze 2019 Performance Streaming

27 ноя 2019 : 

23 окт 2018 : 
ENSLAVED Frontman Slams 'Vikings' Television Series: 'It's Just A Dumb Hollywood Adaptation'

4 фев 2018 : 
ENSLAVED To Reissue Hordanes Land; Preorder Available

17 окт 2017 : 
ENSLAVED Discuss Musical Tastes, Introduction To Heavy Music; New E Album Video Trailers Streaming

13 окт 2017 : 
ENSLAVED Discuss Early Influences, Love Of Prog; New E Album Video Trailers Streaming

7 окт 2017 : 
ENSLAVED Releases Video For 'The River's Mouth'

29 сен 2017 : 
ENSLAVED's GRUTLE KJELLSON Discusses 'E' Album Artwork In New Trailer

25 авг 2017 : 
ENSLAVED's GRUTLE KJELLSON Discusses 'E' Album Title In New Trailer

12 авг 2017 : 
Watch ENSLAVED's Video For New Song 'Storm Son'

7 авг 2017 : 
ENSLAVED To Release 'E' Album In October

5 июл 2017 : 
ENSLAVED Completes Mixing And Mastering New Album

24 май 2017 : 
ENSLAVED Completes Recording Fourteenth Album

10 май 2017 : 
ENSLAVED Streaming “Isa” From Roadburn Live Release

20 апр 2017 : 
ENSLAVED Enters Studio To Record New Album

5 апр 2017 : 
ENSLAVED: 'Roadburn Live' Unpacking Video

22 мар 2017 : 
ENSLAVED To Release Roadburn Live 2LP For Record Store Day

16 дек 2016 : 
ENSLAVED Parts Ways With Keyboardist HERBRAND LARSEN

26 окт 2016 : 
ENSLAVED Streaming “Heimvegen” Track From The Sleeping Gods - Thorn Compilation

16 окт 2016 : 
ENSLAVED - Oslo By Norse Event To See Band Perform Music From There Entire Career; Divided Into Three Special Shows

14 сен 2016 : 
ENSLAVED – Debut Vikingligr Veldi To Be Issued On Vinyl For The First Time; Preorders Available

8 сен 2016 : 
ENSLAVED: 'The Sleeping Gods – Thorn' Compilation Due In November
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|||| 22 май 2020

ENSLAVED Releases Music Video For New Single 'Homebound'

* *
Norway's avantgarde metal heroes ENSLAVED have released the official music video for their new single, "Homebound". The song is taken from the band's upcoming album, "Utgard", due in the fall via Nuclear Blast.

ENSLAVED will release "Homebound" as a limited-edition seven-inch vinyl, limited to 500 pieces, on June 26. The single title cut will be backed by a cover of the TNT song "Knights Of The Thunder".

The band states: "'Homebound' is about the greatest reward of exploring and travelling into unknown territory — to "go viking" if you will, turning homebound at the end of the journey. It is a song that takes ENSLAVED on a musical journey that is as much an homage to those who dared so we could play our very own style of music: from nurturing blackened roots to nodding at zeppelins in the sky, beholding teutonic thrash titans and watching speeding motorpsychos take off into the futures."

"Utgard" track listing:

01. Fires In The Dark

02. Jettegryta

03. Sequence

04. Homebound

05. Utgardr

06. Urjotun

07. Flight Of Thought And Memory

08. Storms Of Utgard

09. Distant Seasons

Regarding the "Utgard" album title, the band commented: "'Utgard' bears countless meanings to us; an image, metaphor, an esoteric 'location', a word on its own, etc. — on different levels and layers. From Norse mythology we know it as a landscape were the giants roam; where the gods of Asgard have no control; dangerous, chaotic, uncontrollable and where madness, creativeness, humor and chaos dwells.

"The album is a journey into and through 'Utgard'. It is a place of unification of that which is above and that which lies below. It is not about avoiding fear of the pitch-black darkness (it will keep on growing until the next confrontation), but to go into the darkness itself. This is the rebirth of the individual. In a world that has become so obsessed with the false lights of greed, jealousy and egotism this is a necessary journey.

"'Utgard' is not a fairytale, it is a vital part of both your mind and your surroundings, and it has been since the dawn of mankind. Acknowledging that this realm exists and is a vital part of the self, has inspired us deeply since the early days of our lives. Enjoy our journey to the outer limits."

ENSLAVED unveiled the "Utgard" album cover in a social media post in March. The band stated: "This is the 9th consecutive album cover artwork done by Truls Espedal — and like the album itself it is definitely on the wavelength of the long-distance pulse from the ENSLAVED generator. It is a piece of art that mirrors a massive concept and a band that is also more lyrically and philosophically inspired than ever before. That Truls is a master of his art is established a long time ago, but he has truly outdone himself on this interpretation of our Utgard. Just looking at how the colors and techniques are used to create the depth and grandiosity of the horizon. The perfect travelling companion into these uncharted territories."

ENSLAVEDs' last LP, "E", came out in 2017.

ENSLAVED Releases Music Video For New Single 'Homebound'


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22 май 2020, 17:28
Одна из лучших команд в экстремальном металле вообще - звучат мощно драйвово прогрессивно красиво, ну короче НИШТЯК !


22 май 2020, 19:21
Отличная песня


22 май 2020, 21:28
Батюшки святы! Отменный трек! :D


22 май 2020, 22:11
Как же круто и к месту поет ударник.


22 май 2020, 22:14
Этот барабаннер кстати еще и в вардруне оказывается поет


22 май 2020, 22:54

Evil Dmitry

22 май 2020, 23:11
Группа, как старое вино - чем старше, тем лучше становиться. Хотя, честно говоря, они никогда порожняк не гнали.


22 май 2020, 23:17
После Vertebrae что-то мне в них немного не так, да не этак. Меньше цеплять стали. Хз почему.


23 май 2020, 08:34
Голос у ударника приятнее, чем у клавишника. Песня отличная.

Bloodstained Cross

23 май 2020, 14:22
Никогда не нравились. Вечно читаю восторги,включаю,пытаюсь въехать...с трудом дослушиваю песню и вырубаю.


24 май 2020, 00:05
После Vertebrae они просто стали предсказуемы. Если до этого каждый альбом был в новом ключе, то после Vertebrae они окончательно нащупали свое звучание и успокоились, и теперь понятно, что от них можно услышать. Но этот трек на удивление весьма понравился!


24 май 2020, 22:12
Да отлично же!


12 июл 2020, 10:05

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