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David Ellefson


13 дек 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Is Selling Tour-Used And Studio-Played MEGADETH Gear

7 дек 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Says He Has Become More 'Hardlined' About Separation Between His Professional And Family Lives

29 ноя 2021 : 
Ex-MEGADETH Bassist DAVID ELLEFSON Becomes A 'Baron Of Sealand'

28 ноя 2021 : 
Here's The First Taste Of Unearthed 'Drum Riffs' From Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA Produced By DAVID ELLEFSON

22 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Brings Down Price Of His 'Personal Use' Video Messages On CAMEO

19 ноя 2021 : 

16 ноя 2021 : 
Ex-MEGADETH Bassist DAVID ELLEFSON: 'Every Gig Is An Audition For The Next Gig'

14 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON To Produce Unearthed 'Drum Riffs' From Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA

12 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Is Offering Personalized Video Messages On CAMEO; '24-Hour Delivery' Available

11 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON On Fallout From His Sex Video Scandal: Now 'I Know How Jesus Felt'

9 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Says He Was 'Kicked To The Side Of The Road' By MEGADETH After News Of His Sex Video Scandal Broke

8 ноя 2021 : 
Does DAVID ELLEFSON Still Have A Friendship With DAVE MUSTAINE? The Bassist Responds

4 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Recalls His First KISS Concert Experience: 'I Was 13'

2 ноя 2021 : 
Watch DAVID ELLEFSON Perform Live For First Time Since Being Fired From MEGADETH

27 окт 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON 'Was Nervous To Go To Starbucks' Days After News Of His Sex Video Scandal Broke

25 окт 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Says He Is 'Disappointed' In How His Split With MEGADETH Went Down, But Is 'Not Bitter' About It

23 окт 2021 : 
Ex-MEGADETH Bassist DAVID ELLEFSON: 'I Didn't Do Anything Wrong; There Was Nothing Illegal Here'

22 окт 2021 : 
Was DAVID ELLEFSON's Family Supportive In Wake Of Sex Video Scandal? He Responds

21 окт 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Gives His First Post-MEGADETH Interview: 'I'm Perfectly Content And Happy Where I Am Right Now'

20 окт 2021 : 
ANTHRAX's FRANK BELLO 'Loves' His Friend DAVID ELLEFSON: 'He's A Good Dude'

19 окт 2021 : 
Ex-MEGADETH Drummer SHAWN DROVER On DAVID ELLEFSON Getting Fired Over Sex Video: 'It's Unfortunate'

12 окт 2021 : 
Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA's Family Shows Support For DAVID ELLEFSON Following Sex Video Scandal

11 окт 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Is 'Super Proud' Of His Contribution To 'Moral Hygiene', MINISTRY's New Album

7 окт 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON To Co-Produce Documentary About Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA

16 сен 2021 : 
K.K. DOWNING Hopes Things Work Out Well For 'Gentleman' DAVID ELLEFSON

13 сен 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Makes First Post-MEGADETH Public Appearance At 'Crypticon' Horror Convention (Video)
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|||| 21 июл 2020


* *
ELLEFSON, the solo band of Grammy-winning MEGADETH bassist/co-founder David Ellefson, will release "No Cover", an LP featuring more than 13 cover songs, including classic tracks from MOTÖRHEAD, W.A.S.P., DEF LEPPARD, CHEAP TRICK, QUEEN, JUDAS PRIEST, TWISTED SISTER, FASTWAY, FIGHT, DEAD KENNEDYS, and more, on October 2 via Combat Records. The LP once again features cover art by Melody Myers, who has previously worked with ALTITUDES AND ATTITUDE and ESCAPE THE FATE, among others.

ELLEFSON, featuring Ellefson on bass, with vocalist Thom Hazaert, guitarists Andy Martongelli and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (SONS OF APOLLO, YES, GUNS N' ROSES), and drummer Paolo Caridi, will be joined by a laundry list of legendary guests, including:

* Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX)

* Eddie Ojeda (TWISTED SISTER)

* Brandon Yeagley (CROBOT)

* Dirk Verbeuren (MEGADETH)

* Frank Hannon and Troy Lucketta (TESLA)

* Mark Slaughter (SLAUGHTER)


* Greg Handevidt (KUBLAI KHAN, ex-MEGADETH)

* Chuck Behler (ex-MEGADETH)


* John Aquilino (ICON)

* Doro Pesch


* Dave Alvin (WHITE TRASH)


* Jimmy DeGrasso (ex-MEGADETH, ex-Y&T, ex-SUICIDAL TENDENCIES)

* Andrew Freeman (LAST IN LINE)

* Jacob Bunton (Mick Mars)


Produced by Ellefson and Hazaert, with Martongelli, and engineers Alessio Garavello, Matt LaPlant (NONPOINT, LIL' JON, SKINDRED), and John Aquilino, and mixed by Alessio Garavello, Randy Burns, and more, the process is described by Ellefson as a collaborative tribute, and a loving homage, to some of his favorite artists.

You can pre-order now on CD, LP and cassette, or in a deluxe bundle with an exclusive t-shirt.

Ellefson says: "Before any of us started writing our own songs, we all began playing cover songs by our heroes during our formative years as musicians. So it's fun to go back in time and revisit those songs which helped us to become the artists we are today, especially when, ironically, many of those artists have now become peers and friends.

"During the process of recording some covers for B-sides and bonus tracks for the upcoming ELLEFSON solo LP, Thom and I just said, 'This is a blast. Let's just do a whole album of covers.' Literally, within two weeks, we had the songs recorded, and began calling our friends to join us, many of whom we had just performed with on the Megacruise back in October. From there, the album just fell into place."

He continues: "A lot of our buddies have been playing covers and quarantine jams on the Internet during the pandemic, so this is really just an extension of that, but we took it the next level and actually recorded a full studio album. We've been working remotely anyway, as we're all over the globe, so it was easy to incorporate some guests jumping in with some outstanding performances of their own. It's been a really fun nod to making great music with our friends, who are kick-ass players, and many legends in their own right, which is the whole reason we got into this in the first place."

Says Hazaert: "It's all songs and artists that really mutually influenced both myself and David, especially a lot of early 'metal' and harder classic rock. Some stuff I picked, some stuff he picked, but for the most part is was all artists that we both loved. What's funny, as there's a bit of an age gap, we were sometimes more influenced by different eras of the same bands. But it was really him saying, 'Let's do this song,' and me saying, 'Yes!!! And let's do this song.' And before we knew it, we had over 15 songs. And it's a lot of album tracks, deep cuts, early tracks, stuff people might not expect, which was what was so fun."

He adds: "It was also great that we were able to work in a lot of nods to David's history, getting Chuck Behler to play with us, bringing in original MEGADETH guitarist Greg Handevidt to play on 'Love Me Like A Reptile', a song they used to play in cover bands together before they moved to L.A. (which we wrote about in 'More Life With Deth'), and Randy Burns is going to mix a track or two. As a singer, these are literally bands I've listened to, and covered all my life, and for me, getting to play with Eddie Ojeda, the TESLA guys, Charlie Benante, Jason McMaster, Mark Slaughter, etc, and sing these songs that mean so much to me. I mean, literally, the entire record is my bucket list of people I'd love to play with, and some of my favorite bands. So, it's truly an honor to put together something so fun, and really as effortless as this was. It truly is a love letter to rock n' roll, an homage to what made us, musically, who we are today."

2019 saw the release of Ellefson's "More Life With Deth" memoir, co-written with Hazaert, which led to the pair collaborating on the ELLEFSON compilation release "Sleeping Giants", released as a companion album to the book. Ellefson and Hazaert followed up the release of "Sleeping Giants" with an extensive U.S. and European tour, dubbed "More Live With Deth", with HATCHET guitarist Clayton Cagle, as well as FLOTSAM AND JETSAM's Steve Conley, stepping in on second guitar in the U.S., including several now-legendary shows featuring MEGADETH alumni Chuck Behler and Chris Poland.

The European "More Live With Deth" tour saw the permanent addition of guitarist Andy Martongelli and drummer Paolo Caridi into the recording lineup, as well as the return of Bumblefoot to the fold, and ELLEFSON was born. March 2020 brought the release of the single "Simple Truth", which was premiered on SiriusXM by Eddie Trunk, followed in May by the release of their re-imagined Post Malone cover "Over Now", both of which garnered national airplay.

ELLEFSON is set to tentatively release its debut full-length studio LP in spring 2021.


Check out a huge announcement from David Ellefson and Thom Hazaert, along with special guest Charlie Benante Official!!

Posted by David Ellefson on Wednesday, July 1, 2020




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