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|||| 16 сен 2020

EVILDEAD: 'United $tate$ Of Anarchy' Cover Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

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EVILDEAD will release a new studio album, "United $tate$ Of Anarchy", on October 30 via SPV/Steamhammer. The disc was produced by Bill Metoyer and the cover artwork was illustrated by Edward J. Repka.

"United $tate$ Of Anarchy" track listing:

01. The Descending

02. Word Of God

03. Napoleon Complex

04. Greenhouse

05. Without A Cause

06. No Difference

07. Blasphemy Divine

08. A.O.P. / War Dance

09. Seed Of Doubt

10. Planet Claire 2020 (LP/digital bonus track)

EVILDEAD was formed in 1987 with the intention to create heavy music in the thrash metal vein. The EVILDEAD sound was unique, highlighting a blend of speed and thrash metal guitar riffs along with hyper drumming locked in with an over-the-top thundering bass with punk overtones and lyrical themes that explored political, thought-provoking social ideas, mixed with horror and nuclear war themes.

In 1988, EVILDEAD signed a worldwide recording contract with SPV/Steamhammer and released the "Rise Above" EP featuring two original tracks, along with a cover version of the BLACK FLAG anthem "Rise Above". In the summer of 1988, EVILDEAD entered Music Grinder recording studios with producer/engineer Cacey McMakin (NUCLEAR ASSAULT, KREATOR) to record the classic full-length album "Annihilation Of Civilization".

In 1989, the band had some lineup changes along the way before their first successful European tour with co-headliners LAAZ ROCKIT. In 1990, EVILDEAD returned to the recording studio with producer Warren Croyle to track its second studio album titled "The Underworld", released in 1991 to rave reviews. After releasing its follow-up effort, "Live…From The Depths Of The Underworld", EVILDEAD disbanded in 1992, with members pursuing other projects.

In 2019, EVILDEAD secured a new recording deal with SPV/Steamhammer for "United $tate$ Of Anarchy". It will feature nine studio tracks plus a metalized cover version of the B-52'S' "Planet Claire" as a bonus track all produced by Bill Metoyer. Seminal artist Edward J. Repka has once again illustrated the cover of the new album.

EVILDEAD 2020 is:

Albert Gonzales - Rhythm/Lead Guitars

Juan Garcia - Rhythm/Lead Guitars

Rob Alaniz - Drums

Phil Flores - Lead Vocals

Karlos Medina - Bass

Photo credit: Alex Solca

EVILDEAD: 'United $tate$ Of Anarchy' Cover Artwork, Track Listing Revealed


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16 сен 2020, 06:41
Репка жарит! Закажу футболку точно, и диск тоже надо брать.


16 сен 2020, 10:19
Прекрасно!!! Ещё и продакшн Билла Метойера. Вся по канону!!!


16 сен 2020, 11:24
Если они сделали в стиле Преисподней, то это будет АдЪ и Кувейт!

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