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12 окт 2018 : 
CRYPTOPSY: 'Fear His Displeasure' Lyric Video

12 сен 2018 : 
CRYPTOPSY To Release 'The Book Of Suffering - Tome II' In October; 'Sire Of Sin' Video Available

15 июн 2018 : 
KREATOR, CRYPTOPSY Live At Hellfest 2017; Pro-Shot Video Streaming

9 май 2017 : 
CRYPTOPSY - Not Remastered Reissue Of None So Vile Available Now

10 фев 2017 : 
CRYPTOPSY To Perform None So Vile In It's Entirety On Devastation On The Nation Tour; Dates Announced

16 ноя 2016 : 
CRYPTOPSY: 'Halothane Glow' Video Released

21 апр 2016 : 
CRYPTOPSY Live At Wacken Open Air 2015 - Full Show Streaming

30 мар 2016 : 
CRYPTOPSY’s The Book Of Suffering Tome 1 EP To Be Released On Physical Formats

29 окт 2015 : 
CRYPTOPSY: Entire 'The Book Of Suffering Tome 1' EP Available For Streaming

26 сен 2015 : 
Video Premiere: CRYPTOPSY's 'Detritus (The One They Kept)'

22 сен 2015 : 
CRYPTOPSY To Release 'The Book Of Suffering Tome 1' EP Next Month

24 июн 2015 : 
CRYPTOPSY Launch Unite & Support Video For The Book Of Suffering Tome 1 EP; Members Of ANNIHILATOR, DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND, DIMMU BORGIR, CATTLE DECAPITATION And More Included

23 май 2015 : 
CRYPTOPSY Launch Teaser Video For The Book Of Suffering Tome 1 EP

9 май 2015 : 
CRYPTOPSY To Release 'The Book Of Suffering' Series Of EPs

25 июн 2013 : 

28 май 2013 : 

7 апр 2013 : 
CRYTOPSY Release Lyric Video For ‘The Golden Square Mile’

20 мар 2013 : 

20 ноя 2012 : 
CRYPTOPSY: New Album Premiere

12 ноя 2012 : 
CRYPTOPSY: Previously Unreleased Track From 'The Best Of Us Bleed' Collection Available

1 ноя 2012 : 
CRYPTOPSY In Japan: 15-Minute Video Recap

27 окт 2012 : 
CRYPTOPSY: 'The Best Of Us Bleed' Teaser Available

11 окт 2012 : 
CRYPTOPSY Guitarist To Sit Out Upcoming Shows; Temporary Replacement Announced

4 окт 2012 : 
CRYPTOPSY: 'The Best Of Us Bleed' Best-Of Collection Due In November

23 авг 2012 : 
CRYPTOPSY: Another New Song Available For Streaming

16 авг 2012 : 
CRYPTOPSY: Two New Songs Available For Streaming
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|||| 29 фев 2008

CRYPTOPSY Frontman Checks In From Recording Studio

* *
Canadian masters of brutality CRYPTOPSY are currently putting the finishing touches on their sixth full-length studio album, "The Unspoken King". The group recently announced the addition of new frontman Matt McGachy (3 MILE SCREAM) and keyboards/samplist Maggie Durand to its lineup.

Commented McGachy: "The studio process has been very fulfilling. We have just recently finished all of the vocal tracks and the samples are in the process of being completed. The songs are just as brutal as on the previous albums while being far more concise. We have even brought in ex-ION DISSONANCE vocalist Gabriel McCaughry to add some vocals to a track called 'Anoint the Dead'. Some of the other tracks on the album are called 'Worship Your Demons', 'The Headsmen' and 'Bemoan the Martyr'."

Regretfully, CRYPTOPSY has been forced to cancel its previously announced tour of South America in March after drummer Flo Mounier broke his knee cap. Mounier had completed the drum tracking process for the group’s new album prior to the incident, so it did not affect the recording. The tour of South America is expected to be re-scheduled later in 2008.

European CRYPTOPSY fans will be delighted to hear that the band will be touring Europe right on time of the release of their highly anticipated new effort in May-June 2008, supported by DECREPIT BIRTH and UNMERCIFUL.


КомментарииСкрыть/показать 4 ) Member


29 фев 2008, 17:30
К черту Южнуя Америку, айда к нам! :)))

Archaic Equilibrium

29 фев 2008, 22:57
Blackknot и не говори, обожаю Криптопси несмотря на то что пробитый думер ))) Member


1 мар 2008, 01:57
Крайности зовут! :)))


2 мар 2008, 04:17
Ждем в Берлине ;)

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