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Gus G.


2 апр 2021 : 
GUS G. Releases Music Video For New Solo Single 'Exosphere'

1 мар 2021 : 
FIREWIND Guitarist GUS G. Catches Up With Former DREAM EVIL Bandmate SNOWY SHAW

22 фев 2021 : 
FIREWIND's GUS G. Reveals His First Guitar In New Video

8 дек 2020 : 
GUS G. Says It Was 'A Crazy Moment' Meeting OZZY OSBOURNE For First Time: He's 'The Father Of Heavy Metal'

10 ноя 2020 : 
FIREWIND Guitarist GUS G. Is Working On A Solo Instrumental Album

28 авг 2020 : 
FIREWIND - GUS G. Performs "Break Away" Playthrough; Video

13 апр 2020 : 
GUS G. Is 'Not Sure' How Quickly Concert Industry Can Recover From Coronavirus Crisis

16 авг 2019 : 
GUS G. To Release 'Live In Budapest - Part 1' Digital-Only EP

20 май 2019 : 
GUS G. Defends Decision To Participate In EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: 'Music Should Know No Boundaries'

14 май 2019 : 
GUS G. Chosen As Spokesperson For Greek Jury At This Year's EUROVISION SONG CONTEST

1 фев 2019 : 
GUS G. Releases Music Video For 'Don't Tread On Me'

23 сен 2018 : 
GUS G. Releases 'Force Majeure' Video Featuring UFO's VINNIE MOORE

10 авг 2018 : 
GUS G. Says Social Media Is 'Everything' When It Comes To Promoting Music In 2018

22 апр 2018 : 
Video Premiere: GUS G.'s 'Fearless'

2 апр 2018 : 
GUS G. Is 'Totally Cool' With ZAKK WYLDE Returning To OZZY OSBOURNE's Band

30 мар 2018 : 
GUS G.: Lyric Video For New Song 'Mr. Manson'

28 мар 2018 : 
FIREWIND Guitarist GUS G. Performs Solo From EAGLES Classic "Hotel California"; Video

4 мар 2018 : 
Video Premiere: GUS G.'s 'Letting Go'

21 фев 2018 : 
GUS G. To Release 'Fearless' Solo Album In April

14 дек 2017 : 
Video: GUS G.'s New Power-Trio Solo Band Performs In Brooklyn

23 ноя 2017 : 
GUS G. Signs With AFM Records; New Album Due In April; North American Tour With VINNIE MOORE Kicks Off Next Week

29 апр 2017 : 
GUS G. Says Reunion Between OZZY OSBOURNE And ZAKK WYLDE Is 'Long Overdue'

27 дек 2016 : 
GUS G. Hopes To Be Part Of OZZY OSBOURNE's Next Solo Album

31 авг 2016 : 
OZZY OSBOURNE/FIREWIND Guitarist GUS G. Releases 'The Quest' Video

24 авг 2016 : 
FIREWIND Guitarist GUS G. Offers “We Are One” Guitar Lesson Video; Creative Soloing Approach Included

16 авг 2016 : 
FIREWIND Guitarist GUS G. Offers “Brand New Revolution” Guitar Lesson; Tapping Techniques Included
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|||| 22 фев 2021

FIREWIND's GUS G. Reveals His First Guitar In New Video

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"As many of you requested - here’s a video with my first electric guitar, the story behind it and some jams," says guitarist Gus G. (Firewind, Dream Evil, Ozzy Osbourne). "Have a nice weekend everybody."

Gus G. has launched a new company, Blackfire Pickups. He has posted a video trailer, found below, introducing the new venture. Go to the official website here.

Gus: "After designing several products with some of the biggest manufacturers in the business for years and releasing successful lines of signature products, I felt it’s time to take it to the next level and start my own company where I’d have total control and freedom over the creation of the products."

Two sets are currently available for pre-order.

- Immortal (passive)
- Proteus (active)


FIREWIND's GUS G. Reveals His First Guitar In New Video



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