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Ghost Iris

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|||| 22 фев 2021

GHOST IRIS Release Visualizer For New Single "Desert Dread" Featuring Ex-CHIMAIRA Vocalist MARK HUNTER

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Danish metalcore four-piece, Ghost Iris, have announced their new studio album, Comatose, which will see a May 7 release via Long Branch Records.

Since the release of their album, Apple Of Discord, the band has made a name for themselves with relentless touring throughout Europe, UK, and Japan - sharing the stage with the likes of Dream Theater, Jinjer, After The Burial, and Soen, along with playing renowned festivals such as Copenhell, Rockstadt Extreme Fest, and Euroblast. Winning over new fans every night with their intense and energetic performance, audiences around the world instantly hunger for the band’s return.

Gearing up for the release of their fourth full-length album, Ghost Iris are building upon the sounds they explored on their previous album. Pulverizing instrumentals, bleak lyrics, catchy and hard-hitting - Comatose is no exception to these descriptors; being their most visceral material yet.

Check out the official visualizer for the album lead-off track "Desert Dread" below.

Ghost Iris about the album title and artwork for Comatose: "Comatose is a title that represents in a plethora of ways. It’s about the fact that many people are asleep, but even from a coma, one can arise. On the surface, it might seem extremely dark, nihilistic, and bearing of a defeatist attitude, but darkness cannot exist where there’s light. We all exist in the age of enlightenment and even though it seems as if we’re all screwed and the earth is almost destroyed, times will surely change. Arise from the coma, no longer comatose, we fight the demons.

"The artwork for Comatose depicts Kali, whose name translates to “she who is death”, as a mere mortal. To serve the title of the album, the majority of mankind are asleep and oblivious as to what is going on around them. Ultimately, we are death. However, there is no darkness without the light - let us all arise from the coma."

Pre-order Comatose here. Stream the first single, "Paper Tiger", here. Watch the video below.

Comatose tracklisting:

"Desert Dread" Feat. Mark Hunter
"Paper Tiger"
"Former Self"
"Cold Sweat"
"Power Schism"

"Paper Tiger" video:


Jesper Vicencio Gün - Vocals
Nicklas Grønlund Thomsen - Guitar
Daniel Leszkowicz - Guitar
Sebastian Linnet - Drums

GHOST IRIS Release Visualizer For New Single "Desert Dread" Featuring Ex-CHIMAIRA Vocalist MARK HUNTER



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