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Barry Kuzay

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|||| 14 сен 2021

BARRY KUZAY Releases The Movers Of The World Album; Lyric Video Posted For "Wyatt's Torch" Feat. TIM "RIPPER" OWENS

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Barry Kuzay has released his new album, The Movers Of The World, an epic concept album inspired by the infamous and iconoclastic Ayn Rand novel, Atlas Shrugged.

The album features Barry Kuzay on vocals and guitar, Matt Thompson (King Diamond) on drums, and Ben Kuzay (ex-Monstrosity) on bass guitar, along with guest appearances by Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest, KK’s Priest) and the Shredlord himself, Joe Stump (Alcatrazz, Holyhell).

The album is available on CD and digital download. Order at, iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp. A lyric video for for "Wyatt's Torch" featuring Tim "Ripper" Owens, can be seen below.

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"Overture 2021"
"The Movers Of The World"
"Alone In The Mountains"
"The Virtues Of Greed"
"The Pirate"
"The Twentieth Century Motor Company"
"Who Is John Galt?"
"Enigmatic Engine"
"Wyatt’s Torch"
"Superspreader" (Bonus Track)

"Wyatt’s Torch" lyric video:

"Superspreader" video:

This is the second studio release from Barry Kuzay. Production on this album began in January 2020 and concluded in June 2021. Barry explains, “When world tours were needlessly made illegal by pathetic loser tyrants controlled by the CCP, I took full advantage and collaborated with some of my favorite musicians and influences on this album. I’m incredibly proud of the results, and it was a thrill to work with such highly skilled musicians.”

Barry Kuzay is a civil engineer in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin who works with steel by day and metal by night. He is the monarch of a micro-nation that has surrendered militarily to a foreign occupying power. The ceasefire agreement allows him to remain on the land with his family in exchange for paying protection money to the criminal gangs that claim dominion over that territory. He considers The Movers Of The World to be an artistic knife to the heart of those gangs of looters.

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BARRY KUZAY Releases The Movers Of The World Album; Lyric Video Posted For


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14 сен 2021, 16:18
Очень зря Оуэнс поет везде, где ни попадя. Так его участие превратится из эксклюзива в черти чо. Прям как наш Беркут - его участие уже зашквар, а не нечто выдающееся


14 сен 2021, 17:54
Да ладно, Стрид их вместе взятых наверное переплюнет.


15 сен 2021, 06:08
Пусть учавствует где хочет, его дело, зато не забыт и не сидит на одном месте

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