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Crystal Faith

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|||| 25 ноя 2021

Canada’s CRYSTAL FAITH Release New Single "My Memory, My Enemy"; Music Video Streaming

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Crystal Faith, Canada's poster men for heavy metal existential intellectualism, return from the trauma of confinement with a work that is as tricky as an over-stimulated amygdala and as memorable as a shot of glucocorticoids.

"My Memory, My Enemy" tells the story of a trauma victim's difficulties in coming to terms with painful past events and choosing to try to live a life where remembrances are something to be avoided, being unable to manage the anxiety that becomes emotionally overwhelming, rather than work through them for a chance at a better tomorrow.

With mental health still being the red-headed step child no one wants to talk about at the dinner table during family reunions, and with many sufferers still choosing silent self-medication over therapy, Crystal Faith's "My Memory, My Enemy" brings forth a subject that touches every one, whether you suffer from PTSD and other anxiety disorders or know someone who suffers from them and desperately need help just to reach the end of the day: Mental health issues are as common as people on this planet and no one is immune to them. Always remember that the worst thing anyone can do is go through it alone: don't isolate and reach out to someone else for help.

Another serious subject successfully brought to fruition by the two-headed, heavy metal sasquatch that is Erik Simard and Patrice Lord, told in a manner to educate and entertain anyone who will take the time to listen at what can be a distressful reality for many. This month, let's talk about all the work that went into the composing, writing, performing, recording, mixing, mastering, and producing of this song and remember the catchy melody of "My Memory, My Enemy".

Canada’s CRYSTAL FAITH Release New Single "My Memory, My Enemy"; Music Video Streaming



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