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30 окт 2020 : 
AUTOPSY Streaming Unreleased Track "Maggots In The Mirror" From Upcoming Live In Chicago Album; Lyric Video

17 окт 2020 : 
AUTOPSY Streaming "In The Grip Of Winter" From Upcoming Live In Chicago Album

6 окт 2020 : 
AUTOPSY To Release First Live Album, 'Live In Chicago', In October

3 авг 2020 : 
AUTOPSY - Pro-Shot Footage Of Hellfest 2017 Performance Posted

22 май 2019 : 
CHRIS REIFERT Says AUTOPSY Will Hit Studio Later This Year

27 окт 2017 : 
AUTOPSY To Release 'Puncturing The Grotesque' Mini-LP; Listen To Title Track

15 ноя 2015 : 
AUTOPSY – After The Cutting Box Set Pushed Back To January; Teaser Trailer Streaming

31 окт 2015 : 
AUTOPSY: New Song 'Waiting For The Screams' Available For Streaming

3 сен 2015 : 
AUTOPSY To Release 'After The Cutting' 4-Disc Set, 'Skullgrinder' LP In November

27 мар 2014 : 
AUTOPSY: New Song 'The Howling Dead' Available For Streaming

23 фев 2014 : 
AUTOPSY To Release 'Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves' In April

22 июн 2013 : 
AUTOPSY: Performance Footage Of Two New Songs

18 июн 2013 : 

5 июн 2013 : 
AUTOPSY: 'The Headless Ritual' Mini-Site Launched

29 май 2013 : 
AUTOPSY: New Song 'Arch Cadaver' Available For Streaming

20 апр 2013 : 
AUTOPSY: 'The Headless Ritual' Cover Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

29 мар 2013 : 
AUTOPSY To Enter Studio Next Week

24 окт 2012 : 
AUTOPSY Preparing To Enter Studio

31 авг 2012 : 
AUTOPSY: Video Footage Of 'Slaughter By The Water' Performance

21 авг 2012 : 
AUTOPSY - New Born Undead DVD Clip Streaming

31 май 2012 : 
AUTOPSY: 'Born Undead' DVD Trailer Available

29 мар 2012 : 
AUTOPSY To Release 'Born Undead' DVD

16 фев 2012 : 
AUTOPSY: 'All Tomorrow's Funerals' Video Released

28 янв 2012 : 
AUTOPSY: 'All Tomorrow's Funerals' Cover Artwork, Track Listing

19 ноя 2011 : 
AUTOPSY: \'All Tomorrow’s Funerals\' Release Date Revealed

31 окт 2011 : 
AUTOPSY Completes Tracks For New Compilation
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|||| 24 окт 2012

AUTOPSY Preparing To Enter Studio

* *
Legendary San Francisco Bay Area gore grind act AUTOPSY is preparing to begin work on its sixth album for a mid-2013 release via Peaceville Records. According to the group, the CD will be its "heaviest, darkest and most devastating album to date." The band adds, "This task is not being taken lightly and the band will see to it eardrums are torn, minds are destroyed and skulls are crushed.

"To make the horror complete, none other than famed artist Joe Petagno is handling the cover painting.

"Brace yourself for a mid-2013 release and know your hunger for death metal will be met with soul bludgeoning darkness and blood spattering savagery."

Peaceville has just released a vinyl edition of AUTOPSY's original 1995 swan song, "Shitfun", plus the ABSCESS classic "Through the Cracks of Death", marking 10 years since its original release and now presented for the first time ever on vinyl.

AUTOPSY recently released a new DVD, "Born Undead", via Peaceville. The set charts AUTOPSY's birth, death and rebirth with an extensive documentary conducted with the bandmembers themselves, as they describe how the beast came to be, and the impact their music has had on the metal world over a span of more than 20 years. The film also documents the band's long-awaited return to the studio and stage, and includes rehearsal footage of both new tracks and old classics for their live comeback assault.


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24 окт 2012, 13:10
Вполне ожидаемо.


24 окт 2012, 17:53
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