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12 янв 2017 : 
PATRIA Premier “Axis” Lyric Video

28 ноя 2016 : 
PATRIA Sign With Soulseller Records; Magna Adversia Album Details Revealed, Teaser Video Streaming

29 июл 2016 : 
PATRIA Announce Magna Adversia Album; “Making Of” Video #1 Streaming

14 дек 2014 : 
PATRIA Release "Symmetry Of Imperfection" Digital Single; Lyric Video Streaming

16 апр 2014 : 
PATRIA - Individualism Album Trailer Streaming

19 мар 2014 : 
Brazil's PATRIA Sign With Indie Recordings; 'Blood Prophecy' Track Streaming

10 мар 2013 : 
Black Metallars PATRIA Release New Track; Teaser From Upcoming Album

8 апр 2012 : 
PATRIA: New Album Artwork Unveiled

15 ноя 2011 : 
PATRIA: New Video Online

24 янв 2011 : 
PATRIA Signs with Drakkar Productions

3 янв 2011 : 
PATRIA: "Liturgia Haeresis" Cover Art is Unveiled

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|||| 10 мар 2013

Black Metallars PATRIA Release New Track; Teaser From Upcoming Album

* *
South American black metal band PATRIA recently put out a teaser from their upcoming new album Nihil Est Monastica, which will be released March 13th through Drakkar Productions. The teaser was helmed by Swedish producer Hakan Sjodin, who has also done work with MARDUK.
Check out the teaser below:
In addition to the teaser, Patria has uploaded a new song from the album, titled ‘Ascendant Of Darkness.’ Check out the track below:
Guitarist, bassist, and drummer Mantus comments: “Nihil Est Monastica is an album going through a bit fresh musical conception if compared to our previous releases. There’s no walls’ at all concerning our creativity on this record. We just decided to do what we had to do, naturally, without any worries about labels or rules. Something that would pleasure our own ears as real black metal fans, you know. We’re also mixing different influences and elements. It also has a little better production, but even still keeping that necro and low-fi characteristics of the early black metal sound.”
The cover art was created by Costin Chioreanu (DARKTHRONE, ULVER, AURA NOIR, ABSU).

For more info visit


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10 мар 2013, 21:03
То, что доктор прописал. Member


11 мар 2013, 09:13
Если только психиатр.

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