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8 июл 2020 : 
Watch Pro-Shot Video Of METALLICA's Entire 2007 Concert In Lisbon

7 июл 2020 : 
ENNIO MORRICONE, Composer Of METALLICA's Longtime Intro Song, Has Died

1 июл 2020 : 
METALLICA Is 'Excited About Cultivating New Ideas' While In Quarantine, Says ROBERT TRUJILLO

30 июн 2020 : 
Watch Pro-Shot Video Of METALLICA's Entire 1999 Concert In Bogotá

30 июн 2020 : 
Video Tour Of JAMES HETFIELD's Car Collection From Petersen Automotive Museum

25 июн 2020 : 
METALLICA Fans Name 'Master Of Puppets' Band's Greatest Song Ever

24 июн 2020 : 
Watch Pro-Shot Video Of METALLICA's Entire 2008 Concert In Madrid

24 июн 2020 : 
Watch METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD Page Through His 'Reclaimed Rust' Book

23 июн 2020 : 
METALLICA Bassist ROBERT TRUJILLO Reveals How Rob & Kirk's Doodle Came To Be - "Hold On A Minute, There's Something Here..."

20 июн 2020 : 
METALLICA's LARS ULRICH And KIRK HAMMETT Look Back On The Making Of Ride The Lightning - "We Were Creating Our Own Playing Field"

18 июн 2020 : 
LARS ULRICH Says METALLICA Members Are Sending New Music Ideas To Each Other Via E-Mail And ZOOM

17 июн 2020 : 
Watch METALLICA's Entire March 2013 Concert In Melbourne, Australia

15 июн 2020 : 
METALLICA's 2017 Performance At ROCK ON THE RANGE Kicks Off Online Series

12 июн 2020 : 
Watch METALLICA Battle Torrential Rain In Manchester

11 июн 2020 : 
METALLICA's 2019 Performances With SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY To Be Released As Box Set In August

10 июн 2020 : 
Watch METALLICA's January 1997 Concert In Salt Lake City

8 июн 2020 : 
JAMES HETFIELD Is The Table: One-Of-A-Kind Coffee Tables Built By METALLICA Frontman

31 май 2020 : 
METALLICA's LARS ULRICH Recalls Meeting JAMES HETFIELD For First Time: 'He Was Very Shy And Super Introverted'

28 май 2020 : 
Former METALLICA Bassist RON MCGOVNEY: Why I Never Regretted Leaving The Band

27 май 2020 : 
Watch METALLICA's Entire March 2014 Lima, Peru Concert

26 май 2020 : 
METALLICA: Pro-Shot Footage Of 'The God That Failed' Performance From Madrid

23 май 2020 : 
LARS ULRICH Looks Ahead To METALLICA's 40th Anniversary: 'Hopefully We're Just Getting Started'

22 май 2020 : 
METALLICA's 'Blackened' Whiskey Releases Limited-Edition 'Batch 100' Box Set

21 май 2020 : 
METALLICA: Pro-Shot Video Of 'Halo On Fire' Performance From Milan

20 май 2020 : 
METALLICA Release "Enter Sandman" HQ Performance Video From Lyon, France

19 май 2020 : 
Watch METALLICA's Entire August 1983 Chicago Concert
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|||| 2 окт 2013

METALLICA: Official Video Recap Of ROCK IN RIO Concert

* *
Official MetOnTour video recap of METALLICA's September 19 performance at the Rock In Rio festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil can be seen below. The 20-minute clip includes a tuning-room segment, and "Holier Than Thou" from the concert.

The band's setlist was as follows:

01. Hit The Lights02. Master Of Puppets03. Holier Than Thou04. Harvester Of Sorrow05. The Day That Never Comes06. The Memory Remains07. Wherever I May Roam08. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)09. Sad But True10. ...And Justice For All11. One12. For Whom The Bell Tolls13. Blackened14. Nothing Else Matters15. Enter Sandman


16. Creeping Death17. Battery18. Seek & Destroy

According to The Pulse Of Radio, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich explained in a question-and-answer session that followed a recent screening of METALLICA's "Metallica Through The Never" movie that the film has actually inspired the metal legends to get moving on new music. Ulrich said, "Getting a chance to do all these challenges and adventures really fuels us to go back into the studio and make hopefully a better album... METALLICA, I think, increasingly depends on these types of things to feel challenged as artists. So making films is great and it certainly gets us out of our comfort zone, so when we get back to the studio we just feel more inspired and more invigorated."

Ulrich told The Pulse Of Radio not long ago that the band gets energized by branching out into other projects before returning to work on its next record. "There'll be a new record and we certainly never want to turn into a nostalgia band, but at the same time, you've got to keep yourself, I guess, creatively alive and that's what we do by playing these gigs and doing all these other projects and doing movies and festivals," he said. "I mean, it's just, all that stuff's a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of time, you know."

The drummer added that the band is immensely satisfied with the filmmaking experience and final result, saying, "Three years later it's just so cool to sit up there and feel the energy and take it in that energy on the screen."

Frontman James Hetfield agreed that the band's creative process while making the film was similar to the way it comes up with ideas for its albums, saying, "We had a whole bunch of ideas and that was the easy part. Making them all come to fruition and getting them in the movie was (the hard part). We couldn't put everything in there as the price tag would have doubled or tripled."

"Through The Never" opened in IMAX theaters on September 27, expanding to more screens on October 4.

METALLICA: Official Video Recap Of ROCK IN RIO Concert


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2 окт 2013, 10:08
их даже на сцену не выпустили?)))


2 окт 2013, 11:16
Нормально, приучают зрителей, что лет через 40 заместо них на сцене будут выступать голограммы)


2 окт 2013, 13:23
Прикольно Папа Хэт пятачком в микрофон упирается.

Pandem Light

2 окт 2013, 15:23
Недолго ему осталось пятачком упираться - скоро пузо не даст приблизиться :)


2 окт 2013, 15:42
И, всё же, какой классный первый рифф в верхних тонах у The Day.
Интересно, кстати, послушать старые песни без игры Ларса.


2 окт 2013, 15:54
странно что ещё нет новостей кто и во сколько из метлы в туалет сходил. про каждый концерт новости постите?

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