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Impending Doom


2 июл 2018 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: 'Paved With Bones' Video Released

13 июн 2018 : 
Listen To New IMPENDING DOOM Song 'War Music'

16 май 2018 : 
IMPENDING DOOM Debut New Track "Everything's Fake"; Music Video

4 апр 2018 : 
IMPENDING DOOM To Release 'The Sin And Doom Vol. II' Album In June

1 ноя 2013 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: 'Doomsday' Video Available

24 окт 2013 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: 'Ravenous Disease' Song Available For Streaming

19 окт 2013 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: 'Death Will Reign' Album Preview

4 окт 2013 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: 'Death Will Reign' Title Track Available For Streaming

30 сен 2013 : 

26 сен 2013 : 
IMPENDING DOOM To Release 'Death Will Reign' In November

20 сен 2013 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: Trailer For Upcoming Album

17 май 2013 : 
IMPENDING DOOM Begins Recording New Album

27 июн 2012 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: 'Deceiver' Video Released

9 мар 2012 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: 'Murderer' Video Released

28 янв 2012 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: New Album Cover Artwork Revealed

18 янв 2012 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: New Song Available For Streaming

9 янв 2012 : 
IMPENDING DOOM To Release \'Baptized In Filth\' In March

4 авг 2011 : 
IMPENDING DOOM Preparing To Enter Studio

18 мар 2011 : 

31 авг 2010 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: \'There Will Be Violence\' Video Released

9 июн 2010 : 
IMPENDING DOOM: New Song Available For Streaming

26 май 2010 : 
IMPENDING DOOM - \'There Will Be Violence\' Artwork und Track List enthüllt!

4 фев 2010 : 
IMPENDING DOOM Parts Ways With Guitarist, Drummer
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|||| 24 окт 2013

IMPENDING DOOM: 'Ravenous Disease' Song Available For Streaming

* *
"Death Will Reign", the new album from Southern California juggernauts IMPENDING DOOM, is due on November 5 via eOne Music. The CD was recorded, produced and mixed by Will Putney at The Machine Shop (SUICIDE SILENCE, LAMB OF GOD).

The song "Ravenous Disease" can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below.

"IMPENDING DOOM have never sounded uglier and more desperate than on 'Death Will Reign'," says Alternative Press.

IMPENDING DOOM has crafted a stunning, deliberate and unrelenting collection with a sense of purpose, drive and continuity. "Death Will Reign" is the culmination of all that has come before, mining the bleak darkness and "scare" factor of last year's "Baptized in Filth" and the dynamic fury of "There Will Be Violence" and "The Serpent Servant". All of those elements are injected with the return of the gritty rawness found within the unpolished grind of "Nailed. Dead. Risen", IMPENDING DOOM's squealing cult-classic debut that introduced the world to their unique combination of reverent worship and sick gore-core, dubbed Goreship. "We wanted this album to sound very natural and unpolished," explains IMPENDING DOOM's longtime bassist David Sittig, a part of the lineup since before the first album's release. "There's no crazy digital stuff. There are no fake drums. We wanted it to have the feel of our first album with the songwriting from the last one. We've gotten better at song structures and so forth over the years, but we wanted to recapture that old-school vibe, too."

IMPENDING DOOM's fourth full-length album, "Baptized In Filth", sold 4,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 106 on The Billboard 200 chart. Released on March 13, 2012, the CD was produced by Andreas Magnusson (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE FAMINE) and was mixed by Machine, who has previously worked with LAMB OF GOD, SUICIDE SILENCE and DEMON HUNTER, among others.

IMPENDING DOOM: 'Ravenous Disease' Song Available For Streaming



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