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Led Zeppelin


28 май 2020 : 
LED ZEPPELIN's 'Celebration Day' To Stream On YouTube For Limited Time

16 май 2020 : 
LED ZEPPELIN - Live Scandinavia ‘69 Limited Edition White Heavyweight Vinyl Due In July

10 мар 2020 : 
Appeals Court Sides With LED ZEPPELIN In 'Stairway To Heaven' Copyright Case

12 дек 2019 : 
LED ZEPPELIN - Hot Wheels Car Collection Announced

23 окт 2019 : 
Watch Episodes 7 And 8 Of LED ZEPPELIN's 'History Of Led Zeppelin' YouTube Series

26 сен 2019 : 
JIMMY PAGE: Why LED ZEPPELIN Was The Best Band In The World

23 сен 2019 : 
MILEY CYRUS Covers LED ZEPPELIN, PINK FLOYD At iHeartRadio Music Festival (Video)

16 сен 2019 : 
LED ZEPPELIN Tribute Band LEZ ZEPPELIN Release Cover Of "Immigrant Song"; New EP To Be Released In November

6 сен 2019 : 
Watch Episode 6 Of LED ZEPPELIN's 'History Of Led Zeppelin' YouTube Series

22 авг 2019 : 
Justice Department Sides With LED ZEPPELIN In 'Stairway To Heaven' Copyright Case

10 авг 2019 : 
KORN And TOOL Ask To Weigh In On LED ZEPPELIN's 'Stairway To Heaven' Copyright Case

9 авг 2019 : 
LED ZEPPELIN - "History Of Led Zeppelin" Video Series Episode #5: Return To California, May 1969

10 июл 2019 : 
LED ZEPPELIN: Episode 4 Of 'History Of Led Zeppelin' YouTube Series

6 июл 2019 : 
JIMMY PAGE Reflects On LED ZEPPELIN I Album - "I Wanted To Have Something That Had The Full Breadth And Depth Of Orchestras, Through Guitar Music"

14 июн 2019 : 
LED ZEPPELIN: Episode 3 Of 'History Of Led Zeppelin' YouTube Series

13 июн 2019 : 
LED ZEPPELIN - Richard Houghton’s 'The Day I Was There Book' Due Next Week; Pre-Order Available; Video Trailer Streaming

10 май 2019 : 
LED ZEPPELIN: Episode 2 Of 'History Of Led Zeppelin' YouTube Series

8 май 2019 : 
LED ZEPPELIN: Official Documentary Announced For 50th Anniversary

14 фев 2019 : 
LED ZEPPELIN Partners With VANS For New Shoe Line

11 янв 2019 : 
LED ZEPPELIN Catalog Tops $21M Digitally; All Songs Ranked By Revenue Generated

17 дек 2018 : 
LED ZEPPELIN - New Video Trailer For Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin Book Streaming

1 дек 2018 : 
Update: United States Court Of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit "Partly Favours" LED ZEPPELIN In "Stairway To Heaven" Case

10 окт 2018 : 
LED ZEPPELIN By Led Zeppelin Book Now Available; New Video Trailer Streaming

4 окт 2018 : 
LED ZEPPELIN - Official Video Trailer Launched For Led Zeppelin x Led Zeppelin Collection

1 окт 2018 : 
Federal Appeals Court Orders New Trial In Copyright Case Over LED ZEPPELIN's 'Stairway to Heaven'

28 сен 2018 : 
LED ZEPPELIN: Three New Digital Releases Available Now As 50th-Anniversary Celebration Begins
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|||| 16 июн 2016

LED ZEPPELIN’s Jimmy Page Testifies At “Stairway To Heaven” Copyright Trial

* *
According to the Associated Press, guitar legend Jimmy Page testified Wednesday that until a few years ago, he'd never heard a song that Led Zeppelin is accused of ripping off for “Stairway To Heaven”.

"Something like that would stick in my mind. It was totally alien to me," Page said of the instrumental song “Taurus”, by the band Spirit.

A lawyer for the estate of Spirit's late guitarist, Randy California, contends that the famous descending-chord guitar riff that begins 1971's Stairway was lifted from the Spirit tune, which was released a few years earlier.

An eight-member jury is hearing the copyright infringement case in federal court. Jurors must decide whether the two sequences are substantially similar.

Earlier in the day, former Spirit member Mark Andes testified that riffs from both songs, played by an acoustic guitarist on a video aired in court, were the same.

Musical experts not involved in the case have said the sequence is common and has appeared in other pieces from decades and even centuries ago.

Read more at the Associated Press.

The lawsuit was brought in 2014, 43 years after "Stairway To Heaven" was released, on behalf of the late Randy California, Spirit’s guitarist and the composer of “Taurus”. A trust created by his mother and administered by a former rock journalist alleged in the complaint that Page lifted the opening acoustics “Stairway” from an instrumental that California had written in 1966 for his girlfriend. According to trustee Michael Skidmore, Page had asked California to teach him the chords to Taurus in 1969, when the two groups would sometimes tour together.

LED ZEPPELIN’s Jimmy Page Testifies At “Stairway To Heaven” Copyright Trial


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16 июн 2016, 14:33
А мы все - дураки, считающие, что LZ - музыкальные таланты.
А они банальные воры! Как нас всех развели как лохов!


16 июн 2016, 15:54
Некоторые - такие, как MarquisTiamaT, судя по всему, дураками были рождены...


16 июн 2016, 16:01
Поделом мерзким преступникам!

Family Ghost

16 июн 2016, 16:07
Некоторые - такие, как Moomrick, судя по всему, не слышали о такой новой штуке, как "сарказм"


16 июн 2016, 16:15
Ну... в этом случае вынужден буду подозревать, что дурак - это я... :(


16 июн 2016, 19:35
Cколько шума то из-за одного доллара....


16 июн 2016, 22:32
Привет Flashback! The Song Remains The Same... одним словом. Ну и всем здоровья на дальнейшие заседания...


17 июн 2016, 09:34
почему в качестве подзащитных, а не обвиняемых? Member


17 июн 2016, 09:39
Описка) Поправил, спасибо.


22 июн 2016, 18:26
Moomrick, будем считать, что ты в тот момент был нетрезв. ;)

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