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25 май 2020 : 
Former GHOST Member HENRIK PALM To Release New Solo Album, 'Poverty Metal', In The Fall

22 май 2020 : 
GHOST Vodka Makers Fire Back At TOBIAS FORGE: 'We Aren't Willing To Be Bullied Or Compromised'

15 май 2020 : 
TOBIAS FORGE's Attorney On GHOST Vodka Lawsuit: This Case Is 'About Trademark Rights'

15 май 2020 : 
British Vodka Makers Allegedly Threatened With Legal Action By GHOST

8 апр 2020 : 
GHOST: Papa Nihil And Nameless Ghoul Collectible Figures Coming Soon

20 мар 2020 : 
Man Who 'Probably' Contracted COVID-19 At GHOST Concert Becomes Mexico's First Coronavirus Death

6 мар 2020 : 
GHOST Bid Farewell To CARDINAL COPIA, Introduce PAPA EMERITUS IV At Mexico City Show (Video)

20 янв 2020 : 
GHOST's TOBIAS FORGE On Bringing His Music Video Ideas To Life: 'Most Of The Things That I Come Up With Are Not Done Yet'

14 янв 2020 : 
GHOST Jigsaw Puzzles Due In March

19 дек 2019 : 

16 дек 2019 : 
GHOST To Record One Song In January For Special Project

27 ноя 2019 : 
GHOST's TOBIAS FORGE To Receive STIM's Platinum Award

27 окт 2019 : 
Watch GHOST Perform In Hershey, Pennsylvania

21 сен 2019 : 
Watch GHOST Perform In Seattle

17 сен 2019 : 
GHOST Performs New Songs 'Kiss The Go-Goat' And 'Mary On A Cross' Live For First Time (Video)

13 сен 2019 : 
Listen To Another New GHOST Song, 'Mary On A Cross'

13 сен 2019 : 
GHOST Releases Music Video For New Single 'Kiss The Go-Goat'

2 сен 2019 : 
GHOST's TOBIAS FORGE Weighs In On METALLICA Ticket Scam: 'There's Very Little' That Artists Can Do About It

9 авг 2019 : 
GHOST's TOBIAS FORGE Doesn't Want To Rush Next Studio Album

2 авг 2019 : 
GHOST To Release New Two-Song Single In September?

31 июл 2019 : 
GHOST - Capital Chaos TV Posts 3-Camera Edit Of "Rats" From Heavy Montreal 2019

29 июл 2019 : 
GHOST - Fan-Filmed Video From Heavy Montreal 2019 Posted

12 июл 2019 : 
GHOST Releases Provocative New Lyric Video For 'Faith'

19 июн 2019 : 
Watch GHOST Perform Acoustic Version Of 'Dance Macabre' At Belgium's STUDIO BRUSSEL

14 июн 2019 : 
GHOST Launches New Chapter With 'New World Redro' Video

20 май 2019 : 
Watch GHOST Perform In Zurich As Support Act For METALLICA
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|||| 12 сен 2016

New GHOST EP 'Popestar' Due This Friday; Listen To 'Square Hammer' Song

* *
"Square Hammer", a brand new song from Swedish occult rockers GHOST, was premiered this morning on SiriusXM and can now be streamed at The track, which can also be heard using the audio player below, will appear on the band's new EP, "Popestar", to be released this Friday, September 16. The effort, which consists primarily of covers, was helmed by English producer Tom Dalgety, who has previously worked with ROYAL BLOOD and KILLING JOKE, among others.

GHOST will perform "Square Hammer" on its upcoming North American tour. One of the Nameless Ghouls told SiriusXM: "We're very proud of it. We're obviously thrilled to be able to play something new. This is a short, to-the-point little gem right at the jugular."

"Popestar" track listing:

01. Square Hammer02. Nocturnal Me03. I Believe04. Missionary Man05. Bible

The EP cover artwork can be seen below.

A Nameless Ghoul told myROCK about GHOST's upcoming EP: "The EP will sort of connect with 'Meliora', so it's not [going to feature] a new Papa [Editor's note: In a parody of the Catholic Church's tradition of papal succession, GHOST singer Papa Emeritus is purportedly replaced by a new Papa for each GHOST album.], it's not a new album; it's gonna be like an extension of 'Meliora'. That is gonna prolong the tour. So we're gonna do an American tour in the fall, and then we're gonna come back to Europe in the beginning of next year and do a bigger, sort of final 'Meliora' show. And in between now and then, we will work on the new album, and after the European tour in the beginning of [2017], we're gonna go into the studio and record a new album."

GHOST won the Grammy for "Best Metal Performance" during the pre-telecast ceremony at the 58th annual Grammy Awards. GHOST was nominated for the song "Cirice" from "Meliora".

"Cirice" recently reached the Top 10 at rock radio, the first song from the band to get significant airplay in the U.S.

Listen to "Square Hammer" (audio):

New GHOST EP 'Popestar' Due This Friday; Listen To 'Square Hammer' Song



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12 сен 2016, 20:34
Офигеннейший трек, ни дать ни взять.


12 сен 2016, 21:31


12 сен 2016, 21:33
арт шикарный


12 сен 2016, 22:46


12 сен 2016, 23:32
В духе последнего альбома, это радует.


13 сен 2016, 08:09
Как всегда цепляюще и талантливо, Ghost уже стали синонимами качества

Pandem Light

13 сен 2016, 10:25
Примитивнейшие и изрядно набившие оскомину ходы в ретро-стиле, чтобы быть в тренде. А барабанные партии даже драм-машина более оригинальные выдаст. Не понимаю хайпа относительно этой группы. Скучно, невыразительно и нудно, какую песню не включи.


13 сен 2016, 10:59
По-моему, они как раз наоборот из ретро-стиля потихоньку выходят.
А хайп поднимают только хейтеры, в основном просто людям нравится, люди слушают, ходят на концерты, подпевают группе, получают удовольствие.

Pandem Light

13 сен 2016, 13:17
Людям по душе, когда все просто и понятно: "Эй, я уже слышал эту песню, классная. Ой, не эту, но какая разница, звучит один в один, как та". Аранжировка откровенно слаба и слеплена на коленке, зато в ней есть всё, что люди уже тысячу раз слышали.
И как это они выходят из ретро, если даже здесь так и просятся наружу слова "California dreamin' on such a winter's day"?


13 сен 2016, 16:17
Pandem Light, и чо? Людям нравится же. Или мы будем поливать все говном, считая себя частью Илиты?


16 сен 2016, 11:47
песня класс!

Pandem Light

17 сен 2016, 00:51
Судя по всему, если мнение не сходится с заядлыми фанами, то автоматом идёт причисление к "илите"? Круто) Удивительно, как ещё люди осмеливаются высказывать свои мысли по какому-либо поводу)

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