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Powerman 5000


2 авг 2021 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Frontman Looks Back On 'Massive' Nu Metal Movement: 'It Was A Really Exciting Time'

18 окт 2020 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Releases Special 2020 Version Of 'When Worlds Collide'

15 сен 2020 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Releases Music Video For 'Strange People Doing Strange Things'

13 авг 2020 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Releases Music Video For 'Brave New World'

30 июн 2020 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Frontman Says 'Selfish, Entitled And Stupid' People Are To Blame For Rise In New Coronavirus Cases

4 июн 2020 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Releases New Single 'Black Lipstick' From Forthcoming 'The Noble Rot' Album

26 мар 2020 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Signs With CLEOPATRA RECORDS; 'The Noble Rot' Album Due This Year

1 ноя 2018 : 
Video Premiere: POWERMAN 5000's Footsteps And Voices'

28 окт 2017 : 
Video Premiere: POWERMAN 5000's 'David F**king Bowie'

27 окт 2017 : 
Listen To POWERMAN 5000's Entire New Album, 'New Wave'

15 окт 2017 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Releases 'Cult Leader' Video

5 сен 2017 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Releases Official Video For New Single, 'Sid Vicious In A Dress'

26 авг 2017 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Returns With New Single, 'Sid Vicious In A Dress'; 'New Wave' Album Due In October

13 июн 2017 : 
POWERMAN 5000 To Release 'New Wave' Album

6 фев 2017 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Has Recorded Ten Songs For Upcoming Album

27 июн 2014 : 
POWERMAN 5000: 'How To Be A Human' Video Premiere

28 май 2014 : 
POWERMAN 5000: Entire 'Builders Of The Future' Album Available For Streaming

21 май 2014 : 
POWERMAN 5000: New Song 'Invade, Destroy, Repeat' Available For Streaming

27 мар 2014 : 
POWERMAN 5000 To Release 'Builders Of The Future' In May

16 июл 2013 : 
POWERMAN 5000 'Almost Done' With New Studio Album

3 авг 2009 : 
POWERMAN 5000: New Album Title Revealed

9 июл 2009 : 
POWERMAN 5000 Completes Work On New Album
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|||| 27 окт 2017

Listen To POWERMAN 5000's Entire New Album, 'New Wave'

* *
POWERMAN 5000's new album, "New Wave", can be streamed in its entirety using the SoundCloud widget below. The disc will be released on October 27 via Pavement Entertainment.

"New Wave" is POWERMAN 5000's eleventh official release since forming in 1992 and continues the strides and success, from their platinum-selling album "Tonight The Stars Revolt!" to their most recent chart-topping single in 2014, "How To Be A Human".

Regarding the overall sound of the follow-up to 2014's "Builders Of The Future", vocalist Spider One said: "We went a bit dirtier on this one. Ripped it up more than the last couple of records. One of the goals was to recreate the noise of the live show. Keep in the chaos."

On the topic of the new album title, Spider said: "New Wave? Are we a new wave band? Well, I would say that we have always had more in common with DEVO than DIO."

POWERMAN 5000's legacy continues to push the boundaries of rock, metal, industrial, rap and punk to create innovative and groundbreaking releases time and time again. With songs like "David F**king Bowie", "Cult Leader" and "Sid Vicious In A Dress", the new album is sure to please longtime fans, as well as turn the heads of many more to come.

Spider One told Rock Revolt Magazine about "Sid Vicious In A Dress": "It's funny. We made the record. We had the record done. You always get to that point of making an album, you go, 'Okay, it's done now. We can put this out. I feel good about it. Let's write one more song just for fun.' That's what this song was. I was like, by the time you make a whole album, you end up with ten or eleven songs, but you've probably exhausted forty or fifty ideas, so by the time you get to that point, you're a little bit burnt. It's like, 'What else do I have? What other ideas do I have?' I went back to my notes in my folder and I had this song title 'Sid Vicious In A Dress' written down. I always felt, 'Maybe if I ever write a song for someone else, that would be a good song to use.' It's not a POWERMAN song, but it kept coming back and so I said 'Fuck it! That's a POWERMAN song now.' We tracked and wrote that song in an afternoon and it was no pressure kind of thing and it ended up being the first single, which is pretty crazy. Yeah, sonically, it's a pretty straight-ahead POWERMAN song, but lyrically, it's a little different. It's a little tongue-in-cheek and maybe a simpler of a concept. I tend to sometimes be my own worst enemy lyrically and write these things and people are, like, 'What the fuck does that mean?' This one, there's no mistaking what it's about, although I must say, there is confusion. This, I never thought in a million years this would be confusing, but welcome to the Internet. In my mind, I thought, 'Everybody knows who Sid Vicious is. He was the bass player for the SEX PISTOLS.' Apparently, there was a WWE wrestler named Sid Vicious so people were going, 'Why would they want to put the wrestler in a dress? I don't get it.' People were just all confused. So I was going 'Oh, fuck.' You think things couldn't be any more confusing, but I was like 'Okay.'"

"New Wave" track listing:

01. Footsteps And Voices02. Hostage03. Sid Vicious In A Dress04. David F**king Bowie05. Cult Leader06. No White Flags07. Thank God08. Die On Your Feet09. Get A Life10. Run For Your Life

Listen To POWERMAN 5000's Entire New Album, 'New Wave'



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