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The Modern Age Slavery

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|||| 8 дек 2017

THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY Release "Miles Apart" Music Video

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Italian death metal/deathcore stalwarts, The Modern Age Slavery have released a video for “Miles Apart”, a track from their forthcoming album Stygian, available via Innerstrength Records on November 24th. Check out the clip below, and pre-order the new album here.

Coming almost four years after the release of 2013's Requiem For Us All (Pavement), the level-jumping blast of intensity on the band's Innerstrength debut is the result of miles logged and the already dynamic songwriting honed to a fine point.

The band released the following statement about the new album: "With this new album we tried to make another step forward in the evolution of our sound: what you'll hear it's a quite obscure atmosphere delivering a sullen and evil experience, yet keeping the heaviness of the death metal matrix that marked our music in the previous albums. The lyrics are all inspired by a common theme, from which the name Stygian and the correlated artwork come from, discussing the questionable matter of the human evolution leading men to a slow but inevitable mutation into a being that lost his mind and compassion devoured by greediness and will to power. All the pieces of the puzzle are perfectly pondered to create an album made of passion, of anger, and real emotions. This is the The Modern Age's album!"


“A Stygian Tide”
“Miles Apart”
“Prelude To An Evolution”
“Regression Through Unlearning”
“Sandblasted Skin” (Pantera Cover)
“The Hollow Men”
“The Place We Call Home”
“The Reprisal Within”
“The Theory Of Shadows”

“Miles Apart” video:

"The Theory Of Shadows" lyric video:

“The Reprisal Within”:

THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY Release "Miles Apart" Music Video



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