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18 июл 2018 : 
LOUDNESS - Pro-Shot Video Of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE Loud Park 2015 Performance Featuring Former Vocalist MIKE VESCERA Available

6 мар 2018 : 
LOUDNESS Drummer MASAYUKI SUZUKI Suffers Stroke; Upcoming Tour Dates To Go Ahead With Temporary Replacement

27 янв 2018 : 
Video Premiere: LOUDNESS's 'Soul On Fire'

13 янв 2018 : 
Listen To New LOUDNESS Song 'I'm Still Alive'

7 ноя 2017 : 
LOUDNESS: 'Rise To Glory' Album Details Revealed

21 авг 2017 : 
Video: LOUDNESS Performs In Oslo, Norway

18 авг 2017 : 
LOUDNESS To Release 'Rise To Glory' Album In January

20 апр 2017 : 
Did TRUMP's New Immigration Policies Cause Cancelation Of LOUDNESS's U.S. Tour?

23 ноя 2015 : 
JAKE E. LEE Pays Tribute To LOUDNESS For Thunder In The East 30th Anniversary - "One Of The Bands That Helped Justify The Japanese Can Rock"

22 ноя 2015 : 
Members Of ARCH ENEMY, MEGADETH, SABATON And OBITUARY Pay Tribute To LOUDNESS For Thunder In The East 30th Anniversary; Video Clips Available

22 ноя 2015 : 
MARK OSEGUEDA And GARY HOLT Pay Tribute To LOUDNESS For Thunder In The East 30th Anniversary - "A Band The Bay Area Probably Accepted Before Any Thrash Scene In America"

15 ноя 2015 : 
LOUDNESS - Japanese Thunder In The East 30th Anniversary Documentary Posted

4 ноя 2015 : 
LOUDNESS: Video Footage Of Las Vegas Concert

16 окт 2015 : 
LOUDNESS Members Team Up With Former Vocalist MIKE VESCERA At Loud Park 2015 As SOLDIER OF FORTUNE; Fan-Filmed Video Posted

30 сен 2015 : 
LOUDNESS To Release 30th-Anniversary Edition Of 'Thunder In The East' Album

30 июл 2015 : 
LOUDNESS - Fan-Filmed Live Footage From 2015 European Tour Posted

21 июл 2015 : 
Video: LOUDNESS Performs At Germany's BANG YOUR HEAD!!! Festival

19 май 2015 : 
LOUDNESS Teaming Up With Former Vocalist MIKE VESCERA For Loud Park 2015 As SOLDIER OF FORTUNE

27 апр 2014 : 
LOUDNESS: 'The Sun Will Rise Again' Track Listing Revealed

15 апр 2014 : 
LOUDNESS To Release 'The Sun Will Rise Again' Album In June

9 апр 2014 : 
Video: LOUDNESS Performs New Song 'Immortality' On MONSTERS OF ROCK Cruise

25 май 2013 : 
LOUDNESS - Multi-Camera Live Footage From Hurricane Eyes Tour 2013 Posted

11 май 2013 : 
LOUDNESS - Complete Pro-Shot Live Show From Shinagawa Stellar Ball Posted

16 апр 2013 : 
LOUDNESS Joined By HIBRIA Singer For LIVE N' LOUDER Performance (Video)

4 мар 2013 : 
LOUDNESS Frontman's XYZ-A To Release 'Seventh Heaven' Album

25 фев 2013 : 
LOUDNESS To Be Rejoined By Singer MIKE VESCERA For Brazil's LIVE N' LOUDER Festival
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Listen To New LOUDNESS Song 'I'm Still Alive'

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Veteran Japanese metallers LOUDNESS will release their new album, "Rise To Glory", on January 26 via earMUSIC (world excluding Japan). The follow-up to 2014's "The Sun Will Rise Again" is "packed with aggression, melody and positive vibes," according to a press release.

The song "I'm Still Alive", taken from "Rise To Glory", can be streamed below.

LOUDNESS vocalist Minoru Niihara says: "The album cheers you up, makes you feel fresh."

From the rock maelstrom of "Massive Tornado" to the young burning passion of "Soul On Fire", the life-glorifying "I'm Still Alive" and the declaration of metal warfare of "Rise To Glory", all the songs are fitting for the age of turmoil.

The guitar wizardry of Akira Takasaki, hailed around the world as one of the true guitar gods, is featured throughout the album. He says: "I played lots of guitars, more than any other albums this century. There was soul in the sounds." In addition to guitar solos on each song, there is amazing playing on the instrumental track, leaning towards the progressive side of the band.

Along with the hurtling speed tunes such as "Massive Tornado", "No Limit" and "Rise To Glory", the variety of songwriting takes the listener to an amazing journey. "Rain" has the melancholic mood, "Until I See The Light" focuses on the melodic side of the band, and "Let's All Rock" has a heated call-and-response with the audience to recreate their live performance.

The European and U.S. version of "Rise To Glory" is accompanied by "Samsara Flight", a collection of 13 tracks of the band's early classics re-recorded (originally released in Japan in 2016), including "Loudness" and "In The Mirror".

"Rise To Glory" track listing:

01. Soul On Fire
02. I'm Still Alive
03. Go For Broke
04. Until I See The Light
05. The Voice
06. Massive Tornado
07. Kama Sutra (instrumental)
08. No Limits
09. Bad Loser
10. Rise To Glory
11. Rain
12. Who And For Whom

LOUDNESS has released twenty-six studio albums, five of them in the U.S. The band's lineup has changed multiple times since 1981, with the current incarnation consisting of three original members — lead singer Minoru Niihara, guitarist Akira Takasaki and bassist Masayoshi Yamashita — along with drummer Masayuki Suzuki, who joined the group in 2009.

Original LOUDNESS drummer Munetaka Higuchi died in 2008 after a year-long battle with liver cancer.

LOUDNESS released a special thirtieth-anniversary edition of its classic "Thunder In The East" album in Japan in November 2015 in several different versions, featuring demo recordings, bonus DVDs with live footage from their 1985 U.S. tour, a documentary about the making of the LP and other things.

Listen To New LOUDNESS Song 'I'm Still Alive'



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