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24 сен 2018 : 
ANGRA - Fan-Filmed Video Of Entire ProgPower USA 2018 Show Posted

1 сен 2018 : 
ANGRA Release "Light Of Transcendence" Music Video

17 июл 2018 : 
Watch ANGRA's 'Black Widow's Web' Video Featuring ARCH ENEMY's ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ

20 мар 2018 : 
Video Premiere: ANGRA's 'Insania'

2 мар 2018 : 
ANGRA: Lyric Video For 'Black Widow's Web' Feat. ARCH ENEMY's ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ

13 фев 2018 : 
Video Premiere: ANGRA's 'War Horns'

6 дек 2017 : 
ANGRA To Release 'Ømni' Album In February; Listen To 'Travelers Of Time' Song

5 дек 2017 : 

27 мар 2017 : 
ANGRA Releases 70000 Tons Of Metal Recap Video

29 июл 2016 : 
ANGRA Release New Tour Recap Video

7 июл 2016 : 
ANGRA - Official Video For Cover Of THE POLICE Classic "Synchronicity II" Released

8 апр 2016 : 
ANGRA: banda lança vídeo para "Silent Call", confira

6 ноя 2015 : 
ANGRA At ProgPower USA - 30+ Minute Documentary Video Streaming

21 сен 2015 : 

16 сен 2015 : 
Video: ANGRA Performs At PROGPOWER USA Festival

2 сен 2015 : 
ANGRA Feat. MEGADETH Guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO: 'Black Hearted Soul' Video Premiere

15 авг 2015 : 
New MEGADETH Guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO Will Be Replaced In ANGRA

27 июн 2015 : 
ANGRA Featuring MEGADETH Guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO: Second Part Of Japanese Tour Recap (Video)

18 июн 2015 : 
ANGRA Featuring MEGADETH Guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO: First Part Of Japanese Tour Recap

3 апр 2015 : 
New MEGADETH Guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO Has Full Support Of His ANGRA Bandmates

24 мар 2015 : 
ANGRA: 'Final Light' Video Released

6 мар 2015 : 
ANGRA Launch Angels Cry Beer

15 дек 2014 : 
ANGRA: 'Storm Of Emotions' Video Premiere

17 ноя 2014 : 
ANGRA's 'Secret Garden' Album To Feature Guest Appearances By SIMONE SIMONS, DORO PESCH

21 окт 2014 : 
ANGRA Check In From The Studio With New Video Report; Producer ROY Z Discusses Pre-Production

8 авг 2014 : 
ANGRA Recording New Album With Producer JENS BOGREN
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|||| 13 фев 2018

Video Premiere: ANGRA's 'War Horns'

* *
"War Horns", the new video from Brazilian/Italian metallers ANGRA, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's ninth studio album, "Ømni", which will be released on February 16 via earMUSIC.

2018 marks the beginning of yet another era in ANGRA's history.

At age 26, the band shows motivation and strength like never before. Not even the sometimes-uncertain trajectory was able to take away the focus, determination and inspiration of the quintet led — and founded — by Rafael Bittencourt, and completed by Felipe Andreoli (bass), Fabio Lione (vocals), Marcelo Barbosa (guitar) and Bruno Valverde (drums).

"Ømni" is the result of months of intense dedication, blood, and sweat.

Once again, the album was recorded in Sweden with Jens Bogren, who also produced the previous disc, "Secret Garden", and manages to capture the same excellent chemistry.

The sound, while fully contemporary, has an organic character and respects the different nuances and dynamics of each instrument. Many musicians were involved in creating the album, ranging from the percussion sound of Bahia to European orchestral arrangement — all of which give the album its outstanding variety.

"Ømni" is a concept album, a set of science fiction short stories that take place at various places in time, simultaneously. The backbone of the plot is based on the idea that in 2046 an artificial intelligence system will change human perception and cognition. It is a system which will allow conscious communication between present and future human beings. Characters such as time travellers, cavemen, warriors, among others, help tell this story.

The album connects the concepts of previous albums (Holy Land, Rebirth, Temple of Shadows) to one main system, "Ømni", which in Latin means "everything." "Ømni" fabricates an interconnectivity that shines light towards a universal truth: everything that has happened, led to what the band is today. "Ømni" celebrates and unites the whole history of ANGRA to this exact, current moment.

ANGRA's trademark formula, a Brazilian style mixed with classical music and heavy metal, is enhanced by different influences such as progressive rock, thrash metal, Latin music, and djent, which transforms the albums into a swirl of modern and familiar. The conjoined moods and dynamics put a special spin on the lyrics and therefore increase deep sense of immersion in the story.

The cover artwork was hand-drawn by Daniel Martin Diaz, a unique American artist who dedicates his life to mixing scientific and philosophical concepts such as anatomy, computer science, mathematics, cosmology, sacred geometry, symbolism and esotericism. The designer Gustavo Sazes was responsible for integrating such an organic art piece to the visual concept of the album as a whole.

Even in a cultural environment increasingly sterile and unfavourable for music with soul and identity, the band gathers eleven tracks that completely differ from each other, but at the same time tell a cohesive story, and wander through all styles and nuances that have made ANGRA a worldwide reference. A very well bonded line-up, both personally and musically, overflowing with creativity, was the necessary fuel to bring these songs to life, songs which are undoubtedly among the best in the band's discography.

"Ømni" track listing:

01. Light Of Transcendence
02. Travelers Of Time
03. Black Widow's Web
04. Insania
05. The Bottom Of My Soul
06. War Horns
07. Caveman
08. Magic Mirror
09. Always More
10. Ømni - Silence Inside
11. Ømni - Infinite Nothing

Video Premiere: ANGRA's 'War Horns'


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13 фев 2018, 22:38
:( н даааа......застряли парни 20 лет на одном месте...
Хотя....в то время вокал был Классный...а сейчас :(


14 фев 2018, 02:07
Да неплохой вокал. Дело вкуса, канеш. Лично, АМ как раз выносить не мог за чрезмерную писклявость. Member

The Sinner

14 фев 2018, 11:00
только какое отношение эта группа имеет к Ангре? совсем непохоже. Скорее какая-то недо-Рапсодия с гитарами как у Алмах.


14 фев 2018, 11:13
Этого вокалиста надо в Dream Theater отправить. И внешне не все заметят изменений и вокал станет на порядок приятнее.


14 фев 2018, 12:59
Я такую музыку перестал слушать после Stratovarius овской Infinite. Все остальные мне кажутся смесью Heloween и финов. Реально все на одно лицо. Я сильно не прав или есть в этом доля здравого смысла? Без шуток спрашиваю.


14 фев 2018, 13:52
14 фев 2018, 12:59
Я сильно не прав.......?

Несильно. Я ещё раньше перестал слушать эту хеловиноподобную-наоднолицо муть.


18 фев 2018, 09:42
если так сравнивать, то и все остальные стили на одно лицо каждый)
Фабио конечно было интересно один альбом послушать, здесь он уже приелся, хочется нового более разноплавного голоса для Ангры и желательно конечно бразильца


18 фев 2018, 09:46
кстати, Кико в этой песне все же присутствует)

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