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Doom Metal Lexicanum :
13 май 2018
Inglorious :
7 май 2018
Gus G. :
22 апр 2018
Poets of the Fall : I can only be grateful for it all
9 апр 2018
Leaders of the Finnish rock scene Poets of the Fall are celebrating their anniversary this year - exactly 15 years and 7 albums ago a duet of two friends turned into a worldwide-famous rock band. The anniversary Finnish tour is in full swing now and the band performs the most favorites songs along with the songs fans hadn’t heard for a long time. The Poets of the Fall’s eighth full-length release “Ultraviolet” is going to be out this October and the band sets off for a world tour. We talked to t...
Royal Hunt :
1 апр 2018
Voodoo Circle :
25 мар 2018
Borealis : Sometimes we see Aurora Borealis...
18 мар 2018
Young Canadian melodic metallers BOREALIS are returning with their fourth studio album called “The Offering”. Although Canada might not be the first country one would think of when it comes to high class melodic metal BOREALIS once again prove their potential with strong melodies, tasteful instrumentations and their very own blend of modern metal riffs, classic power metal and progressive elements....
Spaceslug : Exploration of unknown by emotions and music
15 мар 2018
The current stoner/doom trend is gradually gaining frightening proportions, while remaining in the deep underground (paradox!). Now it's not so easy to find something worthwhile among the huge number of new releases. Polish trio Spaceslug is a special case. Though this band is very young, they are very hardworking. During just three years, this power trio managed to record two full-length albums, EP, and now a new album is on its way! But most importantly, these guys managed to find their own so...
Sinner : For me it’s still a gift to be doing what I like the most
26 фев 2018
It seems that for such people as Mat Sinner there’re many more than 24 hours in a day and definitely more than 7 days in a week. This man is always in action and to be honest, it’s a kind of hard work even just to observe what he’s doing in professional area day by day. I was very happy that Mat found an opportunity to talk to me face-to-face right after the incredible performance with SINNER at Knock Out Festival in December last year where they performed with great success in front of 4.500 pe...
Iron Savior :
10 фев 2018
Kruger :
30 янв 2018
Shakra :
21 янв 2018
Leaves' Eyes :
5 янв 2018
Dirkschneider :
14 дек 2017
Antimatter :
1 дек 2017
Pyogenesis :
25 ноя 2017
Nocturnal Rites :
12 ноя 2017
Tanzwut :
6 ноя 2017
Almanac :
17 окт 2017
Mechanical Poet :
14 окт 2017

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