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Последние поступления
Herman Frank :
12 янв 2017
Samsas Traum : The real world is more exciting than any fairytale
5 янв 2017
Maybe somebody would disagree with me but I'm deeply convinced that the leader and founder of Samsas Traum Alexander Kaschte is one of the most interesting and talented musicians of the 2000's. He is contradictory and sometimes uncomfortable to get along with, often he is unpredictable, but he’s always interesting due to his creativity, his judgments and his desire to get to the problem heart. When someone asks me to recommend something from the extensive Samsas Traum’s discography, normally, I’...
Baptism :
23 дек 2016
Lordi :
17 дек 2016
Igor Cavalera :
10 дек 2016
Graveworm :
2 дек 2016
Kissin' Dynamite :
18 ноя 2016
Ihsahn : There is so much music created with heartfelt devotion, why waste anyone’s time with something half-way?
5 ноя 2016
The name of Ihsahn is mentioned not only when talking about Norwegian Emperor – it has already became a moniker of a successful artist who has achieved certain heights in his solo career even after the last chapter in mighty-behemoth-called-Emperor history had been closed. Six albums later (with brilliant “Arktis.” in the end of this list) and Russia shows coming close, Darkside team managed to talk with the artist about his latest release as well as about some important life and philosophic mat...
Mike Terrana : I am interesting in playing, not in talking...
30 окт 2016
Our interview with Mike Terrana about his project BEAUTY OF THE BEAT and many other matters concerning his great career.I...
Thunderstone :
18 окт 2016
Udo Dirkschneider :
7 окт 2016
Uli Jon Roth :
30 сен 2016
Evergrey :
18 сен 2016
Tiamat :
11 сен 2016
Stam1na : Our responsibility is to keep fun in the band!
6 сен 2016
Stam1na is a Finnish band, not very popular in Russia, but deeply loved in Finland. Before the show at Tuska Open Air we met with the singer Antti Hyyrynen and the guitarist Pekka Olkonen to talk about the new album «Elokuutio», the upcoming anniversary of the band, to learn some Finnish and get a piece of good advice....
Faun : We want to tell stories and fairytales in music
28 авг 2016
German medieval folk pagan band FAUN has just released its new brand album, Midgard. But our interview with this magical mysterious band happened a bit earlier – in the beginning of April, right before FAUN's show in Moscow. We talked with the band mastermind, enigmatic medieval minstrel Oliver S. Tyr and with “Apple hero”, DJ Niel Mitra who is responsible for modern part of FAUN’s music. Everything in the world of FAUN was really new for us, that’s why in out talk we concerned rather general qu...
Diablo :
20 авг 2016
Children of Bodom : We’re still teenagers on stage
14 авг 2016
Right before the performance of Children of Bodom at Tuska Open Air festival we succeeded to talk with the bass-player of the band Henkka Seppälä. He told us about a new member of CoB, changes of the band’s public over the years, about his youthful optimism and taking part in horror movie that never happened....
Brainstorm :
4 авг 2016
Mortiis :
28 июл 2016

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