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Последние поступления
Rhapsody of Fire :
26 июл 2017
Elder :
1 июл 2017
Hate :
19 июн 2017
Bloodbound :
28 май 2017
Overkill :
8 май 2017
Iron Mask :
3 май 2017
Second to Sun :
22 апр 2017
Kreator :
7 апр 2017
Poets of the Fall : Music is an integral part of me
2 апр 2017
Finnish rock phenomenon Poets of the Fall keeps winning more and more listeners’ hearts all over the world. Their brand new album “Clearview” (out on 30.09.2016) and the tour in its support open a new chapter in the band’s history. Being one of the most authentic and independent bands, Poets of the Fall manage to discover new directions staying extremely close to their fans at the same time without betraying themselves. These professionals of the highest level and really nice people share all th...
Mors Principium Est : Hang in there and keep supporting MPE!
25 мар 2017
We haven't ever talked to Mors Principium Est and the band have never played in Russia as yet. So, we have tried to learn about the band as much as possible and we've talked with the singer of MPE Ville Viljanen and the guitarist Andy Gillion....
Kypck :
17 мар 2017
Onslaught :
12 мар 2017
Beyond the Black : We are ready to rock
5 мар 2017
Interview with German newcomers BEYOND THE BLACK right before their shows in Russia....
Running Wild :
21 фев 2017
Dornenreich :
10 фев 2017
Primordial :
3 фев 2017
Serious Black :
1 фев 2017
Dark Tranquillity :
19 янв 2017
Herman Frank :
12 янв 2017
Samsas Traum : The real world is more exciting than any fairytale
5 янв 2017
Maybe somebody would disagree with me but I'm deeply convinced that the leader and founder of Samsas Traum Alexander Kaschte is one of the most interesting and talented musicians of the 2000's. He is contradictory and sometimes uncomfortable to get along with, often he is unpredictable, but he’s always interesting due to his creativity, his judgments and his desire to get to the problem heart. When someone asks me to recommend something from the extensive Samsas Traum’s discography, normally, I’...

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