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17 фев 2017 : 
Italy’s BASTIAN, ALTHEA And SERIAL VICE Ink Deals With Sliptrick Records

9 апр 2015 : 
BASTIAN - Release Debut Among My Giants Featuring Former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Vocalists Michael Vescera, Mark Boals, Drummer Vinny Appice

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|||| 17 фев 2017

Italy’s BASTIAN, ALTHEA And SERIAL VICE Ink Deals With Sliptrick Records

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Sliptrick Records welcome three new bands to their roster, due to release material on the label in the coming months. “All three bands come from the same country, so you could say that today we present “The Italian Job”.”

Bastian (pictured above): In 2014, Italian rock guitarist Sebastiano Conti formed Bastian, a hard rock group with a razor edge. Since then, they have released two full albums featuring such luminary musicians as Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Heaven And Hell), Thomas Lang (Paul Gilbert, Glenn Hughes, Stork) and John Macaluso (ex-Malmsteen, James LaBrie, TNT, Riot, J.Batten). With his new lineup, Bastien are ready to release their third album, Back To The Roots. More info coming soon.

Althea: Althea were formed in Milan by guitarist Dario Bortot and bassist Fabrizio Zilio, with the object to developing a free-form progressive metal rock project. With the addition of the keyboardist Marco Zambardi, Sergio Sampietro on drums and Alessio Accardo on vocals, the Althea line up stabilized and the group began gigging extensively and recorded their first EP in 2014 to an excellent critical response. The band recorded their debut album, Memories Have No Name, throughout 2016 ready for release in the coming months.

Serial Vice: Serial Vice are a heavy metal band based in Salento, Southern Italy. After some lineup changes, the band recorded their first single “Heroin” and after yet more tweaks to the personnel, the band’s sound gelled into a heavy metal blast somewhere between classic and modern but always gritty and melodic. They cite their influences from hard rock to thrash and from doom to power. The bands EP Nightmares Come True, is scheduled for release on Sliptrick Records in 2017.

Italy’s BASTIAN, ALTHEA And SERIAL VICE Ink Deals With Sliptrick Records



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