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|||| 13 янв 2019

OMICIDA – Featuring Former MONUMENT, WHITE WIZZARD Member Release “Dead Eyes See No Evil” Video

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UK thrash metal band, Omicida featuring a Benediction member and former White Wizzard members, have released a new lyric video for “Dead Eyes See No Evil”, the track is taken of their debut album Defrauded Reign, due out on March 15th.

The album was mixed and mastered by Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, White Wizzard) at Stealth Sound Studios in Phoeniz AZ.

Omicida's main influences have always been Slayer, Testament, Kreator, Overkill, Coroner, Exodus, just to name a few.

Omicida is a new modern-day thrash metal band, as they wear their influences on the sleeves while adding their own unique flare with their extreme precision and break-neck, dual-guitar shredding. The band does not try and re-invent the wheel, they just add some new dynamics to it. Formed in Los Angeles (2014), the band was founded by ex-White Wizzard, Monument member Giovanni Durst (drums). Originally Omicida was joined by ex-White Wizzard member Erik Kluiber (guitar), along with ex-Devil You Know member Roy LaVari (guitar), Roman Kovalik (bass) and Giovanni Barbieri (vocals) replacing former singer Joseph Michael. The band released their first 7 song EP “Certain Death” in 2015 and continuing to release two more singles “State of Terror”, “Protect and Serve” in 2016, 2017. 

Due to logistics issues Giovanni Durst (drums) had to relocate to Europe. The band’s future though was far from being over. Instead, Omicida relocated to London in 2018 as band’s new HQ. Giovanni Barbieri kept his place behind the mic in the new formation, adding new guitarists Will Wallner (ex-White Wizzard), Dan Baune (Monumnent) and bassist Dan Bate (ex-Monument).


“Hostage In The Pit”
“Violent Resolution”
“Protect And Serve”
“Divine Uncertainty”
“State Of Terror”
“Burn The Cross”
“The Supremacist”
“Dead Eyes See No Evil”

"Dead Eyes See No Evil" video:

Omicida is:

Giovanni Barbieri - Vocals
Will Wallner - Guitar (ex-White Wizzard)
Dan Baune - Guitar (Monument)
Daniel Bate - Bass (Benediction, ex-Monument)
Giovanni Durst - Drums (Monument, ex-White Wizzard)

OMICIDA – Featuring Former MONUMENT, WHITE WIZZARD Member Release “Dead Eyes See No Evil” Video



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