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[= || 21 2017

 Heavy Metal
 Power Metal



MAJESTY - “Heroes In The Night” Music Video Streaming

Majesty have released a music video for “Heroes In The Night”, a track from their new album Rebels, released back in March. The video is available for streaming below.

Recorded in the band's own studio and refined by the mixing and mastering of Frederik Nordsträm in the Studio Fredman, Rebels is the fundament for "Majesty 2.0".


“Path To Freedom”
“Die Like Kings”
“Rebels Of Our Time”
“Yolo Hm”
“The Final War”
“Across The Lightning”
“Not Available”
“Iron Hill”
“Heroes In The Night”
“Running For Salvation”
“Fighting Till The End”

“Heroes In The Night” video:

"Rebels Of Our Time” video:

“Die Like Kings” lyric video:

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[= || 20 2017

 Hard Rock



NITROGODS Release “Boogeyman” Music Video

German rockers, Nitrogods, have released a video for “Boogeyman”, a track from their upcoming album, Roadkill BBQ, out worldwide via Steamhammer / SPV on May 26th. Watch the new clip below.

The German rock n’ roll three-piece recorded 14 brand new Nitrogods songs for album number three and on top of that... four great cover versions which will be pressed on an exclusive EP, only available in the Limited Edition box set.

Get the “Rancid Rock” single here, and pre-order the new album at this location.


“Rancid Rock”
“Roadkill BBQ”
“My Love's a Wirebrush”
“Bad Place Wrong People”
“A Los Muertos”
“The Price of Liberty”
“Race To Ruin”
“I Hate”
“Where Have the Years Gone”
“Russian Rocket” (Bonus Track)
“Did Jesus Turn Water Into Beer” (Bonus Track)

“Boogeyman” video:

“Rancid Rock” video:

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[= || 20 2017

 Doom Rock
 Doom Metal




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[= || 20 2017

 Folk Metal




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[= || 20 2017

 Power Metal



ORDEN OGAN: "Gunman video clip released

German Power metal band ORDEN OGAN premieres the first video clip taken from the upcoming album Gunmen. The groups new music video, filmed for the song Gunman, was once again directed by Rainer Zipp Fränzen, who works with the band since 2012s To The End album and its video releases The Things We Believe In and Land Of The Dead.

The creation of the Gunman clip was once again real team work, band leader Seeb Levermann states. "The new ORDEN OGAN album "Gunmen" is set in a dark fantasy Wild West environment, so obviously we had to go to Monument Valley (Utah) to shoot there. There is no other place in the world that is more "Wild West. We shot at the classic Monument Valley scenery as well as at the famous John Fords Point and also did horseback rides.

The second extensive part of filming took place in Germany, but also here the band tried something new. A Western city in an adventure park proved to be the perfect location, Seeb smiles. Things came full circle here, because weve also recorded the drums for Gunman there - to be more specific - in the Western Saloon of the Fort Fun adventure park. We wanted to have this huge 80ies snare ambience that you can only get from big rooms. When the Wild West concept took form, we learned about the Saloon (in Fort Fun), did some test recordings there and were totally blown away. The hall sounds amazing and "Gunmen" may be my best sounding mix so far."

The Gunmen album consists of 10 songs, incl. a guest appearance by former Leaves Eyes/Theatre Of Tragedy vocalist Liv Kristine on the track Come With Me To The Other Side.
Gunmen was once again produced by the bands guitarist/vocalist Seeb Levermann, who just recently has also completed mix & mastering of the upcoming Rhapsody Of Fire release Legendary Years.

Gunmen will be released on July 7th, available as CD, ltd. Digipak (incl. Live At Wacken 2016 bonus DVD), ltd. colored Vinyl (red and silver), ltd. Picture Vinyl and ltd. coffin box set (incl. ltd. Digipak, a figure of the band mascot "Alister Vale" (ca. 15 cm tall) and more).

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[= || 19 2017

 Thrash Metal



TANKARD Releases Video For 'One Foot In The Grave' Title Track

German alcohol-soaked thrash metal act TANKARD will release its seventeenth studio album, "One Foot In The Grave", on June 2 via Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to 2014's "R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)" was recorded at Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf with producer Martin Buchwalter (DESTRUCTION, ACCUSER, PERZONAL WAR, SUIDAKRA).

The official video for the "One Foot In The Grave" title track can be seen below.

"One Foot In The Grave" track listing:

01. Pay To Pray02. Arena Of The True Lies03. Don`t Bullshit Us!04. One Foot In The Grave05. Syrian Nightmare06. Northern Crown (Lament Of The Undead King)07. Lock`Em Up!08. The Evil That Men Display09. Secret Order 151610. Sole Grinder

This time, the album is going to have a serious streak, not only filled with humor but criticizing today's society. Even the traditional beer song "Secret Order 1516" displays some critical elements. But don't worry: fans of the typical TANKARD humor won't be disappointed! With songs like "Sole Grinder", the band hasn't forgotten their raison d'être. This song pays tribute to the band's manager Buffo (Gerre: "The funniest choleric person in Germany") in an ironic way.

The cover artwork for "One Foot In The Grave" was created by Patrick Strogulski, who is a student of Sebastian Krüger, the recent artwork designer of TANKARD. He also created the cover artwork for the "A Girl Called Cerveza" and "R.I.B." albums. With this, the iconic band mascot, the TANKARD Alien, celebrates his return after about 13 years of absence. The alien was born in 1989 with the "Alien" EP and has already graced five album covers. The TANKARD fan club "Maniac Aliens" is also named after it.

States TANKARD vocalist Andreas "Gerre" Geremia: "Mister Strogulski has once again created a real masterpiece and surpassed himself. Our first plan was that I would be on the cover instead of the alien... but, lucky me, it ended up being the alien..."

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[= || 19 2017

 Hard Rock



THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Feat. SOILWORK, ARCH ENEMY Members: 'Something Mysterious' Video

The official video for the song "Something Mysterious" from the Swedish classic/progressive rock supergroup THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA — featuring members of metal frontrunners SOILWORK and ARCH ENEMY — can be seen below. The track is taken from THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA's third studio album, "Amber Galactic", which is being released today (Friday, May 19) via Nuclear Blast. The disc was recorded at Handsome Hard Studio in Lund, Sweden. The album follows THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA's two previous releases, 2012's "Internal Affairs" and 2015's "Skyline Whispers".

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA guitarist David Andersson says: "Almost everyone, no matter who they are, has experienced one, or perhaps even a few, epic nights in their lives. That night when you met the love of your life, and you couldn't go to sleep because your heart was beating too fast out of pure excitement and joy. That night when you lost the love of your life. The night when you thought that no matter what happens next, I'll remember this night for the rest of my life. 'Something Mysterious' is a song about standing at that crossroads, gathering the courage to take that plunge into the unknown, knowing your life will never be the same again."

"Amber Galactic" is being made available as a limited edition digipak CD featuring an alternate cover art (see below), 2LP vinyl (black and violet sparkle) and as digital download and stream via all known platforms.

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA singer Björn Strid states: "'Amber Galactic' is a relationship drama set in space, the first classic rock space opera on double vinyl.

"As seasoned musicians, we're taking this project seriously, although we might come across as slightly retrofuturistic at times, there's no irony involved. It's just us trying to shape our future into a place where our race is led by female space commanders with pearl necklaces and a quasar sense of gravity.

"'Amber Galactic' is about setting free from genre boundaries and expectations that are put on people like us. We just want to create music that we would like to hear ourselves, but that isn't only for us.

"THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA is here to set you free, to invite you to enjoy music in whatever form it is presented.

"For this particular journey, we'd like you to follow us into space, but who knows where we'll go next! After entering the NFO universe, you won't ever be the same!"

"Amber Galactic" track listing:

01. Midnight Flyer02. Star Of Rio03. Gemini04. Sad State Of Affairs05. Jennie06. Domino07. Josephine08. Space Whisperer09. Something Mysterious10. Saturn In Velvet11. Just Another Night (bonus track, limited-edition digipak, vinyl)12. Fly Tonight (Never Rewind) (bonus track, Japan only)

Strid previousy stated about the album: "'Amber Galactic' was made during late nights and way too early mornings, when sometimes, in the corner of your eye, you can catch a glimpse of another dimension, where all the women are heartbroken space commanders in evening gowns, the champagne is always free and the drugs won't hurt you.

"We wanted to create more than just a listening experience; instead we want it to be an alternative reality.

"We hope that after listening to 'Amber Galactic', you'll be wide-eyed, horny and slightly drunk."

Guitarist David Andersson added: "Musicianship in itself is not interesting, neither are the technical aspects of creating music. The ideas and visions behind the music are the only things really worthy of in-depth discussions.

"We've all reached a point where we can all pretty much play and sing whatever we want.

"We didn't talk much about chord changes or amplifiers during the recording sessions. But we spent a lot of time discussing Kierkegaard's concept of anxiety, different vintages of sparkling wine, the psychoacoustic aspects of modulation, the innate superiority of women and why a pearl necklace always look better when whoever wears it has a bored expression on her face."

When asked about the direction of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA within the realm of classic rock, Strid explained with a chuckle: "Most other classic rock bands sound like weed or LSD — we sound like cocaine."


Björn Strid - VocalsSharlee D'Angelo - BassDavid Andersson - GuitarRichard Larsson - KeyboardsJonas Källsbäck - DrumsSebastian Forslund - Guitar, Percussion

Alternate cover art for limited-edition digipak CD:

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[= || 19 2017

 Hard Rock

United Kingdom


INGLORIOUS Release “Taking The Blame” Music Video

British hard rockers, Inglorious, have released a video for Taking The Blame a track from their new album, Inglorious II, out now. The video is available for streaming below.

Produced by the band and mixed by the legendary Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith), Inglorious II further enhances the standing of this remarkable band. From the body blow riffs of Read All About It, to the beautiful melodies of upcoming first single I Dont Need Your Loving, from the groove of High Class Woman to the classic feeling ballad Making Me Pay, this is an album that shows the bands influences stem from iconic rock and roll shrine of rock albums from the 1970s - many years before the band members were born - merged with a truly contemporary feel. Driving riffs and instant melodies all overlaid with the unique and powerful vocals of Nathan James.


I Don't Need Your Loving
Taking The Blame
Tell Me Why
Read All About It
Change Is Coming
Making Me Pay
Hell Or High Water
No Good For You
I Got A Feeling
Black Magic
High Class Woman

Taking The Blame video:

Black Magic:

Hell Or High Water lyric video:

Making Me Pay:

I Dont Need Your Loving video:

Read All About It lyric video:

EPK (Electronic Press Kit):

The album is available as a standard CD and also as a Deluxe 2CD/DVD edition. The DVD features a previously unavailable live performance from Download Festival 2016 plus extra bonus content, including videos for "I Don't Need Your Loving" and "Taking The Blame".

DVD Content:

Live At Donington:
Until I Die
High Flying Gypsy
No Good For You
Holy Water

Special Features:
Inglorious EPK
Taking The Blame Music Video
I Don't Need Your Loving Music Video
Behind The Scenes

Consummate live performers the band already have a number of high profile shows confirmed, with more to follow through 2017. Dates listed below.

16 - Clisson, France - Hellfest Festival
18 - Dessel, Belgium - Graspop Festival
22 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Festival
24 - Vitoria, Spain - Azkena Rock Festival 2017

19 - Tilford, UK - Weyfest Festival

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[= || 19 2017

 Progressive Rock
 Psychedelic Rock

United Kingdom


STEVEN WILSON Launches Official Music Video For “Pariah”

Steven Wilson has released a video for the track Pariah, featured on his upcoming fifth album, To The Bone. The clip, featuring Ninet Tayeb, is available for streaming below.

To The Bone is a gloriously dynamic modernist pop record as imagined by the UK's biggest underground artist. The album releases on August 18th. Pre-orders are live at this location.

Fusing driving futurist rock and spectral electronics to elegiac hyper-space ambience and dizzying, squalling guitars, To The Bone is Steven Wilson's hat-tip to the hugely ambitious progressive pop records of his youth (think Peter Gabriel's So, Talk Talk's Colour Of Spring, Tears For Fears' Seeds Of Love).

Lyrically, the album's 11 tracks veer from the paranoid chaos of the post-truth era and the creeping self-loathing of the technology age to steely fly-on-the-wall observations of the everyday lives of religious fundamentalists with a welcome shot or two of wide-eyed escapism. Sonically and melodically stunning, To The Bone is a high definition snapshot of the disconcerting times we live in.

The follow up to 2015s Hand. Cannot. Erase., To The Bone is Steven Wilsons first album since signing with Caroline International (Iggy Pop, Underworld, Thurston Moore, Glass Animals).

Formerly the founder and mainstay of outsider rock band Porcupine Tree, Steven released his first record under his own name, Insurgentes, in 2008. He has been resolutely independent throughout a three-decade career thats made him the most successful British artist you've never heard of.


To The Bone
Nowhere Now
The Same Asylum As Before
Blank Tapes
People Who Eat Darkness
Song Of I
Song Of Unborn

Pariah video:

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[= || 19 2017

 Horror Rock
 Alternative Metal
 Glam Metal

United States


WEDNESDAY 13 Unveils "Cruel To You" Video

The Duke of Spook, Wednesday 13 has premiered a new video clip for "Cruel To You", another new track taken from his forthcoming album, Condolences which is set for release on June 2nd via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. 

Wednesday tells us "I'm really excited for everyone to see our new video for 'Cruel To You'.  Making this one turned out to be so much fun and director Tommy Jones made my comic book dream come to life.  Running around sunny Los Angeles chasing a girl and her dog with an axe was certainly a first for me, haha!  This song and video is definitely a throw back to the more fun, campy side of Wednesday 13."

Preorder Condolences in the format of your choice at this location or digitally at iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

Condolences was produced, mixed and mastered by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (Hatebreed, Rob Zombie). Artwork was created by Travis Smith (Opeth, Katatonia, Nevermore).


"Last Rites"
"What The Night Brings"
"Blood Sick"
"Good Riddance"
"You Breathe, I Kill"
"Omen Amen"
"Cruel To You"
"Eulogy XIII"
"Prey For Me"
"Lonesome Road To Hell"
"Death Infinity"

“Blood Sick” video:

"What The Night Brings" video:

Wednesday 13 will return to the road this summer in support of Condolences. All dates are listed below. Wednesday 13 will be joined by Once Human and Gabriel And The Apocalypse on this run.


16 - Salt Lake City, UT - Metro Music Hall
17 - Colorado Springs, CO - Sunshine Studios
18 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theater
20 - Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad
21 - Gallup, NM - Juggernaut Music
22 - Flagstaff, AZ - The Green Room
23 - Las Vegas, NV - Vamp’d
24 - Fresno, CA - Fulton 55
25 - West Hollywood, CA - Whisky A Go Go
27 - San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick
28 - Mesa, AZ - Club Red
30 - Abilene, TX - My Place

1 - San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger
2 - Austin, TX - Grizzly Hall
4 - New Orleans, LA - Southport Music Hall
6 - Dallas, TX - Trees
7 - Tulsa, OK - The Vanguard
8 - Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City Limits
9 - St. Louis, MO - Fuba
11 - Indianapolis, IN - Emerson Theater
12 - St. Louis, MO - Fubar
13 - Berwyn, IL - The Wire
14 - Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews
15 - St. Paul, MN - Amsterdam Bar
16 - Sioux Falls, SD - Bigs Sports Bar
18 - Minot, ND - The “O” Bar
20 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room
21 - Calgary, AB - Dickens
23 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven

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[= || 19 2017



EPI-DEMIC Release “Ruthless Ambition” Music Video

Calgary thrashers, Epi-Demic, have released a video for Ruthless Ambition, a track from their new album, Malformed Conscience, released back in April via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Order the album at Horror Pain Gore Death, and watch the new video below.

Malformed Conscience is an 11-track pulverizing journey through a tortured and agonized consciousness, guaranteed to snap your rotting neck and leave your mind broken.


Rotting In Plain Sight
Dark Thoughts
Stewing In Misery
Ruthless Ambition
Losing Time
Son Of Dogs
Breaking Your Mind
Mortal Kind

Ruthless Ambition video:

Losing Time:

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[= || 19 2017

 Black Metal



CARACH ANGREN Debut “Blood Queen” Music Video

Dutch black metallers, Carach Angren, will release their new concept album, Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten, on June 16th via Season Of Mist. A new music video for the album track Blood Queen is available for streaming below.

The album tracklisting and artwork (created by Costin Chioreanu) can be seen below.


Blood Queen
Charles Francis Coghlan
Song For The Dead
In De Naam Van De Duivel
Pitch Black Box
The Possession Process

Blood Queen video:


Song For The Dead:

Pre-order the new album at this location.

(Photo - Negakinu Photography & Design)

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[= || 19 2017

 Art Rock

United Kingdom



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[= || 19 2017

 Space Rock

United States


MASTODON Drummer's ARCADEA: 'Army Of Electrons' Video

"Army Of Electrons", the new Core Atoms-animated video from ARCADEA, can be seen below.

Hailing from the fringes of the cosmos, ARCADEA will make its arrival known with the release of its self-titled debut album on June 16 via Relapse Records.

ARCADEA was born when drummer-vocalist Brann Dailor of MASTODON teamed up with guitarist and keyboardist Core Atoms (ZRUDA) to create a synth-laden progressive, heavy psych band. Adding guitarist Raheem Amlani (WITHERED) on synth, the three recorded their visionary, ten-song synth odyssey at Orange Peel Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Unlike their other bands, ARCADEA uses only keyboards in a unique blend of crushing, organic drums and psychedelic synthesizers. The music is at once electronic but not electronica, synthetic but not processed, heavy but not metal.

The album envisions a future five billion years from now, where the impending collision of galaxies creates a new order of planets. Where cold, distant moons pledge alliance to new suns and expanding gas giants implode into black holes. Ancient drones, forever adrift, record toxic tales of love between dying stars. Where lifeforms in suspended animation, dream among the ice rings of Saturn and cosmic war wages among gods and planets. It is in this universe that ARCADEA reign supreme as the last surviving space wizards since the final extinction.

"Arcadea" track listing:

01. Army Of Electrons02. Gas Giant03. Rings Of Saturn04. Neptune Moons05. Infinite End06. Electromagnetic07. Motion Of Planets08. The Pull Of Invisible Strings09. Through The Eye Of Pisces10. Worlds Can Go On11. Magnificent Facade

Photo credit: Core Atoms

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[= || 19 2017

 Industrial Metal
 Thrash Metal
 Hard Core

United States


PRONG: 'Zero Days' Album Details Revealed

PRONG will release its new album, "Zero Days", on July 28 via Steamhammer/SPV as a CD digipak, 2LP gatefold, digital download and as a stream.

Musically, "Zero Days" hits home from the first bars of the mighty opener "However It May End" to the last bars of the album's closing track, "Wasting Of The Dawn". Every track is its own emotional roller-coaster ride, chock-full of massive riffage, ironclad grooves and topped off by Victor's ever-improving vocal delivery.

"Zero Days" was once again produced by Tommy Victor, with trusted collaborator Chris Collier as co-producer and engineer.

Victor states about "Zero Days": "I must say a lot of effort was put into this new 'Zero Days' recording. From the minute I would get off tour, I would consolidate ideas from the road and form new ones. Again the focus was on creating good songs. We wanted this record to be modern as well as holding justice to all the previous releases. Again, and maybe even more than normally, I went crazy meticulous with the lyrics. I had built up a lot to say and I wanted to articulate them in the most intelligent way possible.I firmly believe the mission was accomplished all around.

"We are really pleased with the performances on this record as well," he continues. "It's a solid outing. We have the anthems, the bangers, the thrashers, the grooves, everything that makes up a PRONG record. It's definitely a record to listen to start to finish!!"

"Zero Days" track listing - CD digipak:

01. However It May End (3:36)02. Zero Days (3:35)03. Off The Grid (3:18)04. Divide And Conquer (3:16)05. Forced Into Tolerance (3:16)06. Interbeing (3:50)07. Blood Out Of Stone (4:12)08. Operation Of The Moral Law (3:30)09. The Whispers (3:19)10. Self Righteous Indignation (4:13)11. Rulers Of The Collective (3:01)12. Compulsive Future Projection (3:10)13. Wasting Of The Dawn (4:39)14. Reasons To Be Fearful (3:31) (bonus track)

Tracklisting 2LP:

Side 1

01. However It May End02. Zero Days03. Off The Grid Side 2

01. Divide And Conquer02. Forced Into Tolerance 03. Interbeing Side 3

01. Blood Out Of Stone02. Operation Of The Moral Law03. The Whispers Side 4

01. Self Righteous Indignation02. Rulers Of The Collective03. Compulsive Future Projection04. Wasting Of The Dawn

PRONG has also announced the 2017 European "Zero Days" summer tour, featuring some of the most coveted festivals as well as a run of headline shows.

Victor says: "Europe is a special place for PRONG and 2017 is shaping up to be another touring year for the history books. Many great festivals and great clubs are on the agenda and we will be bringing some new music along as well! We are extremely excited!"

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[= || 18 2017

 Alternative Rock

United Kingdom



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[= || 18 2017

United States


Exclusive: KILLSET Premier “Killers In The Pit” Video

KillSET is the combination of a professional, well-oiled (finely tuned) metal machine and an explosive, super charged charismatic front man - as evidenced by their upcoming album, S.T.F.U. (release date: June 23rd). Having been produced by Eddie Wohl (Fuel, Smile Empty Soul, ill Niño, 36 Crazyfists) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, ill Niño, Sepultura), this sophomore effort is polished and ready to take over the world. The leadoff single/video, Killers In The Pit, serves as the perfect introduction to the unique flavor of the band with crushing riffs, shouted vocals, and heavy-duty rhythms.

Killers In The Pit, is simply a song for our fans, the Killers!, explains the band. Its for everyone that supports our music. Its for everyone that takes the time out of their lives to come down to our shows and tear up the place with us! It's about finding a positive and fun way to get rid of that extra energy and stress that so many people feel in their lives. We decided to drop this single first because music needs some flavor right now and we're bringing that not only with this track, but the whole S.T.F.U. album! As it says in the song...let's show the world!!!

Other standout tracks include Get Up and a cover of Kris Kross 90s hit, Jump, which are among the favorites of the band and singer Luca.

The band: "It's not how many times you fall. It's how many times you get up! We all get knocked down in this life, but the true test of a person is taking those hits and having the strength to get back up. No matter the trials and tribulations that one may face, we must overcome! We must GET UP!

Luca: "When I suggested Jump as a cover, I was really surprised the guys were down. We started jamming and messing around with it, and it became obvious that this was the cover we needed to do and that we also needed to go all out and shoot a parody music video! So I wrote the script and then we went to thrift stores and bought the biggest jeans they had, timberland boots, leather woven belts, boomboxes, jerseys, cross colours clothes and I had my mom send out my old pager and the rest is history...haha. The song came out sick and I think it was by far the most fun any of us have ever had shooting a music video!"

KillSET was created when former ARCM members, James "Jas" Dillon (Drums), Mark Baker (Bass), and Dave Comer (Guitars), combined forces with new singer Luca (Choleric). Instantly, there was an addictive atmosphere in the writing process that could not be denied. The contributions and writing styles of each member seemed to perfectly complement one another's individual uniqueness, to create a sound that beautifully kills.

KillSET then joined forces with renowned producer, Eddie Wohl (Fuel, Smile Empty Soul, ill Nino, 36 Crazyfists) and completed their debut full-length album Know Your Killer, demonstrating their signature sound of pure ferocity and simple beauty. The overwhelming support of the freshman album allowed KillSET the opportunities to share the stage with Fear Factory, Otep, Red, Adrenaline Mob, Flaw, Nothing More, and Saliva. The band then chose to embark on another musical journey, again collaborating with producer Eddie Wohl, which has culminated in a sophomore effort that will undoubtedly impact anyone who dares to listen. With the ability to transcend the current generic norm, the new album, S.T.F.U. has a diversity and flavor that is simply undeniable - which fans will soon hear for themselves.


Get Up
Killers In The Pit
Broken Angel
How Dare You
Not A Love Song
Dont Let Me Die

S.T.F.U. can be purchased at this location.

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[= || 18 2017

United States


BYZANTINE Release “New Ways To Bear Witness” Music Video

On July 28th, Byzantine will release their new album, The Cicada Tree, via Metal Blade Records. Heralded as the most underrated band from the New Wave of American Heavy Metal Movement, Byzantine has slowly gained a cult-like following after releasing five genre-bending albums. 16 years underground, it's finally time for the world to hear Byzantine.

For a first preview of The Cicada Tree, a new video for the single "New Ways To Bear Witness" (featuring a cameo by Skeletonwitch's Dustin Boltjes, as well as ex-Byzantine drummer Matt Wolfe) has been launched online. Directed/edited by Holly Siders, the filming of "New Ways To Bear Witness" resulted in Chris "OJ" Ojeda (vocals, rhythm guitar) suffering a concussion.

OJ comments about the experience: "So, we came up with an idea of having our old drummer do a cameo appearance in the music video. Matt Wolfe left the band right before we signed with Metal Blade and had occupied the drum seat for the last 12 years. We felt it was a perfect opportunity to let fans know that we still love Matt and he’s still welcome and important to our band. What's the best way to have an ousted band member make a cameo? To hit me with a vehicle, of course! We set up the scene and did about 5 or 6 takes of Wolfe hitting me with the vehicle and me rolling off the vehicle. I didn't know until we wrapped shooting the next day that something was wrong and had a very hard time driving home. I contacted an ER doctor friend of mine who told me I needed to come see him ASAP. After a CT Scan and an EKG, he let me know I had a standard sports type concussion from repeatedly hitting my head during the video shoot. I got 3 days off work and a cool story out of it! Rock!"

Watch the new video below.

The new album can be pre-ordered here in the following formats:

- CD
- 180g black 2LP + etching (limited to 150 copies - USA exclusive)
- peach orange marbled 2LP + etching (limited to 350 copies - USA exclusive)
- clear pastel rose 2LP + etching (limited to 100 copies - EU exclusive)

* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available

In conjunction with PledgeMusic, The Cicada Tree can also be pre-ordered here, where you can reserve your copy of the album, signed material from the band, apparel, and more.

To state that The Cicada Tree is "classic Byzantine" in no way implies that this is an album solely rooted in the band's past. Certainly, all of the hallmarks that have made their sound so compelling for close to two decades are present and correct: muscular yet lithe riffs and fluid leads play against gripping, dynamic and at times unpredictable rhythms, while rich melodies and lyrics that are both involved and intelligent wind their way through every track. But, once more, the groove metal unit has continued their steady evolution - the interplay between their members organic and natural, imbuing the record's sixty-two-minute running time with a freshness and urgency.

Founding member Chris "OJ" Ojeda states, "The first few albums, you're trying to find your sound, and sometimes you tend to not see the forest for the trees. Now, on album number six, it seems a calmness took hold during the songwriting process, possibly from just having more confidence in our sound. At this point, our fans expect us to experiment and push our boundaries, which is an extremely liberating feeling."

The Cicada Tree tracklisting:

“New Ways To Bear Witness”
“Vile Maxim”
“Map Of The Creator”
“Dead As Autumn Leaves”
“The Subjugated”
“The Cicada Tree”
“Verses Of Violence”
“Moving In Stereo” (The Cars cover)
“Servitude” (Fishbone cover)

“New Ways To Bear Witness” video:

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United States


THE POWER OF PAIN Launch Music Video For “Tastes Like H8” Featuring EXODUS Frontman STEVE "ZETRO" SOUZA

Castro Valley, California, based groove metal act The Power Of Pain have released a new single and video for the track "Tastes Like H8, a song tackling the subject of teen bullying, featuring Exodus singer Steve Zetro Souza. The song, taken from their newly released album, My Dark Secret, was produced by Juan Urteaga (Testament, Exodus, Machine Head) at Trident Studios, with additional tracking done at Green Day's Jingle Town Studio. Video production duties were handled by Wayne Marsala (Testament, Exodus). Watch below.

Formed in 2015 by long time bay area guitarist Mike Roberts (Misery / Bleed The Freaks), The Power Of Pain picked up where Bleed The Freaks left off, keeping fellow Bleed The Freaks guitarist Josh Bailey on board. The two assembled a new band, completed by singer Chris Carlton, bassist Zack Brown, and drummer Steve Rubio, and went straight to the studio.

"Bleed The Freaks went through a bad break up," reflects Roberts. "I felt that everyone had given up on me, but perseverance was my goal. Having a full CD of music ready to go, I just forged on," he states. The result is My Dark Secret, a ten song slab of top shelf groove metal, rounded out by a cover of the UFO classic, "Natural Thing.

A guitarist since 1980, Mike Roberts grew up in the heart of the bay area scene, literally watching the beginning of thrash metal unfold. Friends he made in the early years would go onto major stardom, including Steve 'Zetro' Souza, who lent his signature vocal snarl to the new record.

"Zet and I are childhood friends and long time Raiders fans together," says Roberts. "I had written the song with him in mind. Zet is a true professional. He came in the studio and sang the song in one take. We filmed the video on his birthday. I'm very grateful that he is a part of it."

My Dark Secret is available on iTunes and all major digital outlets now.


Severed Ties
My Dark Secret
War Within
Preachin To The Choir
Tastes Like H8 (featuring Steve 'Zetro' Souza)
Winters Fall
How Well I Know
Walk Away
Natural Thing (UFO cover)

Tastes Like H8 video:

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 Death Metal

United States


DYING FETUS Releases Video For New Song 'Panic Amongst The Herd'

Death metal overlords DYING FETUS have premiered the music video for "Panic Amongst The Herd", another track off their eighth studio album, "Wrong One To Fuck With". The clip was directed, animated and edited by Mount Emult.

"Wrong One To Fuck With" will be released on June 23 via Relapse.

On their first new release in over five years, the seasoned veterans manage to further stretch their creative and technical boundaries across ten complex tracks of pulverizing death metal, filled with more dynamic intricacies, brutal breakdowns and varied vocal patterns than ever before. Now over twenty-five years into their distinguished career, DYING FETUS cement their legacy with "Wrong One To Fuck With" and uphold their position as one of the most dominant forces in death metal today.

The first press of "Wrong One To Fuck With" on CD includes an expanded, deluxe packaging and the exclusive bonus track "Induce Terror".

"Wrong One To Fuck With" track listing:

01. Fixated On Devastation02. Panic Amongst The Herd03. Die With Integrity04. Reveling In The Abyss05. Seething With Disdain06. Ideological Subjugation07. Weaken The Structure08. Fallacy09. Unmitigated Detestation10. Wrong One To Fuck With

DYING FETUS is currently touring Europe with HATEBREED.

Photo credit: John Sisk

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