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*L.A. Guns*

27 июл 2018 : 
L.A. GUNS – New Album, Wasn’t Tomorrow Great, Due In March 2019

27 мар 2018 : 

17 мар 2018 : 
L.A. GUNS: 'Speed' Performance Clip From 'Made In Milan' DVD And Blu-Ray

8 мар 2018 : 
L.A. GUNS Parts Ways With Guitarist MICHAEL GRANT

15 фев 2018 : 
TRACII GUNS 'Would Pay Anything' To See LED ZEPPELIN Perform With Hologram Of JOHN BONHAM

5 фев 2018 : 
L.A. GUNS: 'No Mercy' Performance Clip From 'Made In Milan' DVD And Blu-Ray

30 янв 2018 : 
L.A. GUNS: Trailer For 'Made In Milan' CD, DVD And Blu-Ray

21 янв 2018 : 
L.A. GUNS To Release 'Made In Milan' CD, DVD And Blu-Ray In March

13 дек 2017 : 
L.A. GUNS Guitarist TRACII GUNS Performs Christmas Classic "Silent Night"; Audio

18 окт 2017 : 
L.A. GUNS Release Music Video For 'The Flood's The Fault Of The Rain'

4 окт 2017 : 
Listen To New L.A. GUNS Song 'Baby Gotta Fever'

8 сен 2017 : 
Listen To New L.A. GUNS Song 'Christine'

11 авг 2017 : 

11 авг 2017 : 
L.A. GUNS Guitarist To Fans: 'Your Camera Phones Are Distracting When We Are Playing'

13 июл 2017 : 
L.A. GUNS Release Video For 'Speed' Song From 'The Missing Peace' Album

5 май 2017 : 
L.A. GUNS To Release 'The Missing Peace' Album In October; Cover Artwork Unveiled

10 апр 2017 : 
Video: L.A. GUNS Performs New Song 'Speed' In Santa Ana

26 фев 2017 : 
L.A. GUNS Feat. PHIL LEWIS, TRACII GUNS: Video Of Houston Concert

17 фев 2017 : 
New L.A. GUNS Album 'Sounds Amazing,' Says PHIL LEWIS

26 янв 2017 : 
L.A. GUNS: 'Fistful Of Guns' Collection Of Highlights Due In February

5 дек 2016 : 
L.A. GUNS Version Feat. PHIL LEWIS And TRACII GUNS Not Affected By Singer's Announcement

2 дек 2016 : 

30 окт 2016 : 
Video: TRACII GUNS And PHIL LEWIS Of L.A. GUNS Perform At ROCK N SKULL Festival Pre-Party

8 окт 2016 : 
Video: TRACII GUNS And PHIL LEWIS Of L.A. GUNS Perform At Whisky A Go Go

21 сен 2016 : 

14 июн 2016 : 
TRACII GUNS Featured In L.A. GUNS “Never Enough” Instructional Video On

31 май 2016 : 
L.A. GUNS - PHIL LEWIS, TRACII GUNS Reunite For Five Shows

25 апр 2016 : 
L.A. GUNS Singer Clarifies His Comments, Says He Stands By His Words

24 апр 2016 : 
L.A. GUNS Frontman Makes Controversial Race-Related Comments While Paying Tribute To PRINCE

19 апр 2016 : 
L.A. GUNS Rock The Rainbow, Ready To Rip Up The Road

5 авг 2015 : 
Video: L.A. GUNS Return To Whisky A Go Go

27 май 2015 : 
Video: PHIL LEWIS And TRACII GUNS Perform Together In Agoura Hills

22 май 2015 : 
L.A. GUNS Return To The Road In June; Live Video From M3 Fest

30 мар 2015 : 
L.A. GUNS – Live In Toronto 1990 Released

3 мар 2015 : 
LA GUNS to record blues album

18 янв 2015 : 
Video: L.A. GUNS Performs At Whisky A Go Go

24 ноя 2014 : 
L.A. GUNS Release Boston 1989 Live Album

31 июл 2014 : 
Video: L.A. GUNS Returns To Whisky A Go Go

19 июн 2013 : 
Ex-L.A. GUNS Guitarist STACEY BLADES - Three New Songs Streaming

7 апр 2013 : 
L.A. GUNS Stream 'You Better Not Love Me' From Tango On Sunset Strip (Hollywood Forever)

31 мар 2013 : 
L.A. GUNS - Hollywood Forever Retitled, Reissued With New Cover

26 янв 2013 : 
L.A. GUNS: First Photo Of New Lineup

18 янв 2013 : 
L.A. GUNS Parts Ways With Guitarist (Again), Announces Replacement

17 янв 2013 : 
L.A. GUNS To Release 'Live In Concert' In February

15 янв 2013 : 
L.A. GUNS: 'Requiem (Hollywood Forever)' Video Released

26 дек 2012 : 
L.A. GUNS Announces New Guitarist

14 дек 2012 : 

25 май 2012 : 
PHIL LEWIS-Fronted L.A. GUNS: 'You Better Not Love Me' Video Released

14 май 2012 : 
PHIL LEWIS-Fronted Version Of L.A. GUNS Performs At M3 ROCK FESTIVAL (Video)

26 апр 2012 : 
PHIL LEWIS-Fronted L.A. GUNS: Performance Footage Of New Song

7 мар 2012 : 
PHIL LEWIS-Fronted L.A. GUNS Completes Mixing New Album

26 фев 2012 : 
PHIL LEWIS-Fronted L.A. GUNS Completes Recording New Album

21 фев 2012 : 
TRACII GUNS Version Of L.A. GUNS Doing 'Last Tour' Of Europe 'For Now'

13 дек 2011 : 
TRACII GUNS Version Of L.A. GUNS Splits With Singer DILANA

24 окт 2011 : 
L.A. GUNS Featuring DILANA: Fan-Filmed Video Footage Of First Concert

21 сен 2011 : 

17 авг 2011 : 
L.A. GUNS To Release \'Acoustic Gypsy Live\' In September

19 янв 2011 : 
TRACII GUNS Version Of L.A. GUNS To Record First-Ever Live Album

18 янв 2011 : 
L.A. GUNS - Kenny Kweens Quits

22 фев 2010 : 
L.A. GUNS: \'Shrinking Violet\' Reissue Artwork Unveiled

21 май 2009 : 
L.A. GUNS: \'\'86 Demo Sessions\' To Be Released On Limited-Edition Vinyl

30 авг 2006 : 
L.A. GUNS: \'Loud And Dangerous\' Live Album To Include Bonus Live Videos

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|||| 13 июл 2017

L.A. GUNS Release Video For 'Speed' Song From 'The Missing Peace' Album

* *
The current version of L.A. GUNS — which includes singer Phil Lewis and the band's co-founding guitarist Tracii Guns — will release its new album, "The Missing Peace", on October 13 via the Italian record label Frontiers Music Srl. The disc's cover artwork was created by the Las Vegas portrait painter Kahla and can be seen below.

As the revival of the classic '80s hard rock and heavy metal scene continues unabated here in the 21st century, one reunion has been at the top of the wishlists of many a fan for a long time: the songwriting combination of Tracii Guns and Philip Lewis under the L.A. GUNS banner. What once seemed like a distant memory with no hope of returning has now come around and fans are about to be rewarded for keeping their fingers crossed and their hopes up. Today, the first video for the album's debut single has been released. Watch the clip for "Speed" below.

Guns describes the song as "a response to the extremely fast-paced 'I want it now!' world we are living in." Hard rock aficionados should keep their ears opened for a nod to the great DEEP PURPLE's legendary track "Highway Star" in one of the verses.

"The Missing Peace" track listing:

01. It's All The Same To Me02. Speed03. A Drop Of Bleach04. Sticky Fingers05. Christine06. Baby Gotta Fever07. Kill It Or Die08. Don't Bring A Knife To A Gunfight09. The Flood's The Fault Of The Rain10. The Devil Made Me Do It11. The Missing Peace12. Gave It All Away "'The Missing Peace' is truly an album by definition," said Guns. "It's a collection of music that I have been working on for about twelve years with various styles of rock music. From blues to classical influences, these are all hard-hitting songs. I am very proud of all of the contributions to this album by other members and writers. L.A. GUNS fans are in for a treat."

The last time Lewis and Guns joined forces was back in 2000 with legendary producer Andy Johns for the making of what would become "Waking The Dead". Speaking with Express & Star, Tracii said: "With Phil and I in particular, we have a certain chemistry that's undeniable. And, you know, when you're at your loneliest, you wanna go home, right? So, we both felt like it was time to go home and be comfortable with that undeniable relationship that we have musically. I mean, right away, the first time we got back together and played, you know, it's so obvious, you can't deny it. At some point in your life, you can't deny what's real." Regarding the sound of the new L.A. GUNS material, Tracii said: "Phil's vocal style and his way of writing kind of offsets that balance of the heavy music, that's something that's possibly more mainstream or identifiable, so there's a lot of, you know, kind of typical sleazy L.A. GUNS, high-energy riff rock. There's a little bit of sloppy New Orleans, kind of sweaty, kind of bluesier stuff too. It's a big record." L.A. GUNS' present lineup is rounded out by Shane Fitzgibbon on drums and Johnny Martin on bass with Michael Grant on guitar as a touring member. On the topic of the decision to use the L.A. GUNS moniker for the new album, Guns told LA Weekly: "When you put Phil and I together, that's the sound of L.A. GUNS. There's no way around that. As much as I love certain other [former] members of the band, it's hard to say what their contribution to the overall sound of the band was — but Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns, the band's gotta be L.A. GUNS. It can't be anything else." Back in December, Phil announced that he was leaving the L.A. GUNS version that included drummer Steve Riley. L.A. GUNS 2017 is:

Phil Lewis - VocalsTracii Guns - GuitarsJohnny Martin - BassMichael Grant - GuitarShane Fitzgibbon – Drums

L.A. GUNS Release Video For


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Benji Marshall
14 июл 2017, 13:46
совсем не понравилось, для меня Эл.Эй. Ганз - группа одной песни

14 июл 2017, 14:19
Че за песня?

14 июл 2017, 16:36
Песня нормальная, внешний вид у них жалкий, как и у почти всех престарелых глемеров.

14 июл 2017, 18:59
Вчера еще хотел шутейку написать, из серии, что может быть комичней глэмстеров на сцене? Только престарелые глэмстеры:)
Ну да впрочем, я стараюсь не обращать внимание на подобные вещи, так как у самого порой бомбит, когда какой нить дятел пишет про внешний вид артиста, например, зря она штаны надела дырявые. Да тебя ебет, во что кто то одевается? за собой следи и не вякай:))

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