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Robert Plant


13 дек 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS Release "Can't Let Go" Performance Video From Nashville's Sound Emporium Studios

6 дек 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS Release "Trouble With My Lover" Performance Video From Nashville's Sound Emporium Studios

28 ноя 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS Release "Searching For My Love" Performance Video From Nashville's Sound Emporium Studios

25 ноя 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT Says 'Stairway To Heaven' Copyright Dispute Was 'Unpleasant For Everybody'

21 ноя 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT And ALISON KRAUSS Share Cover Of BRENDA BURNS's 'Somebody Was Watching Over Me'

19 ноя 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT And ALISON KRAUSS Celebrate New Album 'Raise The Roof' With Series Of Live Performances

5 ноя 2021 : 

22 окт 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT And ALISON KRAUSS Release Lyric Video For 'Can't Let Go'

8 окт 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT And ALISON KRAUSS Release 'High And Lonesome' Song From Upcoming Album 'Raise The Roof'

14 авг 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT And ALISON KRAUSS Reunite For 'Raise The Roof' Album

22 июл 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT Plays First Pandemic-Era Concert With SAVING GRACE (Video)

6 июн 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT's New Collaborative Album With ALISON KRAUSS To Include Cover Of 1960s Classic

8 апр 2021 : 
ROBERT PLANT - Limited Edition Live At Knebworth Coloured Vinyl EP To Be Released For Record Store Day; Details Revealed

31 июл 2020 : 
ROBERT PLANT Shares Previously Unreleased Song 'Charlie Patton Highway (Turn It Up - Part 1)'

20 апр 2020 : 
ROBERT PLANT Donates Thousands To UK Company Making Scrubs For Workers On The Frontline Of The Coronavirus Crisis

24 мар 2020 : 
ROBERT PLANT - Watch Remastered Version “Tie Dye On the Highway” Video From Knebworth

14 янв 2020 : 
ROBERT PLANT Talks Solo Hit "Tall Cool One" - "We Took Lots Of Different Bits Of LED ZEPPELIN; I Thought It Was Slightly Comical"

19 ноя 2019 : 
ROBERT PLANT Is 'Sure' He Will Make Another Album With ALISON KRAUSS

13 ноя 2019 : 
ROBERT PLANT - Packaging Revealed For Upcoming Digging Deep Limited Edition 7" Singles Box Set

6 ноя 2019 : 
ROBERT PLANT Can't Relate To 'Stairway To Heaven' Anymore

1 окт 2019 : 
ROBERT PLANT To Release Seven-Inch Vinyl Box Set 'Digging Deep'

15 июл 2019 : 
ROBERT PLANT On Debut Solo Album - “I Needed A Drummer That Could Kick Ass”

1 июл 2019 : 
ROBERT PLANT Performs LED ZEPPELIN's Immigrant Song' For First Time Since 1996 (Video)

22 май 2019 : 
ROBERT PLANT – “I Love JIMMY PAGE But We’re Two People Who Don’t Hug Each Other Enough”

19 фев 2019 : 
How ROBERT PLANT Influenced The Soundtrack To Oscar Nominated Green Book

19 фев 2019 : 
Watch ROBERT PLANT's New Band SAVING GRACE Perform In U.K.
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|||| 25 ноя 2021

ROBERT PLANT Says 'Stairway To Heaven' Copyright Dispute Was 'Unpleasant For Everybody'

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During an appearance on "Loose Ends" on BBC Radio 4 earlier this week, Robert Plant commented on the copyright dispute over whether LED ZEPPELIN's classic song "Stairway To Heaven" was a rip-off of SPIRIT's "Taurus".

Michael Skidmore, the trustee of "Taurus" songwriter Randy "California" Wolfe's estate, had brought the claims more than four decades after "Stairway To Heaven" appeared on LED ZEPPELIN's untitled album, better known as "Led Zeppelin IV".

In June 2016, a Los Angeles jury deliberated for about five hours before deciding unanimously in favor of LED ZEPPELIN. The case was revived in 2018 before a court of appeals upheld the original verdict last year. In October 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case, definitively ending it.

Asked "what sort of experience" it was to have to testify at the 2016 trial, Plant told "Loose Ends": "What can you do? I just had to sit there. I was instructed to sit directly opposite the jury: 'Don't look at them, but just don't look at anybody. Just sit there for eight hours.'

"As much as I am musical, I cannot comment on anything musical. I just sing," the LED ZEPPELIN frontman continued.

"There are zillions and zillions of songs that are carrying the same chord progression, so it was very unfortunate, and it was unpleasant for everybody."

Plant testified in court that he had no recollection of ever hearing "Taurus" before. "I didn't remember it then, and I don't remember it now," he said. LED ZEPPELIN guitarist Jimmy Page also testified that he had not copied any part of "Taurus" even though he owned five discs by SPIRIT among his collection of 4,000 vinyl records.

Enrico Bonadio, a senior lecturer in law from City University London, told Newsweek in April 2016: "I don't think that it is appropriate to consider the act of devising a tune that simply has the same 'feel' and 'groove' as another as copyright infringement. This is how music creativity often works. Musicians frequently build upon earlier arrangements and styles, and so the increasing occurrence of cases such as these should give us pause."

After the 2016 trial, plaintiff's attorney Francis Malofiy claimed he lost his case on a technicality, insisting that it was unfair the jury was unable to listen to the sound recording of "Taurus" and instead was limited to hearing an expert performance of the registered sheet music.

Malofiy received over a hundred sustained objections and "multiple admonishments" during the ZEPPELIN trial, with the band's publishing company Warner/Chappell Music filing documents asking the judge to order the plaintiffs to pay over $613,000 in costs for defending against the laws



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