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Six Feet Under


21 авг 2018 : 
SIX FEET UNDER's Concert In Moscow Will Mark 'The Longest Performance In The History Of Death Metal,' According To CHRIS BARNES

7 июл 2018 : 
SIX FEET UNDER Releases 'Unburied' Collection Of Previously Unreleased Material

9 июн 2017 : 
SIX FEET UNDER's CHRIS BARNES Lends Voice To Animated Series 'The Olympians'

27 апр 2017 : 
SIX FEET UNDER's CHRIS BARNES: 'Cannabis Has Been My Best Friend For My Entire Life'

22 мар 2017 : 

1 мар 2017 : 

25 фев 2017 : 
SIX FEET UNDER: Entire 'Torment' Album Available For Streaming

23 фев 2017 : 
SIX FEET UNDER: Watch 'Schizomaniac' Playthrough Video

8 фев 2017 : 
SIX FEET UNDER: Listen To New Song 'The Separation Of Flesh From Bone'

25 янв 2017 : 
SIX FEET UNDER: Guitar-Playthrough Video For New Song 'Exploratory Homicide'

17 янв 2017 : 
SIX FEET UNDER Drummer Recorded All The Songs For 'Torment' Album In One Take

14 янв 2017 : 
Watch Official Lyric Video For SIX FEET UNDER's New Song 'Sacrificial Kill'

10 янв 2017 : 
SIX FEET UNDER To Release 'Torment' Album In February

12 май 2016 : 
SIX FEET UNDER's Cover Version Of IRON MAIDEN's 'Murders In The Rue Morgue' Available For Streaming

20 апр 2016 : 
SIX FEET UNDER Streaming JUDAS PRIEST Cover “Never Satisfied”; Audio

14 апр 2016 : 
SIX FEET UNDER Pays Tribute To IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST On 'Graveyard Classics IV'

6 янв 2016 : 
SIX FEET UNDER Bassist JEFF HUGHELL Releases New Solo Album

7 май 2015 : 
SIX FEET UNDER: 'Open Coffin Orgy' Video Released

21 апр 2015 : 
SIX FEET UNDER: New Song 'Gruesome' Available For Streaming

8 апр 2015 : 
SIX FEET UNDER Streaming New Track “Stab”

1 апр 2015 : 
SIX FEET UNDER Bassist JEFF HUGHELL Releases Solo Album 'Chaos Labyrinth'

12 мар 2015 : 
SIX FEET UNDER's CHRIS BARNES Says Legal Pot Played A Big Part In His Decision To Move To Seattle

5 мар 2015 : 
SIX FEET UNDER To Release 'Crypt Of The Devil' Album In May

1 ноя 2013 : 
SIX FEET UNDER: Illness Forces 'East Coast Armageddon' Tour Postponement

3 июн 2013 : 
SIX FEET UNDER Parts Ways With Drummer, Announces Replacement

12 мар 2013 : 
SIX FEET UNDER: Another New Song Available For Streaming
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|||| 10 янв 2017

SIX FEET UNDER To Release 'Torment' Album In February

* *
Death metal veterans SIX FEET UNDER will release their twelfth studio album, "Torment", on February 24 via Metal Blade.

There's plenty of classic SIX FEET UNDER groove to be had on "Torment", but fans will note a much more aggressive approach, and even more modern blast beats throughout. This is a cantankerous SIX FEET UNDER with absolutely nothing to prove. This is SIX FEET UNDER at its most deadly.

"Torment" was brought to life by Chris Barnes with bassist/guitarist Jeff Hughell (BRAIN DRILL) shouldering the load of writing the music, along with heralded drummer Marco Pitruzzella (BRAIN DRILL, ANOMALOUS, SLEEP TERROR). The combination of Barnes's multi-decade death metal experience and the speed and precision of Hughell and Pitruzzella's relative youth go a long way to cementing this as a solid foundation for high-level death metal. This is immediately apparent in the first track "Sacrificial Kill" and expanded further right away in the second track "Exploratory Homicide". Both Hughell and Pitruzzella are allowed to play their style of metal with a unique SIX FEET UNDER flair. That's what makes "Torment" a unique and welcome addition to the band's stories catalog.

Barnes states about "Torment": "I've been lucky to have a lot of standout albums in my career. That's only because I've had a great many talented writing partners and musicians to collaborate with. Our new album, 'Torment', to me, is one of those albums. Jeff Hughell has provided the flammable material for me to write some explosive lyrics and vocal parts to.

"I know people always say, 'This is my best album ever,' and I won't say that, because everyone has their own favorites, but I do enjoy creating new music, and I feel as though with this one we expressed concisely and to the fullest the duality of our music. I have also found it important over the years, going back to the start of my career, that the artwork for our albums gets to express, on some level, what the experience is within. To do that this time around, we were able to incorporate an amazing new artist, Septian Devenum, to take on the task of visually bringing this album to life.

"Every song on the album is depicted with a piece of artwork that explores the lyrical content of each song, similar to what we did for the packaging for our album 'Bringer Of Blood'.

"'Torment' has been a great album to work on and help create, we hope all of our fans appreciate it."

"Torment" track listing:

01. Sacrificial Kill02. Exploratory Homicide03. The Separation Of Flesh From Bone04. Schizomaniac05. Skeleton06. Knife Through The Skull07. Slaughtered As They Slept08. In The Process Of Decomposing09. Funeral Mask10. Obsidian11. Bloody Underwear12. Roots Of Evil

SIX FEET UNDER's new album was mixed by Chris "Zeuss" Harris and was previously described by Barnes as "the most brutally intense, groove-laden masterpiece we've ever put together!"

SIX FEET UNDER last month completed the "X-Mas in Hell Tour 2016" in Germany where the band celebrated the 21st anniversary of its debut album, "Haunted", by performing the LP in its entirety.

SIX FEET UNDER To Release 'Torment' Album In February



КомментарииСкрыть/показать 16 )


10 янв 2017, 20:49
Классика морально устаревшего дэта! :)


10 янв 2017, 20:49
Надо было Torture.


10 янв 2017, 20:54
Еще одна обложка с накладными мордами...


10 янв 2017, 21:03
чет облога ваще никакая, как из дешевой компьютерной игры


10 янв 2017, 21:26
>>>Еще одна обложка с накладными мордами...

И, главное, на белом фоне! Наверное, Барнс решил, что его альбом будут покупать, путая с хардвайредом). А по сабжу - что-то я поохладел к SFU, когда началась эта чехарда в составе. Последний угарный альбом для меня был, увы, Commandment - 2007. Блин, 10 лет.


10 янв 2017, 22:04
Так то не плохо. Всяко бодрее и интереснее чем клепать убогие кавера пачками.


10 янв 2017, 22:59
Эпоха херовых обложек с белым фоном?


11 янв 2017, 00:07
Барнс опять собрался завезти фанатам тонну говна?
Ну не идет уже свежак Крису, а он все мучает себя этими пустыми релизами, и слушателей за одно. Соглашусь про альбом 2007. Остановится бы ему на года 4, собраться с мыслями..
Трек проходной, Крис уже прокурил весь свой гроул, чем портит все впечатления.


11 янв 2017, 09:20
Bloody Underwear



11 янв 2017, 10:22
вот это новость ! ура !

Bloodstained Cross

11 янв 2017, 11:48
Никак прошлые не послушаю....


11 янв 2017, 14:12
За 2015 год нормальный альбом вышел че вы

for example

11 янв 2017, 19:08
Обложка, конечно, неожиданная. Трек не слушал, но после перемен в составе SFU уже не торт. Да даже после "13", откровенно говоря, хотя те альбомы выезжали за счёт матёрых олдскульщиков-музыкантов.


12 янв 2017, 09:14
Да нормально. Бёрнс делает своё дело. Лучше небудет, слушайте что есть.


12 янв 2017, 21:41
Ожидал от трека заурядной тягомотины, а он внезапно понравился. Барнс ещё может удивить оказывается


23 фев 2017, 23:45
Барнс - крут! С удовольствием слушаю все альбомы SFU.

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