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[= ||| 17 2014

36 CRAZYFISTS: 'Time And Trauma' Album Cover Artwork Unveiled

Alaskan metallers 36 CRAZYFISTS recently emerged from a four-year recording hibernation to sign a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records. The band's new album, "Time And Trauma", will be released on February 17, 2015.

The "Time And Trauma" cover artwork can be seen below.

Pre-order bundles, featuring various merch items and a limited edition hockey puck, are available here. Fans can also pre-order the digital album, which includes the instant grat track "Also Am I", here. 36 CRAZYFISTS will embark on a European headlning tour in February. "We have found a new home at Spinefarm Records. And although the label is new to us, some of the staff are old friends and we couldn't be more grateful to unleash the beast that is 'Time And Trauma' with their help," says frontman Brock Lindow. "20 years in and it feels like Spinefarm is a killer home to hang our hats. See you all on the road in 2015!" Spinefarm senior director of marketing Tim Brennan echoed that sentiment, saying, "We are thrilled to have 36 CRAZYFISTS be part of the growing Spinefarm family! They are a genuine band of brothers that has grinded for 20 years to create a truly committed fan base. 'Time And Trauma' is an incredible way to begin the next 20 years for the band.” A new 36 CRAZYFISTS song, "Also Am I", can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below.

36 CRAZYFISTS debuted the "Time And Trauma" title track during the band's U.K. tour at the end of last year.

36 CRAZYFISTS in 2012 announced the addition of drummer Kyle Baltus to the group's ranks. In addition, the band was rejoined by bassist Mick Whitney following the departure of Brett "Buzzard" Makowski.

36 CRAZYFISTS's last album, "Collisions And Castaways", sold around 3,300 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 161 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at No. 3 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.
|||| 17 2014

BATTLE BEAST: First 'Unholy Savior' Trailer

The first trailer for "Unholy Savior", the third studio album from Finnish female-fronted metallers BATTLE BEAST, can be seen below. The CD will be released on January 9, 2015 in Europe and January 13, 2015 in the U.S. via Nuclear Blast.

"Unholy Savior" track listing:

01. Lionheart02. Unholy Savior03. I Want The World….And Everything In It04. Madness05. Sea Of Dreams06. Speed And Danger07. Touch In The Night08. The Black Swordsman09. Hero's Quest10. Far Far Away11. Angel Cry

The "Madness" video can be seen below. The clip was directed by Ville Lipiäinen, who has previously worked with NIGHTWISH and HYPOCRISY, among others.

"I thirst to go further as a human being and the music on this album represents a part of the ongoing spiritual journey — that's what I tend to I call it — which is my road onward," says BATTLE BEAST guitarist and vocalist Anton Kabanen. "Music-wise, the songs have been expanded to a wider area as an effort to call out emotions close to those I myself had during the times of birth of these songs."

He adds: "Like always, I wrote songs about the series 'Berserk', as well, and the reason behind writing songs about that particular series is that I can strongly relate to that, especially to certain characters and to their way of thinking and feeling."

Regarding the song "Touch In The Night", for which a lyric video can be seen below, BATTLE BEAST bassist Eero Sipilä said: "'Touch In The Night' is probably the farthest away from typical BATTLE BEAST sound we've ever went. It really sums it up, that in the pre-production phrase went under the nickname 'Alphaville.' If JUDAS PRIEST covered 'Big In Japan', I believe this is where they would end up."

He added: "True metal fans hold on to your hats — there'll be more blast beats for you later!" BATTLE BEAST will embark on a European tour with Swedish metallers SABATON in January.

BATTLE BEAST's self-titled sophomore album entered the official chart in the band's home country of Finland at position No. 5.

BATTLE BEAST in 2012 parted ways with lead singer Nitte Vänskä and replaced her with Noora Louhimo.
|||| 17 2014

PAPA ROACH: New Song 'Broken As Me' Available For Streaming

"Broken As Me", a brand new song from Californian rockers PAPA ROACH, can be streamed below. The track, which is available on iTunes, is taken from the band's eighth full-length album, "F.E.A.R.", which will be released on January 27, 2015 via Eleven Seven Music). The Grammy Award-nominated hard rock juggernaut builds its most infectious, invigorating, and incendiary body of work to date. They preserve the robust riffs and swaggering rhythms that marked their initial call-to-arms, while seamlessly infusing cinematic electronic flourishes, sweeping hooks, and magnetic melodies. As a result, the band — Jacoby Shaddix (vocals), Jerry Horton (guitar), Tobin Esperance (bass) and Tony Palermo (drums) — rise like never before… After supporting 2012's "The Connection" for nearly two years, the quartet collectively decided on a change of scenery for album number eight. Rather than record at their hometown studio in Sacramento, they hit the road for Las Vegas in early 2014. Holing up in The Hideout, they worked with father-and-son super-producers Kevin and Kane Churko (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, IN THIS MOMENT). For the first time since "The Paramour Sessions" in 2006, the boys lived under the same roof, and they also began recording with a clean slate. "Usually when we begin working, we'll have a bunch of demos, and I'll have a bag of lyrics ready to go," Jacoby says. "We didn't have those things this time. When we were touring 'The Connection', I was really focused on keeping my life together. Every time I would go on the road, I'd start clean and come home a mess. I let the road tear me apart. This time, I focused on keeping my relationships strong, my sober self healthy, and my spiritual life healthy. I didn't have time to write, to be honest." "We walked into the studio with nothing," adds Jerry. "It was frightening since it was so different, but it was also liberating. Once the ball started rolling, it was a snowball effect." "We wanted to do things a little bit differently," explains Tobin. "During the last record, the four of us had reconnected and gotten closer. We were in such a good place, so we all helped each other out on this one. There was no pressure. There were no expectations. We chose to work with somebody we'd never worked with before, go to a place we'd never lived previously, not worry, write songs from scratch, and have fun. We didn't overthink it. It was simple, and it fucking worked." The Churkos continued to push the band out of its comfort zone, encouraging them to tread new territory, while maintaining their distinct identity. Five songs came from each producer. "Kevin and Kane were very involved," recalls Jerry. "They've got their tested methods and stamp. At the same time, they captured who we are. When it's heavy, it's really heavy. When it's dynamic, it's very diverse. They brought something fresh to the table." "They have such a vast knowledge of the songwriting process," states Tony. "We came up with material together, and that's a whole new creative way of writing. They're both really in tune with what musical movements and landscapes are necessary for particular idea. There's so much depth." That energy courses through the album's ten tracks. The first single and title cut explodes into an arena-ready refrain that's as anthemic as it is atomic. Muscular guitars give way to an industrial stomp before sparking an uplifting and undeniable chant. "F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise)" ignites this ride. As far as the title goes, the writing was on the wall — literally. "Jacoby wrote 'F.E.A.R.' on the wall of the studio in spray paint," laughs Tobin. "When we started the record, he was like, 'I want construction paper hung up on the walls everywhere so I can write down all of these thoughts.' That was the only thing he ended up writing on the wall. It stuck." "Fear is something I face every day," the singer admits. "It's about taking a negative and turning it into a positive. When you see the word, it looks like Fear. If you look deeper, it's Face Everything And Rise." "It felt like such a great concept to write an album around," says Jerry. "It's about facing your fears and knowing that no matter what happens, you'll be alright." "We pride ourselves on having that powerful aspect to our recordings and shows," adds Tony. "We were able to convey that here." Elsewhere on the record, PAPA ROACH add old-school flavor to the decidedly new-school "Gravity" featuring Maria Brink of IN THIS MOMENT. Jacoby spits a confessional and vivid verse in between hauntingly hypnotic vocals from the metal siren. "I lay it all out there," sighs Jacoby. "I talked to my wife about the song, and I told her I was going to talk about the darkness of our marriage in a deep sense. This was a tool of strength to show how we made it through those trials and tribulations and how we've both grown into stronger, better people that still know how to love each other. She loves the song." Meanwhile, "Broken As Me" slams with a succinct groove, which Tobin eloquently describes best as a "straight-up fucking basher." Then, there's "Falling Apart". "I love the lyrics on it," the bassist adds. "It's about trying to find something to hold on to that can keep you strong, propel you forward, and be that light in your life. There's a lot of evil shit that can take over, but you don't have to fall prey to it." Everything culminates on "Warriors", which pairs PAPA ROACH with hip-hop luminary, one-half of Eminem's BAD MEETS EVIL, and SLAUGHTERHOUSE member Royce da 5'9". It's unlike anything in the group's repertoire. Speaking of their catalog, 2015 also marks an important milestone for PAPA ROACH. It's the 15th anniversary of their triple-platinum debut, "Infest", which solidified them as hard rock leaders. Since then, they've paved the way for countless other acts to find success at both radio and on stage. Tobin smiles, "I'm really proud of that record. All of the songs were different as far as the styles and the vibes. The guitars were heavy and simple, but there was a dirty hip-hop vibe. There's a raw edge that we captured. I think that street vibe is badass." "'Infest' is straight fire one-hundred percent," declares Jacoby. "That's when I realized the purpose of my life playing music. 'Infest' was the opening statement. It's the intro of who we were to become. It was just the top of the iceberg. That record is just as brutally honest and real as anything I've written to this day." Ultimately though, "F.E.A.R." signifies a new dawn for PAPA ROACH. Jacoby leaves off, "I hope people walk away believing they can do anything."

"F.E.A.R." track listing: 01. Face Everything And Rise02. Skeletons03. Broken As Me04. Falling Apart05. Love Me Til It Hurts06. Never Have To Say Goodbye07. Gravity08. War Over Me09. Devil10. Warriors
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[= ||| 17 2014

PAPA ROACH's JACOBY SHADDIX Recalls On-The-Road Debauchery With EMINEM: 'We Were Young And Wild'

In a brand new interview with, PAPA ROACH frontman Jacoby Shaddix spoke about what it was like touring with rap superstar Eminem in 2000 and 2002 as part of "The Anger Management Tour".

"I was young, he was young and we were both partying on that tour and we had some ragers," Jacoby said. "I remember this one night, we had a video camera with us and we were all fuckin' high on ecstacy and we were fuckin' drunk. We were on everything, and it was me, my drummer [at the time] Dave, Eminem, his wife at the time and one of his wife's friends and the rapper Xzibit, and we had, like, a WWF wrestling event in the dressing room. Eminem was hitting me with a fuckin' chair and we go back and watch that video and go, 'Man, we were fuckin' young and wild!' Backyard wrestling with Eminem in the dressing room. There's a video of it but we haven't put it out yet. Those were the days, and nights!"

Shaddix also disussed the hardships of being a dad and being out on the road for several weeks at a time.

"It sure is difficult for me," he said. "I've got three boys, 12, 10 and a one-year-old. That's one of my biggest internal struggles in my personal life, missing a lot of those key moments and being able to sit down with my son. He just had a girlfriend. I'm like, 'Oh my god, my son is 12 and he has a girlfriend! He's too young!' Her mom called us and said they had to split up and we had to tell our son, 'You're not allowed to have a girlfriend.' And he was in tears. I wanted to be able to be there and have that conversation face to face with my son and just let him cry on my shoulder for a minute: 'It's alright bud! There's plenty of time for girls in the future.' [Laughs] I struggle with that, but thank God for technology! I can Skype and Facetime with him. I have conversations with my kids regularly when I'm home, quality conversations in depth and not just like, 'Hey, son, let's go throw a ball!' I've asked my kids a couple of times, 'Do you resent me?' and they're, like, 'What's resent?' and I go, 'Are you made at me that I'm gone on the road?' And they say, 'We're not mad at you. We just get sad sometimes.' Now I'm okay with that, because every family has their personal struggle and thank God mine, that's our struggle. I can think of far worse struggles, so we're doing alright."

PAPA ROACH's eighth full-length album, "F.E.A.R.", will be released on January 27, 2015 via Eleven Seven Music). The follow-up to 2012's "The Connection" was recorded at The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas. The band worked with two producers, Kevin Churko and Kevin's son Kane.


|||| 17 2014

IRON MAIDEN's New Christmas Card Offers Hint Of Possible Return To The Studio

The Christmas card sent out this year by British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN to members of their fan club, Iron Maiden Fan Club, features an image (see below) of the band's official mascot, Eddie, running out from a studio and with a sign that says "UROTON 51", perhaps offering a hint that IRON MAIDEN is planning a long-awaited return to the studio to record the follow-up to the 2010 album "The Final Frontier". Some fans have interpreted the message "UROTON 51" to mean "On Tour 15", possibly indicating that there is further touring on the horizon next year for IRON MAIDEN, which only played about 20 shows this year between the end of May and early July.

MAIDEN's 15th studio album, "The Final Frontier", sold 63,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to enter The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 4. The CD featured 10 tracks that had an average running time of seven minutes and 40 seconds, with the shortest song, "The Alchemist", clocking in at four minutes and 29 seconds, and the longest, "When The Wild Wind Blows", lasting ten minutes and 59 seconds.

IRON MAIDEN's previous album, 2006's "A Matter Of Life And Death", opened with 56,000 units to land at No. 9. This was a notable increase from the 40,000 first-week tally registered by its predecessor, 2003's "Dance of Death" (which debuted at No. 18 on The Billboard 200 chart), and that of "Brave New World", which moved 38,000 copies in June 2000 to land at No. 39 on The Billboard 200 chart.

"The Final Frontier" was IRON MAIDEN's fourth U.K. No. 1 album. The band previously topped the chart in 1982 with "The Number of the Beast", in 1988 with "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" and in 1992 with "Fear of the Dark".


|||| 17 2014

RUSH - R40 Blu-Ray/DVD Completist Edition Box Set Video Trailer Posted

Rush released a special R40 video box set on six Blu-ray discs or ten DVDs in November to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The set features live footage spanning all four decades of their career. Over two hours of unreleased material, including a rare performance of entire seven-part version of ‘2112’, three unreleased tracks from the 1974 vault plus their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction. Check out the trailer for the completist edition below:

2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Rush’s eponymous debut album in 1974. This superb collector’s box set brings together live performances by Rush from each decade of their career. It includes Rush In Rio, R30, Snakes & Arrows Live, Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland and Clockwork Angels Tour plus a bonus disc of previously unseen and unreleased live material stretching from 1974 to 2013.

To the delight of fans, the bonus disc will include all eight songs from the Laura Secord Secondary School show in 1974 which features original drummer John Rutsey. That recording includes two Rush originals “I’ve Been Runnin;” and “The Loser”, as well as their cover of Larry William’s “Bad Boy”, made famous by The Beatles. The bonus discus also features 5 songs from songs from the Capitol Theatre in 1976 such as “Anthem” and “Lakeside Park”, the rarely performed full, 7-part version of “2112” filmed in 1997, “Lock and Key” from the Hold Your Fire tour, as well as footage from the glorious evening when Rush fans got their beloved band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Rush are renowned for the energy and excitement of their live concerts and this set brings together some of their finest performances. The 10 DVD (or 6 Blu-ray) discs are contained in a stunning 52 page hardback book measuring 305mm x 225mm with the 10 discs contained in 5 additional rigid insert pages each holding two discs. The 52 pages of the book are filled with memorabilia and photographs documenting 40 years of Rush live in concert. This is the ultimate collection of Rush live performances, beautifully presented.

Rush – R40 – Blu-Ray Disc contents
(DVD content is the same – except where noted – but across 10 discs)

Disc One – Rush In Rio *
“Tom Sawyer”
“Distant Early Warning”
“New World Man”
“Roll the Bones”
“The Pass”
“The Big Money”
“The Trees”
“Closer to the Heart”
“Natural Science”
 “One Little Victory”
“Ghost Rider”
“Secret Touch”
“Red Sector A”
“Leave That Thing Alone”
“O Baterista”
“La Villa Strangiato”
“The Spirit of Radio”
“Encore Medley: By-Tor and the Snow Dog / Cygnus X-1 / Working Man”
The Documentary – The Boys in Brazil
A film by Andrew MacNaughtan

Disc Two – R30 *
“R30 Overture (Finding My Way / Anthem / Bastille Day / A Passage To Bangkok / Cygnus X-1 / Hemispheres)”
“The Spirit of Radio”
“Force Ten”
“Red Barchetta”
“Roll the Bones”
T“he Trees”**
“The Seeker”
“One Little Victory”**
“Tom Sawyer”
“Secret Touch”**
“Between the Wheels”
“Mystic Rhythms”
‘Red Sector A”**
“Der Trommler”
“Heart Full of Soul”
“Medley: 2112 / La Villa Strangiato** / By-Tor and the Snow Dog** / Xanadu / Working Man”
“Summertime Blues”

Disc Three – Snakes & Arrows Live
“Digital Man
“Entre Nous”
“The Main Monkey Business”
“The Larger Bowl”
“Secret Touch”
“Between the Wheels”
“Far Cry”
“Workin’ Them Angels”
“Armor and Sword”
“The Way the Wind Blows”
“Natural Science”
“Witch Hunt”
“Malignant Narcissism – De Slagwerker”
“Distant Early Warning”
“The Spirit of Radio”
“Tom Sawyer”
“One Little Victory”
“A Passage to Bangkok”
Bonus Features
Oh, Atlanta! The Authorized Bootlegs
“Ghost of a Chance”
“Red Barchetta”
“The Trees”
“2112 / The Temples of Syrinx”

Disc Four – Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland
“The “Real” History of Rush Episode No.2 “Don’t Be Rash”
“The Spirit of Radio”
“Time Stand Still”
“Stick it Out”
“Workin’ Them Angels’
“Leave That Thing Alone’
“The “Real” History of Rush Episode No.17 “…and Rock and Roll is my name.”
“Tom Sawyer”
“Red Barchetta”
“The Camera Eye”
“Witch Hunt”
“Vital Signs”
“Moto Perpetuo” (featuring Love For Sale)
“O’Malley’s Break”
“Closer to the Heart”
“2112 Overture / The Temple of Syrinx”
“Far Cry”
“La Villa Strangiato”
“Working Man”
Bonus Material
Outtakes from “History Of Rush Episodes 2 & 17”
“Tom Sawyer” featuring the cast of “The “Real” History of Rush Episode 17”
“Need Some Love” live at Laura Secord Secondary School
“Anthem” Live from Passaic, New Jersey

Disc Five – Clockwork Angels Tour
“The Big Money”
“Force Ten”
“Grand Designs”
“The Body Electric”
“The Analog Kid”
“Where’s My Thing?”
Here It Is!” (drum solo)
“Far Cry”
“Clockwork Angels”
“The Anarchist”
“The Wreckers”
“Headlong Flight”
“Peke’s Repose” (guitar solo)/ “Halo Effect”
“Seven Cities of Gold”
“Wish Them Well”
“The Garden”
“The Percussor (I) Binary Love Theme (II) Steambanger’s Ball” (drum solo)
“Red Sector A”
“The Spirit of Radio”
“Tom Sawyer”
Bonus tracks:
“Limelight” (soundcheck recording)
“Middletown Dreams”
“The Pass”
“Manhattan Project”
Can’t Stop Thinking Big (tour documentary) / Behind The Scenes (featuring Jay Baruchel) / Outtakes / Interview with Dwush / Family Goy / Family Sawyer / The Watchmaker / Office of The Watchmaker

Disc Six – R40 Bonus Disc
Laura Secord Secondary School 1974
“Need Some Love”
“Before and After”
“Best I Can”
“I’ve Been Runnin’”
“Bad Boy”
“The Loser”
“Working Man”
“In the Mood”(partial)
Capitol Theatre 1976
“Bastille Day”
“Lakeside Park”
“Fly By Night/In the Mood”
“Lock and Key” 1988
Molson Amphitheatre 1997
“Half the World”
“Nobody’s Hero”
“Test for Echo”
“Leave That Thing Alone/Drum Solo
“2112” (all seven parts)
I Still Love You Man 2011
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction 2013
2112 featuring Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nick Raskulinecz “Tom Sawyer”, “The Spirit of Radio.”

* DVD version to also include:

Rush In Rio
MX Multiangle:
“O Baterista”
“La Villa Strangiato”
Easter Eggs:
By-Tor movie
Anthem 1975

979 Hamilton, Ivor Wynne Stadium
1981 Le Studio, Quebec
1990 Artist of the Decade
1994 Juno Hall of Fame Induction
2002 Vapor Trails Tour
From the Anthem vault:
“Fly By Night”
“Finding My Way” (mpeg1 from Rock Concert)
“In The Mood” (mpeg1 from Rock Concert)
“La Villa Strangiato”
“A Farewell to Kings”
“The Spirit of Radio” (Soundcheck 1979 Ivor Wynne Stadium)
“Freewill” (Toronto Rocks 2003)
“Closer to the Heart “(Canada For Asia 2005)

** Only available on Blu-ray
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[= ||| 17 2014

STRYPER Frontman Michael Sweet Confirms Solo Album And Tour In Planning; Producing New GABBIE RAE Record

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has checked in with the following update:

"The South American run is done! It was an exhausting two weeks but one of the best as well. Unfortunately, I got sick a week ago and was fighting trying to sing with some sort of bug/virus. It's always a little tough when you have to go out and perform when you don't have 100% control over your voice. Ha! I guess when I think about it, I never really have 100% control anyway :-)

Thank you Brazil and Argentina for such a memorable tour and we do look forward to next time, sooner than later! We love you all!

So what does 2015 bring? A new Stryper album, a solo tour, some Sweet & Lynch dates, producing a Gabbie Rae album, and recording a new solo album - whew!

Stryper will also be performing on MOR Cruise as well as doing the 3rd annual Stryper Fan weekend. We may do a few select dates throughout the year but the plan is to get the Stryper batteries recharged again and get some long overdue things in order and come out stronger and better in 2016.

From my heart - I am very sincere as I type this here in Rio - I thank God everyday for all of you. For your constant prayers, support and belief in me and what I do. I'm a very blessed man and if it was all to end now, I'd say that I've had the chance to do exactly what I've always wanted to do - inspire people and give them something more than just music. More important, a life changing message of Gods love and grace. Lord willing, much more to come yet it's been a lifetime of accomplishments.

I'm very excited to see what will be done with the Sweet & Lynch album coming out on 1/27. Although George and I have different views/beliefs, it's still an album filled with faith and conviction. I wouldn't be a part of it if it did not have that. I will always shine a light and will never let darkness overrule what I'm called to do, ever!

God bless you guys and I look forward to seeing you and hearing from you throughout 2015! It's going to be an amazing year!"

Sweet and legendary guitarist George Lynch of Lynch Mob/Dokken have teamed up to form a new supergroup, Sweet & Lynch. Joining them on this new musical adventure is bassist James Lomenzo and drummer Brian Tichy. The band will release their debut album, Only To Rise, on January 23rd in Europe and January 27th in North America via Frontiers Music Srl. Sweet & Lynch recently launched a pre-order for the new album via PledgeMusic. The pre-order features various bundle packages for fans and is live at this location.

"When I was approached to help put together an all-star lineup, instantly I thought of George Lynch, explains Sweet. George is one of the most talented guitarists out there and a bucket list player for me. George wrote riffs/basic ideas and I wrote melodies, lyrics and arranged and completed the songs. I knew that we would compliment each other's style. When you add the amazing rhythm section of Brian Tichy and James Lomenzo, you just can't go wrong with this line-up. It really is a special project and I'm honored to be a part of it!"

From the opening notes of The Wish to the drum solo finish on the album-closer Only To Rise, it is evident that this musical partnership between Michael Sweets unmistakable voice and George Lynchs signature guitar tone has yielded incredible results. Songs Like A Dying Rose, Me Without You and Strength In Numbers showcase the diversity that permeates throughout the entire album.

Sweet & Lynch released a lyric video for the 9/11 inspired track September which can be seen below. An EPK featuring Michael and George discussing this new project can also be found below. Only To Rise was produced by Michael Sweet who also produced the last Stryper album, No More Hell To Pay, which received massive fan praise and critical acclaim alike.

Only To Rise tracklisting:

"The Wise"
"Like A Dying Rose"
"Love Stays"
"Time Will Tell"
"Rescue Me"
"Me Without You"
"Strength In Numbers"
"Only To Rise"

"September" lyric video:

|||| 17 2014

TESLA's FRANK HANNON Releases 'Born Free' Video

"Born Free", the video for the new solo song from TESLA guitarist Frank Hannon, can be seen below. The track is taken from FRANK HANNON BAND's new album, "World Peace", which is available for pre-order at this location.

In a burst of creative energy, TESLA guitarist Frank Hannon started writing his own batch of songs shortly after TESLA released its latest album, "Simplicity", in June. While on the road touring during the summer or 2014, Frank spent all the lonely hours in his hotel rooms recording musical ideas on a little Boss hard disc recording machine, and the ideas started flowing so much that he would literally be recording music in the dressing rooms five minutes prior to TESLA stepping onstage! After returning home, Frank knew he had a batch of strong material, so current FRANK HANNON BAND members Aaron Leigh (bass) and Kelly Smith (drums) joined him in the studio to help put the album into fruition.

After the majority of songs were recorded, an old original concept came back to Frank Hannon's mind from the year 2000 when the guitarist wrote an instrumental native American chant song he titled "World Peace?" which asks the question: "When will it come?" This was long before the "Guitarz From Marz" album. With that concept in mind, the flames grew hotter and the final group of songs were written and recorded.

Featured songs will include powerful heavy protests such as "The Picture", "Electric Chair", "Born Free" and the happier positive melodies of "Lucky 13", "Down The Road" and "Break The Silence". Both the title track and the album "World Peace" not only showcase Hannon as a powerful lead singer and shredding lead guitarist, but also a prolific songwriter. The recognizable sound of TESLA is evident here, but the sound of an unleashed artist is also heard.
|||| 17 2014

OF MICE & MEN's 'Restoring Force: Full Circle' To Include Three New Songs

Orange County, California-based rock band OF MICE & MEN has set February 24, 2015 release date for "Restoring Force: Full Circle", a deluxe double-disc, foil-stamped digipack that includes three brand-new songs and an acoustic version of the band's hit single "Feels Like Forever".

The new songs — "Broken Generation", "Something To Hide", "Never Giving Up" and the acoustic version of "Feels Like Forever" — were recorded this past fall with producer David Bendeth (PARAMORE, BRING ME THE HORIZON) in Southern California.

The two-CD set is a special reissue of the album "Restoring Force", which hit No. 4 on The Billboard 200 chart and No. 1 on both the Billboard Top Independent and Top Rock Albums charts. OF MICE & MEN — vocalist Austin Carlile, guitarist Alan Ashby, drummer Valentino Arteaga, vocalist/bassist Aaron Pauley and guitarist Phil Manansala — will play "Feels Like Forever" and other fan favorites during their upcoming U.S. arena tour with LINKIN PARK, which kicks off January 15 at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The two bands recently completed an international arena tour, dates that often saw Carlile joining LINKIN PARK onstage for a show-stopping rendition of the latter's smash hit "Faint". Following dates with LINKIN PARK, OF MICE & MEN will head to Australia for three dates on the Soundwave Festival, then return to Europe for a headlining tour that kicks off March 11 in Paris.

OF MICE & MEN recently teamed with USA Today for the video premiere of "Feels Like Forever", a clip that's amassed close to a million views. The stunning video was directed by Nathan William and filmed in Los Angeles. Since the 2010 release of their self-titled debut, OF MICE & MEN have blanketed rock radio airwaves, garnered critical acclaim and amassed over 20 million YouTube views and close to 5 million social media followers on the strength of an electrifying sound and live show. The latter has seen them play to packed-house crowds on headlining tours around the world and key slots on top fests, including this year's Reading and Leeds festivals, where they were part of a star-studded lineup that included artists such as QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, ARCTIC MONKEYS, MACKLEMORE and Ryan Lewis.
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|||| 17 2014

DECREPIT BIRTH Drummer SAMUS Releases “Jewish Metal”

Known to ruffle a few feathers from time to time, Decrepit Birth's drummer, Samus, has released his latest work of art in the form of a song and video titled "Jewish Metal" just in time for the start of the holiday season.

Following up to his recent YouTube hit "Fart Metal", Samus's "Jewish Metal" is another hard hitting metal song with some comical visions to go along with it.

Decrepit Birth has been working on new material which will be the follow up to their 2010 release, Polarity.


|||| 17 2014

KILLER BE KILLED May Film SOUNDWAVE Shows For Future Release

KILLER BE KILLED, the new band comprised of Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, ex-SEPULTURA), Greg Puciato (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), Troy Sanders (MASTODON) and Dave Elitch (ex-THE MARS VOLTA), will make its live debut as part of next year's edition of Australia's Soundwave XV festival, set to take place February 21-22 at Bonython Park in Adelaide and Melbourne Showgrounds in Melbourne and February 28 - March 1 at Olympic Park in Sydney and Brisbane Showgrounds in Brisbane.

Asked how KILLER BE KILLED's participation in Soundwave came about, Puciato told The Metal Review: "We've been trying to find time [to play shows] ever since the album came out. We knew it was going to be tough, but we never imagined it would be this tough. It was just fucking impossible all the way through 2014. I mean, right now MASTODON are touring through Europe until almost Christmas. There was no time until February/March 2015; Soundwave time."

He continued: "I remember Troy and I were talking last Soundwave as both our bands played the festival, and we were like, 'Hey, man, maybe next year we can both be on stage together.'. At the time we were completely joking. We were pretty much at the point where we thought we were never going to be able to find the time to play shows. A couple of months ago, when we found out about some time off February/March, we just said, 'Don't book any fucking shows with your other bands. Let's just do this.' It's really exciting now it's right around the corner."

Regarding whether there has been any talk of KILLER BE KILLED filming and recording its performance at Soundwave for possible release on DVD/Blu-ray and/or CD, Puciato said: "We were just talking about that too. Maybe we should film, as who knows when this will happen again. We're trying to figure out the logistics of putting together some sort of multi camera angles. It'd be cool to do that shit for free, to film a bunch of it and then make some sort of high-quality live video out of it and just put it up online for free. I think that would be fucking awesome."

KILLER BE KILLED's self-titled debut album sold around 5,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 58 on The Billboard 200 chart. Released on May 13 (one day earlier internationally) via Nuclear Blast Entertainment, the CD was produced and mixed by Josh Wilbur, whose credits include work with GOJIRA, LAMB OF GOD, HATEBREED, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, ESCAPE THE FATE, P!NK and STEVE EARLE. Cover art and packaging was executed by Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature Design, the Grammy-nominated design firm whose clients include ALICE IN CHAINS, FOO FIGHTERS, CHRIS CORNELL, DEVILDRIVER, MONSTER MAGNET, WOLFMOTHER and DEMON HUNTER.

"Killer Be Killed" track listing:

01. Wings Of Feather And Wax02. Face Down03. Melting Of My Marrow04. Snakes Of Jehovah05. Curb Crusher06. Save The Robots07. Fire To Your Flag08. I.E.D.09. Dust Into Darkness10. Twelve Labors11. Forbidden Fire12. Ghosts Of Chernobyl (vinyl-only bonus track)

"Killer Be Killed" first-week chart positions:

Australia: #47USA: #58UK: #71Canada: #71Germany: #90Switzerland: #91Belgium: #113France: #173

KILLER BE KILLED is: Greg Puciato - vocals, guitarMax Cavalera - vocals, guitarTroy Sanders - vocals, bassDave Elitch - drums

Photo credit: Glen La Ferman
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[= ||| 17 2014

LORD DYING Streaming "An Open Sore" Track Featuring RED FANG's Aaron Beam

Portland, Oregon's Lord Dying will release their new album, entitled Poisoned Altars, January 27th, 2015 (1/26 for UK/World and 1/24 for Germany/Benelux/Finland) via Relapse Records. Poisoned Altars is available in CD/LP/Digital and a Special Silver Colored LP for Relapse Records 25th Anniversary. Pre-orders are being taken at

Streaming below in the album track, "An Open Sore", featuring guests vocals from Red Fang's Aaron Beam.

The Poisoned Altars album was recorded with Toxic Holocaust's Joel Grind (Black Tusk) at Audiosiege Studios in Portland, OR. Poisoned Altars is direct result of the relentless work the band put in the past 18 months grinding it out on the road touring non-stop with the likes of Red Fang, Black Tusk, Corrosion of Conformity, Valient Thorr and more.

During the recording process of their new album, Poisoned Altars, Lord Dying filmed a series of videos documenting the process. The first in the series focuses on the guitar tracking and recording. Check it out below:

Frontman Erik Olson commented on the new album: "We are excited to unleash Poisoned Altars upon the world. We couldn't be happier with the way the production came out. Joel really out did himself! This is our meanest and most focused record to date. See you on the road!"



Poisoned Altars tracklisting:

"Poisoned Altars"
"The Clearing At The End Of The Path"
"A Wound Outside Of Time"
"An Open Sore"
"Offering Pain (And An Open Minded Center)"
"Suckling At The Teat Of A Shebeast"
"(All Hopes Of A New Day)...Extinguished"
"Darkness Remains"

"A Wound Outside Time":

|||| 17 2014

GRIM COMET Premier "Virgins Of Madness" Music Video

Madrid, Spain-based stoner rock/metal trio, Grim Comet, have release a music video for "Virgins Of Madness", a track from their debut album, Pray For The Victims, out now via Art Gates Records.

The sound of the album can be described as a combination of 70's rock mixed with elements of the Big 4 thrash metal acts. From Black Sabbath to Motörhead through Megadeth, Metallica and many more bands that influence the songs on the album. Clean and distorted sounds mixed in enveloping atmospheres. It is a very diverse LP in which each track is different.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Carlos Sáiz at Estudio Tema, and produced by W. Black. Cover art was designed by the artist Marta Hdez H.




"Introduction To Chaos"
"Perpetual Apathy"
"Show Me How To Kill"
"Light And Shade"
"Virgins Of Madness"
"Warming The Sun"
"Worn Out"
"Hollow Place"

"Worn Out" lyric video:

Grim Comet lineup:

Willy Black - Guitar/Vocals
Alvarito Arias - Bass
Carlos Valverde - Drums

|||| 17 2014

Ireland's WOUNDS Release "Dead Dead Fucking Dead" Music Video

Dublin, Ireland-based rockers, Wounds, have premiered the official music video for their song "Dead Dead Fucking Dead". The song is taken from the band's recent album, Die Young, which was released November 24th on Razor & Tie.



The video was directed by Djay Brawner and filmed in Los Angeles, CA. It can be seen below:

"It's exciting to finally have our debut video released after signing to Razor & Tie earlier this year. The video was shot in LA, which was fun as hell as the city is incredible! Check it out, learn the words and scream 'em back in our faces at the next show! See you all really soon" - James Coogan, guitar

Wounds just finished up a string of headline dates and are currently on the road with H.I.M. and Motionless In White.
Die Young album trailer:



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[= ||| 17 2014

Denmark's HEYWIRE To Release Self-Titled Debut Album In January; Details Revealed, "Lean On Me" Track Streaming

Fredericia, Denmark-based symphonic rockers, HeyWire, will release their self-titled debut album on January 23rd via Massacre Records.

HeyWire was recorded, mixed and mastered by Leo "Feinschmächer" Thygesen at Løvens Hule Studios. The artwork was designed by Glenn "Waterhook" Vandkrog.




"Never Blink Again"
"Under The Sun"
"Lean On Me"
"My Way Out"
"Could Have Told Me"
"The Lost"
"Soul Is Gone"

"Lean On Me":

The album is full of melodic symphonic hard rock, woven in metal wire and will be available for an attractive "Newcomer Price"
|||| 17 2014

Holland’s INSURRECTION Streaming Video “Apotheosis”

On February 1st, 2015, Holland based melodic death/thrash band Insurrection will release their 6 track EP Catatonic on Big Bad Wolf Records. The first released song of the EP is the official video for the track Apotheosis. The video was directed by Rick Bahnert for CreVid Media.

Catatonic was mixed by Tjaard Walstra (Enraged, Leapers Path, Art Of Pain) at Studio Audioshape Leeuwarden.

Catatonic tracklisting:


(Photo by: Femke Oevering)
|||| 17 2014

DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS Streaming Lyric Video “Advenvs Regis”

Polish black/death crushers Devilish Impressions has released a lyric video for the song “Advenvs Regis”, taken from their upcoming 12” LP Adventvs, which will be released in February 2015 via Hammerheart Records.


Recorded at Studio Hertz those two tracks (clocking still close to 20 minutes) need to be heard, they are among the best ever done in this style, and this EP will become an object of cult status. The fitting and crushing artwork was done by Upgrade Studio.



Exact details and more news to follow.

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[= ||| 17 2014

SARPANITUM To Release New Studio Album Via Willowtip Records This February; Artwork, Tracklisting Revealed

Once Birmingham UK-based, now internationally-located atmospheric blackened death metal unit, Sarpanitum, who feature within their consuming ranks current and former members of Mithras, Lantlos and Tenebrous Aeon, will release their second full-length and first for forward-thinking extreme metal perpetrators, Willowtip Records, this February.

Titled Blessed Be My Brothers, the ten-track follow-up to 2011's Fedelium EP was composed over a two-year period, tracked at Dreaming Studios UK by drummer Leon Macey (Contrarian, Mithras, The Senseless et al) and boasts a diseased fusion of traditional death metal, blackened guitar riff compulsions, and melodic atmospheres fit for devout supporters of Gorguts, Nile, Anata, Kataklysm, Morbid Angel, Ulcerate and the like.

Comments Tom Innocenti of the release: "Blessed Be My Brothers is true labor of love. The record maintains a blackened death metal sound but also incorporates more personal touches in terms of the music and lyrical themes. The song writing and atmospheric elements have progressed vastly since our first album, Despoilment Of Origin and Fidelium EP while still being recognizable as Sarpanitum. Listeners will notice a huge leap forward with regards to this album. Blessed Be My Brothers is a journey into the hearts and minds of those caught the turmoil of religious warfare. A subject that is as relevant today as it was over a thousand years ago."

Blessed Be My Brothers tracklisting:

"By Virtuous Reclamation"
"Glorification Upon The Powdered Bones Of The Sundered Dead"
"Immortalised As Golden Spires"
"Thy Sermon Lies Forever Tarnished"
"I Defy For I Am Free"
"Malek Al-Inkitar"
"Blessed Be My Brothers"

Since forming in 2003, Sarpanitum has maintained a maniacal DIY ethos, crumbling stages throughout Europe supporting the likes of Insision, Visceral Bleeding, Desecration, The Monolith Death Cult and Macabre. Centered around Babolyanian folklore, the band's Galactic Records-released debut full-length, Despoilment Of Origin (2007) was an eloquently guttural performance of mythological blackened death metal that reaped the praise of underground listeners and media outlets in the proverbial "know."

The band's Fidelium EP, independently-released four years later, reaffirmed their inexorable brutality both sonically and conceptually. The EP established Sarpanitum's ability to cohesively meld audio savagery and epic, cinematic segments, centering itself on the ultimate perils of religious fanaticism using first person perspectives from genuine participants of the First Crusade.

Blessed Be My Brothers will be unleashed via Willowtip Records on February 17th with pre-orders and teaser tracks to be posted shortly. Stay vigilant.
|||| 17 2014

CHAD SMITH 'Would Love To Make' Another CHICKENFOOT Record

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith "would love to make another record" with the CHICKENFOOT project despite singer Sammy Hagar's recent assertion that he didn't "see any reason" to make a new album.

During a Twitter question-and-answer session with Rolling Stone magazine, Smith was asked what his thoughts were on the future of CHICKENFOOT. "I would love to do some more CHICKENFOOT, but it takes four people to be in the same place at the same time," he replied. "Sam does other things and, of course, I'm busy with my band. Joe [Satriani, guitar] has his solo career. Mike [Anthony, bass], I think, is pretty open; he's kind of hanging. But it was a really fun thing to do. I haven't been very available. They had to get a different drummer, Kenny Aronoff, to tour the last record. I wouldn't be able to do any extensive touring with them, but I would love to make another record. I love the creative process, and I hope that we can do that in the future. But right now there's no plans for any new CHICKENFOOT stuff."

CHICKENFOOT reissued its gold-selling 2009 self-titled debut as a double-disc set. The new version features bonus live tracks recorded on the group's tour behind its sophomore studio effort, "III"

CHICKENFOOT's most recent touring lineup included legendary drummer/musician Kenny Aronoff, who was filling in for Smith while Chad was on the road with RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS.

"III" sold 42,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 9 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's self-titled debut opened with 49,000 units back in June 2009 to debut at No. 6.

Hagar's current band, THE CIRCLE, plays songs from all eras of its members' lives, including tracks from VAN HALEN and LED ZEPPELIN.

Photo credit: LeAnn Mueller


|||| 17 2014

Spain's DEATH & LEGACY Release Burning Death Album; Title Track Streaming

Spanish melodic metal band, Death & Legacy, have released their debut album, Burning Death. The title track can be heard below.

The band's musical influences, which range from Arch Enemy and Trivium to Metallica, are blended to shape their characteristically heavy distorted and down tuned guitars that perfectly mixes the melodic line of the female vocals with the male deep growling vocals.

The band have shared stage with major national and international bands such as Angelus Apatrida, Avulsed, Awakening Sun, etc.

Burning Death tracklisting:

"Dark Heaven"
"Start To Fall"
"PC 49"
"Burning Death"
"In Time"
"Through The Dawn"
"Time To Die"

"Burning Death":
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[= ||| 17 2014

SELVANS - Ex-DRAUGR Members Ink Deal With Avantgarde Music

Just over a month after the former members of the now-defunct Draugr announced that they had formed Selvans, a musical project born to recreate, through music, lyrics and aesthetics, the mysticism and the folklore of the different ethnic groups that have dwelt in Italy throughout the ages, they are now able to announce that the band has inked a deal with Avantgarde Music for the release of Selvans' debut EP. Titled Clangores Plenilunio, the EP is set to hit the streets in February 2015.

The lineup on "Clangores Plenilunio" includes Selvans Haruspex (Ursus Arctos of Draugr) on vocals, keyboards and traditional instruments , Sethlans Fulguriator (Mors of Draugr) on guitar, and Draugr co-founders Stolas on bass and the late Jonny Morelli on drums. Morelli was able to record all the drums and most of the vocals before he was tragically killed in a motor bike accident in June of last year, and the EP, which marks Morelli's last ever appearance, is being released in his honour, just as the band embarks on the new path that he was so excited about and so very much looking forward to travelling together with them.

Commenting on the title and the decision to sign with Avantgarde, Selvans Haruspex had this to say: "The Italian translation of the Latin expression Clangores Plenilunio, hides a meaning linked to the memory of Jonny which is very important to all of us, to what was, and what will be. As fans of many of the label's releases, we can say that we wore out quite a few of them through repeated listenings, and therefore the fact that Avantgarde's Roberto Mammarella was interested in working with Selvans was a great honour for us. The spirit of Avantgarde is a perfect match for both our music and the concepts we are expressing through it, and knowing that Jonny would have been proud of such a collaboration is by far the greatest satisfaction for us.

Selvans recently debuted a digital single edit of "Lupercale", a track that will appear on the EP in its full version which runs to over nine minutes in length.

|||| 17 2014

Belgium's CARNATION To Release Debut EP In February; "Explosive Cadavers" Track Streaming

Cemetery Of The Insane, the debut EP from Belgium-based death metal act, Carnation, will be released on CD and LP in February, via Final Gate Records.

This foul quintet, consisting of several veterans from the Belgian scene, spawned their creation in May 2013. Incorporating influences from both the old Swedish and American bands, Carnation is a true testament to everything embodying the pure death metal spirit.


"Explosive Cadavers"
"Cemetery Of The Insane"
"Rituals Of Flesh"
"Delusions Of Power"
"The Great Deceiver"

"Explosive Cadavers":

Carnation lineup:

Simon Duson - Vocals
Jonathan Verstrepen - Guitars
Bert Vervoort - Guitars
Yarne Heylen - Bass
Morbid - Drums

"Explosive Cadavers" live:

|||| 17 2014

DEVIL CITY ANGELS Partner With PledgeMusic For Debut Album

Rock's newest supergroup, Devil City Angels, has announced that their debut album is now available for pre-order through PledgeMusic, the world's leading direct-to-fan platform. Although the album is not set to arrive until early 2015, Devil City Angels has already been building buzzwith the song "All My People" which has been running on ESPNMonday Night Football.Formed in June of 2014, the band promises energetic performances of their multi-platinum hits blended with new, original material. Consisting of Poison drummer Rikki Rocket, L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns, Cinderella bassist Eric Brittingham, and Cheap Thrills' Brandon Gibbs on guitar and vocals, Devil City Angels are impacting the rock world with their musical talent.

With multiple packages available to choose from, fanshave the opportunity to receive exclusive updates, content and items via PledgeMusic. Pledgers can receive experiences and merch items such as a signed Rikki Rockett drum head, signed Rikki Rockett drumsticks, a 30-minute Skype music lesson with the band, personalized and handwritten lyric sheets, signed Tracii Guns signature guitar, and a custom drum set.

5% of your pledges will go towards Little Kids Rock, a foundation that emphasizes the importance of music in schools by training school teachers to teach music. Little Kids Rock partners with public school districts in some of the nations most economically disadvantaged communities with the goal of ensuring that all students have access to an engaging, relevant and fun music education program.

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[= ||| 17 2014

ARMORED SAINT Continuing Work On New Studio Album

Veteran Los Angeles metallers ARMORED SAINT are putting the finishing touches on their new studio album for a 2015 release via Metal Blade. The band tweeted earlier today: "Recording update: guitars and bass done. John Bush coming in to record more vocals. The home stretch!"

Bush, who fronted ANTHRAX between 1992 and 2005, and temporarily rejoined the group for a number of shows in late 2009 and early 2010 but stepped aside in May 2010 in order to make room for the return of Joey Belladonna, said during an appearance on the inaugural episode of the "Inside Metal" show with host Bob Nalbandian: "[Metal Blade head honcho] Brian [Slagel] is awesome. Without Brian, there would, basically, not be ARMORED SAINT, quite frankly; there would not be a band. I mean, for him I think it's a labor of love. He's not looking to go out and buy a new house in Miami Beach with the revenue that he's gonna get from ARMORED SAINT. He does it 'cause he cares, and he wants it, and he believes in us, and he knows that he likes the music that we're making, and we're extremely honored and happy that he does that."

Regarding the progress of the songwriting sessions for ARMORED SAINT's next CD, Bush said: "We've been writing songs for about a year, a year and a couple months, maybe.

"Everything's done a little differently these days, as far as recording-wise. And it's gonna be awesome."

He continued: "[Bassist] Joey [Vera] is gonna produce. He's just really coming into his own as far as a jack of all trades, and a master. He's awesome. He's a great writer. He's very, very meticulous in the way he does everything, and he gets the job done. He's written some great stuff. And we have an awesome camaraderie as far as writing together.

Bush added: "I'm proud of what we're doing, I think it's gonna be a cool record.

"We don't have a title yet, but it will come out next year, and then we'll do some shows."

ARMORED SAINT's new album will feature the following songs, among others:

* "Win Hands Down"* "Mess"* "Muscle Memory"* "An Exercise In Debauchery"* "In An Instant"* "Up Yours"

About the track "Up Yours", Bush said: "It's gonna be a great song. [It's got a] very big anthem-type vibe to it. It's not gonna sound anything like 'Can U Deliver' [from ARMORED SAINT's debut album, 1984's 'March Of The Saint'], but if there was a vibe that just kind of felt like that, it's this song. And it's cool. It's got a cool title and a fun chorus that you can sing along to."

ARMORED SAINT's latest album, 2010's "La Raza", sold around 2,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 18 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. "La Raza" also entered the German Media Control chart at No. 96 and the Canadian Independent chart at No. 85.

The classic first EP from ARMORED SAINT was reissued on August 13, 2012 in Europe via Metal Blade Records with bonus tracks and etching on vinyl.

Recording update: guitars and bass done. John Bush coming in to record more vocals. The home stretch!

the armored saint (@thearmoredsaint) December 16, 2014
(Thanks: NJthrasher)


|||| 17 2014


The official lyric video for "Welcome To Hell", the first song from TERROR UNIVERSAL, the "horror metal" band featuring ILL NIÑO members Dave Chavarri and Ahrue Luster (formerly of MACHINE HEAD), can be seen below. The track, which is also available for free download at, was mixed by Eddie Wohl (ANTHRAX, CRADLE OF FILTH, ILL NIÑO) and is taken from TERROR UNIVERSAL's upcoming EP, "Reign Of Terror". "We are here to inflict terror and fear upon the masses. Our thirst for blood is eternal," bellows drummer Massacre. Equally horrific lead guitarist Diabolus wants you to know: "We are TERROR UNIVERSAL. We are everything that you loathe and we are everything that you fear. We have come to take/devour your souls." TERROR UNIVERSAL just wrapped up its first European tour, supporting ILL NIÑO, and will soon announce international and U.S. tour dates for 2015. TERROR UNIVERSAL is:

Vocals: RottDrums: MassacreLead Guitar: DiabolusGuitars: Thrax
|||| 17 2014

DARK FUNERAL Unveils New Lineup In 'Nail Them To The Cross' Video

"Nail Them To The Cross", the new video from long-running Swedish black metallers DARK FUNERAL, can be seen below. The song was recorded at Dugout Studios in Uppsala, Sweden and was mixed and mastered by Daniel Bergstrand. The clip was directed by Owe Lingvall.

A strictly limited seven-inch single including "Nail Them To The Cross" and another new track will be released in early 2015.

In 2012, DARK FUNERAL signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records.

DARK FUNERAL celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013 with a number of festival appearances all over Europe. They were joined at the gigs by their "classic" vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula, who left the band on good terms for personal reasons in 2010.

Formed in 1993 by Lord Ahriman, the band quickly gained massive underground support by being one of the most ferocious and fastest black metal acts on earth. Since then, they have spread their unholy gospel over the whole world and build up a loyal cult following from the coldest parts of the northern hemisphere to the hottest hell of Asia.

After an extensive and exhausting tour through Asia and Australia in late 2012, DARK FUNERAL parted ways with vocalist Nachtgarm.


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[= ||| 17 2014

THE BLOODLINE: 'We Are One' Album Artwork Unveiled

Chicago-based metal band THE BLOODLINE will release its full-length debut, "We Are One", on March 24, 2015 via Another Century. The CD was recorded earlier this year with producer Joel Wanasek (RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA, VINYL THEATRE).

"It's very groove-heavy with huge melodies and epic hooks," Shaun says of the music on the CD. "The listener can nod their heads and really lock in.

He continues: "This has been a long growing process. Everything fell into place. Nothing was forced.

"I hope people get addicted to the album. I want them to crave it. They can be a part of this with us forever."

A video trailer for the album's title track can be seen below.

Regarding their decision to put their former band, DIRGE WITHIN, to rest, THE BLOODLINE members previously said: "Once we began writing the new music, it truly took on a new life of its own, [and] all of us felt it was best to admit this is not DIRGE WITHIN in many ways. [In addition] the four of us do not want to limit ourselves in any form as musicians."


Shaun Glass - GuitarFrankie Harchut - DrumsChuck Wepfer - GuitarTravis Neal - Vocals
|||| 17 2014

Hungary's AD ASTRA Release Video For Cover Of PETER GABRIEL's "Sledgehammer"

Budapest, Hungary-based prog-thrash metal band, Ad Astra, have released a video for their cover of the Peter Gabriel smash, "Sledgehammer".



Says the band: "Altough we’re still spending our relaxed song writing / gig-free period, we’ve finished our latest video for the Peter Gabriel cover, "Sledgehammer", originally released as a non-official bonus track of our 2012 album, Open Wide.

Just for the sake of this video the audio track itself also received some facelift in terms of vocal tracks, sound and mastering in order to make it sound heavier than ever before. And thus we closed the Open Wide period once and for all, as the next time you’re going to hear about us will be in connection with some new material in 2015!"
|||| 17 2014

MATERDEA Unleash "A Rose For Egeria" Video

Italian folk / pagan metal band Materdea has released a new video for the title track of their latest album, A Rose For Egeria.

A Rose For Egeria tracklisting:

"Beyond The Painting"
"Talagor Of The Storms"
"Whispers Of The Great Mother"
"Merlin And The Unicorn"
"A Rose For Egeria"
"An Unexpected Guest"
"Land Of Wonder"
"Altars Of Secrets"
"Prelude To The Rush"
"Running All Night With The Wind"
"Haerelneth's Journey"




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