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|||| 22 2014


Reigning queen of metal Doro Pesch kicked off the North American leg of her "30 Years Strong & Proud" anniversary tour on October 10 in Wisconsin. The German singer has rocked ten venues so far, including New York City's Gramercy Theater on October 20, where she was joined by a host of special guests, including Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (OVERKILL), Chris Caffery (SAVATAGE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA), Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR), Jean Beauvoir (CROWN OF THORNS, PLASMATICS) and Leather Leone (RUDE GIRL, CHASTAIN).

Fan-filmed video footage of the New York City concert can be seen below.

The worldwide trek marks an astounding thirty years since the release of Doro's first record — WARLOCK's "Burning The Witches". Beginning with a mammoth headlining set at last year's Wacken Open Air, which boasted a record-breaking attendance of over 95,000 fans, Doro's tour included two special anniversary shows in her hometown of Düsseldorf as well as countless festival appearances and performances throughout Europe and Latin America. Doro's sole remaining North American tour date is October 25 at Revolution in Amityville, New York. Doro is touring in support of "Raise Your Fist", released worldwide via Nuclear Blast in 2012. Dubbed "50 minutes of expertly crafted Teutonic metal" by Outburn, which crowned Doro "...the classiest lady in metal," the CD boasts guest appearances by MOTÖRHEAD's Lemmy Kilmister and OZZY OSBOURNE/FIREWIND guitarist Gus G., and artwork by British artist and longtime Doro collaborator Geoffrey Gillespie. An import version of Doro's "Raise Your Fist - 30 Years Anniversary Edition" is currently available via the Nuclear Blast webshop to coincide with the tour and includes new and rare tracks plus a bonus CD titled "Powerful Passionate Favorites" comprised of cover versions of DIO, LED ZEPPELIN, METALLICA and KISS songs.


|||| 22 2014

SODOM To Release 'Sacred Warpath' EP

German thrash metal veterans SODOM will release a new EP, "Sacred Warpath", on November 28 in Germany, December 1 in the rest of Europe and late January 2015 in the USA via SPV/Steamhammer. The effort will be made available on CD, 10-inch clear vinyl (limited to 1,000 copies) and as a digital download.

Comments SODOM frontman Thomas "Angelripper" Such: "Since we've been getting the impression that the world is falling apart at the seams, we've decided to make our voices head while there's still time.

"'Sacred Warpath' was originally written for our upcoming album, but we feel it's a good idea to release it now as an appetizer for future SODOM tracks. Because it's going to get raw, brutal and will be a reflection of all the things that we're afraid of and that give us nightmares. Pretty much like that hate-filled world we live in. And it's probably more authentic than any of our releases so far."

Reagarding the bonus material that is included on SODOM's new EP, Angelripper said: "The record includes three representative titles which we recorded in Germany this year, and it's guaranteed to become a rare collectors' item. The cover will feature a re-paint of an old design from the '80s which I did for a demo cover, painted in oil by Christian Ermel.

"This may all sound a little old-school, but that's intentional. That's what we've always been and always will be about.

"We very much hope to tie over the waiting time until the arrival of our new album. And now listen to my unmistakable demand on this world: turn back on your sacred warpath and find the path of peace before it's too late. Our music will help you!"

"Sacred Warpath" track listing:


01. Sacred Warpath02. The Saw Is The Law (live)03. City Of God (live)04. Stigmatized (live) 10-inch clear vinyl: Side 1

01. Sacred Warpath

Side 2

01. The Saw Is The Law (live)02. City Of God (live)03. Stigmatized (live)

SODOM's latest album, "Epitome Of Torture", sold around 800 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 25 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

"Epitome Of Torture" was made available on April 29, 2013 in Europe and May 7, 2013 in North America via SPV/Steamhammer. Bassist/vocalist Thomas "Angelripper" Such, guitarist Bernd "Bernemann" Kost and new drummer Markus "Makka" Freiwald recorded a total of twelve new tracks (plus a MOTÖRHEAD cover) which "present SODOM as more diverse and multi-faceted than ever," according to a press release.


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[= ||| 22 2014

KERRY KING: Next SLAYER Album Will Contain 'Fast', 'Heavy' And 'Spooky' Material

SLAYER guitarist Kerry King says that fans will "dig" the band's next album because it contains much of the same type of material that SLAYER has covered on its previous efforts.

SLAYER's new CD is being produced by Terry Date, who previously worked with the band on the song "Implode", which was made available as a free download as a "thank you" to the band's fans for their continued support following SLAYER's surprise performance at this past April's Revolver Golden Gods awards in Los Angeles.

During an appearance on Scion AV's "The All Purpose Show", King stated about the band's upcoming CD: "By the time this record comes out, it's gonna be six years, almost, since the last one. So you can only beat the old the old material so much, you know, and then you've gotta have some new stuff to infuse in there. It's fun to do that too, though. It's fun to have new material you can play because, you know, at some point you get tired of playing certain songs. But we played 'Raining Blood', 'Angel Of Death', almost every show since '86, so That goes both ways. There's some [songs] that you're just gonna play 'till you stop playing, and there's some you're, like, 'I'm ready to take four years off on this one.' So we'll have 10-12 new ones to play for everybody next year."

Asked if there is any pressure on SLAYER to come up with a worthy follow-up to 2009's "World Painted Blood", King said: "I think there's more talk about pressure than anything. I mean, I've been making up this music for 30 years not by myself, but I've been making it up for 30 years. So I think it's business as usual, pretty much. We've got fast material, we've got heavy material, we've got spooky material So anything you dug about SLAYER historically, you should dig about this record."

SLAYER's next CD will be released on Nuclear Blast Records through the band's own label imprint, closing out a 28-year relationship with Rick Rubin and American Recordings. It will also be SLAYER's first album without the group's co-founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who passed away in May 2013 from alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver. He is credited for writing many of SLAYER's classic songs, including "Angel Of Death" and "South Of Heaven".

Joining guitarist Kerry King and bassist/vocalist Tom Araya during the sessions for SLAYER's new album are returning drummer Paul Bostaph, who replaced Dave Lombardo last year, and guitarist Gary Holt (also of EXODUS), who stepped in for Jeff Hanneman after Jeff became ill four and a half years ago.

Original SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo was effectively fired from SLAYER after sitting out the band's Australian tour in February/March 2013 due to a contract dispute with the other members of the group. Filling in for him was Jon Dette (TESTAMENT, ANTHRAX).


|||| 22 2014

REVEL IN FLESH - Death Kult Legions Album Details Revealed; Release Show Scheduled

German underground death metal heroes, Revel In Flesh, will release their third album, Death Kult Legions, on CD and LP on December 5th via Cyclone Empire.

The album was recorded by guitarist Maggesson and R.I.F. at Vault Studios; mixed and mastered in Studio Unisound by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Opeth). Swanö performs a guitar solo on Graveyard Procession.

The cover artwork was created by Juanjo Castellano (Paganizer, Denial, Sathanas, etc.), and can be seen below, along with the album tracklisting.


"In The Name Of The Flesh"
"When Glory Turns To Ruin"
"Black Oath Impurity"
"Graveyard Procession"
"Death Kult Legions"
"Frozen Majesty"
"Hurt Locker"
"As Souls Descend"
"Necropolis" (Manilla Road cover)

The band have scheduled an album release show, on December 6th at Rock It In Aalen, Germany. Also on the bill are Carnal Ghoul, Deathronation, and Crimson Death.
|||| 22 2014

NIGHTGLOW Sign With Bakerteam Records; Announce New Album Orpheus

Italian classic metal band Nightglow has signed with Bakerteam Records. After many years of live performances (also as the official Manowar Italian tribute band), collaborations with many international acts such as Lizzy Borden, Eric Martin, Kiko Loureiro, Fabio Lione, Jack Starr to name a few, and a debut album, Nightglow are ready to come back with a new effort combining all their past influences and projecting them to the future.

Orpheus, this is the title of the new album, sounds heavy and refreshing, delivering great melodies, powerful guitar riffs and groovy rhythms like there was no tomorrow. The album was recorded at B-Demolition Studios, with mixing and mastering by Tuvo (Shake Well Before) at Try Studios. The artwork was handled by Alessandro Conti (Luca Turillis Rhapsody). A special guest appearance by Sara Ciucci from folk metal band Artaius has also been announced. Orpheus will be available starting from December 1st on Bakerteam Records.
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[= ||| 22 2014


Finnish death metallers, Amputory, are almost finished work on their debut album. Signed to Xtreem Music back in 2012, the band already released two demos, one in 2010 and a second one entitled Unclean in 2012, both with three songs each and displaying truly heavy death metal in the good old Finnish tradition of bands like Funebre, Adramelech, Demigod, Depravity, etc.

This debut album will include both songs from their demos and new tracks, and is expected to be mastered in the coming months at well known Finnvox Studios for a release sometime in early 2015. Album title, tracklisting, cover artwork, released date and an advance song will be available soon.
|||| 22 2014

SMASHING PUMPKINS: New Single 'Being Beige' Available For Streaming

SMASHING PUMPKINS have premiered "Being Beige", the first single from the band's album "Monuments To An Elegy", due out Tuesday, December 9 via Martha's Music/BMG.

"Monuments To An Elegy" marks the iconic alternative band'seighth studio album and is the follow-up to their 2012 critically acclaimed album "Oceania". The new CD was recorded in Chicago with SMASHING PUMPKINS guitarist Jeff Schroeder, who's been in the band since 2007. Playing drums throughout is MÖTLEY CRÜE's Tommy Lee.

"Monuments To An Elegy" was produced by Howard Willing (who first worked with the PUMPKINS during the "Adore" sessions), Corgan and Schroeder. It was mixed by David Bottrill and mastered by Howie Weinberg, who did the same honors for PUMPKINS classics in the '90s.

"Monuments To An Elegy" is "an album within an album," part of their ongoing work-in-progress "Teargarden By Kaleidyscope" (with "Day For Night" as the project's last work).

"Monuments To An Elegy" track listing:

01. Tiberius02. Being Beige03. Anaise! 04. One and All05. Run2me06. Drum + Fife07. Monuments08. Dorian09. Anti-Hero

Q: "Monuments To An Elegy" is the first of two albums that you've said will be released within a one-year period. What is inspiring this output of music in a relatively short amount of time?

Billy Corgan: "My goal was having the impetus for a double record. But thinking of how it would be consumed in a surface-level culture made me want to split the work apart: which in itself has changed the process, writing, and review."

Q: "Monuments To An Elegy" seems to sonically encompass the different eras of SMASHING PUMPKINS, definitely underlining the majestic and hard guitar sounds as well as keyboard/synth textures. What were you hoping to musically achieve with this album?

Billy Corgan: "I rarely go into an album thinking what it 'has to be.' Albums, as a way of coalescing songs, are just an organizing principle, and each is different given what's going on within at that moment, and without. So if there was any sense here it was bringing all I'm interested in musically to the table at one go."

Q: What inspired you to ask Tommy Lee to play drums on "Monuments To An Elegy"? What do you feel he has brought to the music?

Billy Corgan: "The songs, in demo form, had a strut, and so the suggestion was made that we ought to get someone who 'plays like' Tommy. Jeff Schroeder, PUMPKINS' guitarist said, 'Why not get the real deal?' [On 'Monuments To An Elegy'] Tommy brings the power and grace he's known for, which gives the music a vibrancy that is both immediate and unmistakable."

Q: Can you talk about the contributions of guitarist Jeff Schroeder, who's now been in the band since 2007, to "Monuments To An Elegy"?

Billy Corgan: "To Jeff's own admittance, it's taken him some years to find his place within a sound that was uniquely formed before he came on board. For that he's turned to playing more melodically so his voice so to speak is additive. And it's that triumvirate between he, Tommy, and I that you hear most keenly on the record. Plus, Jeff's just a natural producer in a recording situation, and really pushed me to be my best in a way that most wouldn't understand how to: through patience, and encouragement."

Q: What do you feel producer Howard Willing, who you first worked with on the "Adore" sessions, has brought to "Monuments To An Elegy"? The sound has grandeur and intimacy, always a trademark of SMASHING PUMPKINS.

Billy Corgan: "Howard lives in the real world, unlike me. And so it was his task to be the traffic cop. To point out where the PUMPKINS' sound needed to come forward, and for that I'm appreciative, because it was never the idea of the band as conceived to live in the past, or to become a machine of sentiment. And like all good rock and roll scythes, we're back to chopping forward."

Q: Thematically, how would you describe the songs on "Monuments To An Elegy"? Your singer-songwriter introspective sensibility is in full effect here. There's the directness/vulnernability of "Run2me", the fractured romance of "Being Beige", and in "Drum + Fife", there's the repeated line, "I will bang this drum until my dying day."

Billy Corgan: "That I can't speak to. We honestly just tried to pick the best songs, of which there were about 80 ideas to choose from. And in that, Howard Willing was attracted to those with strong identities more so than just a good riff."

Q: How will the second album, "Day For Night", be different from "Monuments To An Elegy"?

Billy Corgan: "We're at work on it already, and it literally is the other side of the sonic moon. At this early stage it appears to be a deeper work: less shiny, and more personal; which is always a quizzical thing to bring out into the open."
|||| 22 2014

SANITYS RAGE Releases Lyric Video Thumbs Up For The End Of The World

Belgium thrash metal veterans Sanity's Rage is celebrating their 10 year anniversary appropriately commemorating a Decade Of Calamity with the release of their lyric video "Thumbs Up For The End Of The World".

Sanitys Rage is no strangers to the metal world. They have delivered their brand of anger-fueled, technical thrash over the last 10 years to the metal masses with their high energy live performances alongside many of their peers such as Laaz Rockit, Destructor, Huntress, Gamma Bomb, Saxon, Testament, Savage Messiah, Agent Steel, Onslaught and many more. The band has been hard at work preparing for an all-out pure thrash attack to be released in 2015 via Dead Inside Records as a follow-up to 2012's You Are What You Swallow.
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[= ||| 22 2014

ABYSMAL DAWN - Obsolescence Album Stream Available

Los Angeles-based death / black / thrash metallers Abysmal Dawn's forthcoming album, Obsolescene, is now available for streaming below. Obsolescence will be released on October 27th in North America (UK/World October 27th and Germany/Benelux/Finland on October 24th) via Relapse Records.

The album will be released on CD/LP/Digital/Deluxe Digital formats. The CD and digital releases include a bonus cover of Dissection's "Night's Blood" and the digital deluxe version includes demo recordings of every song on the album. The devastating, otherworldly artwork was created by Pär Oloffson. (The Faceless, Spawn Of Possession).

Obsolescence tracklisting:

"Human Obsolescence"
"Perfecting Slavery" (featuring Christian Muenzer)
"Devouring The Essence Of God" (featuring Bobby Koelble)
"One Percent Incomplete"
"Loathed In Life _ Praised In Death"
"By My Demons"
"Laborem Morte Liberat Te"
"The Inevitable Return To Darkness"
"Night's Blood" (Bonus track, Dissection cover)

Album stream:
|||| 22 2014

INFERION This Will Decay Streaming In Full

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have released the new album from Miami, Florida's melodic black/death Metal desecrators Inferion entitled This Will Decay today (October 21st) on CD and digital formats. The album is streaming in full on Bandcamp.

Formed in 1995, Inferion have refined their intense sound and present their finest work to date. This epic fourteen track, 55 plus minute majestic masterpiece is a vicious onslaught of blackened death metal that crushes bone and penetrates flesh with the precision of a newly sharpened blade.

Superior production quality tears through the many deep layers of this album to reveal complex lead guitar work, a wide array of vocal approaches and the relentless hyper blast of Carlos Delgado. This Will Decay solidifies Inferion's rightful place as one of 2014's purveyors of the most vile underground music available.


"This Will Decay"
"Carrion For The Scavengers"
"Tempted By Failure"
"Until The Sun Consumes Us"
"Further From The Light"
"The Serpent In The Valley"
"Aftermath Of Destruction"
"When Bones Meet Corrosion"
"A Hell To Endure"

|||| 22 2014


Italian power epic doom metallers, In Aevum Agere, will release their Limbus Animae EP on vinyl on November 28th via Pure Steel Records.

Founded in 2005, the band around multi-talent Bruno Masulli released their debut album The Shadow Tower through Pure Steel in 2012. The group is strongly influenced by the genre pioneers Candlemass (with Messiah Marcolin), Memento Mori and Solitude Aeturnus.

The vinyl will consist of four true doom monsters. Emotional with deepness and heavyness Bruno builds a perfect atmosphere which is inevitable for true doom metal to be played authentically. The final song, "Solitude", is a homage to the legendary Swedish band. Limbus Animae will be limited to only 300 copies.


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[= ||| 22 2014

Legendary YES Singer/Songwriter JON ANDERSON Joins Forces With COUNTING CROWS' Matt Malley To Release Charity Single The Family Circle; Track Streaming October 21, 2014, 6 hours ago

Gonzo Multimedia announces the release of a new charity single, The Family Circle, by legendary YES vocalist/songwriter Jon Anderson and former Counting Crows bassist, Matt Malley. The money received from the single will go to the following charities: Flutie Foundation (Jon Anderson), Sahaja Yoga Meditation (Matt Malley) and National Autistic Society (Rob Ayling, Gonzo Multimedia president).

"Family Circle" came together when Matt sent me the beautiful music earlier this year. I sang the song and lyric idea and sent it back to Matt, thanking him for the great energy. Eventually, Matt added some more sounds and the haunting guitar solo. We decided to have all sale proceeds go to our respective charities. It's a pleasure to release this around Thanksgiving time, reminding us of our connection with our families and how our children keep us together, bonding our love of life. - Jon Anderson

Not only am I a fan of Jon's voice but Im a fan of his fearless spiritual outlook which appears in all of his music. A mutual friend said we should meet and got us in touch and after talking a little, Jon said, 'So send some music!' - so I had a cup of my best Darjeeling tea, went into my studio and came up with the instrumental arrangement that you hear on "Family Circle". I sent the file up to Jon and it came back with his marvelous voice, lyricseverything that brought the song to becoming fully realized. - Matt Malley

Jon Anderson is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable voices in progressive rock as the original lead vocalist and creative force behind YES. Anderson was the author and a major creative influence behind the ground-breaking album Fragile as well as the series of epic, complex pieces such as Awaken, Gates of Delirium and especially Close To The Edge which were central to the band's success. Additionally, Anderson co-authored the group's biggest hits, including I've Seen All Good People, Roundabout, and Owner Of A Lonely Heart. In addition, Jon Anderson had great success with a series of albums he did with Vangelis, and most recently released the critically-acclaimed solo album entitled Survival and Other Stories (Gonzo Multimedia). In the fall of 2014 Jon Anderson teamed up with jazz violin legend Jean-Luc Ponty to form the AndersonPonty Band.

Matt Malley is an Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe nominated songwriter who is best known for co-founding the multi-platinum selling rock band Counting Crows back in the early 90's. He appears as bassist on their biggest hit records and songs. In 2004 Matt retired from the band so he could work from his studio at home and be with his family. He is a student of the Indian Slide Guitar and a fan of progressive rock, celtic folk, world and Indian music.

Purchase Jon Anderson and Matt Malley's Family Circle here.
|||| 22 2014


|||| 22 2014

DUFF MCKAGAN Says Kids Today Don't Listen To Full-Length Albums

Duff McKagan (WALKING PAPERS, LOADED, GUNS N' ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER) was interviewed on episode 118 of the "Let There Be Talk" podcast with rock and roll comedian Dean Delray. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below.

Speaking about how people listened to full-length records during GUNS N' ROSES' early days in the '80s, before the invention of the compact disc, McKagan said: "People did records then. It's, like, what's missing now. We'd think about, 'How does this record go from beginning to end?' And, 'How's the middle part?' And when you flip over the record, what to start the second side with. How do you end the first side? People don't even think in those terms anymore. 'Cause we grew up through records. [We would think] How is the first side gonna sound? How is it gonna begin and end?

"Anybody who is probably under 45 listening to this is probably going, 'What? What are they talking about?'

"But, yeah, if you made a record [back in those days], you would think about the order on each side, and how the first side would end, and how you would open up the second side of the record, and how you would end the whole record, and all of the body of work in between that. You know, does this whole thing tell a story?"

"People don't listen... I don't wanna generalize, but I have two teenage kids. They listen to a song by one [artist], a song by somebody else, a song [by somebody else]. And [I go], 'Don't you wanna listen to the rest of the record?' They look at me, like, 'What's up, antique? What are you talking about?'

"I'm not saying one [way] is better or worse, but we just grew up in a different time when we got to enjoy that whole [experience of listening to albums from beginning to end] I got a [turntable] back at home now. I got one, like, a year and a half ago. And it's the best. Going out and buying records and putting a record on, it's so killer."


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[= ||| 22 2014


FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH singer Ivan Moody says that he is still working on his debut solo album but that he will wait until the timing is right to release it. During an appearance on HATEBREED frontman Jamey Jasta's official podcast, "The Jasta Show". Moody said about his solo CD: "It's not done yet. I'm taking my time on it. My plate's full. 5FDP is my meat and potatoes, and our fan base, and if I take away from that right now, it'd be bad timing. So I'm just taking it stride by stride. And when it comes out, it'll come out. I'm working with people like [DEVILDRIVER drummer John] Boecklin and [former MACHINE HEAD and SOULFLY guitarist] Logan Mader [who] engineered [the first FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH album]. [Logan's] just an amazing guitar player."

In a June 2013 interview with Sweden's Metalshrine, Moody said that he was "most definitely" working on music that isn't always right for FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. He added: "I'm actually going to do a side project after this next album cycle. I've already got a few guys on the line that I'm really proud to say I'm gonna work alongside with."

He added: "I talked to the guys [in FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH], and after doing five records like this, it's time to take a little bit of space from each other, and that way, when we come back to do the next album, it'll be fresh to us again. I'm definitely looking forward to do this side project."

Despite releasing two albums' worth of material last year, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is already looking toward its next studio project. The band's drummer Jeremy Spencer told Artisan News, "We're at the studio right now, and we're recording some new material. And after we finish the [fall North American co-headlining] tour with VOLBEAT, we're gonna go back in and try to finish up everything in the winter and then get something out late spring [or] early summer."

Spencer added that the band has demoed four songs so far, saying, "I'm liking what I'm hearing, but there's a long way to go We'll judge the body of work when it's done."

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's tour with VOLBEAT kicked off on September 16 in Salt Lake City.
|||| 22 2014

TOOL Singer MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN Sells Hollywood Hills Home For $2.37 Million

According to Los Angeles Times, Maynard James Keenan of TOOL, A PERFECT CIRCLE and PUSCIFIER has sold his house in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles for $2.37 million. The home, which was originally listed for just under $2.8 million, boasts a pool, hot tub and uncluttered view of the famous Hollywood sign. The Mediterranean-style house also has a lot of Middle Eastern touches and a bold use of different colors in every room, reflecting the fact that Keenan once went to school for interior design.

Check out photos of the property at Keenan now lives in Jerome, Arizona, a former mining village and one-time ghost town that's home these days to artists, writers and other independent types. He told The Pulse Of Radio why it's a fascinating place. "It's a magic spot, and it was a copper mining, gold mining town back in the late 1800s, early 1900s," he said. "And, of course, the mines slowed down and closed up, and a lot of people bailed, and it went down to about a population of 50. It's one of the most active ghost towns in theory. It's been voted a couple of times in different 'ghost' publications as being the most haunted town in the United States."

Keenan's Caduceus Cellars wine business is located in unincorporated land in the nearby Sedona area.

Although TOOL was founded in Los Angeles, Keenan has no love for the city he sang about his hopes that it would fall into the sea in the classic TOOL track "AEnema".

According to the 2010 census, the population of Jerome is 444.

The town was incorporated in 1889 and produced more than one billion dollars in copper, gold and silver mining over the next 70 years.

After the last of its mines closed in 1953, Jerome's population declined to around 50 people by the end of that decade. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1976 and is now a popular tourist destination.


|||| 22 2014

VESANIA Streaming New Track Dismay

Poland's Vesania have released a new song from their forthcoming album, Deus Ex Machina, with the track Dismay. The Polish symphonic black metal act that features current and former members of Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Vader, and Decapitated, have been releasing albums and touring in Europe for over a decade. The band's fourth full-length album, and first since 2007, is scheduled for release on October 28th via Metal Blade Records.

Orion comments on "Dismay": "I often hear the opinion, and I agree with it - this album has no single, each track is different, has its own atmosphere and is equally important for the overall impression. Dismay is the song we started the recordings with, and this is the one that best defines the 'rock' sound of Deus Ex Machina. Dismay is relatively slower, sounds progressive, rather than black metal, and it adds a breath of air between the more intense songs. This is also the particular track, where the god from the machine from the album title is mentioned and comes down to earth."


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[= ||| 22 2014


Brant Bjork And The Low Desert Punk Band will release their new album Black Flower Power November 17th on Napalm Records. Brant and the band are currently on tour through tomorrow October 22nd in London, UK.

Stokely Up Now:
|||| 22 2014

THE TREATMENT Premier "Running With The Dogs" Video

British rock act, The Treatment, will see their second album, Running With The Dogs, released in North America on November 4th via Spinefarm Records. The new video for the album's title track can be seen below:

The Treatment first appeared in North America as the opening act on the 2012 KISS and Mötley Crüe tour in support of its debut release, This Might Hurt. Running With The Dogs was released in February (excluding North America) and has been supported by a heavy touring schedule.
|||| 22 2014

GENE SIMMONS Stands By 'Rock Is Dead' Claim, Says Technology Has Outpaced Laws

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons stands by his recent comment that "rock is dead" and says that declining record sales have made it impossible for newer rock bands to develop into iconic artists.

Simmons told Esquire magazine earlier in the month in an interview conducted by his son Nick that "rock did not die of old age. It was murdered. Some brilliance, somewhere, was going to be expressed and now it won't because it's that much harder to earn a living playing and writing songs. No one will pay you to do it."

Simmons went on to elaborate that as a result of file-sharing and other issues, record label support for rock music was not available like it was when KISS was coming up, concluding, "It's finally dead. Rock is finally dead."

During a September 28 appearance at Rock & Brews in Kansas City, Simmons was asked by Joel Nichols of KSHB's lifestyle show "Kansas City Live" to elaborate on his comments. Simmons said (see video below): "Rock and roll is dead. I'm gonna ask you a question, and you decide, okay? From 1958 until 1988, it's 30 years, name hundreds and hundreds of classic rock acts. Okay, I've got Elvis Presley, THE BEATLES, THE ROLLING STONES, Jimi Hendrix, LED ZEPPELIN on and on and on. Even Motown Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson. From 1988 until today, just give me five. You can't name [them]. Iconic [newer artists]? No. Nobody. How about that?"

When Nichols assumed that Simmons was implying "the economics of it all" was responsible for the death of rock, Gene corrected him. "No, I don't think it's the economics," the rocker said. "I think it really comes down to when technology outpaces the laws of the land, it's the Wild West; people just go and grab territory and don't pay for it. It devalues new bands. It doesn't affect me I make a living but it's sad, because the next BEATLES or the next KISS, it does not have a chance."

Simmons also acknowledged that some of his views tend to be controversial and defended his right to speak his mind. He said: "It's called America. You're allowed to say stupid things. You're allowed to voice your opinion. And I'm not better or worse than anybody else."


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BRING ME THE HORIZON: Video For New Single 'Drown' Released

British deathcore act BRING ME THE HORIZON will release a brand new single, "Drown", on December 7 via Epitaph. A new full-length album is tentatetively due to be recorded early next year for a late 2015 release.

"Drown" can now be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

BRING ME THE HORIZON's fourth CD, "Sempiternal", has sold 220,000 copies in the United States since its April 2013 release. The album's opening track, "Can You Feel My Heart", has sold over 100,000 singles and garnered more than 5.3 million video views.

In July, BRING ME THE HORIZON took home Alternative Press awards for "Album Of The Year" and "Best International Band".

BRING ME THE HORIZON frontman Oli Sykes recently revealed that he was "addicted to a drug called ketamine" prior to the making of "Sempiternal".


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KARKAOS Unleash "Leap Of Faith" Track Featuring New Vocalist Viky Boyer

Recently announcing their return to the Montreal metal scene with new vocalist Viky Boyer, extreme melodic metal band Karkaos have revealed to fans their re-recorded track with the vicious songstress "Leap Of Faith" from their latest album Empire.

The band comments: "We present you 'Leap Of Faith' covered by Viky
Boyer, our new lead singer. We chose this song specifically for its high energy
and diverse singing styles. Enjoy, comment and share!"
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JOB FOR A COWBOY: New Song 'Eating The Visions Of God' Available For Streaming

Arizona extreme metallers JOB FOR A COWBOY will release their fourth full-length album, "Sun Eater", on November 11 in North America (one day earlier internationally) via Metal Blade Records. The CD was poroduced by Jason Suecof, who has previously worked with TRIVIUM, AUGUST BURNS RED, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ALL THAT REMAINS, WHITECHAPEL and DEVILDRIVER, among others.

After JOB FOR A COWBOY wrapped up touring in 2013 as part of that year's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, the band — vocalist Jonny Davy, guitarists Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro, bassist Nick Schendzielos, and session drummer Danny Walker —decided to sharpen its focus and cook up a record that encompassed its full dynamic range of talent. The group had all agreed on the main course being a desire for futuristic tones, a wider spectrum of textures and tempos, and an emphasis on slightly more ancestral song construction. The result, "Sun Eater", does not just sound like a new record, it sounds like an entirely new band.

Following the departure of longtime skinsman Jon Rice, JOB FOR A COWBOY, cognizant of the size of shoes that needed to be filled in addition to the depth and versatility demanded by the new material, enlisted the services of Danny Walker (INTRONAUT, MURDER CONSTRUCT, EXHUMED). Walker's mastery of his craft, coupled with his creativity and enthusiasm for the material, strongly influenced the outcome of the record, and it only takes a few minutes of listening to hear this is JOB FOR A COWBOY at their finest.

Regarding composition, Sannicandro recalled: "This album came together very smoothly. We had the concept beforehand and I took it upon myself to try and portray that concept through the music.

"I took a much more melodic approach than 'Demonocracy', focusing on the structuring and the layering that would complement the story to my ears."

The other half of the guitar duo, Al Glassman, continued to be a driving force behind the band's sound. Schendzielos said that "Al riffs long and hard for greater the good of everyone involved. He really used a lot of foresight in his revisions during the writing process, creating ample room for me to mood out the tracks with bass that you can actually hear. in the end I think we really brought the character out in each and every song."

With this new album, JOB FOR A COWBOY had the luxury of relative longevity in the core of their songwriting lineup. This led to a far stronger vibe and a much more realized final product.

Audiohammer producer Jason Suecof, whose first collaboration with the band was 2009's "Ruination", has now worked with the band for over six years. Few are more familiar with how JOB FOR A COWBOY operates in the studio than Suecof, and he was also feeling the "vibe" on "Sun Eater". "This band is composed entirely of top notch musicians all the way around and they are clearly at the top of their game," he said.

"This new album is a stellar combination of everyone's efforts and what we have now is something that conveys everyone's musicianship without being techy for the sake of being tech. This album has got feeling and it is fucking brutal!"

"Sun Eater" track listing:

01. Eating The Visions Of God02. Sun Of Nihility03. The Stone Cross04. The Synthetic Sea05. A Global Shift06. The Celestial Antidote07. Encircled By Mirrors08. Buried Monuments09. Worming Nightfall

Listen to the song "Eating The Visions Of God" below.


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BERNIE MARSDEN's Video For 'Trouble' Song Featuring DAVID COVERDALE

"Trouble", the new video from former WHITESNAKE guitarist Bernie Marsden, can be seen below. The song, which features a guest appearance by WHITESNAKE, is taken from Marsden's new solo album, "Shine", which was released on August 18 via Provogue as a double-LP, CD and digital download.

At a rough guesstimate, Marsden's name appears on a hundred albums maybe more. In addition to a long-running solo career, the Buckinghamshire-born guitarist has been a recording musician since the early 1970s via membership of such groups as WHITESNAKE, UFO, WILD TURKEY, BABE RUTH, PAICE ASHTON & LORD, COZY POWELL'S HAMMER, ALASKA, M3 and many more. Though there's a tendency to pigeonhole him as a blues-rock guitarist, each of Marsden's acts had its own individual flavor.

Devotees of the blues genre are unlikely to overlook the fact that "Shine" is released on Provogue home of Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson, Robert Cray, Jonny Lang, Walter Trout and others and many are likely to have put two and two together regarding its contents. But let's be clear, shall we? "Shine" is NOT a dyed-in-the-wool-blues album. "To me, it's a classic rock album with a modern feel," points out Marsden with customary good cheer.

"When I asked the bosses at Provogue what type of album they wanted from me, they simply replied: 'Make a Bernie Marsden album.' And that's what I did."

The light, airy commercial feel of "Shine" is largely attributable to producer Rob Cass, who pieced together its contents in Studio 3 of the legendary Abbey Road facility, though the backing tracks for three of its selections were cut at Riverside Studios in Somerset. During the 1980s, Cass had actually spent six months as the lead singer of Marsden's group ALASKA before carving a career as a successful producer with a wide range of rock, pop and classical artists. It was Cass who sought out Marsden, e-mailing him to suggest they catch up over a reunion lunch at the home of his production company, located at Abbey Road Studios.

"Rob wanted to thank me for having sent him an air ticket to come to London from Ireland [to join ALASKA] and helping to get his career underway," Bernie relates. "Coincidentally, I was looking for a producer because I've been writing, playing and producing for too long. I really liked the sounds that Rob gets, and that's how the whole thing came together. If people think I was recording at Abbey Road because WHITESNAKE's 'Here I Go Again' made 18 gazillion quid, then they're quite wrong though it did make 17 gazillion quid!" he adds with a hearty laugh.

Marsden believes that the famous facility has an atmosphere that permeates the sounds created within its walls hence the album's final instrumental song is titled "NW8", after the studio's postcode.

THE BEATLES recorded 'Revolver', my favorite album of theirs, in Studio 3, so it has that sense of history, he says, "but I honestly believe Abbey Road to be the best studio in the world."

Although Marsden was wary of flooding the credits with too many special guests, "Shine" does feature some extremely well-known names, from Joe Bonamassa to WHITESNAKE singer David Coverdale and the DEEP PURPLE duo of Ian Paice (drums) and Don Airey (keyboards). Jimmy Copley of Jeff Beck fame behind the kit and Mark Feltham of NINE BELOW ZERO also supplies some breathtaking harmonica playing.

"I can't help it, I've got a lot of mates and quite a few of them are guitar players," Bernie laughs.

"Shine" track listing:

01. Linin' Track02. Wedding Day03. Walk Away04. Kinda Wish She Would05. Ladyfriend06. Trouble07. Who Do We Think We Are?08. Bad Blood09. Shine10. Dragonfly11. You Better Run12. Hoxie Rollin' Time13. NW8


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Video: Cult Metal Band BITCH Returns To Whisky A Go Go

Video footage of BITCH — the veteran Los Angeles metal band fronted by Betsy "Bitch" Weiss — performing on October 2 at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California can be seen below.

In August 2011, BITCH's classic album "Be My Slave" — which could be seen in the hands of Tipper Gore as she campaigned to save our children throughout the '80s — was repackaged with the "Damnation Alley" EP and a live DVD. The DVD includes BITCH's performance at the Keep It True festival in Germany in April 2011, along with a myriad of early '80s live performance and cable access footage.

BITCH was the first band ever to be signed by Metal Blade Records, ultimately releasing five albums in the 1980s — "Damnation Alley", "Be My Slave", "The Bitch Is Back", "Betsy", and "A Rose By Any Other Name".
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