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Former SEPULTURA members Max Cavalera (guitar, vocals) and Igor Cavalera (drums) celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the band's classic album, "Roots", by performing the LP in its entirety at this year's edition of the Amnesia Rockfest on Friday, June 24. They were joined on the Jägermeister stage complete with the original backdrop from SEPULTURA's 1996 Roots" tour by their CAVALERA CONSPIRACY bandmates Marc Rizzo (guitar) and Johny Chow (bass).

Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below.

Interestingly enough, the current lineup of SEPULTURA which includes the other two members of the band that played on "Roots", guitarist Andreas Kisser and bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. is also scheduled to appear at the two-day event, which is taking place June 24-25 in Montebello, Quebec, Canada. SEPULTURA will perform today (Saturday, June 25) at 3:45 p.m. on the Budweiser stage.

Max spoke to Holland's FaceCulture about how he looks back on the "Roots" album twenty years later. He said: "Yeah, [the personal stuff around the band] was chaotic, but musically, it was good. I think 'Roots' is an excellent record. It's a very brave record. It's a very fearless record in terms of saying, 'We're gonna do this. No matter what people say, we're gonna do it.' And we did it. And it was a huge risk. Not many bands take that risk. And we stuck to our guns and put the album out. And I think it was a very interesting record, because I think it was the beginning of my experiences in world music, which I really love, and bringing metal making metal different. You can combine indigenous sounds and stuff with metal and make something cool with it. So I think 'Roots' was the blueprint for all that; it was like the first one that was like that. We went to the Xavantes tribe and recorded with them. It was killer. It was an amazing experience."

Asked in a December 2013 interview with if he was a proponent of the down-tuned guitar approach, like Max was, around the time when bands like KORN and the DEFTONES were just beginning to take off in terms of popularity, SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser said: "At the beginning, not much. I was skeptical of the low tuning because bands like KORN or the DEFTONES, they don't have the fast pace of SEPULTURA's music. I was concerned to lose that kind of fast ability and the picking, the heavy picking on sloppy, low strings. But there are so many possibilities of using heavier-gauge strings, which give that kind of tension, and you don't lose that ability to play fast. 'Trauma Of War', the song that opens the [new SEPULTURA] album ['The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart'], it's in low tuning, but it's a very fast song, but we don't lose that kind of ability. I learned how to do deal with that, and you open a lot of worlds in music, but yeah, at the beginning I was a little skeptical."

Speaking to in 2009, Max admitted that he drew inspiration from some of the so-called early "nu metal" bands during the songwriting process for "Roots". He explained: "SEPULTURA did [take] a little bit of an influence from KORN and DEFTONES in some areas. And the funny thing is that we influenced those bands from when they started out. I talked to the KORN guys and they said they listened to 'Chaos A.D.' religiously when they started it was like one of their favorite records. So it's kind of a 360 degrees kind of influence back and forth."

"Roots", along with 1993's "Chaos A.D.", is considered SEPULTURA's most commercially successful release, having been certified gold in 2005 by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for U.S. shipments in excess of 500,000 copies.

In 1996, Max exited SEPULTURA after the rest of the band fired Max's wife Gloria as their manager.

Igor left SEPULTURA in June 2006 due to "artistic differences." His departure from the band came five months after he announced that he was taking a break from SEPULTURA's touring activities to spend time with his second wife and their new son (who was born in January 2006).


|||| 26 2016

Watch KING DIAMOND Perform In London

Fan-filmed video footage of KING DIAMOND's June 21 performance at O2 Forum Kentish Town in London, United Kingdom can be seen below.

KING DIAMOND's November 25, 2015 and November 28, 2015 live shows in Philadelphia and Detroit, respectively, were flmed for the band's forthcoming DVD. The set is being helmed by director Denise Korycki (CANNIBAL CORPSE, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE), and will include additional footage from multiple shows throughout the band's most recent North American trek.

KING DIAMOND performed its classic second album, 1987's concept effort "Abigail", in its entirety on the band's latest U.S. tour.

"Dreams Of Horror", a 2xCD collection of KING DIAMOND songs, newly enhanced into ultimate editions by King Diamond and Andy La Rocque themselves, sold around 1,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release.

Released in November 2014, "Dreams Of Horror" is the only "best-of" album covering the band's entire career. King Diamond and Andy La Rocque meticulously mastered and enhanced these 23 songs into the ultimate editions, chosen by the band from both the Roadrunner and Metal Blade catalogs.

Swedish bassist Pontus Egberg (THE POODLES, LION'S SHARE, ZAN CLAN) joined KING DIAMOND following the departure of Hal Patino.

King, 59, whose real name is Kim Bendix Petersen, underwent open-heart triple-bypass surgery in November 2010. He has since completed his cardiac rehabilitation program and has stopped smoking entirely, changed his diet and is getting regular exercise.


|||| 26 2016

ALL ELSE FAILS Release “AntiMartyr” Music Video

All Else Fails, the loud, heavy, lyrically conscious Canadian metal band who's 2013 Fucktropolis EP garnered them award wins at the 2014 Western Canadian Music Awards and Edmonton Music Awards, close the chapter on the release with their final music video, their latest political message AntiMartyr.

Vocalist/guitarist Barrett Klesko comments: "It's been a long road since we released Fucktropolis almost 4 years ago, and since then we have been in almost constant member changeover hell. Some of it was good, like bringing back original drummer Ryan Biggs, but some, like losing our long time bassist Seedy Mitchell was much harder.

We have a new bass player, the new album written and in pre production and it is sounding fresh and awesome, but it was important to us to release AntiMartyr as a full single first. With that, it wouldn't have felt right with Mitch's voice coming out of the new guys mouth in the video, so we talked him into coming back for one last project, and I'm really happy with the turnout, it seems like a great way to send off an album that treated us so well, and move on to the next grand adventure. Hopefully one that won't take us another 4 years to follow up."
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[= ||| 26 2016

LIV KRISTINE To Guest On New EDEN'S CURSE Album; UK Tour Confirmed

Multinational hard rock/melodic metal band, Edens Curse, have announced the participation of Liv Kristine (ex- Leaves' Eyes, Theater Of Tragedy) on their forthcoming new studio album.

It seems their collaboration was 'meant to be', as bassist Paul Logue explains: "In a meeting with our label, AFM Records we discussed the possibility of them reaching out to Liv to enquire if she would be willing to guest on a track on our album. They agreed and it was left at that. Fast forward three days later and I'm attending a party for a friend, at a pub in Glasgow, and who walks in the door - Liv! Initially, I didn't "twig" that it was her, until her Tour Manager, whom I knew, walked in a few minutes later wearing a Leaves' Eyes shirt. We shared a quick hello and he told me that Leave's Eyes were playing in the venue next door and then the penny dropped. I shared the back story of my label discussions and he made the introduction. Liv and I had a wonderful chat and we agreed to hook up via email to see if she liked the song and take it from there - thankfully she did and the rest is history. It must have been fate!"

Norwegian born Liv, a pioneer of the "beauty and beast" vocal approach adopted by so many of today's acts, has been at the forefront of the symphonic metal scene for well over a decade. Her trademark vocals have become synonymous with the genre through fronting one it's most iconic acts, to her own successful solo career. Yet, her collaboration with Eden's Curse, on the track Unconditional, will see her adopt a slightly different vocal approach.

"It's not a ballad, per se, as it rocks out in places, but it's a song very much in the same vein as Unbreakable with it's pop sensibilities, style and melodies. It could arguably be the most commercial sounding track we've ever written! The contrast between Liv and Nikola's voices works so well and adds a real personal touch to what is essentially a love song. I normally don't DO love songs, but sometimes you cannot help be influenced by the special people that surround your life - whether it's your spouse, partner, friend, family or even children - your love for them is unconditional, remarks Paul.

Liv adds: "It was such a pleasure and honour working with Eden's Curse on Unconditional. I love this track - it's like the freshness of a sunny, really early Saturday morning. It's powerful, highly interesting and passionate. Nikola's voice is outstanding and gripping - a superb duet partner! I met Paul during one of my tours last year and we had such a pleasant talk. I hope we get the chance to perform Unconditional live some day.

"Hear, hear! It would be an absolute pleasure to share the stage with Liv and perform this live, says Paul. "Liv was a real joy to work with. She's a truly kind soul who embraced our song from the very outset and delivered a real classy performance with her instantly recognisable vocals, he adds.

Unconditional will appear on the forthcoming new studio album by Eden's Curse, which is set for release on AFM Records this coming fall. More details to follow soon.

Eden's Curse have also announced that they will return to the UK for a full headline tour in support of their forthcoming fifth studio album, in November.

21 - The Cathouse - Glasgow, UK
22 - Academy 3 - Manchester, UK
23 - Corporation - Sheffield, UK
24 - The Asylum - Birmingham, UK
25 - The Scene - Swansea, UK
26 - Waterfront Studio - Norwich, UK
27 - The Underworld - London, UK

Tickets are on sale now at Special guests on the tour are Sheffield's C.O.P. UK and Swiss prog metal band Evolve.
|||| 26 2016

TEN Streaming “Battlefield” Track From Upcoming Double CD Collection

Battlefield, the track from Tens new double CD collection, Battlefield - The Rocktopia Records Collection, is streaming below.

Signed to Rocktopia Records in 2014 and following a similar fashion to their one-two release of their debut album X and the follow-up Name Of The Rose in a 6 month period back in 1996, Ten released Albion and Isla De Muerta in November 2014 and May 2015 respectively. Both albums gained positive reviews with Gaetano Di Falcos wonderful art making striking covers.

2015 also saw the release of the first EP for the band in 16 years (after 1999s Fear The Force), entitled The Dragon And Saint George, which contained three exclusive bonus tracks.

With Albion now completely sold out, it seemed a great idea to collect all the Ten songs from their Rocktopia Records period including all the Japanese bonus tracks and exclusive EP tracks - onto one Limited Edition double CD release (500 copies only), which would sell for the price of a single CD.

This new collection, Battlefield - The Rocktopia Records Collection, once again features exclusive cover art by Gaetano Di Falco. The collection is out now via Rocktopia Records. Order here.


CD1 Albion
Alone In The Dark Tonight
Its Alive
Albion Born
Sometimes Love Takes The Long Way Home
A Smugglers Tale
It Ends This Day
Die For Me
Gioco DAmore
Wild Horses
Good God In Heaven What Hell Is This (Japanese bonus track)
The Prodigal Saviour (Exclusive EP track)
Is There Anyone With Sense (Exclusive EP track)

CD2 Isla De Muerta
Buccaneers/Dead Men Tell No Tales
Tell Me What To Do
This Love
The Dragon And Saint George
Karnak/Valley Of The Kings
Musketeers Soldiers Of The King (Exclusive EP track)
Angel Of Darkness
The Last Pretender
We Can Be As One
Assault And Battery (Japanese bonus track)

|||| 25 2016

Listen To New RAINBOW Singer RONNIE ROMERO Cover 'Lady Of The Lake' With LORDS OF BLACK

Spanish melodic progressive metal masters LORDS OF BLACK who feature in their ranks new RAINBOW singer Ronnie Romero recorded a cover version of the RAINBOW classic "Lady Of The Lake" during the sessions for their second album, "II". The track, which was released as a bonus cut with the new disc, can be streamed below.

"II" was released on March 18 via Frontiers Music Srl.

LORDS OF BLACK is the band formed by Romero, renowned guitarist Tony Hernando and monster drummer Andy C. Their vision was to form a metal band with a modern approach blended with catchy, melodic and progressive elements.

After months of intense and hard work on the songs, LORDS OF BLACK independently released its acclaimed self-titled debut which was co-produced by Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN, ex-HELLOWEEN). Metal Hammer Spain deemed it "the best metal album released in Spain this year."

LORDS OF BLACK supported the release with a series of very successful live shows, some of them as "very special guest" for high-profile international acts. Then the news of Ronnie Romero joining the new incarnation of RAINBOW broke out. This brought the band to the attention of the international media, with RAINBOW legend Ritchie Blackmore describing Romero's voice as "a cross between Ronnie James Dio and Freddie Mercury."

However, now LORDS OF BLACK are ready to conquer the world with "II", an album which will blow the minds of fans of modern melodic metal. Once again co-produced, mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow, the disc is not only the follow-up to LORDS OF BLACK's outstanding and acclaimed debut album, but is an album with superbly crafted songs that will instantly become absolute metal classics.

"The new album, being the follow-up to a first record that was so greatly received, had to get to a higher place," says Tony Hernando. "After an intense year of writing and producing, along with the live performances, we came up with songs that are still deep and complicated in some arrangements, but have been written with the live performance in mind The quest was to come up with something that artistically was meaningful for us as musicians and at the same time could catch the attention of the listeners. We really hope you enjoy this new album and come with us for a great ride!"

Tracks like "Merciless", "Everything You're Not", "Insane", "New World's Coming" and "Shadows Of War" showcase the heavy and complex yet very melodic style of the band. The song "The Art of Illusions Part III: The Wasteland" is the conclusion to the trilogy that commenced on the debut album, while the song "Cry No More" is inspired and dedicated to the late, great, Phil Lynott.

Regarding how he landed the RAINBOW gig, the Chilean-born Romero told "I don't know from how long they had me on their list, but they contacted me some months ago, at the beginning of summer, to tell me about a chance to an audition . I deeply remember that 'day one' and that first 'hi,' been doing your daily activities and receive an email from Ritchie Blackmore himself is quite hard to assimilate, after a few days days, even weeks."

Romero also talked about Ritchie's recent description of his vocal style as "a cross between Ronnie James Dio and Freddie Mercury." He said: "I just think about how lucky I feel, not just to get the gig, but how the hell they found me. Having so many good singers worldwide. From the first contact, I just tried to give my best to get it. I always believed in myself, and with the support of my family and close friends, even more. About his words, I just can be thankful, he put the bar quite high with his description. [Laughs] But I'm also glad with his confidence on me to this huge task."


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[= ||| 25 2016

DEEP PURPLE Announce Rescheduled Shows In Sweden; Rare 1973 Live Video Streaming

Deep Purple were recently forced to cancel two shows in Sweden. The band were scheduled to perform on June 14th at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, and on June 15th at Liseberg in Gothenburg. The cancellations were blamed on health issues and drummer Ian Paice then spoke up via Facebook:

"To all the people who were expecting to see Deep Purple in Sweden and Denmark this week, I would like to let you know the reason the shows were not possible,and also to stop all the speculation and rumours.

On the morning of the 14th of June, I woke up to find that the right side of my body was feeling numb and I could not control my right hand and fingers. So I had myself admitted to hospital where I was diagnosed with having suffered a 'mini-stroke' or TIA. The hospital staff in Stockholm were amazing and started my treatment straight away.

After both CT and MIR scans, there was found to be no serious or permanent damage. As of this moment, all I am suffering is a slightly numb right side of the face a tingling sensation in my right hand. My dexterity in the hand is coming back quickly and I fully expect to recommence touring next month. So now I have a set of tablets which have to be taken every day to ensure it doesn't happen again!.

So sorry for not being able to play for you. And I'm sorry for myself! These are the first shows I have missed with Deep Purple since its formation in 1968.

Thanks to all the people who have shown concern and sent their best wishes."

The Swedish dates have now been rescheduled, and are listed below:

1 - Liseberg - Gothenburg, Sweden
2 - Gröna Lund - Stockholm, Sweden

Meanwhile, a new Deep Purple video find from April 1973, with the band live in Belgium. Check it out below:

(Photo - Jim Rakete)
|||| 25 2016

AEROSMITH's STEVEN TYLER Performs On 'Today' Show (Video)

AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler performed several songs including the title track of his debut solo album, the country-tinged "We're All Somebody From Somewhere" earlier today (Friday, June 24) in New York City as part of the "Today" show's concert series. Video footage of his appearance can be seen below.

Tyler's performance came just a week before he kicks off his summer tour, which begins July 2 and will run through September.

"We're All Somebody From Somewhere" will arive on July 15 via Big Machine Label Group's Dot Records.

The AEROSMITH frontman appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and spoke about the album, explaining: "I headed down to Nashville last spring to start working on this project, wrote some kick-ass songs with some of Music City's finest songwriters and now we get to share them with the world on July 15th."

He added: "Country music is the new rock 'n' roll. It's not just about porches, dogs and kicking your boots up. It's a whole lot more. It's about being real."

Tyler's latest single, and the album's title track, will be released on June 24. Tyler co-produced "We're All Somebody From Somewhere" with such heavyweights as T Bone Burnett, Dan Huff, Marti Fredriksen and Jaren Johnston.

Tyler spoke about the strength of the new material, telling Rolling Stone: "I believe y'all are gonna listen to this stuff and you're gonna agree with me that it fell from a star. I had nothing to do with this shit, it's just Nashville. There's something so magical about this town and me writing with all these people."
|||| 25 2016

POWERWOLF Launch Cover Contest To Celebrate Release Of Live DVD

Following six successful studio albums, Powerwolf will finally release their first DVD, The Metal Mass - Live, on July 29th. It contains almost seven hours of material and features plenty of songs, old and new.

Now the Wolves decided that they want to hear YOU play YOUR favourite Powerwolf track of all time! Grab your instrument (or microphone) and upload your cover version to YouTube. Submit your entry by posting the video publicly on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #PowerwolfCoverContest and tagging both the band and Napalm Records.

The band will check out ALL submissions and hand-pick the winner. The best entry will be shared by both the band and Napalm Records on their socials, added to a Powerwolf The Metal Mass Playlist on the Napalm Channel and also get a surprise pack by the band, including signed items.

Videos can be submitted until July 7th.

Powerwolf's history of success truly is a metal fairytale: Thanks to lifeblood, passion and talent the band has gathered an enormous amount of followers with until now six albums and uncountable captivating live gigs. Two albums in the Top 3 of the German album charts, sold-out headliner shows, frenetically celebrated festival gigs all over Europe there is just one thing missing a DVD / Blu-Ray which brings the glorious metal mass on your TV. Now the band unveil the first details and announce the release of their first DVD / Blu-Ray titled The Metal Mass Live, coming out July 29th via Napalm Records. A first video teaser can be found below.

Powerwolf do it again in style and have assembled a truly opulent package for their loyal fans. The Metal Mass Live contains three complete live shows with which you can enjoy the irresistible hook lines and great metal hymns of Powerwolf with live recordings from the Masters Of Rock, the Summer Breeze and the Oberhausen gig from the Wolfsnächte tour.

Apart from that all the previous videoclips and two documentaries are included fans will surely appreciate to witness the hilariously maverick sense of humour of the band members.

The Metal Mass Live will be presented in a beautiful valuable packaging that will make collectors' hearts beat faster: With about 7 hours material, the first DVD / Blu-Ray release of one of the most successful German metal bands will be coming out on Mediabook with 2-DVD / Blu-ray + Live-CD, Earbook with 2-DVD and 2 Live-CDs, a live CD and as Gatefold-Double-Vinyl.

It's about time to finally enjoy the inimitable live feeling of a Powerwolf gig on your couch. Pre-order The Metal Mass Live here.

Teaser #1:

Powerwolf and Dutch symphonic metal stars Epica are teaming up for an European tour in early 2017. This impressive co-headline tour comes in support of the highly awaited new Epica album Holographic Principle, which is scheduled for a September 30th release and Powerwolfs The Metal Mass Live.

Comments Matthew Greywolf of Powerwolf: In early 2017 we will embark on a special tour, sharing stages throughout Europe with the amazing Epica. Those shows will become Powerwolfs biggest indoor metal masses to date. Be prepared for an amazing stage set and crazy nights full of metal madness!

Woohoow, this fall we're releasing our seventh studio album and the band has exciting times coming up! A new album means a new Epica chapter and obviously a new world tour. Early 2017 we'll join forces with our German friends in Powerwolf and together we'll storm stages allover Europe. If you want to hear our brand new songs come to live, if you want to see our brand new visuals and if you simply want to have a good time with us, we expect you on our biggest tour to date! I really can't wait to be back on the road again and to see the music, the energy and our lovely fans become one. Until then!, commented Epica frontwoman Simone Simons.

Tour dates:

12 - Wiesbaden, Germany - Schlachthof
13 - Cologne, Germany - Palladium
14 - Ludwigsburg, Germany - MHP Arena
16. - Geneve, Switzerland - Salle des Fetes de Thonex
17 - Zurich, Switzerland - Volkshaus
20 - Munich, Germany - Tonhalle
21 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
24 - Warsaw, Poland - Progresja
25 - Berlin, Germany - Huxleys
27 - Oberhausen, Germany - Turbinenhalle
28 - Prague, Czech Republic - Forum Karlin

3 - London, England - Shepherds Bush Empire
4 - Paris, France - Zenith

Further dates of this tour to be announced at a later date. Tickets for all shows can be purchased on the bands websites: Powerwolf, Epica.


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[= ||| 25 2016

TWISTED SISTER: 'You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll' Performance Clip From 'Metal Meltdown' DVD

The first "Metal Meltdown" concert series event kicked off at The Joint at the world famous Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas on May 30, 2015. Legendary, selling rockers TWISTED SISTER performed an explosive 90-minute concert of their biggest hits spanning their 40-year career. The show was dedicated to the honor of TWISTED SISTER's iconic drummer A.J. Pero, whose tragic, sudden death just two months prior to the filming of this event shocked the music world. The band announced that not only were all the remaining concerts being performed in 2015 dedicated to the memory of A.J. Pero, but that 2016 would mark the 40th and final year of the band's legendary live performances. They recruited renowned drummer and friend of A.J. Pero, Mike Portnoy (THE WINERY DOGS, DREAM THEATER, AVENGED SEVENFOLD) to take the reins, and his very first TWISTED SISTER appearance was captured by the "Metal Meltdown" camera crew. TWISTED SISTER fans will now get to witness that special concert produced by the award-winning production company Rock Fuel Media in association with Loud & Proud Records. Directed by Brian Lockwood (BON JOVI, METALLICA, MÖTLEY CRÜE), "Metal Meltdown - Featuring Twisted Sister Live At The Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas" features that complete concert, as well as "Rockshow", a bonus documentary that takes fans through the band's 40-year ride from local club outcasts to world domination with exclusive interviews, archive footage from the '80s, photo gallery. It was mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound. Set for release July 22, the retail package includes both Blu-ray and DVD formats as well as an audio CD.

A performance clip of the song "You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll", taken from "Metal Meltdown - Featuring Twisted Sister Live At The Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas" can be seen below. As TWISTED SISTER guitarist Jay Jay French explains: "The decision to continue performing all the summer shows in 2015, not to mention the concert that this performance celebrates, was in jeopardy over the days immediately following A.J.'s sudden death. We needed time to re-group and re-focus. Everyone was great. All the promoters of the huge European summer festivals that we were set to headline and Barry, the producer of this concert, said, 'We understand. You all (meaning the band) have to do what makes you comfortable. Whatever the band decides has to be honored and respected.' "In the end, I believe we did what A.J. would have wanted us to do and Mike Portnoy was a very big part of that decision in both an emotional and artistic way. This performance captured herein just two months after A.J.'s death really was about our way to help memorialize the great A.J. Pero. The front four (Dee, Eddie, Mark and I) have had no one but A.J. behind us since 1982. This concert has A.J.'s influence permeating through our bloodstream in ways that I will never forget and when we cut to A.J.'s drum solo on the rear projection screen, We were all emotionally overwhelmed. Not since our reunion for New York Steel in 2001 (to honor and raise money for the families of the NYC police and fire department who died on 9/11) have I been moved to tears." Award-winning producer Barry Summers of Rock Fuel Media commented: "TWISTED SISTER was the first live club band I ever saw in 1979 at Emmett's Inn in New Jersey, and they literally blew my mind. We actually revisited Emmett's and filmed a scene for the 'Rockshow' documentary. It has been a real dream come true to produce this amazing concert film for such an iconic and influential band. The tribute to A.J. Pero makes this film that much more special. We're excited to give the fans the highest quality concert film and live recordings ever released in the year of TWISTED SISTER's final farewell. Other bands filmed in Las Vegas as part of the "Metal Meltdown" include EXTREME, SKID ROW and GREAT WHITE. Stay tuned for details on those releases. "Metal Meltdown - Featuring Twisted Sister Live At The Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas" track listing: 01. What You Don't Know02. The Kids Are Back03. Stay Hungry04. The Beast05. Shoot Em Down06. You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll07. I Believe In Rock N' Roll08. Under The Blade09. I Am (I'm Me)10. We're Not Gonna Take It11. The Fire Still Burns12. The Price13. Burn In Hell14. A.J. Pero Tribute15. I Wanna Rock16. Come Out and Play17. S.M.F.
|||| 25 2016

DEF LEPPARD Premier “Dangerous” Music Video

Def Leppard have released a video for their new single, “Dangerous”, a track from last year's self-titled studio album. Watch the new clip, directed by Frank Gryner, below:

The band recently released another video, this one for “Man Enough”. Watch below:

Def Leppard's US Summer Tour is underway, storming across all parts of the US and Canada (tour routing below). A new tour trailer video can be seen below:

Def Leppard - Joe Elliott (vocals), Vivian Campbell (guitar), Phil Collen (guitar), Rick "Sav" Savage (bass) and Rick Allen (drums) - continues to be one of the most important forces in rock music. With 100 million records sold worldwide and two prestigious Diamond Awards to their credit, the group's spectacular concerts, filled with powerful melodic rock anthems, continue to sell out venues worldwide. For the past thirty years the band's epic live shows and arsenal of hits have become synonymous with their name, leading Def Leppard to be heralded as an institution in both the music and touring industry.

Def Leppard's influential career includes numerous hit singles and ground-breaking multi-platinum release's-including two of the best-selling albums of all time, Pyromania and Hysteria. The band's 2015 US tour was one of the year's highest grossing, hitting 70+ cities nationwide. In addition to the tour, Def Leppard debuted their self titled new album in October 2015. The album secured the #1 slot on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart. It features the #1 Classic Rock chart single "Let's Go" and their new single "Dangerous" out now.

Tour dates:

24 - Bangor, ME - Darling's Waterfront
25 - Quebec City, QC - Videotron Centre
27 - Syracuse, NY - Lakeview Amp
29 - Hershey, PA - Hershey Park Stadium

1 - Indianapolis, IN - Klipsch Music Center
2 - Chicago, IL - Hollywood Casino
5 - Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center
6 - Milwaukee, WI - Summerfest
8 - Pittsburgh, PA - First Niagara Pavillion
9 - Grand Rapids, MI - Van Andel Arena
11 - Wantagh, NY - Nikon at Jones Beach
13 - Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center
15 - Detroit, MI - DTE Music Theatre
16 - Toronto, ON - Molson Canadian Amphitheater

6 - Madison, WI - Alliant Energy Center
8 - Evansille, IN - Ford Center
10 - Bristow, VA - Jiffy Lube Center
12 - Atlanta, GA - Aaron's Amphitheater
13 - Raleigh, NC - Walnut Creek Amphitheater
15 - Tampa, FL - MidFlorida Credit Amphitheater
17 - Birmingham, AL - Oak Mountain Amphitheater
19 - Austin, TX - Austin 360
20 - New Orleans, LA - Smoothie King Center
22 - Houston, TX - Cynthia Woods Pavilion
24 - Dallas, TX - Gexa Energy Pavilion
26 - Kansas City, MO - Sprint Center
27 - ST. Louis, MO - Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
29 - Cleveland, OH - Blossom Music Center
31 - Darien Center, NY - Darien Lake PAC

14 - Billings, MT - Metra Park
16 - Salk Lake City, UT - USANA Ampitheater
17 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
19 - Albuquerque, NM - Isleta Amphitheater
20 - Phoenix, AZ - Ak-Chin Pavilion
22 - Irvine, CA - Irvine Meadows Amphitheater
24 - Sacramento, CA - Toyota Amphitheater (no Tesla)
25 - Mountain View, CA - Shoreline Amphitheater
28 - Boise, ID - Taco Bell Arena
30 - Eugene, OR - Matthew Knight Arena

1 - Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome
4 - Omaha,NE - CenturyLink Center
5 - Minneapolis, MN - Xcel Center
7 - La Crosse, WI - La Crosse Center Arena
8 - Toledo, OH - Huntington Center
10 - Cedar Rapids, IA - U.S. Cellular Center


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TWILIGHT FORCE - Heroes Of Mighty Magic Video Trailer Part 1 Streaming

Swedish adventure metallers, Twilight Force, recently signed a record deal with German metal powerhouse Nuclear Blast. Now, after several months of work in the band's studio, the Twilight Forge, the band is set to release their sophomore album and label debut , Heroes Of Mighty Magic, on August 26th. A video trailer can be found below.

"Hear ye! We can finally unveil the first mystical details of our next opus. Your thirst will be quenched even earlier than anticipated, for the album will be unleashed upon the world by Nuclear Blast on August 26th. The title of this monumental creation will be Heroes Of Mighty Magic. All the absolutely exquisite original artwork made for this album is conceived and forged by the mighty Kerem Beyit. Here is the glorious cover artwork."

Heroes Of Mighty Magic tracklisting:

Battle Of Arcane Might
Guardian Of The Seas
Flight Of The Sapphire Dragon
There And Back Again
Riders Of The Dawn
Keepers Of Fate
Rise Of A Hero
To The Stars
Heroes Of Mighty Magic
Knights Of Twilight's Might


"This next opus of Twilight Force will be a journey unlike any you have ever experienced. While we are still staying true to the essence of power metal, the songs, sounds and magic adventures have all evolved from the once drake hatchling into a colossal arcane arch-dragon. The time, effort and primordial wisdom that we have invested into this album is truly immeasurable, and we profoundly hope that this will shine through upon our venerated audience."

(Photo - Twilight Force Facebook)
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CRADLE OF FILTH Streaming New Video Trailer For Dusk… And Her Embrace: The Original Sin

A piece of black metal history has been lying dormant for over two decades, deep in the shadowy abyss of dust-ridden, musty vaults. The authors of this forbidden rite decided the world was not quite ready for its offering in 1995, and thus locked it away from the light. But the years passed, and gradually it's power grew too strong.

Freed from its vault by genre-defining creators Cradle Of Filth and the recently resurrected extreme music label Cacophonous, the two have joined forces to finally unshackle the unreleased sophomore album Dusk And Her Embrace: The Original Sin as a CD and digital album on July 8th. A vinyl LP version will be available later this year.

Watch a new trailer below:

The wait is over. The original Dusk And Her Embrace is dragged kicking and screaming into the world, and people can finally hear for themselves what a true masterpiece it is. Neil Harding, Cacophonous Label Head.


Macabre, This Banquet
Nocturnal Supremacy
Heaven Torn Asunder
Dusk And Her Embrace
A Gothic Romance
The Graveyard By Moonlight
Funeral In Carpathia
Beauty Slept In Sodom
The Haunted Shores Of Avalon
Carmillas Masque
A Gothic Romance (Bonus Demo Track)
Nocturnal Supremacy (Bonus Demo Track)

Cradle Of Filth signed to Cacophonous in 1994, releasing their debut album, The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh on an unsuspecting world, consequently landmarking themselves at the forefront of the extreme music movement. With their writing becoming more fluid, more confident, Dusk And Her Embrace: The Original Sin is the precursor to the bands sound as it is today, and a must-have for any extreme music fans.


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WITHERSCAPE Premier “In The Eyes Of Idols” Lyric Video; The Northern Sanctuary Album Formats Revealed, Pre-Order Launched

Witherscape, the progressive death metal outfit consisting of Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Dan Swanö (ex-Edge Of Sanity/Bloodbath, Nightingale, etc.) as well as fellow Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ragnar Widerberg, will release their new album, The Northern Sanctuary, on July 22nd via Century Media Records (July 29th in Italy).

Next to the standard jewel case version, The Northern Sanctuary will also be available as limited edition Mediabook 2CD including the album as full dynamic mix and ROM part with instrumentals as its bonus disc. The LP version will come as Gatefold 180gr vinyl release in its full dynamic mix and include a poster and the full standard album on CD as bonus. The LP format will be available in the following vinyl options:

Black (unlimited)
Transparent Red (limited to 100x copies, EU webshop)
Clear (limited to 200x copies, EU webshop / CM Distro EU)
Neon Orange (limited to 200x copies, CM Distro USA)

Pre-order various formats at this location.

Check out the track In The Eyes Of Idols via a lyric video designed by Cloud Music Typography below.

Dan Swanö on the song and the albums lyrical storyline: There is a 50 year jump in the conceptual time line since The Inheritance. The Northern Sanctuary picks up where we left off with the The New Tomorrow EP. The main character "Mannen i vitt" (The man in white) has now restored the house where all the horror initially happened and "Fristaden i Norr" (The Northern Sanctuary) is open for business! He rents out rooms to people from the big cities, who are aiming for some peaceful northern Swedish silence. But the entity still haunts the house and "Mannen i vitt" is possessed by it, so consequently he/it does terrible things to the "patients". Since the house is built on one of the gates to hell, there's a ritual taking place, opening the hellish dimension from where the evil entity once came, so it can go back there

Lyricist Paul Kuhr (Novembers Doom) fleshed out the story invented by the band and here are his complimentary own words on the lyrics for "In The Eyes Of Idols": "Daily life in the Sanctuary begins. Breakfast, social interaction, Aqua Therapy. The man in white struggles with his faith and prayer against the conventional methods he uses to cure the sick. Extreme procedures uncover oddities in behavior with the most severely mentally ill. Pushing the patients to their limits uncover Gifts within the strong. Unexplainable, and beautiful, powers that Science Fiction is based on. Praying for the answers, the man in white is met with other thoughts"

Following up on the refreshing impact of 2013s debut album The Inheritance and 2014s The New Tomorrow EP, The Northern Sanctuary is yet another mesmerizingly dense conceptual album, enhanced by breathtakingly powerful artwork courtesy of Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák (Nightingale, Destruction, Tyr, etc.), which can be seen below.


Wake Of Infinity
In The Eyes Of Idols
Rapture Ballet
The Examiner
God Of Ruin
The Northern Sanctuary
Vila I Frid

"Wake Of Infinity:

Once more lyrically supported by Paul Kuhr (Novembers Doom), Witherscape continue the storyline launched with the debut album, as Swanö explains: The theme picks up where we left off with the The New Tomorrow EP. There is a 50 year jump in the time line from the 1st album and the main character Mannen i vitt (The man in white) has purchased the house where all the horror initially happened. He's restored it and rents out rooms to people from the big cities, who are aiming for some peaceful northern Swedish silence. But the entity still haunts the house and Mannen i vitt is possessed by it, so consequently he/it does terrible things to the "patients". Since the house is built on one of the gates to hell, there's a ritual taking place, opening the hellish dimension from where the evil entity once came, so it can go back there

Musically, The Northern Sanctuary manages to seamlessly blend the best elements of the bands 70s/80s prog/hard rock and even AOR roots with contemporary, yet always atmospheric and subtle extreme metal. Its infectious catchiness will doubtlessly appeal to the passionate followers of Swanös diverse artistic catalogue, but also to fans of bands like Opeth, Amorphis or Symphony X.
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EQUILIBRIUM To Release Armageddon Album In August; “Prey” Lyric Video Streaming

German epic metal band, Equilibrium, have released a lyric video for the new song, Prey, from their upcoming Armageddon album, out on August 12th via Nuclear Blast. The clip can be found below.

Armageddon tracklisting:

Born To Be Epic
Zum Horizont
Rise Again
Eternal Destination

Prey lyric video:

The limited Digipak Edition includes a bonus CD with the instrumental versions of the entire album.

Album pre-orders at this location.


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BLUES PILLS - What Has Changed Since The Debut Album?; Official Trailer #3 Streaming

Blues Pills will release their second album, Lady In Gold, on August 5th. In the third official trailer, the band are asked what has changed since the release of their debut album. Watch three trailers below:

Trailer #1:

Trailer #2:

Trailer #3:

The band recently released a music video for “Lady In Gold”. The video was directed by Johan Bååth (Avatarium, Dregen) who is best known for his work with cult director Jonas Åkerlund, and shot by well known Backyard Babies drummer Peder Carlsson.

"We shot the video for “Lady In Gold” in Stockholms skärgård (what is like an old castle) with the amazing team around Johan Bååth," commented singer Elin Larsson. "The idea behind the video is to visualize the “Lady In Gold” in all the different ways she can come. She can be that beautiful young woman or a scary old witch. It was a lot of fun and super exciting to jump into these different roles and characters. The whole team did a great job and it was a pleasure to work with all these talented people. Clothes and design was made by Anna Bonnevier and make up and hair by Cecilia Lidén. We all hope you will enjoy the video."

The Lady In Gold album will contain 10 brand new tracks (see full tracklisting below).

Bassist, founding member and main songwriter Zach Anderson comments: "The design comes from the dutch artist Marijke Koger-Dunham who already worked with us for the first album cover. We are super proud to have the opportunity to work with such a legendary artist who has even worked with The Beatles, Cream and many more. The original design was made by her 50 years ago. We worked together to adapt the colors to fit the mood of the album. Hopefully our fans will like it as much as we do."

Commented singer Elin Larsson on the choice of the album's title: "Lady Gold is a character who symbolizes death. We wanted a twist on the typical stereotype of death being the grim reaper. So instead we made her a lady in gold."


“Lady In Gold”
“Little Boy Preacher”
“Burned Out”
“I Felt A Change”
“Gone So Long”
“Bad Talkers”
“You Gotta Try”
“Won’t Go Back”
“Elements And Things”

Just as its successful predecessor Lady In Gold was once again produced by Don Alsterberg (Graveyard, Division Of Laura Lee, José González, Jerry Williams). More info to be revealed soon.

(Photo by: John McMurtie)
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THE ALAN PARSONS SYMPHONIC PROJECT - “Sirius” Video Streaming From Live In Columbia Release

43 years after his contribution to one of the most successful records of all time and 40 years after the release of The Alan Parsons Project’s debut album in 1976, Alan Parsons returns with all his greatest hits in a superb symphonic show.

On the evening of August 31st, 2013, a large crowd gathered at Parque Pies Descalzos in Medellín, Colombia. When Alan Parsons appeared on stage, along with the Medellín Philharmonic Orchestra and his band the audience went wild. This is an audio visual document of that incredible evening.

The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project - Live In Colombia was released on May 27th on earMUSIC as a DVD, Blu-ray, 2-CD digipak, 3xVinyl, and download. Watch “Sirius” from the release below:

Alan Parsons was 19 years old when he landed a job at the world famous Abbey Road Studios, an important first step on his journey to becoming a world class engineer, producer and artist. Following his beginnings with George Martin and The Beatles, his contribution to Pink Floyd’s classic The Dark Side Of The Moon earned him worldwide attention. As a producer he had many hits with Pilot, John Miles, Ambrosia and Al Stewart. Together with his manager and creative partner at the time, Eric Woolfson, he developed the Alan Parsons Project.

Following their debut album Tales Of Mystery And Imagination (1976), they released a series of hit albums; namely I Robot (1977), Pyramid (1978), The Turn Of A Friendly Card (1980), Eye In The Sky (1982), Ammonia Avenue (1984), Vulture Culture (1985), Stereotomy (1986) and Gaudi (1987).

Then Parsons and Woolfson called it a day, but Parsons had ambitions to perform the amazing music live. Now to the great delight of his fans, for the first time on a live video and audio recording, The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project combines the talents of his amazing band with the lush sound of a 70-piece symphony orchestra, creating a very special show with unmatched quality. Together, they revitalize hits such as “Eye In The Sky“, “Don’t Answer Me“ and “Sirius“.

The lineup consists of Alan Parsons on acoustic guitar, keys, and vocals, P.J. Olsson (lead vocals), Alastair Greene (guitar, vocals), Guy Erez (bass, vocals), Danny Thompson (drums, vocals), Tom Brooks (keyboards, vocals) und Todd Cooper (saxophone, guitar, percussion, vocals). Alejandro Posada conducts the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra.


“I Robot”
“Damned If I Do”
“Don’t Answer Me”
“The Raven”
“I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You”
“La Sagrada Familia”
“The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part One)”
“Snake Eyes”
“The Ace Of Swords”
“Nothing Left To Lose”
“The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part Two)”
“What Goes Up”
“Silence And I”
“Prime Time”
“Eye In The Sky”
“Old And Wise”
“Games People Play”


“Don’t Answer Me”:

“Eye In The Sky”:




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HEADLESS CROWN - Time For Revolution Full Album Stream Available

Swiss heavy metal band, Headless Crown, are offering a full stream of their debut album, Time For Revolution, out now via Massacre Records.

Time For Revolution offers a nice blend of classic heavy metal in the vein of Accept, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Judas Priest. It’s full of powerful music and melodic vocals, but with modern flavors and an up-to-date sound. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Serge Morattel at REC Studio and comes with an artwork designed by the band's guitarist Manu Froelicher.


“The World Screams”
“Here Comes The Night”
“Edge Of Sanity”
“Reach Out For The Light”
“Searching For My Soul”
“Lonely Eagle”
“Be Seeing You”
“Evil Rising”
“Men Or Machines”

Album stream:

“Here Comes The Night” video:

“Edge Of Sanity” video:
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PERIPHERY: New Song 'Flatline' Available For Streaming

Washington D.C.-based prog innovators PERIPHERY will release their new album, "Periphery III: Select Difficulty", on July 22 via Sumerian Records.

A song from the CD, "Flatline", can be streamed below. "Periphery III: Select Difficulty" track listing:

01. The Price is Wrong02. Motormouth03. Marigold04. The Way The News Goes05. Remain Indoors06. Habitual Line-Stepper07. Flatline08. Absolomb09. Catch Fire10. Prayer Position11. Lune

PERIPHERY's own Adam "Nolly" Getgood oversaw production for the album as he did with the "Juggernaut" releases. Nolly will no longer be a touring member of PERIPHERY, as he will be expanding his production work in his native U.K. He remains an integral part, and a member, of PERIPHERY. At this time, no decision has been made about a touring bassist.

"Touring with PERIPHERY has shown me some of the most incredible experiences I could ever have imagined, to meet amazing people all over the world and to create friendships for life; it has truly been an honour to perform in front of every audience who has watched us play over the years," he said. "However the touring life isn't something that everyone can continue doing indefinitely, and for me, the time has come where I want to settle into a more normal existence, be able to make plans further into the future than the touring life enables, and to be able to focus more on the studio side of my music career. I will, however, be remaining as a band member and contributing in any way that I can while the band is off the road; I love all of my fellow bandmates like brothers and I'm so grateful for the incredible support they've shown as I make this huge life change. I know they are going to be taking the music and performances to the next level when they hit the road later this year."

PERIPHERY's U.S. tour, dubbed the "Sonic Unrest" tour, launches on August 4. The month-long outing, sponsored by D'Addario and Guitar Center, includes openers SIKTH, CHON and TOOTHGRINDER.

PERIPHERY will host a four-day, immersive summer camp dubbed the Periphery Summer Jam on July 25-29 at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York.


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Nuclear Blast has announced the signing of MEMORIAM, the new Birmingham, United Kingdom-based death/grind metal band featuring Karl Willets (BOLT THROWER) on vocals, Frank Healy (BENEDICTION, CEREBRAL FIX) on bass, Scott Fairfax (CEREBRAL FIX) on guitar and Andy Whale (BOLT THROWER) on drums.

Founded in January 2016, the group will release its debut album next year.

MEMORIAM was primarily developed to fill the void that was left following the tragic death of Martin "Kiddie" Kearns, the drummer from BOLT THROWER, back in September 2015. BOLT THROWER subsequently placed all activity on hold for the foreseeable future which gave Karl Willetts an opportunity to develop a new project with friends that had expressed interest in forming a band for some time.

MEMORIAM is an old-school death metal band, maintaining the standards set by their previous bands, focusing on the themes of death, loss and war. Initially, the bandmembers got together to play covers of songs that had influenced them throughout their careers within the death metal scene. However, it soon became apparent that the new songs that they created were of a superior standard.

The band commented: "The war rages on...

"It is with great pleasure that MEMORIAM announces that we have signed a recording contract with Nuclear Blast Records.

"Throughout our long careers 30 years, to be precise within the music industry and specifically within the death metal scene we have witnessed the growth of Nuclear Blast Records to become the number one record company within our genre.

"When we started MEMORIAM back in January 2016 we intended just to form a band to go into the rehearsal rooms to jam out some cover versions of old classic songs that had influenced us in the past along with some cover versions from the bands we had played with over the years, and maybe eventually do a few low key gigs.

"With the introduction of Scott Fairfax into the lineup, all this changed. Scott has brought with him a wealth of killer riffs and new ideas which has totally changed things around from our original intentions. Very soon we decided to scrap the idea of being a covers band and to formulate our own songs, using these riffs and ideas that Scott introduced to us, and from this we developed a whole load of new crushing, brutal old-school death metal songs which we are very proud of and cant wait to unleash upon the world!

"When we started developing the songs, we talked about the possibility of signing to a label and releasing an album. At that point, we all decided that if Nuclear Blast approached us, we would sign to them. This is because amongst all the labels out there, none have a better relationship with the bands on their roster, none communicate better with both the bands and the fans of the music. None care as much about the music and the scene as Nuclear Blast Records.

"Nuclear Blast currently boasts the best artist roster of all the labels within the death metal genre. We are proud and honoured amongst this list!

"2016 is the year of MEMORIAM.

"Let the resistance begin..."

Markus Staiger, CEO of Nuclear Blast, adds: "Being a lifetime fan of both BENEDICTION and BOLT THROWER, it is with great pride that I announce that the new band of Frank Healy and Karl Willets has now joined the Nuclear Blast family!

"Following the first news regarding the band, I have been keeping a close eye on them and was very curious to hear their material.

"Besides me, a lot of metal magazines have been in touch with the band even before they had heard a single note of music, while the band has also received many invitations to play several summer festivals.

"After hearing their first demo songs I was completely sold and knew that I had to get in contact with Frank and Karl to seal the deal.

"MEMORIAM will please all the fans of old school death metal and especially the worldwide fan base of BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION!

"With bands like MEMORIAM, Nuclear Blast remains the no # 1 in extreme metal!!"
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BE'LAKOR Release Official Lyric Video For “The Smoke Of Many Fires”; Vessels Album Out Today

Australian melodic/progressive death metal act, Be’lakor, have released a lyric video for the new song “The Smoke Of Many Fires”, from their fourth full length album, Vessels, out today (June 24th) via Napalm Records. Watch the new clip below.

Be’lakor states: "Vessels is the product of well over a year's hard work - without doubt, it's the album that has challenged us the most. It's much richer and more textured than any of our other albums. There are parts which sound like the Be'lakor that fans know, while other sections might surprise some people. Our goal was to keep the music exciting and varied, for us as much as for anyone else. Vessels is also our first concept album, which has meant that lyrically we've really pushed ourselves this time around. We hope our fans will enjoy it as much as we do!"

Vessels tracklisting:

“An Ember’s Arc”
“Withering Strands”
“Roots to Sever”
“A Thread Dissolves”
“Grasping Light”
“The Smoke Of Many Fires”

“The Smoke Of Many Fires” lyric video:

“Roots To Sever”:

“An Ember’s Arc”:


Be’lakor is:

George Kosmas - Guitar / Vocals
Shaun Sykes - Lead Guitar
John Richardson - Bass
Steve Merry - Piano / Keyboard
Elliott Sansom – Drums


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SKY OF FOREVER Featuring STRATOVARIUS, TRACEDAWN Members Premier “Summer Rain” Music Video

Sky Of Forever is a Helsinki-based melodic hard rock group featuring musicians from Stratovarius and Tracedawn. Their music is influenced by 1980s hard rock and the masters of film music. The group is led by singer and songwriter Lauri Hannola.

In SOFs music one may hear echoes from bands like Bon Jovi, Europe and HIM, but also from composers such as James Horner and Klaus Badelt. One may also hear some modern pop elements in the production made by Tuomas Yli-Jaskari, who lately has been working also with the newest album of The Rasmus.

Sky Of Forevers music consists of beautiful melodies, great choruses and magical atmosphere with pop frosting on top. Sometimes, just when you think youve heard it all, SOF may take you to great heights with high notes by Lauri Hannola, guitar solos by Roni Seppänen and orchestrations made by conductor Risto Kupiainen. Still, the foundation lies in the great songs.

All of the songs are composed by singer Lauri Hannola, who is also responsible for the song arrangements along with guitarist Roni Seppänen. The album Sky Of Forever will be released worldwide on October 14th.

Check out the new video for "Summer Rain" below:

Sky Of Forever lineup:

Lauri Hannola - vocals
Roni Seppänen - guitars
Rolf Pilve - drums
Tuomas Yli-Jaskari - bass & production
Risto Kupiainen - piano & orchestration


(Photo: Lassi Karhulahti)
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GUNS N' ROSES Kicks Off 'Not In This Lifetime' Tour In Detroit; Video, Photos

GUNS N' ROSES kicked off its "Not In This Lifetime" tour Thursday night (June 23) at Detroit, Michigan's Ford Field. 41,000 fans packed the stadium to watch the band play a two-hour-and-35-minute show that started just before 9:45 p.m.

Singer Axl Rose reportedly sported six different T-shirts, a leather jacket, five hats and a couple of bandanas during the night, which saw him leaning on guitarist Slash's shoulder during Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door".

For the Detroit gig, Rose was no longer confined to the chair he had been seated on ever since breaking his foot during a surprise GUNS club show in April 1 in Los Angeles.

The tour features three members of the classic GN'R lineup Rose, bassist Duff McKagan and Slash backed by drummer Frank Ferrer, guitarist Richard Fortus, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and new second keyboardist Melissa Reese.

The band's setlist was as follows:

01. It's So Easy02. Mr. Brownstone03. Chinese Democracy04. Welcome To The Jungle05. Double Talkin' Jive06. Estranged07. Live And Let Die08. Rocket Queen09. You Could Be Mine10. Raw Power (Iggy and THE STOOGES cover)11. This I Love12. Civil War13. Coma14. Speak Softly Love (love theme from "The Godfather")15. Sweet Child O' Mine16. Better17. Out Ta Get Me18. Wish You Were Here19. November Rain20. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (BOB DYLAN cover)21. Nightrain


22. Don't Cry23. The Seeker (THE WHO cover)24. Paradise City

Check out fan-filmed video footage and photos below.

Footage was released on June 18 of former GUNS drummer Steven Adler practicing "Paradise City", leading to speculation that he would at least make a guest appearance on the band's reunion tour.

According to some reports, Adler was actually going to perform with GUNS N' ROSES on April 1, but was unable to play due to a back injury.

GUNS N' ROSES played its first show since reuniting at Hollywood's Troubadour nightclub, where the band began its career more than 30 years ago. The group also played two shows at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas before doing two stints at Coachella and two Mexico City gigs.

Rose just finished a stint as lead vocalist for AC/DC on that band's European festival run, and is slated to play at least ten North American shows with that group right after GUNS complete their stadium run.


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WHITECHAPEL: 'Elitist Ones' Video Premiere

"Mark Of The Blade", the sixth full-length album from Knoxville, Tennessee death metallers WHITECHAPEL, is being released today (Friday, June 24) via Metal Blade Records. According to a press release, the new record "remains true to the band's roots while venturing into previously unexplored territory, both sonically and lyrically."

The official video for the song "Elitist Ones" can be seen below. The clip was directed and produced by Jim Foster, who states: "As fans of WHITECHAPEL, my entire team and I were stoked when Mike Faley (Metal Blade Records) asked me to write a treatment and direct for the band. As a director, my job is always easier when the band is rippin'...and holy shit are these guys RIPPIN'!"

Reunited with producer Mark Lewis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CANNIBAL CORPSE), WHITECHAPEL has redefined who they are and what they are capable of with "Mark Of The Blade". Kicking off with "The Void" which has a SLAYER-esque ferocity that is perfectly suited to the band's three-guitar attack the songs that follow all leave a distinct impression, and by the time the rich, dark melodies on "Decennium" bring the record to a close, it's impossible to deny the emotional weight brought to bear. "It's the most dynamic record we've done, in the sense that one song can be very aggressive while the next one will be softer and sentimental," Wade asserts. "At this point in our career and as we grow older, we are taking a more open-minded approach to creating our music, allowing what we think sounds good to evolve naturally, rather than to just write what is expected of us."

"Mark Of The Blade" track listing:

01. The Void02. Mark of the Blade03. Elitist Ones04. Bring Me Home05. Tremors06. A Killing Industry07. Tormented08. Brotherhood09. Dwell in the Shadows10. Venomous11. Decennium

WHITECHAPEL will join ATREYU, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, EVERY TIME I DIE, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, and many more on this year's Vans Warped Tour.
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MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Signs With ROADRUNNER, Unveils New Song '570'

Roadrunner Records has announced the signing of MOTIONLESS IN WHITE. The Scranton, Pennsylvania-based band has just released its label debut single, "570", via all DSPs. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE commented: "We are very honored to finally announce that we have signed with Roadrunner Records.

"Over the past few months, we've had the privilege of getting to know the hard-working team that makes up Roadrunner and felt a connection with their company immediately. It has been a dream of MOTIONLESS IN WHITE for years to someday sign with their label, and we are elated to find that it is a perfect home for the band to continue building our career.

"We are very excited to start this new chapter and to keep working hard every day with Roadrunner by our side.

"Thank you to Roadrunner Records for opening your home to us, and thank you to all of the fans that have supported our band tirelessly over the years. Your support and contributions have helped lead to all of these amazing developments taking place for our band. We're looking forward to many more years of this with all of you. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE is hard at work on its long awaited fourth studio album and full-length Roadrunner debut, slated for 2017. "570" marks the band's first new release since 2014's "Reincarnate", which debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart as well as at #9 on The Billboard 200. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE's third studio album was highlighted by the blockbuster title track, a top 20 Active Rock radio favorite accompanied by a striking companion video now boasting close to 10 million individual views. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE will celebrate "570" with nearly non-stop touring, kicking off with this year's Vans Warped Tour. The dates which see the band topping the new Monster Energy Party Zone begin June 24th at Dallas, Texas's Gexa Energy Pavilion and then continue through mid-August. From there, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE will join forces with KORN and BREAKING BENJAMIN on the eagerly awaited "Nocturnal Underground Tour". The trek also featuring SILVER SNAKES gets underway September 27 at Cedar Rapids, Iowa's US Cellular Center and then runs through mid-October. As if that weren't enough, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE will be among the stars performing at a number of upcoming heavy music festivals, including Chester, Pennsylvania's Rock Allegiance (September 17), Louisville, Kentucky's Louder Than Life (October 1), and Sacramento, California's Aftershock (October 22). Founded in 2005, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE have won over audiences worldwide with their aggressive music and arresting imagery. The band currently comprising lead singer Chris Motionless, guitarists Ryan Sitkowski and Ricky Horror, keyboardist Josh Balz, bassist Devin "Ghost" Sola, and drummer Vinny Mauro have proven a ferocious and inventive live act, earning an increasingly fervent fan following via countless headline shows, festival sets, and tours alongside such iconic acts as SLIPKNOT, LAMB OF GOD and A DAY TO REMEMBER, among others.


|||| 24 2016

SOILWORK: Lyric Video For New Song 'Helsinki'

Swedish metallers SOILWORK will release a special collection of rarities titled "Death Resonance" on August 19 via Nuclear Blast. The cover art was created by MNEMIC guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (VOLBEAT, CARCASS, SCAR SYMMETRY, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) and can be seen below.

SOILWORK has released one of the two brand new songs that are featured on "Death Resonance". The lyric video for "Helsinki", created by well-known videographer Tommy Antonini, can be seen below.

Commented SOILWORK guitarist David Andersson: "Death. It's a word that might be used too often, but it can still be interpreted in a myriad different ways. It's not just the soma being deprived of its life-force; it's also the end of infinity, the birth of new possibilities and the acceptance of inevitable change. This song was written soon after the recording of our live album in Finland, making new friends and making sure that the old ones stay with us forever, despite the fact that everything is finite."

SOILWORK singer Björn 'Speed' Strid said: "The cover for 'Death Resonance' is made by Mircea Eftemie and in many ways he has managed to capture what we went through while recording 'The Ride Majestic': the sorrow, the close encounter with death, the aftermath and also the existential cogitation that came with it. It links those albums together, even though 'Death Resonance' contains unreleased material from 2005 onwards. The cover almost seems like a link between life and death and not only captures where the band is right now, but also where we've been and what lies ahead."

"Death Resonance" track listing:

01. Helsinki (new song)02. Death Resonance (new song)03. The End Begins Below The Surface ("The Ride Majestic" Japan bonus track)04. My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool ("Beyond The Inifite" Japan-only EP)05. These Absent Eyes ("Beyond The Inifite" Japan-only EP)06. Resisting The Current ("Beyond The Inifite" Japan-only EP)07. When Sound Collides ("Beyond The Inifite" Japan-only EP)08. Forever Lost In Vain ("Beyond The Inifite" Japan-only EP)09. Sweet Demise ("The Panic Broadcast" Japan bonus track)10. Sadistic Lullabye (re-recorded, "The Panic Broadcast" Japan bonus track)11. Overclocked (2016 mix, "Sworn A Great Divide" Japan bonus track)12. Martyr (2016 mix, "Sworn A Great Divide" Japan bonus track)13. Sovereign (2016 mix, "Sworn A Great Divide" Japan bonus track)14. Wherever Thorns May Grow (2016 mix, "Stabbing The Drama" Japan bonus track)15. Killed By Ignition (2016 mix, "Stabbing The Drama" Japan bonus track)

SOILWORK's tenth studio album, "The Ride Majestic", was released worldwide on August 28, 2015 via Nuclear Blast.

The band's drummer, Dirk Verbeuren, is currently touring with MEGADETH while Chris Adler is busy on the road with LAMB OF GOD.

While Verbeuren is playing with MEGADETH, his seat in SOILWORK is being occupied by Bastian Thusgaard of THE ARCANE ORDER.

Joining SOILWORK on tour in support of "The Ride Majestic" is new bassist Markus Wibom, formerly of Helsingborg hardcore group HEARTS ALIVE. Wibom replaced longtime bandmember Ola Flink, who amicably left the group to focus on other endeavors. Wibom had been a personal friend of the band for many years and previously toured with SOILWORK as a guitar tech and lighting designer.


|||| 24 2016

NABERUS Signs With Eclipse Records, Prepare New Album For Fall Release

Eclipse Recordshas announced the signing of Naberus to an exclusive, worldwide deal. Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Naberus are a four piece metal band heavily influenced by melodic death, and thrash metal.

Check out the lyric video for "Drones", taken from the upcoming album The Lost Reveries.

In early 2015, the band pressed a very limited quantity of their self-released album Reveries, sent them to dozens of record labels all over the world, and got the attention of Chris Poland at Eclipse Records. Upon hearing the band, Naberus was quickly signed to the label. Shortly thereafter, the band began writing new material, and re-entered the studio with producer Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery, Elm Street, Orpheus) to record new material.

Bassist Jordy Mitchell said of the signing, I'm very excited to be signed by Eclipse Records, as I am a massive Mushroomhead fan, so to be given the opportunity to start where they did is pretty amazing. Vocalist James Ash added, I am stoked to be signing with Eclipse, and I look forward to the opportunity of introducing Naberus to a larger audience.

Naberus recently finished mixing and mastering a new full-length album entitled The Lost Reveries. The album consists of five brand new songs, in addition to re-mastered versions of the nine songs from their previous independent release.The Lost Reveries is currently slated for a Fall 2016 release.

For more information on Naberus, visit the band on Facebook.
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Ex-JUDAS PRIEST Singer TIM 'RIPPER' OWENS Denied Entry To U.K.; WILDFIRE Festival Appearance Canceled

Former JUDAS PRIEST and ICED EARTH frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens was forced to cancel his scheduled appearance at Scotland's only rock and metal festival after being denied entry to the United Kingdom earlier today (Thursday, June 23).

Owens's June 24 appearance at Wildfire was being billed as "an exclusive one-off U.K." gig where he was supposed "perform tracks from the JUDAS PRIEST 'Live In London' album" as well as select cuts from both "Demolition" and "Jugulator", the two studio albums he recorded with the band.

The festival organizers said in a statement: "It is with massive regret that we have to announce that Tim Owens will no longer be able to play tomorrow night's show.

"We arrived at Glasgow Airport this morning as Tim took time out from his tour of the Ukraine to play for us at Wildfire. Unfortunately, U.K. border patrol will not let him into the U.K. at this point in time and although we are trying everything we are able, we have little say in changing the minds of such a powerful U.K. agency.

"Both Tim and Wildfire would like to offer our sincere apologies at this time."

Asked in a recent interview about being accused by some JUDAS PRIEST fans of changing the band's sound to a more brutal, modern direction on "Jugulator", Owens said: "Listen, if it's my fault that JUDAS PRIEST changed, then whose fault is it.? Every record JUDAS PRIEST puts out is different. I mean, 'Nostradamus' sounds nothing like JUDAS PRIEST ever wrote, ever. 'Turbo' sounded nothing like JUDAS PRIEST. You know, JUDAS PRIEST changes. They wrote 'Painkiller', and 'Jugulator' was a transition; it was kind of following what was going on."

He continued: "You've gotta remember, JUDAS PRIEST always went with the times a little bit. Glenn [Tipton, guitar] started playing arpeggios. PANTERA was really big [at the time]. [On the] 'Painkiller' [tour], they toured with PANTERA; PANTERA opened for JUDAS PRIEST. 'Painkiller' was a heavy record, and this was a natural progression. The difference is I probably had a few more different layers to my voice that they could tap into some deeper, death metal kind of undertones to do backups and some different types of voices that they might be able to try. But it was JUDAS PRIEST."

Owens added: "You've gotta remember: I'm a big fan of JUDAS PRIEST still am and always was so me listening to 'Jugulator' and 'Demolition', as a fan, I would be, 'This is great. This is great JUDAS PRIEST stuff.' And as JUDAS PRIEST continued without me, as a fan, I would really look back on the 'Jugulator' record and [go], 'Man, that was some great stuff.' It was JUDAS PRIEST, you know. I mean, not everybody liked 'Turbo'. Some fans did; some didn't. I love JUDAS PRIEST, because they change."


|||| 24 2016

Former SPIRITUAL BEGGARS Vocalist Returns With New Band MY REGIME

Swedish singer / songwriter Spice (Spiritual Beggars, Kayser) returns with a new band named My Regime,and a new album titled Dogmas - scheduled foran August 26th releaseonScarlet Records.

Dogmasis Spices most aggressive album to date, a furious thrash metal attack that brings to the table some of the fastest and sharpest riffs ever conceived, with an old school feel and plenty of attitude. Here is how Spice himself commented:This band is my ventilation to get rid of some unhealthy anger. Both in a musical way, but also in a mental way. I feel I need it to keep me sane in a politically correct and insane society. Especially living in a country that is selling out all the progress what past generation has achieved. I feel the need to ventilate the madness of certain ideologies that are taking us in the wrong direction. I cant think of a better way than to express it through some good old thrash songs. Im talking about thrash the way it was in the beginning. Fast, angry and raw.

Christian "Spice" Sjöstrand was a member of Spiritual Beggars, alongside guitarist Michael Amott (Carcass, Arch Enemy) from 1993 2001. Spice sang and played bass on the first four Spiritual Beggars albums: Spiritual Beggars (1994), Another Way To Shine (1996), Mantra III (1998), and Ad Astra (2000).
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MEAT LOAF Readying September Release Of New Album Braver Than We Are

Grammy Award-winning musician and acclaimed film, TV and stage actor Meat Loaf is readying the release of his new album Braver Than We Are for 429 Records. Working closely again with longtime collaborator Jim Steinmana key to the magic of multi-platinum selling albums Bat Out Of Hell and Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into HellMeat has recorded ten songs in tandem with Steinman, producer Paul Crook and The Neverland Express, which includes John Miceli (drums), Paul Crook (guitars, loops, synths), Randy Flowers (guitars, vocals), David Luther (sax, B3 organ, strings, horn arrangements), Justin Avery (piano, synths, strings, backing vocal arrangements), Danny Miranda (bass), Stacy Michelle (vocals) and Cian Coey (vocals). Guest musician Ricky Medlocke provided the slide guitar solo on Train Of Love.

The tracks on Braver Than We Are were written by Steinman, featuring the first song he ever wrote in a storied career to the most recent. While Crook produced the album, Steinman acted as creative consultant throughout the recording process working alongside Paul and Meat from beginning to end, sending suggestions, adding verses and contributing opinions on every aspect. The first single to radio, Going All The Way, showcases a reunion with vocalists Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito decades after their first performances on the smash hit Paradise By The Dashboard Light. 429 Records will release Braver Than We Are digitally, on CD and vinyl in Europe on September 9th and the US and rest of the world on September 16th.

Braver Than We Are tracklisting:

"Who Needs The Young"
"Going All The Way"
"Speaking In Tongues"
"Loving You Is A Dirty Job"
"Only When I Feel"
"Skull Of Your Country"
"Train Of Love"

In a career spanning over four decades, Braver Than We Are is Meat Loafs fourth album featuring songs exclusively written by Jim Steinman. With a painting featuring Meat and Jim together for the first time gracing the cover, the album hearkens back to the hugely successful Meat-Steinman collaborations Bat Out Of Hell (1977) and Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell (1993), which together sold over 67 million units. Braver Than We Are is a testament to Meats artistic rapport with Steinman. The songwriters strikingly vivid style matched with Meats incomparable talents not to mention his wit and grandiosity, results in the two successfully connecting with audiences on an epic scale.

Its a tribute to Jim Steinman really, said Meat Loaf. Its a tribute to both of us and our work together.
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