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[= ||| 16 2017

EMPEROR - Official Vinyl Boxes Unveiled

As previously reported, Emperor’s legendary catalog has been reissued on CD and vinyl by Candlelight Records including: In The Nightside Eclipse, Emperial Live Ceremony, IX Equilibrium, Live At Wacken Open Air 20006/Live Inferno, and Prometheus – The Discipline Of Fire & Demise.

Manager Håkon Grav of Photograve Management has unveiled the official boxes (designed by Grav and Travis Smith) that the vinyl can be stored in.

“The boxes were designed as top-load to keep the records easy-access with such a heavy item,” Grav describes. “You pull the top off, and the LP spines are facing up.

The inner box has a V-notch carved into either side for easy-access in removing records from the box.

Each box contains two glued-together pieces of interlocked 1,5mm heavy board. That means all of the sides are protected by 6mm (1/4 of an inch) of heavy board stock with a small buffer of air between the inner and outer box.

The top and bottom were later fortified with removable pieces of hard-mounted foam for extra cushion along the spines.

The boxes are wrapped in the highest quality anti-scratch matte lamination coating, printed once with a full flood black then dried then printed again one-by-one with a silver-only print. This was done in order to achieve silver shading, as the artwork is not a full-flood 100% print and exists in various percentages of silver.

The outer box front-print is by Gustave Doré, as well as the four sides of the inner box. The art from the inner box came from files obtained from Stephen O'Malley - founding member of Sunn O))) and the main visual artist for Emperor during their heyday. I had access to his reference files from when he built the artwork for Anthems and IX Equilibrium, and these were (mostly) rejected art pieces from that period.

It was an expensive, laborious, and experimental (for us) process to achieve the correct user-friendly, easy-access, well-fortified structure with correctly laid out and displayed printing. It took more than a few tries.

The box build, style, and specifications were created specifically for this project. A collaboration between myself, Seempieces | Illustration & Design by Travis Smith, and the plant.”

1999’s IX Equilibrium is available on brown vinyl and CD:

2000 live album Emperial Live Ceremony is house in white vinyl and CD:

2001 album Prometheus – The Discipline Of Fire & Demise in on gray vinyl and CD:

Live At Wacken Open Air 2006 and Live Inferno are available on blue vinyl and transparent orange vinyl respectively:


|||| 16 2017

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL’s Documentary On Bataclan Terror Attack; First Trailer

The Eagles Of Death Metal documentary, Eagles Of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends), that chronicles the events before and after the tragic November 13th terrorist attacks at the Bataclan in Paris will debut on HBO in February. Directed by Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks’ son) and produced by Live Nation Productions and Company Name, the documentary will look at Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme’s relationship with each other, as well as with their fans. It also features the band’s return to Paris earlier this year when they performed with U2.

“Everyone’s face was looking at me,” Hughes remembers battling tears. “I saw fear take a hold of everyone in that theater.”

Check out the first trailer from the film below:




|||| 16 2017

WOLF HOFFMANN On New ACCEPT Material: 'We Just Want It To Sound Like It Could Have Been Written Thirty Years Ago'

Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann of German/American metallers ACCEPT spoke to Metalholic about the band's upcoming follow-up to 2014's "Blind Rage" album, which will be released this summer via Nuclear Blast. Regarding the progress of the recording sessions for the new disc, Wolf said (hear audio below): "I think it's gonna sound awesome. We have [producer] Andy Sneap on board again. We've done about twelve or thirteen rough ideas. Some of 'em are actually pretty complete already. And it's now time to go to the next phase. I need to work out my guitar parts. Mark [Tornillo] has done a bunch of vocals already. So we're making progress. But, of course, it's still a long ways to go. But I think it's gonna be quite good, man; I'm having a good feeling about it. But, like I said, I'm not very objective at this point."

Wolf also talked about how the 2015 addition of guitarist Uwe Luis and drummer Christopher Williams has affected the sound of the new ACCEPT album. "Well, Christopher's drumming already has impacted the new record," he said. "He's awesome! He's a really talented drummer, and he's laid down some killer drum tracks. I'm very happy about that. That alone will make the album pop out quite a bit. So you're gonna hear him on this album, definitely. But, you know, it's not gonna change ever dramatically, because as long as Peter [Baltes, bass] and I sort of write the songs in the way that we do, it's always gonna sound very much like ACCEPT, and it's what we're going for. We don't really ever want any changes. 'Cause we're going for that consistent vibe in our songs. And the best compliment we sometimes give each other is when we finish a song and we say, 'Man, that sounds like 1982 all over again.' 'Cause we don't want it to sound any different at this point. We just want it to sound like it could have been written thirty years ago only with a modern twist and a modern production and maybe better than ever, but the general vibe shouldn't be any different. We don't really wanna change at this point."

ACCEPT will release a new live set titled "Restless And Live" on January 13 via Nuclear Blast. This package will include the entire show ACCEPT played at 2015's Bang Your Head!!! festival in Balingen, Germany on Blu-ray/DVD plus two CDs.


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[= ||| 16 2017

GRAHAM BONNET Regrets Leaving RAINBOW: 'I Was A Bit Too Cocky'

MetalTalk's Mark Taylor recently conducted an interview with legendary hard rock vocalist Graham Bonnet (RAINBOW, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, ALCATRAZZ, IMPELLITTERI). You can now watch the chat below.

Asked if it's true that he recorded his vocals on the classic RAINBOW song "I Surrender" before quitting the band in 1980, Bonnet said: "I started to record it, yeah. I did some backing vocals and quit after the backing vocals were done, because we had nothing else. And I looked at Roger Glover [RAINBOW bassist and producer], and I said, 'What else are you gonna do? I've done backing vocals. What else have you got?' 'We have nothing.' So I went back to L.A. And then they called me up a little bit later to say, 'We've got some more songs now.' I said, 'What's the point of me coming back now?' I said, 'I've decided to do something different.' [And they said] 'Well, look, if we get another singer in to do some of the songs you don't wanna do, we'll get somebody else to do those and you do what you wanna do, the songs you like.' And I said, 'No. That won't work two singers.' So I just quit, believe it or not. What an idiot I'm kicking myself now, because I should have stayed a bit longer. And I apologized for that to the band."

Pressed on whether he regrets leaving RAINBOW, Bonnet said: "Yeah, absolutely. 'Cause I was probably a bit too My ego was taking me somewhere else. I was a bit too cocky. But in the end, it worked out okay."

In 1979, Bonnet auditioned for the frontman position in RAINBOW. With his James Dean image, the choice of Bonnet to replace Ronnie James Dio was subject to some questions. However, once the band heard Bonnet sing, they knew they had their man. With Bonnet at the mic, they recorded the "Down To Earth" LP, which became one of RAINBOW's most successful releases.

Graham moved on from RAINBOW in the early '80s to work on his solo career. He also played with MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, recorded several albums with ALCATRAZZ and had a short stint with IMPELLITTERI.

GRAHAM BONNET BAND's debut album, "The Book", was released on November 4 via Frontiers Music Srl.


|||| 16 2017

KREATOR Frontman On Threat Of Terrorism: 'We Should Not Be Afraid Of Anyone'

France's Duke TV recently conducted an interview with vocalist/guitarist Mille Petrozza of German thrash metal veterans KREATOR. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On the topic of terrorism as it relates to KREATOR's new album, "Gods Of Violence":

Mille: "The way terrorism works nowadays, as we saw in the [case of the] Bataclan [terror attack in 2015], it's random. It got to every It got into the subcultural world, where it shouldn't be, because these people are not even terrorists, in my opinion; those people are just crazy. So you never know what's gonna happen next, but I think we should not be afraid of anyone neither of terrorists, nor of what's gonna happen in the world of politics. We should enjoy life while we have it. And that's the message, if there is any, of the album."

On managing to stay relevant after making albums for more than thirty years:

Mille: "It's very hard, when you have thirteen albums that you have recorded in your past, to stay relevant. I think you always have to question yourself. You always have to ask yourself, is it really necessary to release another album, or did I say everything that has to be said, or had to be said? And when I wrote those songs for 'Gods Of Violence', I asked myself this question, of course. And sometimes I feel very insecure. When I start writing the riffs, I'm, like, 'Maybe I've done this before,' or, 'Maybe this is not good enough,' or, 'Maybe this is not strong enough,' but in the process you become more self-conscious."

"Gods Of Violence" will be released on January 27 via Nuclear Blast Records. The cover artwork for the disc was created by renowned artist Jan Meininghaus, who also made the limited-edition artwork for KREATOR's last album, 2012's "Phantom Antichrist", and has lent his talents to bands like BOLT THROWER, ACCEPT and OVERKILL in the past.

The exclusive North American cover was created by renowned artist Marcelo Vasco, who has previously worked with SLAYER, MACHINE HEAD, SOULFLY and HATEBREED.

"Gods Of Violence" was once again recorded at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden with producer Jens Bogren, who has previously worked with OPETH, AMON AMARTH, KATATONIA and SEPULTURA, among others.

North American cover (by Marcelo Vasco):

International cover (by Jan Meininghaus):


|||| 16 2017

JOEY JORDISON Still Doesn't Know Why He Was Fired From SLIPKNOT

Ex-SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison says that only one member of his former band visited him in the hospital while he was battling a rare disease of the nervous system which left him unable to play the drums properly.

Jordison and the members of SLIPKNOT had been silent and evasive about the reasons for his dismissal from the band in December 2013, but Jordison finally spoke about it last year while accepting an award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in London, England. He revealed that he had been struggling with the career-threatening neurological condition acute transverse myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord which damages nerve fibers, which ultimately led to Jordison losing the use of his legs.

In a brand new interview with Jay Nanda of to promote Jordison's new band VIMIC, the drummer talked about his health issues and described the circumstances that led to him being diagnosed with this spinal-cord disorder.

"Basically, what it was is after a tour, I was getting Actually, during the end of a SLIPKNOT tour, I was getting really ill, and I didn't know what it was," he explained. "My legs were starting to fail on me as I was playing, and it was scary, sitting up on stage with thousands and thousands of people right in front of me looking at me. And everyone thought I might be under the influence of something, and that was absolutely not the case whatsoever. And I'm sitting there and I'm trying to play my parts that come like second nature to me, that I have been doing for years and years and years with no problem. And it was freaking me out. And I was getting carried offstage, and all of a sudden I had to be carried onstage, all this stuff. My legs completely just dropped off pretty much the bottom of my body. And the scary thing was I had no clue what the condition is."

He continued: "So when I got back home after the tour I made it through the tour, and I had to go into the hospital. It took 'em a little while to diagnose exactly what it was, and when we found out, it was, like, 'Oh my God! It makes total sense.' It's a weird, weird condition. But what I did is I kept myself positive, and I kept my eye on the prize. And no matter what, I'm, like, drumming is my gift, music is a gift, life is a gift, and I'm not going to not walk again. And it was tough, man, to get back this point. And the people that I had around me that surrounded me, with, like, my lady and all the trainers, all the people in the gyms that I went to There was a ton of people the doctors and all that stuff that helped me get back, make me stronger than I've ever been. And I'm just more positive."

Jordison added: "That's the big thing about life it just makes you appreciate exactly what you have when you come back from something like this, when some people just don't; they just don't. It's a weird thing. It's a rare thing. And when you get it back, man, you appreciate life so much more. And that's why I called the [upcoming VIMIC] record 'Open Your Omen'. I came back from it, and you really pay attention to what life is all about. I'll leave it that."

Asked why the other members of SLIPKNOT weren't more forthcoming with the press about Jordison's health issues and why they didn't try to be more accommodating while Joey was in the throes of his illness, the drummer responded: "That's a really great question, and that's a hard question to answer, as I know that everything is publicized right now, so I've gotta really watch my words.

"The thing is, I got visited in the hospital by one member of the band when they all knew I was in there. When someone's in the hospital be it a family member or anyone that has something wrong with them if you love 'em, then you visit them. I didn't get visited by anyone. And next thing you know, I got exited from the band. And I don't know why. I don't understand what the deal was."

He continued: "There's been a bunch of rumors and stuff, like, you know, why it was, and it is absolutely untrue. I have all the documents and pictures and photo albums that [cover everything that happened] like an encyclopedia all the documents from being in there with this condition, to all my rehab, all the way to getting back with doctors, and getting back to what I'm doing. But, you know, it's okay. Life takes you down weird paths.

"I came back right after I got through with this, and I came back, and I did the festivals, and I killed it. I did great, and all that stuff."

Jordison added: "I didn't quit SLIPKNOT. I would never have quit SLIPKNOT, ever. I just want the fans to know that. It's important for everyone to know that. And I think people just move in different directions in life, and it's okay."

Joey last year claimed that he was fired from SLIPKNOT without a band meeting or "anything from management." He said: "All I got was a stupid fucking e-mail saying I was out of the band that I busted my ass my whole life to fucking create. That's exactly what happened and it was hurtful. I didn't deserve that shit after what I'd done and everything I'd been through.

"They got confused about my health issues and obviously even I didn't know what it was at first," he continued. "They thought I was fucked up on drugs, which I wasn't at all.

"I've been through so many things with those guys and I love them very much. What's hurtful is the way it went down was not fucking right. That's all I want to say. The way they did it was fucking cowardly. It was fucked up."

Despite the circumstances surrounding his dismissal from SLIPKNOT, Jordison praised the band's latest album, ".5: The Gray Chapter", which features his replacement, Jay Weinberg, as well as new bassist Alessandro Venturella. He said: "I listened to the whole record multiple times. And I think it's great. It's fucking cool and I'm glad they moved on."

SLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor has explained that the band has gotten very comfortable with its current rhythm section. "It was interesting at first, but it's just gotten better and better with every show to the point where, you know, we feel very comfortable with them now, and they bring like a different kind of energy out of us, you know," he said. "So we kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that it would never be the same, but it's different, and sometimes different is okay."

Jordison was a founding member of the band, one of its main songwriters and drummer for SLIPKNOT for 18 years.

VIMIC will release "Open Your Omen" later in the year. Joey is joined in thegroup by singer Kalen Chase Musmecci, who has toured with KORN as a backing vocalist and percussionist, and Joey's former SCAR THE MARTYR bandmates Jed Simon (guitar), Kyle Konkiel (bass) and Matthew Tarach (keyboards). VIMIC also features guitarist Steve Marshall.


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[= ||| 16 2017

METALLICA To Perform At This Year's GRAMMY AWARDS; Band Plans 'Something Very Unique And Special'

METALLICA will perform at the 59th annual Grammy Awards, set to take place on February 12 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The ceremony will be televised at 7 p.m. on CBS.

The band is up for a Grammy this year in the "Best Rock Song" category for the track "Hardwired", from METALLICA's latest album, "Hardwired To Self-Destruct", which came out last November.

Said METALLICA in a statement: "First, it was a total honor to be nominated, but now this?!!? We're beyond excited that we have been invited to perform on the 59th annual Grammy Awards telecast on Sunday, February 12, 2017.

"It's been three years since we were lucky enough to participate in the awards show when we last performed with world-renowned Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang and we're thrilled to be asked back.

"We have something very unique and special planned for this celebratory night, so tune in to watch on CBS-TV Check those local listings for your timezone and keep watching here for more information."

METALLICA's nomination for "Best Rock Song" was a surprise since the band is not included in the "Best Metal Performance" category. But as a member of the group that lost the inaugural metal Grammy to JETHRO TULL, METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett takes it with a grain of salt. "Y'know, we've had such a crazy relationship with the Grammys, so when the Grammys do something like this we kind of like throw our arms in the air 'Whatever. Whatever!'" Hammett told Billboard with a laugh. "But it's still an honor. It's still great to be recognized by the academy, and it's still fun to play the Grammys when we're asked. I think it's cool. I think it's funny we're in a different category, but we take it all in stride."

After METALLICA lost the 1989 "Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Recording" Grammy to JETHRO TULL, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), parent company of the Grammys, separated the two genres in 1990 by creating categories for "Best Hard Rock Performance" and "Best Metal Performance". METALLICA won the "Best Metal Performance" award the next year, for "One", and has earned nine so far.

When METALLICA's "Black" album won another "Best Metal Performance" Grammy in 1992, METALLICA's Lars Ulrich "thanked" JETHRO TULL for not releasing an album in that year.


|||| 15 2017

METALLICA: Pro-Shot Footage Of 'Halo On Fire' Live Debut

METALLICA performed the song "Halo On Fire" live for the first time during the band's concert on Wednesday, January 11 at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea. Check out professionally filmed video footage below.

"Halo On Fire" is taken from METALLICA's latest album, "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct", which came out in November.

METALLICA frontman James Hetfield told the band's fan-club magazine So What! about the track: "'Halo On Fire', there's a juxtaposition in all of us, good, evil, and when does that come out, when does it show itself? Some people portray themselves as real saints, [and] the more their darkness is, the more they have to portray themselves as saints. So you're basically getting away from the real 'you,' like you're making up for all of this [stuff] that you think is really bad. I think also… what was that one show? 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'? I never saw it, but I saw some highlights of it where it was like, 'Oh, this guy is well accomplished and look at this guy.' And then he's got this basement of torture and horror all for his pleasure, and people [were] falling for it and wanting it. And then at the end of the day, they both bleed. It's not good for anybody."

Hetfield recently talked about the evolution of his lyric-writing approach, explaining: "I want to mature, I want to be happier in life — I think everyone kinda does — [and] at some point I had to turn around and embrace that anger that has been with me since youth. What I get to do is use it as a tool; I get to use music as a voice... to get whatever's spinning in my head out."

METALLICA has shows booked in South Korea, China, Singapore, Denmark, Mexico and South America over the next three months, but has yet to unveil its full 2017 tour plans, including its first North American tour in eight years.

The band's sole North American date so far is May 21 at the Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio.

"Hardwired… To Self-Destruct" consists of two discs, containing a dozen songs and nearly 80 minutes of music.


|||| 15 2017

ASKING ALEXANDRIA's DANNY WORSNOP Releases Video For 'Don't Overdrink It' Solo Song

Danny Worsnop, the newly returned frontman for U.K. metalcore pioneers ASKING ALEXANDRIA, will release his debut solo album, "The Long Road Home", on February 17 via the U.K.-based independent label Earache Records. The effort marks a slight musical departure from his previous work with ASKING ALEXANDRIA, now forging a deeper and often darker path through the British-born, Nashville-based musician's mind and displaying a truly stunning singing voice only hinted at in his previous work.

The official video for the track "Don't Overdrink It", taken from "The Long Road Home", can be seen below.

Longtime fans will see a much more personal and reflective side of Danny's, with brutally honest lyrical themes ranging from loss and heartache to Danny's past (and often public) struggles with drugs and alcohol. Backed by authentic, blues-soaked outlaw country, the album is also interspersed with a few more upbeat tracks, showing that Danny's ability to craft catchy melodies which will have listeners singing along in no time is still very much alive and well.

Worsnop comments: "It has been an emotional roller-coaster creating these songs, but the end result has left me humbled, proud, and more excited about a project than I ever have been in my life.

"Writing as deep and personal as I have on this record brought up a lot inside me from my years, allowing me to grow and move on from demons I didn't even acknowledge having.

"I've done everything in my power to keep this album honest and pure, and it gives me chills every time I hear it. I'm beyond proud of what I've made and cannot wait to share it with the world. These songs are a reflection of my soul, and I hope you all enjoy them. See you on the other side!"

"The Long Road Home" is available to pre-order now on limited-edition signed CD and colored vinyl, along with a range of merch bundles.

"The Long Road Home" track listing:

01. Prozac02. Mexico03. I Feel Like Shit04. Anyone But Me05. High06. I Got Bones07. Quite A While08. Don't Overdrink It09. I'll Hold On10. Midnight Woman11. Same Old Ending12. The Man


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[= ||| 15 2017

SKID ROW Officially Recruits Ex-DRAGONFORCE Singer ZP THEART, Prepares To Make New Record

South African-born, British-based singer ZP Theart (DRAGONFORCE, TANK, I AM I) has been officially named the new frontman of SKID ROW.

SKID ROW bassist Rachel Bolan made the lineup announcement during the band's January 14 concert at the Casino in Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada.

Addressing the crowd before taking over lead vocals for SKID ROW's cover version of the RAMONES classic "Psycho Therapy", Bolan said (see video below): "I wanna make this announcement finally formal. He's been with us for a year, our new lead singer, ZP Theart.

"We're going in the studio soon to make a new record.

"We love this guy. He just lives too far away. We've gotta get him to move to the States, but that's coming down the road."

Theart's involvement with SKID ROW was exclusively reported by BLABBERMOUTH.NET on December 31, 2015. He stepped into the group following the departure of Tony Harnell, the TNT frontman who joined SKID ROW in April 2015 as the replacement for Johnny Solinger, the band's singer for fifteen years.

SKID ROW guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo told that Theart has been doing a great job on the road.

"He's come in," the guitarist said, "and he's a really great source of positive energy. He knew all of our songs coming in, and he knew them well. He started singing the crap out of all of them, and we were all very impressed."

Despite the fact that fans have been clamoring for a reunion of SKID ROW's most popular lineup for nearly twenty years, Sabo told The Aquarian Weekly last year that SKID ROW had no intention of reconnecting with vocalist Sebastian Bach. "Happiness, to me, is my spirit and my soul is more important to me than having dollars in my wallet," he explained. "People may [not] believe that and that's okay. Anybody who knows me knows that to be true. I don't think you can place a price on happiness. We've been hit repeatedly over the years with, 'Why don't you do a reunion tour?' And you know what? I understand the question and I get it. I really do, and if I were on the outside, I'd be asking the same question, but no one feels comfortable with that idea."

Bach has publicly expressed his desire to reunite with his former bandmates, telling Loudwire last year: "I don't have any reason why not to do that. I have no animosity towards anybody in SKID ROW, and the fact that we're all, five of us, still alive in this world is a pretty amazing feat. So I would someday definitely like to hear the five guys who made those records play live together again. Yes, I would. 'Cause I'm a fan too." He added: "I'm up for it, if they are."

Sebastian claimed in some recent interviews that his manager had been in talks with SKID ROW's manager about a reunion but that those conversations suddenly stopped. He told Vanyaland in December: "I don't know really why, but it's taken a turn in the other direction, unfortunately. I'm really so busy that it's beyond comprehension. I would love to do that, but if it doesn't happen, I've got a lot of other things on my plate to tackle. So whatever happens, happens, but it's not even up to me whatsoever at all — it has nothing to do with me — it's just me. [Laughs]"


|||| 15 2017

On The Road With MEGADETH In Las Vegas (Video)

Behind-the-scenes video footage from MEGADETH's September 2016 concert at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada can be seen below. The clip was filmed and uploaded by MEGADETH guitarist Kiko Loureiro, who officially joined the group in early 2015.

Kiko wrote on his YouTube channel: "With these videos, I wanna show you a little bit of life on the road, of what it's like living the dream of playing around the globe in a legendary band with great people and killer musicians.

"Not only I have the chance to play in amazing cities, but also we have the time to visit, enjoy and learn a lot about other cultures.

"Isn't it the perfect job?"


The band is continuing to tour in support of its latest album, "Dystopia", which came out in January 2016.

In an interview with Jump Metal, Loureiro was asked what it has been like joining MEGADETH as the replacement for Chris Broderick. He responded: "Yeah, it has been great to work with [Dave] Mustaine, [David] Ellefson [MEGADETH bassist] and Chris Adler [LAMB OF GOD drummer, who appeared on the new MEGADETH CD and played select shows with the group]... It's amazing [to be part of MEGADETH]. It's a great opportunity, it's a great band, great guys, great music. I'm very honored to be in MEGADETH and that the guys have chosen me to be the guitar player. It's a band that always had a great spot for guitar players. They always had great guitar players since the beginning: Chris Poland, Marty Friedman, Chris Broderick... some great guitar players. So I'm honored to be part of this legacy."


|||| 15 2017

JAG PANZER Completes Demoing New Album

Veteran Colorado metallers JAG PANZER have finished demoing all the material that will be included on their new album, tentatively titled "The Deviant Chord". The band plans to enter the studio in three weeks to begin recording the final disc, to be released later this year via SPV/Steamhammer.

JAG PANZER announced in August 2014 that it was looking for a new vocalist but has since been rejoined by the band's original singer, Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin. Conklin later wrote in an online post: "I never REALLY f-ing left. It's complicated!"

JAG PANZER performed at the 17th edition of the Keep It True festival in April 2014 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany. The show marked the band's first appearance in Europe with guitarist Joey Tafolla.

JAG PANZER called it quits in July 2011, with guitarist Mark Briody explaining that they could not "move forward as a band."

Shortly before JAG PANZER's breakup, guitarist Christian Lasegue left the group to pursue his degree full time.

Issued on February 28, 2011 in Europe and on March 8, 2011 in the U.S. via SPV/Steamhammer Records, JAG PANZER's latest album, "Scourge Of The Light", sold around 500 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 117 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

"The Scourge Of The Light" was mixed by Jim Morris at Morrisound Studios in Florida and was mastered at New York's renowned Sterling Sound.
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[= ||| 15 2017

METALLICA: Pro-Shot Footage Of 'Now That We're Dead' Live Debut

METALLICA performed the song "Now That We're Dead" live for the first time during the band's concert on Wednesday, January 11 at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea. Check out professionally filmed video footage below.

METALLICA's setlist for the show was as follows:

01. Hardwired02. Atlas, Rise!03. Sad But True04. Wherever I May Roam05. The Unforgiven06. Now That We're Dead (live debut)07. Moth Into Flame08. Harvester Of Sorrow09. Halo On Fire (live debut)10. The Four Horsemen11. One12. Master Of Puppets13. For Whom The Bell Tolls14. Fade To Black15. Seek & Destroy


16. Battery17. Nothing Else Matters18. Enter Sandman

"Now That We're Dead" is both taken from METALLICA's latest album, "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct", which came out in November.

As previously reported, METALLICA frontman James Hetfield and guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed in an interview with the Nerdist podcast that the band will cap its live schedule starting in 2017 at around 50 shows a year. Hetfield explained: "My body has told me to tell these guys that 50 shows a year is kind of what we can do, so make the best of those. And I think we all kind of agree in that. But 50 shows a year, that's pretty good. My body can handle that. Body, mind and spirit all need to kind of revitalize themselves at home, and days off for voices — things like that — so 50 shows a year, it goes pretty quick, I'm sure."

Hammett remarked that the band used to tour "for 10 out of 12 months in the past," playing five shows a week for 12, 15, 16 weeks in a row," to which Hetfield added, "And we came home, and we were divorced, girlfriends were gone, and we were addicted to a few substances, and we were fighting."

Hetfield recalled that METALLICA toured constantly in the first 10 or 15 years of its existence, saying, "We would go and play where no one else would play. We're the working man's band. We'd go to the C, D and E markets, you know, and people would be so appreciative."

Hammett candidly admitted in a 2012 interview with Rolling Stone that METALLICA has to tour pretty continuously in order to pay for the band's huge overhead, which includes their own studio, salaries for their staff and crew, and their live show production.

METALLICA has shows booked in South Korea, China, Singapore, Denmark, Mexico and South America over the next three months, but has yet to unveil its full 2017 tour plans, including its first North American tour in eight years.

The band's sole North American date so far is May 21 at the Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio.

The most shows METALLICA has played in a single year since 2010 is 75, with 45 last year and 43 the year before that.


|||| 15 2017

BON JOVI Premiers “God Bless This Mess” Music Video

Grammy Award-winning band, Bon Jovi, have released a new music video for “God Bless This Mess”, a track from their new studio album, This House Is Not For Sale. The new clip can be seen below:

This House Is Not For Sale is a triumphant statement of integrity from one of rock’s biggest bands. Around the world, critics have applauded the album that has something to say and nothing to prove. Led by the hit title track, “This House Is Not For Sale”, the band’s 14th studio album became their sixth career release to debut at #1 in the US, Australia, and Japan and in the Top 5 in 54 other countries while iTunes charts place the release at #1 in 25 countries.

On the heels of Bon Jovi’s worldwide #1 album debut, a live version entitled This House Is Not For Sale - Live From The London Palladium was released on December 16th. Recorded at the London Palladium last October, the album is available via Walmart (physical CD), and iTunes.

“New Year’s Day” video:

“Born Again Tomorrow” video:

“Roller Coaster” video:

“Scars On This Guitar” video:

“The Devil’s In The Temple” video:

This House Is Not for Sale tour dates are listed below.

This House Is Not for Sale tour dates:

8 - Greenville, SC - Bon Secours Wellness Arena
10 - Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena
12 - Sunrise, FL - BB&T Center
14 - Tampa, FL - Amalie Arena
16 - Birmingham, AL - BJCC
18 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena
19 - St. Louis, MO - Scottrade Center
21 - Oklahoma City, OK - Chesapeake Energy Center
23 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
25 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena
28 - Sacramento, CA - Golden 1 Center

1 - San Jose, CA - SAP Center
4 - Phoenix, AZ - Talking Stick Resort Arena
5 - San Diego, CA - Viejas Arena
8 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum
14 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
16 - Memphis, TN - FedExForum
18 - Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena
19 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
22 - Indianapolis, IN - Bankers Life Fieldhouse
26 - Chicago, IL - United Center
27 - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
29 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena
31 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center

1 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena
5 - Pittsburgh, PA - PPG Paints Arena
7 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
8 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
10 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre

** Dates, cities and venues subject to change.

Visit for updated tour and ticketing information.

Bon Jovi’s legacy is as much about giving back as it is about anthemic performances and box-office-smashing tours. In that spirit, Jon Bon Jovi today announced on Facebook Live an opening act contest that allows bands to upload an audition for the chance to open an arena date on Bon Jovi’s upcoming 2017 This House Is Not For Sale Tour.

It is the third time in recent years that the Grammy Award-winning band has invited local and regional artists to share the stage (2006’s Have A Nice Day Tour and 2010’s The Circle Tour). Those chosen will demonstrate that they have the sound, style, and substance to open an arena show. A different artist(s) will open for Bon Jovi on each one of the Live Nation-promoted concerts listed below.

Jon Bon Jovi said, "Every great band starts small and builds their rep one show at a time. That's the opportunity we were given and now we want to pay it forward. If you're ready for the arena stage, submit your audition tapes and join us in playing for the best audiences in rock music."

To Enter: Bands will upload audition videos beginning now at or the Bon Jovi and Live Nation Facebook pages. Submissions will be displayed in a live gallery for viewing and sharing. Live Nation will choose 10 finalists, and Bon Jovi management will select the opening act contest winner for each tour date. All musicians who are selected as tour openers will be featured across Live Nation and Bon Jovi’s Facebook pages. For rules, visit this location.

Winners will be notified they have won on the following dates:

First round of participating dates - winners announced on or about January 27th, 2017:

Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC - concert on February 8, 2017
Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA - concert on February 10, 2017
BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL - concert on February 12, 2017
Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL - concert on February 14, 2017
BJCC in Birmingham, AL - concert on February 16, 2017
Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN - concert on February 18, 2017
Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO - concert on February 19, 2017

Second round of participating dates - winners announced on or about February 4th, 2017:

Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, OK - concert on February 21, 2017
American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX - concert on February 23, 2017
T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV - concert on February 25, 2017
Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA - concert on February 28, 2017

Third round of participating dates - winners announced on or about February 8th, 2017:

SAP Center in San Jose, CA - concert on March 1, 2017
Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ - concert on March 4, 2017
Viejas Arena in San Diego, CA - concert on March 5, 2017
The Forum in Los Angeles, CA - concert on March 8, 2017

Fourth round of participating dates - winners announced on or about February 26th, 2017:

Pepsi Center in Denver, CO - concert on March 14, 2017
FedExForum in Memphis, TN - concert on March 16, 2017
Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH - concert on March 18, 2017
Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH - concert on March 19, 2017
Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN - concert on March 22, 2017

Fifth round of participating dates - winners announced on or about March 7th, 2017:

United Center in Chicago, IL - concert on March 26, 2017
Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN - concert on March 27, 2017
Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI - concert on March 29, 2017
Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA - concert on March 31, 2017
Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT - concert on April 1, 2017

Sixth round of participating dates - winners announced on or about March 12th, 2017:

PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA - concert on April 5, 2017
Madison Square Garden in New York, NY - concert on April 7, 2017
Madison Square Garden in New York, NY - concert on April 8, 2017
Air Canada Centre in Toronto, ON - concert on April 10, 2017
Air Canada Centre in Toronto, ON - concert on April 11, 2017


|||| 15 2017

WITHERFALL Release “Nobody Sleeps Here” Lyric Video

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Witherfall is the collective brainchild of guitarist Jake Dreyer (Iced Earth, Kobra And The Lotus, White Wizzard), singer Joseph Michael (White Wizzard) and the late Adam Sagan (Circle II Circle, Into Eternity). Witherfall are set to release their debut, Nocturnes And Requiems, on February 10th. Pre-orders are available here. A lyric video for “Nobody Sleeps Here” can be found below.

Witherfall headed to Phoenix, AZ to self-produce their debut album, Nocturnes And Requiems, with engineer Ralph Patlan (Megadeth, Brian "Head" Welch, MSG) in late 2014. The album was then sent on to New York City for mixing and mastering by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (Rob Zombie, Queensrÿche, Hatebreed) at Planet Z. Resulting in eight masterfully executed tracks featuring the group's dynamic blend of darkened melodic and progressive metal.

Nocturnes And Requiems is dedicated to the life of Adam Sagan who passed on December 7th, 2016 during the final stages of production. The band collectively commented, "This, as we know, is the last piece of work that Adam contributed and played on. Adam’s talent, passion and personality is woven throughout every part of this record as he was easily 1/3 of the creative force. Nocturnes And Requiems was a name that Adam eerily came up with one evening when we were figuring out album titles would not have sounded the way it does now without his immense contribution on and off the drums. Adam, we love you and it's a tragedy that you were not able to see this release. You will always and forever be a member of Witherfall. Rest In Peace man."


“What We Are Dying For”
“Act II”
“The Great Awakening”
“End Of Time”
“Nobody Sleeps Here ”

“Nobody Sleeps Here” lyric video:
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[= ||| 15 2017

SUICIDE BY TIGERS Release “True Believers” Music Video

Swedish rockers, Suicide By Tigers, have released a video for “True Believers”, a track from their self-titled debut album, available via Smilodon Records/Sound Pollution. Watch the new clip below.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Berno Paulsson (The Haunted, Amon Amarth, Spiritual Beggars) at Berno Studio, Malmö.

The soil of southern Sweden has for a long time been a great breeding ground for rock ‘n’ roll. This trend continues manifested by Suicide By Tigers focusing on dynamic, blues based rock, with heavy guitars and strong melodies just like the British bands Free, Taste and Led Zeppelin they move from light and shade to tight and loose.


“Death On Your Trail”
“Beautiful Nights”
“Pack Of Wolves”
“Vicious Malicious”
“Fox In A Hole”
“True Believers”
“Ball Of Fire”
“Keep You Smiling”
“Karma” (CD bonus track)

“True Believers” video:

“Vicious Malicious” video:
|||| 15 2017

ALUNAH Release “Fire Of Thornborough Henge” Music Video

English Midlands-based stoner doom outfit, Alunah, have released a music video for “Fire Of Thornborough Henge”, a track from their new album, Solennial, out on March 17th via Svart Records. Watch the new clip below.

The new album was recorded and mixed by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio, mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios.

Solennial tracklisting:

“The Dying Soil”
“Light Of Winter”
“Feast Of Torches”
“The Reckoning Of Time”
“Fire Of Thornborough Henge”
“Lugh's Assembly”
“A Forest”

“Fire Of Thornborough Henge” video:


|||| 15 2017

AVATARIUM Begins Recording Third Album

AVATARIUM, the Swedish metal project whose recording lineup includes Leif Edling, founding bassist and main songwriter of doom metal legends CANDLEMASS, has entered Gröndahl studio to begin work on its third album for a spring release via Nuclear Blast.

AVATARIUM's latest disc, "The Girl With The Raven Mask", came out in October 2015 via Nuclear Blast. The CD was released in North America as part of a joint licensing venture between Nuclear Blast and Metalville.

Commented AVATARIUM guitarist Marcus Jidell: "AVATARIUM is about pushing boundaries and exploring new grounds.

"Inside the four walls of our pantheon, the ceiling needs to be high to let the creativity and imagination fly free.

"Our focus is not on technical aspects but on landscapes and colors. Diverse emotions such as anger, despair, grief, empathy and hope all find their place in our music.

"We are aiming to find the human touch, keep it simple and allow mistakes but also make it glorious, shining and bigger then our own selves.

"2017 needs to be the year when we bring in a new way of thinking and create music without computers holding us back with mathematic formulas and degrading bands to mass products created on conveyor belts.

"AVATARIUM is taking the lead and inviting you to follow!"

Due to his health condition, Edling is unable to perform with AVATARIUM at the band's gigs.

In a 2015 interview with Spotlight Report, Marcus spoke about how classical music has influenced AVATARIUM's songwriting efforts. He said: "The biggest inspiration for me from classical music has been that it has a lot of dynamics. It can be extremely quiet or it can be like thunder coming on. That's the biggest influence, for me and for AVATARIUM.

"Most modern bands play at full volume all the time, but for us, that's a big influence. Though I think all the musical styles are influenced by each other: classical musicians get influenced by folk music; folk music can be influenced by classical music; pop music is informed by rock and classical music. Everything is influenced.

"I actually think that hard rock and some pop music — the good music — is a little bit like modern folk music, I would say. A little bit.

"I'm very much inspired by classical music, but I'm also very much inspired by jazz and blues. There are a lot of different things that inspire me.

"At the end of the day, music is all kind of the same thing, you know? You have a certain amount of notes and you try to make something out of that. For me, it's different sounds with different instruments. The music is kind of the same, but it's more fun to play on the guitar extremely loud than to play on the violin, for me."

AVATARIUM's lineup is rounded out by Jidell's wife, Jennie-Ann Smith, on lead vocals, Lars Sköld on drums, and Carl Westholm on keyboards.


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[= ||| 15 2017

EMPEROR – Classic Albums Reissued On CD And Vinyl

Eventually there comes a time when the hype about a band becomes superfluous, and their status alone speaks volumes. Such is the case with Emperor, the black metal gods hailing from Telemark, Norway. Emperor has become known as one of the originators of symphonic black metal that Norway is internationally renowned for. All the band’s back catalogue has been re-art worked with full guidance from the band, being carefully restored to how it originally came out as mint pack replicas of each album by Dan Capp Design and illustration to create beautiful CD and vinyl reissues.

The following titles have reissued by Candlelight Records: In The Nightside Eclipse, Emperial Live Ceremony, IX Equilibrium, Live At Wacken Open Air 20006/Live Inferno, and Prometheus – The Discipline Of Fire & Demise. Orders can be placed on Candlelight Records.

1994 full-length debut In The The Nightside Eclipse is available on transparent blue vinyl and CD:

1999’s IX Equilibrium is available on brown vinyl and CD:

2000 live album Emperial Live Ceremony is house in white vinyl and CD:

2001 album Prometheus – The Discipline Of Fire & Demise in on gray vinyl and CD:

Live At Wacken Open Air 2006 and Live Inferno are available on blue vinyl and transparent orange vinyl respectively:


|||| 15 2017

TEMPERANCE Announce Live DVD Shoot Featuring String Quartet And Choir At Teatro Sociale In Alba, Italy

Italian melodic metallers Temperance will perform a very special show this spring, which will be recorded for a future DVD release. The band will take the stage in the picturesque setting of Teatro Sociale in Alba, Italy, on April 29th, a theatre show which marks an important milestone in Temperance's fast rising career, following the release of the critically acclaimed third album The Earth Embraces Us All. Tickets are already available at this location.

Temperance recently released a video for the song "A Thousand Places", taken from their new album, The Earth Embraces Us All. Check it out below.

The Earth Embraces Us All was released on September 16th via Scarlet Records. The album artwork has once again been made by Gustavo Sazes (Kamelot, Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel).


“A Thousand Places”
“At The Edge Of Space”
“Unspoken Words”
“Empty Lines”
“Fragments Of Life”
“Advice From A Caterpillar”
“Change The Rhyme”
“The Restless Ride”

Singer Chiara Tricarico comments: “This is without any doubt the most complex and mature album we’ve ever done. It basically gave us the chance to add many new elements to our music. Most of the songs in our previous albums were short and straight to the point, these new ones are longer and stylistically challenging, it takes time to fully grasp their essence. The Earth Embraces Us All is the natural evolution of our musical path, we are very proud of it, I think it represents us well!”
|||| 15 2017

Nick Beggs’ THE MUTE GODS To Release Sophomore Album In February; “We Can’t Carry On” Lyric Video Streaming

Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson, Steve Hackett), Roger King (Steve Hackett) and Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani, Aristocrats) will return as The Mute Gods with their forthcoming second album, ...tardigrades will inherit the earth, set for release on February 24th. A lyric video for the album track, “We Can't Carry On”, can be found below.

Following the release of 2016's debut album 'do nothing till you hear from me', and a Progressive Music Award 2016 win in the Vanguard category, the trio deliver adventurous rock effort infused with timely perspectives on the state of religion, politics, media, and the environment.

The Mute Gods examine these and other major queries facing our planet on its second album for InsideOut Music. It's a darker, deeply thought-provoking follow-up to its acclaimed 2016 debut recording 'Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me'. It picks up from where the first album left off, with its examination of societal control mechanisms, and looks at the inevitable outcomes should we continue down dark, dogmatic pathways. Musically, the album is an expansive rock effort with a heavier, more metal-oriented focus than its predecessor, yet steeped in melodicism and addictive hooks.

Nick Beggs had this to say: "I know I'm not the only person who feels the way I do. Other people understand the state of the world and what's at stake as we make one terrifyingly bad decision after another. This album asks people to take off their rose-tinted spectacles and consider the reality facing us. At this point in my career, I feel strongly that it's important to use music as a vehicle for truth, not just feel-good entertainment."

The album will be available as a limited edition CD digipak (with bonus track), gatefold 2LP + CD & digital download.


“Saltatio Mortis”
“Animal Army”
“We Can't Carry On”
“The Dumbing Of The Stupid”
“Early Warning”
“Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth”
“Window Onto The Sun”
“The Singing Fish Batticaloa”
“Hallelujah” (bonus track)
“The Andromeda Strain”
“Stranger Than Fiction”

“We Can’t Carry On” lyric video:

Nick Beggs had this to say about the song “We Can’t Carry On”: “‘We Can't Carry On’ is a reflection of the times in which we live. Caught between war and political madness, something has to give."

The Mute Gods was founded in 2015 by Beggs, a celebrated bassist, Stick player, songwriter and vocalist who has sold more than three million records with his own groups. His contributions also grace the work of myriad artists and genres, including progressive rock, pop, Celtic, funk, and soul.

Beggs records and tours with Steven Wilson, one of the best-selling alternative rock artists of this generation, as well as Steve Hackett, formerly of Genesis. In addition, Beggs has worked with legends across the pop and rock worlds, including Belinda Carlisle, John Paul Jones, Gary Numan, Kim Wilde, Englebert Humperdink and Seal. In the progressive rock realm, he's also performed with Steve Howe, Iona, Lifesigns, and Rick Wakeman.

Unlike the debut Mute Gods album, which included many special guests, Beggs chose to keep this release to the core trio ensuring a laser focus and consistency throughout. Roger King, the album's keyboardist and producer, also works with Beggs on Hackett's sold-out world tours. King has long been Hackett's right-hand man, serving in production, arrangement and writing capacities for the guitarist. Marco Minnemann, considered one of the most important, explosive drummers of our time, has worked with Beggs extensively on many Wilson tours and recordings.

(Photo credit: Lewis Duncan, Thanuwatt Mewone and Hajo Müller)
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[= ||| 15 2017

BURIAL RITUAL Release “New Order Rising” Single

Wisconsin based death metal unit Burial Ritual have released a new single titled “New Order Rising”. The track is streaming below. Download the track on iTunes.

Burial Ritual comments on the single and more: "‘New Order Rising’ is our next step forward. We strive to make enjoyable, old school inspired songs with our own unique flavor, and this new single accomplishes that. We're very happy to have it set the tone for the next album."

Burial Ritual is in the studio working on the follow up to Genocidal Theory and wanted to kick off 2017 as heavy as possible with some new tunes for everyone to enjoy. This is just the beginning of what’s to come from Burial Ritual so make sure to keep an eye out for more.
|||| 15 2017

AS LIONS Feat. BRUCE DICKINSON's Son AUSTIN: 'Bury My Dead' Lyric Video

The official lyric video for the song "Bury My Dead" from the British rock outfit AS LIONS can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's debut full-length album, "Selfish Age", which will be released on January 20 via Better Noise Records.

Said AS LIONS vocalist Austin Dickinson (son of IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson): "'Bury My Dead' is a song about leaving your past behind you. It's very close to my chest because, in starting AS LIONS and beginning this new adventure, there were a lot of things that I had to leave behind, both as a musician and as a person. I think the same can be said for all people, in all walks of life.

"In our existence, the only constant is change and sometimes we have to say that final goodbye to the burdens that can no longer teach us or push us. That's one of the many ways in which we grow.

"I had so much fun writing this, and I truly hope you enjoy blasting it too!"

Fans who preorder the album will instantly receive "Bury My Dead" along with "Aftermath", "White Flags", "Deathless", and "World On Fire". The pre-order for the album is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

"Selfish Age" is the follow-up to AS LIONS' debut EP, "Aftermath", released last year. Helmed by award-winning producer David Bendeth (OF MICE & MEN, PARAMORE, BRING ME THE HORIZON) and Kane Churko (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, DISTURBED, IN THIS MOMENT), "Selfish Age" is an illustration of the band's mission to create "the biggest, baddest hard rock we could, and on an almost cinematic scale." The album's 11 dynamic tracks are a study in contrasts, with the epic and evocative "Aftermath", the crushing "Deathless", which targets the Internet culture's obsession with image, "Bury My Dead", a hard-hitting personal statement complemented by stately piano tinklings, and the electro-tinged title track, "Selfish Age".

Comprised of Dickinson, guitarist and keyboardist Conor O'Keefe, guitarist Will Homer, bassist Stefan Whiting and drummer Dave Fee, AS LIONS are the evolution of British rock. Having played sold-out shows in the U.K., AS LIONS left its imprint on the States during its recent U.S. arena tour with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, SHINEDOWN and SIXX:A.M.

"Selfish Age" track listing:

01. Aftermath02. The Suffering03. Bury My Dead04. Deathless 05. Selfish Age06. White Flags07. Pieces08. World On Fire09. One By One10. The Fall11. The Great Escape

AS LIONS was formed after the breakup of Austin's previous band, RISE TO REMAIN, which released one album, "City Of Vultures", in 2011.
|||| 15 2017

Video Premiere: ZAKK WYLDE's 'Lost Prayer'

Guitar icon Zakk Wylde has debuted a video for the track "Lost Prayer" from his latest solo LP, "Book Of Shadows II". Directed by longtime collaborator Justin Reich, it's the second video installment we've seen from Zakk from "Book Of Shadows II".

Over the summer, Wylde released the "Sleeping Dogs" music video featuring SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor. That track has gone on to become the most successful Active Rock radio single of Wylde's career, reaching as high as No. 15 in the U.S. and No. 5 in Canada.

Regarding the inspiration for the "Book Of Shadows" albums, Zakk told Billboard: "When we're doing the heavy stuff, which we love doing during a normal BLACK LABEL mass [concert], we'll still do some mellow stuff in the middle of the show, whether we do 'In This River' and other things, but then it's back to the heavy stuff. Once you get your fill of that, then you're, like, 'I want to do some mellow stuff,' and then vice versa. Because I'm sure after we tour this record, it's going to be, like, 'Man, I can't wait to do the heavy stuff.' So I really dig doing it. As much as I love listening to [LED] ZEPPELIN doing 'Black Dog', I also love them doing 'Going To California'."

Wylde will hit the road next week with ZAKK SABBATH for three shows in Southern California including a third annual stint at the official NAMM party at The Grove Of Anaheim on Saturday, January 21. ZAKK SABBATH has also been confirmed for a handful of spring and summer festivals, including MMR-B-Q, Rocklahoma and the recently sold-out Rock On The Range.

ZAKK SABBATH — which performs only classic BLACK SABBATH songs — includes Zakk, bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson (OZZY OSBOURNE, ROB ZOMBIE) and drummer Joey Castillo (DANZIG, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE).

Zakk will participate in the 2017 "Experience Hendrix Tour" alongside Billy Cox, Buddy Guy and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.
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[= ||| 15 2017

THY ART IS MURDER Rejoined By Singer CJ MCMAHON At Australia's UNIFY Festival

Australian extreme metallers THY ART IS MURDER were rejoined by their former singer CJ McMahon earlier tonight (Saturday, January 14) on stage at the Unify festival in Tarwin Meadows, South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Addressing the crowd at the show, McMahon said that he "was a drug addict" who "got married and did some fucking soul searching" during his twelve-month break from the band. He went on to say (see video below): "Now I'm back to take over the world."

When his departure from THY ART IS MURDER was first announced back in December 2015, McMahon explained that touring had "taken a massive mental, emotional and physical toll" on him. He added: "One of the biggest reasons is money. We have been broke for years, and being 32 years old, I can't live like this anymore."

CJ said at the time that each member of THY ART IS MURDER only earned between $16,000 and $18,000 a year. "I feel there is something massively wrong with this," he said. "I will not live like this anymore."

In their own statement, THY ART IS MURDER said at the time that McMahon's decision had come after "much conjecture and ambiguity" and that it was "unfortunate that, with our best year to date and our biggest paved out before us, that he has decided to leave."

But they continued: "Touring as hard as we do does take its toll on you physically but more importantly mentally and emotionally.

"We have been so fortunate over the last two years to carve out a small income thanks to so dedicated and generous fans around the world.

"For some people, it comes to a point where that income is no longer enough for their personal goals, and that point has come for CJ.

"THY ART is what we have done with all of our adult lives and we have put absolutely everything we have into the band. Unfortunately, not everyone can share this fire."

In the past twelve months, THY ART IS MURDER toured the world with the help of several guest singers, including MOLOTOV SOLUTION's Nick Arthur, BLIND ORACLE's Brodie Paul, Monte Barnard (THE KENNEDY VEIL, ALTERBEAST) and "The Racket" host/ex-COLOSSVS vocalist Lochlan Watt.

THY ART IS MURDER's third album, "Holy War", entered the official Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) chart at position No. 7 the highest-ever position for an Australian extreme metal act. The Sydney-based band has generated controversy for the strong anti-religious stance of the title track's video, as well as the album cover which features references to a suicide bomber.

"Holy War" was released in Australia via UNFD and in other parts of the world through Nuclear Blast.
|||| 15 2017

SAINTED SINNERS Feat. Former ACCEPT Singer DAVID REECE: Third Trailer For Debut Album

SAINTED SINNERS, the new band featuring former ACCEPT singer David Reece, will release its self-titled debut album on February 24 via El Puerto Records. The group's lineup is rounded out by guitar player Frank Pané, keyboardist Ferdy Doernberg (AXEL RUDI PELL) and the dynamic rhythm section of the two former PURPENDICULAR members Malte Frederik Burkert (bass) and the Hungarian drum maestro Berci Hirleman.

The third trailer for "Sainted Sinners" is available below.

Expressing the "pure essence of rock'n'roll", was the ambition that paired five well-known and experienced musicians together in early 2016, to create and play the music which is deeply inside their hearts and in their blood. The love for rock legends, such as DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN, RAINBOW, WHITESNAKE, UFO, BLACK SABBATH, VAN HALEN and many others, built the cornerstone for the music of the new founded five-piece called SAINTED SINNERS.

"The idea first started with me thinking about forming a band where I can follow my natural taste of music without compromises. I was writing music and then basically formed the band around who would fit the direction it was going", remembers Pané, whose first step was to contact his former bandmate Reece. "Being one of my alltime-favourite singers, he was my obvious choice. It just clicked immediately and so we agreed to lead the band together as we trust and respect each other."

"Sainted Sinners" track listing:

01. Knight Of The Long Knives02. Beauty In The Beast03. Maybe She's Got Balls04. We're All Sainted Sinners05. Blue Lightning Man06. The Love That I Have Found07. Did You08. In Need09. Evangeline10. Shine Diamond Girl11. Truth Is A Lie

The eleven tracks on "Sainted Sinners" were written and produced by Pané and Reece, partly recorded at Sound Design in Germany with Robbie Hochwind during mid-summer 2016, as well as in early fall 2016 by Mario Percudani at the Tanzan Music Studios. The final mastering was done by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Studios in late fall 2016. "I feel a very strong sense of pride! I feel it's a great representation of who I and we are", summarizes Reece, who calls the eleven tracks colorful. "Concerning the logistic distance between everybody and the fact that we just started as a band, it's a very promising debut with many albums to follow", rejoices Pané.
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ECLIPSE To Release Momentum Album In March; “Vertigo” Song Streaming

The fifth studio album from Eclipse, Monumentum, will be released on March 24th. The album track "Vertigo" is available for streaming below.

Two years after the successful release of the Armageddonize album around the globe, Eclipse have established themselves as rising stars with audiences in Australia, Japan, America, and Europe (including the 3.5 million viewers who saw Eclipse's debut on Swedish national television at Melodifestivalen 2016).

With the musical development and maturity shown across the board on their last two albums, Bleed And Scream and Armageddonize, the future has become clear: these guys are destined for stardom! And now with their new album, aptly entitled Monumentum, band's amazing abilities are truly on display for the world to hear.

After touring extensively for two years in support of Armageddonize, Eclipse's main songwriters Erik Mårtensson and Magnus Henriksson reconvened in Erik's new studio in the Swedish countryside in late summer 2016 and started writing new songs. The intention was to write and record an album with no compromise on either song quality or musical performance from the band.

Singer, songwriter and producer Erik Martensson says: "With every album, one's way of writing music changes a bit. What you thought was exciting and interesting while writing one album can radically change when you start writing the next. I think we have brought in quite a few new tricks in the writing and recording process while still staying true to our sound. In the end, it all boils down to if it's good or bad songs and I think this is the best album we've done. In my opinion there is not one single weak song on the album and I'm really proud of it!"

Monumentum tracklisting:

Never Look Back
Killing Me
The Downfall Of Eden
Born To Lead
For Better Or For Worse
No Way Back
Night Comes Crawling
Black Rain

Eclipse lineup:

Erik Mårtensson - lead vocals, guitars
Magnus Henriksson - guitars
Philip Crusner - drums
Magnus Ulfstedt - bass


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[= ||| 14 2017

NIGHT RANGER To Release 'Don't Let Up' Album In March

Frontiers Music Srl will release "Don't Let Up", the new studio album from NIGHT RANGER, on March 24. The disc will be available in both a standard edition and a deluxe edition (featuring bonus track and bonus DVD — physical format only).

The song "Somehow Someway", taken from "Don't Let Up", can be streamed below.

Says NIGHT RANGER bassist and vocalist Jack Blades: "'Somehow Someway' is all NIGHT RANGER. It not only captures the spirit of our live shows but also is the essence of who we are and who we have been for the last 35 years — a kick-ass American rock and roll band… Case closed."

Adds NIGHT RANGER drummer and vocalist Kelly Keagy: "The song 'Somehow Someway' is an up-tempo rocker with an infectious, big guitar lick. Take caution while you're driving in your car, you may find yourself going WAY over the speed limit. Check it out!"

States NIGHT RANGER guitarist Brad Gillis: "Our new single, 'Somehow Someway', is a rockin' barnburner up to the standards of our first single, 'Don't Tell Me You Love Me'. This could be a great song to perform live and add to our setlist....Enjoy!!"

NIGHT RANGER truly epitomizes the sound of the '80s, while at the same time transcending it. Since their reunion in 1996, they have brought their guitar heavy, melodic brand of hard rock into the 21st century with their unparalleled talent, energy, and creativity.

The new album, "Don't Let Up" was self-produced by the band.

"The 'Don't Let Up' album is the result of five musicians living and breathing rock 'n roll 24 hours a day. 35 years on and NIGHT RANGER is once again ready to let the fans know 'it's only rock and roll, but I like it,'" says Blades of the new album.

Keagy adds: "Working on the material for the new album "Don't Let Up" was a great experience once again. I always look forward to creating music with Brad, Eric, Keri, and Jack. I'm really looking forward to playing some of this material for the fans. It rocks!"

States Gillis: "I'm looking forward to the new NIGHT RANGER studio effort 'Don't Let Up' as it's always a pleasure releasing new material to keep the bands creative flow. As typical for NIGHT RANGER, we have all the elements that made us popular in the first place, including twin-lead-vocal tradeoffs with Jack and Kelly and dual guitar harmonies and solos with my new partner in crime, Keri Kelli. We've stacked the deck again with up tempo driving rock songs, mid tempo tunes and a few acoustic ballad tracks. We're hoping this new album will be added to your existing NIGHT RANGER catalog!!!"

With more than 17 million albums sold worldwide, over 3000 live shows performed, and more than 1 billion in radio audience, NIGHT RANGER has both epitomized and transcended the arena rock sound and style of that era and beyond. With songs that have significantly impacted popular culture and continue to expand their ever-growing fan-base, NIGHT RANGER is proof that powerful songs, plus accomplished musicians is the perfect formula for continued success.

NIGHT RANGER has earned widespread acclaim, multi-platinum and gold album status while leaving their indelible mark on the music charts with a string of best-selling albums ("Dawn Patrol", "Midnight Madness", "7 Wishes", "Big Life" and "Man In Motion"), its popularity fueled by an impressive string of instantly recognizable hit singles and signature album tracks.

NIGHT RANGER is Jack Blades (bass, vocals), Kelly Keagy (drums, vocals), Brad Gillis (lead and rhythm guitars), Eric Levy (keyboards), and Keri Kelli (lead and rhythm guitars).

"Don't Let Up" track listing:

01. Somehow Someway02. Running Out Of Time03. Truth04. Day And Night*05. Don't Let Up 06. Won't Be Your Fool Again07. Say What You Want08. We Can Work It Out09. Comfort Me10. Jamie11. Nothing Left Of Yesterday

* Bonus audio track on deluxe edition

* Bonus DVD: Band Interviews; "Running Out Of Time" (video); "Day And Night" (Video)
|||| 14 2017

DESERTED FEAR Debut “Open Their Gates” Music Video

German death metallers, Deserted Fear, have launched a video for the new song “Open Their Gates”, off their upcoming album, Dead Shores Rising.

The band comments, “While you guys are freezing your asses off, we are reminiscing about our last summer. With our latest video, we would love you to take part in our trip to nature – maybe this will distract you from those low temperatures. It got pretty hot and sometimes things happen to be different than you thought, but see for yourselves. One thing is for sure, summer will come! With these words in mind, enjoy 'Open Their Gates'!”

Dead Shores Rising will be released through Century Media Records on January 27th and will be available as Special Edition Digipak, Ltd. Edition Gatefold LP and as digital album. The Digipak includes a patch and two bonus tracks of which one features guest vocals of Tomas “Tompa” Lindberg (At The Gates) and the vinyl comes with LP booklet and poster.

Dead Shores Rising tracklisting:

“The Fall Of Leaden Skies”
“The Edge Of Insanity”
“Open Their Gates”
“Corrosion Of Souls”
“Towards Humanity”
“The Carnage”
“Face Our Destiny”
“Till The Last Drop”
“Carry On”

Bonus tracks:
“A Morbid Vision”
“The Path Of Sorrow”

“The Carnage” static video:

“Face Our Destiny” video:

The band has also announced official album release shows with special guests Desaster. Here are the exact dates:

27 - Aalen, Germany - Rock It *
28 - Jena, Germany - F-Haus **
29 - Essen, Germany - Turock *

* with Desaster & Rogash
** with Desaster & Torment Of Souls

Deserted Fear is:

Manuel Glatter - guitar, vocals
Fabian Hildebrandt - guitar, bass
Simon Mengs - drums




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Watch Official Lyric Video For SIX FEET UNDER's New Song 'Sacrificial Kill'

The official lyric video for "Sacrificial Kill", a brand new song from death metal veterans SIX FEET UNDER, can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's twelfth studio album, "Torment", which will be released on February 24 via Metal Blade.

There's plenty of classic SIX FEET UNDER groove to be had on "Torment", but fans will note a much more aggressive approach, and even more modern blast beats throughout. This is a cantankerous SIX FEET UNDER with absolutely nothing to prove. This is SIX FEET UNDER at its most deadly.

"Torment" was brought to life by Chris Barnes with bassist/guitarist Jeff Hughell (BRAIN DRILL) shouldering the load of writing the music, along with heralded drummer Marco Pitruzzella (BRAIN DRILL, ANOMALOUS, SLEEP TERROR). The combination of Barnes's multi-decade death metal experience and the speed and precision of Hughell and Pitruzzella's relative youth go a long way to cementing this as a solid foundation for high-level death metal. This is immediately apparent in the first track "Sacrificial Kill" and expanded further right away in the second track "Exploratory Homicide". Both Hughell and Pitruzzella are allowed to play their style of metal with a unique SIX FEET UNDER flair. That's what makes "Torment" a unique and welcome addition to the band's stories catalog.

Barnes states about "Torment": "I've been lucky to have a lot of standout albums in my career. That's only because I've had a great many talented writing partners and musicians to collaborate with. Our new album, 'Torment', to me, is one of those albums. Jeff Hughell has provided the flammable material for me to write some explosive lyrics and vocal parts to.

"I know people always say, 'This is my best album ever,' and I won't say that, because everyone has their own favorites, but I do enjoy creating new music, and I feel as though with this one we expressed concisely and to the fullest the duality of our music. I have also found it important over the years, going back to the start of my career, that the artwork for our albums gets to express, on some level, what the experience is within. To do that this time around, we were able to incorporate an amazing new artist, Septian Devenum, to take on the task of visually bringing this album to life.

"Every song on the album is depicted with a piece of artwork that explores the lyrical content of each song, similar to what we did for the packaging for our album 'Bringer Of Blood'.

"'Torment' has been a great album to work on and help create, we hope all of our fans appreciate it."

"Torment" track listing:

01. Sacrificial Kill02. Exploratory Homicide03. The Separation Of Flesh From Bone04. Schizomaniac05. Skeleton06. Knife Through The Skull07. Slaughtered As They Slept08. In The Process Of Decomposing09. Funeral Mask10. Obsidian11. Bloody Underwear12. Roots Of Evil

SIX FEET UNDER's new album was mixed by Chris "Zeuss" Harris and was previously described by Barnes as "the most brutally intense, groove-laden masterpiece we've ever put together!"

SIX FEET UNDER last month completed the "X-Mas in Hell Tour 2016" in Germany where the band celebrated the 21st anniversary of its debut album, "Haunted", by performing the LP in its entirety.


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