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[= ||| 29 2014


|||| 29 2014

STEVE GRIMMETT'S GRIM REAPER In Seattle: Interview, Performance Footage

Slayed In Oregon has uploaded video footage of STEVE GRIMMETT'S GRIM REAPER, the revamped version of the cult '80s British metal act GRIM REAPER led by singer Steve Grimmett, performing on June 17 in Seattle, Washington. The 30-minute report, which can be seen below, also includes an interview with Grimmett.

STEVE GRIMMETT'S GRIM REAPER played in the USA for the first time since 1987 on April 5 at the Ragnarökkr Metal Apocalypse festival at Reggies bar in Chicago, Illinois. The band's set consisted of many of the classic GRIM REAPER tunes but also included new tracks from STEVE GRIMMETT'S GRIM REAPER's upcoming studio album, tentatively titled "From Hell", due out before the end of the year. Original GRIM REAPER guitarist Nick Bowcott joined STEVE GRIMMETT'S GRIM REAPER on stage for several songs, marking the first time Steve and Nick have performed together in more than 25 years.

Asked about the progress of the "From Hell" recording sessions, Grimmett told Slayed In Oregon: "We're still recording it, basically, which we're gonna carry on as soon as we get home. We're gonna give it a week and then we get back in the studio and finish it off and get it out. We're gonna do one song tonight from the album, so you'll get to hear what it sounds like and see if we've still got it right. 'Cause, obviously, it's a new band, a totally different band. But Ian [Nash], the guitarist, he's kind of like an old student of Nick's [Bowcott, original GRIM REAPER guitarist]. He plays just like him, and he's a phenomenal guitarist."


Steve Grimmett - VocalsIan Nash - GuitarChaz Grimaldi - BassPaul White - Drums

The back catalog from GRIM REAPER was reissued in Japan in October 2008 via RCA/BMG. "See You in Hell" (1984), "Fear No Evil" (1985) and "Rock You to Hell" (1987) feature JVC K2 24-bit remastering and are available for order at this location.


|||| 28 2014

METALLICA Classic "One" Covered On Traditional Chinese Guzheng

Vancouver-based musician Michelle Kwan, who covered Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine" in 2013 on a Chinese guzheng, has returned with another clip. Check out her rendition of Metallica's "One" below:

Kwan: "I've seen Metallica live in concert twice. My childhood dream is to perform on the big stage like them. If they ever did a collaboration with a Guzheng, this is how I would imagine it to sound like."


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[= ||| 28 2014


A trailer for the upcoming Live In 84 Back To The Bone release from Whitesnake has been uploaded.

Whitesnake fans worldwide now have something to be excited about. To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Whitesnakes multi-platinum Slide It In album, Frontiers Music Srl, the Italian-based label, will release Live In 84 - Back To The Bone, a complete celebration of the groups awe inspiring lineup during what many feel was the incredible beginning of what Coverdale called his desire to make Whitesnake more electrifying on record & on stage.

Set for release in the EU on November 7th and in North America on November 11th, this release will be available in DVD and a Deluxe CD/DVD edition.

Culled from audio and video recordings and unheard demos from the private collection of Whitesnake leader and vocalist, David Coverdale, the release offers an ultra-rare collection of material, performed by the bands acclaimed 83-84 line-ups. Featured on the record and driven by the awesome Cozy Powell on drums (Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, MSG, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath); unique guitarist John Sykes, whom Coverdale credits with inspiring a whole generation of six stringers after his breathtaking work on the Whitesnake 87 album and bassist Neil Murray.

There is also an extraordinary emotional bonus content featuring legendary keyboardist Jon Lord performing his last show ever with Whitesnake on video and also the bonus CD.

Its still hard for me to find the words when remembering that half the incredible band who originally recorded the Slide It In album with me have passed away, says Coverdale. Its incredibly difficult to articulate: Cozy Powell...Mel Galley...Jon LordAll amazing people and amazing musicians. Their memories live on in our hearts and in the music they made. I miss them beyond words Wait until you see and hear them playing as only they can and add in the fiery guitar assault of the incredibly gifted John Sykes, plus the relentless melodic bass pounding of Neil Murray.

Coverdale and co-producer Michael McIntyre launched a worldwide search for the best quality video footage and audio tracks from the 1984 tour. Among the gems found was a set from: Super-Rock, recorded at the first Japanese rock festival at Seibu Stadium in Tokyo and an invaluable video of Jon Lords final appearance with Whitesnake recorded live in Sweden. All of the features on this package have been treated lovingly and respectfully, with no expense spared, utilizing technology to improve sound & picture quality, says Coverdale, who personally oversaw all elements of this release.

Concludes Coverdale, These are memories I treasure and delight in sharing with you as we continue our celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Whitesnakes Slide It In.
|||| 28 2014

NIGHTWISH - Vocal Recordings For New Album Complete

Finland's Nightwish, now featuring Dutch vocalist Floor Jansen up front, have checked in with the following update:

"Vox done! Marco and Floor finished their vocal recording! We're getting closer to the end of these magical recording sessions, but this milestone in its process was celebrated with as much joy as the recording itself!"

Jansen: "I can't believe how fast all of this went, like in a dream! I am so happy with all of it though and can't wait to share it with all of you!"

Nightwish are currently working on their new album, along with producer Tero TeeCee Kinnunen. The yet-untitled creation will be the first Nightwish studio-record to feature Floor Jansen. Longtime drummer Jukka Nevalainen will sit out on the recording sessions due to health issues; Kai Hahto (Wintersun, Swallow The Sun, Trees Of Eternity) will replace him. Its set for a release in spring 2015 via Nuclear Blast.

The band recently released the fourth album trailer called The Beginning Of The Summer Camp.

Commented drummer Jukka Nevalainen on the first actual band rehearsal: You have to remember that the last time we played together was about 11 months ago. Its been quite a while. So, all things considered out initial stabs were pretty OK.

Added guitarist Emppu Vuorinen: You start to get into the songs when you rehearse them. We played a heavier tune, and it did get me moshing a bit. I dont know if it has something to do with age but the need to show off has diminished even more. Its more like you want to do justice to the song and not strut your stuff.


|||| 28 2014

MR. BIG Frontman Eric Martin Posts Video Message To The Fans, Performs "Gotta Love The Ride" Acoustic

Gearing up for the release if their new album ...The Stories We Could Tell, Mr. Big have posted the following clip on Facebook:

...The Stories We Could Tell, will be released on September 29th in the UK, and September 30th in North America via Frontiers Music. Listen to the album track, "I Forget To Breathe", below:
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[= ||| 28 2014

AMARANTHE - Fan-Filmed Video From First Show Of WITHIN TEMPTATION Support Tour Online

Swedish/Danish pop metal sextet Amaranthe kicked of their North American tour supporting Within Temptation on September 25th in San Francisco, CA at The Regency Ballroom. Fan-filmed video is available below.

The band's setlist on the night was as follows:

"Digital World" (new song)
"Massive Addictive" (new song)
"Call Out My Name"
"Drop Dead Cynical" (new song)
"The Nexus"
|||| 28 2014

NOTURNALL Release Video Clip Of Nocturnal Human Side From First Night Live DVD Featuring RUSSELL ALLEN

Noturnall, the new Brazilian metal supergroup formed by Shaman members Thiago Bianchi (vocal), Fernando Quesada (bass), Leo Mancini (guitar), Junior Carelli (keyboards), alongside world famous drummer Aquiles Priester (Hangar, ex-Angra) has released a video clip from their First Night Live DVD. The video is for the song "Nocturnal Human Side" featuring Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob vocalist Russell Allen.

Noturnall debuted on March 29th with a historical show at Carioca Club in Sao Paulo. Completly sold-out, the event was filmed for Noturnalls first DVD, First Night Live. Several tons of equipment were used, including 15 cameras, three cranes and a 10 ft. long led screen.

Produced by three different Brazilian companies, FX Render, Foggy Films and Fusao Studios, First Night Live was released during the Expomusic Fair that took place from September 17th to 21st at Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo.

Check out "Hate" from the release below.


|||| 28 2014

FROZEN DAWN Streaming Video Banished, The Everlasting Confinement

Spanish death/blackers Frozen Dawn have launched a new video-clip from the song "Banished, The Everlasting Confinement", taken from their sophomore album Those Of The Cursed Light released back in March through Xtreem Music.

Those Of The Cursed Light was recorded during winter 2013 at the Wintermoon Cult Studios (Madrid, Spain) and mixed and mastered during the summer of 2013. The album can be streamed and purchased on Bandca
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[= ||| 28 2014


|||| 28 2014


One week after the unearthing of a long-lost collaboration between Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson comes "The Mercurotti", singer-songwriter Marc Martel's tribute to two of his favorite singers, Luciano Pavarotti and Freddie Mercury.

This amazing performance was delivered in one take by Martel, who was hand-picked by QUEEN's Brian May and Roger Taylor to be the lead vocalist for the Queen Extravaganza, the hit roadshow celebrating the legendary rock group's iconic body of work. Martel is gearing up for the September 30 release of his solo debut, "Impersonator", which was produced by John Fields (SWITCHFOOT, PARACHUTE, GOO GOO DOLLS) is now available for pre-order at iTunes. A Nashville resident, Martel landed the gig after submitting a video of himself singing the 1976 QUEEN classic "Somebody To Love". The clip was posted online and immediately went viral, amassing more than a million YouTube views within a few short days (the video is now nearing the 9 million views mark). That led to a live audition for QUEEN drummer (and Extravaganza producer) Roger Taylor at 606, the Northridge, California-based studio owned by FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl. A media whirlwind ensued with coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Billboard, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone (and a plethora of others), along with Martel performing (solo) on "Ellen", then with QUEEN guitarist Brian May and Taylor on "American Idol", followed by an international tour as the face and voice of the Queen Extravaganza. "It's been insane," recalls Martel. "I entered the competition on a whim, never expecting things to take off the way they did. The Extravaganza has taken me places I've never been and I'm forever grateful to Roger and Brian for giving me that opportunity." For Martel, who spent years recording and touring as the vocalist and primary songwriter for DOWNHERE, an award-winning Canadian rock band with a sound, style and fanbase all its own, the success of the Extravaganza came with a catch. The project helped introduce Martel's talents to millions of people, but spotlights his uncanny resemblance to Freddie Mercury one of rock's most iconic vocalists more than his own music. That changes with the release of Martel's first full-length solo album, "Impersonator" a fuller view of who he is as a man, a songwriter, and a musician. "I'm proud of it because it encompasses all that I am," says Martel. "No longer being someone else, no longer the impersonator, just me." Inspired by diverse genres, the songs on "Impersonator" were all written or co-written by Martel, blending elements of rock, jazz and pop to thrilling effect. The album showcases Martel's artistic range and versatility. He possesses the kind of voice that comes along once in a generation, an uncanny instrument that gives each song unique life and emotion. "Impersonator", the title track, highlights the tender side of Martel's voice while "Say The Word" pushes his grittier tones. The sound and lyrics of every song, from the pull of "Magnetic" to the rock anthem feel of "Paradise" and "Dead Ringer" combine to make a full experience and album worthy of listen from start to finish. Asked the album title, Martel smiles and says, "It's a bit tongue-in-cheek. Being compared to Freddie Mercury is something I've come to terms with. I don't know that I'll ever successfully avoid the comparisons, as much as I might want to. Why bother, though? People hear what they want to hear because it makes them feel good, and gives them a momentary pause from a loss rock and roll has felt for years. And I'm very okay with that. But in the end, it's not me. This album is unmistakably me, and that's so satisfying."


|||| 28 2014

GHOST Performs At Swedish Amusement Park (Video)

Fan-filmed video footage of GHOST's September 26 concert at the Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden can be seen below. Photos are available at this location.

Asked if GHOST could one day exist without the outfits and the theatrical stage show, a Nameless Ghoul told Ghost Colombia: "I don't think so. I am very comfortable with the idea of not potentially being anonymous, because, in many ways, we are not anymore. Every show there's 50 people outside our bus and we do informal meet-and-greets all the time, because we have to. We cannot… The laws of gravity… in the sense that we cannot play an enclosed arena where we can completely shy away from everybody, just hovering in a helicopter."

He continued: "We have chosen not to officially claim anything, just because that was never the idea. Whether or not we will do that in the future, we'll see, but I think that what is the most important thing is that we don't change too much of how the actual craft is being presented.

"I wouldn't like to see GHOST as being just a normal band… I mean, on stage, the way that we portray ourselves. Just because people wouldn't know, like, the name of a member or anything like that… It's not like we're gonna start writing out the names on the record. So I think there is a way where these things [GHOST members' identities being known to the public and the bandmembers portraying themselves as 'nameless' on stage] can coexist. But obviously, that's up to fans to decide. If knowing who we are destroys everything, OK."

BEHEMOTH's Adam "Nergal" Darski recently posted a photo on Instagram of him hanging out backstage at the FortaRock festival in The Netherlands with Swedish musician Tobias Forge — believed to be none other than GHOST frontman Papa Emeritus II. The photo was accompanied by the caption "If you have ghosts... U have everything;)", a line from the ROKY ERICKSON song "If You Have Ghosts", which was covered by GHOST on their EP "If You Have Ghost", released in November 2013.

Speaking to Jägermeister at this past summer's Sonisphere festival in the U.K., one of the Nameless Ghouls from GHOST stated about the photo leak: "I mean, it's… We don't really know what to say about that except for we keep our identities as secret as we possibly can, of course, but at some point it's bound to happen, some things that are not really optimal for us, of course. But the identity part is always gonna be, for as long as can take it, it's gonna be a hassle in many ways, and I think we have managed to keep it below the radar, for the most part, at least."

GHOST's sophomore album, "Infestissumam", sold around 14,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 28 on The Billboard 200 chart.

GHOST was forced to modify its name in the U.S. to GHOST B.C. for "legal reasons."
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[= ||| 28 2014

PARADISE LOST Performs With Orchestra In Bulgaria: Fan-Filmed Video Footage Available

British gothic metal pioneers PARADISE LOST performed with an orchestra on September 20 at the Roman theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. For the one-off concert, the band was joined by the renowned Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra founded nearly 70 years ago and made up of over 100 highly qualified musicians. The orchestra has its roots in the hundred-year-old orchestral tradition in Plovdiv and over the years has launched the careers of many world-famous conductors.

The prestigious evening was promoted by the Bulgarian independent radio station Tangra Mega Rock and orchestrated by conductor Levon Manukyan who wrote the first metal ballet and is the founder of the Levon Manukyan Collegium Musicum orchestra. During his career, Levon has given the classical treatment to rock and metal works by MARILYN MANSON, ALICE COOPER, DREAM THEATER, AC/DC, EVANESCENCE, GUNS N' ROSES, KISS, LED ZEPPELIN, NIRVANA and JUDAS PRIEST, and worked with world-famous soloists including ex-NIGHTWISH vocalist Tarja Turunen.

Said the band prior to the event: "We have recorded elements of orchestration many times in the studio over the last two decades, as many of our songs lend themselves well to classical arrangement. However, we have never before had the chance to play with a real orchestra in a live situation, so it's very exciting to have the opportunity to play with Plovdiv Philharmonic and in such a prestigious location as the Roman theatre."

Bulgarian TV coverage, as well as fan-filmed video footage, of the performance can be seen below.

PARADISE LOST drummer Adrian Erlandsson revealed to Greece's Rock Overdose that there are "about nine songs" ready in demo form for the band's next studio album and "they're quite a lot heavier" than those on PARADISE LOST's last CD, 2012's "Tragic Idol". He added: "I think some people will be surprised."

Asked what style of vocals PARADISE LOST singer Nick Holmes will adopt on the band's next album, Adrian said: "I can't say, 'cause it's only demos [that have been recorded] so far. I think there will probably be a mixture, but it will, in parts, probably, possibly be heavier than 'Tragic Idol'. But you don't know until it's been recorded [properly]. Okay, there may be one thing on the demos, but when you come to do the album, it becomes something else."


|||| 28 2014

Video: CHRIS CORNELL Reunites With Former AUDIOSLAVE Bandmate TOM MORELLO At Seattle Benefit Concert

SOUNDGARDEN singer Chris Cornell made a guest appearance last night (Friday, September 26) during a performance by his former AUDIOSLAVE bandmate, guitarist Tom Morello, at the El Corazon in Seattle. Morello's acoustic set was part of a benefit concert for 15 Now, the grassroots organization that successfully fought for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle.

Video footage of the performance — courtesy of "Iron" Mike Savoia of Savoia Photography Live — can be seen below.

Cornell and Morello had not performed live together since Cornell left AUDIOSLAVE and the band broke up in 2007 after three studio albums.

In a 2007 interview, Cornell spoke about the AUDIOSLAVE split, saying: "Tom and I did have communications about the fact that I was gonna go make a record, and that I was tired of what ended up seeming like political negotiations toward how we were gonna do AUDIOSLAVE business and getting nowhere with it. We had back-and-forths about that, and we also as a band sat in a room with other people trying to work this out on numerous occasions, and it wasn't really happening."

Morello told The Pulse Of Radio not long after AUDIOSLAVE's demise that he had no hard feelings against Cornell for quitting. "You know, Chris I consider a good friend and I love that guy, you know, and we went through a lot together, both musically and personally," he said. "And it was, you know, my belief that the band's friendship and roots were deep."

AUDIOSLAVE also featured RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk. The band's albums were a 2002 self-titled debut, 2005's "Out Of Exile" and 2006's "Revelations".

After AUDIOSLAVE broke up, Morello, Commerford and Wilk reunited with singer Zack De La Rocha and began playing again as RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE in 2007, although the group has not performed live in three years.

Cornell released two solo albums before SOUNDGARDEN reunited in 2010.

Morello and Commerford attended Cornell's 50th birthday party in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, along with SOUNDGARDEN members Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd.


|||| 28 2014

LARS ERIC MATTSSON Releases Let Me Rock You 1984-87; Full Song, Track Samples Streaming

Let Me Rock You (1984-87) is the second (and final) release by Lars Eric Mattsson made up of 16 tracks as performed by his previous band, Eternity.

Let Me Rock You (1984-87) is the sequel to Hot And Able (1983-85), Lars' first album made up of his early songwriting but in newly recorded versions. Let Me Rock You consists of 16 tracks of which the title track and "Take Me Home" were released on a single by his band Eternity in 1987. Most of the other tracks here were also performed by Eternity but never recorded properly as the band split up as Lars was offered a solo artist recording contract.


"Leave Me Alone"
"In Your Crystal Ball"
"Always Get Burned"
"Take Me Home"
"I Am The Torch"
"When It's Time For Me To Go"
"Witches Burning"
"Let Me Rock You"
"Kiss The Sky"
"Run From Yourself"
"Open Up Your Heart"
"The Final Poem"
"I Love To Rock"

All vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards by Lars Eric Mattsson. Drums and percussion by Christer Jansson. Hammond Organ by Alexander King.

All music and lyrics written by Lars Eric Mattsson between 1984-87. Recorded and Mixed at the New Lion's Cage Studio, March-May 2014.
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[= ||| 28 2014

BLACK FATE Reveal New Album Details; Second Teaser Streaming

Between Visions & Lies, the upcoming album from Greek melodic metal band, Black Fate, will be released on November 28th in Europe and on December 2nd in North America via Ulterium Records.

Led by the incredible vocals from Vasilis Georgiou and the technical playing from guitarist Gus Drax, Black Fate will surely gain attention in the scene with their new album, that could be described like a mix between Kamelot, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Conception. The album was mastered by Erik Tordsson (Antestor, End of September) at Solid Mix Studios. Check out a second album teaser below.

Between Visions & Lies tracklisting:

"Rhyme Of A False Orchestra"
"Lines In The Sand"
"The Game Of Illusion"
"Into The Night"
"In Your Eyes"
"Call Of The Wild"
"State Of Conformity"
"Without Saying A Word"
"Perfect Crime"
"Weight Of The World"
"In Fear"
|||| 28 2014

BOLT THROWER: Fan-Filmed Footage Of Prague Concert

Fan-filmed video footage of BOLT THROWER's September 24 performance in Prague, Czech Republic can be seen below.

The last three albums from BOLT THROWER — "Mercenary" (1998), "Honour Valour Pride" (2001) and "Those Once Loyal" (2005) — were reissued on vinyl on October 24, 2011 via Metal Blade Records. All three albums were released as gatefold LPs in colored vinyl, limited to 1,000 units each.

BOLT THROWER indefinitely postponed plans to record a new studio album after the band realized that the new stuff it had written "just doesn't match up" to the group's last CD, "Those Once Loyal". "We have a lot of pride in our back catalogue, and we refuse to turn into one of the many bands (like the ones we grew up listening to) who end up releasing crap, and we're also not prepared to compromise by instead releasing an album of cover versions or a 'best-of' album," BOLT THROWER explained in a statement.

"Those Once Loyal" entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 76 — the group's highest-charting release in Germany so far. The follow-up to 2001's "Honour, Valour, Pride" was recorded at Andy Faulkner's Sable Rose studios and was the band's first album since the return of original vocalist Karl Willetts as a full-time member.


|||| 27 2014

KHAØS - Risen Album Details Revealed; Trailer Video Posted

Swiss/US rockers, Khaøs, have revealed more information regarding the release of their debut album, Risen. Recorded by Rolf Munkes at his Empire Studios in Germany and mastered by music legend and award winner for Adeles 21, Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound in New York; Risen follows the bands revered 2012 Rising EP and will be released on October 20th via Plastichead Distribution/MRR Records.

Risen tracklisting:

"After The Silence"
"Crisis Factor"
"Loaded Question"
"End Of Daze"
"Merchants Of Khaøs"
"Ride The Chain"
"Hung The Moon"
"Imagined Danger"
"Static Windows"
"As Far As We Go"
"The Breathing Room"

Album trailer:

Guitarist Mark Rossi comments: The subject matter transcends individual boundaries, hearkening to darker scenarios yet striving for resolution. The lyrical approach follows a trend of maintaining hope while facing difficulty and conflict. All the evil of mankind cannot suppress the people if they wont let it. Aside from the lyrics and tone, the projects unifying element is one of hard rock expression, which defies definition with every song.

Frontman Chandler Mogel (also of Outloud & Chrome Public) adds: Musically and lyrically Risen is a continuation from Rising, which was just a taste but began to touch on some of the deeper subject matter that I wanted to develop further into my writing; I had also been writing some Outloud songs with deeper meanings but for me it wasn't really working in that setting. I knew I needed a different approach musically for it, and Khaøs seemed like the right fit so I channeled this focus there. I wanted an outlet to really convey problems with society, personal struggles, mental mechanisms, and the reasons for all of this. As always I leave the lyrics open to interpretation from the listener as each person will take something different from them, but these are general themes that are prevalent here.

Mark who designed the artwork himself discusses the cover art: As a first full-length album, Risen is a sort of baptism of fire for this band. The visual concept of the artwork tries to accentuate this primordial aspect, in a manner of speaking the birth of Khaøs and its origin. We used symbols like a faded version of Leonardos Vitruvian Man for the background, a theme I was dealing with before starting this project. This picture reflects somehow many of the topics treated in our songs. It is static in structure but dynamic in its presentation of a moving, living man. A bit like our music.

I had different ideas for the album cover first. I started with an orb but decided it was maybe too simple and too generic for this type of album. Finally I used that idea for the design of my guitar pic. Then I switched to the griffin theme. Chandler liked my very first sketch and we ended up using that exact picture for the album cover.

Check out the video for the lead single, "After The Silence", below:
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[= ||| 27 2014

NANGILIMA Streaming Track From Debut Album; Artwork, Tracklisting Revealed

Swedish doomsters, Nangilima, will release their debut album, The Dark Matter, on November 8th via Xtreem Music. The album track, "Stain Of A Broken Life", can be heard below.

The album artwork, by French artist Lenore Ani, can be seen below, along with the tracklisting.


"Chemin Vers le Néant" (Intro)
"Stain Of A Broken Life"
"Crimson Shroud"
"The Link Of Reminiscence"
"The Dark Matter"
"Éternel Sommeil" (Outro)
|||| 27 2014

NEONFLY Signs With Inner Wound Recordings; Strangers In Paradise Album Details Revealed

Inner Wound Recordings announce the signing of melodic metal band, Neonfly, to the label. Their upcoming album, Strangers In Paradise, will be released on November 28th in Europe, December 1st in the UK and December 2nd in North America.

Strangers In Paradise is the work of a band who have patently grown in stature and now very much developed their own true musical and lyrical voice. Issues addressed include invasion, addiction, social injustice, political corruption, the end of innocence and emotional loss. The album artwork, inspired by Aztec / Mesoamerican culture, is courtesy of up and coming US artist Jorge "Qetza" Garza.

Strangers In Paradise was produced, mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Unisonic, Angra, Primal Fear, Krokus).

Strangers In Paradise tracklisting:

"Whispered Dreams"
"Highways To Nowhere"
"Better Angels"
"Rose In Bloom"
"Heart Of The Sun"
"Aztec Gold"
"Fierce Battalions"
"Sons Of Liberty"
"Chasing The Night"
"Falling Star"
|||| 27 2014

UNITED PROGRESSIVE FRATERNITY Announce North American Release Of Debut Album; "The Water" Video Featuring YES' Jon Anderson Streaming

InsideOutMusic has set November 24th as the North American release date for United Progressive Fraternity's debut album, Fall In Love With The World.


"We Only Get One World (Overture)"
"The Water"
"Don't Look Back - Turn Left"
"Travelling Man (The Story Of ESHU)"
"Fall In Love With The World"
"Religion Of War"
"The Water" (Alternative Mix) (CD only)

"The Water" video featuring YES' Jon Anderson:

Formed from the ashes of respected Australian progressive rockers Unitopia, the band sees Matt Williams, Dave Hopgood, Tim Irrgang and Mark 'Truey' Trueack joined by Guy Manning (Manning, The The Tangent), Daniel Mash (Maschine, The Tangent), and Marek Arnold. The forthcoming album also features guest appearances from Jon Anderson of YES, as well as Steve Hackett of Genesis.

The band had this to say about the signing and upcoming tour: "We are absolutely thrilled to be signed to such a prestigious label as InsideOut and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership in the future. We are very proud of what we have achieved with the making of this, the debut album from UPF. Everyone has worked incredibly hard to bring it together, and while the road we travelled to get here was a real challenge, the journey has been worth every step. We have strived to create a richer, bolder, grittier sound trying to evolve a little more, and we truly believe we have succeeded in this. But none of it would have been possible without the commitment, passion and belief in the vision of the Fraternity, of every member of the band and the newly formed UPF family so now....we really are, all parts of the whole!!

We are very excited to be taking UPF to the road with our Promotional UK/European tour in autumn, kicking off at the 2014 Summers End X Festival where we have the prime Saturday night spot on 27th September. We will be playing tracks from the new album and Unitopia fans will not be disappointed as we will be playing selected favourites from the Unitopia back catalogue. We are very much looking forward to all playing live together for the very first time! We intend to give our audience a musical journey they will not forget and hope that they too, will not just fall in love with our music but fall in love with the world!"

The band will embark on their first live dates later this year, starting with Summer's End Festival in the UK and continuing into Europe in October. The full list of dates can be found below:

27 - Summer's End Festival, Chepstow - England

2 - The Barge Antipode - Paris, France
3 - Poppodium Nieuwe Nor - Heerlen, Netherlands
4 - Chez Paulette - Nancy, France
5 - T Blok, Nieuwekerk Aan - Deijsel, Netherlands
7 - Blues Café Nieuwstraat 74A - Apeldoorn, Netherlands
10 - The Bedford Balham - London, England
11 - The Wesley Arts Centre - Maltby, England
12 - Cathouse - Glasgow, Scotland
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[= ||| 27 2014

DEVILMENT Premier "Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me" Video

Britain's Devilment featuring the master of horrors, Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth, Temple Of The Black Moon), have released their video for the single, "Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me", which will be featured on the band's upcoming debut album.

Commented director Sam Scott-Hunter: "With this video I really wanted to capture the intensity of the song, and then shove it in your face to get the heart pounding - the visual equivalent of listening to it loud on your headphones in a dark room. So to do that we locked ourselves in a studio in deepest, darkest Suffolk, turned most of the lights out and the volume up, and we didn't come out again until we had that intense groove etched indelibly into the back of the camera. It's a dark song, and I wanted that heaviness to come across visually, but there's also an air of mystery and mysticism in what the band are doing, and to capture that we enlisted an incredible dancer, NagaSita, who has a wonderfully different and exotic take on the track. I hope when people watch this, they can turn the lights off, turn it up loud, and enjoy a really intense experience."

Added Dani Filth: "When we approached undertaking a video for the track 'Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me', the intention was to create something very visually disturbing, yet stunning to look at, in a minimalistic monochrome context. The idea was to really bring out the performance of the track and marry it to phantasmagorical images, all cut to the massive pounding beat. Through the inclusion of smoke, strobe-lighting, fire, Theban masks, exotic dance and silhouette, we have endeavoured to create a mystic atmosphere in which we plunged the entire studio into complete and utter darkness, so that the viewer's full attention is focused on these aforementioned traits, set adrift against what appears to be the timeless whirls of space. Sam Scott-Hunter the director and his assistant for the day, band photographer Dex Jezierski, both pulled out all the stops to make this video come to horrid artistic fruition, and we even enlisted the help of my wife Toni and daughter Luna for hair, angle-grinding, make-up and costume, all for the benefit of keeping our cinematic occult activities a closed secret from the unsuspecting human world. As a band we are all extremely pleased with the outcome of our dalliance with the dark arts and hope that viewers to this visual feast will enjoy it just as much as we did weaning the video from it's deep Satanic birth."

Devilment recently announced announced that Bam Margera (MTV Jackass, Viva La Bam, Fuckface Unstoppable) will be featured on the band's upcoming debut album, The Great And Secret Show, which is scheduled to be released on Halloween (October 31st).

Margera can be heard duetting on Devilment's cover of the Midnight Oil classic, "Beds Are Burning", which will be included as a bonus track on the limited first edition of the album.

Commented Bam: "Having known Dani for a while now, and having him sing onstage with me at my wedding in Iceland last year, when he asked me to be a part of a song Devilment were covering, I naturally jumped at the chance. The original track was awesome, this new interpretation of it is even better and I am just stoked to be a part of Dani's new band's stuff, which in all honesty f**king rocks like a muthaf**king f**k!

Added Dani Filth: "It was actually on my birthday last year when the idea came to me to cover this track, as for some strange reason I kept hearing it being played on the local radio station and subsequently, a few times when I breezed into petrol stations and food stores. I've always liked the song since hearing it in my teens, as I think it's very anthemic, and Cradle Of Filth have always been known for undertaking wacky songs and bastardising them to our own twisted ends, so with my birthday epiphany bursting upon me, I put the idea of covering the tune to the rest of the band... to a positive response. As for my good friend Bam Margera, I thought it would be cool for him to demonstrate his vocal prowess by returning a favour, for he'd had me sing with him (strangely enough, Anathema's "Sleepless") at his wedding ceremony in Iceland last year and I thought it a top notch way to get him back in style! He didn't require much persuasion... In all seriousness, it was a challenge and as a band we have given the track a slightly more psychotic edge, courtesy of pounding drums, hypnotic bass, industrial-esque guitars and a wicked keyboard melody lending it a John Carpenter/Tubular Bells 'Exorcist' vibe. Plus of course there's the vocals!"

Devilment have released the third episode of the official album interview series. Check out Dani, Daniel and Lauren talking about how the band met:


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GUS G. To Release Expanded Edition Of I Am The Fire Album; Video Trailer Posted

Ozzy Osbourne / Firewind guitarist, Gus G., continues to promote his solo debut, I Am The Fire, which was released in March via Century Media Records, and has now embarked on a run of acoustic dates together with Mats Levén, the main vocalist on the I Am The Fire album, before he heads off to perform shows in North America and then also joins up with the Metal All Stars tour in South America and Europe for touring throughout the end of the year.

Gus G.'s live itinerary can be found at this location.

Alongside this intense string of touring, a special expanded edition CD + DVD digipak of the I Am The Fire album will be released in Europe on November 3rd. This limited release will feature four bonus tracks and a 62-minutes bonus DVD (Including the albums four official video clips so far, three live tracks, six guitar tutorials as well as an EPK and track-by-track Commentary).

I Am The Fire (Expanded Edition) tracklisting:

"My Will Be Done" (featuring Mats Levén)
"Blame It On Me" (featuring Mats Levén)
"I Am The Fire" (featuring Devour The Day)
"Vengeance" (featuring David Ellefson)
"Long Way Down" (featuring Alexia Rodriguez)
"Just Cant Let Go" (featuring Jacob Bunton)
"Terrified" (featuring Billy Sheehan)
"Eyes Wide Open" (featuring Mats Levén)
"Redemption" (featuring Michael Starr)
"Summer Days" (featuring Jeff Scott Soto)
"Dreamkeeper" (featuring Tom S. Englund)
"End Of The Line" (featuring Mats Levén)

Bonus Tracks:
"Hesitate" (featuring Tara Teresa)
"Without You"
"Last Embrace"
"Redemption" (featuring Mats Levén)



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ENCOFFINATION Streaming "Charnel Bowels Of A Putrescent Earth" Track Online

With three solid years of putrid silence having passed since American death/doom metal duo, Encoffination, did its best to suffocate the masses with a full-length album, the even deadlier follow-up album is being prepared for exhibit.

This autumn, Selfmadegod Records will present the horrid III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs), an album that takes Encoffination's star-encrusted tones, slow-motion seismic rhythms and soulless, guttural conjuring to their most claustrophobic levels to date. Listen to the track, "Charnel Bowels Of A Putrescent Earth", streaming below.

The follow-up to their 2011-released O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchers LP, the cross-country based duo takes the rotted death-crush into more occult territory, and implement some of the most ghoulish, slug-paced funeral death to ever be recorded on III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs). Constructed over a full year, the album was recorded in various sessions throughout 2013, the drums recorded at Universal Sound in San Diego, California, and the rest at Graf Yairden in Atlanta. Funeral vocal choirs, organs and other elements influence the flow of the album, making this one of the most harrowing releases of the year, not only one of the most slowly destructive.

Selfmadegod Records will release Encoffination's III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs) on CD and via digital delivery in North America on October 21st, and a month later on 2LP.

III Hear Me, O Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs) tracklisting:

Processional Opvs Thanatologia
Charnel Bowels Of A Putrescent Earth
Cemetaries Of Purgation
Crowned Icons
Rotting Immemorial
From His Holy Cup, Drink; Come Death
Pale Voices
Mould Of Abandonment

"Charnel Bowels Of A Putrescent Earth":
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IN TORMENTATA QUIETE Reveal Details For Upcoming Cromagia Album

Bologna, Italy-based avantgarde black metal act, In Tormentata Quiete, will follow up their debut album, Teatroelementale, with the sophomore release, Cromagia, due via the band's renewed deal with My Kingdom Music on November 17th.


"Il Profumo Del Blu"
"Il Sapore Del Rosso"
"Il Sussurro Del Verde"
"La Carezza Del Giallo"
"La Visione Del Nero"

Guitarsit Lorenzo Rinaldi states: "We are really honoured to be signing In Tormentata Quiete to My Kingdom Music again. After the release of Teatroelementale, we've worked hard for months preparing this new chapter concentrating ourselves on each single detail of this creature. I think it's time for In Tormentata Quiete to do the big step towards a more international audience, because Cromagia is not an album like others and we really think that with My Kingdom Music this could happen!"
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YEAR OF THE GOAT To Release The Key And The Gate EP In November; Artwork, Tracklisting Revealed

Spinning Goblin / Napalm Records recently announced the signing of Sweden's dark/occult rock band, Year Of The Goat.

With a dash of retro, a touch of 70s flair, anthemic choruses and driving grooves, the sextet present themselves using their music as an opportunity to carry the finest dark rock in the world. Now the band have revealed the artwork, title, release dates and tracklisting for their upcoming EP.

The Key And The Gate will be released on November 28th in via Napalm Records and will also be available as an exclusive 12" gatefold edition in the Napalm Records Online Store.


"The Key And The Gate"
"Mystic Mountains"
"Non-Euclidean Calculus"

In 2011 Year Of The Goat hit the occult rock scene with their debut release, the EP Lucem Ferre, and followed up with the album Angels' Necropolis in 2012. Both releases were well received by audiences. Now the band has joined forces with Napalm Records for their follow-up album.

Thomas Sabbathi on the signing with Napalm Records: "We're really looking forward to working with Napalm and feel they understand where we want to take the music and also importantly we believe they can help us reach out with the message to everyone who needs it!"


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Multi-media artist Nader Sadek's new four-song EP The Malefic: Chapter III will be released as a free CD insert this November and December via Decibel Magazine (#122), Terrorizer Magazine in the UK (#254) and Legacy Magazine in Germany (#94). The Decibel release has a different mix and master from the UK and German versions. The album will also be released digitally in December.


"Deformation By Incision"
"Carrion Whispers"
"Entropy Eternal"

Returning to the fold are main songwriters Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy fame, master composer and guitarist Rune Eriksen of black thrashers Aura Noir and ever-rising, multi-voiced growler Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation. Bobby Koelble, whose jazz-influenced technique mixed with tinges of Eastern passion, brings a fresh flare into the sound. Depending mostly on what sounds like millions of notes being touched at ungraspable speed, Koelble is best known for his work with genre creating band Death, as he collaborated in creating their most revered record, Symbolic. Lastly, the solos of Brazilian guitarist Andreas Kisser from yet another genre defining band, Sepultura bring an emotion that is both chaotic and yet full of feeling, and whose whammy-bar twisting and dragged notes introduce a wicked counterpoint to Koelble's style. Shimmering on the surface are the angelic sirens of Carmen Simoes formerly of the Ava Inferi and current Moonspell backing vocalist, who conjures a sense of depth to the song "Descent".

Musically, the EP runs through a variety of emotions and styles, resulting in a schizophrenic sound that nonetheless yields a tight, cacophonous, and nightmarish unit, serving the album's concept of a man's struggle with the self-defeating consequences of his own decisions. It can be said that each track leans towards a different subgenre of extreme metal, starting with mid 90's style death metal, coursing through black metal, going back to late '80s era death metal and finally concluding with a doom metal track. However, the general feel of the EP is an undeniably intense Death metal vibe.

The album concept conjures an unknown time and place from which God has withdrawn, and even his arch-nemesis has resigned from his post due to inactivity, stranding all souls in Limbo. In order to rescue his loved ones, and all the souls of humankind, from this limbonic afterlife, a nameless protagonist journeys to the sacred mountain of the divine. Convinced by the righteousness of his mission, he believes that his enthronement on the divine mountain will release all souls to eternal bliss. Yet blinded by his own arrogance, he realizes only too late that he has reactivated and occupied the throne of the devil, condemning all souls, even those of his family, to an eternal inferno. Chapter III signifies the final act and conclusion of the story, which is set to be re-released as a graphic novel in the future along with Chapters I & II.

The fantastical imagery and vocabulary of The Malefic: Chapter III conceals a combative political allegory in that the journey of the nameless protagonist replays the journey of most politicians. Seeking power to serve righteous ends, their arrogance and access to the corridors of power corrupts them until they pursue personal gain above all else, even to the point of destroying the very things they originally desired to save.

Other important production choices amplify this wide-ranging sonic palette. For example, almost each song uses a different bass player.


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DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS To Release Aventvs 12" Mini-LP In February

In February 2015, Hammerheart Records will release an extremely limited 12 mini-LP by Polish black/death crushers, Devilish Impressions, entitled Aventvs.

Formed in 2000, Devilish Impressions has become a lethal machine of majestic supremacy when it comes to mixing death and black metal. With their 2012 album, Simulacra, they should have deserved a spot among the great names as Behemoth and Septic Flesh, and the two new tracks could best be described as a thunderbolt-mixture of just those names without giving in an inch to their own uniqueness and quality.

Recorded at Studio Hertz those two tracks (clocking still close to twenty minutes) need to be heard, they are among the best ever done in this style, and this EP will become an object of cult status. The fitting and crushing artwork is done by Upgrade Studio... it will cause some eyebrow lifting.

Exact details and more news to follow.
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PSYCHOSTICK To Release IV: Revenge Of The Vengeance Album; CD Release Tour Announced

Chicago, IL-based humorecore masters, Psychostick, will release their fourth full-length album, IV: Revenge Of The Vengeance, on November 4th. This latest album from the band's laugh factory is the follow up to 2011's Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs In 3-D and 2013 singles "Obey The Beard" and "Dogs Like Socks", which also appear on the new album along with tons of new tracks, plus guest appearances by Bill Manspeaker (founder of Green Jello), Neil Patterson and Rob Nichols from Downtown Brown and many many more comedy sing-a-longs ready for the road.


"Revenge Of The Vengeance"
"Obey The Beard"
"President Rhino"
"So. Heavy."
"Dogs Like Socks"
"Super Legit OFFICIAL Teaser #2 Explode"
"Quack Kills"
"Blue Screen"
"Danger Zone"
"New To The Neighborhood"
"Loathe Thy Neighbor"
"Choking Hazard"
"Fight To The Death"
"Bruce Campbell"
"Trick Or Treat"
"Dimensional Time Portal"
"The Power Of Metal Compels You"
"Outtakes IV: The Outtakening"

To check out the various pre-order packages for IV: Revenge Of The Vengeance, visit this location

Pre-Order Video:

"We're excited to get back on the road after the lengthy studio-building and album-recording process. The early reaction to the album has been fantastic and we're ready for everyone to finally get the chance to hear it", comments vocalist Rob Kersey.

The laugh makers will be venturing out on the road from October 31st to November 23rd promoting the release with tickets going on sale Monday, September 29th.


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dEMOTIONAL To Release Tarassis Album In November; Details Revealed

Swedish melodic metal band, dEMOTIONAL, will release their second album, Tarassis, via Dead End Exit Records on November 28th.

dEMOTIONAL's music has, like the band, become more mature and complex over time. Recorded at Studio PH (owned and operated by Pontus Hjelm, Dead By April) the band have experimented with their sound and gained influences from a wide range of genres that they combined with the party driven tunes and notable lyrics, that makes them what they are.


"Hero In Me"
"To The Gallows"
"Initialize The Calm"
"Broken Dreams"
"Star Without Fame"
"Two Tales From Tarassis"
"Miracles" (featuring Pontus Hjelm)
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