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*TED NUGENT Celebrates FIDEL CASTRO's Death [179]
*NIGHTWISH Singer FLOOR JANSEN Says SLAYER Is 'A Dreadful Band' [101]
*DEEP PURPLE To Release 'Infinite' Studio Album In 2017 [63]
*NIGHTWISH Singer Stands By Her SLAYER Comments: Their 'Music Is Not My... [46]
*METALLICA's 'Hardwired... To Self-Destruct' Tops U.S. Chart With Nearl... [29]
[= ||| 8 дек 2016

NIGHTWISH - Unboxing Vehicle Of Spirit Limited Boxset; Video

Nuclear Blast Records have released this new video, offering a look at the special version of the Nightwish live DVD/Blu-Ray/CD, Vehicle Of Spirit, out December 16th (Europe) and January 6th (North America).

After touring for a year and a half throughout almost every corner of the world and leaving fans of all nationalities breathless, the time has come for Nightwish to immortalize their Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour on DVD.

Vehicle Of Spirit features not only two full concerts, but also plenty of bonus material. Pre-order various formats here. A second trailer can be found below.

"The title Vehicle Of Spirit came from a friend of Troy's, who after seeing our show a few years ago defined Nightwish as 'A vehicle of spirit that defies category'. That beautiful description has followed us ever since, and felt like a perfect match as the DVD title," states keyboardist and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen.

Sold out arenas and spectacular shows with never before seen pyro effects, wind machines, video screens and of course Nightwish's incomparable melodies are the elements that made their latest tour so unique. Special highlights for the band have been two particular shows though:

The one in London, where they not only played their hymns such as 'Élan' and the majestic 'The Greatest Show On Earth' to more than 12,000 fans, but also welcomed the world famous scientist Richard Dawkins live on stage with them. Richard Dawkins´ works had a massive impact on the thematical orientation of their latest studio album Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Finland's Tampere show however was a home run for the band and never before Nightwish had such an immense stage production with them:

"I would say the main part of the DVD are those two shows, both Wembley and Tampere. Wembley is mentioned first due to its recognizability and legendary status. I remember the show being very special, both a goal achieved, and a starting point. The crowd was heartwarming. The presence of Richard Dawkins on stage was just mind-blowing. The overall experience was a once-in-a-lifetime thrill ride! The show in Ratina Stadion, Tampere, was a home crowd specialty (for 4/6th of the band) with the biggest stage production we've ever had. A lovely atmosphere throughout the concert, with many same faces in the front row as there were 15 years ago. Heartfelt."

When it comes to the fine artwork of the DVD, Nightwish decided to walk different paths this time and come up with a little alternative idea, as Tuomas explains:

"We didn't want to include a traditional band shot for the cover, as on the previous DVD release Showtime, Storytime. So we started brainstorming on different options and the idea of a classic silent movie era Hollywood visuals quickly came up. With those classic slogans the cover has a little tongue-in-cheek-touch to it, but it's still classy and eye catching in its simplicity and originality."

Trailer #1:

Trailer #2:



“Shudder Before The Beautiful”:


|||| 8 дек 2016

OVERKILL: Second Trailer For 'The Grinding Wheel' Album

Legendary New Jersey thrashers OVERKILL will release their new studio album, titled "The Grinding Wheel", on February 19, 2017 via Nuclear Blast. The disc was produced by OVERKILL and mixed by Andy Sneap (TESTAMENT, EXODUS, ACCEPT). The artwork was created again by Travis Smith (NEVERMORE, OPETH, SOILWORK, DEATH).

"The Grinding Wheel" track listing:

01. Mean Green Killing Machine02. Goddamn Trouble03. Our Finest Hour04. Shine On05. The Long Road06. Let's All Go To Hades07. Come Heavy08. Red White And Blue09. The Wheel10. The Grinding Wheel

The second trailer for "The Grinding Wheel", in which the members of OVERKILL talk about the album's lyrics, is available below.

OVERKILL frontman Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth recently told the Croatian metal portal about the delay in getting "The Grinding Wheel" released: "It was simplicity. It was a matter of internal mix-ups. We thought we had the entire month of August to mix, when we really had none of the month of August to mix. When Nuclear Blast [OVERKILL's record label] called us, and said, 'Where's the music?' We said, 'Fifteen more days.' We were really close with the mix, but this was our first time working with [producer/mixer] Andy Sneap and he told us, 'Hey, man, it's close, it's 90 percent, but let's do another twelve days when I get back from a business trip. D.D. [Verni, bass], Dave [Linsk, guitars] and I discussed it, and asked: Do you take the great product? Or do you take the money? That's the way we thought about it. We took the dignity over the money with regard to pushing the release back. I always think of every record as your best opportunity to prove yourselves. If you go out pushing that record out, thinking it's 90 percent, then it fucking is 90 percent. It was a real simple mix-up with regard to time. We blame ourselves for 50 percent and Nuclear for the other 50 percent. No, 51 percent for them, 49 percent for us. [Laughs]"

Regarding the musical direction of the new album, Bobby said: "First and foremost, production. Andy has done some great work with different bands in the genre from ACCEPT to ARCH ENEMY. He's really the metal go-to guy. But we wanted to use his abilities, but we wanted to use them with regard to how we saw the record being. One of the things we saw in modern metal is a guitar tone that doesn't have a cohesive relationship with the drums. We wanted more organic drums to start with, and we wanted a guitar tone that came somewhere out of the high technology of the '90s. So it's really kind of a throwback with regard to our thinking, so if you're thinking a drum sounding like a drum and the guitars sounding more in the vein of 'Horrorscope' for us, where it wasn't just top end, but top end and low end with a little bit of mids carved out of them. I think that's the thing I noticed the most about it. "

He continued: "With regard to songwriting, we had done three records, 'Ironbound', 'The Electric Age' and 'White Devil Armory', that were for us, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. [Laughs] Or sisters! There's something about them where there was a formula that we were, I think in our opinion, neglecting some of the other tools that we've accumulated over the years. 'The Grinding Wheel' is much more diverse. There's an epic feel to some of the songs. There's a sludgy, slower feel. There is 'Our Finest Hour', which has been released, which could fit on one of those other three records but everything else doesn't seem like it would fit on these records. I think it's a wider OVERKILL, but press play when you get it. I think that's the best way for people to decide. Everybody has got to be a critic. That's the idea of being a music fan. I'm a music fan, but I'm also a critic. I love or I hate, or it's okay. It'd rather be loved or hated, not 'Ah, it's okay, whatever.'"

OVERKILL and NILE will join forces for a U.S. tour in February/March 2017.


|||| 8 дек 2016

NIGHTWISH Singer Stands By Her SLAYER Comments: Their 'Music Is Not My Thing'

NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen says that her recent derogatory comments about SLAYER were taken "out of context" and "used for pathetic 'shock purposes.'"

Last week TeamRock reported how Jansen called SLAYER "dreadful," "unbelievably boring" and "terrible" when asked to name the most metal album she owns.

She gave the original comments in Metal Hammer magazine's regular light-hearted feature "The Metal Test".

After SLAYER fans reacted angrily to her comments, Jansen took to her Instagram account to respond. She wrote: "Apparently I unleashed the fury upon metal earth when I was asked a question about the most metal album I own. Thinking SLAYER's music is not my thing doesn't mean I don't respect the band for what they are and what they've done. I just won't play it. As I can imagine they won't listen to mine either for that matter.

"The reactions this triggered online saddens me. We are all entitled to our own opinion. But this sentence about my metal albums was put out of context, blown up and used for pathetic 'shock purposes.' Does that mean I need to keep my mouth shut next time, no. Does it mean I need to be offended by so many whom I didn't offend? No... I don't like SLAYER. Shall we get over that now?"

Jansen revealed in September that she was four months pregnant. The singer's partner is SABATON drummer Hannes Van Dahl.

Jansen, who officially joined NIGHTWISH in 2013, recently shot down speculation that NIGHTWISH's upcoming year-long break in 2017 has something to do with tension between members of the group. The vocalist also dismissed rumors that she will leave the band after welcoming her first child.


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[= ||| 8 дек 2016

METALLICA: Pro-Shot Footage Of 'Fade To Black' Performance From Toronto Concert

Professionally filmed video footage of METALLICA performing the song "Fade To Black" during their special intimate club show on November 29 at the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario, Canada can be seen below. Also available is a Banger TV report on the concert.

The band, which just released its tenth studio album, "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct", donated the proceeds of the show at the 950-person venue to the Daily Bread Food Bank. The quartet also asked its fans to bring non-perishable food items, which were dropped off at the door.

Tickets, which were $25 for members of the band's fan club and $100 for the general public, sold out in minutes.

Benita Aalto, a spokesperson for Daily Bread, told CBC Toronto that the charity had no advance notice of METALLICA's plans but was thrilled when the news broke.

"This was a delightful surprise," she said.

According to, the Toronto concert saw METALLICA frontman James Hetfield playing the opening arpeggios to "Fade To Black" again "when the rattle of machine-gun fire on the PA signalled to everyone else in the room that 'One' was about to happen, a flub he good-naturedly acknowledged by reprising the intro yet again when the band returned to the stage for its encore."

"That song's so good, I just wanted to play it twice, you know?" he quipped.

"Hardwired… To Self-Destruct" debuted as expected at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 album chart on November 27, selling 291,000 copies in its first week of release. Both of the band's previous outings, 2008's "Death Magnetic" and 2003's "St. Anger", sold more copies in shortened sales weeks. "Death Magnetic" moved 490,000 copies in a three-day window, while "St. Anger" shifted 418,000 copies in a similar frame.


|||| 8 дек 2016

HANGING GARDEN Premier Music Video For “Towards The Sun” Featuring SWALLOW THE SUN’s Mikko Kotamäki

Hanging Garden's new music video for “Towards The Sun” is streaming below. The track features Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow The Sun) on guest vocals and is taken from the band's Hereafter EP.

“Today is independent Finland's 99th birthday. The attitudes and the general mood of public discourse is in a sad state, riddled with hate and xenophobia. Finland, as we wish you a brighter tomorrow, this song is dubbed “Towards The Sun”.”

Hanging Garden’s Hereafter EP is now available on CD digipak and digital via Lifeforce Records. A music video for the title track can be found below.


“Penumbra” feat. Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow The Sun)
“Sirkle Of Onan” feat. Victor Wegeborn (The Moth Gatherer)
“Where The Tides Collide” feat. Alexander Högbom (October Tide, Centinex)
“Towards The Sun” feat. Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow The Sun)

“Hereafter” video:

“Sirkle Of Onan” lyric video:

“Penumbra” lyric video:

|||| 7 дек 2016

DEE SNIDER Shows Support For Protesters At Standing Rock In 'So What' Video

Not one to shy away from any political or social cause that he wholeheartedly believes in, legendary rocker Dee Snider is now showing his support for the thousands of men and women at the Standing Rock Indian reservation in North Dakota who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. In a video for "So What" that premiered earlier today, Dee and son/director Cody Snider beautifully exhibit the faces of the courageous men, women and children that are fighting for their land and offers a glimpse at the resistance and tribulation they are faced with as they stand their ground. The song can be found on Dee's new solo album, "We Are The Ones", which was released October 28 on Red River Records (distributed by BFD/RED). As Snider recently told the New York Post's Page Six: "To see U.S. government state and local authorities, along with hired private security, use this type of extreme violent force against unarmed American citizens in peaceful prayer is the saddest, most disturbing thing I have ever experienced. I'm glad we were there to capture the truth for all to see."

Produced by Damon Ranger, "We Are The Ones" is described by Dee as "an album that is think part FOO FIGHTERS, part IMAGINE DRAGONS, part THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS." He added: "Forget anything from the past. Most of my heavy metal fans are gonna hate it; I've abandoned my past to move forward."

Regarding the decision to make a contemporary rock record, Dee told Salon: "[Damon is] the one who approached me and said, 'Dee, I think there's an album for you, a contemporary album, a mainstream rock record, a metal-rock record that will speak to people today…' I said, 'Really. Me. This guy? A 61-year-old guy.' He says, 'Absolutely, Dee. You're timeless. And you represent something, a spirit, and I think the right songs…" And I heard his stuff that he's worked on before and I said, 'There are songs out there that are inspirational.' You see that sometimes they just get lost, and one of the things that gets lost is the fun of rock and roll. Don't forget, rock and roll, first and foremost, it's supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be [an] escape. It shouldn't be super-heavy. At the same time, as 'Louder Than Words' is showing, it can be inspirational."


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[= ||| 7 дек 2016


Fan-filmed video footage of PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS (formerly PHIL CAMPBELL'S ALL STARR BAND), the band featuring MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell alongside his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla, plus vocalist Neil Starr, performing a couple of MOTÖRHEAD classics earlier today (Tuesday, December 6) at Backstage in Munich, Germany as the support act for SAXON can be seen below.

PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS released its self-titled debut five-track EP on November 18 via Motörhead Music. Produced by Todd Campbell at the band's own Stompbox Studios in Wales, U.K., and mixed by MOTÖRHEAD producer Cameron Webb, "Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons" loudly shoves you head-first into its raw, gritty, classic and instantly accessible rock 'n' roll charms. Whether it's the speedy biker-charged refrain of "No Turning Back", the crunchy catchy jump of "Big Mouth" or the beautiful-yet-bombastic balladry of "Life In Space", "Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons" brings uniquely organic life and verve to every last riff and stomp, with Starr's sensational vocals ensuring this EP will be the surprise of the 2016 rock 'n' roll release calendar.

Neil Starr recently told Kaaos TV about PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS' debut EP: "The reason it's an EP is we can get that done quicker. We wanted to give people some music to hear that was our own music, some music of our own that we can play live as well. So the idea was to get something done as quick as possible. It keeps the fans interested in the band, because there's new songs to keep it fresh. And it's great for us, 'cause we get to write more songs all the time. Todd, who's in the band, has his own recording studio, so it's really easy for us to just go in and do what we wanna do whenever we want, which is great."

Regarding the musical direction of PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS' original material, Neil said: "You know what you're gonna get, because Phil Campbell is the riff god. So you hear these MOTÖRHEAD riffs; Phil wrote a lot of those songs. So there's elements of that gonna be coming through in the music. Obviously, personally, I wouldn't ever want to try and be like Lemmy and his style that he does, because that's one person who does that, and that's him. You don't try and do that. I bring my own style to the band, but, obviously, yeah, there's lots of really great riffs in the songs, like you would expect from a band that's got Phil Campbell in it. It's just rock and roll music, I guess."


|||| 7 дек 2016

ALICE COOPER Has Begun Recording Demos For Next Album

Alice Cooper has begun recording demos for his next studio album, which may or may not feature contributions from the surviving original members of the ALICE COOPER band: bassist Dennis Dunaway, guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Neal Smith.

During an interview with The Arizona Republic about this year's annual Christmas Pudding event, Cooper revealed that he started tracking demos for his new disc on December 5 with longtime producer Bob Ezrin once again behind the boards.

"We're recording demos right now," he said. "We're writing and recording demos. We have three songs from the original band that we're gonna look at and see if we can turn them into something. If not, we tried. But Neal and Mike and Dennis and I wrote songs together. And what we always do, we know the best ten songs are gonna make the album. It doesn't matter where they came from. I'm gonna always write the lyrics. And I'm gonna always arrange it. And Bob's always gonna produce it. If the song comes from Neal, Mike and Dennis, great! I would love that. We have those songs sitting there. We just have to see if they fit in."

Cooper added that there is "not really much of a concept" for his forthcoming effort. "It's gonna be a pure riff-rock-and-roll album," he said. "If anything, we gonna try and make it as close to 'Killer' and 'Love It To Death' as possible."

As previously reported, Cooper reunited with Dunaway, Bruce and Smith for a surprise set at one of Dunaway's book signings in 2015, and a special seven-inch single containing two songs from the performance was made available last month for this year's Record Store Day Black Friday.

Ezrin produced Alice's original multi-platinum "Welcome To My Nightmare" album in 1975, as well as Cooper's most recent effort, 2011's "Welcome 2 My Nightmare".


|||| 7 дек 2016

THUNDER To Release 'Rip It Up' Album In February

THUNDER will release a brand new studio album, "Rip It Up", on February 10, 2017 through earMUSIC. The disc, the band's eleventh, features eleven brand new songs recorded in 2016, and is proof positive that this is a band that exists only to push itself and aim higher. Following on from the Top Ten success enjoyed by previous release "Wonder Days", "Rip It Up" — as the title suggests — sees Danny Bowes, Luke Morley, Ben Matthews, Chris Childs and "Harry" James stretching themselves musically, lyrically and creatively. Frontman Danny said simply: "After the positive reaction to 'Wonder Days', we were very happy, and it justified the approach we took in the writing and recording. We decided to push it further on all fronts this time, to see what happened, and I think it shows in the writing and the individual performances. We couldn't have made this album 10 or even 5 years ago, we weren't good enough! We're really looking forward to playing the new tunes live alongside the more established ones." Fans don't have to wait long, the band will embark on a nationwide U.K. tour in March, with full details and ticket links on the band's web site. This album comes nearly three decades into their career and, if 27 is normally famed and feared as the rock milestone at which many of the great and the good have had their creative flames extinguished, then THUNDER have arrived with a bulging bag of tunes, a notebook of great lyrics, a jerrycan of petrol, and a match. There are rockers, like the incendiary title track, ripsnorters like "She Likes The Cocaine", while songs like "Right From The Start" take the pace down, but turn the intensity up. While the album closes out with the stylish blues-tinged melancholia of "There's Always A Loser", it's clear that the band have continued with their winning ways. After a summer of great gigs including killer performances at Ramblin' Man and Steelhouse festival, the quintet know what works and how to pace a set of songs. Title track "Rip It Up" is more than just a great and contemporary rock track, it's a statement of intent. THUNDER, as Danny sings, "Don't do subtle, don't rely on luck," there's quality in depth and style to burn here. THUNDER have never sounded so intent or intense and, whilst this album cleaves to what made the band's fans fall in love with them originally, there's risk taking and ambition aplenty here. THUNDER have no interest in taking the easy way. "Rip It Up" track listing:

01. No One Gets Out Alive02. Rip It Up03. She Likes The Cocaine04. Right From The Start05. Shakedown06. Heartbreak Hurricane07. In Another Life08. The Chosen One09. The Enemy Inside10. Tumbling Down11. There's Always A Loser


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[= ||| 7 дек 2016

DISTURBED Is 2016's Most Played Band At Active Rock Radio

DISTURBED was the most played act of 2016 at the Active Rock radio format, according to industry metrics released by Mediabase, which monitors and analyzes airplay in over 180 U.S. and Canadian markets on both terrestrial and satellite radio. The band's success was bolstered by several chart-topping singles from its 2015 comeback album, "Immortalized", including its massive hit cover of SIMON & GARFUNKEL's classic "The Sound Of Silence".

The other No. 1 singles from Immortalized included "The Vengeful One", "The Light" and "Open Your Eyes".

In addition to being the most played artist, DISTURBED also had the second most played track at Active Rock with "The Sound Of Silence".

DISTURBED singer David Draiman told The Pulse Of Radio that he still hasn't gotten his head around the success the cover has had. "It doesn't stop being surreal," he said. "Every single step of the way, it's another incredible surprise, it's incredibly gratifying, and it's succeeded way above and beyond our expectations."

In addition to DISTURBED, the top five most played artists at the format included FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH at No. 2, SHINEDOWN at No. 3, BRING ME THE HORIZON at No. 4 and RED SUN RISING in fifth place.

The official video for "The Sound Of Silence" has had more than 147,500,000 plays on YouTube, while the band's Grammy-nominated live performance of the track on "Conan" also racked up another 37,249,832 views. The song also has more than 91 million streams on Spotify.

"The Sound Of Silence" was certified platinum last June for sales or downloads of more than one million copies, while "Immortalized", DISTURBED's fifth No. 1 album in a row, hit gold in September for 500,000 copies sold.
|||| 7 дек 2016


Former BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION singer London LeGrand has launched a revamped version of the band, now renamed BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION GÖTEBORG, in which he is joined by guitarist John "JB" Bergqvist (DISREGARD), drummer Peter "Pan" Ottosson and bassist Rodolfo "Rude" Montenegro.

Based in Gotheburg, Sweden, BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION GÖTEBORG has been writing new music and is now ready to get its "heavy and dirty rock and roll" to the people. According to the band, "a crazy show is promised and they make you dance like never before!"

Bergqvist described BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION GÖTEBORG's sound in a recent interview as "traditional hard rock with metal influences and elements of punk."

The new band has two shows in Sweden scheduled for February and March, with plans to release an album in 2017.

BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION was formed more than a decade ago by MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx and L.A. GUNS guitarist Tracii Guns. The band's debut album, "Here Come The Brides", was released in March 2004 and peaked at No. 92 on The Billboard 200 chart. Sixx left the group before the recording of a follow-up effort, "Runaway Brides", which came out in 2005.

In a 2008 interview, LeGrand admitted he would like to see a BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION reunion, but with Sixx back in the band. "It would be amazing," he said. "I don't know. In order to really give 110% to the fans, and they deserve it, we would need to have Nikki in the band. He is a huge part of the group. I think Nikki feels the same way.

"All of us from those days have had time to think. We realize that we were at different parts of our lives and that isn't who we necessarily are now. Maybe it makes us realize how much we should have appreciated it.

"I know that if the BRIDES got together at this point in my life we would have been a closer band. The communication would also have been better. The songs would have been a lot better.

"I would love for it to get back together. I am not sure it will, but I know that my phone number is the same and if anyone wants to give me a call, I would love to hear their voice."

For more information on BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION GÖTEBORG, visit the band's Facebook page.
|||| 7 дек 2016

CALAMITY Sign To Witches Brew For European Release Of Imminent Disaster Debut

Puerto Rican thrashers Calamity have signed to Germany based record label Witches Brew. They will release the official European version of their 2015 debut, Imminent Disaster. The album will feature different artwork courtesy of Five Miligrams and their latest single “End Of The Road” as a bonus track.

Calamity states: “We are very thrilled to be part of the label that launched the careers of now thrash metal favorites like Gama Bomb and Toxic Holocaust.”

More updates will be announced soon.
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[= ||| 7 дек 2016

BEHEADED Streaming "The Beast Incarnate" Video

Beast Incarnate is the impending new long player from Malta-based brutal death metal merchants Beheaded.

Set for release next month via Unique Leader, the infernal, eight-track production draws upon the brutal and melodic approach to the band's 2012-issued, critically-championed Never To Dawn long player. Recorded at MKII Recording Studio (Italy) and mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström (Teadeat, Bone Gnawer, Aeon, Those Who Bring The Torture) at Enhanced Audio Productions Sweden, Beast Incarnate comes shrouded in the cover art of Gabriel Alegria Sabogal, welcomes the addition of new recruits -- drummer Davide Billia and guitarist Simone Brigo - and truly stretches the boundaries of Beheaded's signature sound to meet new extremes.

As a precursor to its release, Beheaded's is streaming the visual companion to the record's title track, the band issuing of the clip, "When music is enriched with literature, imagery, colors, and visuals that reflect its essence, it is able to deliver a deeper, more profound immersive visual and aural experience. That is precisely what the video for the album title track 'Beast Incarnate' does. Using all these elements we have worked very closely with Very Metal Art in graphically creating and capturing the character and lifeblood of Beast Incarnate. The music video comes to outline the attributes of Mediterranean death metal - hard hitting and drilling in the psyche. Musically drawing upon the very roots of the band's earliest material and molded from a quarter of a century since Beheaded's inception. Beast Incarnate cements twenty-five years of extreme music with an imprint of the band's present signature sound."

Beheaded's Beast Incarnate will be released on January 27th, 2017 via Unique Leader Records.

Beast Incarnate tracklisting:

"Beast Incarnate"
"The Horror Breathes"
"Crossing The House Of Knives"
"Reign Of The Headless King"
"The Black Death"
"Cursed Mediterranean"
"Fid-dlam ta' dejjem"
"Punishment Of The Grave"

"Beast Incarnate" video:

"The Horror Breathes":

The Horror Breathes by Beheaded


|||| 7 дек 2016

ECHELON Featuring HAIL OF BULLETS / Ex-BOLT THROWER Vocalist DAVE INGRAM Streaming New Song “Lex Talionis”

Death metal supergroup Echelon, featuring Dave Ingram (Hail Of Bullets, ex-Bolt Thrower) on vocals, Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Down Among The Dead Men) on bass, Johan Berglund (Ribspreader, Demiurg) on bass, Kjetil Lynghaug (Johansson & Speckmann, Paganizer) on lead guitar, and Travis Ruvo (Cropsy Maniac, Akatharta) on drums, are streaming the new track “Lex Talionis” (listen below).

“Lex Talionis” is the third track from the band’s second album, The Brimstone Aggrandizement, to be released on December 22nd via Indian record label Transcending Obscurity. The album artwork was specifically commissioned from the artist Propraetor.

New death metal supergroup Echelon carry on where another supergroup Stench Price left, employing the services of Dave Ingram (Hail Of Bullets, ex-Bolt Thrower, ex-Benediction), Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Demiurg, Putrevore), Johan Berglund (Ribspreader, The Grotesquery), Kjetil Lynghaug (Johansson & Speckmann, Paganizer) and Travis Ruvo (Akatharta, Cropsy Maniac). Expect death metal that is stupendous, old school and fleshed out, emphasizing on crushing British brutality coupled with classic Swedish melodic sensibilities and riffing power. Care has been taken to ensure that the nostalgic value remains foremost, as the music traverses through many winding yet memorable songs, with impeccable compositions by the riff-master Rogga and probably one of Dave Ingram's finest vocal performances of his career. This is a varied, bombastic album that will go down as one of the strongest albums of this era.


“Plague Of The Altruistic”
“The Forbidden Industry”
“Lex Talionis”
“Of Warlocks And Wolves”
“The Brimstone Aggrandizement”
“Vital Existence”
“The Feared Religion”
“Monsters In The Gene Pool/Sonic Vortex”

"Lex Talionis":

“Plague Of The Altruistic”:

Order the new album at this location.
|||| 7 дек 2016

SEVEN KINGDOMS Release New Video "Neverending"

Florida power metal act, Seven Kingdoms, have released the video for "Neverending" from their forthcoming full length album, Decennium. This 10-year anniversary album follows up the successfully crowdfunded In The Walls EP, and will feature the two new songs from the EP along with eight brand new tracks. The crowdfunding campaign for Decennium will start on December 9th and run until the middle of January. Decennium is to be released at the end of January 2017.

The CD pressing will be limited to 1,000 copies with the double vinyl LP limited to 250. Each album and vinyl will be hand numbered, signed and feature the Edition 1 labeling on the back, and a holographic Edition 1 for 'Total Package' and  '+' backers. There will be no digital downloads available for this album until later in 2017.

Dusan Markovic created the amazing artwork for Decennium. The vinyl edition will be a triple gatefold with an included poster of the full cover and extra art inside. Fans will be able to order their copies of the album, vinyl, and other supporting merchandise via Decennium's Kickstarter Campaign when it launches on December 9th. Perks start shipping in late January / February 2017.

Decennium tracklisting:

“In The Walls”
“The Tale Of Deathface Ginny”
“Castles In The Snow”
“The Faceless Hero”
“Awakened From Nothing”

"Neverending" video:

Decennium was recorded with Jim Morris (Iced Earth, Savatage, Death) and Phil Pluskota (Abiotic, King Conquer) at North Avenue Studios and Morrisound Recording. Seven Kingdoms mixed the album at Morrisound Recording and was mastered by Jacob Hansen (Avantasia, Evergrey, Volbeat).
Commented Seven Kingdoms guitarist Camden Cruz: "We are finally here! We are very excited to get this Campaign started and to begin getting the whole thing out for everyone all over the world to enjoy! We are very, very happy with the album. This is undeniably the best product the band has put fourth yet. If you liked the In The Walls EP, you will only be even happier with Decennium. We will have a slew of new stuff available on the Crowdfunding Campaign and hope that all of you will join us in celebrating the 10-Year-Anniversary of the band in 2017!"
Seven Kingdoms will embark on full length North American tour with Evergrey, Need and Ascendia in May and June 2017 to support the new album. More shows are being added; catch them live at the following confirmed shows.
6 - The Haven - Orlando, FL
7 - The Orpheum - Tampa, FL
9 - Scout Bar - Houston, TX
10 - Gas Monkey - Dallas, TX
11 - The Rock Box - San Antonio, TX
13 - Joe's Grotto - Phoenix, AZ
14 - Brick By Brick - San Diego, CA
15 - LVCS - Las Vegas, NV
20 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
21 - The Rickshaw Theater - Vancouver, BC
22 - Dickens Pub - Calgary, AB
23 - Exchange - Regina, SK
25 - The Cabooze - Minneapolis, MN
26 - Reggie's - Chicago, IL
30 - L'Anti Quebec city

More dates to be announced.
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[= ||| 7 дек 2016

SEEKER Premier “Submit” Music Video

Seeker have released a video for “Submit”, a track from their new album, Loss, out now via Victory Records. The new clip can be found below.

Clocking in at 25 minutes, Loss was recorded by Zach Ohren, known for his work with Chelsea Grin and Fallujah, and the artwork comes in the form of a hand drawn, custom piece by Farron Loathing (Nails, Huntress).

Loss tracklisting:

“Welcome Death”     
“Empty Vessel”     
“Self Harm”     

“Submit” video:

“Loss” video:

“Void” video:

Album stream:

Loss packages are available at
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AVERSIONS CROWN Launch Video Trailer For Upcoming Xenocide Album

Australian metal destroyers, Aversions Crown, will release their sophomore release, Xenocide, on January 20th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Today, the band has released  the first in a series of trailers, in which vocalist Mark Poida and drummer Jayden Mason give fans a first insight into the album's lyrics and title.

Mark Poida comments: "The lyrics for Aversions Crown will always be [about] aliens... It's going to be a concept album and there's going to be a story being told about aliens. I can't really let you know what it's about at the moment because I'd like to leave the surprises for when the album is released."

"We want people to read through and actually try and figure it out. It's pretty sick!" Adds Jayden.

Xenocide was tracked by Adam Merker at Studio Anders Debeerz in Brisbane and mixed and mastered by Mark Lewis (Whitechapel, Devildriver) from Audio Hammer.

Fans can now pre-order the album with or without the limited Erebus / Parasites 7" from the Nuclear Blast web shop. Xenocide can also be pre-ordered digitally from iTunes, Amazon (widgets below) and Google Play. Pre-order the album digitally via iTunes or Amazon and receive the songs "Ophiophagy" and "Erebus" instantly.

Xenocide tracklisting:

“Prismatic Abyss”
“The Soulless Acolyte”
“The Oracles Of Existence”
“Cynical Entity”
“Stillborn Existence”
“Cycles Of Haruspex”

“Ophiophagy” lyric video:

The Erebus / Parasites 7" was limited to 1,000 copies and divided into 4 different colors; 250 each of Grey, Blue, Clear and Magenta. Check out the lyric videos for "Erebus" and "Parasites”:




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RIVAL SONS Perform Acoustic Version Of “Where I’ve Been” Live At Google HQ; Video

Video footage of Long Beach, California's Rival Sons performing an acoustic version of their song “Where I’ve Been”, live at Google HQ, is streaming below:

Rival Sons have announced dates for a European headline tour, which is due to kick off in January.

After spending much of this year supporting the legendary Black Sabbath on The End tour, Rival Sons will once again be joining the retiring rockers across Europe and the UK as they play their final ever shows. Rival Sons will also be playing a few headlining gigs in between their shows with Black Sabbath, before kicking their headlining tour into full swing in February.

Watch a video message from Rival Sons drummer Michael Miley announcing the tour:

Tour dates:

17 - Cologne, Germany - Lanxess Arena *
18 - Lille, France - Splendide
20 - Dublin, Ireland - 3Arena *
21 - Belfast, UK - Limelight
22 - Manchester, UK - Manchester Arena *
24 - Glasgow, UK - SSE Hyrdo *
25 - Liverpool, UK - O2 Academy
26 - Leeds, UK - First Direct Arena *
28 - Sheffield, UK - The Leadmill
29 - London, UK - The O2 *
31 - London, UK - The O2 *

1 - Cambridge, UK - Junction
2 - Birmingham, UK - Genting Arena *
4 - Birmingham, UK - Genting Arena *
6 - Paris, France - Elysee Montmartre
8 - Bordeaux, France - Le Rocher de Palmer
9 - Gijon, Spain - Sala Albeniz
10 - Madrid, Spain - But
12 - Lyon, France - Transbordeur
14 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
16 - Munich, Germany - Muffathalle
17 - Vienna, Austria - Ottakringer Brauerei
18 - Warsaw, Poland - Progresja Music Zone
20 - Berlin, Germany - Astra
21 - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
22 - Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp
24 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg
25 - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix Club
26 - Hamburg, Germany - Grosse Freiheit
28 - Oslo, Norway - Sentrum Scene

1 - Denmark, Copenhagen - Vega
2 - Stockholm, Sweden - The Annex
4 - Helsinki, Finland - House of Culture

* supporting Black Sabbath

Tickets for the headlining shows are on sale now. Order yours at this location.
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BLACK MAP Release “Run Rabbit Run” Music Video

Bay Area rock outfit, Black Map, have debuted a video for their new single, “Run Rabbit Run”, from their new album, coming out next year.

"We filmed this video in the SF Armory which is one of the coolest, weirdest, and most interesting structures in the entire city," says frontman Ben Flannagan. "Every room you walk into tells a different story and there is literally a creek running through building."

Directed by Anthony Garay, this is the first visual interpretation of a song we've seen from the band since their video for "I'm Just The Driver" from their last LP.  

"Aside from filming in an iconic location, we knew it was time for a video that really showcased the energy of the song and our live performances. We are very happy with how it came out."

The new track is available on all major streaming services and will be offered as an iTunes instant gratification track. Fans who pre-order the album today will get "Run Rabbit Run" immediately as a download.

Black Map will release In Droves on March 10th via Entertainment One (eOne) in North America and SPV overseas. The band only wrapped up production on the effort last month with Aaron Hellam at Oakland’s Hellam Sound (The Trophy Fire) and created an ambitious but no less intense sophomore set, a boundary smashing, down-tuned heavy rock slab.


“Transit I”
“Run Rabbit Run”
“Heavy Waves”
“Dead Ringer”
“Transit II”
“No Color”
“Indoor Kid”
“White Fence”
“Just My Luck”
“Cash For The Fears”
“Transit III”
“Coma Phase”

After a successful run with Chevelle this year, the band will be heading back out on the road at the top of 2017 for another round. A full list of dates hitting much of the western half of the US can be seen here.

Black Map creates music driven by the pulse of their early genesis as a trio who packed itself into a rehearsal room with pure intentions, a 12-pack and a boundary-smashing lack of prohibitions or rules. Their commitment is to each other, to what feels right; to meditation on big riffs that lurch and churn, dripping with atmosphere, powering bold and evocative statements.

The band is the union of three established Northern California rock musicians, driven by a shared dedication to big riffs, big drums and powerful, straight-ahead, all enveloping rock n’ roll. Black Map consists of the versatile voice and walloping bass groove of Ben Flanagan (Trophy Fire), the wall-of-sound big riff histrionics of guitarist Mark Engles (dredg) and the unstoppable driving force and tasteful skill of drummer Chris Robyn (Far).

A few songs became a few shows and an EP which begat a debut album, …And We Explode (2014), which featured the buzzy single, “I’m Just The Driver”. The metaphorical “black map” of the band’s steadily building catalog and dedicated following led them to secure live performance spots alongside the mighty Chevelle, multi platinum rockers Bush, Circa Survive, and Highly Suspect in addition to multiple club shows as a headlining act.

Songs like “Run Rabbit Run”, “Foxglove”, “No Color” and “White Fence” are united in a lyrical exhortation toward staunch individuality in the face of soul-crushing conformity. These are songs that challenge listeners to focus on what makes them unique as people, to shake off the gloomy dystopian results of mass groupthink, to actualize and harness one’s own humanity.

As they continue forward, ever united in that original pureness of intentionality, Black Map covers bigger ground. Bursts of ambience and mellow contemplation compliment the broadly shaped melodic noise. Unafraid experimentation gives way to a strong dichotomy, to new elements, all within that original structure of Black Map’s monster riffing.

Sonic treasure hunters who study Black Map will find themselves transported to the spirit of the early 90s rock resurgence, when bands jettisoned the superficial fluff of the previous decade without wandering too far into dense pretension and delivered authentic and heavy music. Black Map combine flourishes of beauty alongside the bombast and a modern sensibility that nevertheless will not sacrifice its raw realness.

(Photo - Jen Cash/Calibree Photography)
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Video Premiere: METAL CHURCH's 'Needle And Suture'

METAL CHURCH's video for the song "Needle And Suture" can be seen below. The clip was directed by Jamie Brown of Smokin' Gun Video Productions.

"Needle And Suture" is taken from METAL CHURCH's latest album, "XI", which debuted at No. 57 on The Billboard 200, having shifted 11,000 equivalent album units in the week ending March 31.

"XI", was released on March 25 via Rat Pak Records. Produced by Kurdt Vanderhoof and co-produced by Chris "The Wizard" Collier, the band's eleventh studio release also marks the return of legendary vocalist and frontman Mike Howe.

The reunion between Mike and METAL CHURCH was put in motion in July of 2014 when Mike started working with Kurdt Vanderhoof on a side project he was forming with Nigel Glockler from SAXON. Through these initial conversations, Kurdt convinced Mike to ultimately return to METAL CHURCH. The idea was to see if they could recapture some of the magic from the three albums METAL CHURCH released in the late '80s: "The Human Factor", "Blessing In Disguise" and "Hanging In The Balance". Out of those sessions, "XI" was born and captures the sound that made the band fan-favorites in the '80's and mixes it with a new, invigorated sound for 2016. Said Mike: "Kurdt Vanderhoof got ahold of me in August of 2014, and he proposed [me] coming back to the band. He said Ronny [Munroe] left the band and he didn't really wanna carry on with METAL CHURCH unless maybe I would consider coming back. So I said, 'Well, I don't know. I'm open to it. But let's see what kind of music we can come up with.' So Kurdt went back to the studio and started writing songs in the vein of 'Hanging In The Balance', where we left off twenty years ago, and he sent them to me over the Internet. And I was, like, 'Damn! The guy still has it and he's doing great work.' So he sent me another batch, and that batch was just as good [as], if not better than, the other. So, from there, I said, ‘Well, I can’t say no to this. And let's just see how it goes.' And we started writing lyrics and getting together, and it's morphed into being back in Aberdeen in the studio making the new METAL CHURCH record."


|||| 7 дек 2016

What Does DAVE MUSTAINE Think Of METALLICA's 'Hardwired… To Self-Destruct'?

Dave Mustaine, who was the original lead guitarist of METALLICA, was asked by TeamRock to review the band's new album, "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct". He said: "I've always been able to appreciate the talent in METALLICA. Every band has its strengths and its weaknesses. Personally, from everything I've heard so far, I think the new album is a good one.

"I hear that a lot of people have been making comments about Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo not writing anything on it. But sometimes that's just unavoidable. I guess I would've loved more writing from both those guys, because I loved [Rob Trujillo's former bands] INFECTIOUS GROOVES and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and I always loved the lines Kirk wrote with EXODUS, but that's the way the cookie crumbles when you're in the studio. The best songs make the cut. Everyone wants to pick the best things.

"When it comes down to critiquing production stuff, it's kind of a personal thing. One man's trash is another man's treasure. For example, I know a lot of people really dig Rick Rubin and the way that he produces stuff. While I respect Rick tremendously, I do think that what he does with bands like THE CULT really works and then when he does stuff with metal bands, it doesn't necessarily translate in the same way. 'Hardwired' is definitely a different sounding record than, for example, 'St. Anger', and it sounds pretty good to me. I know it took 'em eight years to make this record, so I'm glad for them that people are digging it. It's a small community, you know?"

Mustaine, who was a member of METALLICA for less than two years, from 1981 to 1983, was not inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the band during the April 2009 ceremony at Cleveland, Ohio's Public Auditorium.

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich later explained to The Plain Dealer that the MEGADETH leader was not included because "you've got to kind of cap it somewhere. Dave Mustaine never played on any METALLICA records. No disrespect to him. But there [were] half a dozen other people that were in the lineup in the early days. We thought . . . the fair thing to do would be to include anybody that played on a METALLICA record." He added: "Dave Mustaine was in the band for 11 months, predominantly in 1982... I'm not trying to play it down. I have nothing but respect and admiration for his accomplishments since."


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KORN Frontman: 'A Lot Of The Bands That Are At Our Caliber Of Musicianship Are Dying'

Veteran radio personality Jenn Marino, who in 2014 joined MÖTLEY CRÜE and SIXX:A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx as co-host of "Sixx Sense With Nikki Sixx" and "The Side Show Countdown With Nikki Sixx", recently conducted an interview with KORN frontman Jonathan Davis. You can now listen to the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On the meaning behind "The Serenity Of Suffering" album title:

Jonathan: "It comes back to my experiences throughout my life dealing with depression and the bad things that happen in life. It seems like that place is very familiar with me. I'm more comfortable in that space than when I'm happy. Let's say I'm happy all the time, but when I'm dealing with my art and my music, I deal with the bad things; I'm just like everybody else. We have good things and bad things. When I'm writing, I concentrate on the bad things. It just seemed to fit. I was going through some stuff when writing this record, and the title popped in my head. Usually Munky [James Shaffer, guitar] takes care of all that. Munky comes up with amazing titles, but this time, I came up with this and it just fit. This is what it means. People who deal with depression can understand what I'm talking about."

On the writing process in KORN:

Jonathan: "I need to have a song completely done. I guess I'm a little diva when it comes to that stuff. [Laughs] It dictates what I'm going to be feeling, emotions, everything. I need that. I need to have that landscape to inspire me to do what I do. Once the music is all done, I know exactly where to place my vocals and fill the holes and do all of that to make it work. I guess it's backwards.

"I am the last one always on the record to be done. They give me a window of two weeks because we have to go on tour or something. Also, being a father over the years, I take care of the boys all the time. When I get home, I give my wife a break and take the kids. I've learned to be really quick and efficient in the studio. I come in, the song is done, I listen to it, and usually I just sing the melody lines. I go into the studio and I spend two days doing all of the melody lines to all of the songs, then I come back, write the lyrics, then sing them. I do about a song a day."

On working with producer Nick Raskulinecz:

Jonathan: "I love Nick. He's an amazing human being. He tried to push me. [Laughs] He tried to get me in there, but, to be honest, I've always worn my feelings on my sleeve. Everybody knows I did not feel this record to begin with. I got the songs and I was like, 'I don't get it. I'm not feeling it. I know it's heavy. I know it's good.' But it took me a while. I do a melody line, I'm done, I sing the song and it's done. It wasn't like this on this record. I had to work really hard and I was like, 'I got to trust my brothers.' These guys busted their ass making this record. They love these songs, they believe in these songs, so I'm not going to be this bitch that's going to ruin it all. I just went in and I can say when I'm wrong and I was definitely wrong at that time. I was like, 'I don't think these songs are good.' So, Nick was there [going], 'C'mon, bro. C'mon!' He's a cheerleader, 'C'mon, bro, you can do this.' It took me a while, and then finally a switch flipped and all of a sudden things started flowing out of my brain. It took some time and took longer than they usually take, but it was good. Once it was said and done, and it still didn't hit me until the album came out and I listened to it… I went and bought the CD because I'm old-school. I threw the CD in my CD player and I listened to it. I'm old-school; I like vinyl, I like the old ritual of taking it out and holding something, putting it on a player; we're old. We're not new kids; we're way old farts. I went and bought it, sat down and listened to it, and went, 'Oh, this is an amazing record. What the hell was I thinking?'"

On Nikki Sixx joining KORN onstage for a rendition of "Blind" in Switzerland this past June:

Jonathan: "It was surreal. When I was 16 years old, I had a MÖTLEY CRÜE birthday cake for my 16th-birthday party. I told him and Tommy [Lee] and the other [MÖTLEY CRÜE] members, but I'm really close with Tommy and Nikki, but that was the beginning of me starting to like heavy music. Unfortunately, my family turned born-again and they took all of my MÖTLEY CRÜE tapes and burned them. I was in seventh grade, I think, that was the band that turned me on… I like that dark[ness]. Then it got taken away from me, and I switched to something totally else. My dad had no clue. I got into dark industrial gothic music like CHRISTIAN DEATH and old-school MINISTRY and stuff like that. That was the band and I had that birthday cake and it was surreal to be onstage and look over and see Nikki Sixx playing bass with KORN. He was rocking out and coming up and doing his thing... It was an old dream come true. Like, 'I can't believe this. I'm playing with one of my heroes.'"

On the lack of "beef" between current rock and metal bands these days:

Jonathan: "That's because a lot of the bands that are at our caliber of musicianship are dying. There's not that many of us left. [Laughs] I'm just saying the way things are done now just isn't there. So all of us have this camaraderie going on. We're the last guard. We've gotta stick together. [Laughs]"

On KORN helping their fans deal with personal issues:

Jonathan: "That's the biggest thing why we keep doing this — to see the positive impact that it has on people's lives. There's a lot of people out there hurting and music is something that heals. It's universal. It's one thing in this world we can agree upon, is that we all love music. It feels good to see people happy. When we were young kids just destroying ourselves, just like MÖTLEY CRÜE in the early days, we didn't care, we just wanted to get hammered and forget everything and live this crazy lifestyle, but as we got older it turned into something, like, 'We're helping people, we're helping kids get through stuff.' We get to play and do what we enjoy doing and we get to help people in return. That's better than any money or anything else that comes along with this. It doesn't matter; what matters is seeing people happy and people coming to the shows and people we've seen for years, and then their kids having kids now too, like a new generation of KORN fans. Like, what's going on? Wow."

"The Serenity Of Suffering" was released on October 21. The follow-up to 2013's "The Paradigm Shift" marks the band's return to Roadrunner, which previously released 2010's "Korn III - Remember Who You Are" and 2011's "The Path Of Totality".


|||| 7 дек 2016

METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD Says 'Priorities Have Changed' Ever Since He Got Sober

According to The Pulse Of Radio, METALLICA frontman James Hetfield was asked in a new interview with Canada's Jam! Music how touring has changed for him in the 14 years since he got sober in 2002. Hetfield, a father of three teenagers who has been married for almost 20 years, responded: "It's not a tour of bars and strip clubs anymore. It's actually, 'Hey, there's a great restaurant or here's a really cool, whatever, there's a car show in town.' Getting out and doing stuff. I love just walking too. Just kind of get lost in the city. So yeah, priorities have certainly changed."

Hetfield told The Pulse Of Radio a while back how much he appreciated playing shows after he won his sobriety. "Now I can really feel what great energy is created by it, I really understand the whole family feeling around it, how everyone contributes to that," he said. "Everyone, the crew, puts into it. They're dedicated. They fly the flag and they're really into what we do. They believe in us. And when I go out there and represent all of those people, it's a great feeling." just loves everything and she knows every song on every station. It blows my mind."

Asked how long the band can keep going after 35 years together, Hetfield mused: "We don't know. We're pioneering this ourselves. And we're making it up as we go along. It will reveal itself, however it does. If one show somebody can't get up and perform then we kind of know."

METALLICA's first album in eight years, "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct", came out last month and went to No. 1 in 57 countries, including the U.S.


|||| 7 дек 2016

MICHAEL SWEET Says It's 'Probable' STRYPER Will Go On Without Bassist TIM GAINES

Veteran rockers STRYPER will continue making albums and touring despite the band's recent announcement that they will "take a hiatus" in early 2017.

Asked by Nick of the WSOU radio station if STRYPER was still planning to go on a break following the completion of the recent tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their multi-platinum album "To Hell With The Devil", frontman Michael Sweet said (hear audio below): "Well, some choices were made that affected the band and made us have to step back — kind of forced us to step back — and re-evaluate who we are and how we're gonna continue. Without going into all the gory details… That being said, we have no plans of stopping. I mean, we had considered it and thought, well, maybe we should, but then we realized, well, that's just fair to us, that's not fair to the fans. So we're gonna continue on for sure, we just don't know how and when exactly."

Sweet also talked about whether it's likely that STRYPER will carry on without bassist Tim Gaines, whose "personal matters" were previously revealed to be the reason for the band's hiatus plans.

"Well, I mean, that remains to be seen, but it's very possible, and I'd probably go as far as to say even probable," Michael said. 'But we don't really know quite yet. It's something that very well could happen, absolutely."

The fact that STRYPER appears to be considering a future without Gaines flies in the face of Sweet's recent public proclamations that "it's important that the four of us stay together, or it's not STRYPER." Asked how he reconciles his previous comments about original lineups remaining intact and STRYPER's possible plan to move forward without Tim, Sweet said: "I still feel that way. It is important [for original members to stay together]. But, sadly, sometimes things happen that keep that from happening. People make decisions and choices, and, unfortunately, it does affect other people many times, and then you have to re-evaluate things. But that is the ideal situation, for it to be the original lineup. But, you know, sometimes things get in the way of that, and that's sad. But, again, thinking about it more and sleeping on it more, I think about how, you know, if we were to disband or dissolve or stop, it really wouldn't be fair to the fans, it wouldn't be fair to the other guys, and it's important to keep that in mind as well."

Sweet reiterated the fact that STRYPER will "keep going" and added that "We're gonna do another album; we just don't have it on the books yet. But we've already got a deal in place with a label, and that's going to happen. And there's gonna be more touring at some point. I'm just looking at it because of what's taking place, it's a good opportunity for me to go out and do some solo touring, and we're gonna do another SWEET & LYNCH album [Sweet's collaboration with DOKKEN and LYNCH MOB guitarist George Lynch] and do some SWEET & LYNCH touring as well."

STRYPER's latest album, "Fallen", entered The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 43 with first-week sales of just over 10,000 units — nearly all from pure album sales. The set followed the No. 35-peaking "No More Hell To Pay", which was released in 2013.
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SEBASTIAN BACH Was 'Very Surprised' When AXL ROSE Reunited With SLASH

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach promoted his long-awaited autobiography, "18 And Life On Skid Row", with an appearance earlier today (Monday, December 5) on the Q104.3 radio station in New York City, where he was interviewed by Jonathan Clarke. You can now watch video footage of the question-and-answer session below.

Speaking about his reaction to this year's partial reunion of GUNS N' ROSES' classic lineup, Sebastian said: "I spent a lot of years in the late 2000s opening for GUNS N' ROSES without Slash — we played Madison Square Garden and the Meadowlands, and lots of tours all around the world — and me and Axl [Rose] would hang out at night and drink and party and talk. And he would always have stuff to say that he was disgruntled about about GUNS N' ROSES, but at the end of the night, as I was always leaving, there would always be, like, a 'Never say never.' [Laughs] And I'd go, 'Right on!' So he never cut it off. So I was very surprised when they reunited, but part of me, in a little bit of a way, was expecting it some day, but I wasn't expecting it this quick. But, again, the public demands it. That's the number one tour; I mean, that is the biggest tour."

The 448-page "18 And Life On Skid Row" book is due on December 6 via Dey Street Books (formerly It Books), an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

Regarding why the release of "18 And Life On Skid Row" was pushed back by several months, Bach told the Rock 100.5 The KATT radio station earlier in the year: "It [was] delayed because it's a very big project — six hundred pages with lots of pictures. They asked me for thirty pictures; I gave them a hundred and sixteen. And I'm, like, 'It's my book, dude.' [Laughs] It's got a lot of stories of crazy shit that I did. But there is a beginning and an end to it, like a story arc, because my life was very weird."

Bach also revealed that he "wrote the whole thing" himself without the help of a co-writer and mentioned recent books by Keith Richards (THE ROLLING STONES), Paul Stanley (KISS) and Duff McKagan (GUNS N' ROSES) as ones that he found particularly interesting. He said: "I love [punk rock icon] Henry Rollins's writing. If my book had any kind of the power of that, I would be honored. 'Cause the way he writes is very impactful. Every paragraph, you wanna read it over and over."

Asked what was different about branching into the literary world compared to being in the music business for so long, Bach said: "You still have to fight for what you believe in and stick up for what you think is cool. Dave Grohl [NIRVANA, FOO FIGHTERS], he said one of the biggest things in rock and roll is you have to learn how to say 'no,' because there's always people trying to get you to do shit that's not cool."

Sebastian Bach LIVE in Studio

Posted by Q104.3 FM on Monday, December 5, 2016


|||| 7 дек 2016

MAYHEM To Release 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive'

Norwegian black metal icons MAYHEM are celebrating the release of their 1994 landmark "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" full-length with tours across the globe. This coming January, the band will march their way across North America performing the record in its monumental entirety.

In conjunction with their many live appearances, MAYHEM will also release "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive" on December 15. The album was captured live in Norrköping, Sweden last year during the band's headlining set at the Black Christmass Festival. The show marked MAYHEM's first time ever playing "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" in full.

A press release states about the first single, "From The Dark Past": "'From The Dark Past' has not been played many times live before, yet is in many ways an archetypical song from the band, containing key elements that are scattered throughout the rest of the album — blizzard blast beats and eerie atmospherics, all, of course, adorned by vocalist Attila Csihar's unique voice within the genre. 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' is widely considered one of the most influential black metal albums of all time, and this is the first time in history this classic album from 1994 is performed live in its entirety."

Sample "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive" footage of "From The Dark Past", as well as "Life Eternal", below.

"De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna and NBS Audio and produced by Csihar and guitarist Teloch with light production by Anne Weckstrom, stage design and production by Jonas Svensson, video recording by Thornfields Production and video editing by Tamàs Tarczi. The celebratory release will come available on CD, LP, and DVD (the first 1000 copies are numbered) as well as digitally on December 15.

"De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive" track listing:

01. Funeral Fog02. Freezing Moon03. Cursed In Eternity04. Pagan Fears05. Life Eternal06. From The Dark Past07. Buried By Time And Dust08. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas MAYHEM will return to North America on January 20 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for a headlining tour that will pillage its way through two dozen cities, the trek coming to a close on February 19 in New York. Support will be provided by BLACK ANVIL and INQUISITION.
|||| 7 дек 2016


Southern California's veteran hardcore slayers TERROR have signed with Pure Noise Records. A new EP will be released in the spring. "After a great run of releasing records with Century Media and Victory for the last ten years, it's exciting to find a fresh, new home for TERROR," says vocalist Scott Vogel. "We are humbled to still be a band with a lot of love and support around the world, and Pure Noise Records is exactly who we wanted to work with for our future. We look forward to the next chapter in this wild ride and couldn't be happier to be doing it together with Jake (founder of Pure Noise Records)." Since forming in 2002, TERROR has become one of the hardcore genre's most notorious and successful acts. Over the years, the band has released six classic albums, their latest being "The 25th Hour", which was issued by Victory in 2015. Their signature sound, a punishing blend of hardcore, punk and thrash, has attracted a legion of diehard fans around the world and anyone who's witnessed the sheer power of TERROR live and lived to tell about it can attest to the band's authenticity and intensity.
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JOE SATRIANI Releases Free Remix EP

Legendary guitarist Joe Satriani has released a five-song remix EP as a gift to all his fans who made his "Shockwave Supernova" album such a great success around the world.

Satriani says: "I called my most talented buddies near and far to get a new spin on five fan favorites from my latest release.

"John Cuniberti and Eric Caudieux team up for both 'Goodbye Supernova' and 'Stars Race Across The Sky' and turn in two breathtaking and modern remixes.

"Guitarist, engineer and producer Keith More from London, England, pumps up and mashes out two rockers, 'In My Pocket' and 'Cataclysmic'.

"John Cuniberti revisits 'Lost In A Memory' and turns up the modern textures and drama to make a very spiritual and powerful remix.

"And, as a little taste of what's to come in 2017, I asked ZZ to put together a short trailer for his full length experimental tour documentary about our 'Shockwave Tour 2016'. He followed us across Europe for almost two months and captured the sound and the fury, and all the crazy stuff no one else sees from the audience. Filmed and edited in ZZ's unique style, we hope to release the full documentary in the first half of 2017."

Guitar World magazine held its annual "Readers Poll" last year for which fans chose Satriani as "Best Shredder" as well as presenting "Shockwave Supernova" with the "Best Shred Album Of The Year". Released in August 2015, "Shockwave Supernova" scored Satriani his highest chart debut at No. 19 on Billboard's Top 200 Current Albums chart. In addition, the album also debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Rock Chart and ranks as the highest charting all-instrumental rock album on The Billboard 200 in the SoundScan era. For two decades, the guitar virtuoso has traveled the world, playing to sold-out crowds as both a headliner and as founder of the all-star "G3" guitar extravaganza. Satriani's studio and live recordings have sold more than ten million copies worldwide to date and of his many solo albums, two have gone platinum and four others went gold, with 15 Grammy nominations between them. His side project, CHICKENFOOT, featuring former VAN HALEN frontman Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony, and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith, achieved certified gold status with their debut album and their second studio album debuted at No. 9. Satriani's touring band remains Marco Minnemann on drums, Bryan Beller on bass and Mike Keneally on keyboards and guitar.


|||| 7 дек 2016


Austin Dickinson, the son of IRON MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson and frontman of AS LIONS, joined FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Jason Hook on stage on December 3 in Huntington, West Virginia to perform a medley of the FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH songs "Wrong Side Of Heaven" and "Remember Everything". Check out fan-filmed video footage below.

Austin was filling in for regular FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH singer Ivan Moody who "has fallen ill" and is currently receiving treatment. The rest of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's set in Huntington featured ALL THAT REMAINS frontman Phil Labonte on lead vocals.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH has four shows to go on its current U.S. co-headlining arena tour with SHINEDOWN. Also appearing on the trek are SIXX:A.M. and AS LIONS.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Zoltan Bathory explained the band's decision to finish out the trek with a replacement singer: "Ivan is our brother and we fully and wholeheartedly support him taking care of himself so he can get well as soon as possible. We discussed possibly canceling the remaining shows but the responses from the other bands on the tour were so overwhelmingly supportive that we decided to move forward and deliver the great night to the fans that they expect."

Labonte, a former Marine and close friend of Moody, once before saved the day for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE in 2010 when their singer at the time, Howard Jones, left the band mid-tour. Phil said: "I got their six and stepped up right away. I'm honored to be able to help FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH to finish their tour and give Ivan a chance to take care of himself. I did the same for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE years ago. I was humbled to get the call and get a chance to play in front of such a great audience."

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH was forced to cut a show in Worcester, Massachusetts on November 28 short because Moody was unable to perform. Although it was reported that Moody was overcome with grief over the illness and possible death of someone close to him — not his mother as initially reported — a number of audience members reported that he appeared to be intoxicated and disoriented.

Moody previously had an onstage meltdown during a May 2015 show in Memphis. The incident was blamed on his abuse of alcohol and drugs. He entered rehab after that.


|||| 7 дек 2016


Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT), Phil Demmel (MACHINE HEAD), Roy Z (HALFORD), Chas West (BONHAM), Brent Woods (SEBASTIAN BACH), Matt Starr (ACE FREHLEY, MR. BIG), Monte Pittman (PRONG, MADONNA) and Derek Sherinian (BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION) are among the musicians who took part in a jam to celebrate would have been iconic OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Randy Rhoads's 60th birthday on December 3 at the D'Argenzio Wine Room in Burbank, California. Check out video footage of the event below. Photos are available at this location.

The next day, Demmel wrote about the experience on his Facebook page. He said: "Last night was pretty rad. I got an invite by the Rhoads family to come down to Burbank and celebrate Randy's 60th birthday at their wine room and play a song. Me and my bud Donny Speer bombed down the 5 and met other buds David Culberhouse and David Foster for some food then hung out at Brent Woods's awesome pad to run through 'Goodbye To Romance' on acoustics before heading to the event. They had a bunch of his stuff on display including the guitar he wrote 'Dee' on and some of his handwritten lessons, plus of pictures and polka/bow-tie decorations everywhere. Had a great time hanging with my guys as we all Randy nerds together back in HS and I appreciate them taking the time to share this with me.

"Brent and I were joined by Chas West on vocals and I got some goosebumps singing the chorus with Kathy (Randy's sister) and her husband along with all that were there. We proceeded to butcher 'Steal Away The Night', but it had awesome, positive energy and was really fun jamming with hose dudes.

"Such a highlight to be a part of a great event. Honored is an understatement."

A lover of classical music, Rhoads had taken initial steps into rock 'n' roll as a 16-year-old when he formed a band, that soon became QUIET RIOT. Rhoads was vaulted to the limelight in 1979 when Ozzy Osbourne chose the relatively unknown guitarist to help shape a new future for him via his band, BLIZZARD OF OZZ. The result saw Rhoads co-script two of the most famous albums in hard rock history, "Blizzard Of Ozz" and "Diary Of A Madman", and rapidly ascended the stairway of fame and recognition for his virtuoso playing and writing. Famed for the way he fused classical flavors with technically excellent hard rock, Rhoads became one of the most influential lead guitarists in rock. When he tragically passed away on March 19, 1982 in a plane accident, Rhoads was only 25 years old, but thankfully, the legend of his work, ethos and their continuing influence on a whole new generation of guitarists, has never dimmed.
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