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Motionless in White


13 июл 2020 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Has 'Two Projects' Coming Out This Summer

16 июн 2020 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Frontman Expects Next Album To Be As Diverse As Previous Offerings

5 июн 2020 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Singer: TRUMP's 'Behavior And Poor Acts Of 'Leadership' Enable Cruelty, Ignorance And Social Injustice'

23 май 2020 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Singer Is Working On 'Really Aggressive' New Music

13 фев 2020 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Members Wanted To 'Kill Each Other' A Couple Of Years Ago, Says CHRIS MOTIONLESS

6 дек 2019 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Releases Music Video For 'Another Life'

28 ноя 2019 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Frontman Says DEE SNIDER Is 'The Ultimate Rock Star'

18 авг 2019 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE To Reissue When Love Met Destruction EP On Vinyl

28 июн 2019 : 
Video Premiere: MOTIONLESS IN WHITE's 'Brand New Numb'

10 май 2019 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE: Visualizer Video For New Song 'Undead Ahead 2: The Tale Of The Midnight Rider'

29 апр 2019 : 
Video Premiere: MOTIONLESS IN WHITE's 'Disguise'

24 май 2018 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE: 'Voices' Video Released

7 май 2018 : 

28 сен 2017 : 
Watch MOTIONLESS IN WHITE's Video For 'Necessary Evil' Song (Feat. JONATHAN DAVIS)

9 май 2017 : 
Watch MOTIONLESS IN WHITE's 'Eternally Yours' Video

6 май 2017 : 
Listen To KORN Frontman JONATHAN DAVIS Guest On MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Song 'Necessary Evil'

2 май 2017 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE: New Song 'Rats' Available For Streaming

3 мар 2017 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE's 'Graveyard Shift' Album To Feature Guest Appearance By KORN Singer

28 янв 2017 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Releases New Song 'Eternally Yours'

1 ноя 2016 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE To Release 'Graveyard Shift' Album In Early 2017

14 июл 2016 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE: '570' Video Premiere

24 июн 2016 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Signs With ROADRUNNER, Unveils New Song '570'

23 июл 2015 : 

19 фев 2015 : 

17 сен 2014 : 
MOTIONLESS IN WHITE: 'Reincarnate' Video Released

12 сен 2014 : 
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|||| 13 фев 2020

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Members Wanted To 'Kill Each Other' A Couple Of Years Ago, Says CHRIS MOTIONLESS

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In a brand new interview with Pozzo Live, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE frontman Chris "Motionless" Cerulli was asked how he and his bandmates manage not to kill each other when they spend so much time together on a tour bus. He responded (see video below): "Man, that's a tough one. I think what's great about us now is that we're coming through a period where we did kind of wanna kill each other. That was a couple of years ago. We found ways to still bond and enjoy what we did, but something just wasn't there. And now, with the new album and the new touring cycle, everything is just awesome and everyone gets along. Whether it's as simple as playing video games together, or our guitarist Ricky [Horror] does a lot of filming of everybody and tries to build these really cool update videos, so it brings everyone together. There's a lot of really small individual ways where everyone comes together and enjoys it. But, yeah, there's definitely those days where you're just like, 'Ooooohhhh…' Just the sound of somebody's voice makes you wanna fucking lose your mind. And that happens to everybody. When you're stuck that close to everybody every day, it does get like that. But, fortunately, now for us, we're very happy as a group and really love what we do. So it's great."

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE's latest album, "Disguise" is available now at all DSPs. The disc is highlighted by a series of singles, including "Brand New Numb", "Undead Ahead 2: The Tale Of The Midnight Ride" and "Disguise", the latter joined by a companion video directed by frequent collaborators Jeremy Danger and Travis Shinn. In addition, "Brand New Numb" was recently joined by an official visual, also directed by Moore.

Comprised of Motionless, guitarists Ryan Sitkowski and Ricky Horror, drummer Vinny Mauro, and bassist Justin Morrow, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE has won over audiences around the globe with its aggressive music and arresting imagery, firmly placing the band among the upper echelon of modern rock.




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