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|||| 23 2017



|||| 23 2017

Britain’s SYNAPTIK To Release Sophomore Album In March; “Esc Ctrl” Video Streaming

British heavy metal five-piece, Synaptik, recently announced the re-release of their debut album, The Mechanisms Of Consequence, as a heavier remixed album, due out on January 30th.

The Norwich-based band show no signs of slowing down as they are set to make a huge impact in 2017 by following it up with the release of their sophomore album, Justify & Reason, out March 10th.

For US fans, it’s a double dose of metal as the remix album and the new album, Justify & Reason, will be released as a double album directly via Divebomb Records. The first pre-orders for this collection will be available on February 1st from the band's website.

Synaptik describe Justify & Reason as: "A collection exhibiting real finesse, true technicality but not at the expense of neck-snapping riffs and a progressive air that’s both bracing and intimidatingly menacing."

The UK and US version of Justify & Reason come with different artworks, as seen below.

UK Edition:

US Edition:

Justify & Reason tracklisting:

“The Incredible Machine”
“Human / Inhuman”
“White Circles”
“Esc Ctrl”
“A Man Dies”
“As I Am As I Was”
“I Am The Ghost” (intro)
“Your Cold Dead Trace”

“Esc Ctrl” video:

Both UK and US editions have the same track listing. However the US version has the remix album as a bonus disc.
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[= ||| 23 2017

CONDEMNED To Release His Divine Shadow Via Unique Leader In March; New Track Streaming

San Diego brutal death metalists Condemned return with their third full-length His Divine Shadow.

Set for worldwide release via Unique Leader Records on March 10th, Condemned's latest endeavor was recorded and edited by producer John Haddad (Abysmal Dawn, Phobia, Intronaut) at Trench Studios in Santa Ana, California, mixed by Art Paiz at Mana Recording in St. Petersburg, Florida and mastered by Alan Douches (Cannibal Corpse, Converge, Mastodon) at West West Side Music in New Windsor, New York. His Divine Shadow comes swathed in the cover art of Swedish artist and designer Par Olofsson (Deeds Of Flesh, Cult Of Luna, Immortal), with album logo art by the lord of logos, Christophe Szpajdel (Emperor, Moonspell, Old Man's Child).


"Omniscient Perturbations"
"Ascending The Spectral Throne"
"Nefarious Sanguine Decree"
"His Divine Shadow"
"Pestilential Reign"
"The Hive Ablaze"
"World-Reaving Terror"

His Divine Shadow is a vast, horrific tale of a darkened, parallel universe inhabited by an insect humanoid civilization that lives dominated and enslaved by a dark mysterious ruler whom they call "His Divine Shadow." Spread across ten tracks, Condemned carry on their brutal legacy with a signature brand of punishing riffs, fast, chaotic grooves, planet-rupturing breakdowns, Suffocation / Disgorge-ian style blasts, and an overall dark, menacing ambiance.

Sample third cut, "Omniscient Perturbations" now streaming at the Unique Leader Bandcamp audio player below.

His Divine Shadow by Condemned

Since the release of 2011's Realms Of The Ungodly, Condemned has weathered a variety of personnel changes leaving only original guitarist Steve Crow. Leading the way on vocals in 2017 is Sam Townsley who appeared as guest vocalist on the band's Desecrate The Vile debut in 2007. His unique vocal style demonstrates absolute pandemonium: low and powerfully deep roars complimented by creative vocal patterns. Manning the drum kit is Tyson Jupin (Vile) whose powerful hits, fast kicks, varied blasts, and solid execution elevates Condemned's inexorable heaviness tenfold. On bass guitar, is Ryan Reidy who shines with an innovative style, heavy dialed bass tones, and killer live performance skills. With the newly added members and a new album, Condemned returns to the death metal scene heavier than ever before. Believe it.
|||| 23 2017

TRIVIUM Officially Recruits Drummer ALEX BENT For European Tour

As BLABBERMOUTH.NET exclusively reported as a rumor on December 22, Florida-based metallers TRIVIUM have now officially confirmed that they have recruited Alex Bent to play drums on their upcoming European headlining tour.

Bent, a member of BATTLECROSS and DECREPIT BIRTH who previously played with TESTAMENT as the fill-in for that band's longtime drummer Gene Hoglan, will make his live debut with TRIVIUM on February 11 in Dublin, Ireland.

Bent's official audition video can be seen below. TRIVIUM bassist Paolo Gregoletto explained via Twitter: "Alex sent us this video two days after being put in touch with him. We also had a few weeks of rehearsal together in November."

Bent is also a member of TESTAMENT guitarist Eric Peterson's DRAGONLORD project, whose long-awaited third album, "Dominion", is expected to arrive later this year.

Alex joins TRIVIUM following the departure of the band's drummer of eleven months, Paul Wandtke, who was given his walking papers in November.

Wandtke made his live debut with TRIVIUM on December 5, 2015 at Knotfest in Mexico. A short time later, he appeared in an official promotional photo with the three core members of the band.

Paul joined the Florida outfit on the recommendation of DREAM THEATER's Mike Mangini and replaced Mat Madiro, who departed due to reasons of "creativity."

Madiro was the featured drummer on TRIVIUM's latest album, "Silence In The Snow", which was released in October 2015 via Roadrunner.
|||| 23 2017

DEEP PURPLE Post Live Video Of "Knocking At Your Back Door" From 1985 Alpine Valley Show

The clip  below features Deep Purple live in Alpine Valley in 1985. As the band celebrated the successes of Perfect Strangers, they sold out stadiums all across the world and played a second USA tour in 1985, this time in front of a massive audience at The Alpine Valley Arena on August 17th. Check out "Knocking At Your Back Door" from the night.

Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice spoke to Heavyworlds recently and talked about the band’s Long Goodbye Tour and the possibility that it might be Purple’s swansong.

"It'll be a long tour," Paice told Heavyworlds. "It may be the last big tour; we don't know. But it will be a long tour and we will try and get lots of the new record on the stage without losing some of the old songs."

He continued: "We haven't made any hard, fast plans (about whether we will do any long touring after Long Goodbye). But it becomes obvious that you cannot tour the same way you did when you were 21. It becomes more and more difficult. People have other things in their lives, which take time. But never say never."

Deep Purple will release their new album, inFinite, the highly anticipated follow-up to their worldwide chart topping album NOW What?!, on April 7th via earMUSIC. The track “Time For Bedlam” (lyric video below) is available as instant grat as part of the digital album pre-order, as well as on all streaming platforms. A limited edition EP for “Time For Bedlam”, with non-album songs and unreleased recordings will hit the shops on February 3rd.

“Time For Bedlam” lyric video:

A documentary movie, witnessing the songwriting process and the recording of the album with producer Bob Ezrin, has been produced, allowing for the first time for the fans to be part of the private band member interactions in the studio. The movie will be included in some editions of the album and it will be presented before release in various fan events worldwide.

Deep Purple recently announced their Long Goodbye Tour, which will bring the legendary live show once again all over the world. The band have not yet answered, in fact, the many questions received by fans from all over the world who are speculating about the meaning of the title inFinite and "Long Goodbye".

Singer Ian Gillan has in fact declared: “If you take it literally you may, quite reasonably, think the ‘Finite’ part of the word describes the life of Deep Purple, with a clear beginning and a nebulous end; but what of the ‘in’ bit? The word infinite is a three-dimensional double edged sword. It describes something that goes on forever in all directions; not unlike its temporal equivalent ‘Eternal’ What’s that all about?

“Stephen Hawking declared (in A brief History Of Time) that, before the Big Bang there was nothing. That would put the kybosh on the idea of our universe being Infinite, as he provides a starting point, which is not acceptable to the concept. So, Hawking’s universe in ‘Finite’; by definition; whether he agrees or not.

“Ironically, he is quite wrong (scientists always are eventually), therefore the Universe is infinite, which means it will never end, and also means that it never started, and the corollary to that of course is that we don’t exist.

“There is a metaphysical solution to all this, but it will have to wait until the tour is over because (thanks heavens) there are only 24 hours in a day (for the time being) or 10 hours in a metric day. More on that later…”

inFinite trailer clips:

Tour dates:

17 - Wien, Austria - Stadthalle Halle D
19 - München, Germany - Olympiahalle
23 - Lodz, Poland - Atlas Arena
24 - Katowice, Poland - Spodek
30 - Hamburg, Germany - Barclaycard-Arena

1 - Lille, France - Zenith Arena
2 - Amsterdam, Holland - Ziggodome
3 - Paris, France - Accorhotels Arena
6 - Köln, Germany - Lanxess Arena
7 - Dortmund, Germany - Westfalenhalle
9 - Leipzig, Germany - Arena Leipzig
10 - Frankfurt/Main, Germany - Festhalle
13 - Berlin, Germany - Mercedes-Benz-Arena
14 - Stuttgart, Germany - Schleyer-Halle
16-18 - Clisson, France - HellFest (exact date TBC)

1 - Barcelona, Spain - Rock Fest

November (with Europe)
17 - Birmingham, England - Birmingham Arena
18 - Manchester, England - Manchester Arena
20 - Cardiff, Wales - Cardiff Arena
22 - Glasgow, Scotland - SSE Hydro
23 - London, England - 02 Arena


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[= ||| 23 2017

GOREPHILIA Set To Return With Severed Monolith

Finland's Gorephilia will release its second full-length, Severed Monolith, on March 3rd. The album will be available on CD and digital formats via Dark Descent Records, with vinyl treatment through Me Saco Un Ojo.

Album track "The Ravenous Storm" can now be streamed via the audio player below. 

Severed Monolith by Gorephilia

Five years and two new members - drummer Kauko Kuusisalo who joined right after the release of their debut album, and second six-stringer Pauli Gurko who arrived last year - later, Finland's most in-your-face death metal band is back and they still are forging their way with a hammer.

 "This was meant at first to be an EP," reveals original guitarist Jukka Aho. "But it slowly grew into a full-length. Some of the songs date all the way back to 2012, and the material has had much time to ferment resulting in Gorephilia's most refined compositions yet. The lyrics explore the inner conflict and self-destructive nature of man - parting from his will, values and life. The album was recorded with Tommi Otsavaara, mostly live in studio with the exception of vocals and guitar solos, just like for our debut."   


"Harmageddon Of Souls"
"Words That Solve Problems"
"Black Horns"
"The Ravenous Storm"    
"Return To Dark Space"
"Crushed Under The Weight Of God"

If lately many of their contemporaries, including labelmates Krypts, whom guitarist Jukka Aho is incidentally also part of, have decided to reconnect themselves with the "classic Finnish sound" of the early '90s, Gorephilia have on the other hand decided to go against the tide and turn their gaze towards the US for inspiration. Their goal is pretty simple: making sure their take on the genre has the kind of sudden impact few will recover from. Whereas others tend to wave around their prey, they're in for the kill and after Embodiment Of Death back in 2012, their second full-length Severed Monolith is deemed to twist the knife in the wound even deeper. 

The only moment where you'll be able to catch your breath is the interlude "Words That Solve Problems", basically a stepping stone for the following onslaught, "Black Horns". And the first track previewed above, "The Ravenous Storm" is no different, with its furious barrage of blasts and blistering solos. Rounded off by Raul Gonzalez 'cosmic' artwork reminiscent of what he already had done for Morbus Chron, Severed Monolith is just that, a testament to death metal crushing power. Pre-orders are now being accepted at this location.

|||| 23 2017

W.A.S.P. To Release Re-Recorded Version Of 'The Crimson Idol', Embark On 'Re-Idolized' Tour

W.A.S.P. will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its classic fifth album, "The Crimson Idol", by releasing a re-recorded version of the LP along with a 50-minute DVD film of the album's story. In addition, the band will perform "The Crimson Idol" in its entirety on a tour dubbed "Re-Idolized: The 25th Anniversary Of The Crimson Idol" along with three missing songs originally intended to be part of the recordings. The show will be done in two parts, with the first being "The Crimson Idol", and part two being a collection of greatest hits.

A full list of currently confirmed tour dates can be found at

Released in 1992, "The Crimson Idol" is a full-length conceptual album that tells the twisted tale of a suicidal rock and roll icon and the perils that come with fame. With guitarist Chris Holmes no longer a member of W.A.S.P., Blackie Lawless recorded "The Crimson Idol" with guitarist Bob Kulick and drummers Stet Howland and Frankie Banali. Voted one of the Top 20 conceptual albums of all-time by Metal Hammer magazine, "The Crimson Idol" is obviously more of a soundtrack than, say, a straight rock 'n' roll album.

Issued internationally in 1992, "The Crimson Idol" was not made available in the United States until 1993 and it gave W.A.S.P. the band's first U.S. radio hit single with "Hold On To My Heart". Ironcally enough, it was the way Capitol Records handled the push (or lack thereof) on "Hold On To My Heart" that made Blackie decide to leave the label.

"The main theme of 'The Crimson Idol' which is a haunting acoustic guitar riff was in a [pre-W.A.S.P. band] SISTER song called 'What I Am'," Blackie said. "I've always been very economical with my songwriting. If something wasn't working out I'd scrap it. But if something was a good idea but not ready, or didn't quite fit what we were doing at the time, I'd go back to it later and re-work it."

During an interview with RIP magazine, Lawless had this to say about the album: "'The Crimson Idol' is an enormously complicated story. There are ten songs on it and each one is a euphenism for something else. Nothing on this album is really what it appears to be at first glance. Everything is a symbol for something else. The story was written from a satirical point of view. That means that wherever a person is at their life and whoever's viewpoint they're listening to in the story are going to determine the story they're going to get. If you're 18 and you listen to it, you're going to see one thing. If you go back and listen to it five or ten years later, you're going to get a completely different story. I didn't want to create fast food for the ears. I wanted something that I thought was going to have longevity."

Blackie also spoke about "The Crimson Idol" in a 2010 chat with Metal Asylum. He stated at the time: "'The Crimson Idol' was about a kid who was a musician and gets famous and all this stuff, and he finds out fame really isn't what he is looking for, but, really, 'Crimson Idol' is about love. It's a real simple story, and at the time when I did it, I thought it was more complex than it was. But looking back on it, you can see what it really boils down to, and I'm not diminishing the value of the album because it is real powerful. Part of the reason it worked is because its something everyone can relate to. Especially that whole idea of not getting what you want from your parents, or being loved in general; that's what struck a nerve in people. And at the time, I was almost writing it as a footnote, but when I look back, it was much bigger in the story than I gave it credit for."


|||| 23 2017

Video: HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES Perform At 32nd Annual NAMM TEC Awards

Winners in 31 technical and creative achievement categories were announced at the 32nd annual NAMM TEC Awards, presented annually by the NAMM Foundation and held January 21 in Anaheim, California. The annual event celebrates the best in professional audio and sound production and is held during the NAMM Show, the world's leading global music industry trade event. Comedian Sinbad returned to host for the third time. Joe Perry, one of music's most significant artists and executives, received the evening's highest honor, the Les Paul Award, presented to remarkably distinguished and accomplished individuals from the music industry. HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES bandmate and actor Johnny Depp presented Perry with the award, then joined Perry, Brad Whitford and Alice Cooper on stage for a live performance.

The Les Paul Award named for the revolutionary inventor and esteemed musician, honors individuals or institutions that have set the highest standards of excellence in the creative application of audio and music technology. Instituted in 1991, the honor has been granted to luminaries, including Pete Townshend, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Todd Rundgren, Peter Gabriel and Slash.

Perry dedicated the award to his manager Howard Kaufman, who recently passed away.

Keeping it in the family, famed AEROSMITH engineer and producer Jack Douglas also became the newest inductee to the NAMM TEC Awards Hall Of Fame. Douglas is associated with many of the band's most iconic releases and affectionately dubbed "the sixth member" of AEROSMITH for having contributed lyrics to several tracks released from the band. He also engineered and produced many multi-platinum AEROSMITH albums, including "Toys In The Attic" and "Rocks", both of which ranked among Rolling Stone's list of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time." Douglas rose to prominence when the Record Plant Studio opened its doors and eventually engineered John Lennon's "Imagine" and THE WHO's "Who's Next" EP.

In total, winners were selected from 180 nominees.
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[= ||| 23 2017

ANTHRAX: Trailer For Limited Tour Edition Of 'For All Kings'

ANTHRAX will embark on its first full European headline tour in more than a decade in February. All shows will see the band celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of its classic "Among The Living" by performing the LP live in its entirety along with fan favorites from throughout the band's rich 35-year career.

In support of this upcoming trek, ANTHRAX will release a limited tour edition of its latest studio album, "For All Kings", on February 17. In addition to the regular album, it will include "Vice Of the People" (previously only available in Japan) as well as a bonus disc of demo versions of several of the album's songs.

The official trailer for the tour edition of "For All Kings" is available below.

ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante commented on the "For All Kings" tour edition: "We've included some of the demos from 'For All Kings' in this package. We wanted to show the evolution of the songs. The idea of a song can start from a guitar riff or a thought in your head. It then takes shape and goes from my music to Scott's [Ian, guitar] lyrics to Frank [Bello, bass] and Joey's [Belladonna, vocals] ideas and melodies to Jon's [Donais] lead guitar. This is our way of making ANTHRAX music — ENJOY!"

"For All Kings" tour edition track listing:

CD1 - "For All Kings"

01. You Gotta Believe02. A Monster At The End03. For All Kings04. Breathing Lightning05. Suzerain06. Evil Twin07. Blood Eagle Wings08. Defend/Avenge09. All Of Them Thieves10. This Battle Chose Us11. Zero Tolerance12. Vice Of The People (bonus track)

CD2 - Demos

01. Breathing Lightning02. A Monster At The End03. This Battle Chose Us04. Soror Irrumator05. Vice Of The People

ANTHRAX has sold in excess of ten million units, received multiple gold and platinum certifications, six Grammy nominations and a host of other accolades from the media, industry and fans. In 1991, their music helped break down race and genre barriers when they collaborated with PUBLIC ENEMY on "Bring The Noise". And, of course, along with METALLICA, SLAYER and MEGADETH, ANTHRAX helped pioneer the thrash/metal genre as a member of the "Big Four".

"For All Kings" sold 34,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 9 on The Billboard 200 chart.


|||| 23 2017

ACE FREHLEY: Video Footage Of Entire Corpus Christi Concert

Fan-filmed video footage of Ace Frehley's entire January 20 concert at Brewster Street Icehouse in Corpus Christi, Texas can be seen below.

Rumors about Frehley's return to KISS gained strength lasty year after he teamed up with KISS lead singer Paul Stanley on a cover of FREE's "Fire And Water", marking their first collaboration since 1998's "Psycho Circus".

Asked if there is a chance that he will re-team with KISS, Frehley told "Talking Metal" at last month's Revolver Music Awards in New York City: "I haven't heard anything from Paul and Gene [Simmons, KISS bassist/vocalist] — although I did get a text from Gene the other day. He wanted to come see me perform this January. So, you know, maybe he'll pop the big question. Who knows? [Laughs]

He added: "Whatever happens, we're all good. It's all good."

Ace's latest comments echo those he made in November when he told Eddie Trunk of the "Trunk Nation" radio show: "I haven't been contacted [about a reunion]. I'm not ruling it out. It's a possibility, I guess. But the ball's in Paul and Gene's court. If that's something that they would like to do to end off the career of KISS, I think it could be… if it was handled correctly, it could be great. But those guys pretty much run the show these days. And I'm doing my thing, and they're doing their thing. And if it happens, it'd be great, and if it doesn't, I'll be fine and they'll be fine."

Ace told "Trunk Nation" that his relationship with his former bandmates was never bad as it was portrayed by the media. "However the press colors the fact that we don't get along, in reality we do," he said. "You know, we have disagreements and things are said sometimes, taken out of context. But I've always been friends with those guys and they've been friends with me. We may not have agreed about certain things over the years and maybe there were times we didn't talk. I mean, we created something amazing that withstood the test of time."

Frehley's version of "Fire And Water" appears on his covers collection "Origins, Vol 1", which received great reviews and landed in the Top 25 on the Billboard album chart.
|||| 23 2017

SINISTER – Syncretism Tracklisting Revealed; "Blood-Soaked Domain" Song Streaming

Death metal act Sinister will release their new album Syncretism on February 24th, via Massacre Records. Check out the tracklisting and new song "Blood-Soaked Domain" below.

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge. The band once again teamed up with the Russian artist Alex Tartsus, who's responsible for the cover artwork.

The band comments:

"It's a new story of sacrilege. Sinister is here to support the amalgamation of dark religions and rituals. The killer riffs, pounding drums and extra dimensions provide this dark atmosphere! Wait for this majestic delivery and convince yourself - this is Syncretism! This is death metal!"

Syncretism tracklisting:
“Convulsion Of Christ”
“Blood-Soaked Domain”
“Dominance By Acquisition”
“Black Slithering Mass”
“Rite Of The Blood Eagle”
“The Canonical Rights”
“Confession Before Slaughter”

Digipak Bonus CD
“Unhallowed Blood”

A record release show is scheduled to take place on February 18th at the P60 in Amstelveen, Netherlands.


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[= ||| 23 2017


Guitarist Stacey Blades (Let It Rawk, Ratt) has "decided to leave Angels In Vein. After ten months of little to no movement, it's time to move on as a musician, artist and songwriter. It just didn't make sense for me to stay. I wish Taz, Chris, Adam and Troy all the best with Angels In Vein."

Check out the Angels In Vein video for "Trip Of A Lifetime":
|||| 23 2017

FOSCOR Sign To Season Of Mist

Season Of Mist has announced the signing of Spanish atmospheric metal band Foscor. Named after the Catalan word for "darkness," the innovative band have finished recording a new album to be released by the label later this year.

Regarding the signing, the band comments: "Long has been the path through darkness, but a new light shines and will accompany us on the most thrilling journey Foscor have ever undertaken. We are pleased to announce that we have signed a deal with Season Of Mist, visionary home of pioneers all around the globe in the noble art of musical creation, and the best partner possible to unveil our new emotional act to the world. We feel delighted sharing a label with brilliant bands from the most intricate and extreme language to the most subtle and beautiful dark sounds. It gives us a great opportunity to expand our musical language and outlook on life while learning from such an experienced team. We are eager to have you bear witness of this moment. Stay with us to see where this venture will lead. Expect more news very soon."

(Picture by Raquel Garcia)
|||| 23 2017

COURTESANS - Cover Art And Tracklist Of New EP Revealed

Following the release of their acclaimed debut album 1917 and last year's successful Pledge Music campaign, doom pop act Courtesans will release their  new 5-song EP, Better Safe Than Sober, on March 31st. Hailing from London, England, Courtesans are reminiscent of Aegis-era Theatre Of Tragedy according to BraveWords scribe Carl Begai. 


"Feel The Same"
"John Doe"
"The Tide"

The band has issued the following statement: "We want more women to pick up instruments. Be musicians, tour managers, sound engineers... Don’t leave it up to the boys, but do not dumb down your femininity to be respected, be yourself and be free! We want to not only encourage women in music but for more men to accept that it is ok to look up to female artists."

Check out the first release from the EP, "Mesmerise", below.

Courtesans current tour schedule for the UK include:

18 - London, UK - Electrowerkz
22 - Leeds, UK - Lending Room
23 - Edinburgh, UK - Bannermans
24 - Glasgow, UK - Ivory Blacks
25 - Newcastle, UK - Think Tank

17 - Southampton, UK - Talking Heads
25 - Cardiff, UK - The Full Moon

1 - Manchester, UK - Ruby Lounge
28 - Brighton, UK - Green Door Store
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[= ||| 23 2017

JENNER - New Album Teaser Released

Infernö Records recently announced the signing of Serbian speed metal band Jenner, who will release their debut album, To Live Is To Suffer on February 20th. Check out a new album teaser below:

Formed in December 2013, Jenner are the only all-girl metal band from the Belgrade area and in spite of their young age, they're showing a high potential and great abilities in delivering high-quality speed metal.

They released a two-song demo in 2015, already showing great professionalism and technical abilities. After weeks of intense hard work, they recorded their first full-length album called To Live Is To Suffer that will soon be released on Infernö Records.

“How Deep Is Your Greed”:


|||| 23 2017

GEORGE LYNCH Performs LYNCH MOB's "Wicked Sensation" At NAMM 2017; Three Part ESP Demo Clip Posted

Guitar legend George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, KXM) appeared at the ESP booth this weekend at NAMM 2017 in Anaheim, CA on January 20th. Chec out his demo session in three parts along with an isolated clip of Lynch performing Lynch Mob's "Wicked Sensation".

Coming on the heels of the announcement of their sophomore album, KXM has released the video for the debut single “Scatterbrain”. The video, directed by previous KXM director Jamie Brown, features the band performing live in the desert. The video can be seen below, and is the first song from the upcoming release of the same name.

The new album is scheduled for release on March 17th via Rat Pak Records. Fans who pre-order the album digitally via iTunes will receive “Scatterbrain” as an instant download.

Scatterbrain is currently available for pre-order via the Rat Pak Records website in various bundles including signed CD’s and t-shirts. All fans who pre-order the album through the Rat Pak website will be entered to win a one-of-a-kind custom guitar as well as other prizes. Pre-order the new album at this location.

KXM is comprised of dUg Pinnick of King’s X on vocals/bass, George Lynch of Lynch Mob/Dokken on guitars and Ray Luzier, of Korn on drums. Scatterbrain features 13 brand new tracks and was recorded at the Steakhouse studio in North Hollywood California. The album was produced by Chris “The Wizard” Collier (Flotsam And Jetsam, Prong, Last In Line) who also produced the band’s 2014 debut.

From the infectious riff of the album opener “Scatterbrain” to the outro of “Angel”, KXM have created something truly special and musically diverse. Songs like “Breakout”, “Calypso”, and “True Deceivers” are sonically different from each other taking the listener on a musical journey. Scatterbrain is thematically a darker record than the debut. The album builds upon the developed KXM rock sound but this time includes some different dynamics drawing inspiration from prog, ska, punk and metal. Through it all, it remains undeniably KXM.

Recorded over the span of 10 days, every song on Scatterbrain was the result of a musical jam from all three members playing together in the same room. Ray Luzier explains on the process, “We wanted to use the same formula as the 1st KXM record: book studio time, come in fresh every day with a new idea & run with it and not over think anything.”

George Lynch described the sessions as Record-topia: “we showed up in the studio, camped out with a bunch of gear and let the tape roll! Just like the first album, no pre-production, no rehearsal, no pre-written songs.”

dUg Pinnick adds: “The vibe was like a bunch of old friends having fun creating music like the previous record, nothing but fun!”

Scatterbrain tracklisting:

“Big Sky Country”
“Not A Single Word”
“Noises In The Sky”
“Panic Attack”
“It’s Never Enough”
“True Deceivers”

“Scatterbrain” video:

KXM formed in early 2013 when dUg, George and Ray spoke about trying to jam together. At the time it wasn’t clear what would come from those jams. The only thing that was clear was that these three musicians, at the top of their game, wanted to play together. The self-titled debut, KXM, was released on March 11th, 2014 and debuted at #31 on the Billboard 200. The band takes its name from the combination of the member’s other projects: K from Korn, X from King’s X and M from Lynch Mob. In a world that constantly searches for new and unique music, KXM delivers all the power and punch that one would expect from these high level players.
|||| 23 2017


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[= ||| 23 2017

THE NEW BLACK - Video Recap Of 10th Anniversary Blackfest Posted

On January 7th, German rockers The New Black celebrated their 10th Anniversary with their very own Blackfest in Schweinfurt at the Stattbahnhof featuring support bands Motorjesus and Serpent Smile. The clip below features highlights from the night including The New Black's acoustic and full-on electric sets.

The New Black's setlist on the night was as follows:

Acoustic Set

"Long Time Coming"
"Send In The Clowns"
"Buddha Belly"

Electric Set

"Why I Burn"
"More Than A Man"
"The King I Was"
"Into Modesty"
"Batteries & Rust"
"Any Colour You Like (As Long As It's Black)
"Muzzle & Blinkers
"Superhuman Mission"
"Burning D"
"Blockbuster Life"
"That's Your Poison, Not Mine"
"A Pill Named Ting"
"Dead In The Water"
"Long Time Coming"

The New Black released their new album A Monster's Life on February 26th, 2016 via AFM Records.


"Long Time Coming"
"Blockbuster Life"
"With A Grin"
"Send In The Clowns"
"Dead In The Water"
"Buddha Belly"
"The Beer Of No Return"
"A Pill Named Ting"
"That’s Your Poison, Not Mine"

"Send In The Clowns" lyric video:

"With A Grin" video:

"Long Time Coming" video:

"Buddha Belly" lyric video:

For information and updates on The New Black go to this location.
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BEAUTIFUL CREATURES To Release Re-Mixed Re-Mastered Deluxe Edition Of Sophomore Album Deuce

Beautiful Creatures have announced they will be releasing a remixed, remastered, re-sequenced Deluxe edition of their sophomore album Deuce.

Following Beautiful Creature's self titled release in 2001, the core band Joe LeSte (vocals), Kenny Kweens (bass) and Anthony Focx (guitar) immediately entered the studio with a new lineup which included lead guitarist Alex Grossi and began recording material for the follow-up to their debut, which would end up being titled Deuce.

Produced by guitarist Anthony Focx and bass guitarist Kenny Kweens mixed by Toby Wright, (whose past production work includes Alice In Chains, Korn and KISS), Deuce was released worldwide in 2005 and ultimately landed premier placements on the hit FX TV series Sons Of Anarchy, the Walt Disney/Touchstone hit film The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds as well multiple other TV and movie soundtracks.

Beautiful Creatures founding bassist Kenny Kweens states: "unlike our debut record, Deuce was never properly released digitally and nearly impossible to get physically due to all the changes in the industry. We are really looking forward to everyone hearing Deuce as it was meant to be sonically.

Deuce Deluxe (which is currently set for a March release) will feature every track the band recorded for the Japanese Release (JVC Records) as well as the US release (Spitfire/Eagle Rock), In one digital package that has been re-mixed and remastered. It will also include new album cover artwork and edits that up until now, were not included in either initial release.

"We are really excited to be doing this, says Joe LeSte. "We have all been through a lot both personally and professionally as a band - and even though we have all gone down different roads, whenever we see each other or chat on the phone, it's like no time has gone by at all. I saw Kenny (Kweens) and Alex (Grossi) on the last Monsters Of Rock Cruise, we ended up all onstage together playing a Beautiful Creatures tune, it was really fun - within 48 hours, all of our phones lit up. So, we collectively said fuck it, let's go for it and well, here we are!"
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METALLICA's KIRK HAMMETT Slams TRUMP, Urges Americans To 'Reject The Lies From The People In The New Administraton'

METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett has issued his strongest condemnation yet of Donald Trump, comparing the new president's inaugural address to the speeches that were made in Germany under Adolf Hitler's rule and urging the American people to "reject the lies from the people in the new administraton."

After Trump one of the most polarizing figures to assume the office was officially sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, January 20, a number of celebrities took to social media to share their thoughts, including Hammett, who has previously said that the new leadership lacks "a general sense of what is right and what's wrong."

In a series of tweets, the METALLICA guitarist was especially critical of Trump's inaugural address, which painted a bleak picture of life for some in the United States, promised to end what Trump called the "American carnage," and work tirelessly to put "America first."

Hammett wrote: "Trump's Inaugural Address and his asking us to put America first sounds, to me, familiar to what was said in speeches going around Germany in the 1930's and later Russia in the 1940's

"Pay attention people Stand up for truth, compassion and togetherness. Don't settle for anything less.

"Reject lies, Fear mongering, Misguided Anger

"The system wants us divided, so it's easier to control us emotionally.



"And we all know what the threat is people in power who are trying to deny us and our children and grandchildren a healthy green future REJECT AMERICAN CARNAGE


"America never stopped being great!!

"America is one of the wealthiest and most prosperous nations on the planet.

"I'm proud of America!!

"To say America is not great, that it lacks greatness, sets up a scenario for manipulation and control from others pay attention people!

"Remember the great America of today.

"Then I'll check in with you about America's greatness in 6 months and we'll see what's changed.

"The only people who deny CLIMATE CHANGE are the same people who stand to lose from renewable energy

"This administration is thinking that it can just ignore CLIMATE CHANGE.

"People, it now comes down to us to make up the difference..

"Let's not stand for their preaching lies about our Mother Earth DENY THE DENIERS !!!


"REJECT the term Alt-Right, just another sneaky euphemism for white supremacy, call it what it is!

"Don't let them hide behind dishonesty!

"One final thing If we don't put up a fight we risk losing our rights..

"Defend Democracy from those who want to crush it !"

Hammett's latest comments echo those he made last month when he told Billboard: "For me, a good leader is someone with integrity, honesty and altruism, and a general sense of what is right and what's wrong. We don't have that in our leadership right now, and that puts me in a state of awareness and attentiveness, and it puts me in a state of wait and see what will happen. But if anything happens that I'm not okay with, I'm going to be super vocal about it for the first time in my life."

Hammett added that his decision to speak out on political matters was a departure from METALLICA's long-standing policy of not getting involved in issues that could be considered divisive.

"The thing is, METALLICA appeals to such a wide range of people," Hammett explained. "We have people on the left, people on the right, in droves. Part of the reason why we don't consider ourselves a politically oriented band is because when you start talking about politics you draw a line in the sand, and all of a sudden [there's] division, and that's not what we want. We want everyone to be in this together, experiencing the music together. We see politics as a completely different thing. It's like music and NASCAR racing, that's how different politics are to METALLICA."

Acknowledging that music has the power to reach people and change their minds, especially young fans that hang on their favorite artists' every word, Hammett said: "That's why I've chosen my words carefully, that I not METALLICA, but I will take it upon myself to get involved, if there is something I see that is seriously wrong, and I really feel that it's my job to say something, and to call out people who need to be called out. I believe in fairness. I believe in equal ground for everyone. I believe in equal opportunity and I believe that everyone is equal. That guy doesn't even believe in that! He does not believe that everyone is equal."

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich, who has made no secret of his liberal views, said in a recent interview with Vulture that he has never "willfully had a political conversation with" frontman James Hetfield, who has described himself as being somewhat conservative politically. Ulrich explained: "The thing you've got to understand is that METALLICA is made up of four people from four different places who took four very different paths to where we are now. The one thing that unites us is the love of the music that we're playing and that all four of us felt like outsiders trying to figure out who the hell we were. We didn't come together because we were questioning this in the culture or that about politics. We came together because we were all a little lost and trying to get a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. I'll sit and talk politics with you all night, but I don't necessarily feel the need to do it in an interview. METALLICA is a collective, but we've just never been the kind of band to sit down and say, 'Okay, what's our common view of the world?'"

Ulrich made headlines in October when he said that he would consider returning to his native Denmark if Donald Trump won the election.

Hetfield told BBC 6 Music that METALLICA stays away from topics like politics or religion in its music because "that just seems to polarize people even more. We all have our own beliefs, but at the end of the day, we're trying to connect with people and it seems like political views don't do that as much as music does."

The singer/guitarist continued: "There's a lot of polarization going on in the States, and I see it other places as well. But it just seems like you have to get more extreme to balance out the other extreme. We've got to find some balance in the middle here somewhere."


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SLAYER's 'American Carnage' Tour Back In Headlines After DONALD TRUMP's Inauguration Speech

During Friday night's (January 20) broadcast of "The Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC, host Rachel Maddow opened the program by drawing an unlikely connection between the 2010 "American Carnage" tour featuring SLAYER, MEGADETH and TESTAMENT and President Donald Trump's grim inaugural address, which painted a bleak picture of the America he now leads, declaring, as he had throughout the election campaign, that it is beset by crime, poverty and a lack of bold action. "This American carnage stops right here," Trump declared in his speech. "From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this moment on, it's going to be America first."

Maddow stated at the start of her show (see video below): "I have somebody to introduce you to on this fine inaugural Friday. His name is Tim Araya [sic]. Tim Araya is the bass player and lead singer for the band SLAYER. And being the lead singer of the band SLAYER is a job actually, being anybody in the band SLAYER it's a job that has specific requirements that don't apply to all that many other jobs in life. One of the things you have to do if you're in the band SLAYER is you have to really wang your head around a lot all the time, every time you play in public, any time you shoot a video, everything."

She continued: "You know, it's one thing if you're, like, in a metal band for a year in high school and you're 16 and you're basically made of rubber, right? But the guys in SLAYER have been doing this for a very, very long time. They've been doing this for decades. They're a very successful band. They haven't gone away. But the guys in SLAYER are now old guys. And there are just these seven little vertebrae in your neck, in all of our necks. And once you're no longer in high school, and you're an awesome metal dude who has started to turn gray, and you're still wanging your head around as part of your day job, those little vertebrae in your neck don't like it when you do that for decades. And so, in January, Tim Araya got cervical radiculopathy, which is a bad thing. And in order to deal with his cervical radiculopathy, he had to get surgery on his neck. And that was a drag for him. It was also a drag for a bunch of other aging metal dudes in his band and in other bands. It was also a drag for their fans, because him having to get surgery delayed the mega-metal all-star tour that was due to start in January 2010.

"This was an incredible tour. This was not just gonna be SLAYER this was gonna be SLAYER and MEGADETH and TESTAMENT all playing the same concert, all playing the same night. This was an incredible tour. And because of the surgery, the whole tour had to get postponed, because the SLAYER guy had to get an anterior cervical discectomy to deal with all the consequences of all of his decades of vigorous headbanging. And nobody knew if the show would be able to go on. But lo and behold, it turns out the Almighty smiles even on bands named SLAYER, and Tim Araya recovered and we did, in the end, get this is the important part look at the top there [on the tour poster], see the red banner at the top there, it's kind of a bloody background. That's right the 'American Carnage' tour. You can still buy posters, you can still buy commemorative posters from the 'American Carnage' tour. It's funny, by the time they got to their Canadian dates, they changed it to the 'Canadian Carnage' tour, but when they were in America, it was the 'American Carnage' tour. As you see on the poster there, it was a meeting of metal titans SLAYER and MEGADETH and TESTAMENT. Even though it had been in doubt, it had to be delayed, it did happen, and for a certain generation of metal fans, that was metal heaven on earth. SLAYER and MEGADETH same night. And before today, if you were looking for 'American Carnage' in our national cultural life, that is what it was it was when SLAYER and MEGADETH toured together in 2010 after the SLAYER guy had his neck surgery and nobody knew if he would be able to make it. That was 'American Carnage' before today. Now, as of today, 'American Carnage' will be forever known as the theme for the inaugural address of the 45th president of the United States."

This is not the first time heavy metal bands were mentioned on Maddow's program. Back in August 2012, she brought up the Tampa, Florida death metal scene in a segment debunking stories in the day's news. Three years earlier, she interviewed METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich about a number of topics, including how he felt about his group's music being used to psychologically torture prisoners of war.


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C.J. MCMAHON Says He Is 'A New Man,' Vows To 'Crush All Charts And Expectations' With THY ART IS MURDER

Vocalist C.J. McMahon, who rejoined Australian extreme metallers THY ART IS MURDER earlier this month after a twelve-month absence, has blamed his drug addiction for his initial departure from the group and has vowed to move forward as "a new man."

McMahon wrote on his Instagram account: "You made me a rock star, you made me a God, you made me immortal. I owe my fans everything. I made myself a drug addict, I made myself a liar, I made myself lose and destroy friendships, I made my family and friends hurt. I come back to the world a new man who, with my closest friends (THY ART IS MURDER), will prove that we are the greatest, strongest, and most powerful force in metal, I will take no prisoners, we will crush all charts and expectations. We will take over the game and raise the bar so no one will touch it or us. I am C.J. McMahon and I will stand as a king with my brothers for the rest of time."

THY ART IS MURDER last week released a brand new song titled "No Absolution". Guitarist Andy Marsh spoke on McMahon's return and the track: "A little over a year ago, we were left in a pickle when C.J. had finally reached his breaking point the physical, emotional and mental stresses of touring, and the lifestyle had taken its toll on him. After the dust had settled, we had time to speak amongst ourselves, and with him, and we were all able to get on the same page. He was able to take time off from the road and work consistently, tick off some life goals like getting married, and enjoy the routine and familiarity of life at home with his friends and family. Conversely, the rest of us kept going, touring relentlessly, playing bigger tours to more people than ever before, going to new countries for the very first time, and had a blast taking a few great vocalists and mates out for the ride with us while we weathered the storm and figured things out. Special thanks must go out to Monte Barnard, Nicholas Arthur, Lochlan Watt, and every other vocalist who took the time to apply in our discrete vocalist auditions. "After a few months away from the chaotic life on the road, C.J. reached out to us and we started maintaining more regular communication. He mentioned how he had started cleaning up, was focused on working hard and saving for his wedding and enjoying time at home, but he also mentioned he missed the shows, the friends, and us his band. "After months of working things out, gaining his voice back, and mending wounded friendships, we are overwhelmed with excitement to announce that we have completed writing for a new record to be released later this year, featuring the one and only Christopher John McMahon. Welcome back, C.J.!"

In regards to the song "No Absolution", Marsh stated: "'No Absolution' is a rich tapestry, intertwined in faith, scripture and doctrine, and a story about the process that we have endured throughout the last year. We recorded this during the session for 'Holy War' but quite simply ran out of time to finish writing lyrics and recording vocals for it in order to make the record. This song now stands alone, without a record or release a gift from us to you, thank you for your continued support, we can't wait to show you what we're making for 2017."

McMahon rejoined THY ART IS MURDER on stage on January 14 at the Unify festival in Tarwin Meadows, South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

THY ART IS MURDER's third album, "Holy War", entered the official Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) chart at position No. 7 the highest-ever position for an Australian extreme metal act. The Sydney-based band has generated controversy for the strong anti-religious stance of the title track's video, as well as the album cover which features references to a suicide bomber.

"Holy War" was released in Australia via UNFD and in other parts of the world through Nuclear Blast.
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MASTODON Teases Upcoming Album

Atlanta progressive metallers MASTODON have released a short teaser for their upcoming album, which is tentatively due in March. The one-and-a-half-minute clip features an unidentified MASTODON bandmember — whose face and voice are obscured, but who appears to be drummer Brann Dailor — saying in part: "I'm not at liberty to say who I am or what I am doing here. This is a room. I'm pretty sure it's inside of a city or a town or a village. I'm in a recording studio. We're recording something. I don't know. I can't talk about it. Recording music, different kind of music. World music. Uh, heavy metal, R&B, Celtic music, music to dance to, music to sit down to, music to do yoga, music to, uh, do different kinds of, um, exercises to. Things like that. But I can't tell you any of the names of the songs or what the songs sound like."

MASTODON's follow-up to 2014's "Once More 'Round The Sun" album was once again helmed by famed producer Brendan O'Brien, who first collaborated with the band on their 2009 groundbreaking concept album "Crack The Skye".

MASTODON recorded the new disc at the Quarry in Kennesaw, Georgia before moving to Henson Studios in Los Angeles for the mixing stage. Songtitles set to appear on the disc include "Show Yourself", "Precious Stones" and "Your Own Blood".

MASTODON has confirmed a spring U.S. headline tour, which will kick off on April 14 in Missoula, Montana, with support from EAGLES OF DEATH METAL and RUSSIAN CIRCLES. The tour also includes stops at several festivals, including the Carolina Rebellion on May 5.


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GUNS N' ROSES Kicks Off Japanese Leg Of 'Not In This Lifetime' Tour In Osaka (Video)

GUNS N' ROSES kicked off the Japanese leg of its "Not In This Lifetime" tour Saturday night (January 21) in Osaka, Japan.

The concert at Kyocera Dome once again saw classic GN'R lineup members Slash, Duff McKagan and Axl Rose backed by drummer Frank Ferrer, guitarist Richard Fortus, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and new second keyboardist Melissa Reese.

Fan-filmed video footage of the show can be seen below.

GUNS N' ROSES has four more shows in Japan scheduled for later this month, to be followed by dates in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and United Arab Emirates in February and March.

The "Not in This Lifetime" tour sold more than three million tickets in 2016, making it the year's most successful rock tour.

As previously reported, GUNS N' ROSES is coming back to North America next summer for at least another 15 stadium dates, as the band continues its reunion tour. The new North American run kicks off on July 27 in St. Louis, ending on September 8 in San Antonio.

The group has also mapped out a European jaunt that will begin on May 27 in Dublin, Ireland, ending on July 12 in the Netherlands. A July 15 show in Tel Aviv, Israel will also precede the North American leg.

The band kicked off its reunion trek last April with a club show in Hollywood and appearances in Las Vegas and at California's Coachella festival.

The first North American leg of the tour kicked off in late June and included 25 concerts, grossing a staggering $117 million.
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UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER Is A 'Little Bit Tired' Of People Comparing Who Plays ACCEPT Songs Better

On January 10, Alex Stojanovic of Metal Master Kingdom conducted an interview with former ACCEPT and current U.D.O. and DIRKSCHNEIDER frontman Udo Dirkschneider at The Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can watch the full chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On if he envisioned doing a full world tour playing ACCEPT songs:

Udo: "[This] was not planned, then it got longer and longer and longer. When we are finished with the American tour, then we are at 100, or maybe 120 shows, then we go into the studio to work on the next U.D.O. album. We will do some more festival shows over the summer. Of course, it takes a lot for a new U.D.O. album to come out, but if I want, I can continue with this tour. I don't know. But it's good to see that people like it. That means, for me, in a way, it's what the people want to see. What can I say? I'm really happy. For me, it's now time to say 'I have to close the book.' I'm also a little bit tired of all this comparing who's playing the songs better, classic ACCEPT, or U.D.O. Now when the people want to hear some ACCEPT songs, they can go to ACCEPT."

On the ACCEPT songs he enjoys singing the most:

Udo: "You can see from the stage there a bunch of people who like 'Neon Nights', 'Princess Of The Dawn', 'Metal Heart', most of all, and 'Fast As A Shark'. In a way, what I'm doing is all the classic ACCEPT songs. Some songs like 'Wrong Is Right' I never played with ACCEPT, which is from the 'Metal Heart' album, and also 'Midnight Highway' we didn't play very often. But the people really appreciate what I'm doing with the classic songs. It's really hard to put a setlist together, so, of course, some people come up 'Why aren't you playing this song or this song?' If I want, I can make up another setlist."

On having his son Sven play drums in U.D.O.:

Udo: "When Francesco [Jovino] was leaving, I had auditions with a lot of drummers, but at this time, my son was [sitting in] for a couple of shows for Nigel [Glockler] from SAXON. I was with the guys in SAXON in Berlin, and I said to Biff [Byford], 'Shit, I have to look for a new drummer.' He said, 'Why are you not taking your son?' I wasn't really sure about it. But I knew that he was a really good drummer. But the family thing in the band, blah, blah, blah and so on. Then I asked my son, 'Can you maybe be the drummer U.D.O.?' He didn't say 'Yes' right away. He took three or four weeks to think about it. I said, 'Come on!' I knew that he was rehearsing like hell. For him it was very importanthe told me this afterwordthat he could play all of this stuff. Then he did the 'Decadent' tour with us perfectly. He's done a great job on all the ACCEPT stuff."

On ex-U.D.O. and ACCEPT guitarist Stefan Kaufmann's role with the band:

Udo: "He is the director of the upcoming DVD. He's more into video stuff. For this tour, for all the ACCEPT stuff, he was in the rehearsal room showing the guitar players the notes and showing my son some special things on the drums. Now, we are still really good friends. He's working a little bit behind the scenes and coming up for the U.D.O. album with some songs, I don't know. He's always writing songs, so we will see. Some people have asked if we had a fight, but no."

On if he's working on any new U.D.O. songs during the tour:

Udo: "Sometimes we have a jam [session] going on during soundcheck. We have some ideas, then we record them very quick. Also at home, we've already been working on some ideas, not finished songs, but we have tons of ideas at the moment. We're starting at the beginning of March with all the ideas, so for two or three weeks we'll do pre-production and all of the arranging. Then we'll see in the end, we'll have 16 or 17 songs we'll want to record."

DIRKSCHNEIDER released a live album called "Live - Back To The Roots" on October 28, 2016 via AFM Records. The effort, which was recorded on April 2, 2016 at Kaminwerk in Memmingen, Germany, was made available as two-CD digipak and gatefold three-vinyl in four different colors (black, gold, silver and clear).

DIRKSCHNEIDER touring lineup:

Udo Dirkschneider - VocalsSven Dirkschneider - DrumsFitty Wienhold - BassAndrey Smirnov - GuitarKasperi Heikkinen - Guitar


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On Friday, January 20, METAL ALLEGIANCE, the all-star metal band consisting of a rotating cast of musicians, including members of TESTAMENT and MEGADETH, gathered at the City National Grove Of Anaheim for a monumental tribute to our fallen heroes. Hosted by Jackson and Charvel EVH, the event was a who's who of the metal community playing some heavy music!

This night marked the first time in a year that the core METAL ALLEGIANCE four David Ellefson, Alex Skolnick, Mark Menghi and Mike Portnoy played together. Joining them on stage were Marty Friedman (MEGADETH), Gus G. (FIREWIND, OZZY OSBOURNE), Vinny Appice (DIO, BLACK SABBATH), Richie Faulkner (JUDAS PRIEST), Mike Inez (ALICE IN CHAINS), Mikkey Dee (MOTÖRHEAD, SCORPIONS), Hernan "Eddie" Hermida (SUICIDE SILENCE), Arejay Hale (HALESTORM), Carla Harvey (BUTCHER BABES), Chris Jericho (FOZZY), Mark Osegueda (DEATH ANGEL), Phil Demmel (MACHINE HEAD), Gary Holt (SLAYER, EXODUS), Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX), Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT) and Billy Sheehan (THE WINERY DOGS). The show started at 7 p.m. with sets by Marty Friedman, Gus G. and MARTYRD.

METAL ALLEGIANCE's a special EP, titled "Fallen Heroes", was released on August 12, 2016. The band united to pay homage to the three legends Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie and Glenn Frey who impacted not just their lives but the world as well.

METAL ALLEGIANCE took the news of Lemmy's passing very hard as the bands very first gig was on MOTÖRHEAD's first Motörboat cruise. It was on that boat where the idea to write a record together and carry the METAL ALLEGIANCE flag as a brand/band rather than a sporadic, special event show.

In late 2015, the band scheduled a West Coast string of intimate club dates with a stop as the world-famous Whisky A Go Go. The year concluded with the band heartbroken saying goodbye to their beloved friend. They later found out that his funeral and memorial services would be held the day of their performance. The band was asked by their tour agent who is also MOTÖRHEAD's agent, Lemmy's management, close friends of his, and the owner of the Rainbow and Whisky to incorporate a tribute which, of course, they obliged. The day of their performance, Sunset Blvd. was shut down and their bus was parked on a street filled with tears, madness, partiers and a sea of mourning metal heads. They said goodbye to their friend that evening with help from MOTÖRHEAD drummer Mikkey Dee amongst a ton of other special guests. The next day they played their final show at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. Mid-set, they were informed that David Bowie had passed.

Recorded at Conclave Studios in New York City, "Fallen Heroes" was produced by Mark Menghi and Alex Skolnick. The album was mixed by Jay Ruston in Los Angeles, California and mastered at Sterling Sound in New York City by Ted Jensen. The initial sketch of the artwork was created by Mark Menghi and Stephen Thompson (ANTHRAX) and was later finalized by Marcelo Vasco (SLAYER).

"Fallen Heroes" track listing:

01. Iron Fist (featuring Troy Sanders)02. Suffragette City (featuring Mark Osegueda)03. Life In The Fast Lane (featuring Alissa White-Gluz)
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LETTERS FROM THE FIRE – Worth The Pain European/UK Release Date Announced

US hard rockers Letters From The Fire will release their debut album Worth The Pain in Europe/UK on March 18th via Sand Hill Records/Cargo Records. Worth the Pain features 13 new songs that offer a beguiling mix of melody and heaviness.

The album was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Kile Odell (Motionless In White, Cursed Sails, Killwhitneydead, Vanisher).

“These are our stories our trials and tribulations. This is who we are.” That’s Mike Keller, the guitarist/founder behind the Bay Area rock powerhouse Letters From The Fire, explaining his band’s moniker.

Ostensibly lifted from an old lyric, the phrase now serves as both a reminder of the band’s sometimes turbulent originals well as a rallying cry as the group moves forward and (re)introduces themselves to the music world. While Letters From The Fire has existed for a bit, the group only recently solidified a lineup that best represents Keller’s original vision (the band is rounded out by Alexa Kabazie, Cameron Stucky, Clayton Wages and Brian Sumwalt).

The band found a modicum of early success doing national tours with the likes of Fuel, Trapt, Non Point and Pop Evil, recording with former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody and scoring a few rock radio hits (“Zombies In The Sun,” a cover of “Eleanor Rigby”).

But singer changes abounded... until they met Alexa Kabazie. “We heard about this singer from Kile Odell, this producer we were working with,” says Keller. “She was killing it on the demos we heard. We had to fly to North Carolina just to see if she could do it in person. She nailed the audition literally on the first try. Two weeks later, we already had seven songs ready to go. She’s a star in the making.”

With Kabazie now helping out on melody and lyrics, the band shifted gears. “She was all over the heavy stuff,” says Keller. “We actually scratched a lot of stuff and wrote around her voice. It’s interesting what she brings, because we’re not really like In This Moment or Halestorm or anything you’re hearing in rock right now.”

You can hear the band’s new focus on Worth The Pain, 13 new songs that offer a beguiling mix of melody and heaviness. Along the way, the album offers twists and turns: The slow piano build of “At War” gives way to the harsher realm of “Control,” while the heavy groove of “Last December” co-exists near the perfect mix of pop and aggression in “Mother Misery.” Throughout, Kabazie sounds both defiant and reflective, stating “I’ve been a soldier in every battle except my own” and, in the title track, simply stating “Thank you for walking away.”


“Perfect Life”
“Mother Misery”
“Give In To Me”
“Live A Lie”
“My Angel”
“Last December”
“Holy Ghost”
“At War”
“Worth The Pain”
“One Foot In The Grave”

“Give In To Me”:

“Worth The Pain”:
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FALLING IN REVERSE To Release 'Coming Home' Album In April; Listen To New Song 'Loser'

FALLING IN REVERSE has set an April 7 release date for its fourth album, "Coming Home", via Epitaph. The band has also shared the track listing, album artwork, and the new song "Loser". Listen to it below.

The follow-up to 2015's "Just Like You", "Coming Home" finds the band exploring its sound, all the while retaining the signature ethos and aesthetic that has won the love and loyalty of its incredibly invested fans and followers.

Frontman Ronnie Radke previously told Alternative Press that the album is "a huge left turn. It sounds like nothing we've ever done. Every song is very vibey. There's more feeling in it."

He continued: "We're challenging ourselves now more than we ever have in the weirdest ways possible, because you would think writing the craziest solo or riffs would be the challenging part. But the challenging part is trying to stick to a theme and not go all over the place like we would normally do."

FALLING IN REVERSE will embark on a busy touring schedule in support of the album. The band is currently on tour in the U.S. with ISSUES and MOTIONLESS IN WHITE.

"Coming Home" track listing:

01. Coming Home02. Broken03. Loser04. Fuck You And All Your Friends05. I Hate Everyone06. I'm Bad At Life07. Hanging On08. Superhero09. Straight To Hell10. I Don't Mind
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VANGOUGH Reveal Details For Upcoming Warpaint Album; Teaser Video Posted

Vangough is a three-piece, American progressive metal band. Their eclectic brand of songwriting straddles the line between the familiar and the volatile - a temperamental cocktail that invites both heavy metal fans and those seeking refuge from the beaten path. With an ever-growing catalog of acclaimed releases under their belt, Vangough continue to captivate their fanbase with the unexpected.

And now they will further their legacy with the release of their latest masterpiece, Warpaint, on March 17th. Today the artwork, tracklisting and a special album teaser have been revealed. View the teaser that features 60 seconds of new music from the album below. Pre-order the album here.

Warpaint, ferments their audacious songwriting style across seven formidable yet emotionally vulnerable songs. Spending over a year in production, this album represents the delicate inculcation of restraint, self-doubt and introspection that was afforded as a result of their recent touring efforts. Exposing the nakedness that we struggle to conceal, Warpaint is the story of embattled spirits.

Following on the heels of a raucous performance at the annual ProgPower USA music festival in 2014, Vangough set out on their first North American tour with one of their modern influences, Pain of Salvation. The following year saw Vangough hit the road once again, this time in support of progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning. Even with their limited touring experience, Vangough have been recognized by fans for delivering one of the most aggressive and powerful live performances in the genre.

As a live band first and foremost, Vangough is currently focused on hitting the road for their next American tour, in support of Warpaint, which releases March 17th.

Warpaint tracklisting:

“The Suffering”
“Till Nothing's Left”
“Black Rabbit”

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