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[= ||| 27 2018

THE ANCHOR Covers SUICIDE SILENCE Track "Unanswered"; Video

Suicide Silence is one of the most well known names in the death metal world. The band released their debut record The Cleansing back in 2007 that catapulted the heavy hitters into the scene. Denver based metalcore band, The Anchor (Manic Kat Records), pays homage to original SS vocalist, Mitch Lucker, in their cover of the track.

The Anchor is gaining notoriety for the incredible vocals of Linzey Rae, who proves yet again that she can in fact "hang with the boys" when it comes to intense low vocals and growls. The band is not afraid to push boundaries with their "Scream It Like A Girl" series of videos. Choosing this cover was unanimous as it highlights Rae's abilities and versatility in a predominately male dominated genre. Women in metal are continuing to break stereotypes and show the metal scene their creativity and talents.

Following the success of their latest Billboard charting EP, Make It Last, The Anchor has been busy behind the scenes with new music and getting ready to head out on their first ever East Coast tour. Teaming up with VRSTY, the tour kicks off June 1st in South Bend, IN and ends with a hometown show in Denver on June 17th.

The Make It Last EP is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify with physical merch at Big Cartel.
|||| 26 2018

DREAM THEATER Keyboardist JORDAN RUDESS Battles Keyboard Prodigy; Video

In the video below from Sweetwater Sound, Jordan Rudess, "Best Keyboardist Of All Time", defends his title in an epic keyboard battle against an unlikely opponent in this Sweetwater exclusive worldwide key-off.

Mascot Label Group recently announce the signing of Jordan Rudess. He is best known as the keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire for platinum-selling Grammy-nominated Dream Theater.

Rudess’ remarkable career began at the age of nine, when he entered The Juilliard School of Music Pre-College Division for classical piano training. By his late teens he had grown increasingly interested in synthesizers and progressive rock music, and against the counsel of his parents and tutors, he turned away from classical piano and tried his hand as a solo progressive rock keyboardist. After performing in various groups during the 1980s, he was invited to join The Dixie Dregs, with whom he performed until joining Dream Theater in January 1999.

He has been the full-time keyboardist with Dream Theater since the recording of 1999’s Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory. He has pursued numerous collaborations and solo projects throughout his career, beginning with his solo debut Listen (1993). A relentless innovator, Rudess released All That Is Now (2013), a solo acoustic piano recording which works interactively with his app, “Jordan Rudess Explores” and his orchestral album, Explorations which features a 50 piece orchestra. The Unforgotten Path (2015) was a collection of original tracks as well as a collection of acoustic piano covers of songs that have inspired his musical life.

He owns the successful App development company Wizdom Music, which has developed numerous award-winning apps. He is also Chief Music Officer at CME Music, creators of the acclaimed XKey mobile keyboard, as well as the Director of Music Experience for the London-based technology company, Roli Labs, creators of the Seaboard and is an active Artist in Residence at Stanford University’s CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics).

"With the Mascot Label Group I have found the perfect home for myself and my music,” Rudess said. "The Mascot Team are bright, dedicated, inspired and are clearly passionate about music and the industry. They create a climate of respect and support for the artist and I couldn’t be more excited about becoming a Mascot artist."

“Jordan is an incredible virtuoso performer and artist,” said Mascot Label Group owner Ed Van Zijl. "I have admired him for a long time and we go back years. He is an exceptional and forward thinking musician and I am very happy that he is putting his faith in us with his new solo album, which will be released on our Music Theories brand.”

(Photo - Elena Arzani)


|||| 26 2018

METALLICA Drummer LARS ULRICH Presents $5,000 Check To SF-Marin Food Bank; Video, Photos

The SF-Marin Food Bank got a helping hand Wednesday when Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich presented the food bank with a check for $5,000, from the band's foundation All Within My Hands.

But that wasn't all, reports ABC7News, the heavy metal star also jumped in to do some heavy lifting, sorting fruit to be distributed by the food bank. It's a mission the band hopes to spread worldwide.

"Our primary thing for the last year has been, all over where Metallica goes to, to support local food banks. We write checks in every city. We just played a 39-day European tour where we wrote checks to the local food banks," says Ulrich.

Read more and watch video footage at ABC7News.

Says Metallica: "A huge thank you to all of the Metallica fans who participated in our very first All Within My Hands Foundation Day of Service at food banks across the nation. We encourage all of the Metallica family to volunteer your time whenever you can as the good people who run these food banks always need assistance.

Visit (Feeding America) to find a local food bank in your community in the US and, for those living abroad, ask around to locate a food bank near you to lend a hand. Thank you all for making this happen."
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[= ||| 26 2018


US-based death/black metal act Cast The Stone, comprising original members Mark Kloeppel (Misery Index, Scour), Derek Engemann (ex-Cattle Decapitation, Scour), Jesse Schobel (Legend, ex-Scour) and vocalist Andy Huskey, will re-emerge on August 31st with their new EP on Agonia Records. The band's new EP, titled Empyrean Atrophy, features cover artwork by Gary Ronaldson of Bite Radius Designs (Primordial, Kreator, Napalm Death).

First formations of Cast The Stone began in 2002, long before its protagonists departed for their better known metal-scene mainstays, including death metal bands Misery Index, Cattle Decapitation, and Scour with Phil Anselmo on vocals. While such ties leave a clear mark, Cast The Stone emerge not as some metal supergroup, but as a project of the original and purest intent of its membership.

Each of Cast The Stone members is involved in writing music, and each has varying tastes. But they all seem to have one acquired taste in common: an appetite for American and Swedish death metal. On Empyrean Atrophy, one can distinctly hear sounds similar to Dismember, Grave, At The Gates, and other proponents of the genre. There are also artisan elements one could liken to more dark and progressive Swedish acts such as Opeth, Edge Of Sanity and Dissection. Perhaps this reason alone, Dan Swanö was a clear choice for production (having produced or had been a member of some of the aforementioned bands).

Hybridizing the dark ferocity of Swedish death metal through a lens of American brutality, Cast The Stone hits a creative stride with Empyrean Atrophy. Guitarist Mark Kloeppel commented, "The band's sound is a testament to an enduring spirit that’s driven us to return to our most organic influences, merge them together, incorporate disparate elements, and forge our own sound. Each person has a distinct sound unto themselves, so it's really cool how smooth and cohesive this stuff comes across. You can immediately hear how different this is from the other things we've been involved in, yet it's still very true to our individual styles. Our bassist Derek progressively weaves my guitars and Jesse's uber-creative drumming style together in a way that only he can. This is all crowned off by Andy Huskey's crazy death metal vocals which are... well, just listen."


"As The Dead Lie"
"The Burning Horizon"
"Standing In The Shadows"
"A Plague Of Light"
"Empyrean Atrophy"

Empyrean Atrophy will be available on:

- Digipack CD
- Black LP
- White LP (Bandcamp exclusive)
- Purple Splatter LP (Agonia Records Webshop exclusive)
- Digital files

Pre-orders and the first single are scheduled to be released on June 7th.


Andrew Huskey - vocals
Mark Kloeppel - guitars
Derek Engemann - bass
Jesse Schobel - drums
|||| 26 2018

THE ANTICHRIST IMPERIUM Streaming New Track "The Dreadful Hosanna"

Avantgarde death metal outfit The Antichrist Imperium are set to release their sophomore album, Volume II Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan, on June 29th via Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings. The lead track "The Dreadful Hosanna" is available for streaming below.

Volume II Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan will be released on CD, vinyl, cassette and in digital format. The vinyl version will be available on limited white (100 copies) as well as standard black vinyl.

Pre-orders for vinyl, cassette and digipak CD are available now from the Apocalyptic Witchcraft webstore, links for digital will follow shortly.

(CD artwork)


(vinyl artwork)


Volume II Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan tracklisting:

"The Dreadful Hosanna"
"Death Ritual"
"Draw Down The Moon"
"Liturgy Of The Iconoclast / Blood Sacrifice"
"Ceremonial Suicide Rites"
"Golgothian Hieros Gamos"
"Sermon Of Small Faith"

"The Dreadful Hosanna":

The Antichrist Imperium's second album presents the quartet with a sound that is unique and well established away from any of the groups other projects, all the while bringing musical composition to this album aiding it to be as diverse as it is unrelenting.

Once again, embalmer of the dead, Matt Wilcock (Abramelin, ex-Akercocke, ex-The Berzerker) brings the hyper-thrash death shreds that can only be contained by funeral director David Gray's (Akercocke, Voices, ex-The Berzerker) masterful blasts and Sam Bean's (The Senseless, ex-The Berzerker) cutting death metal barks that nail the coffins shut.

Last but not least, Samuel Loynes (Akercocke, Shrines, Voices) ties the sound together with vocals atypical to that of the context of the music, delivering the melodic and the emotive to this sonic funeral service.

The Antichrist Imperium lineup:

David Gray - drums
Matt Wilcock - guitars, bass
Sam Bean - vocals
Samuel Loynes - vocals
|||| 26 2018

MEGADETH Streaming Newly Remastered Track "The Skull Beneath The Skin" From Deluxe Reissue Of Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good

In celebration of Megadeth's 35th anniversary, today the band premiers “The Skull Beneath The Skin”  from the newly remastered, deluxe reissue of Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good. Hear the track and read a new interview with Dave Mustaine exclusively at

Century Media and Legacy Recordings will released the 2018 deluxe reissue of Megadeth’s classic debut album, Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good, on June 8th (June 6th in Japan via Sony Japan).

"In 2017, we enlisted Quebec's Utopique Creations to create a new Vic Rattlehead sculpture for the album cover of Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good: The Final Kill," says Megadeth. "Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vic."

Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good - The Final Kill has been completely restored to Dave Mustaine’s intended vision. Remixed by veteran metal mixer, Mark Lewis (Whitechapel) and remastered by Ted Jensen for an optimal listening experience, the 2018 version reveals unheard parts and performances throughout the record.

This rare gem includes the full album, along with 7 live audio tracks from VHS tapes found in Dave Mustaine’s own attic! In addition to the bonus live tracks, the 2018 reissue also features Megadeth’s 1984 3-track demo and the once removed cover of Lee Hazelwood’s, “The Boots” that has been added back to the record with recut vocals intended to maintain the integrity of both the original song and Megadeth’s own snarling rendition.

The package is further enhanced by a new album cover featuring a fully executed sculpture of the iconic skull that has been lost over the many years since the album’s initial release. The packaging also includes classic flyers and band photos pulled from their archive of timeless metal moments from Megadeth’s storied 35 year history. The Final Kill is the complete vision of main man, Dave Mustaine, who has contributed liner notes delving into the struggles during that time period as well as some of the surprising moments during the remixing sessions.

“I am just as much amazed at the music we made as I am at the pure fact that we survived it all!” - Dave Mustaine

Pre-order various formats here. CD and vinyl tracklistings below.

CD tracklisting:

"Last Rites / Loved To Deth" (Remastered)
"Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!" (Remastered)
"The Skull Beneath The Skin" (Remastered)
"Rattlehead" (Remastered) - Explicit Content
"Chosen Ones" (Remastered)
"Looking Down The Cross" (Remastered)
"Mechanix" (Remastered)
"These Boots" (Remastered)
"Last Rites / Loved To Deth" (live) (1987 London, UK)
"Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!" (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
"The Skull Beneath The Skin" (live) (1990 London, UK)
"Rattlehead" (live) (1987 Bochum, Germany) - Explicit Content
"Chosen Ones" (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
"Looking Down The Cross (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
"Mechanix" (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
"Last Rites / Loved To Deth" (demo) (Remastered)
"The Skull Beneath The Skin" (demo) (Remastered)
"Mechanix" (demo) (Remastered)

Vinyl tracklisting:

LP1 - Side A
"Last Rites / Loved To Deth" (Remastered)
"Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!" (Remastered)
"The Skull Beneath The Skin" (Remastered)
"Rattlehead" (Remastered)

LP2 - Side B
"Chosen Ones" (Remastered)
"Looking Down The Cross" (Remastered)
"Mechanix" (Remastered)
"These Boots" (Remastered)

LP2 - Side A
"Last Rites / Loved To Deth" (live) (1987 London, UK)
"Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!" (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
"The Skull Beneath The Skin" (live) (1990 London, UK)
"Rattlehead" (live) (1987 Bochum, Germany)
"Chosen Ones" (live) (1986 Denver, CO)

LP2 - Side B
"Looking Down The Cross" (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
"Mechanix" (live) (1986 Denver, CO)
"Last Rites / Loved To Deth" (demo) (Remastered)
"The Skull Beneath The Skin" (demo) (Remastered)
"Mechanix" (demo) (Remastered)


||| =]
[= ||| 25 2018

BLEEDING THROUGH: Lyric Video For 'End Us' Song

The official lyric video for the song "End Us" from reunited California metallers BLEEDING THROUGH can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's new album disc, "Love Will Kill All", which will be released on May 25 via SharpTone Records.

"Love Will Kill All" track listing:

01. Darkness, A Feeling I Know

02. Fade Into The Ash

03. End Us

04. Cold World

05. Dead Eyes

06. Buried

07. No Friends

08. Set Me Free

09. No One From Nowhere

10. Remains

11. Slave

12. Life

Commented BLEEDING THROUGH vocalist Brandan Schieppati: "After five years away, we realized the heartbeat of BLEEDING THROUGH is still beating.

"We feel one of the best things that we could have done was to step away and concentrate on other aspects of our lives and let the dust settle on BLEEDING THROUGH, as people knew us.

"Our motivation to write the record was purely because of our passion for our music the creative blood that runs through our veins, which hasnt changed since 1999.

"I feel that our creativity and passion is being put on display in this new record, 'Love Will Kill All'. We feel music is the ultimate expression and whether people want it or not we felt the need to express ourselves again. The beauty is that no one can stop it from happening.

"For so many years, I felt that BLEEDING THROUGH was a band that was held back because of other people interests in the band, whether it was business or personal. I just felt trapped by the business of the industry and outside perception.

"BLEEDING THROUGH is all about the music and the people who enjoy it. That was lost for a while and now it's found. "

With nearing an hour's worth of new music on "Love Will Kill All", the band emerges from its slumber with renewed energy, aggression and musical precision. Effortlessly blending scathing, skin-peeling metallic elements with hard-hitting hardcore and jaw-dropping symphonic elements with a brash take-no-prisoners attitude, BLEEDING THROUGH inflicts pain and awe in equal amounts with every razor-sharp cut their forthcoming effort has to offer. Coupled with a new label, BLEEDING THROUGH has been granted a new lease on life and the ears of the heavy-music loving masses as "Love Will Kill All" is a collection of coming-home anthems from heavy music's prodigal sons returned to retake their throne.

BLEEDING THROUGH's last album, "The Great Fire", was released in January 2012 via Rise Records.


|||| 25 2018

A PERFECT CIRCLE Releases 2D Clip Of 'TalkTalk'

A PERFECT CIRCLE has a 2D clip of "TalkTalk", taken from the Steven Sebring-directed ("Horses: Patti Smith And Her Band", "Dream Of Life") companion film for the band's recently released album, "Eat The Elephant".

"It is very much a combined experience of the tactile and the visual. I come from an era where the physical pieces of music were something that you cherished… Something like this brings back that visual excitement for people," said Maynard James Keenan in a recent interview with Billboard regarding the hologram film. The 58-minute hologram, which unfolds through the eyes of a young girl over the 12-song album arc, reveals itself when fans place the prism on their smartphones and enter a special code. The prism is part of the "Eat The Elephant" deluxe box set, which can be purchased via the band’s webstore.

"Having Maynard and Billy's trust to create this for A PERFECT CIRCLE was a true artist's dream," said Sebring. "Their 14-year break allowed technology to catch up with their groundbreaking music and gave me the chance to apply new ideas of dimensional capture to this stunning album."

"Eat The Elephant" debuted atop numerous Billboard charts, grabbing the No. 1 spot on the Rock, Independent and Alternative Albums charts, a No. 2 entry on the Top Current Albums chart (for pure album sales) and a No. 3 album debut on the Top 200. This is the band's fourth consecutive Top 5 debut on the Billboard 200.

A PERFECT CIRCLE is in the midst of their first leg of U.S. tour dates in support of the 12-song album, having recently played Rock On The Range and Northern Invasion. The band heads to Europe in June for its first extensive tour of the continent since 2004.
|||| 25 2018

LINKIN PARK's MIKE SHINODA Releases 'Running From My Shadow' Video

LINKIN PARK vocalist Mike Shinoda has released a music video for the song "Running From My Shadow", taken from his upcoming solo album "Post Traumatic". The clip was directed by Gus Black.

Shinoda spoke with ET Canada about the songwriting process for "Post Traumatic", which is due on June 15. He explained: "It started in a really dark place. In the beginning, I wasn't leaving my house. It felt very claustrophobic, having lost one of my closest friends and collaborators. We associate who we are, to some degree, with what we do, so I felt very lost."

He continued: "The experience of this last year has been crazy, and I wanted to put it into music, not only to just put a stamp on it and say, 'This happened,' but also to allow the fans and the people who have been along for the ride, to guide them on that journey in terms of keeping up with my narrative or understanding where I'm at."

Asked how difficult it was to write the songs for the album, many of which dealt with the death of LINKIN PARK singer Chester Bennington, Shinoda added: "Life was difficult; music was easy. The music made things easier."

Shinoda also spoke about dealing with his own grief over Bennington's suicide last summer, saying: "I had terrible days, and now I have less bad days. And eventually, I will find a new 'normal,' like a new stasis."

Shinoda played his first solo shows since the death of Bennington on May 12 at the KROQ Weenie Roast in Los Angeles and May 13 at the Identity LA festival, also in L.A. Shinoda mashed up some LINKIN PARK songs along with his solo material, singing some of Chester Bennington's parts from songs like "Bleed It Out". He played "In The End" on piano and let the fans sing most of Chester's vocal parts, though at times he came in and sang his parts.


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[= ||| 25 2018

KING HEAVY Streaming New Track "(Death Is But An Extreme Form Of) Narcosis"

Belgian/Chilean doomsters King Heavy are streaming the track "(Death Is But An Extreme Form Of) Narcosis", featured on the band's second album Guardian Demons, out on June 8th via Cruz Del Sur Music. Listen below.

Featuring six songs of crushing, epic and mid-paced doom, Guardian Demons was recorded at DM6 Studios in Santiago and features artwork by Alec Zalogin, a close friend of the band.

Comments bassist Daniel Perez Saa: "The cover painting represents the demonic menace and guardian's serenity - a figure that has two appearances depending on the point of view, but always with a sense of impending doom looming at the back. The layout and art vary for every format of the album."

The follow-up to the band's 2015 self-titled album marks a first for King Heavy: vocalist Luce Veldmark joined the band in the studio instead of recording in his home country of Belgium.


"Guardian Demon"
"(Death Is But An Extreme Form Of) Narcosis"
"Doom Shall Rise"
"Cult Of The Cloven Hoof"
"Come My Disciples"
"As In A Nightmare"

"(Death Is But An Extreme Form Of) Narcosis":

King Heavy is already prepping live activity in support of Guardian Demons, with dates planned in Chile and Europe for October and November, as well as an appearance at Austrian's Doom Over Vienna festival, which takes place on November 9th - 10th.

Formed in 2012 after a chance meeting between Veldmark and Saa at the Doom Shall Rise festival in Germany, King Heavy signed to Cruz Del Sur Music in 2015. The band also issued the Live In Malta live effort, which was released last year via Hand Dealt Records.
|||| 25 2018

RITUAL NECROMANCY Streaming Disinterred Horror Album In Full

Disinterred Horror, the new album from Ritual Necromancy, is streaming in its entirety below. Dark Descent Records will release Disinterred Horror on CD, tape and digital formats on May 25th. Pre-order here.

Portland's deadliest death metal band returns with their long-awaited sophomore album Disinterred Horror. Nearly seven years since their debut full-length Oath of the Abyss and four years since their last recording, Void Manifest EP, Ritual Necromancy have been honing their song-writing skills while showcasing their bludgeoning sounds at live events such as last year's Dark Descent anniversary show and Maryland Death Fest 2018.

Album cover by Josh McAlear.


To Raise The Writhing Shadows
Command The Sigil
Discarnate Machination
Cymbellum Eosphorous

Album stream:
|||| 25 2018

ELVENSTORM Release "Ritual Of Summoning" Lyric Video

French heavy metal band Elvenstorm will release its new album The Conjuring on June 13th via Massacre Records. A lyric video for the track "Ritual Of Summoning" can be seen below.

The band, hailing from Grenoble, has been around since 2008 and has already released two studio albums, among others, and has played countless gigs.

Elvenstorm features vocalist Laura Ferreux, guitarist Michaël Hellström, drummer Antoine Bussiere and bassist Benoit Lecuona. The cover artwork for The Conjuring was created by the Russian artist Andrey Vasilchenko.


"The Conjuring"
"Ritual Of Summoning"
"Into The Night"
"Devil Within"
"Chaos From Beyond"
"Stellar Descension"
"Evil's Dawn"
"Cross Of Damnation"
"Dawn Of Destruction"

"Ritual Of Summoning" lyric video:
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[= ||| 25 2018

SONIC PROPHECY Debuts "Man The Guns" Lyric Video

American power metallers Sonic Prophecy have released a lyric video for "Man The Guns", featured on their third full length, Savage Gods, out now via Rockshots Records. Watch below.

Savage Gods follows Sonic Prophecy's 2015 sophomore release Apocalyptic Promenade (Maple Metal Records), an album that combined the melody and beauty of symphonic power metal while maintaining the crunch, drive and power of traditional metal plus their 2011 debut A Divine Act Of War, which had its music placed in the television series Rock N Lock, the video game Volgarr The Viking, and movie Danny Trejo's Vengeance.

The release lyrically covers many topics, from quests and medieval wars, to mechanized genocide, to the dangers associated with extremist ideologies. Broadening and stretching their musical palate, Savage Gods will give fans an adventurous listening experience. It's an album that combines melodic hard rock, driving heavy metal, and chest pounding anthems in a way that is uniquely Sonic Prophecy.


"Savage Gods"
"Night Terror"
"Unholy Blood"
"Dreaming Of The Storm"
"Man The Guns"
"Walk Through The Fire"
"A Prayer Before Battle"
"Iron Clad Heart"
"Man And Machine"
"Chasing The Horizon"

"Man The Guns" lyric video:

"Savage Gods":

"Unholy Blood":

"Night Terror" video:

Sonic Prophecy is:

Shane Provstgaard - vocals
Darrin Goodman - guitar
Sebastian Martin - guitar
Ron Zemanek - bass
Matt LeFevre - drums
|||| 25 2018

KAMELOT Release Teaser For Upcoming "Amnesiac" Single & Music Video

Kamelot will soon release a single and video for the track "Amnesiac", featured on their new album The Shadow Theory. Check out a teaser below:

Kamelot have confirmed Leaves' Eyes and Dynazty as special guests for upcoming dates on The Shadow Tour in Sweden. Dates are listed on the flyer below.

On May 5th, Kamelot performed at City National Grove Of Anaheim in Anaheim, CA on their tour for the new album, The Shadow Theory. They were joined by DragonForce guitarist Herman Li for live favourite "Forever". Fan-filmed video is available below.


|||| 25 2018

ASG Release "Execution Thirst" Music Video

North Carolina riff-rockers ASG re-emerge with their sixth-full length and first new album in five years, Survive Sunrise. Watch a video for the track “Execution Thirst” below.

Survive Sunrise is due out June 15th on CD/2xLP/Digital via Relapse Records. Physical packages are available via here and Digital Downloads / Streaming Services at this location.

Recorded, mixed and mastered with longtime producer Matt Hyde (Deftones, Slayer, Monster Magnet), Survive Sunrise further expands upon ASG’s trademark blend of heavy, southern-fried, alt-rock fury and infectious, hook-centric accessibility. With unabashedly hooky vocals, evocative lyrics and well-honed musical chops, ASG create soaring, melodic rock anthems with a sunny, colorful vibe that are reminiscent of the album’s electrifying cover art, designed by Malleus (Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, The Melvins). Survive Sunrise is the perfect summertime hard rock album, one that rocks with wild abandon and will burrow into your head for years to come.

Album art by Malleus.

Survive Sunrise Tracklist:

"Survive Sunrise"
"Execution Thirst"
"Up From My Dreams"
"Lightning Song"
"Hawks On The Run"
"The Heaven Moon"
"Kubrick Colors"
"God Knows We"
"Heavy Scars"
"Weekend Money"
"Lamb Song"
"Florida Sleep On"
"Tongues Tied" (Digital Bonus Track)

"Execution Thirst" video:

"Survive Sunrise":

ASG dates (with Lo Pan & Beitthemeans)"

15 - Wilmington, NC - Reggies (ASG only)
19 - Charlotte, NC - Snug Harbor
20 - Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery
21 - Columbus, OH - Ace of Cups
22 - Pittsburgh, PA - Cattivo
23 - Kent, OH - Outpost Bar
24 - Chicago, IL - Reggies Rock Club
26 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
27 - Brooklyn, NY - Saint Vitus
28 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
29 - Chesapeake, VA - Riffhouse
30 - Asheville, NC - Mothlight

1 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506 (ASG only)

(Photo - Wynne Harrington)
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[= ||| 24 2018

DAVE GROHL Admits He Still Can't Listen To NIRVANA

According to The Pulse Of Radio, FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl admitted in a new interview with GQ that he still finds it difficult to listen to the music of NIRVANA, the band that gave him his first commercial success but ended with the suicide of singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain in April 1994. Grohl explained: "When Kurt died, every time the radio came on, it broke my heart. I don't put NIRVANA records on, no. Although they are always on somewhere. I get in the car, they're on. I go into a shop, they're on."

Grohl added that his memories of making the NIRVANA albums he played on are as vivid as ever, saying: "I remember everything about those records; I remember the shorts I was wearing when we recorded them or that it snowed that day."

Although he has achieved vast success on his own terms with FOO FIGHTERS, Grohl remarked that he could not have done it without the experiences he went through in NIRVANA. He said: "I was 21... I thought I knew everything. And being in NIRVANA showed me how little I really knew. They were some of the greatest highs of my life, but also, of course, one of the biggest lows. Those experiences became a footing or a foundation on how to survive."

Grohl launched FOO FIGHTERS in late 1995, a year and a half after Cobain's death, and has recorded nine albums with the group.

FOO FIGHTERS will resume their current North American tour in support of the band's 2017 LP, "Concrete And Gold", on July 6 in Columbia, Maryland.


|||| 24 2018

TAD MOROSE: 'Apocalypse' Lyric Video

The official lyric video for the song "Apocalypse" from veteran Swedish metallers TAD MOROSE can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's tenth album, titled "Chapter X", which will be released on June 15 via GMR Music.

After the release of "St. Demonius", the quintet took to the road to do what they do best, destroy clubs, theatres and festival stages all across the European continent. "2015 and 2016 was the same as always with these guys — lots of fun touring and collecting souls, or, as most people call it, 'gaining new fans,'" says singer Ronny Hemlin.

TAD MOROSE spent much of 2017 holed up at Hemlin's Studio Claustrophobic and working at the pace of "freedom." There was no pressure or time restraints so the five worked when they wanted and how they wanted. "The actual recording process was the same as for the two previous albums," says guitarist Christer Krunt Andersson. "Kenneth recorded his guitars at his place and I recorded mine at my studio. The drums, bass and vocals were recorded at Studio Claustrophobic. This way we all can record whenever we want. Then we meet up and listen through everything at Studio Claustrophobic and add some bits and pieces. Then when we are satisfied it goes into mixing. The mixing was done yet again by Ronny and his studio partner Johan."

"Chapter X" opens with the powerful "Apocalypse", a semi-proggy, symphonic melodic metal tune loaded with a chorus that kicks the listener in the ass while "Deprived Of Light" is straight-up double bass melodic power metal with a stench of '80s Germany yet very modern at the same time. "I Am Night" is a fist to the face with a chorus that screams for an audience sing-along and album closer, "… Yet Still You Preach" calms things down with an atmospheric feel.

Signing with GMR Music in the spring of 2018, TAD MOROSE has a new home to tie to their new chapter. "It feels great to have signed with GMR!" Andersson declares. "We are really looking forward to see how this will evolve. We've got some shows booked for the summer and more to come. It feels great to get back on the stage again since playing live is the fuel in our engine."

Mastering of "Chapter X" was handled by Jonas Kjellgren at Black Lounge Studios and the band turned to an old friend, Rainer Kalwitz ("A Mended Rhyme") to take care of the album's artwork.


Ronny Hemlin - Lead Vocals

Christer Krunt Andersson - Guitar

Kenneth Jonsson - Guitar

Johan Löfgren - Bass

Peter Morén - Drums
|||| 24 2018

MADBALL: Third Trailer For 'For The Cause' Album

The third trailer for "For The Cause", the upcoming album from New York hardcore veterans MADBALL, can be seen below. Due on June 15 via Nuclear Blast, the follow-up to 2014's "Hardcore Lives" was co-produced by Tim Armstrong (RANCID), who is also featured on one song on the album. It was mixed and mastered by renowned producer Tue Madsen (MESHUGGAH, THE HAUNTED, SICK OF IT ALL) at Antfarm Studios in Denmark. Former MADBALL guitarist Matt Henderson laid down the guitar tracks in the studio, but will not join the group on tour.

MADBALL recently revealed that legendary rapper, actor and frontman Ice-T (BODY COUNT) guests on one track on "For The Cause".

Commented Ice-T: "It's an honor to record with the legendary MADBALL. BODY COUNT draws its closest similarities to New York hardcore. This is a natural."

Added singer Freddy Cricien: "It's truly an honor to have Ice-T on our record! I grew up on his music from his early hip-hop stuff till now. He's an iconic figure but also a 'class act'; you don't always get both at once. Ice has a great respect for New York hardcore and MADBALL, means the world. This was meant to happen.... real recognizes real."

Last October, MADBALL parted ways with longtime guitarist Brian "Mitts" Daniels. The New York outfit called the split "a very hard and heartbreaking decision for all involved."

"For The Cause" track listing:

01. Smile Now Pay Later

02. Rev Up (feat. Sick Jacken)

03. Freight Train

04. Tempest

05. Old Fashioned

06. Evil Ways (feat. Ice-T)

07. Lone Wolf

08. Damaged Goods

09. The Fog (feat. Tim Timebomb & Steve Whale)

10. Es Tu Vida

11. For You

12. For The Cause

13. Confessions (bonus track; CD and LP only)

The original version of the "For The Cause" title track was released last September via the "Family Biz" split seven-inch single, which saw the Cricien-fronted outfit joining forces with Pennsylvania's blue-collar-core heroes WISDOM IN CHAINS.
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[= ||| 24 2018

BLEEDING THROUGH: Making Of 'Love Will Kill All' Album

Behing-the-scenes footage from the making of "Love Will Kill All", the new album from reunited California metallers BLEEDING THROUGH, can be seen below. The disc will be released on May 25 via SharpTone Records.

"Love Will Kill All" track listing:

01. Darkness, A Feeling I Know

02. Fade Into The Ash

03. End Us

04. Cold World

05. Dead Eyes

06. Buried

07. No Friends

08. Set Me Free

09. No One From Nowhere

10. Remains

11. Slave

12. Life

Commented BLEEDING THROUGH vocalist Brandan Schieppati: "After five years away, we realized the heartbeat of BLEEDING THROUGH is still beating.

"We feel one of the best things that we could have done was to step away and concentrate on other aspects of our lives and let the dust settle on BLEEDING THROUGH, as people knew us.

"Our motivation to write the record was purely because of our passion for our music — the creative blood that runs through our veins, which hasn‘t changed since 1999.

"I feel that our creativity and passion is being put on display in this new record, 'Love Will Kill All'. We feel music is the ultimate expression and whether people want it or not we felt the need to express ourselves again. The beauty is that no one can stop it from happening.

"For so many years, I felt that BLEEDING THROUGH was a band that was held back because of other people interests in the band, whether it was business or personal. I just felt trapped by the business of the industry and outside perception.

"BLEEDING THROUGH is all about the music and the people who enjoy it. That was lost for a while and now it's found. "

With nearing an hour's worth of new music on "Love Will Kill All", the band emerges from its slumber with renewed energy, aggression and musical precision. Effortlessly blending scathing, skin-peeling metallic elements with hard-hitting hardcore and jaw-dropping symphonic elements with a brash take-no-prisoners attitude, BLEEDING THROUGH inflicts pain and awe in equal amounts with every razor-sharp cut their forthcoming effort has to offer. Coupled with a new label, BLEEDING THROUGH has been granted a new lease on life — and the ears of the heavy-music loving masses — as "Love Will Kill All" is a collection of coming-home anthems from heavy music's prodigal sons returned to retake their throne.

BLEEDING THROUGH's last album, "The Great Fire", was released in January 2012 via Rise Records.
|||| 24 2018

AVATAR: 'The King Welcomes You To AVATAR Country' Video Released

AVATAR's video for the song "The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country" can be seen below. The clip was directed by the Swedish band's longtime collaborator Johan Carlén.

"The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country" is taken from AVATAR's latest album, "Avatar Country", which was released on January 12 via Entertainment One in North America and Century Media Records in the rest of the world. The disc was produced by Jay Ruston (STONE SOUR, ANTHRAX, STEEL PANTHER) last summer at Spinroad Recording Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden.

AVATAR vocalist Johannes Eckerström told Full Metal Jackie's nationally syndicated radio show about the more positive lyrical approach of "Avatar Country" compared to 2016's "Feathers & Flesh": "In one way, I think it's a very natural thing for any band to do. Once you did A, you want to do B, once you paint something blue, the next painting you want it to be red because you're done with blue for a while. I think that is part of, if not all bands, many band's journey, go forward, whatever you end up doing, you don't want to do what you just did. But in this case, also, because 'Feathers & Flesh', it was a story about failure, fear, loss, death. It was very dark and very sad, really. Sadness was a big part of it and it was a piece of fiction. So, this is a reaction against all that. Instead, we decided to speak the truth and open the borders to Avatar Country; tell people the truth of the nature of our king and since the album is a celebration of our king, it naturally becomes, as you said, about hope, strength, life, really. It's a heavy metal celebration this time around, at least compared to what we done in the past. It has some heavy messages anyway. In the name of the king, let's celebrate."

Asked why every songtitle on "Avatar Country" has the word "king" and whether the word is significant to the overall concept of the album, Johannes said: "I think it speaks for itself: That we are celebrating our mighty king of Avatar Country, who is a glorious king indeed, so glorious that he has seven solos in the first song. There are so many aspects to this king and there are so many different ways of telling his story and so many aspects of him, that you do need a full album. So, that is why yes, you're right, we have 'Glory To Our King', 'Legend Of The King', 'King After King', 'King's Harvest', 'The King Speaks', or my personal favorite title, 'Silent Songs Of The King Part 1 - Winter Comes When The King Dreams Of Snow', because there's so much to him."

Avatar will embark on a stretch of European dates this summer including some notable festivals along the way.


|||| 24 2018

Watch JAMES HETFIELD Play GHOST's 'Cirice'

METALLICA's James Hetfield can be seen playing the GHOST song "Cirice" in a new video.

The footage, which can be seen below, was filmed at METALLICA's headquarters in San Rafael, California and shows the guitarist/vocalist playing the opening riff from the track, which originally appeared on GHOST's 2015 album "Meliora".

"Cirice" earned the Swedish-based band the 2016 Grammy Award for "Best Metal Performance."

Back in 2011, James told Sweden's SVT that he was "in [GHOST's] fan club." He added: "I had no idea what they looked like until I saw the video. I heard the music first and I thought it was very great very unique, very melodic and a breath of fresh air for metal. It reminded me a bit of '70s kind of rock that I liked as well. So yeah, I love the band."

GHOST lead singer and founder Tobias Forge told BBC Radio 1's "Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter" that some of his "first really big shows" were seeing METALLICA." He added: "That also set a standard. So now, being mentored by [them] and being close to them and close to their crew and watching that operation, it's, for me, very, very inspiring, and I'm happy that I have the luxury of seeing that. METALLICA was also one of my brother's favorite bands, so there's definitely moments where because he passed away, basically, just before GHOST happened so there's definitely moments there where it's You have that feeling of, 'Look at this. I'm here watching this. Being asked to I just played on this stage now. There's James Hetfield playing that song.'"

GHOST's new album, "Prequelle" will be released on June 1 via Loma Vista Recordings.


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[= ||| 24 2018

LAGO – New Track “A Broken Barrier” Streaming

Phoenix, AZ based death metal band Lago have released a new song called "A Broken Barrier". The track is off their new album Sea Of Duress which comes out on June 8th via Unique Leader. The album features eight monstrous slabs of atmospheric, blackened, old school influenced death metal brilliance and shows the critically acclaimed act further refining their already formidable song writing prowess while maintaining their monolithic, unearthly heaviness.

Bassist Garrett Thomas said of the tracks meaning, “This song is about interpersonal relationships and the potential harm that can be inflicted by outside parties.  It addresses the reactionary process when dealing with a personal bond that has come into conflict; the choice to redeem, dismantle or discard.” and guitarist and vocalist Cole Jacobsen added, “This is probably the most straightforward song on the album.  Our Tampa Bay death metal influence really bleeds out on this track.”

Find preorders at this location.

The eight track effort was recorded by Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital Recording in Chandler, AZ, mixed and mastered by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams), and features artwork by Nate Burns. 

Vocalist and guitarist Cole Jacobsen said of the album, "Sea Of Duress is the next step for Lago in terms of how we're writing. Though the Tampa Bay death metal influences can still be heard, we have definitely stepped outside of our box so to speak. We love and appreciate the pioneer death metal acts, however, we have never approached our lyrics the way a lot of the others have. We tend to write about depression, isolation, and the fear of, and necessity of coping with tyranny. We currently live in a country entrenched in turmoil.  I think a lot of that can be felt in this album. We're thrilled to be releasing this album on Unique Leader Records, and cannot wait for a broader audience to hear what we've created."


“Day Of Wrath”
“A Broken Barrier”
“Dead Sun”
“Soiled Is The Crown”

"A Broken Barrier":

"Soiled Is The Crown" video:
|||| 24 2018

ENRAGED Tease “Global Conspiracy / Invisible Oppressors” Video

Holland based death metal band Enraged has made a brand new video for Global Conspiracy / Invisible Oppressors, taken from the album Its Your Fear That Feeds Their Power. A teaser for this upcoming video is available below:

This album features guest appearances by James Murphy (Obituary, Death, Testament), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond, Death), Christofer Malmstrom (Darkane), Jens Van der Valk (God Dethroned, Autumn) and Jos Hindriks (Disintegrate). The album was mixed by Jochem Jacobs (Textures).
|||| 24 2018

Ottawa’s INFRARED – Saviours Album Streaming In Full

Set to unleash their new album Saviours on May 25th, Ottawa thrashers Infrared are streaming the whole album ahead of its release.

Vocalist / guitarist Armin Kamal comments:

"Infrared is extremely excited to release our sophomore album Saviours to the world today. This has been in the works for about 2 years now and is something we are very proud of. Saviours has fulfilled a goal of ours to create some brand new music the way we know how, with an old school 80s thrash feel along with a contemporary sound that encompasses our influences beyond the 80s.

While not explicitly a concept album, the album is heavily themed on the idea of false "Saviours" who claim to do good for others but are really self-serving in their intentions. We like to inspire independent thought and a cautious view of the intentions of those who promote themselves as leaders. This message has been captured with eight brand new songs that highlight the diversity in which this band makes music. While all songs stay true to our roots, they each offer a piece of what Infrared has to offer our fans. From fast and thrashy to melodic and dramatic, Saviours" delivers a punch from start to finish.


Project Karma
The Demagogue
The Fallen
All In Favour
They Kill For Gods
Father Of Lies
Genocide Convention

"All In Favour":


(Photo Credit: Gord Weber)


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[= ||| 24 2018

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM – New Album Title, Cover Art Revealed

In a posting on Facebook, Flotsam And Jetsam vocalist Eric AK has revealed their new album will be titled The End Of Chaos and is due for release on November 9th via AFM Records.

AK says, “Are you ready for this? I don't think you are. November 9th. You'll have to pull up your big girl pants, and prepare yourself.”

Flotsam And Jetsam recently welcomed Ken Mary (Alice Cooper, Accept) as their permanent drummer. Mary, who began touring with the group last year after Jason Bittner was invited to join Overkill, joins the band on all of their upcoming tour dates. He will also perform on the group's in-progress new album, due to be released via AFM Records later this year.

“It’s always awesome to play with the mighty Flotsam And Jetsam,” Mary says. “The music is super-challenging and at the same time a great deal of fun to play. With such great musicians in the band that are also great guys, it’s going to be a blast!”

"We're excited to announce that Ken will be our new drummer,” adds the band. “Ken has already tracked all the drums for our upcoming album slated for release later this year, and we're all looking forward to the fans experiencing a new chapter in the history of Flotsam And Jetsam.”

A complete list of Flotsam And Jetsam's upcoming tour dates appears below. More information on the group's new album will be revealed in the coming months.

23 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero *
24 - New York, NY - Gramercy *
25 - Worcester, MA - Palladium *
26 - Clifton Park, NY - Upstate Concert Hall *
27 - Quebec City, QC - Imperial *
28 - Montreal, QC - Foufounes Electriques *
29 - Toronto, ON - Opera House *
30 - Amprior, ON - John St. Pub
31 - Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater *

1 - Cleveland, OH - Agora *
2 - Louisville, KY - Diamond Pub and Billiards *
3 - Detroit, MI - Harpos *
4 - Joliet, IL - The Forge *
5 - Minneapolis, MN - The Cabooze *
7 - Calgary, AB - Dickens *
8 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room *
9 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre *
10 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon *
11 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater *
12 - Sacramento, CA - Holy Diver
13 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel *
14 - Los Angeles, CA - Whisky A Go Go *
15 - Anaheim, CA - City National Grove *
16 - Tempe, AZ - The Marquee *
18 - Dallas, TX - Trees *
19 - San Antonio, TX - Rock Box *
20 - Houston, TX - Scout Bar *
21 - Oklahoma City, OK - 89th Street Collective
22 - Denver, CO - Herman's Hideaway
23 - Colorado Springs, CO - Sunshine Studios
24 - Salt Lake City, UT - Liquid Joe's
25 - Las Vegas, NV - Beauty Bar
26 - San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick

* with HammerFall

22 - North Wales, UK - Hammerfest XI


|||| 24 2018

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE: 'Voices' Video Released

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE has released the official music video for the song "Voices", which is featured on the band's 2017 album "Graveyard Shift". Directed by Travis Shinn and Jeremy Danger (A PERFECT CIRCLE, MARILYN MANSON), the clip can be seen below.

Having recently wrapped the North American leg of its headline "Graveyard Shift" tour, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE is set to hit the road again this June for the final cross-country run of Vans Warped Tour. The trek is set to get underway way June 21 in Pomona, California and continue through the top of August. Furthermore, vocalist Chris Motionless will be hosting workshops with The Entertainment Institute at each stop of the tour, discussing with fans the universal hardships of finding your voice and your identity in life.

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE recently parted ways with longtime bassist Devin "Ghost" Sola. Filling in for him at the band's current shows is the group's former guitarist, TJ Bell.

Founded in 2005, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE has won over audiences worldwide with its aggressive music and arresting imagery. The band has proven a ferocious and inventive live act, earning an increasingly fervent fan following via countless headline shows, festival sets, and tours alongside such iconic acts as SLIPKNOT, KORN and BREAKING BENJAMIN.
|||| 24 2018

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME To Release Automata II Album In July; Details Revealed

One of progressive metal’s most ground-breaking and innovative artists is unquestionably Between The Buried And Me, who after 15 years as a band continues to push themselves to new dimensions with their songwriting. The newest accomplishment, adding to their vast catalog, is the conceptual, two-part, epic album, Automata, which now has Part II officially slated for a July 13th release through their new label Sumerian Records.

Automata II pre-order bundles can be found here.

Tommy Rogers (vocals) states: "Holding our tongues for Automata II was challenging. We worked so hard on these songs and finally we get to release the other half of this material to the world! I think this is some of the best material we’ve ever released. It’s a result of everything we’ve been striving for up to this point. There are plenty of twists/turns and bizarre moments, but there is also a lot of beauty in the music and the story. Automata is now complete and our antagonist found his version of home and peace. We are all in this together."

Dan Briggs (bass) further adds: "Automata II sees us at our most dynamic and most creative. It feels like turning a page into a whole new terrain and us working all these years together to arrive at this point. It's quirky, adventurous, melodic, dark and full of theatrics."

Automata II tracklisting:

"The Proverbial Bellow"
"Voice Of Trespass"
"The Grid"

BTBAM will also headline this year's Summer Slaughter tour. Says the band: "We are very excited to get on the road this summer in support of Automata II. To be part of Summer Slaughter for the second time in our careers is beyond humbling. Their lineups hold a vast history of extremes and interesting music, something we strive to do with our own music. We hope to meet new bands and make new fans, and present the world the next evolution of BTBAM.


13 - Raleigh, NC - The Ritz Raleigh
14 - Myrtle Beach, SC - House of Blues
15 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
17 - Lynchburg, VA - Phase 2
18 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Ssound Stage
19 - New York City, NY - Irving Plaza
20 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
21 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
22 - Philadelphia, PA - Theater of Living Arts
24 - Chicago, IL - Concord Music Hall
26 - Detroit, MI - Majestic Theater
30 - Columbus, OH - Express Live

2 - Kansas City, MO - Uptown Theater
3 - Minneapolis, MN - Skyway Theater
5 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
9 - Sacramento, CA - Ace of Spades
10 - Berkeley, CA - The UC Theater
11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Novo
12 - Anaheim, CA - Grove of Anaheim
14 - Tempe, AZ - The Marquee
17 - Dallas, TX - Gas Monkey Live!
18 - Houston, TX - House of Blues
19 - Austin, TX - Empire Garage


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[= ||| 24 2018

Nozomu Wakai’s DESTINIA Featuring RONNIE ROMERO, MARCO MENDOZA, TOMMY ALDRIDGE Release "Take Me Home" Music Video

Nozomu Wakai’s Destinia have released a video for "Take Me Home", featured on the new album Metal Souls, out now in Japan and due elsewhere in July. Watch the video below.

Japanese guitar hero Nozomu Wakai will blast his way onto the world stage with his project Nozomu Wakai’s Destinia, featuring music composed, written, and produced by Nozomu himself.

Nozomu Wakai, hailed in Japan and abroad as an artist who could bring forth a rebirth of authentic and melodic heavy metal in the 21st century, has already released two albums, Requiem For A Scream (2014) and Anecdote Of The Queens (2015), with his project Nozomu Wakai’s Destinia. He has been recognized in the Japanese hard rock and heavy metal scene for his contributions on guitar, compositions, and sound directions on releases by the country's leading musicians and anime's.

In 2016, during his quest for a new musical direction for Destinia, Nozomu witnessed a performance by Lords Of Black, featuring vocalist Ronnie Romero, at Loud Park​ 16, a metal festival in Japan. Though Nozomu was well aware of Ronnie's abilities, he was hit hard by the new Ritchie Blackmore Official Site's Rainbow singer. A direct offer was made and accepted with Ronnie joining Nozomu to participate as the vocalist in his Destinia project.

Having set his course for the direction of the new compositions, Nozomu made the decision to offer Marco Mendoza and Tommy Aldridge, a rhythm section hugely influential to him, the bass and drum positions, respective to add extra strength to the music. It was an obvious choice for Nozomu's music as these positions would demand the presence of two musicians with a vast knowledge of the history of hard rock and heavy metal. Upon listening to Nozomu's music, Marco and Tommy were thrilled to get involved.

Nozomu describes the musical direction and aspiration of Destinia as 'classic modern' heavy metal. "The music goes beyond the authentic hard rock and heavy metal in the same vein as Rainbow, Whitesnake and Ronnie James Dio - it is completed with the contemporary, modern sound styles. I am confident that I can create exciting new music with these musicians," says Nozomu.

Praising his talents, Ronnie, Marco and Tommy were excited to join forces with Nozomu. "I was impressed the moment I listened to his tracks," says Ronnie. "Nozomu is an incredibly talented guitar player and an amazing composer. In addition to that, my vocals fit in really well."

The emotional guitars by Nozomu and soulful vocals by Ronnie complement each other and are made all the more powerful with the backing by the powerful grooves of Tommy Aldridge and Marco Mendoza.

Nozomu sees a long-term potential in Destinia, claiming there are "songs that need to be written, developments that need to be made". Behold the new guitar hero, the shape of things to come in the new world of hard rock and heavy metal.


"Metal Souls"
"End Of Love"
"Promised Land"
"Take Me Home"
"Raise Your Fist"
"Be A Hero"
"Cross The Line"
"Judgement Day"
"Ready For Rock"

"Take Me Home" video:

"Metal Souls" video:

Pre-order Metal Souls here.


Nozomu Wakai: Guitar
Ronnie Romero: Vocals
Marco Mendoza: Bass
Tommy Aldridge: Drums


|||| 24 2018

DEF LEPPARD Premiers New Lyric Video For "Hysteria"

On June 1st, Bludgeon Riffola/Mercury/UMe fires the first salvo in Def Leppard’s projected four-volume career-spanning box set series, when the appropriately dubbed Volume One appears in multidisc LP and CD collections. The band have released a new lyric video for the hit "Hysteria". Check it out below:

This first volume of the band’s complete recorded output comes in both limited-edition 180-gram heavyweight vinyl and CD box sets, each featuring Def Leppard’s first four studio albums - along with some choice bonus live and studio material - all spread across 8LPs and 7CDs, respectively.

The Volume One collection includes bonus material including Live At The LA Forum 1983, originally released as a bonus disc in the deluxe CD version of Pyromania, making this the first-ever vinyl offering of the complete show. This 2LP version comes with a new sleeve and inner bags.

Rarities Volume 1 has been specially compiled by Joe Elliott, containing rare B-sides and recordings from Def Leppard’s early years, all in a newly commissioned sleeve. Finally, rounding out this collection is the 7-inch vinyl single and 3-inch CD of Def Leppard’s original, self-titled EP.

The fiery Volume One collection contains all of Def Leppard’s iconic 1980s recordings with reproductions of the original packaging in both formats, plus the added bonus of a replica 7-inch single and 3-inch CD of the band’s original independent EP, the self-titled The Def Leppard E.P.

Each album in the box set was mastered by longtime band producer/soundmaster Ronan McHugh and cut by Greg Moore.

Housed in rigid boxes, the Volume One collection also contains a hardback book with rare photos by longstanding band confidant Ross Halfin and liner notes by Classic Rock’s Paul Elliott.

Def Leppard bandmembers Joe Elliott, bassist Rick Savage, drummer Rick Allen, and guitarist Phil Collen have all also contributed their personal introductions to the collection.

Volume One is an extraordinary early chronicle of a band whose global impact only continues to grow. Def Leppard have a cumulative sales tally of over 100 million albums worldwide, not to mention putting on consistently sold-out world tours. Def Leppard recently authorized their entire recorded catalog for access on streaming and download platforms, a move that resulted in a nearly 400 percent surge in catalog sales on the first day alone, as well as appearances in the iTunes Top 10 charts in over 30 countries worldwide.

Volume One kicks off with Def Leppard’s 1980 debut album On Through The Night, which immediately put the rock world on notice that the band were destined for big things, having charted at #15 in the UK and #51 in the US. Produced by Tom Allom (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath), On Through The Night features many of the band’s live favorites (“Rock Brigade,” “Hello America”), along with updated versions of early singles (“Rocks Off”). The album achieved platinum status in 1989, and the version included here is the rare Australian gatefold-sleeve version.

Released in 1981, High ’N’ Dry was Def Leppard’s second platinum album and the first to be produced by Robert “Mutt” Lange (AC/DC, Foreigner). It reached #26 in the UK and #38 in the US, having garnered much impactful FM airplay with the propulsive “Let It Go” and one of the band’s most popular signature tunes to this day, “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak.”

Pyromania, released in 1983, saw the band become indisputable rock legends. It was the first record to feature guitars by Phil Collen, who had replaced Pete Willis. The album contains massive MTV hits “Photograph” and “Rock Of Ages,” as well as fist-pumper “Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop),”. Pyromania reached #2 in the US and went Diamond, with over 10 million album sales.

Def Leppard released Hysteria in 1987, the band’s best-selling record to date having sold over 25 million copies worldwide. It went to #1 in the UK, US, and Australia, and is also the band’s second album to achieve Diamond status in the US. Notes Collen, “Not many people even get Platinum albums anymore! Going Diamond is going 10 times Platinum in America, which is a huge deal - and we’ve got two of those. We’re really pleased that we got them. It’s pretty cool that we’ve achieved that.”

Produced by Mutt Lange, Hysteria took over three years to make, ultimately featuring seven charting singles (including #1 smash “Love Bites” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me”), and has been rightly nicknamed as “heavy metal’s Thriller.” Clocking in at just over 62 minutes, Hysteria was then one of the longest albums ever issued on a single vinyl record - but for this special box set release, it has been made into a double LP for maximum sound-quality purposes.

Def Leppard’s collective vocal prowess is but one of the many things that helped cement their unparalleled standing in rock history, as Joe Elliott explains: “The way we did our harmonies was based on the multitracking abilities of a band like Queen, but we took what they did to the next level. Queen maybe tripled or quadrupled their backing vocals - but we did it like 20 times! We wanted it to sound like the quality of Queen but have the size of Slade. The way we did it gave us a unique sound. And that’s the whole point of an album, really - capturing a band’s unique dynamics.” Adds Phil Collen, “The American bands had beautiful vocals, with all those wonderful harmonies. But we added a bit of a punk ethos in there with ours, where it became a bit more charming and anthemic with screaming and shouting. And that was a very British thing, I think, that made us different from a lot of the American bands.”

Def Leppard’s Volume One is but the first hot, sticky-sweet taste of an impressive career that remains ever on the rise. Can you feel it, do you believe it?

Pre-order The Vinyl Box Set: Volume One here. Pre-order The CD Box Set: Volume One here. Full tracklisting here.

"Pour Some Sugar On Me" lyric video:

Def Leppard is bringing their Hysteria + More Tour to Australia and New Zealand this November with special guests Scorpions. Tickets on sale now.


2 - Perth, Australia
4 - Adelaide, Australia
6 - Brisbane, Australia
8 - Melbourne, Australia
10 - Sydney, Australia
12 - Auckland, New Zealand

Def Leppard and Journey have teamed up for a massive co-headlining North American tour. The trek is composed of both stadium and arena concerts, with half of the shows being closed by Journey and half by Def Leppard. The tour features complete sets and all-new production from both bands.

Def Leppard / Journey dates:

23 - Albany, NY - Times Union Center
25 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium
26 - Buffalo, NY - KeyBank Center
28 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
30 - Cincinnati, OH - U.S. Bank Arena

1 - Toronto, ON - Rogers Centre
2 - Pittsburgh, PA - PPG Paints Arena
5 - Raleigh, NC - PNC Arena
6 - Knoxville, TN - Thompson-Boling Arena
8 - Bristow, VA - Jiffy Lube Live
9 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center
11 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center
13 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
15 - Newark, NJ - Prudential Center
16 - Baltimore, MD - Royal Farms Arena

1 - Atlanta, GA - SunTrust Park
3 - Noblesville, IN - Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center
4 - Milwaukee, WI - Summerfest
6 - Memphis, TN - FedExForum
7 - North Little Rock, AR - Verizon Arena
9 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center
11 - Louisville, KY - KFC Yum! Center
13 - Detroit, MI - Comerica Park
14 - Chicago, IL - Wrigley Field
16 - Wichita, KS - INTRUST Bank Arena
18 - Sioux Falls, SD - Denny Sanford PREMIER Center
19 - Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena
21 - Denver, CO - Coors Field
23 - Des Moines, IA - Wells Fargo Arena
25 - Kansas City, MO - Sprint Center
27 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Field
28 - Fargo, ND - Fargodome

11 - Boston, MA - Fenway Park
13 - Virginia Beach, VA - Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater
15 - Columbia, SC - Colonial Life Arena
17 - Ft Lauderdale, FL - BB&T Center
18 - Tampa, FL - Amalie Arena
20 - Birmingham, AL - Legacy Arena @ The BJCC
22 - Columbus, OH - Schottenstein Center
24 - St. Louis, MO - Busch Stadium
25 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena
27 - New Orleans, LA - Smoothie King Center
29 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
31 - San Antonio, TX - AT&T Center

1 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
5 - Albuquerque, NM - Isleta Amphitheater
7 - Phoenix, AZ - Talking Stick Resort Arena
8 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena
21 - San Francisco, CA - AT&T Park
23 - San Diego, CA - Petco Park
25 - Salt Lake City, UT - Vivint Smart Home Arena
26 - Nampa, ID - Ford Idaho Center Arena
28 - Portland, OR - Moda Center
29 - Seattle, WA - Gorge Amphitheatre

1 - Vancouver, BC - Rogers Arena
4 - Sacramento, CA - Golden 1 Center
6 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum
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Late STATUS QUO Guitarist RICK PARFITT - "Lock Myself Away" Song Stream Available

"Lock Myself Away", a track from the recently released Rick Partitt album Over And Out (earMUSIC), is now available for streaming below.

When the awful news broke on Christmas Eve 2016 that legendary rocker Rick Parfitt of Status Quo fame had passed, fans around the world were devastated that one of rock's most iconic performers had been silenced. However, unknown to almost anyone, Parfitt had, in fact, virtually completed his first solo album whilst undergoing a period of recuperation after his heart attack in July.

Featuring 10 brand new songs, including the title track that broke hearts anew when it was played at Parfitt's funeral, this is an album of depth and passion. Created by Parfitt and producer Jo Webb, the record is a true labor of love and showcases the softer side of Parfitt as a writer, artist, and performer away from the Quo maelstrom, as well as the purest rock 'n' roll sound of earlier Status Quo records.

Despite the fact Parfitt had finished recording his guitar and vocal parts, a recording session was planned for February 2017. Certain tracks were not totally finished when Parfitt died. The call to help ensure that his work could be completed, so that the world could hear it, was answered by musicians of the caliber of Queen's Brian May and Muse's Chris Wolstenholme, both of whom were close to Parfitt.

His son, Rick Parfitt Jr., was also involved in the creative process, as were John "Rhino" Edwards and Alan Lancaster, amongst many others. All of those involved in completing the songs that Parfitt had written for Over And Out have done him proud in bringing his vision to fruition.

Parfitt's music always featured two elements - the raw rock 'n' roll sound and a great passion for melodies. Over And Out offers the best of both worlds: It has been recorded and written with a band's spirit between Parfitt and Webb. They shared various mixes, reflecting the sound of the sessions and the spirit that was present in the "room."

The album has also been mixed by top producer Ash Howes, offering a different view on the songs but also leaving a dilemma open for interpretation: Which one would Parfitt prefer? The polished, big sounding mixes or the original band mixes, raw and full of musical honesty? Those who were close enough to him over the years would probably say: "Both."

This is why the album will be available in its "finished" form, but also as a raw and pure version, for the fans of the rockier side of Parfitt's music in special collector's editions.


"Lonesome Road"
"Over And Out"
"When I Was Fallin In Love"
"Fight For Every Heartbeat"
"Without You"
"Long Distance Love"
"Everybody Knows How To Fly"
"Lock Myself Away"

"Lock Myself Away":

"Lonesome Road":


"Over And Out":

"Long Distance Love" lyric video:

"Without You":

This album is the record that Parfitt had been itching to write. His forced departure from Quo's live performance circuit, whilst very hard for him to take, did at least free up the time that was needed to create Over and Out.

The album is but the latest element of the incredible legacy and body of work that Parfitt leaves. A testament to his talent, his winning way with words, an incredible joie de vivre, and a spirit that never flagged. He'll be missed but Over and Out is a great way to remember him - gone but not forgotten.


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