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BONFIRE Debut “Praying 4 A Miracle” Music Video

Bonfire have released a video for “Praying 4 A Miracle”, featured on their new album, Byte The Bullet, out on March 24th. Find the new video.

In 2016, Hans Ziller made a pledge to make Bonfire great again. He recruited a new face to the line-up, German vocalist Alexx Stahl. With Bonfire veterans guitarist Hans Ziller, guitarist Frank Pane and bassist Ronnie Parkes, in the addition to Alexx Stahl and drummer Tim Breideband, Bonfire now have the fire and energy they were so well known, a force to be reckoned with once again.

Bonfire recorded Byte The Bullet at Flatliners Studios in their hometown of Ingolstadt, Germany.


“Power Train”
“Stand Up 4 Rock”
“Praying 4 A Miracle”
“Some Kinda Evil”
“Lonely Nights”
“Byte The Bullet”
“Locomotive Breath”
“Reach For The Sky”
“Sweet Surrender”
“Too Far From Heaven”
“Without You”
“Sweet Obsession”

“Praying 4 A Miracle” video:

“Locomotive Breath” video:

“Locomotive Breath” making of:



IN THIS MOMENT Release Live Video From Tokyo

On September 17th 2016, In This Moment played Tokyo, Japan. The band has uploaded live footage of the songs "Black Widow", "Blood", and "Sick Like Me" from that evening's set.

In This Moment be hitting the road with Motionless In White, Avatar, and Gemini Syndrome as support this April and May.

Tour dates:

7 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave / Eagles Club
8 - Green Bay, WI - The Sandlot Entertainment Complex
9 - Maplewood, MN - Myth Nightclub 16+
11 - Omaha, NE - Sokol Auditorium and Underground
12 - Kansas City, MI - Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
14 - Indianapolis, IN - The Egyptian Room
15 - Columbus, OH - Express LIVE
16 - Toronto, ON - The Danforth Music Hall
18 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
19 - Albany, NY - The Palace Theatre
21 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live
22 - Stroudsburg, PA - Sherman Theatre
23 - Worcester, MA - Worcester Palladium
25 - Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE
26 - Detroit, MI - The Fillmore Detroit
28 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade

2 - Birmingham, AL - Iron City Bham
3 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's
5 - Nashville, TN - War Memorial Auditorium

OPEROSE To Release DENNIS WARD-Produced Debut, Footprints In The Hourglass, In March; “Footprints” Lyric Video Streaming

Operose are a new symphonic progressive metal band from the United Kingdom, comprising of rising opera sensation Jennifer Coleman, and neo-classical guitar virtuoso Joe McGurk (Opposing Motion). The forthcoming debut album, Footprints In The Hourglass, also features Opposing Motion drummer Kevin Deplanche and is mixed and mastered by heavy metal legend Dennis Ward, showcasing the unique collaboration across eight varied tracks.

Jennifer Coleman is a Theo Max van der Beugel Scholar studying on the 2nd year of the Masters at the Royal College of Music in London under the tutelage of Janis Kelly. Jennifer has won numerous awards including an RCM Award supported by a Big Give Award, the Mavis Bennett Award for Grand Opera and the John Lightfoot Award for Musical Theatre at Maidenhead Music Festival. Most recently, Jennifer won a Musical Odessey Prize while taking part in masterclasses with the acclaimed British soprano Susan Bullock in Nafplio, Greece. She was awarded commended in the 2016 RCM Lieder competition, and a finalist in the RCM English Song Competition.

Joe McGurk is the guitarist and co-founder of progressive metal band Opposing Motion, along with drummer Kevin Deplanche. The band had a well received debut album in 2013 released through iconic label Lion Music, after a successful debut EP. Joe McGurk has also released solo work, most notably the instrumental album Elements, which received a host of great reviews when released through Lion Music in 2015, as well as composing tracks for film and television.

Operose is a unique blend of soaring vocals and guitars over a symphonic, classical backdrop telling the tale of the tragic Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice through the eyes of Eurydice.

Footprints In The Hourglass tracklisting:

“Empty Mirrors (Death Of Eurydice)”
“River Of Memories”
“The Long Grass (Seconds Apart)”
“Remember Me”
“The Faded Portrait Of Affection”
“Stand Among Angels”

“Footprints” lyric video:
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IAN PAICE: 'We Are Scared Of The End Of DEEP PURPLE'

Rock Antenne recently conducted an interview with drummer Ian Paice and bassist Roger Glover of British rock legends DEEP PURPLE. You can watch the full chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On the band's forthcoming "The Long Goodbye" world tour:

Ian: "There's going to be a day in the not-so-far future when it is going to be 'the last.' That's an emotional strain that I don't think any one of us are brave enough to say 'This is the date.' But we are thinking not thinking, we are realizing that time is creeping up every day that goes on, those numbers mount up. It's inevitable. I know we feel differently about this, but this will be the last big major world tour. Not that it's physically demanding; we tour very easily, but it could take two or three years. In two or three years, who knows what the state of the world or us are going to be in. We just have to accept the reality that the decision will have to be made some time in the future, and if we can play everywhere that wants to see us and make sure we covered as many territories as we can. That could take two-and-a-half and three years. That could be the long goodbye."

On whether Roger or Ian could live without each other:

Ian: "Well, you can, but because it's been such a major part of our lives, it's incredibly valuable to us emotionally. It's a scary thought to think that you maybe sometime in the near future won't be doing it again. But, at the end of the day, we are musicians. He [Roger] is a songwriter, even if PURPLE decides that's the time, am I going to stop playing drums? No. Is he going to stop writing songs? No. George Harrison made a wonderful album called 'All Things Must Pass'. And the word is 'must.' You don't want them to, but that's the reality of the world we live in."

Roger: "Personally, this is the start of the goodbye, I guess. We don't know what's going to happen. I personally think we could do another album."

Ian: "I think so too."

Roger: "But, we'll see. We usually take two or three years between albums, if not more at times. If I'm 71 now, I'll be 75 doing an album again, maybe, 74I don't know. That's the point, is that we don't know. 'InFinite' and 'The Long Goodbye' tour are there for you to interpret any way you will, but we're not saying definitively we're going to end now."

Ian: "The music is infinite. The music is immortal. It's a document in the same way you could go to a museum and see something that was done 300 years ago. It's there forever, that's infinite. There are many levels you can think about the word and debate what it means, but unfortunately, human beings are not infinite."

On whether Ian and Roger are scared of aging:

Ian: "No, we are scared of the end of DEEP PURPLE."

Roger: "It's a family. It's not just a family. It's a destiny. We've shared this part of our lives for a long time. I can't imagine what life would be like without DEEP PURPLE. It gives us not only a living, but it gives two lives. It gives life on the road, and a life at home with family.

Ian: "Both are necessary. If you've grown up with this, to you lose half of your conscious being, because being at home is great. It's lovely, but we also know there's something else we do in our lives. When we do the other side of being on the road, we've had enough of that, we know we can go home again. There's two sides of the coin. If one side is taken away, it's a bit daunting."

Roger: "We get to travel a lot. We're very lucky that we have an audience worldwide. There's not many countries we haven't been to. That's our good fortune. In a way, you almost get blasé about 'Where were you last night?' 'I was in Paris last night, but we're going to have dinner in Tokyo tonight.' You don't even think about it because it's part of our lives. That will disappear. I will miss that. One of the great boons of being in a famous rock band is that we get to see the world many times over. That's a rare privilege. Not many people get to do that."

On whether any former members of DEEP PURPLE asked to take part in the "The Long Goodbye" tour:

Ian: "No. It doesn't work like that. It hasn't worked like that so far. This incarnation of PURPLE has been together the longest time. This is it. It's been this way for years since Don [Airey, keyboards] joined the band. Whatever was in the past, was glorious. Sometimes very hard to deal with, but it is in the past. We can't undo the things that have been done. We can't un-say the things that have been said. We have to shut the door on that. It's gone. People, obviously, still like what we do. We're having a ball. We're having a great deal of fun. Granted, it would be really nice if we even didn't have to even contemplate that word 'last.' Nobody wants to. We're going to make this tour go on as long as we can. But I would hate to do the clichéd thing of saying 'This is the last tour.' Then a year later, we come and do another tour. As Roger said, that's very undignified. It's a little bit naughty.'

Roger: "It stinks of 'We've run out of money. Let's go back and make a bit more.'"

Ian: "That's where it's at the moment anyway. In our heads, we're still thinking two or three years down the road anyway. It's not happening tomorrow."

Roger: "Another thing that comes from these conversations we've been having is that a lot of people want to talk about the past and they want to know bits and pieces about the past. The reality is within the band is that we don't think about the past. It's there like a shadow with us. We're always thinking of now, what's important now, not what was important then. That's fixed. We live in the now, and what's the next album, what's the next song, what's the next gig."

DEEP PURPLE will release "InFinite", the highly anticipated follow-up to their worldwide chart-topping effort "Now What?!", on April 7 via earMUSIC.

"InFinite" was tracked in February 2016 at a studio in Nashville, Tennessee and was once again helmed by Bob Ezrin, who has previously worked with KISS, PINK FLOYD, PETER GABRIEL, ALICE COOPER and KANSAS, among others.



WEIKATH Says There Are Plans For HELLOWEEN To Record At Least One New Song With KISKE, HANSEN

Spain's Metal Journal recently conducted an interview with HELLOWEEN guitarist Michael Weikath about the reunion of the band's classic lineup. Dubbed "Pumpkins United", the group's upcoming tour will feature seven musicians including former members Michael Kiske (vocals) and Kai Hansen (guitar), alongside current singer Andi Deris and guitarist Sascha Gerstner performing material spanning HELLOWEEN's entire three-decade-plus history. A few excerpts from the chat follow below (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On the possibility of the "Pumpkins United" lineup of HELLOWEEN recording new music:

Weikath: "There's an idea for doing at least one track at least. Personally, I think we should do more; we should do something like an EP or so. But first of all, we have lots of stuff to run and to check out and to try in order to get the schedule until [the fall] when the first show is going to take place in Mexico City. And to crank all that, if we wanted to come up with one new track as the 'Pumpkins United', I think there's going to be lots of work to do. And so what's in the planning is, for now, just one track."

On how such a track would be released:

Weikath: "I have no idea. I think you can still release it as a vinyl, as an earbook in Nuclear Blast format or whatever. Then you have it on vinyl, and you also have it in CD-single format or whatever. Or you put it on the iTunes or you put it on the webpage or the Facebook as a digital download. I don't know."

On whether the "Pumpkins United" lineup of HELLOWEEN has already written the song that will be recorded:

Weikath: "No, no, no. There's different levels of readiness for that. And I'm also looking into eventually recording something that I have ideas for what it could be and having a real collaboration on the songwriting for something like that. I think it's a far way out. From what I know, Michael Kiske is also on the verge of releasing some solo work as something, and so whatever is going to happen, I have no idea how. But surely we are looking for ideas and brainstorming. Maybe if Kai Hansen comes up with a track, maybe that Deris comes up with a track and I come up with a track or that [bassist] Markus [Grosskopf comes up with one], or someone writes something, and in which way that can be combined, or just one track is being chosen that everybody says, 'Okay, this track is so fucking cool, this is so strong, we take this one.' I have no idea. I don't know."

On whether he would close the door on the possibility of making a full album with "Pumpkins United":

Weikath: "I wouldn't, but that would be a huge undertaking. I have nothing against it, but that would be a huge undertaking. And then, given the laziness of the original HELLOWEEN members the three ones who are the laziest, and that would be Kai Hansen, Michael Weikath and Michael Kiske. We are extremely lazy. Nobody else is lazy; it's just the three people I told you. Deris claims to be very lazy, but he isn't."

On who was the first to suggest the idea of a tour like "Pumpkins United":

Weikath: "That was always Kai Hansen who said so always. And usually then Markus and me, we would reject the idea before, because we had different managements, we had different schedules. And also the whole thing needed to be talked about and trust needed to be created. And so it took that process of blah blah blah and whatever, and then to cut things short, a few years later, after we had the 'Hellish Rock' tour, with GAMMA RAY and Kai Hansen, one got a little bit closer and found where the things in common are. And then I had that talk with Michael Kiske at a metal [festival] in France a few years ago. As I keep telling in interviews, I had one whisky in the other hand and I was pouring myself another whisky and I had a cigarette in the hand and I had another cigarette in the mouth when I talked to him, because I was kind of excited to meet that guy again after all this time. I always thought I should call him on the phone, but I never did it, because I thought maybe he feels disturbed or maybe he doesn't have the time. Only because Weiki feels he could call Kiske on the phone, going, 'Hey, how are you?' 'Yeah, right now I'm kind of busy.' And so that's actually why I never, never, never, never called him. And then there was that opportunity, and I said to him, basically, 'You shouldn't be too angry. You just must understand me. Back at that time, I saw myself as the one to put things into the right direction in HELLOWEEN, and the fact was nobody wanted to record another record with you, so I had to find a solution, or an opinion, and I had to state it to you, and this is how things came about back then. And I hope you can maybe forgive me about that, if I tell you this. Just try to understand me, what was going on back then.' And he said, 'Maybe I've already forgiven you. I don't know. But it's better if we talk when you are more sober and not so drunk.' I wasn't really that drunk; I was just really excited. Ever since, we just had meetings with the whole band and Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen about how to do things, because what Kai Hansen had been proposing was only picked up by the management, and they were going, 'Yeah, we think that's a very cool idea, and we should do this.' And then everybody was asking, 'How do we do it?'"

On how long he went without talking to Michael Kiske before they reconnected at the aforementioned French festival:

Weikath: "Ever since [he left the band], after [1993's] 'Chameleon' [album]. 'Cause we didn't know how to touch that subject and whatever, and you could see from the press and his comments that there was understandable discrepancy in our relationship. It was always, like, 'Kai Hansen has said this about you, Weiki, and Michael Kiske has said this about you, Weiki. And what do you say?' And so I was always firing back. And that's not necessary anymore if we have these talks going nad everything. And, basically, there's a time to be a little bit adult and grown up about things. Because so much time passed, there can't possibly be much more trouble, because everyone involved has more or less proven what he is capable of on his own and what he would be. Michael Kiske has been doing the solo records as they are, he's been involved in projects as they are and as they were, we've been doing the HELLOWEEN thing, and Kai Hansen has been doing his stuff. So everybody presented to the public what everyone was capable of. And so that's the history, that's all behind that whole thing. And what is there to quarrel or worry or fight about? There's nothing."

Posted by Helloween onMonday, January 2, 2017

Posted by Helloween onMonday, January 2, 2017
(Thanks: Pedro Alonso / Metal Journal)



ASIA Release Official Live Video For “Heat Of The Moment” From Symfonia - Live In Bulgaria 2013

Asia's new live album, Symfonia - Live In Bulgaria 2013, is out now. An official live video for Heat Of The Moment can be found below.

While certainly not the intention when it was originally scheduled, in light of John Wetton's recent passing, this release serves as a tribute to the late, great, legendary bassist and frontman, who passed away this January following a battle with cancer.

Available on 2CD/DVD, Blu-Ray, and MP3 (audio only) the album was recorded during a special show on September 21st, 2013 during the Sounds Of The Ages Festival at the magnificent Second Century Roman Theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. On some of the songs during the band's set, Asia was joined by The Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Levon Manukian.

The show was then aired on Bulgarian National TV the following December 30th, 2013 and it is now presented in its entirety to the fans as a powerful witness of the line-up featuring original members John Wetton, Carl Palmer, Geoff Downes along with Sam Coulson on guitar.

Says John Wetton: "The show in the glorious Roman Theater of Plovdiv, with orchestra, along with the massive Sweden Rock Festival and the shows in the UK and the show European tour thereafter, were the first dates of the new chapter of Asia-and in my opinion, the band has never sounded better."

The album tracklisting includes:

Sole Survivor
Time Again
Face On The Bridge
My Own Time
Holy War
Extraordinary Life
Days Like These
Open Your Eyes

Only Time Will Tell*
Don't Cry*
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes*
Wildest Dreams*
Heat Of The Moment*

*Performed with the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra

DVD / Blu-Ray:
Sole Survivor
Time Again
Face On The Bridge
My Own Time
Holy War
An Extraordinary Life
Days Like These
Open Your Eyes
Only Time Will Tell*
Don't Cry*
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes*
Wildest Dreams*
Heat Of The Moment*
Interview Segment

*Performed with the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra

Heat Of The Moment video:

Extraordinary Life video:

Only Time Will Tell video:

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Video: APOCALYPTICA Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of 'Plays Metallica By Four Cellos' With Vienna Concert

On May 10, 1996 Finnish rockers APOCALYPTICA released their epic debut, "Plays Metallica By Four Cellos". The instrumental cello-driven rock opus changed the landscape of heavy music for years to come. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album, the group re-released a remastered version with three bonus tracks on July 22, 2016. Containing never-before-released instrumental recordings of "Battery", "Nothing Else Matters" and "Seek & Destroy", the updated version gave fans a chance to revisit the novel take on this classic metal band. Upon its release, "Plays Metallica By Four Cellos" was a new approach to the hits of the biggest metal band the world has seen. Even more, APOCALYPTICA created their very own genre and laid the foundation to a career that has lasted for 20 years so far with millions of records sold and sold out shows around the world. But the beauty and mastery of APOCALYPTICA undoubtedly lies within the live arena, where the furious thrashing of four cellists skillfully recreating metal masterpieces offers a truly unique concert experience. After ending 2016 with shows in USA, Europe, Australia and Latin America, in 2017 the band has returned with special anniversary shows to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Plays Metallica By Four Cellos", including a February 9 appearance at Vienna, Austria's Konzerthaus, fan-filmed video footage of which can be seen in the YouTube playlist below. APOCALYPTICA joined METALLICA on stage at the Fillmore in San Francisco as part of the week-long celebration of the latter band's 30th anniversary in December 2011. APOCALYPTICA's Perttu Kivilaakso told Austria's Mulatschag about the experience: "Of course we felt very privileged being included amongst all those amazing artists. And after the thing, what we have done during our career, it has been pleasant to realize and notice that, actually, the METALLICA guys, who are the reason for us to start to do something like this, that they do respect us at least that much that they wanted us to be a part of this big celebration of their career. Of course, it was crazy. I remember that when we started to play 'One', I'm starting this song and James Hetfield is just next to me, and I'm thinking, when I was 13 years old, he was my biggest idol and now we are playing together. So it's absurd, but just natural and logical in other terms."

Added APOCALYPTICA's Paavo Lötjönen: "You know, the connection to METALLICA has been really super great all these years. We played first time as a support to them already in '96. It was actually our fifth show for a proper rock and roll audience, and we were supporting METALLICA, so it was quite crazy. And since that, we have played many times with them at same festivals and Let me say that the connection with METALLICA is really cool and really nice."

Continued Perttu: "We just were [on tour last] spring [in the U.S.] and Lars [Ulrich, METALLICA drummer] came to watch our show in San Francisco. And yeah, usually we try to hang out whenever it's possible."

APOCALYPTICA's latest album, "Shadowmaker", was released in April 2015 via Eleven Seven Music Group's Better Noise imprint. The Finnish musicians accompanied by their American lead singer Franky Perez recorded the CD with Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, DEFTONES, MASTODON).



Video: New QUIET RIOT Lineup Performs In Clearwater, Florida

Fan-filmed video footage of QUIET RIOT's February 18 performance at the Quaker Steak & Lube in Clearwater, Florida as part of the Florida Motorcycle Expo & Bike Builder Invitational can be seen below.

QUIET RIOT's new studio album, titled "Road Rage", will be released on April 21 via Frontiers Music Srl. Famously known as the first heavy metal band to top the pop charts, the Los Angeles quartet became a global sensation thanks to their monstrous smash hit 1983 album, "Metal Health". The band now continues its historic journey in 2017 with founding member and drummer Frankie Banali who, on this new release, is joined by veteran bassist Chuck Wright (who has been in and out of QUIET RIOT since 1982) and guitarist Alex Grossi (who has been handling his duties since 2004,) together with new vocalist Seann Nicols (a.k.a. Sheldon Tarsha; formerly of ADLER'S APPETITE). "I'm very excited about the release of 'Road Rage' on Frontiers Music Srl which is the first official QUIET RIOT release in eleven years," Banali said. "It contains all newly written and recorded original songs. We stayed true to the great tradition and sound of QUIET RIOT while at the same time always moving musically forward." Banali's history with QUIET RIOT spans over 34 years and he has the distinction of being the only member of QUIET RIOT to have recorded on every single QUIET RIOT release from 1983's "Metal Health" through 2017's "Road Rage". After nearly ten years since the loss of his friend and co-founding member and bandmate Kevin DuBrow, and with careful consideration, soul searching and with the blessings and support of DuBrow's family, Frankie has moved forward with the band to bring the fans "Road Rage". Musically, "Road Rage" offers exactly what you would expect from QUIET RIOT: arena-ready hard rock with strong hooks and infectious riffs, along with maturity in the songwriting that only a band with such a history and pedigree can offer.

Vocalist Jizzy Pearl (LOVE/HATE, L.A. GUNS, ADLER'S APPETITE, RATT) left QUIET RIOT at the end of 2016 to concentrate full time on his solo career.

Banali revived QUIET RIOT in 2010, three years after DuBrow's death, along with Wright and Grossi. The group went through two vocalists Mark Huff and Scott Vokoun before settling on Pearl in 2013.

The Pearl-fronted QUIET RIOT recorded six new songs for an album called "10", which was released digitally on iTunes and in June 2014, but Banali pulled the songs from both download stores shortly after putting the effort on sale and hasn't made them available again. He later explained that his decision to remove "10" from iTunes and was motivated in part by the fact that he couldn't find a record label that would properly promote the album. In addition, he said that the system that brought us classic rock music has been forever altered by the times and the promotional and marketing engine that is broken, no longer effectively exposing music from the labels through radio and to the masses.

MAJESTY Unleash “Rebels Of Our Time” Short Film / Music Video

For their brand-new song "Rebels Of Our Time, Majesty present the first short film in heavy metal history. The movie tells an exciting story which is set in a post-apocalyptic future and which leads into a cool music video.

Singer Tarek comments on the extraordinary project: "We all are big cinema fans and we had in mind for quite a long time to shoot a short film which exactly shows what the band stands for. Our new album Rebels is a big step forward for us in any way and therefor we simply didnt want to simply make a boringly normal music video. We are extremely proud of the result but that is not only due to us but because of the whole film team and the actors. All of them supported the project with enormous dedication and with much blood, sweat and tears. We made lots of new friends during the shooting!"

For the short film, Majesty collaborated with the ambitious young film makers Dennis Keller, Oliver Allweyer und Daniel Roschy who passionately and professionally implemented the script written by Tarek.

Dennis Keller states: "44 hours of shooting in 3 days, average temperature of -5C and a brilliant team. From the make-up across the catering to our actors everything was right - and I think you also see that in the result!"

The Making-Of can be seen below:

Majesty will release their new album, Rebels, on March 3rd. In the video below, vocalist Tarek unboxes the limited boxset edition of the album:

More intense, more powerful and more epic - Majesty have reached the next stage of evolution and sound the horn of their new album Rebels to conquer the heavy metal throne. Recorded in the band's own studio and refined by the mixing and mastering of Frederik Nordsträm in the Studio Fredman, Rebels is the fundament for "Majesty 2.0".

Pre-order Rebels at this location or via the Amazon widget below and receive Die Like Kings as an instant grat track.


Path To Freedom
Die Like Kings
Rebels Of Our Time
Yolo Hm
The Final War
Across The Lightning
Not Available
Iron Hill
Heroes In The Night
Running For Salvation
Fighting Till The End

Die Like Kings lyric video:

Finlands Battle Beast will launch their Bringer Of Pain Over Europe 2017 tour on March 2nd in Mannheim, Germany. Support on the dates comes from Majesty and Gyze. A video trailer promoting the trek can be found below.

Bringer Of Pain Over Europe 2017 dates:

2 - Mannheim, Germany - 7er Club
3 - Essen, Germany - Turock
4 - Leipzig, Germany - Hellraiser
5 - Wroclaw, Poland - Liverpool Club
6 - Vienna, Austria - Chelsea
8 - Brescia, Italy - Circolo Colony
9 - Puget-Sur-Argent, France - Le Rat's
10 - Barcelona, Spain - Bikini
11 - Madrid, Spain - Penelope
12 - Lisbon, Portugal - RCA Club
13 - Porto, Portugal - Hard Club
14 - Pamplona, Spain - Totem
16 - Nantes, France - Ferrailleur
17 - Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie
18 - Marsberg, Germany - Metal Diver Festival (Schützenhalle)
19 - Vosselaar, Belgium - Biebob
20 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Little Devil
22 - Wolverhampton, UK - Slade Rooms
23 - Manchester, UK - Ruby Lounge
24 - London, UK - Underworld
25 - Paris, France - Petit Bain
26 - Saarbrücken, Germany - Garage
27 - Berlin, Germany - Bi Nuu
28 - Hamburg, Germany - Logo
29 - Würzburg, Germany - Posthalle
30 - Siegburg, Germany - Kubana
31 - Stuttgart, Germany - Im Wizemann

1 - Wetzikon, Switzerland - Hall Of Fame
2 - Regensburg (Obertraubling), Germany - Eventhall Airport
5 - Budapest, Hungary - Barba Negra
6 - Bratislava, Slovakia - Randal Club
7 - Lindau, Germany - Vaudeville
8 - Munich, Germany - Backstage
9 - Münster, Germany - Sputnikhalle

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MINISTRY - New Music In The Works

The official Ministry Facebook and Twitter pages have been updated with photos of mastermind Al Jourgensen back in the studio working on new material....

"Working on some new stuff with John Bechdel..."
Ministry (@WeAreMinistry) 22 February 2017

Los Angeles, California-based metal project 3 Headed Snake, spearheaded by Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin, have released a demo version of the track Wisdom Screams through SoundCloud, which can be heard below. A debut EP is slated for issue later in 2017. 3 Headed Snakes lineup is as follows; Sin Quirin - guitars, bass, keyboards, and drum programming (Ministry), Johnny Ray - vocals (Aionios, Pyaxis).

For further details, visit 3 Headed Snake on Facebook.



Video: ANTHRAX Performs Entire 'Among The Living' Album In Munich

ANTHRAX is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its classic album "Among The Living" by performing the LP in its entirety on a European tour.

Fan-filmed video footage of the band's February 25 performance at Backstage in Munich, Germany can be seen below.

ANTHRAX's February 15 concert at the Barrowland in Glasgow, United Kingdom was filmed for a DVD, to be released later this year via Megaforce. Seventeen cameras, including five GoPros and a full-size camera crane, captured more than two hours of ANTHRAX favorites that were voted onto the evening's set list by fans and included "Madhouse", "Be All, End All", "Breathing Lightning" and "A.I.R.", followed by ANTHRAX's classic 1987 album "Among The Living" performed start to finish. In addition to the live footage, the DVD will include "fly-on-the-wall" interviews and other B-roll shot on the band's tour bus, backstage, in hotels and elsewhere. The DVD is being produced and directed by Paul Green of the Manchester, U.K.-based Paul Green Productions who has filmed concerts for OPETH, THE DAMNED, Gary Numan, THE LEVELLERS and many others. Last year's celebration of ANTHRAX's 35th anniversary saw the band getting some of the best live reviews of its career, but the reception from British fans on this tour has been far more than anyone anticipated. "I don't know why it took us so long to come back to the U.K. and headline our own tour," said ANTHRAX singer Joey Belladonna, "but I'm sure glad we did. These shows have been some of the best we've ever done, and that's really due to the interaction with the fans; they've just been crazy. And that's what we wanted to capture for this DVD." The "Among The Kings" show is divided into two parts one, "Among The Living" performed live start to finish, and then the other half will be a special set that ANTHRAX is inviting its fans to help create. Fans should go to where the band has posted the titles of 44 of their songs from throughout their career. You can vote for up to 10 songs, and the songs that receive the most votes will make up that portion of the live show. The band plans to keep an eye on the votes over the course of the European dates so as the most voted for songs may change, the band will alter their set lists appropriately.

SEBASTIAN BACH Performs SKID ROW Classic “Youth Gone Wild” Live In Battle Creek; Video Streaming

Sebastian Bach has posted another clip from his show at Planet Live Music Factory in Battle Creek, Michigan on November 17th, 2016. Watch him perform the Skid Row classic Youth Gone Wild below, along with some more previously posted clips from the concert.
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BORN AGAIN Streaming Cover Of MOTÖRHEAD’s “No Class”

French metal outfit Born Again is streaming their cover of Motörheads No Class, featured on their new album, Strike With Power, out now via Massacre Records. Listen to No Class below.

Strike With Power was mixed and mastered by Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson at Studio PE. Stan W Decker is responsible for the cover artwork.


"New Generation"
"Strike With Power"
"Preachers Of The Night"
"We Feed The Fire"
"Angel In Black"
"Deal With The Devil"
"Wings Of Hate"
"No Class"
"Dawn Of The Gods"

"No Class:

"New Generation" video:

"Betrayal" lyric video:

Visit the official Born Again Facebook page for more on the band.

Trance Metal Project RAGE OF LIGHT Cover AMON AMARTH's "Twilight Of The Thunder God"; Official Video Posted

Rage Of Light is a Swiss musical project born from the desire of its creator, Jonathan, to combine two music styles that he has liked for a long time : metal and trance. The idea grew in 2007 when a first song entitled "Chasing A Reflection" was created. Mixing electronic sounds with metal rythms, this track laid the foundation of what will become later Rage Of Light. Playing the keyboard and doing vocals in two bands, Dysrider (ex-Trophallaxy) and Nodafreth, Jonathan put aside his hybrid project for several years.

Between 2011 and 2015, he nevertheless composed four new songs of what could be called trance metal. Inspired by the Swiss trance scene of the early 2000s, and by melodic death metal bands, he finally decided to realize his project, integrating a cover song in an EP named in memory of the first title written. For that purpose, he called on two talented musicians who bring a new energy to the project:

Melissa, singer of the band Evenmore, who will surprise more than one person thanks to the versatility of her beautiful voice, and Noé, a gifted guitarist who plays with Jonathan in Nodafreth.

Rage Of Light have released their cover of the Amon Amarth classic "Twilight Of The Thunder God", complete with an official video. Check it our below.


Florida’s DAYBREAK EMBRACE Release “The Moment” Music Video

South Florida-based rock/metal band, Daybreak Embrace, has released the official music video for their newest single, "The Moment. Utilizing footage from their performance at Woodstock Poland 2016, "The Moment" was self-filmed and includes live stage shots as well as behind the scenes moments.

The Moment is a tribute to the fans and family gained on a cross-continent journey full of love, life and loud music. - Kenny Figueroa - Guitar

We realize that we are living dreams right now because of your love and support. - Ryan Fry Dorries - Bass

Buy "The Moment" on iTunes.
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CALISUS Release “Six Feet Of Lies” Single; Audio Streaming

Maryland based rock band, Calisus, have released their newest single, "Six Feet Of Lies". The track was produced, mixed, & mastered by the band's own Patrick Koch.

Says lead singer Zach Constable: Six Feet Of Lies can have a very different meaning to a lot of different people. It all comes down to what the person is going through in their life. The main relation to the song is getting away from and ridding of whatever you're going through, burying it deep down six feet under to move on. I feel the anthem style of the chorus is what makes it so easy for people to catch on and sing along to. By the end, they know every word and are singing them out. Every musician knows that feeling when the crowd sings along to your songs. It makes me that much more amped up for each and every show, to get out there and share your message. - Zach Constable (Lead Vocalist)

Buy "Six Feet Of Lies online here. Listen to the song below:

Canada’s FRACTAL GENERATOR Sign To Everlasting Spew Records; Debut Album Due In May

Everlasting Spew Records has announced the signing of Canadian sci-fi technical death metallers, Fractal Generator, for the release of their debut album Apotheosynthesis on May 19th. The album will be available on CD and digitally.

Fractal Generator is a 3-piece ensemble from Canada devoted to sci-fi and to the darkest side of the technical death metal realm. Apotheosynthesis is their debut album.


040118180514 - Bass, Vocals
040114090512 - Drums
102119200914 - Guitar, Vocals

More on the band at this location.

SCUMRIPPER To Release Self-Titled 7” EP On Colored Vinyl; Full Stream Available

Hells Headbangers will release Scumrippers self-titled EP on 7" vinyl on March 31st. Self-released digitally late last year, Scumripper is the nasty, sewage-drenched debut offering from this trio of vocalist/guitarist Rat Pitt, drummer Son Stalker, and bassist Cliff Hunger.

With an MO like that, it's no surprise that Scumripper charge forward with a short 'n' swift attack of grinding metal/punk rooted in the likes of Repulsion, The Mentors, Abscess, and Autopsy's punkest moments. It's violent and vile, but also immediately memorable and mandatorily headbanging.

Order now at this location. Listen to the EP in full below.


Shit Needle Crown
Burning Of The Midnight Tramp
Cum Killa
Run To The Pills
Gutter Heights

Scumripper by SCUMRIPPER
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Australia’s DESECRATOR To Release Debut Album In March; “To The Gallows” Lyric Video Streaming

Melbourne, Australia-based thrash metal band, Desecrator, will release their debut studio album, To The Gallows on March 24th. A lyric video for the title track is available for streaming below.

Limited digipack and vinyl bundles can be pre-ordered here. iTunes, Google and Spotify pre-orders are also available.

The outstanding hand painted cover art was created by Melbourne ink wizard Jason Spud Sposito.


To The Gallows
Desert For Days
Red Steel Nation
As I Die
Serpents Return
Thrash Is A Verb
Down To Hell
Balancing On A Blade

To The Gallows lyric video:

"Red Steel Nation" video:

"Balancing On A Blade" video:

Desecrator have announced the first dates for their Australian tour, kicking off on March 31st in Hobart.

Tour dates:

31 - Hobart, Australia - Republic Bar

1 - Launceston, Australia - Gunners Arms
13 - Adelaide, Australia - Enigma Bar
16 - Alice Springs, Australia - Blacken the Globe
26 - Warrnambool, Australia - The Loft
27 - Balarat, Australia - The Eastern
28 - Geelong, Australia - Barwon Club
29 - Melbourne, Australia - Bendigo Hotel

5 - Canberra, Australia - The Basement
6 - Woy Woy, Australia - Leagues Club
7 - Sydney, Australia - Frankies Pizza
12 - Perth, Australia - Amplifier Bar
13 - Bunbury, Australia - Eliot Street Bar

(Photo - LD Photography Inc.)

ACID DEATH Release “Life And Death” Digital Single

Acid Death has released their first ever digital single Life And Death. The track is coming from band's latest and successful album Hall Of Mirrors (2015 - 7hard/7us Media Group), including also the melodic vocals coming from one of the most known and beloved Greek heavy metal singers, Jon Soti.

Find the single at

TIGER JUNKIES Featuring TOXIC HOLOCAUST's Joel Grind - Green Tea Or Die 7” Vinyl EP Reissue Available For Pre-Order; “Raw Sex Til Sperm” Track Streaming

Hells Headbangers will reissue Tiger Junkies Green Tea Or Die EP on 7" vinyl format on March 31st. Pre-orders can be placed at this location.

Originally released in 2013 on a very limited-edition picture disc, Green Tea Or Die was Tiger Junkies' first full recording since their 2008 debut album, D-beat Street Rock N Rollers, which Hells Headbangers reissued on CD and vinyl LP in 2013 along with a couple split-release tracks.

As is well known by now, Tiger Junkies is the unholy team-up between Toxic Holocaust mainman Joel Grind and Abigail/Barbatos mainman Yasuyuki Suzuki. Still deadly committed to the timeless trinity of booze, sex, and nuclear metal/punk, here on Green Tea Or Die, the duo lays bare their base obsessions. It's all the filthy, endlessly headbanging fun of their earlier work, just swiftly bashed forward across a four-song EP - it's Green Tea Or Die!


Raw Sex Til Sperm
Green Tea or Die
Satanik Metal Punks
Sex Sex Sex II

Raw Sex Til Sperm:

Green Tea Or Die by TIGER JUNKIES
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France’s HEADCHARGER Streaming “Dirty Like Your Memories” Single

French heavy rockers Headcharger will release their new album Hexagram on March 24th. First single Dirty Like Your Memories is streaming below.

With Hexagram, their 6th album, Headcharger again offers a biting heavy rock, but who dares venture into new ground. Mixed and mastered by the sorcerer Damien Bolo (C2C, Electro Deluxe, Shake Shake Go), the 11 titles tell complex stories about double personality, separation, manipulation, conflict, etc. The group pushes the concept "Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde" into form. The pieces, riffs and ultra-catchy chains stamped Headcharger are always enhanced by light guitars, almost aerial. Hexagram is the perfect image of what Headcharger is today: melodic and powerful.


Coming Back To Life
Dirty Like Your Memories
Gutsy Move
A Long Wait
Name Your Price
The One You Want To Be
The Metamorphosis
Load The Dice
This Is My Crime
Feed Our Illusions

Dirty Like Your Memories:

CONAN Frontman Reveals New Project DOS

Conan frontman Jon Davis has revealed his new lo-fi project DOS will soon be recording their debut album at Skyhammer Studio.

Jon commented that the project, which also features Joe Allen of Kurokuma on drums, "focuses on the most simple of musical currencies, heaviness. Heavy feedback, heavy cymbal hits, heavy repetition. We are heavy metal, in the simplest form."

More details on the project will be made available in the near future. In the meantime you can check for further updates on the band's website or Facebook page.
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METALLICA Wanted To Respect Chinese Culture By Performing Censored Setlist

When METALLICA returned to China last month for their first shows in the country after their 2013 Shanghai debut, their censored setlist saw them performing more than an hour with several key hit notably missing: "Master Of Puppets", "One" and "Hardwired".

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, METALLICA frontman James Hetfield stated he didn't resent the Chinese government for its censorship, and it certainly didn't put him off playing in the country. He said: "Why shouldn't you respect their culture when you're there as a guest and you've been invited to play? We want to be respectful, and just because we do things differently, it doesn't mean it should be forced upon [others]. But hopefully we'll keep coming back and they'll realize we're not a threat politically and we have no agenda except to cross boundaries with music and let people enjoy the songs. We're not trying to bring a secret message to anybody."

Vetting by the Chinese authorities for foreign bands and artists isn't uncommon and has resulted in many big names being refused entry to the country to perform.

The members of METALLICA revealed in 2013 that they were asked to send the lyrics to their entire discography to the Chinese government for approval before they were given permission to play in the country. "We had to give them a whole set of songs and they went through all the lyrics and okayed which ones we could play, which ones we couldn't play," METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett said. "They see a lyric like 'Master Of Puppets' being so subversive that they're not allowing us to play it. It's kind of scary." Added Hetfield: "And that just brings more attention to it, of course. That doesn't work."

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich also explained that the band's Chinese fans were fully aware of the restrictions that were placed upon the group during their appearance in the country. "What we're talking about here is not a secret. They published it on government web sites what songs we could play and what we couldn't. I mean, it's fine."

The Chinese ministry of culture monitors music for vulgarity, as well as political content. In 2009, it reportedly ordered a cleanup of online music sites to address "poor taste and vulgar content."


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VINNY APPICE On Heavy Metal's Survival: 'It's Music That Touches People's Hearts' conducted an interview with legendary drummer Vinny Appice (BLACK SABBATH, DIO, HEAVEN & HELL) at last month's Hall Of Heavy Metal History induction ceremony at the Anaheim Expo Center in Anaheim, California. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked why he thinks the heavy metal genre has survived for nearly fifty years, Appice said: "'Cause it's music that touches people's hearts, believe it or not. It's very heavy and very strong. Some of it's not. Some of it's melodic. And it touches people. And it's still going strong. There's a lot of bands that are still out there playing, a lot of people showing up to see them, and it's great music. And a lot of the heavy metal music that was the first beginning of it inspired other genres. BLACK SABBATH inspired everybody. I got to play with them. It was an honor for me to play with them. But that actually Look how many bands came off of that, you know got inspired [by SABBATH]."

Appice joined BLACK SABBATH in 1980 during the "Heaven And Hell" tour and appeared on the albums "Live Evil" (1982) and "Mob Rules" (1981) . In late 1982 he left BLACK SABBATH with vocalist Ronnie James Dio and formed the band DIO. They recorded "Holy Diver" (1983), "The Last in Line" (1984), "Sacred Heart" (1985), "Intermission" (1986), and "Dream Evil" (1987). In December 1989, Appice left DIO. In 1992, he returned to BLACK SABBATH for the "Dehumanizer" album and tour. He then rejoined DIO and they recorded "Strange Highways" (1994) and "Angry Machines" (1996).

Appice rejoined his BLACK SABBATH bandmates Ronnie James Dio, Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi in 2006 as HEAVEN & HELL, touring and releasing one studio album, "The Devil You Know", before Dio's death in 2010.

In April 2014, along with former members of DIO (Vivian Campbell and Jimmy Bain), Vinny began recording tracks for his new band LAST IN LINE along with Andrew Freeman on vocals.

LAST IN LINE released its debut album, "Heavy Crown", in February 2016 via Frontiers Music Srl.


|||| 26 2017

Video: Former ACCEPT Singer DAVID REECE Performs 'Generation Clash' At SAINTED SINNERS CD-Release Concert

SAINTED SINNERS, the band featuring former ACCEPT singer David Reece, celebrated the release of its self-titled debut album by performing last night (Friday, February 24) at Traube in Bellenberg, Germany. Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below. The group's lineup is rounded out by guitar player Frank Pané, keyboardist Ferdy Doernberg (AXEL RUDI PELL) and the dynamic rhythm section of the two former PURPENDICULAR members Malte Frederik Burkert (bass) and the Hungarian drum maestro Berci Hirleman.

Expressing the "pure essence of rock'n'roll", was the ambition that paired five well-known and experienced musicians together in early 2016, to create and play the music which is deeply inside their hearts and in their blood. The love for rock legends, such as DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN, RAINBOW, WHITESNAKE, UFO, BLACK SABBATH, VAN HALEN and many others, built the cornerstone for the music of the new founded five-piece called SAINTED SINNERS.

"The idea first started with me thinking about forming a band where I can follow my natural taste of music without compromises. I was writing music and then basically formed the band around who would fit the direction it was going", remembered Pané, whose first step was to contact his former bandmate Reece. "Being one of my alltime-favourite singers, he was my obvious choice. It just clicked immediately and so we agreed to lead the band together as we trust and respect each other."

The eleven tracks on "Sainted Sinners" were written and produced by Pané and Reece, partly recorded at Sound Design in Germany with Robbie Hochwind during mid-summer 2016, as well as in early fall 2016 by Mario Percudani at the Tanzan Music Studios. The final mastering was done by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Studios in late fall 2016. "I feel a very strong sense of pride! I feel it's a great representation of who I and we are", summarized Reece, who called the eleven tracks colorful. "Concerning the logistic distance between everybody and the fact that we just started as a band, it's a very promising debut with many albums to follow", rejoiced Pané.

The current SAINTED SINNERS vocalist was recruited for ACCEPT's "Eat The Heat" LP in 1989 following the departure of Udo Dirkschneider. Reece's higher-pitched delivery was in sharp contrast to Dirkschneider's distinctive style, and overall, the album was a critical and commercial disappointment,

Midway through the "Eat The Heat" tour, differences between the band and Reece had come to a head, leading to the altercation between the singer and bassist Peter Baltes in Chicago. By the end of 1989, ACCEPT had hung it up.

Asked by Canadian rock journalist Mitch Lafon of the "One On One With Mitch Lafon" podcast (Facebook page) if he is proud of "Eat The Heat", Reece said: "You know what? It's weird, because the bad blood happened at the end of it, and I hated it I hated everything about it. I knew it opened a bunch of doors for me, but I, on a daily basis, get people telling me what that album means to them now. At the beginning, they hated me, but now it's, like, they have this rebirth of how great it is. And I listened to it the other day, and I went, 'That's a pretty dang good album for a first.'"

He continued: "Yeah, I'm proud of it. I mean, that's a I mean, it's not ACCEPT okay, let's be honest but there's some cool stuff on there. And I still get paid royalties for that album. They [re-released] it on vinyl. I get these statements; people buy it from the old crowd and the new crowd. And I'm, like, 'Ooooh' So it's got legs to this day, and that was '88 1988, '89. Amazing."
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Video: MOTÖRHEAD Guitarist's PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS Perform In Tampere, Finland

Fan-filmed video footage of PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS (formerly PHIL CAMPBELL'S ALL STARR BAND), the band featuring MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell alongside his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla, plus vocalist Neil Starr, performing on February 22 at Klubi in Tampere, Finland can be seen below (video by Nalle Österman).

PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS released its self-titled debut five-track EP in November via Motörhead Music. Produced by Todd Campbell at the band's own Stompbox Studios in Wales, U.K., and mixed by MOTÖRHEAD producer Cameron Webb, "Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons" loudly shoves you head-first into its raw, gritty, classic and instantly accessible rock 'n' roll charms. Whether it's the speedy biker-charged refrain of "No Turning Back", the crunchy catchy jump of "Big Mouth" or the beautiful-yet-bombastic balladry of "Life In Space", "Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons" brings uniquely organic life and verve to every last riff and stomp, with Starr's sensational vocals ensuring this EP was the surprise of the 2016 rock 'n' roll release calendar.

Neil Starr recently told Kaaos TV about PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS' debut EP: "The reason it's an EP is we can get that done quicker. We wanted to give people some music to hear that was our own music, some music of our own that we can play live as well. So the idea was to get something done as quick as possible. It keeps the fans interested in the band, because there's new songs to keep it fresh. And it's great for us, 'cause we get to write more songs all the time. Todd, who's in the band, has his own recording studio, so it's really easy for us to just go in and do what we wanna do whenever we want, which is great."

Regarding the musical direction of PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS' original material, Neil said: "You know what you're gonna get, because Phil Campbell is the riff god. So you hear these MOTÖRHEAD riffs; Phil wrote a lot of those songs. So there's elements of that gonna be coming through in the music. Obviously, personally, I wouldn't ever want to try and be like Lemmy and his style that he does, because that's one person who does that, and that's him. You don't try and do that. I bring my own style to the band, but, obviously, yeah, there's lots of really great riffs in the songs, like you would expect from a band that's got Phil Campbell in it. It's just rock and roll music, I guess."
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Video: MACHINE HEAD Guitarist Joins NONPOINT On Stage In San Francisco

MACHINE HEAD guitarist Phil Demmel joined NONPOINT on stage on February 20 at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, California to perform the latter band's song "Bullet With A Name" as well as a snippet of MACHINE HEAD's "Davidian". Video footage of his appearance can be seen below.

NONPOINT's latest album, "The Poison Red", was released last July via Spinefarm Records. The CD was recorded at Uptown Recording Studio in Chicago with producer Rob Ruccia.

"The Poison Red" was the first NONPOINT album to feature lead guitarist BC Kochmit, whom singer Elias Soriano described as "Eddie Van Halen's illegitimate child."

Soriano told New Noise Magazine about "The Poison Red" songwriting process: "Substance is now the only thing I really care the most about. Writing a rockin song is something that hopefully comes naturally to the guys. Having something that has a little more substance is the part that I won't compromise. Take the pre-chorus in 'No Running Allowed', for example. I'm tired of watching the news and seeing murderers or famous people that leave their wife of twenty years because they get famous, jump on 'Dancing With The Stars' and fall in love with a young woman. Then, the next week, they're on a morning show with a smile on their face, apologizing."

He continued: "People aren't being held accountable for being shitty fucking people. As long as they apologize, it's cool. But, if a 21-year-old Latino or black guy runs down the street and no one knows why he's running, he'll be tackled and put in cuffs. You can't run in this society without being shot or arrested, but you can be a piece of shit with no consequence."
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L.A. GUNS Feat. PHIL LEWIS, TRACII GUNS: Video Of Houston Concert

Fan-filmed video footage of L.A. GUNS' February 23 performance at the Proof Rooftop Lounge in Houston, Texas can be seen below.

The current version of L.A. GUNS which includes singer Phil Lewis and the band's co-founding guitarist Tracii Guns is recording a new album for a tentative summer release through the Italian record label Frontiers Music Srl.

"It sounds amazing I'm not exaggerating," Lewis told Westword. "It's so slick, and every song is so well crafted. Big choruses. It's really interesting, and I think people are going to be knocked out by it. We're gonna release it on CD and digital, of course, but we're gonna put it put on vinyl. We have enough to put it out on double vinyl gatefold."

L.A. GUNS' present lineup is rounded out by Shane Fitzgibbon on drums and Johnny Martin on bass with Michael Grant on guitar as a touring member.

"We have Tracii's drummer that he's been working with for the last year and a half," Lewis said. "With Johnny Martin on bass, that's just a great rhythm section. Tracii's been going out with those two and another singer doing L.A. GUNS stuff, and it's been perfectly adequate. But now we've got Michael Grant. It's back to two guitars, and it's fierce. They're doing a lot of damage."

The last time Lewis and Guns joined forces was back in 2000 with legendary producer Andy Johns for the making of what would become "Waking The Dead". Regarding the decision to use the L.A. GUNS moniker for the new album, Guns told LA Weekly: "When you put Phil and I together, that's the sound of L.A. GUNS. There's no way around that. As much as I love certain other [former] members of the band, it's hard to say what their contribution to the overall sound of the band was but Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns, the band's gotta be L.A. GUNS. It can't be anything else."

Back in December, Phil announced that he was leaving the L.A. GUNS version that included drummer Steve Riley.
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ROCK GODDESS: Pro-Shot Footage Of HRH NWOBHM Festival Performance

Professionally filmed video footage of the reunited original lineup of ROCK GODDESS the female power trio from the days of NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) featuring sisters Jody and Julie Turner along with bassist Tracey Lamb performing on December 2, 2016 at the HRH NWOBHM "Xmas Rocka" festival at the O2 Academy in Sheffield, United Kingdom can be seen below.

ROCK GODDESS's forthcoming comeback album is tentatively due later this year.

Lamb previously said that the new material was "sounding mega and awesome" and added that playing the band's classic songs felt "weird but wonderful."

ROCK GODDESS was formed in 1977 in Wandsworth South London by Jody Turner (guitar and vocals) and Julie Turner (drums) when they were thirteen and nine years old, respectively. They recruited school friend Tracey Lamb on bass guitar.

ROCK GODDESS first rose to the nation's awareness when they were first featured in Kerrang! No. 5 in 1981 in the "Armed And Ready" section as one of the bands to watch out for. After recording a four-track demo tape and an appearance at the Reading Festival in 1982, sharing a bill with IRON MAIDEN, plus regular shows at the Marquee club, the band landed a contract with the A&M label. They recorded their eponymous debut album with producer Vic Maile in 1983 and hit the lower end of the charts. A follow-up album, "Hell Hath No Fury", arrived a year later, by which time Lamb had left the band to form SHE and later to join GIRLSCHOOL.

After their contract with A&M expired in 1987, ROCK GODDESS' already recorded (in 1985) third album, titled "Young And Free", was released only in France. The effort saw the band taking on a more commercial sound.

ROCK GODDESS' career was cut short by financial and contractual problems, which forced them to disband shortly thereafter.

ROCK GODDESS did briefly reform in 2009 and was due to play Hard Rock Hell festival in Prestatyn, and was also booked to perform at the Headbangers Open Air festival in Germany the following summer, but split before they had a chance to appear at either event.

In March 2013, it was announced that the original ROCK GODDESS lineup had reunited and would start recording a new album.
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