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22 май 2020 : 
TOOL Frontman Says He's Hopeful For The Future

19 май 2020 : 
TOOL Guitarist Shares Early Version Of 'Descending' Song

5 май 2020 : 
TOOL's ADAM JONES Shares 'Pneuma' Guitar Tutorial Video

19 мар 2020 : 
TOOL: First Leg Of Spring 2020 North American Tour Postponed

6 мар 2020 : 
TOOL Fan Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus Attended Band's Concert In Auckland

27 янв 2020 : 
TOOL Wins 'Best Metal Performance' GRAMMY For '7empest'

16 янв 2020 : 
TOOL's 'Fear Inoculum' Was Best-Selling Rock Album Of 2019

15 дек 2019 : 
TOOL: Unboxing Video For 'Fear Inoculum - Expanded Book Edition'

28 ноя 2019 : 
TOOL To Release Expanded Book Edition Of 'Fear Inoculum' In December

2 ноя 2019 : 
TOOL - Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star: Lullaby Versions Of Tool (Deluxe Edition) Available; "Fear Inoculum" Streaming

15 окт 2019 : 
TOOL's 'Fear Inoculum' Title Track Reaches #1 On Active Rock Chart

19 сен 2019 : 
TOOL Has 'Tons Of Material' For Possible Follow-Up To 'Fear Inoculum', Says DANNY CAREY

11 сен 2019 : 

11 сен 2019 : 
TOOL's 'Fear Inoculum' Debuts At No. 1 On BILLBOARD Chart

19 авг 2019 : 
TOOL Drummer Has No Problem With JUSTIN BIEBER Being A Fan Of His Band

14 авг 2019 : 
TOOL: 'Fear Inoculum' Track Listing Revealed

13 авг 2019 : 
TOOL's New Single Makes Chart History; 'Ænima' Album Re-Enters Billboard 200 At No. 10

7 авг 2019 : 
Hear Title Track Of TOOL's New Album, 'Fear Inoculum'

6 авг 2019 : 
TOOL: 'Fear Inoculum' Cover Art Unveiled

1 авг 2019 : 
TOOL Frontman On Completion Of New Album: 'What A Weight Lifted Off My Chest'

30 июл 2019 : 
TOOL Officially Announces New Album, 'Fear Inoculum'

23 июл 2019 : 
TOOL Teases New Album

6 июн 2019 : 
Watch TOOL Perform New Songs 'Descending' And 'Invincible' In Berlin

8 май 2019 : 
TOOL's New Album Gets Official Release Date

6 май 2019 : 
TOOL Performs Two New Songs, 'Descending' And 'Invincible', At WELCOME TO ROCKVILLE (Video)

4 апр 2019 : 
TOOL Updates Logo, Sends Fans Into Frenzy
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|||| 1 фев 2013

TOOL Member Suffers "Several Broken Ribs And A Dislocated Shoulder" In Vespa Scooter Accident

* *
A member of TOOL suffered serious injuries after crashing his Vespa scooter recently. The band won't mention who, but an update reads:

"The New Year started off on a bad note as far as writing and arranging sessions for Tool's next record. For the most part this was due to a 'minor' accident on a Vespa scooter (slick road conditions being the cause) by a certain band member that resulted in several broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. Because of the physical nature of the musical instrument involved, 9 DAYS of jamming were lost, although I'm happy to report that the person involved is recovering nicely, so much so, in fact, that writing sessions resumed last Monday (January 21), despite it being a holiday for many.
Coincidently (?), a few days prior to the mishap on the scooter, another person involved with Tool also wound up in the hospital after crashing his Vespa in Hollywood. Although he suffered a head injury (as well as multiple cuts and bruises to his body), I'm quite certain that if you were to order an Entaphiosis Hoddie, you would receive an Entaphiosis Hoodie.

Several days ago members of the press (from different magazines) conducted interviews with band members about upcoming events, and I would imagine that these writers, etc. also inquired as to how things were progressing with regards to the band's next record. So, there's something to look forward to reading, and I will certainly try to give updates as to when these publications hit the newsstands.

I was hoping to be able to throw some of you a bone the first week of the New Year, but for certain reasons this announcement has been pushed back a month. Therefore, look for a news post that will be exciting to some towards the end of the first week in February."


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1 фев 2013, 11:23
Ждем, новый Tool эт круто


1 фев 2013, 13:24
Уже столько ждём, что и передать нельзя!


1 фев 2013, 17:53
Чет я ничего не понял.. Они спецом не хотят говорить кто конкретно получил травмы?

Жырная Борода

1 фев 2013, 20:42

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