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Killswitch Engage


17 июл 2021 : 
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Announces 'Atonement / Self-Titled: Vaccinated + Intoxicated' Streaming Event

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's JESSE LEACH: 'We Have A Lot Of Liars And Deceivers At The Top Of Our Country'

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Ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Singer HOWARD JONES Didn't Know His Version Of LYNYRD SKYNYRD's 'Simple Man' Would Be Received The Way It Was

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JESSE LEACH Says KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Went Through 'Hairy Situation' With Health Of One Of Bandmembers

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MIKE D'ANTONIO: 'There's Definitely Talks' Of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Playing Virtual Concert

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's JESSE LEACH: 'There's Way Too Much Division About This Virus'

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's JESSE LEACH Says Vocal Surgery And Therapy Saved His Career

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Singles Hit New U.S. Sales Milestones

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's JESSE LEACH: 'If There Ever Was Time For A Revolution, That Time Is Now'

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: 20th-Anniversary Edition Of Debut Album To Include Bonus Demo Tracks

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's JESSE LEACH Says It Was 'All Quiet' In Metal Community Following GEORGE FLOYD's Death

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Celebrates 20 Years As A Band With Comprehensive Timeline

13 май 2020 : 
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Releases Performance Video Of Quarantine Version Of 'We Carry On'

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Releases 'Atonement II B-Sides For Charity'

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Here Is Video Of HOWARD JONES Performing Two Songs With KILLSWITCH ENGAGE In Cleveland

31 авг 2019 : 
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Reveal Impressive Chart Positions For Atonement Album

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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Live At The Space; Pro-Shot Video Of Full Performance Now Streaming

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Watch KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Perform 'Unleashed' In Las Vegas

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Video Premiere: KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's 'I Am Broken Too'

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Listen To New KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Song 'I Am Broken Too'

25 июн 2019 : 
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE To Release 'Atonement' Album In August; 'Unleashed' Single Now Available

20 июн 2019 : 
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE To Release New Single, 'Unleashed', Next Week

23 май 2019 : 
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Guitarist Isn't Interested In Celebrating 15th Anniversary Of 'The End Of Heartache' Album

7 май 2019 : 
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Completes Mastering New Album
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|||| 31 янв 2013

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: New Single 'In Due Time' Available For Streaming

* *
"In Due Time", the new single from Massachusetts metallers KILLSWITCH ENGAGE — singer Jesse Leach, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, bassist Mike D'Antonio, guitarist Joel Stroetzel and drummer Justin Foley — can be streamed in the YouTube clip below. The song comes off the band's forthcoming album, "Disarm The Descent", which will be released on April 2 via Roadrunner Records. The follow-up to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's 2009's self-titled release is the band's first album with original singer Leach at the vocal helm since 2002's now-classic, genre-defining "Alive or Just Breathing". Leach returned to the band in January 2012 after a decade-long absence. The artwork for the new CD was created by D'Antonio.

"In Due Time" will be made available digitally on February 5. Album pre-orders will kick off in early February, as well, with more details forthcoming.

"Disarm The Descent" was selected by Alternative Press magazine for its "Most Anticipated Albums of 2013" issue, and the band was profiled in Guitar World as one to watch in 2013. Clearly, buzz from fans and the metal and hard rock community regarding new KILLSWITCH ENGAGE remains deafening.

"It is with a grateful spirit that we prepare for this record's release," Leach said. "From the music, to the lyrics, to the artwork, we are all proud of what we have accomplished. To me, this is by far my best vocal performance, much thanks to Adam's guidance and faith in my abilities. I am very grateful to be where I am in life, back in an amazing band with a record we are all excited for the world to hear. Thanks to all the fans for their warm welcome back and their undying love for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE."

2012 marked a busy year for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE.

With Leach firmly installed as the frontman for the last 12 months, the band spent its summer on the road. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE shook the bedrock of venues across the country as part of the first-ever Trespass America tour alongside FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH.

The band recently embarked on a tour that celebrated the 10th anniversary of "Alive Or Just Breathing". They performed the album in full, with a few fan favorites and hits from their gold-selling albums, 2004's "The End Of Heartache" and 2006's "As Daylight Dies", sprinkled into the setlist. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE were also profiled by Decibel in the magazine's highly respected "Hall of Fame" feature for "Alive Or Just Breathing".

In between tours, the band put its nose to the grindstone to work on what would become "Disarm The Descent", with Dutkiewicz producing. The wheels have been turning for the past year, as the band supplemented recording with touring. The time is upon us for the next chapter of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, who were at the forefront of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal resurgence that defined the '00s and have remained vital into the new decade.

"Disarm The Descent" track listing:

01. The Hell In Me
02. Beyond The Flames
03. New Awakening
04. In Due Time
05. A Tribute To The Fallen
06. The Turning Point
07. All That We Have
08. You Don't Bleed For Me
09. The Call
10. No End In Sight
11. Always
12. Time Will Not Remain

"Disarm The Descent" was mixed by veteran British producer Andy Sneap, who has previously worked with MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, ACCEPT, ARCH ENEMY and NEVERMORE.

"[The recording process] was great," Leach told Loudwire. "I came off tour I was filled with energy, ready to go, we knocked out a bunch of stuff. I had joined the band, the record was there, we're on tour so I really didn't have time to write. I took the past two months not only recording but writing so I'm there with an idea, being in the other room writing and going to Adam saying, 'Here's my idea I just wrote, what do you think?' So there's real spontaneity some of the songs that we just finished up. I had maybe five or six solid ideas when I came off tour and the rest had to be developed as we were recording it. It was exciting but at the same time tough because for me I'm digging deep down into my emotions and my psyche trying to come up with stuff that is honest and emotive and relevant, hopefully for the listener. It's tiring but well worth, anything that's worth achieving you got to suffer a little bit for it. I think mentally and spiritually and a little bit physically we were suffering but all of that made for an amazing record that I'm really proud of."

He added, "The music is definitely the fastest KILLSWITCH record ever. It's very heavy but still maintains the signature KILLSWITCH hooky, melodic stuff there, too. There's definitely melody attached, but I pulled out some new styles vocally, yelling and screaming and growling and layers and it sounds massive."

Asked what the vibe has been working on the new record with the other members, Leach said, "These guys have welcomed me back with open arms and just very encouraging and digging the stuff that I'm doing and these guys were just like, 'Wow! We're really excited. We feel like it's been a long time since we've been this excited about music,' and that just makes me feel amazing. It makes me feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing."

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE fans have already had the opportunity to hear one of the cuts that will appear on the upcoming CD: a rough mix of the song "No End In Sight" was recently leaked online, and as a result the band has started playing it live.

"That song is the weakest song on the whole record," Leach told Loudwire. "That's my opinion. I actually almost wouldn't mind if it wasn't even on the record because I think other stuff is much better, but probably since we played it and fans know it, we'll put it on, but in my opinion, that's definitely the weakest song. Now that the record is done, in retrospect, that would not be the song that we would be playing live."


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Devil 666

31 янв 2013, 14:51
Включили наконец-то мозг, придумали отличный риифф в начале, и получилась нормальная песня!

Жырная Борода

31 янв 2013, 15:39
вот не могут они начальный угар на всю песню растянуть. а надо бы.


2 фев 2013, 22:14
значит песни покороче надо делать.

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