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|||| 14 фев 2020

HALESTORM's LZZY HALE 'Stands With' AMY LEE After EVANESCENCE Singer Opens Up About Her Political Views For First Time

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HALESTORM frontwoman Lzzy Hale has publicly thrown her support behind Amy Lee after the EVANESCENCE singer opened up about her politicial views for the first time.

Lee's decision to speak out was apparently prompted by the GOP-controlled Senate's vote on Wednesday (February 6) to acquit President Donald J. Trump on both articles of impeachment without calling witnesses. The Senate voted 52-48 to acquit Trump on the first article of impeachment which charged him with abuse of power. The second article charging him with obstruction of Congress was defeated by a 53-47 vote on party lines.

To remove the president from office, two-thirds of the Senate, or 67 lawmakers, needed to vote to convict him.

On Thursday, Lee released a statement via social media in which she said that she couldn't stand by and keep her mouth shut while her country's freedom was being "taken away." She explained: "It isn't about one story, one side, or one party vs. another. It is simply about right and wrong, what is acceptable and what's not. This isn't good enough for me and it isn't good enough for any of us. We deserve better."

Amy went on to say that she does "not accept lying, cheating or bullying" from her government and she insisted that she "will never bow down to a dictator."

Lee added that Republicans and Democrats "are not enemies," claiming that we "are ALL being manipulated and used" and urging everyone to "seek the truth for ourselves."

Earlier today, Lzzy shared Amy's statement and included the following brief message: "I stand with you Amy." She added the hashtags #seekthetruth and #useyourvoice.


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14 фев 2020, 19:00
Ну какого черта вы все в политику-то? Занимались бы тем, что у вас больше получается.


14 фев 2020, 19:37
Музыка видимо закончилась, вот и в политоту полезли

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