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David Ellefson


13 дек 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Is Selling Tour-Used And Studio-Played MEGADETH Gear

7 дек 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Says He Has Become More 'Hardlined' About Separation Between His Professional And Family Lives

29 ноя 2021 : 
Ex-MEGADETH Bassist DAVID ELLEFSON Becomes A 'Baron Of Sealand'

28 ноя 2021 : 
Here's The First Taste Of Unearthed 'Drum Riffs' From Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA Produced By DAVID ELLEFSON

22 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Brings Down Price Of His 'Personal Use' Video Messages On CAMEO

19 ноя 2021 : 

16 ноя 2021 : 
Ex-MEGADETH Bassist DAVID ELLEFSON: 'Every Gig Is An Audition For The Next Gig'

14 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON To Produce Unearthed 'Drum Riffs' From Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA

12 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Is Offering Personalized Video Messages On CAMEO; '24-Hour Delivery' Available

11 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON On Fallout From His Sex Video Scandal: Now 'I Know How Jesus Felt'

9 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Says He Was 'Kicked To The Side Of The Road' By MEGADETH After News Of His Sex Video Scandal Broke

8 ноя 2021 : 
Does DAVID ELLEFSON Still Have A Friendship With DAVE MUSTAINE? The Bassist Responds

4 ноя 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Recalls His First KISS Concert Experience: 'I Was 13'

2 ноя 2021 : 
Watch DAVID ELLEFSON Perform Live For First Time Since Being Fired From MEGADETH

27 окт 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON 'Was Nervous To Go To Starbucks' Days After News Of His Sex Video Scandal Broke

25 окт 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Says He Is 'Disappointed' In How His Split With MEGADETH Went Down, But Is 'Not Bitter' About It

23 окт 2021 : 
Ex-MEGADETH Bassist DAVID ELLEFSON: 'I Didn't Do Anything Wrong; There Was Nothing Illegal Here'

22 окт 2021 : 
Was DAVID ELLEFSON's Family Supportive In Wake Of Sex Video Scandal? He Responds

21 окт 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Gives His First Post-MEGADETH Interview: 'I'm Perfectly Content And Happy Where I Am Right Now'

20 окт 2021 : 
ANTHRAX's FRANK BELLO 'Loves' His Friend DAVID ELLEFSON: 'He's A Good Dude'

19 окт 2021 : 
Ex-MEGADETH Drummer SHAWN DROVER On DAVID ELLEFSON Getting Fired Over Sex Video: 'It's Unfortunate'

12 окт 2021 : 
Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA's Family Shows Support For DAVID ELLEFSON Following Sex Video Scandal

11 окт 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Is 'Super Proud' Of His Contribution To 'Moral Hygiene', MINISTRY's New Album

7 окт 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON To Co-Produce Documentary About Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA

16 сен 2021 : 
K.K. DOWNING Hopes Things Work Out Well For 'Gentleman' DAVID ELLEFSON

13 сен 2021 : 
DAVID ELLEFSON Makes First Post-MEGADETH Public Appearance At 'Crypticon' Horror Convention (Video)
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|||| 10 апр 2021

MEGADETH's DAVID ELLEFSON Announces 'Bass Chronicles' Storyteller Concert Series

* *
MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson has announced his new "Bass Chronicles" storyteller concert series with four shows across the eastern Midwest USA. Each event will be presented as a chronological set filled with songs and stories spanning David's legendary career, along with some deep cuts that have rarely (or never) been performed live from his catalog of work.

The dates are as follows:

Sep. 23 - Pittsburgh, PA - Crafthouse

Sep. 24 - Akron, OH - Empire Concert Club

Sep. 25 - Marietta, OH - The Adelphia

Sep. 26 - Richmond, IN - The Firehouse

Combat Records recording artist DEAD BY WEDNESDAY will be the direct support on all dates.

Ellefson's "Bass Chronicles" band will be comprised of Ellefson, Andre Vanchot (Eddie Ojeda) on vocals, drummer Christian "Opus" Lawrence (DEAD BY WEDNESDAY) and guitarists Dave Sharpe (DEAD BY WEDNESDAY) and Drew Fortier (BANG TANGO), who also co-wrote "Rock Star Hitman" (Ellefson Book Co.) with Ellefson and is the writer, director, and star of "Dwellers" (Ellefson Films) which is the award-winning found-footage horror film produced by Ellefson that will be released on Blu-ray/DVD/digital on October 12 via Ellefson Films.

Says Ellefson: "I'm excited to head out and hit the stage again as we're preparing a special list of songs, including some rarities which have never been performed live."

VIP dinner packages will be available for each show, as well as copies of Ellefson's new fictional book "Rock Star Hitman" (The Sledge Chronicles) and other concert merchandise. A behind-the-scenes video and teaser screening of the upcoming "Dwellers" film is also being arranged at select events.

Ellefson continues: "People are excited about live shows again so we're approaching these events like a traveling pop-up experience where you can catch a show, see a flick, buy some merch, and even break bread with the band at the VIP dinners. So, get ready for a full night out!"

More information on the events, including VIP Dinner purchases, can be found at

All events will adhere to local ordinances of COVID-19 safety, including the use of masks, social distancing or other mandates which could be in effect during these dates.

Ellefson was in MEGADETH from the band's inception in 1983 to 2002, when the group briefly broke up because Mustaine suffered severe nerve damage that left him unable to play.

Mustaine reformed MEGADETH 17 years ago. Originally setting out to record a solo album, Mustaine enlisted studio musicians to play on what ultimately became MEGADETH's 2004 "The System Has Failed" comeback album, subsequently recruiting former ICED EARTH bassist James MacDonough to take Ellefeson's place for the album's touring cycle.

In 2004, Ellefson filed an $18.5-million lawsuit against Mustaine, alleging the frontman shortchanged him on profits and backed out of a deal to turn Megadeth Inc. over to him when the band broke up in 2002. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed and Ellefson rejoined MEGADETH in 2010.




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