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Judas Priest


18 янв 2019 : 
K.K. DOWNING Felt That Some Of His JUDAS PRIEST Bandmates Were 'Going Through The Motions'

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TIM 'RIPPER' OWENS Says ROB HALFORD Is 'Singing Better Now Than He Has In A Long, Long Time'

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TIM 'RIPPER' OWENS Says K.K. DOWNING Is 'Telling The Truth' About Behind-The-Scenes Turbulence In JUDAS PRIEST Camp

14 янв 2019 : 
K.K. DOWNING Ready To Start Making Music - "I Have Set Up My Music Room And Everything Is Poised, Ready To Go," Says Former JUDAS PRIEST Guitarist

14 дек 2018 : 
K.K. DOWNING's Historic JUDAS PRIEST Guitar Fetches $189,000 At London Auction

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ROB HALFORD On JUDAS PRIEST's Hypothetical ROCK HALL Induction: 'It Will Be A Wonderful Moment'

10 дек 2018 : 
K.K. DOWNING 'Shocked' Even Himself By His Decision To Leave JUDAS PRIEST

6 дек 2018 : 
Watch GLENN TIPTON Perform With JUDAS PRIEST At Two Tokyo Concerts

30 ноя 2018 : 
JUDAS PRIEST Bassist: 'I Don't Agree With The Idea That Rock Is Dead Or Anywhere Near'

27 сен 2018 : 
Former JUDAS PRIEST Guitarist K.K. DOWNING: 'I Never Found GLENN TIPTON To Be Particularly Easy To Get Along With'

27 сен 2018 : 
JUDAS PRIEST To Tour South Africa For First Time Ever; Two Shows Confirmed In March 2019

26 сен 2018 : 
K.K. DOWNING Says SCOTT TRAVIS Was The Only Member Of JUDAS PRIEST To Contact Him Following His Departure

25 сен 2018 : 
K.K. DOWNING Says He Can Play And Perform JUDAS PRIEST's 'Sinner' Better Than RICHIE FAULKNER

13 сен 2018 : 
K.K. DOWNING On His Return To JUDAS PRIEST: 'I Was Waiting For The Phone To Ring And It Never Did'

5 сен 2018 : 
Ex-JUDAS PRIEST Guitarist K.K. DOWNING On Relationship With His Former Bandmates: The 'Mutual-Respect Thing Seems To Be Drifting Away'

31 авг 2018 : 
JUDAS PRIEST Performs 'Delivering The Goods' For First Time Since 1980 (Video)

27 авг 2018 : 
Will 'Firepower' Turn Out To Be JUDAS PRIEST's Final Studio Album? IAN HILL Responds

26 авг 2018 : 
Watch JUDAS PRIEST Perform In Sterling Heights, Michigan

22 авг 2018 : 

20 авг 2018 : 
JUDAS PRIEST Is Planning Special 'Celebration' To Mark Band's 50th Anniversary In 2019

9 авг 2018 : 
JUDAS PRIEST Bassist Says New Touring Guitarist ANDY SNEAP Is 'Fitting Right In'

7 авг 2018 : 
Video: JUDAS PRIEST Inducted Into 'Hall Of Heavy Metal History' At Germany's WACKEN OPEN AIR Festival

2 авг 2018 : 
JUDAS PRIEST To Be Inducted Into The Hall Of Heavy Metal History At Wacken Open Air 2018

24 июл 2018 : 
JUDAS PRIEST - Decade Of Domination Book Available

23 июл 2018 : 
JUDAS PRIEST: 'No Surrender' Video Released

5 июл 2018 : 
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|||| 6 июн 2018

JUDAS PRIEST Performs 'Rising From Ruins' Live For First Time, Brings Back 'Night Comes Down' (Video)

* *
British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST performed their new song "Rising From Ruins" live for the first time last night (Tuesday, June 5) at the Spektrum in Oslo, Norway at the opening concert of their European tour. They also played the classic track "Night Comes Down" — which originally appeared on the "Defenders Of The Faith" album — for the first time since 1984. Check out fan-filmed video footage below.

The "Firepower" trek is PRIEST's first since guitarist Glenn Tipton announced that he was retiring from the road due to his battle with Parkinson's disease. He is being replaced on tour by "Firepower" album producer Andy Sneap, also known for his work as the guitar player in NWOBHM revivalists HELL and cult thrash outfit SABBAT.

Tipton was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease four years ago — after being stricken by the degenerative condition at least half a decade earlier — but only recently announced he was going to sit out touring activities in support of "Firepower". The guitarist, who is now 70 and has performed on every PRIEST album since the band's 1974 debut set, "Rocka Rolla", is not quitting the band, but simply cannot handle the rigorous challenges of performing live.

Asked how JUDAS PRIEST came to choose Sneap to step in for Tipton on the band's tour in support of "Firepower", Hill told veteran Japanese rock journalist Masa Itoh: "It probably came from during the recording of the album. Andy is a very good guitarist, an excellent guitarist in his own right, and I think Glenn got to know Andy and got to trust Andy, which is very important. We wanted someone who we knew as well, if at all possible. The last thing you want is somebody coming in with their own baggage, if you know what I mean. And we can trust Andy to do a good job, and I think he'll do justice to the songs. And that was the main thing — I think it was the familiarity with Andy. We had great respect for him — before we met him, we had great respect for him. But with the work he did on the album — I mean, it sounds phenomenal; he did a tremendous job with that. We're doing songs off the new album, which he is totally familiar with, and he knows a lot of the parts anyway from that. And he's also a PRIEST fan — he's been listening to us for years — and he fits the slot perfectly. I think he'll fit in and I think he'll do a tremendous job."

"Firepower" was released on March 9 via Epic. The follow-up to 2014's "Redeemer Of Souls" was recorded by Sneap, the band's longtime collaborator Tom Allom and engineer Mike Exeter (BLACK SABBATH). The cover artwork for "Firepower" was created by the Chilean/Italian artist Claudio Bergamin.

JUDAS PRIEST Performs 'Rising From Ruins' Live For First Time, Brings Back 'Night Comes Down' (Video)


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Tom Sawyer

6 июн 2018, 20:30
Maiden бы что ли у них поучились, как ранее неисполнявшиеся песни играть.


6 июн 2018, 21:10
Понравилось исполнение. Лойс. А за разные сет-листы в одном туре отдельный респект.


7 июн 2018, 01:04
Тут скорее не Maiden нужно поучиться, а другим ребятам. Которые почти полностью игнорят своё творчество 1996-2003 и уже затрахали со своим Sandman'ом. И которые риффы в телефонах хранят и потом их теряют.


7 июн 2018, 01:06
А Пристам огромный лукас за Night Comes Down, с нетерпением жду бельгийского концерта Graspop, где посмотрю на них уже наконец-то!!!1


7 июн 2018, 01:55
Мэйдэны просто как истинные британцы в некоторых вопросах - консерваторы.


7 июн 2018, 10:15
Очень надеюсь на приезд Иуды Священника в Россию ! Сет лист удивляет!


7 июн 2018, 13:57
Fixxxxer ++! А ещё в этом году - Годошвина самого лучшего их альбома. Им бы с Ним - поездить с туром. Но видать кишка тонка !


7 июн 2018, 14:29
Это что за лучший альбом, у которого годовщина, просветите.


7 июн 2018, 21:42
Tom Sawyer
Rising это песня с последнего альбома. И теперь таких в сете 3. Жалких 3 песни. Мэйден с последнего альбома 7 песен играли, одна из которых была на 13 минут (а 3 Пристовских вместе не потянут на эту цифру). И у Прист так каждый раз с альбомами. Они гораздо консервативнее Мэйден, не понимаю почему именно эту группу вы решили привести в пример, но он абсолютно провальный, как будто от балды. Никогда те же Прист бы не решились как IM в 2006 выйти и 75 минутный альбом целиком отыграть. Не говоря о том, что в турах со свежими альбомами IM никогда меньше 5 треков не играли

Tom Sawyer

7 июн 2018, 22:22
Rainmaker_665, упс. Я не в курррсе, что Rising From Ruins с последнего альбома. Сорян))) Со сказанным согласен. Был на четырех гигах Девки. Утюги вверх!


8 июн 2018, 16:55
kircore--- Альбом, которому 25 августа будет 30 лет.. И в честь которого , Рыжий назвал своего сына.))


8 июн 2018, 19:26
Ram It Down вроде не в августе вышел. А он назвал сына Рамитдаун? Или просто - Даун?


8 июн 2018, 20:21
kircore----Вообще то я в начале отвечал чуваку с ником
Fixxxxer. Почитай 3-й комент (сверху) и поймёшь, про что мы... (или узнай про сына Рыжего - сразу догадаешся)))


9 июн 2018, 04:28
Просто отлично.


9 июн 2018, 15:25
"Night Comes Down" - хороший трек, да


10 июн 2018, 19:17

Rainmaker_665 плюсом Мэйден исполняют песни периода Блэйза. В то время как в силу определенных причин тот же Оуэнсовский Feed on me или One on one, которые вполне в дух е классики, Прист не сыграют на концерте

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